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#pride month 🏳️‍🌈
oddshine · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Last minute drawing for Disability Pride Month! Max has dyslexia and you can pull that out of my cold dead hands 😤
you can also check out my dyslexic Max fanfic
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cscclibrary · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Horizontal rectangular graphic. The background is the disability pride flag: blue, yellow, white, red, and green parallel jagged stripes on a black background. A transparent white rectangle in the center contains black text: “Disability Pride Month / A resource list from the Columbus State Library /”.]
July is Disability Pride Month! What is Disability Pride? The National Council on Independent Living describes it as “the idea that people with disabilities should be proud of their disabled identity. …Disability pride focuses on the social model of disability. The disability community views the social model as more positive than the medical model, which is often used to subdue and/or place the individual in a less-empowered role.” [Source: “Disability Pride Toolkit and Resource Guide”] The Library has an extensive collection of items relating to disability, from history to social aspects to medical interventions, but this particular resource list focuses primarily on disability rights and activism.
Resource lists from the Columbus State Library can jump-start your research by suggesting useful databases, search terms, and items from our collection. Our databases and collection items are available exclusively to current Columbus State students and employees; authentication is required for access.
Web Resources:
“Disability Pride Toolkit and Resource Guide,” National Council on Independent Living
“DISABILITY AWARENESS SERIES: Come Out Disabled and Proud, Even If You Have a Non-Stereotypical Disability,” Kathleen Bogart
“Disability Pride: Definition and Awareness Information,” Disabled World
Relevant Guides: Autism, Addiction Studies and Developmental Disabilities
Related Resource List: Deaf History Month
Overview and Pro/Con articles: “Disability Rights: Should the government specifically mandate rights for people with disabilities?” via Issues & Controversies; “Special Education: Can it be reshaped to fulfill its original promise?” via CQ Researcher.
Suggested databases: SocINDEX with Full Text, Sociological Collection, Legal Collection
Suggested search terms: disability activism, disability rights, disability pride, disability justice, mad pride
Sample database search: Search for “disability rights” in SocINDEX, Sociology Collection, and Legal Collection simultaneously.
Collection Items:
What We Have Done: An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement
The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confrontation [OhioLINK, print]
Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice
Skin, Tooth, And Bone: The Basis of Movement Is Our People: A Disability Justice Primer [OhioLINK, print]
Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies [OhioLINK, print]
Allies and Obstacles: Disability Activism and Parents of Children with Disabilities [OhioLINK, print]
The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism [OhioLINK, print]
Enabling Acts: The Hidden Story of how the Americans With Disabilities Act Gave the Largest US Minority Its Rights [OhioLINK, print]
Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist [OhioLINK, print]
Deaf President Now!: The 1988 revolution at Gallaudet University [ebook]
About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times [OhioLINK, print]
The Disability Studies Reader
Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach
Disability as Diversity: A Guidebook for Inclusion in Medicine, Nursing, and the Health Professions
Disability as Diversity: A Case Studies Companion Guide
Not sure where to start? Our Research Process guide breaks the process up into bite-size tasks.
Need research help or have a question about Library services? Current Columbus State students and employees can contact us via chat on our website, as well as by phone or email.
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kreapex · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drew this for pride of me and a few OCs last month! :> I might add more to this in the future. I just picked my DnD characters plus Wheatley Tibenotch lol
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extrakyloren · 21 hours ago
imagine if this website gave a fuck about disabled people…imagine if disability pride month hadn’t been completely ignored…imagine if tumblr made it a trending topic for the month…the dream
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hey there! i had a fic request (no pressure, ofc) in honor of disability pride month for a cubs fic where leo or finn has anxiety or adhd? if you don't feel comfortable writing it pls don't but if you do i think your take would be really interesting (if you have any other disability you want to write about take this as blanket inspiration to do so!)
Okay so YES I love this, thank you!
TW: for mental illnesses / disability talk before we go any further.
SO I actually head canon Leo with anxiety and maybe an eating disorder, Logan with some depression, and Finn with ADHD. It’s also kinda cannon that Finn hates clothes and I hc him with maybe some sensory issues? Is it me projecting? Maybe. That being said, this is written from my own experiences and does not mean that’s how it is for everyone. But I do love the representation and please please PLEASE be careful reading if this hits too close to home.
Okay, as I partially reread this to proof it (and did so terribly, sorry lol) I think I wrote something spookily similar not terribly long ago… aaaaannd yep, I just looked but it was about Sirius. Bad Habits Die Hard linked here in case you’re in the mood for more angst with a bit of comforting floof. And ope wait, there’s another with Leo hiding he’s sick here. Looks like I have a thing for sad writing, but I find it cathartic.
