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idkhowifeel · 3 months ago
In honor of suicide prevention month I’ll be killing myself
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rebelnewsfan · 21 days ago
American Medical Association Encyclopedia Of Medicine: Coronaviruses Common Cold
This 1989 book was archived by the Internet Archive. On page 1051 it clearly states that coronaviruses cause common cold.
Charles B. Clayman (ed.) The American Medical Association Encyclopedia Of Medicine An A Z Reference Guide To Over 5, 000 Medical Terms Including Symptoms, Diseases, Drugs And Treatments.
Could this explain why studies show that sufficient levels of Vitamin D protect against COVID(coronavirus disease)-19?
Tumblr media
Vitamin D sufficiency, a serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D at least 30 ng/mL reduced risk for adverse clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19 infection.
Covid-1984 Expression of Concern: The Ministry of Truth makes sure all information available to the population of Oceania confirms with current party lines. They are also in charge of changing accounts of the past and destroying any evidence that will prove the Party false.
"After this article was published, concerns were raised about the validity of results and conclusions reported in the article and about undisclosed competing interests."
The Impact of Vitamin D Level on COVID-19 Infection: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis:
The possible role of vitamin D in infectious diseases like COVID-19 is explained by its regulatory role on acquired and innate immunity . Evidence also indicated that vitamin D might help in the treatment of COVID-19 by preventing the cytokine storm and subsequent ARDS which is commonly the cause of mortality
Vitamin D and Its Potential Benefit for the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Study suggests high vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19, especially for Black people:
(Makes total sense as pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin).
A new study that looked at 216 people with COVID-19 found that 80 percent didn't have adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood:
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xeptum · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
hope this helps🙏
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nerviovago · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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savethelastdan · 21 days ago
i doubt i’m the first or only person to say this, but...
the tik tok hand signal to clue people in that a person needs help in an intimate partner violence situation is NOT something that is widely known in all communities. It is NOT something that all healthcare providers, lawyers, violence advocates, teachers, law enforcement, whoever are officially trained to recognize. 
Just like the “call 911 with a pizza order secret code” thing that was going around, the assumption that the majority of people will pick up on it and know what it means is untrue, though well-intentioned. 
It is so, so important that if you want to support and prevent violence that you have real tools available - namely, a good sense of bystander intervention skills, safety planning skills, and a knowledge of your actual resources.  
Bystander intervention skills can be used in the moment to prevent or de-escalate violence. It can involve distracting (giving the person an excuse to leave the room/situation or taking away the abusive person’s attention so they can get help), delegating (asking for support from someone with more information or skills like a friend, teacher, security guard, advocate on a helpline, hotel manager, etc.) being direct (asking a person if they need help or telling someone to stop harassing or threatening someone) or documenting (filming an interaction or logging details/information that can be used as evidence or to support a survivor’s description of what happened). Hollaback! is a good training resource for this. 
Safety planning skills are something that violence advocates are trained in, and can be discussed individually over a hotline/textline/chatline or in-person. This process is individualized because everyone’s situation is different, but some good general questions to think about - do they have access to a car or other transportation? To their own money? Are they a minor being abused by an adult? Are they an adult, but there are children involved? Is the abuse physical, financial, emotional, sexual, all of the above? Does the abusive person have access to their phone, email, social media, etc.? Who are the safe people in their life that could help? The National Network for Domestic Violence is a good resource for this. 
Knowing your actual resources is important - you may want to think broader than police or CPS since not all forms of abuse are illegal, and not all survivors/victims want to engage with law enforcement. 
What services does your local shelter/rape crisis center offer? Are they free? Do they have a hotline/textline/chatline? is a good resource to look for what’s available in your area. 
If the situation is happening in school - do you know what your on-campus resources are?  In the US, Title IX protects a student’s right to learning without gender-based harassment; as of November 2021, supportive measures like class/dorm changes and  parking reassignments can be accessed without going through a formal reporting process. Know Your IX is a good resource for this. 
Creating a culture that can help prevent abuse is more than just learning a basic hand signal; it’s so important that you actually know what to do if/when you see someone asking for help, in whatever way they do. 
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kny111 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t Have Rent Money? Eviction-Free NY Made Available A Tool To Help You File Hardship of Declaration:
Hello fellow New Yorkers!
