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anggeese · 8 months ago
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cozymochi · 3 months ago
haha Red and Riddler same VA go brrrrr (source)
Third times the charm on this right? I’ve had these animatics stashed on my phone since January 2020 (with redraws and edits made sparsely this is version 3 lmao), and basically since then I’ve been discreetly referencing them for a while in art, 😔 Because of a mishap, I had to post the bits separately. So one of my favorite things I’ve ever done that is also tied to a passion project au (by sheer coincidence) with @reds-right-antenna is now out, and hopefully all 3 bits were watched lmao. Did I mention I made 6 of these but egghh that’s enough spam thank u bye 😭💕
(PART 1, PART 2, PART 3)
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radcliffe · 16 days ago
NEW YEAR OLD ME!! Hey y’all, it’s di!! (aka owenjoyner) as some of you may know, this blog was “taken” by tumblr back when I was gadotgal. I got it back after I already gave up and remade but I haven’t felt right on my new blog when all my gifsets I’ve worked so hard on are on this blog. Please follow me here and signal boost so I can spread the word! Mutuals please let me know if I need to follow you back here as well too!! Since tags aren’t working right now signal boosts are appreciated!
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chapeldean · 6 months ago
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au where sam winchester convinces his family to bullet journal. part 2, cas and jack. click for better image  part 1 x / x  // part 2 sam and dean  
tag list and full transcript below
@maxguevra​ @emeraldcas​ @madronasky​ @prev-tags​ @caskarass​ @clownshitgoeshere​ @twilightcastiel​ 
Castiel page 1:
Habit tracker prayers used grace human food caffeine water plants
To do - get something for Dean - get some plants - local farmer’s market - buy more coffee Things I’m grateful for - Jack, Dean, Sam, Mary - Roadtrips - Houseplants Important!  secure curse boxes before moving them is Riverdale suitable for one-year-olds? 
Castiel page 2:
Peperomia Obtusifolia, Ficus Lyrata, Tradescantia Zebrina Zamioculcas Zamifolia Monday Research plants. “Game” with Jack 
Tuesday We all helped to clean the bunker.  we should probably do this more often.     Movie night
Wednesday We’re celebrating Dean’s 38th birthday today
Thursday Dean wanted to go for a drive. It took all day. I believe the gift went over well. 
Friday Purchased plants. I asked Mary for assistance. Jack came along too and chose 2 plants.
Saturday Suspected shifter case in Duluth.  Two victims so far but leads are going in too Sunday many directions. Jack home with Mary. 
1. I should ask someone to help me search Google for some information.
2. Jack showed me a game called “Roblox”. I did not understand it. 
Jack page 1
Habit tracker use my powers work a case play video games water plants make Tiktoks 
To do: Clean the bunker with my family Learn how to take care of my houseplants Learn how to make a mixtape
Things I’m grateful for: Mom, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Mary, Star Wars, movie night, cinnamon rolls,  Claire, Roblox, Kaia, nougat, Fortnite, plants, Eileen, Tiktok, stickers, Cookie Crunch, my computer, birthdays 
Important! Do NOT tell Dean about the TikToks Cinnamon rolls!!!! Very Important
Jack page 2: 
Monday Look for cases Show Castiel how to play Roblox
Tuesday Cleaning (boring) Movie night!!  We saw Star Trek. I still prefer Star Wars
Friday Castiel and Mary and I bought some plants.  They need sunshine and water. And love.  Then Dean and I baked cinnamon rolls! 
Saturday I’m going to show Mary how to make Tiktoks. 
Sunday Do NOTHING. BORED :( 
I haven’t used my powers this week. I’m a little angry they won’t let me come with them on their cases. I know I can help out. There’s nothing to do in the Bunker and it’s so boring. 
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sprucewoodmpreg · a month ago
[rolls up with a half-empty glass of fruit juice] yo. just wanted 2 say im taking a break from all socials so if u need me i will not be around for awhile. sorry gang, just wanted to clarify since i noticed i had a few ppl contacting me here. see y’all once i’m back o7
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diaz-eddie · 2 months ago
👍🏽 A fic you bookmarked recently
🔁 A fic you’ve re-read several times
😂 A fic that made you laugh out loud
👀 A fic that you love a normal amount
📆 A fic you’d re-read 10 years from now
😊 A fic that made you smile on a bad day
💯 A fic that makes you think #writergoals
🥰 A fic that gives you warm fuzzy feelings
👌🏼 A fic someone else recommended to you
👽 A fic that isn’t prose (poetry, text fic, etc.)
