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This is the third day I’ve participated in this crafting zoom call and it’s amazing! Because the camaraderie, the encouragement, and just the company. It’s such an uplifting group and it’s great to be in and because of what I’ve been doing the past few days, I’ve been stitching so much more and I’m having fun and I don’t even care if the house is a mess.

Although, I should probably finish laundry. But I’m waiting until my headache goes away. If I move too much my head hurts so I’m just going to sit and stitch while my kid paints.

I’m not going to lie, my headache has gone away 30 minutes ago but I don’t feel like doing anything else.

I stitched four penises so technically I can cut them out now and attempt to stitch and assemble some earrings!

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Pride month is just around the corner, so guess what that means!

Supportive people!

This June, I’m going to try and give you a pride mermaid everyday!

See you in a few days!

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I hate having to say stuff like this but…

Pride month is about to begin and with the joy and happiness that it brings, it also brings an influx of threats towards our community.

Please be extra cautious on social media (tumblr, twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.), and don’t open any dms from people you don’t know, especially on sites where you have your sexuality labeled clearly on your profile.

If at any point in June you attend pride events (even your small get togethers in public), always stay in pairs and be aware of your surroundings.

Remember that you are valid and loved. Celebrate safely and proudly. Have a wonderful pride month!

Also! Exclusionists can back the hecc up from this post because that’s not what we’re about.

Love you!

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List of Pride prompts for RustyQuill. They have such great representation in their podcasts and fight for Trans rights and other worthy causes. They are an awesome company and deserve recognition. This is 100% fanmade and just for fun. Please RT and participate if you can!

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I dont know why… but apparently some people don’t like the term “Queer” but when you’re at a stage in your life where none of the traditional labels fit but you KNOW you are not straight then it seems like the right word to use???

Like in my case, I am a woman and I know I am attracted to other women. I’ve had thoughts for as long as I can remember that I wish I had been born a guy, because I didnt understand why I felt the way I did and thought there was some kind of mistake. I have identified as Bisexual for a long time, but am now considering whether I am actually a Lesbian who has been repressed by comp-het!? Or maybe I am Pansexual since I don’t see why I couldn’t love someone non-binary or trans too? So why is it so important that I find one label and stick to it? How can I know for sure? I don’t want to identify as something and limit myself if I later find out that my sexuality is more flexible than what I initially chose!

TL;DR: sexuality is fluid and labels are dumb. I like “Queer” because I feel it covers all kinds of things and people can make whatever assumptions they want as long as they recognize that I am a member of the LGBT community. Love is love and I dont care how you identify, just be yourself!

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