Are you also dealing with understandably not being able to pay rent during one of the worst crisis we’ve had to deal with? Did the landlord send an eviction notice? All of the above? This tool from Eviction-Free NY helps you, in a few simple steps that I just finished myself, have you prepared for this.
What the tool does is basically use a bit of automation to do the complex aspects of the eviction protection process through this moratoria easier to navigate through the use of this recent form. This process takes some of your contact info, and address info so they can send the form to the landlord and the courthouse at the same time for you and send a USPS tracking number. This is also amazing for any disabled New Yorkers who have difficulties accessing the physical and tangible court systems! Here’s a link to their website:
Here’s link to fill out form‘s website:
Need additional support?
Call the Housing Court Answers hotline at 212-962-4795.
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.
Available in English and Spanish.
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idkhowifeel · 28 days ago
My parents:
pay for private lessons so I can get good grades at school ✅
pay an expert to help me and prevent me from committing suicide tomorrow ❌🤬
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brooklynmuseum · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In ancient Egypt, what we call medicine was understood as a form of magic. Practicing medicinal magic honored the goddess Sakhmet, the ferocious, lion-headed protector of Egypt. Though she is often thought of as protecting Egypt from invasion, this life-size sculpture of the goddess was one of hundreds commissioned by king Amunhotep III for his funerary complex, which scholars believe were meant to thank the goddess for the ending of a plague that ravaged the region. Sakhmet was believed to be so ferocious that if her wrath was not calmed after the enemy was defeated, she may bring about the end of the world. She could be placated with offerings of beer dyed red to resemble blood as well as the flooded Nile carrying silt, suggesting renewal and rebirth.
Like today, preventing disease was the first course of action. The ancient Egyptians turned to apotropaic deities who were believed to be able to scare-off the evil and chaotic forces, including those that caused disease. A magical knife, adorned with the head of a protective leopard, and fearsome, hybrid gods—lion-headed Aha showing domination over poisonous snakes, and hippo-based Tawaret wielding a knife herself—would cut the heads off of demons. Over time, gods like Aha, and the similar Bes, were ascribed more and more traits to address more and more concerns. This seven-headed figure with four sets of wings, the tail of a falcon and a crocodile, the heads of jackals for feet, and enveloped in a ring of fire is an example of a deity so mysterious and powerful that it could guard against a variety of maladies described on this small papyrus scroll meant to be rolled up and carried around.
In the final weeks of 2020, we're taking time to find comfort, hope, and healing with artworks in the Museum's collection. 
Egyptian, Bust of the Goddess Sakhmet, ca. 1390-1352 B.C.E. Granodiorite. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. W. Benson Harer, Jr. in honor of Richard Fazzini and the excavations of the Temple of Mut in South Karnak, Mary Smith Dorward Fund and Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 1991.311. → Egyptian, Fragment of "Magic Knife," ca. 1759-after 1630 B.C.E. Frit. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Evangeline Wilbour Blashfield, Theodora Wilbour, and Victor Wilbour honoring the wishes of their mother, Charlotte Beebe Wilbour, as a memorial to their father, Charles Edwin Wilbour, 16.580.145. → Egyptian, Scene from a Magical Papyrus, 664-525 B.C.E. Papyrus, ink. Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Theodora Wilbour from the collection of her father, Charles Edwin Wilbour, 47.218.156a-d.
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zerocalorie-life · 4 months ago
Let’s make a chain of people who can be resources in those moments.
Let this post be the first thing you go to before making any decisions.
Find someone on this post.
Give it one last conversation,
allow yourself to breath,
get support,
understand you’re not alone
I am always here.
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fieriframes · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
[An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.]
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punkofsunshine · 6 months ago
Quick reminder
Collapse isn’t inevitable, it’s our duty to stop collapse if it indeed does happen. Damage control, unification, and solidarity with each other is how we get things done any other time. Why would it be any different during the climate crisis. We can’t rely upon hierarchical power structures to solve our problems for us, we have to seize them ourselves and begin damage prevention now. How you do that is up to you and those around you. Just a quick pep-talk as things are getting rather bleak everywhere.
Have a good one and stay safe babes.
This has been @punkofsunshine, aka a very infrequent poster due to working myself to death.
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