Also, I’m sorry this took forever! I was so happy about the prompt but I wanted to get it right so this took several writing sessions and I’m still not 100% on it and it ended abruptly but eh oh well, I wanted to get this out before the end of Disability Pride Month!
Leo was having a rough go of it; his boys could tell. He always seemed on edge lately and wasn’t eating much. All Leo ate was the same three things, cereal, pizza, and pasta. Not meat, nothing he had never tried before, and anything crunchy and snacky offered to him was met with a solid “No”.
Every time his boys asked, he said he was fine, and they weren’t sure how to help him or what even was wrong. It was starting to create some tension between the three. His boys only wanted to help him and Leo kept shutting them out.
This morning Leo defaulted to his bowl of Cheerios after hardly having anything for dinner. Of course, his boys had noticed he was off and tried to bring it up with him while they were getting ready for practice.
“Hey, Le?” Finn asked tentatively.
“Hmm?” Leo responded, busy pulling a hoodie over his faded Lions tee.
“Are you, uh… sure you’re up for practice? Today?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“You…” Logan jumped into the conversation, “You just seem a little… off, is all.” He said, coming up behind his younger boyfriend, trying to wrap his arms around Leo’s waist.
Leo only shrugged him off, moving to sit on their bed to but his socks on. “I’, fine. Just a bit tired, I guess.” He sounded a bit irritated.
“Not sleeping well?” Finn offered, sitting down next to him, arm moving to rub Leo’s back.
Leo shot up from the bed, again avoiding his boyfriends’ touch. “Yeah. I guess. Can we go? We’ll be late.”
Finn and Logan shared a concerned look as Leo left the bedroom.
“We need to talk to him. Or… Get him to talk to us. Why won’t he talk to us, Lo?”
Logan moved to sit on the bed next to Finn and wrap him up in a hug. “I don’t know. Let’s just get though practice and see if we can talk to him tonight. Or maybe we get Cap to talk to him. He messaged me after practice yesterday asking what was Leo’s deal after he nearly walked out of practice.”
“Cap asked? What’d you tell him?” Finn asked, pulling away to sit up and take a composing breath.
“I told him Leo’s just been off, and that we’d talk to him… And that we may need his help? It’s just, we haven’t been able to get him to talk to us all week, and I, I don’t know. If he won’t talk to us, maybe Cap will know what to say to get him to open up.”
“No, I think that was a good call. If he won’t talk to us, he should talk to someone. Come on, lets get our shoes on and out the door before he decided to walk to the rink, again.”
Leo seemed to loosen up a bit at practice. He still kept ducking away from anyone trying to touch him, which everyone started to notice, and Talker even sent a raised eyebrow look to Finn and Logan, who only responded with shrugs and apologetic sad smiles.
After warm-ups, Coach split everyone up into two teams for a scrimmage game. Leo ended up on Logan’s team, along with Cap. Leo was in goal for all of ten minutes and had already let in three goals.
“Nutty, get your head in the game. Or, ya know, keep letting me score, I’m good with that.” Talker joked, after scoring again, skating away backwards towards Finn near center ice. Leo stood up from his goal, pulling his helmet off. He started to turn around to get a drink from his water bottle and wobbled on his skates a little.
“Leo? You alright man?” Talker asked.
“Yeah,” Leo said, closing his eyes and turning back around, still looking a little unsure on his skates, “I’m… fine-” Leo whispered out as he seemed to get really dizzy, then collapsed in front of his goal.
His boys were there in no time, sitting him up and trying to hand him his water bottle, telling him to drink, and breath.
Cap skated over, taking a knee by them as the rest of the team gave them some space.
“Alright, Nut, what’s going on. First yesterday and now this.”
“He just hasn’t been sleeping-” Finn tried to explain but was cut off by Sirius.
“No, Finn. I asked him. What’s the matter? Don’t think this entire team hasn’t noticed you being off all week, and then you go and collapse? Non. That’s not okay, Leo. I know I don’t have the authority to bench you, but I think Coach would back me up on this. Get it together. I don’t care if you need to sleep for two days straight, or get laid, eat cake, or talk to Heather. Talk to your boys, they care and I can see you’re icing them out. Just… I don’t mean to scold you, Nut, but you haven’t been you lately and we need you on the ice at a hundred percent for the Habs game next week, yeah?”
Despite the light scolding, Sirius’ eyes were incredibly patient and caring. He gave Leo a few pats on the shoulder as he got up.