🛳️ A fic that brought you aboard a new ship
💘 A fic you couldn’t stop reading once you started
💌 A fic that inspired you to create something for it
🤩 A fic that made you SLAM that “subscribe” button
📚 A fic you wish you could display on your bookshelf
💞 A fic that led to you making friends with the author
✨ A fic you wish you could read again for the first time
😭 A fic that ripped your heart out (but it hurt so good)
🤔 The first fic you think of when I say [insert word here]
💖 A drabble that made you want 100K more words
okay patootie, im gonna treat this like a quick-fire round so I'm not gonna link ao3 profiles or tag every single author's tumblr like i have been. im also only gonna do the ones I haven't answered previously LOL. but for you, as celebration for all the crazy stuff you've accomplished this week, i will answer MOST of these asks (under the cut)
👍🏽 A fic you bookmarked recently
the last fic I bookmarked (using the ao3 function, which is where I keep my faves/fic i need on hand at all times) is Vice and Virtue by @galvanizedfriend bc Duh.
the last fic I marked for later (as in bookmarked to read) is this is what happens: when you come home by sevenisles but the tags lead me to believe its NSFE.
so the last fic on my m4l that isn't NSFE is with metal on our tongues (and silver in our lungs) by melancholicmermaid [i found it on a rec list but it sounds v intriguing. have you read it?)
👀 A fic that you love a normal amount
tell me why i struggled so much with this q, to the point where i left it for last LOL.
I'm a little torn between two so I am going to rec them both, bc I've written so many recs already, what is a couple more?
what a wave you have made is the 10 Things I Hate About You x KC fusion of my dreams. I love it tooootally normal amounts, not so much that it consumes me, that would be weird right?!?!?! this fic is literally wish fulfillment fic and that is also why @sekretny13 wrote it for me, as a gift. we we're just plot bunnying diff movie fusions back and forth, and then boom, after months of hard work and secret planning, she gifted me this. but i KNOW this fandom LOVES that movie and that I am not the only one, so y'all please please get after this fic!
moonlight sonata was one of @tnapki 's MANY KC event contributions, bc Tina is an event participating machine. you whisper KC event into the wind and T appears with her giant creative mind full of ideas (her brain is forreal like Mary Poppin's magic bag, the bottom never ends and you can pull any number of interesting and creative things from it). this fic is canon-divergent in a way that is SO interesting bc KC are versions of themselves that we could easily recognize, despite the fact that they meet in a very different time in each others lives. it's full of really beautiful character description and is a fic I rec wildly at every opportunity.
😊 A fic that made you smile on a bad day
the one where klaus gets high by @targaryenkaz is so cute and fluffy I think it'd be the perfect remedy for a bad day. I don't remember many of my bad days bc of how my brain works. but i remember smiling non-stop during this ficlet bc its Just So Cute!! and the premise of the story is so funny and one i'd never read before.
definitely recommend giving this a read! I love when Klaus get's a bit emotional about his devotion to Caroline and this fic gives me that + more.
💯 A fic that makes you think #writergoals
there are sooo many incredible writers in this fandom, many of whom, i've rec'd already. but a fic that might be new to you that STUNNED me was a glass half full by @parallel-outlines. @recyclingss recommended me this fic, and I was amazed bc the I had no idea parallel-outlines, one of fandoms most prized creators, also WROTE FIC?? and then I read the fic and of course it was beautiful and so well plotted. parallel-outlines sometimes leaves absolute gold in the tags of her posts, and she spun major gold for this fic as well.
when I initially read and bookmarked this fic, I hadn't yet seen 5x13 but I still cried a little reading this because I knew the premise. and because this fic is such an intimate portrayal of what WE COULD HAVE HAD if JP didn't absolutely hate us. Caroline is so witty and sharp, while still showing Klaus that she cared for him. And Klaus is uncharacteristically soft, in the way he could only be for Her at what he thinks is the end of his long immortal life. I don't wanna spoil anything, but this fic is goals and is the fix-it fic I never knew I needed.
