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#pretty hard to go wrong
spectral-honey · 10 months ago
Guys it just really kills me how badly tubbo needs support and how little he gets it.
He didn't ever ask to be the president, and when he gave his acceptance speech he asked tommy to be his VP, to support him, to stand by his side because it was them against the world.
He needed the support of his best friend, he needed the support quackity and Fundy as his cabinet. He was always asking for their opinions and what they thought should happen and he kept saying he was trusting them to have his back, to help him make decisions too hard for him on his own.
And then when they were negotiating with dream everyone just kept comparing him to schlatt. The dictator. The guy who made Tubbo decorate his own execution. The guy who forced him to turn on his friends.
When he made a decision (that was, arguably I suppose, the only option that wouldn't put them in an equally bad if not worse situation) no one supported him in it, quackity and Fundy both actively told him he was wrong and were pissed at him for it.
Quackity is caught up in his own things with el rapids. After today's stream Fundy seems to be leaving for a 'long long time' as well. Besides Ranboo, who is doing his damnedest to be literally everyone's emotional support boi and therefore can't always be around, tubbo doesn't really have anyone backing him up.
In the end, it really is almost like Dream's been the most present support for Tubbo. And he's actively manipulating him for his own gain.
Tubbo's situation is as bad as Tommy's is, and no one seems to see it.
#dream smp#tubbo#im not trying to character bash at all or anything like that!#its just so sad to see tubbo constantly reaching out in little ways and yet never really getting a response :(#its like. he and tommy have so many parallels with their situation right now and i think its very obvious that tommys not doing well but i#--think its not acknowledged nearly enough how this is affecting tubbo terribly as well#i guess its sort of that people are like 'canonically tubbos the evil one for kicking out tommy!!' and i mean. creative freedom always its.#i just very much think its not canon at all and you are wrong? in the nicest way possible#tubbo has agency of course but hes in a pretty impossible situation too!! hes trying so hard please be sympathetic to the boy :(#ive been thinking about this for a while but the fact that fundy is going off with nikki and possibly ranboo as well (?) thats like.#literally almost everyone whose been allied with tubbo???#im so distressed about the boy#also like!! with the decision to exile tommy#they had a trade yknow? tommy exiled & dream having this invisible control over everyone being solidified#in exchange for the (at least for now) safety freedom and a solidification of tubbo as the leader of an independent nation#which like. it was NOT a good option but it was sort of the /only/ option besides being trapped inside lmanburg or everyone inside lmanbur-#-g getting killed.#which. i mean isnt this exactly what you would expect with this sort of political power struggle??#a choice that isnt really a choice that also causes about as much harm as it does help?#i guess i just feel like tubbos doing his BEST and he needs help too but no one is :(
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meeko-mar · 3 months ago
You walk into a bar and you see me waving my drink around. I am yelling.
"LOOK all I'm saying is that if Catra and Adora can begin their story in such a bad, misunderstood place on opposite sides of a cosmic war and FINISH as a couple who are romantically in love with each other and admitting a lifetime of pent up feelings,
then Izuku and Katsuki, who are already establishing their friendship and partnership again after years of bullying, strife, and misunderstanding, and are bridging the gap between their view of heroism, literally taking the best ideas from each other's practices, and relearning how to be friends, can TOTALLY have the potential to end the same, or similar way.
All I'm saying is it's not so far out of the realm of narrative possibility as people think. Their stories are actually very similar. And if you think that a couple that starts out with very unhealthy, problematic, and even toxic dynamics, cannot happen, it ALREADY HAS, with Catradora."
I am escorted from the bar for disturbing the peace.
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delimeful · 6 months ago
*the sides encounter “anxiety” slinking through the common room on his way back from Thomas*
Lo: Deceit! you’ve been covering for him.
Pat: but Why!?
Jan: What was I supposed to do? Thomas needs Anxiety! *mumbles* whether or not anxiety believes it.
Ro: hmm maybe Tell Us!?
Jan: Ah yes, sharing information, one of my many strengths! Or maybe one of YOU should have CARED enough to NOTICE something’s been WRONG for WEEKS!
“ah yes, sharing information, one of my many strengths” pfft— that’s so janus :’D
im sure him and the light side trio have some long-overdue discussing to do!
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a-selkie-abroad · 5 months ago
God, I hate the world right now.
I’m terrified to make this post. I feel like I’m going to get a bunch of hate and this is very different to my usual stuff but. This is important, I think.
My school just pulled all of us out of classes - a week before a midterm wave of weighted assessments - to have an assembly.
We were told that the school would be increasing security at school. 
We were told to be vigilant on the streets, to stop paying staring into our phones, not out of the usual ‘spending time on phones is bad for you’, but rather because scanning the environment around us, being alert of the people around us, was going to be important. 
We were told to be careful when entering the school or traveling between the two halves of the campus to make sure we weren’t followed, and to make sure no one ‘piggybacked’ off of us students typing in the code to open the school gate.
We were told to be careful, cautious and aware because “whenever conflict happens in the Middle East, there is an inevitable rise in anti-semitism”.
