ardley · 3 months ago
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LR Preset Overview
A little snapshot of some of my landscape presets in action. I’ve designed them to all work with Adobe profiles. Simply adjust exposure to suit each individual photograph. If you need help installing just send a DM.
For more information: freddieardley.com/Lightroom
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pw-creations · 17 days ago
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Body Preset N09 Download
Rave Septum Download
Flower Tattoo 02 Download
Christmas Hat Earrings Download
Christmas Snowflake Earrings Download
Christmas Bells Earrings Download
Christmas Tree Earrings Download
Hanging Pearl Earrings Download
Jolie Earrings Download
Scarlet Earrings Download
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kocalls · 4 days ago
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elbette havalar soğuk fakat daha önemlisi hayatımız da çevremizde olan insanlar soğuk olmasın. ☘️
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mintvalentine · 2 months ago
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Sunny Days - Reshade Preset - mintvalentine
Another Reshade Preset for you!~ This is my current reshade preset, super bright + colorful, Enjoy! 
More info below!
Don't know how to use Reshade? Read a how to here.
Download below
Made with Reshade 2.0
shortcut buttons
overlay key - f11 on/off key - f12 CAPSlock - blurfocus on/off screenshots - insert
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simpink · a year ago
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HEIDI - A Body Preset!
Hey!! So I wanted to wait until simblreen to release this but I couldnt wait! I spent all day on this so I really hope you like it! I named it Heidi after me! My body is similar to that one so I thought it was fitting hehe, (i hope thats not too narcissistic)
 Here are the deets:
(Btw, above is not top skinny and top thicc, those are just some examples)
Correct morphs!
Has a lil tummy which I like
Back looks a little weird on cas but it looks completely fine in game, i dont know why
Custom thumbnail
Tested on different body types, looks fine
My first preset so if something is wrong please tell me!
To install:
Place .package file on documents>electronic arts> sims 4> mods
Thank you so much to @kingfakey, @an0nymousghost and @slythersim for testing!
@maxismatchccworld  @simblrcollective ♥️
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meggyreap · 8 months ago
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Honey Lip Preset
My first lip preset! No preview cause I’m multitasking atm and can’t bring up the game but I wanted to get this out before I forget.
I suggest you use the mouth scale slider to make these bigger if you like larger lips.
DOWNLOAD (SFS, no ads)
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come-farfallee · a month ago
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Portobello Road, London 🇬🇧
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herbalwhite · a year ago
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Herbalwhite’s reshade presets vol. 2
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Did a LOT of tweaking this time and feel like this preset is worth sharing with y’all. There’s a huge amout of bloom, a couple of fog shaders, as well as qUINT SSR - the amazing reflections shader which mimics raytracing. To get SSR to work correctly use this wonderful tut by amoebae. I’m sharing two presets this time: one with super shallow DOF and strong SSR and one with less harsh settings. They aren’t an ‘official’ release or are they super well done. They probably are a huge mess but they work and I use them, so why not share them as well!  As always, play with them, tweak them to your liking and be patient! Reshade is one hell of a tool if you are patient enough :) 
If you have any questions, PM me!
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moowny · 5 months ago
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novos ajustes para lightroom 🌷
Lightroom preset 🌼
like or reblog ☘️
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radsims4ccfinds · 7 months ago
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🌹download these mouth & nose presets🌹
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shawnmendesgallery · a month ago
The filter I use to edit my photos:
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Aesthetic Vibes Lightroom Presets
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mmarias4 · 9 months ago
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This is a reworked version of the first preset I ever made. For female sims from teen to elder. A very cinched in waist with a round upper hip area and subtle hipdips. I hope you like it.
download    (free, as always)
Patreon   (nsfw warning)
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pajamahead · a year ago
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i’m back at it again, lads! making presets is quite fun. this time, i made a cute little slightly upturned button nose. excuse the lazy preview, i’m not good at graphic design lmao
dl here
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cindysimblr · 6 months ago
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I finally updated reshade, so I can now use @lavenderlight 's reshade preset. It's beautiful!