👌🏼 A fic someone else recommended to you
I get a lot of great fic recs from friends (like you. and other friends who are the best. y'all know fic recs are my love language).
in particular I wanna shoutout @strangenightsofdaydreams who has rec'd me an abundance of fantasy au's / au's where KC are something other than vampires such as : watch that fire burn by eternal_optimist, sometime around midnight by lalainaj, & something wretched about this (so precious about this) by @lynyrdwrites. all feature KC where at least one of them is a different kind of supernatural creature from what we see in canon, and I love them all dearly.
yokan who is the queeeen of writing fic recs, also rec'd me lover and zora's amazing fics (bc seriously, how did I pass a year in this fandom and nobody told me about zora?? rude) but watch her say she doesn't remember
👽 A fic that isn’t prose (poetry, text fic, etc.)
the only fic I can think of that even comes close to fitting this description is t'was the night by biana_delacroix. i found this fic months ago when i was lurking around ao3 and recognized the authors username bc the wide and open road & the circus of dreams have been on my to-read list, but i thought this author was FFN only and I am bad at ffn 🤣
i digress! this fic is basically the lyrics to t'was the night before christmas, but in poem format, and with a KC/TVD twist. i've never seen anything like it in over a year of reading KC fic, and I admire this authors humor and dedication to doing the thing!!! they really put in the work to make a christmas story about KC, and to make sure it rhymes. i think thats so fun!
💘 A fic you couldn’t stop reading once you started
love magic by coldimmortalhands (i think this author deactivated their tumblr unfortunately) was a fic I read months ago and loved immediately! it's not a particularly long fic but I was so impressed by the concept and how well the fic was thought through. couldn't put it down, was completely enchanted by the writing style and the tension and the balance of heat and sweet.
💌 A fic that inspired you to create something for it
I rarely make edits without using fic as inspiration and you've seen all the edits i've made! but here is a list of fics I've made edits (all fics linked):
sympathy for the devil
vice and virtue
viking roots
one day
under your skin (this one was made in collaboration with my dear @misssophiachase)
the sound of settling
twenty steps to salvation
speed dating
be still
a well deserved break
(hoping I didn't forget anything)
😭 A fic that ripped your heart out (but it hurt so good)
I'm amending my prior statement from above the cut because I want to talk about
For As Long As We Both Shall Live by @honestgrins
I acknowledge that this fic may not be everyones bread and butter, and that the topic matter is really sensitive. But I implore anyone whos willing, to give this fic a chance. The tags are there and should be taken into account, but this fic is even more beautiful than it is heartbreaking. Angst can be challenging to read, but it is So worth it for stories like this one.
I wrote an extreeeeeeemely long comment underneath this fic because while reading it, I felt like my heart just could not settle. There are so many elements to this fic, and each one is done flawlessly: the angst that comes with grief and loss, the levity that came with trading jokes, the intimacy of KC as a young couple in love who are just trying to build their life together. It is incomprable to any other KC fic I've ever read (including those that feature MCD) both because of the levels of care and finesse its written with, and because it flows far better than you ever could dream. This fic is just over 2.5k but honestgrins has somehow spun a tale of old love, loss, and new love that feels absolute in it's completion.
By the end of this fic the way I loved KC changed a little. This is an AU that informed me about their relationship and about KC as characters. It's brilliant. It's really really heart-achingly painful, but it is Brilliant. And it should be read and then sat with for however long it takes for your heart to recover.
🤔 The first fic you think of when I say [COUCH]
I never should have tried clarifying this with you patootie. I should have known your powers of randomness would win out.
First fic that I think of when you say "couch" is Picturesque because of the scene where the group arranges themselves in their designated seating chart, no matter whose house they're at, or whose couch they're sitting on. Something about that scene felts so much like pure and platonic love!!! All with couches as the central symbol! Genius!!!!
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weebdokter · a year ago
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To the anon who asked for a speed drawing. Kinda embarrasing but here’s my most honest and unadulterated drawing process with no structure what-so-ever bec I didnt know anybody would be watching it in the future ‘cept me, I wasn’t even trying to be neat or organized in the slightest lol.
Superfast bec I dont want it to be over 1 min. :)) I dug through my procreate files to see if I had okay videos in there which show my usual process. I dont have videos of my more recent works bec I moved to clip studio paint and it doesnt have a built-in time lapse recorder as far as I know. But I’ll record my next SC drawing so I’d have a, hopefully, neater video to show. Enjoy the mess for now. Lol
As you can see, I use waaaay too much draft sketches, mostly bec I’m lazy. Rather than erasing and being sure of my lines, I like creating a new layer and making another rough draft layer on top of my prev one. And honestly, I dont understand my own guidelines! Haha!