I go to a small, very Secular Jewish school in a country nearly as far away from Israel as you can get. Even before all this, our school had a much, much higher level of security then the non-religious schools around us. I feel like I need to say that because I know many American schools have security due to the prevalence of school shootings, but I assure you, that sn’t normal in my country, and most schools have very, very minimal security. 
Our school is very, very secular - though we provide Jewish Studies and the school celebrates Jewish Holidays, most of the kids don’t believe in a god of any kind, and roll our eyes as the religious aspects of our education (90% of people drop JS the moment they reach 9th grade, ngl). We even have a handful of non-jewish students, and a large chunk of the teaching staff isn’t jewish, either. 
But even if my school was an Orthodox Jewish School, where boys were expected to study the torah and the school was closed on Fridays, or if I went to a Catholic school, or a non-religious one, what I’m about to say still matters.
Our school has students ranging from 5 to 18 years old. We’re a school full of kids. Yet it’s clear people are increasingly scared of getting attacked just for being part of a people-group.
I know the actions of the Israeli Government against the Palestinians is wrong. I know that they’re pushing out Palestinian families from homes they have occupied for generations. I know conflict has broken out, and though I don’t know all the details, I know that Israel’s government has destroyed a building due to suspected Hamas activity and in the process many innocent civilians including children, and that Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.
But what I don’t understand is why this means my school, full of children, many thousands of kilometres away, has to fear being attacked because of this.
I know that many people say that they’re “anti-zionist, not anti-semetic”, and I would normally be inclined to agree, (apart from the fact people don’t seem to know the definition of ‘zionist’, and depending on your definition of it, that phrase can men different things) - rightfully accusing and holding accountable the Israeli government for these attacks and attempting to push Palestinian people our of their homes is not at all being against Jewish people as a whole. However, and I have to say it - I keep seeing this used on posts that are still clearly anti-Semitic. Like. Attack the government that’s actually doing this and not use it as an excuse to spew bigotry, please? istg. And it’s even more irritating that they use that phrase bc you have a harder time refuting their points. It’s kinda like those people that say “chill it was just a joke bro” as a way to get away with being openly bigoted.
People need to realise there is a huge amount of misinformation spreading through big news sources about Israel and Palestine’s actions that are a skewed misinterpretation of events or straight up lies - Yes, the Israeli Government’s actions are horrendous and the people responsible need to be held accountable, but no, Bella Hadid did not advocate for throwing jews into the sea during that one rally, like....
Please take away these four main things:
Always check the credibility of a source of any information and if other credible sources are also claiming the same things before helping to spread it, because misinformation is rampant and the issue is harder to solve and properly talk about when no one is sure of exactly what is true or false, and misinformation is harmful to everyone. Inform people if you know what they are talking about is misinformation, usually it’s spread through ignorance or being fooled by headlines, not malice. Even a quick search on fact-checking websites like is better then nothing. 
As a somewhat extension to the point above, photos, videos and quotes that are supposedly of events happening in Palestine/Israel currently are often out-of-context or reused images from events several years ago, or events that happened in other countries. I’ve seen this done especially with videos and images from the Syrian War being passed off as videos from current-day Palestine, which. They aren’t. That’s it’s own set of warcrimes.
People-groups are not monoliths. Not all Israelis are Jewish - there are christian, muslim and Druze Israelis - Not all Palestinians are muslim - there are jewish Palestinians - and not all Jews are Israeli, or even support the Israeli government’s actions. Assuming these groups all believe the same thing just is stereotyping, and just;; it’s plain false.
Don’t let people get away with being anti-Semitic (or bigoted in general), call them out! Keep an eye out for people that claim they’re just “anti-zionist, not anti-Semitic!”, but it’s clear through their words and actions that they’re just using that as an excuse to openly condemn jewish people. Again, though, this doesn’t just apply to anti-semitism! this goes just as much for people being Islamophobic! Don’t let people get away with being bigoted, no matter who they are being bigoted against!
Maybe when people start reporting and spreading news about the actual, real issues and not misinformation propagated to make one or the other side look better or worse and conflating a government’s or terrorist organisation’s actions with an entire people group’s, I’ll feel safer walking down the street in my obviously-jewish-school uniform, and Palestinian voices can actually be heard, rather then videos of Syrians from years ago being played off as being Palestinian.
