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If the man succeeds in becoming indifferent to the opinions of his neighbors he runs into another danger, that of a distorted and extravagant self of the pride sort, since by the very process of gaining independence and immunity from the stings of depreciation and misunderstanding, he has perhaps lost that wholesome deference to some social tribunal that a man cannot dispense with and remain quite sane. - Charles Horton Cooley

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The sixth instalment of our new Drarry Anthology is up!


Pride | Trouble Letting Go

Author: @bottseveryflavorbeans
Word Count: 25,906
Rating: M

When a Succubus is on a killing spree in both Muggle and Wizarding London, Auror Harry Potter is on the case, and Auror Draco Malfoy is on the case, too, even if his partner refuses to include him. But can they take the Succubus down when faced with her Sex Magic, a spell brewed up by Potions Master Pansy Parkinson that amplifies attraction, and their own stubborn pride?

Pride — the irrational belief of one’s own excellence, superiority, or importance.

Read it now, on AO3:
(Will also be available on FFN shortly)


This week, we’ll post one fic per day for seven days, each one inspired by one of the traditional seven deadly sins — Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, and Sloth. Each story will be a stand-alone work, but together they’ll make up the anthology we call Seven Shades of Sin.

Over 7 days, we’ll give you 7 fics, 33 chapters, 105,058 words  — plus an accompanying Spotify playlist containing 7x7 songs.

Make sure to subscribe to the series on AO3 if you don’t want to miss out on any of the sinful goodness. Or, if you prefer, follow us on FFN.


We — the Seven Shades of Drarry — are seven Drarry fanfiction writers of different backgrounds, ages, and nationalities who’ve come together in a rare collaboration.
Seven different writing styles, seven different strengths, seven different weaknesses, all united in one project, working together to create unified themed collections based around the number seven. Each theme will have seven threads, each writer assigned a thread to inspire their story, and all combined to create The Seven Shades of Drarry.

The writers included in this collab are: @bottseveryflavorbeans​, @drarrelie​, @drarrymadhatterstuff​, Flutesong, @janieohio​, @jessica-doom​ and @protectnevillelongbottom​.

Read more about our new collaboration here.

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hope you all are thouroughly enjoying coronacation and i hope you are all self isolating bc i wanna see my girl so this needs to be over. some things that have happened:

  • best friend and i “tried dating” sorta but didn’t work and now we are besties again
  • i got a concussion from totaling my car in a pole (lmk if y’all want some pics of my car)
  • best friend and i downloaded dating apps for fun
  • met a girl, super sweet she’s the best
  • turned 18 in quarantine
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I’ve been following u for a while but scared to talk but now I’m falling for my best friend and it’s all fucked help

talk to them! the best thing is be honest. this happened to me with my best friend and while it was a mess at the time, we r still best friends!! u got this lmk if u need anything sending love!

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I've only recently come out as lesbian and am trying to navigate the online space around it. I'm not going to lie some the terms confuse me as I'm new to all this. Well I identified as pan for 2 years but didn't seek out stuff. What do they mean??? Do you have any advice on joining the community?

hey! advice for joining the community: be yourself! i know that sounds super cliche but you will find a community of people that like you for you. as far as what the labels mean does anyone have a good site or anything about the labels? if no one does i can post one i just need to look! u got this!! sending love

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so basically, my girlfriend dumped me and is in love with my best friend. we're all in the same friend group, and they both like eachother, and theyre not dating to be nice to me, but i feel so much hatred towards myself because of this whole thing. but they dont know that. help!

be honest with them. if you truly do not care then tell them that. this happened to me once and i lies and it did not turn out well for me and my best friend. in my opinion if you have an issue maybe try and distance yourself for a short period of time or sometimes you may care but if it isn’t that big of a deal to you let them know. tldr: tell them how you truly feel about it. lmk what’s happening i’m late af at responding sorry!

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help, i have a crush on my best friend, and like she knows im lesbian and all but shes said shes straight. what do i do???

unfortunately if she’s straight u r just going to have to feel the feelings and hope it goes away. there isn’t anything else you can do because you have to respect her and i know you don’t want to risk the friendship. if you feel like it’s necessary maybe take a small break from the friendship. i did that with my best friend for the same reason and it actually worked out and we r still best friends. lmk what’s happening i’m sorry i’m so late.

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This is what happens when I log on to L chat and try to have a normal discussion about sexuality and being open about my attraction to girls with other lesbians. All I did was say a sexual joke and I’m getting called a man and an incel lol (I am the first commented post who is defending myself) they suspect I’m a man because I said a pop star was hot. Lol

As a lesbian I’ve always felt like an outsider in our small marginalized community and this is why. It’s not men that are the problem ladies! a women’s enemy #1 is usually other women. Especially angry, self hating , jealous lesbians on the attack.

I’m tired of the L chat, it’s the only Internet discussion thread that has the thought police from 1984. Data lounge, lipstick ally and Facebook don’t get the drama wars and censorship battles this place gets. I’m out, enjoy your angry sexless lives!

- honest anon

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