I sketch the pose I want first, then later on use a ref image when I’m making my final lines.
(“How Deep is Your Love” by Bee Gees in the bg <3)
I’m sure my reference photo for this was (which is my face top view ref photo of Melissa Benoist):
Tumblr media
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gallawitchxx · 2 days ago
Bee! You’ve got me ruminating on businessman!mickey (showers are a dangerous place for my brain).
Imagine with me...
Mickey getting his business license. Back in that same courthouse. Signing a new set of papers with his husband. No hesitation from anyone today. His first legit venture.
And come tax time, whining about Uncle Sam with his goddamn hand in his pocket, but really he’s pretty proud of himself for finally having some real income to claim. (Some, because no way in hell is he not finding every loophole to stash some of it away.)
He’s a grown-up, functional member of society now. And he’s proud of himself. And I love that for him.
So thanks to your lovely ficlet for pinging these little thoughts around my head today. 💕
squiddy 🖤😭
businessman!mickey is something so special (even as witchy!mickey) & the image of him going to city hall to sign paperwork is making me WEEP ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!
he absolutely has incredibly generous definitions of “tax deductible” & “business expense” & he should!!!!
ian: mick, lube is not a business expense.
mickey: no, but you’re my business partner & it’s entertainment. it says right on the fuckin’ website that i’m allowed to deduct that shit.
ian: i really don’t think that’s what they meant when they wrote the tax code.
mickey: they’re lucky i’m even payin’ those fuckers. 30%—fuckin’ highway robbery.
i’m so proud of our little business owner too! he’s doing it & he’s doing it with his husband!!!!! 😭😭🖤🖤🥺🥺
thanks for the love on my ficlet, sweet friend! xx
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claudia-kishi · a year ago
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You really thought I was going to die, didn’t you?
Let’s just say I took it more seriously than you did.
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theaspers · 2 months ago
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imsupposedtobewriting · 6 months ago
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hey @ netflix I just want to talk. 
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bubaluv · a month ago
So I linked a clip of this Trivia Trot episode on my twipie bingo but I didn't watch the whole clip, I just went back and watched it and WOW these horses lesbian
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duskholland · 8 months ago
I may just be overthinking everything, but do you think something happened between Tom and Harrison? I don’t know I just feel like something “bad” happened between them. I use the word bad lightly.
No hate or negativity at all! I’m just wondering what you think. ❤️😊
hmm i think it’s fair to assume they drifted apart last year.... i don’t think they had a big falling out ( ,,,, or at least i don’t wanna talk about that (on main) )... but i think they’ve both been busy, they’ve both been working on separate continents... there was def a few months w no public interactions when things between them appeared dicey. whatever may or may not have happened is the past now tho... it seems like they’re on pretty good terms now ? they’re on a trip together rn and they seem fine so ... i think they’re okay now <3
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xx-vikare-the-bard-xx · 4 months ago
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gayremus · 3 months ago
all i want is to reblog something and be funny enough in the tags so that my mutuals reblog my reblog and tag it as #prev tags
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starbuck · 5 months ago
the whole debate over ‘prev tags’ is so weird to me bc 1) I loved it as soon as it sprung up and am hugely flattered by people saying it about my tags every time 2) the suggesting of tag-copying as a “politer alternative” is very ?????????? to me bc I write my tags so personally that I really prefer not to have them copied into somebody else’s tags as if they wrote them, even if they add an indication that they were copied to the end. Like. I guess it’s so that that person’s followers don’t have to do the extra step of clicking back to my blog to see what was said but idk… it just makes me uncomfortable. And I guess the alternative to both of these things is just adding the tags in question onto a post directly but i’m not comfortable adding tags onto posts that aren’t mine so, to me, ‘prev tags’ is the perfect solution and, to each their own, but I just don’t see the issue.
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marklikely · 3 months ago
oh my god prev tags is not as deep as ANY of you are making it.. what if we all took a nap.
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rozhevisny · 2 months ago
My tumblr app just got updated and I'm so confused •᷄⌓•᷅
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jaylatine · 5 days ago
1) memes
2) music
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