stop-using-prev-tags 2 months ago
If you see tags that someone else left on a post and want to share them with your followers (or anyone else who chances across your blog), please, please, PLEASE: don't use "prev tags," or "previous tags" or "prev prev tags" or any variation that may occur to you at the moment you're making that decision.
The very best way on Tumblr to:
share that information in the tags with people who follow you, or
continue a conversation that the person who said that thing in the tags, or
let everyone know how hard you're cackling at a joke someone made, or
whatever other reason you're drawing attention to someone else's tags
is to actually add the tag in question to the version of the post as it will appear when you reblog it. A screenshot is the most durable way to do this, since it gets included in all the downstream reblogs from your own, but if you don't want that for some reason, just replicate the actual tag in question in the tags of your reblog. If you're absolutely, vehemently against the screenshot, including the tags in question could look like this:
Tumblr media
or like this:
OP has some really great tags:
#cool additional commentary tangential to the original topic #user who added the tags didn't include them in the body of the post but you thought they were important
and I think everyone should see them
The biggest reason to do this is that nobody wants a scavenger hunt. This is especially true when the tags in question are from more than one reblog down the line, or ones that you found in the notes on a different reblog chain.
The other big reason is the durability thing mentioned earlier. Maybe the tags you're enamored with came from OP, and they decided they didn't want notifications from the post anymore and deleted it. If you used "omg OP's tags 馃樄" with no further clarification, that information is lost forever when OP deletes the post. Same case if OP (or the person you reblogged from) deactivates, or gets deactivated. Actually including the tags in question makes sure that as long as someone is viewing it on your blog (or on any downstream reblog from you, if you used a screenshot) they can see the same thing you did.
Using "prev tags" instead of actually including the tags you're talking about results in a significant decrease in the usability of the website. Please, just screenshot the tags, or reproduce them in your post.
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57000 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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delicatefury 4 months ago
Stop using #prev or #prev tags.
I can promise you 1. Nobody cares who the hell you reblogged from, 2. Nobody鈥檚 gonna bother trying to find out, and 3. Your followers will never know what the hell those tags were unless you tell them.
You like someone鈥檚 tags? Reuse 鈥榚m. Or add鈥檈m to the body of your reblog. If anyone gets offended by that, they don鈥檛 belong on tumblr anyway.
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jongsoengs 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eijiroukiriot 17 days ago
Tumblr media
i am fighting tooth and nail trying to get back in the fic writing spirit (with a fic idea that really sparked some excitement in me) and apparently a-couple-days-ago-me was fighting tooth and nail to. keep typing in english. and losing聽
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blacky-nikki-art a month ago
Tumblr media
Okay. Mixing traditional sketches and multiply digital paintings looks really good 鉂わ笍馃槏
Full version soon.
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sinninghowlter 21 days ago
Protect your best friends, guys, they're some of the best things to happen to you
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vanya--hargreeves 2 months ago
Joining the war on prev tags on the side of prev tags... Get fucked lmao
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so1987 3 months ago
she was soooo iconic
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patchworkcow 2 months ago
Every time I see my partner's posts here I think "ha, apple phone" bc the tags are all prev and sometimes it'll be like a specific tag for the specific blog they reblogged from. Just very funny to watch from my not apple perspective
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goshaaaa 8 months ago
Sasosaku fic!! Basically he鈥檚 her TA with baggage and she鈥檚 a stressed out college student. W other ships! 馃グ
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flurtycurvs 18 days ago
maybe i'm just confused. idk anymore.
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thesamepictureofglitra a month ago
Tumblr media
Follow to see the same picture of Glitra every day
[ID: A screenshot of Glimmer kissing Catra's cheek. Glimmer's eyes are shut, her hand on Catra's shoulder in a hug. Catra is grimacing as she struggles to look at Glimmer with one eye. End ID.]
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frangipani-wanderlust 3 months ago
The rise of the use of the #prev tag is really just an awful trend.
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stanshollaand 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
angelina 鈥榓ngel鈥 mercer in the best part [1/2]
Angel Mercer had one constant wish throughout her recent birthdays, and on her sweet sixteenth, it came true; she died.
Life hadn鈥檛 been particularly kind. Her parents expected her to follow into their footsteps, and not wanting to disappoint them, she told herself that she couldn鈥檛 afford to make mistakes. All she cared about was her grades and being on top of her classes, just so her little brother doesn鈥檛 have to and could live his life the way he wanted. And then, she realized that they both wanted the same thing 鈥 to make music.
But with all that pressure on her shoulders, it was no surprise that she just wanted it all to end. In the time being, she showed Alex and his band nonstop support and how happy she was for him. Until he came out to their parents and they never looked at him the same again; that was when she knew she had enough. Angel defended her brother and spit her parents鈥 high expectations on their faces by joining his band and chasing her dreams with Alex and his quirky best friends that she grew to love.
She found herself a life worth living, a life where the people in it were worth living for 鈥 and it was taken all away in the form of a slippery floor.
gif credits: x, x, x, x
taglist: @yelenabolevas [ interested? ]
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asacolyte 2 months ago
!! Blog Revival and Remodel !!
prev. teaismyremedy
hello all!! i thought about making a new blog, but this one has been with me for so long, i just decided to redo it a bit -- new url, maybe new theme (still working on it), new interests, and all that jazz. so if you wanna keep in touch, say hi! if you wanna unfollow, feel free, i鈥檓 not mad! my interests have changed a ton over the years, so i understand. i鈥檓 also going to have this repost all throughout the day for the next few days, so everyone can see it, but it will be tagged #prev so you can blacklist. okay! onto the fun stuff!!
so what will be on the blog now: FNAF (omg talk lore talk aftons talk vas, i love it all!) hozier and harry styles (bc aaaaaa) youtubers (markiplier, jacksepticeye, game theory, etc) supernatural (dean deserved better, also destiel stan fight me) doctor who (not as much but i鈥檓 in love with jodie) science and space and physics shit (i鈥檓 a nerd who has a stem degree hush) shitposts (of course) other various things idk
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l3monad3-frog 3 months ago
anybody know how to turn off the automatic tag copying tumblr is doing now I really hate it blease
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sinninghowlter 9 days ago
@cozysafechaotic: The speed typing on that mechanical keyboard me: I'm eating graham crackers, that was my graham cracker bag not my keyboard
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bearmoods 4 months ago
Gonna start tagging my original posts w prev tags
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eijiroukiriot a year ago
Tumblr media
progress on pd101 au is going slowly...very slowly...but surely
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