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a reminder

  • Bi people don’t always have a preference
  • Bi people are attracted to ALL genders
  • Bisexuality includes trans people (all sexualities do)
  • Bisexuality is a fluid identity, it’s different for everyone
  • Bisexuality isn’t binary and never has been
  • Pansexuality isn’t better than bisexuality in anyway

I love my bi siblings

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Harry: Draco please, just get in!

Draco: No absolutely not, I refuse to even touch that muggle thing.

Harry: *sighs* Draco please. You don’t have to be scared, it’s just a car.

Draco: *gasps* How dare you assume that me, a Malfoy, would be scared of such a thing.

Draco: *Turns around dramatically and walks away.*

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Lesbian Mikan Icons (512 x 512) for anon! I hope you like them dear! Sorry it was a bit late I ended up passing out last night ;-; feel free to use with credit and likes and reblogs are appreciated! -Kaz

|Edit is mine but pictures aren’t all credit goes to original owners|

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So this has been on my mind for a while now but can we PLEASE find a word describe people so we dont accidently misgender them? I would go to the mall and see a person like “ooo i like her outfit” then my brain is like “what if its not a girl, how do you know shes not non-binary or gender neutral or…” And it just keeps going and i feel bad knowing i probably misgendered them.

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I now have an Etsy!


I sell these watercolor paintings of the testosterone structure, they are all handmade by me and 5€ per piece (+shipping)

My shop is called StuffByRian

If you’re interested please check it out! 💜

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IDK why people complain about companies changing their logo for pride

At least it’s giving some representation for the LGBTQ+ community

And it could be worse, they could be like Chick-fil-A and fund anti-lgbtq+ activity

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Rollitos en los brazos y en las piernas??

La liposucción nos permite retirar el exceso de grasa en piernas y/o brazos con un procedimiento rápido y seguro, que toma aproximadamente una hora y requiere solo tres días de reposo en casa.

Escríbenos hoy mismo y obtén un presupuesto personalizado y una valoración virtual con @doctorjuliogil

Whatsapp +573144430463 +573162522103

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