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tspelaa · a year ago
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Big mouth preset female only  all ages bg DL: https://simfileshare.net/download/2149442/
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mayorbrewster · a year ago
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from dusk till dawn
4 new presets up for all the fancy skies
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lizagnyuh · a month ago
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luneynell · 2 months ago
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My house 🏡
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radsims4ccfinds · 7 months ago
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fiesemietze · 12 months ago
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Download at the END Reshade Version: 4.8.2
I’ve included screenshots of the UI, so you get an idea of whether the discolouration annoys you, and is therefore unsuitable for you. But please go through here for more in-depth previews first. 
To keep the fps drop at a minimum please remove any unnecessary shaders upon installation (scroll to the end) as these may make you lag. Please also make sure to disable ‘edge smoothing’ in the ts4 ‘settings’ before trying to enable or use DOF. 
Turn off edge smoothing in Game Settings: 
Launch Game > Options > Game Settings > Graphic Preferences > Edge Smoothing > off > save
Enabling DOF (Depth of Field e.g ADOF or CinematicDOF) may make you lag. If you hit less than 45 fps without ADOF enabled with high or ultra graphics on, I do not recommend you use them. 
For an acceptable performance, aim for 60 fps or higher. If this preset drops your fps rate below 45-60 without DOF enabled, deinstall it entirely.
If you use HQ Mod you require the following reshade settings. - I have disabled SSAO in my game.   - I use @softerhaze‘s world lighting mods - as a base: Moonglow for Sulani, and Twinkle Toes for all other worlds. I have made this preset compatible with that. Unsure how this will look with EA/Maxis’s original lighting, but I think it won’t look too different. Do leave feedback, thank you.  ———————————————————— ☆ TOU If you try out my preset, please tag me, would love to see how this looks in other people’s games. (Not required). 
Do not re-upload my preset, always link back to here or tag me  if you want to include my preset (required). 
You’re free to create new presets based on this one. Tag me if you like, but you’re not obligated to do so. 
A neutral cinematic reshade preset that:
Neutralises the crayola blue tinge from skies
Shifts yellow tones to a subtle brown/orange
Removes the overpoweringly vibrant ea/maxis green tone in grass, trees etc.), and leaves a deeper, less vibrant, natural green that doesn’t overpower secondary hues such as: 
----> Whites, greys, reds, blues and other neutral tones
Lowers shadows
Raises highlights
Doesn’t overly desaturate or oversaturate certain colours, no fade or milkiness 
lowers black points for darker nights
I created this preset mainly to fit the more realistic style in my game; ea’s colours didn’t fit with my gameplay. The preset was adjusted to fit my builds, and the more neutral and realistic style in my save.  I craved darker, less bluish nights, and searing summer noons. I wanted to avoid unnecessary bloom or an unbalanced UI, so I ended up with a colour-fix that was usable for (my) actual gameplay. 
The preset has been fully game & play tested, in all worlds & weather conditions. For more previews click here.
The preview images were taken during clear end-of-winter season conditions. 
Depth of Field & Portrait Mode Shaders
This preset uses the ADOF (qUINT_dof.fx) shader for depth of field blur, and does not rely on automatic mouse tracking.
 To use automatic mouse tracking for screenshots, please disable ADOF and use the cinematic shaders instead. To enable/disable ADOF press CAPS LOCK (⇪)
you can remove adof entirely if you prefer cinematic dof by deleting them from your ‘shaders’ folder in your game’s ‘bin’ folder. 
Portrait Mode relies 100% on both qUINT_Lightroom.fx shaders. To enable/disable them press SHIFT+4 
portrait mode is designed to add a subtle colour change that cools reds and greens and lifts the vibrancy and luminosity of blues slightly. 
you can brighten your nights by raising the gamma levels to 50 or 100 in one of the Lightroom shaders like so*
Shaders Used:
FXAA.fx (this is an ‘edge smoothing’ shader)
Deband.fx (this minimises and softens colour banding)
Prod80_02_Bloom.fx (adds extremely subtle bloom to candlelight in very dark rooms)
qUINT_dof.fx (depth of field shader)
Needed (for troubleshooting):
qUINT_rtgi.fx (currently in beta, can be acquired here)
———————————————————— DOWNLOAD HERE.
*Download brighter version here.  (obsolete)
Questions? PM me, or send an ask. Thanks!
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