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Capitalism only values nature by how it can be exploited.
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itscolossal · 3 days ago
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Reimagining an Iconic Midwestern Structure, Catie Newell Cuts a Slice of Sky Out of a Michigan Barn
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lamaery · 2 months ago
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The survivor serving his time at Preservation prison and having a clash of personalities with a particular drifter passing by...
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ober-affen-geil · 4 months ago
Hi! So I'm a fanbinder who's been going wild making books, and sending them out as gifts when I can. The post about letters of provenance, etc made an impact, especially since lots of my books do leave my direct control. So, I'm very curious, from the perspective of an archivist, what added information would stand out to you as something helpful? Is it any different for books I gift vs. keep? I've tried to leave me out of my work before, but now I'm considering how to correct that going forward
Hi, thanks for the ask! Hope you don't mind that I made this public since I'd like this to reach a wide audience. Also fair warning you HAVE tapped into my feral archivist hindbrain so I am not responsible for any shouting about hyper specific archive problems that happens. Also fam what you do is SUPER COOL and you should definitely keep doing it.
Number one. First, most PRIMARY AND BASIC thing you can do, on everything you create, that will make any and every (and yes I mean all of us) archivist or future person literally PUNCH THE AIR IN VICTORY is date your work.
If you do NOTHING ELSE, please, please date your creations. If you can, and if the dates are significantly different, include the date of the binding and the date of the work. A date will help add context to the work; that should have obvious implications when it comes to the written material (historical context, zeitgeist, cultural influence, etc), but it also has implications for the binding.
For example, does this item need care? Can we get an indication of what materials are used, which is useful for cultural anthropologists? (For a real-life application of this see The Great Paper Shift in the mid 1850s when literacy rates were skyrocketing because of moveable type/printing presses and newspapers made the switch from cotton rag paper to acidic wood pulp which we can track down to the decade because GUESS WHAT THE NEWSPAPERS HAD.)
Second. I'm sure you do already, but include a maker's mark or signature or something else somehow identifying it as your work. This is where provenance comes in, it's helpful to know whose work you're looking at. Again, from a practical purpose as someone might be familiar with your binding style and what materials you use and that can come in handy for physical maintenance.
But also again, from a social standpoint. If we know, for sure because of the maker's mark, who is responsible for this binding, we have a solid way to track the impact of your work. How far did this binder actually have contacts? How wide is this network? How interconnected is this fandom? Etc. (Do please also include the author of the work you're binding as well, obviously.)
Third. I wouldn't necessarily go so far as to write a separate letter of provenance; those can be time consuming and perhaps difficult to attach to the work, especially if you're trying to make the binding more about the work and less about you. But. What I will encourage you to include, especially in gifts, is something like "X gifted to X on X date".
This will ensure YOU, the binder, are explicitly attached to the work (see above for importance of that), it establishes WHO the work went to after it left your direct control (in case it then leaves the sphere of that person and ends up with someone else), and it sheds light on the fandom network. ALSO YES HEY LOOK DATES MADE ANOTHER APPEARANCE.
(Also if you could add a vague “home” location somewhere in there that would be great too.)
Fourth. And yes, this is entirely wishful thinking on my part. If you can find a way to include the materials you used in the binding process? It will help long term storage efforts ASTRONOMICALLY.
Different types of inks, paints, glues, papers, textiles, etc all have different care needs and different shelf lives. If the person keeping the work knows what it's made of, preservation will be so very much easier.
ESPECIALLY if you are using organics like leather for covers or animal glue in the binding or cotton-based thread or embossing with metals or using metal corners/clasps because a) you do NOT want to see what happens to leather when it's poorly kept and b) you remember when we all thought lead and asbestos were cool and then suddenly they super weren't? When (not if) that happens again with another Thing we're super chill with now it would be GREAT if the person keeping the object knew they had That Thing to protect against.
Thee Most important things you can do as a fanbinder is date your work, sign your work, leave a brief note about who it is going to if it is being gifted, and leave a list of materials used in your process.
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wild-gastronomy · 10 days ago
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Preserved Elderflowers
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just-cosmere-fan · a month ago
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thesilicontribesman · 2 months ago
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6000 Year Old Elm Leaf, Windy Harbour, Lancashire, 'The World Of Stonehenge' Exhibition, The British Museum, London
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notabiologist · 7 months ago
biologist’s urge to talk softly to the animals in formaldehyde
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spooniestrongart · 26 days ago
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hinducosmos · 13 days ago
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Massive Cleanliness Drive for a Stepwell, Walur Villge, Maharashtra
Walur Villge, Selu Taluka in Parbhani District of Maharashtra, where youths of this village have started a massive cleanliness drive for Preservation & Conservation of this Stepwell.
Photo Credit: Rohan Kale (Via Samata Mukherjee) (via Twitter: Monidipa Bose - Dey (মণিদীপা) @monidipadey)
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capricornbones · 4 months ago
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Skull sutures.
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americasgreatoutdoors · 5 months ago
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On this day in 1973, the Endangered Species Act was signed into law. Over the past 48 years, it has helped preserve plants and wildlife for future generations.  
From the bald eagle to the American alligator, we are thankful for this law and the species it has helped recover and save.
Photo by Mark Thonhoff, @mypubliclands
Photo description: Two bald eagles sit on a large rock overlooking a valley. Large snowy mountains are off in the distance.
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blues-jay · 6 months ago
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protectoursharks · 11 months ago
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Neoclinus blanchardi or the Sarcastic Fringehead (Yes, that���s its real name) 
These funky fish live in solitary, so when there are two males nearby, conflict is bound to arise. The Sarcastic Fringehead extends its mouth to appear larger and butt heads (aka kiss) until one male gives up and leaves. 
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just-cosmere-fan · 17 days ago
Kelsier: Here's some advice
Preservation: I didn't ask for any
Kelsier: Too bad. I'm stuck here with my thoughts and you're the only one I can talk to
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thesilicontribesman · 2 months ago
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For World Earth Day 2022, the theme is 'Invest In The Planet' and I'm flagging up the great work that botanic gardens around the world do in supporting, maintaining and educating about plant diversity. Thanks to all those who work tirelessly to educate others about the wonders of nature.
Images taken at Inverness Botanic Gardens, Scotland, April 2022.
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notabiologist · 4 months ago
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galina · 10 months ago
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We recently got some really old photos and documents framed, so nice to have them back and see how they’ve been carefully archived and preserved. The larger frame is double-sided with glass, it will be against the wall most of the time but we can always take it down to show a hidden document in the back. I find this stuff so cool 🤎
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ancientpeopleancientplaces · 2 months ago
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‘Elm Leaf’ Poem
Written by The Silicon Tribesman. All Rights Reserved, 2022.
Repost only with credits.
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yourdeletedkneecaps · a month ago
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I hope you like this one, its partly inspired by my sister who announced at a family gathering that she wanted to be a taxidermist. My family were very supportive of her ambitions, but I can imagine many families would not be. She quickly changed her dream to working in a reptile centre, obviously an animal lover, and I think she's stuck with that for now.
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