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kat-doesnt-like-you-rn · a day ago
In honor of Pride next month, can we all try to get #fuck disney trending? They have fucked over LGBTQ creators far too many times for us to give them any credit for queer representation. Take The Owl House, for instance. It's the best example of queer rep I've seen yet. The main character is bi and has a lesbian love interest, and they have a whole romance. There's gay couple after gay couple. There's a non-binary character whose pronouns are respected by everyone. An aroace character. The whole thing is normalized. And you know what disney did? They tried to shut it down halfway through the second season. Dana Terrace and the crew had to fight way too hard to finish season two, and even then, disney wouldn't allow a full third season. We're lucky we get the shortened season 3. Disney has disrespected and fucked over Dana and the crew, and now, they're going to turn right around and parade how this show means they're allies to the LGBTQ+ community and how "There's room for everyone under the rainbow!" It's an insult. So, in honor of Pride Month, don't support disney. Unsubcribe from whatever subscriptions you may have. Pirate as many of their things as you can. Don't buy their official merchandise, buy from small creators on Etsy. And whenever you make a post even slightly relating to disney, add the tag #fuck disney. Or #fuck the mouse, #fuck disney execs, #fuck Bob Chapek. And not just on tumblr- do it on any and every site you can. Twitter, tik tok, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, everywhere. Share the tag and the reasoning with your friends, family, whatever. Spread the word. Happy early Pride.
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nwarrior777 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Characters from my film "LoveLoveLove"! Premiere on June 1th!
You can watch teaser here!
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draguar144 · 2 days ago
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Did this for a pride month discord banner contest. I tried to fit as many goddamn flags on there as possible lmao
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thundergrace · 19 hours ago
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"Are you gay? Are you a Black? More importantly, do you love ice cream? Of course you do! Bring your gay Black ass on down to Walmart and prove it!"
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typhlonectes · a day ago
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devondraws · 2 days ago
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Hey yall long time no post !
We are reopening our etsy shop on June 1st! And that is the start of Pride Month! So for that I did 20+ Webkinz inspired doodles of some kinz holding flags and these stickers+ the print design will be up for buy soon :]!! Please, no flag discourse on my page. More info to come!
These are not official merch and i do not own webkinz. Webkinz is owned by Ganz
Flags i used are:
Lesbian, gay, bi, pan, trans, nonbinary, progress flag, intersex, transmasc, transfem, neptunic, uranic, genderqueer, queer, genderfluid, unlabeled, omni, bigender, demigirl, demiboy, ace, aro, and agender
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terfclairenovak · 6 hours ago
same sex attraction is
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klndergarten2002 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
happy pride month to the blue’s clues pride parade video that dropped last year and especially to the beaver in the video with top surgery scars
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polyamorouspunk · 10 hours ago
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Went to the local spiritual shop last week and went to their LGBTQ+ section to grab myself some pronoun pins and found some great books to check out:
How To Be Ace: A Memoir Of Growing Up Ace by Rebecca Burgess
Polysecure by Fern
Queercore by Liam Warfield, Walter Crasshole, Yony Leyser
You and Your Gender Identity by Hoffman-Fox
Queer Folk Tales: A Book Of LGBTQ+ Stories by Kevin Walker
The ABCs of LGBT+ by Ashley Mardell
How to Understand Your Gender by Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker
The Gender Creative Child by Ehrensaft
Genderqueer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe
Queer: A Graphic History by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele
Gender: A Graphic Guide by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele
Gender Identity by Cook
Be Gay Do Comics by IDW
Transgender Healthy by Ben Vincent
Seeing Gender by ??
The Reflective Workbook for Parents and Families of Transgender and Non-Binary Children by ??
The New Queer Conscious by Adam Eli
This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids by Owens-Reid and Russo
The Trans Self-Care Workbook by Theo Nicole Loreny
The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids by Storck
Queer Heroes by Arabelle Sicardi, Sarah Tanat, and Jones
The Stonewall Riots: Cominc Out in the Streets by Gayle E. Pitman
The Gay Agenda by Ashley Molessa and Choss Needham
What’s Your Pronoun: Beyond He and She by Dennis Baron
Pride: A Celebration in Quotes by ??
The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper
The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Families and Professionals by Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney
Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax (M.D. , P.H.D.)
The A-Z Of Gender And Sexuality by Morgan Lev Edward Holleb
Trans Voices by Declan Harry
The Trans Partner Handbook by Jo Green
Yes, You Are Trans Enough by Mia Violet
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antisrterrible · 2 days ago
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sadpinkunicornart · 2 days ago
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Pride Month piece!
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xarichii · 3 hours ago
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For this years Pride I've decided to make a Picrew so you can make your own little star wars pride icon!!
If you decide to use it and want to post it here please reblog and feel free to tag me <3
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butyoutoldmeiwasfunny · a day ago
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tinyleavesdream · 2 days ago
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Another pride pal! You can find the others over on this post!
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merlinfucks · 2 days ago
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Now Introducing:
The LGBTQIA+ Media club!
What is it?
A discord server for people ages 15+ who are looking to amplify LGBTQIA+ media or simply looking to include more LGBTQIA+ stories in their media diet. You will find channels for movies, books, tv shows, video games, anime, manga, and miscellaneous media. Who is it for? Anyone! As long as you are 15+ and enjoy LGBTQIA+ media, you are welcome to join. How do you define LGBTQIA+ media? Great question! I would describe it as any media either created by an LGBTQIA+ member, or that features characters and themes that are LGBTQIA+. How do I join? You simply click the link below, read and agree to all of the server rules, and then you’ve joined! You will now be able to interact with other people who are passionate about LGBTQIA+ stories being told in media.  Join by clicking here
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pridewrite · 2 days ago
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prompts rules tagging guidelines tumblr instagram ao3 meet the team faq
(alt text attached to image)
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enbeemagical · 16 hours ago
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[ID: the progress pride flag sideways (the triangular stripes are pointing downwards) with a small picture of a dark-skinned person in the middle. The person has pale blue curly hair with pink tips. They are smiling and have both hands up by their face with the middle fingers extended. Above them are block letters in all caps reading "not gay as in happy". Below, in cursive, is "but Queer as in Fuck You". /end ID]
(hey it's my birthday today mind dropping a reblog?)
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lartsnart · 11 months ago
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I got a breast reduction lol
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lostinpubwe · 11 months ago
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mitskilesbians · 9 months ago
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this is basically what coming out is
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