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#pretty design
amrightthough2 years ago
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Look at this beautiful gem! She鈥檚 so pretty! I really like the colour scheme, the shades of blue and green go very well with her. I also got to say that I agree with their decision of her having only one eye because if there was another eyes it probably wouldn鈥檛 be as effective.
I also immediacy though of a name when I saw her, the name has nothing to do with gems but I still like it. Olie, short for Olivia.
I researched a bit and found a gemstone that I think in my opinion is her (I鈥檓 not an expert btw)
Chalcedony. Yes it鈥檚 a long name but I think the colours work really well.
Both pictures kind of look like the (jell?) that surround her, especially the first one.
The second picture looks like the colour of her eyes.
So yeah, this is just a guess, please tell me what you think her type of gem is, I haven鈥檛 done a lot of research though so...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hazeltail4 months ago
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Bic Bird Lighter 馃敟
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strawberrycream-art5 months ago
Hiii! So I've had an idea. You know that song strawberry blonde which has a parody called strawberry cow, well it made me think about how cute Belphie would be with a strawberry cow design.
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Anything strawberry related is 100% my jam so my excitement when I saw your ask was real.
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