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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Week 4: Festivals and Fear

For the morning of Day 1, I’ll present these two on-theme unit type monster stat-blocks. Later in the day, I’ll drop another statblock and maybe do a little 

These are combination statblocks that let you deploy either large numbers or mixed groups of creatures coordinating closely.

Today we have the Zombie Horde and Infested Zombie, representing collectives and symbiotics, complementing our earlier preview of mounted type units.

I’ll post a lot more of these by the end of the week, but just to keep things moving, here’s another taste.

I’d love some feedback on this Unit idea- I’m honestly not super confident in it. I really like the blended statblocks for mounted units, but perhaps I should be taking another route with symbiotic and collective type units. Plenty to consider.

Tomorrow I’ll drop the Bard College of Masks- so keep an eye out for that.

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Preview del episodio 22 de Digimon Adventure

El invencible Sagittarius Azul

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Coming Soon…

Hello Simmers,

Unfortunately i wont be posting this week - I had everything ready to go besides some last minute edits and then i got some sad personal news - so sadly there wont be any post this evening.

I have however put a little sneak peak above….. who is ready for a First Lady televised White House tour?! I know i am! :)

Hopefully see you all next week! Stay Safe.

Presidential Sims

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Siento que es inmenso JAJAJA Este es otro ejemplo de perfil que estoy editando. Conseguí que uno de los colores del gradiente sean del grupo Y NO PUEDO MÁS DE LA EMOCIÓN.

Preciosas imágenes de : @lotusgraphics <33

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As soon as she heard the signal to start, Ruby started jogging towards the exit gate, unsure about whether or not to immediately start using her Quirk i-case she needed to use it later,  and ended up running out of steam too soon. Besides, if she was quick enough, she could bypass Ozpin entirely and pass the exam in just a couple of minutes.

Or maybe not.

As Ruby got closer and closer to the gate, something bright and green caught the corner of her eye. Ruby had barely any time to register what it was before it slammed into her. She was set flying backwards with a yelp. She hit the ground hard, rolling across the mossy stone. Dazed from the rough landing, it took Ruby a second to get her bearings back in order.

She shook her head as she pushed herself up. Standing before her and barring her way was Ozpin — his cane in one hand and green threads of energy winding around the figures of the other.

Pro Hero: Ozpin! His Quirk: Energy Field. Ozpin is capable of weaving together green energy from his fingertips in order to create different shapes and sizes, mostly for the use of creating barriers. He cannot have more than one field active at the same time, so he has to be careful when he’s using it!

“I might have forgotten to mention that none of the teachers will be holding back,” said Ozpin as Ruby got back on her feet. “We’re giving it our all…” she could see a glint in her teacher’s eye, “to crush you.”

Well… this might be harder than she initially thought.

Ruby grit her teeth. She was going to pass, and he wasn’t going to stop her. She let out a shout, charing towards her teacher. All she needed to do was get by him. As soon as she did, she could put all her remaining tamina into running towards the gate.

Her plan would have worked if it weren’t for Ozpin throwing another bubble in her way the moment he got close again. Ruby bounced back off of it with a yelp, tripping and landing on her back.

She got up slowly this time, the gears in her mind already at work. She didn’t want to fight Ozpin at all. Combining that wish wIth her Quirk, running to the gate was the best option. But right now, she needs to lose her opponent. Ruby turned, running deeper into the stage. Hopefully she could find another way around Ozpin—

“I’m afraid that’s not going to work!” she heard him shout. He sent threads of energy towards Ruby, the threads weaving quickly around each other as they flew past her. They formed a barrier in front of her. She hit it hard, bouncing back like a bird hitting glass as Ozpin came up behind her. Ruby groaned, rubbing her nose. She failed to notice the barrier being manipulated again. It came back towards Ozpin, hooking around Ruby’s cloak in the process. She was pulled toward her teacher before being pinned down to the ground.

Ozpin stepped up towards her.

“I must admit, you are putting up the worthwhile effort,” he said, placing the one of his extended cane on her chest. “It’s just not good enough.”

Ruby struggled, pulling and tugging on her cloak as he tried to free it beneath the barrier. She didn’t want to fight… This man was supposed to be her teacher, someone she trusted to the fullest extent. …were her classmates struggling this bad? But this was just training! It was just training… it was just…

Ozpin’s words from earlier echoed in her head. This wasn’t training at all. This was an exam. The teacher wasn’t holding back, putting her skills to the test.

The full chapter will be up on Ao3 on October 31!

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