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acrestedeagle · a year ago
i finally saw Into the Spider-Verse last night
god tier animation
great music and cinematography
Miles and his whole family’s story and character development was great
i NEED a Spider-woman movie
and also a Peni Parker one but with less anime stereotypes (cause boy, they went hard on that one)
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outsticallyastonished · 3 months ago
It was a whole new level of hurt and pain when realize your favorite person was the person who may not be tolerating toward the issues and struggles you have and whose boundaries did not allow for them to meet the needs you have
The phrase “you can always find other people who will understand you better and will be accepting of your issues and whose boundaries will not clash with your issues and needs” doesn’t work for me because I wanted That exact Person to be the one who’d be alright with my issues and struggles I dont want to “get with new people” no matter how accepting or relating they may be. wanted to be with that person
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smilepal · a month ago
∞ 💚💚
Music ask meme for @faepunkprince 💖💖
Whore--In This Moment
I can be your whore! I am the dirt you created I am your sinner I am your whore But let me tell you something baby You love me for everything you hate me for
Thanks for asking, these have been so fun. 🥰
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persephonaae · 2 months ago
Oh my heart hurts so much
#there are many things that are just so not good right now#things at home aren’t great#it’s so tense all the time and everyone is always miserable and I just wish I could help everyone and fix their problems#I love my sister but she’s gotten so hard to deal with it seems like she’s so dead set on being ‘I’m here to cause problems on purpose’#and then on a whole different front#and I wish I had romantic love but I feel like I don’t deserve it for some reason#it’s gotten so bad that I’m at a point whenever someone calls me pretty I break down crying#well I mean I know why I think I don’t deserve romantic love#I’m too autistic i learn too much from fiction and fantasy#I’m too childish no one is ever going to take me seriously#and I would feel like I need to be cute and perfect all the time#I know things don’t really work out like they do in fiction fantasy but my heart keeps telling my head I want it to work out like that#and no one wants to be in love with someone who’s so silly and stupid like that#the only people who would want me are people who know they can take advantage of me#and either I’m going to end up alone or become so desperate that I resign to that kind of a life where I’m with someone who’s only in it#because they know they could take advantage of me and take me for all the wrong reasons and not really love and I just end up taking that#because at least then I won’t be alone and at least I can pretend things are okay and perfect
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leafeonb · 3 months ago
oh my god iris other somnium is. the minecraft world
#lulu.txt#shovelforge. whatever JDHFJDJCHDJJFJV anyways ai.tsf spoilers in the tags#ummm i think i am almost sure that this is the iris route and its making me so :-| how they completely forgot about mizuki#date. what are you doing. did you forget about her....this is making me so mad 🚶what thr hell#anyways. i was already scared of them going to check iris somnium bc the last time that happened (on another route) it was#the nightmare one. of iris watching all the previous cyclops killer murders.....that was really disturbing to watch like o(-< hello#AND WHAT WAS. THAT IN THE END. THE REFLECTION WITH DATE'S FACE?????????????#its so 😐 how we dont know too much about date like not even date knows. who would know#he doesnt remember anything before the 6 help why did this playthrough start with a locked route now im trying to figure out how the stuff you learn#in a route could go to another timeline if. this isnt ze. like they dont have memories from other timelines like yeah earlier iris was#talking about the parallel universes and stories and stuff and i was like. 🤨😶 but....???? like#okay hm. im thinking. thinking so hard.....wait but also im scared of this somnium too bc no one else is at the building what if something#goes wrong..............#oh also very cringe and fail that some stuff so far on this game made me cry.#the bad version of mizukis dream o(-< if you release the btw i like hitomi too...i hope i dont eat my words i like her so very much 😭 shes nice..#WHY WAS why was dates face on the dream with the killings oh my god.....what the hell?? like maybe that was a red herring or just#dream logic 💀 he was pretty surprised. anyways wait a moment. that was iris somnium but its so weird like. she havent seen any of the#killings right......? 😟 she would be just a little idk if she actually saw them and the somnium was a repressed memory#or...? :-( iris???? im. a bit worried but also i remember about hitomis and also falcos(his codename was falco right.) stories and some#stuff are making me want to watch that somnium again later bc. iris???#what was that 😭😭😭 i hope she didnt actually see o(-< like#help i forgot what i was going to say#i want mizuki to be okay im so worried about her on this route but date is not paying attention to her i. what are YOU doing#okay o(-<
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kayyy-lmao · 2 days ago
#I can’t stop crying about ugly I am#I haven’t left the house since before the pandemic besides getting vaxxed bc I really hate the way I look#but in that time#I grew out and didn’t touch my hair for 3 years bc I really wanted my hair appointment to go well#which was hard bc my hair used to be the only thing I really was okay with about myself#so I haven’t been looking in mirrors and I’ve been avoiding my shadow too#and Ik that’s not healthy but i really just hate seeing myself that much#so anyways I finally get the courage to go to a hair appointment which was hard#and the only reason I really did it was bc I have the Harry concert and I had this cute outfit planned the hair I wanted matched#so I spend over $200 on a hair appointment which was also hard justifying bc I’m kinda poor#and this hairdresser completely fucked my hair it’s fried and it was organically bright red and she gave me a horrible short haircut#and that only draws attention to my ugly fucking face#I’ve had to spend even more money on my hair bc I had to box dye it black and the color is still so red#the cut also had steps in it and there’s just no fixing it#I have to dye it again which costs more money#I just thought this would be a turning point with myself esteem and it definitely is just in the wrong direction#like I’m definitely not wearing the outfit I wanted to the concert which is tomorrow which my mom is yelling at me about even though it was#made up of clothes i already had except for boots which I’m returning#I just wanted to feel pretty :(#idk I just needed to rant without getting yelled at for feeling ugly#which sucks bc ik I am and I’m not saying all this to fish for complements like I’m unattractive it’s just a fact
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