“Why don’t you guys get him off the ice for the day.” Sirius said, skating back to the team, no doubt telling them something to the effect of, he’s fine, just didn’t sleep well, because Cap was nothing if not one to keep the drama out of it.
Leo’s boys helped him back to the locker room in silence. Once the heavy door fell shut behind them, Leo broke down crying.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I just can’t. I’m sorry.” Leo wheezed out between sobs.
Finn and Logan helped guide him to the floor and sat on either side of him.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, Peanut.” Finn soothed him, brushing the hair out of his face. “Just… trust us. What’s going on with you, Le?”
“I…” Leo gasped out. His boys just held him. Eventually, his sobs subsided and the moved to get in a quick shower before heading home. Leo stayed under the hot spray by himself after his boys left to get dressed. He just needed some time to himself to collect his thoughts and figure out how to explain everything he was feeling… and he was feeling a lot.
Leo left the warm embrace of the steamy shower to get dressed slowly, in minimal clothing. Basketball shorts, sans boxers, and a muscle tank. He just… couldn’t handle the feeling of clothes, they all just seemed too itchy.
Sure, he was a little cold for the ride home but as soon as they got into the apartment, Leo found their softest throw banket and wrapped himself up and tucked himself in the corner of their sectional.
“Cold, Peanut?” Logan laughed, as he moved to sit next to his younger boyfriend and open his arms in an invitation to cuddle.
Leo leaned into him as Finn brought some water bottles from the kitchen. “So, what do we want for dinner?”
“Pasta.” Leo mumbled into Logan’s shoulder.
“Again? You sure, Le?” Finn asked, settling down on Logan’s other side.
“Can’t eat anything else.” Leo continued to mumble his responses into Logan’s shoulder.
“Why is that, sweetheart?” Finn asked, voice soft.
He was being incredibly patient, and Leo couldn’t stand it. He stood up suddenly, blanket still draped around his shoulders, and started pacing in front of his boys.
“Why? You’re not even going to fight me on this? Aren’t you sick of it? Of me? Cause I’m sick of it! Sick of all my clothes being just this side of too stiff and itchy, the texture of food being off-putting, and always alwaysworrying about everything and feeling too much and like everything around he in drowning me and I can’t breathe. I…” Leo stopped pacing and sank to his knees on the floor, crying now. “I… it’s all overwhelming and I don’t know what to do to make it stop.”
“Oh Nutty, baby.” Finn moved to kneel by the younger boy. “Hey, it’s alright. The weight of the world is not on your shoulders. I know it seems like it is, but it isn’t.”
“B- But-” Leo tried to stuttered out.
Logan moved to join them on the floor. “Non, mon amour, no buts. It’s not on you.”
“There’s just,” Leo hiccupped, “Just a lot. Hockey and you guys, and my ma and dad back home, and I just miss them. And there’s all this pressure to be good and I just don’t know how to haddle it all right now.”
“Hey, shh, can I hold you?” Finn offered his arms.
“Please.” Leo said, falling into Finn’s arms.
Logan moved to wrap them both up in a hug, where they stayed for a few quiet minutes.
Eventually, Leo just whispered, “I don’t know what to do.”
“That’s okay, sweetheart. We’ll help you.” Finn whispered back. “And I think we should start with Lo giving you cuddles on the couch, it’ll be much more comfy than the floor, and I’ll make pasta. AND before you give me any lip, I am at least capable of boiling water, sir, thank you very much.:
That seemed to startle a chuckle out of Leo and he nodded. The two younger boys moved to curl up together on the couch as Finn went to the kitchen to start dinner.
After they had eaten and gotten ready for the night, the three boys got into bed, Leo claiming Logan’s coveted middle spot. They settled in, limbs tangled, and breathing in tandem until they were nearly asleep.
“I think…” Leo whispered. “I think I should do what Sirius said.”
“Which one? Get laid? Because that can be arranged.” Finn joked.
“I mean, that too. But I mean I think I should talk to Heather. Maybe she could help. I don’t know.”
“You know we’ll support you, Le.” Logan piped up. “Whatever we can do. And… I mean I saw her my first year with the team. I still think I should go again but, I don’t know. I… Didn’t want you guys to think that it wasn’t something you could help with, because you do help, more than you know, but… I don’t know. I’m just tired.”
“Lo’s right we’re here for you. We’re a team, yeah?”
The other two nodded in agreement and curled up for the night, surrounded by each other and knowing that whatever struggles tomorrow brought, they would face them together.
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newhologram · 11 hours ago
What’s in your disability clown car? ♿️🥄
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sickcritter · 26 days ago
Though the jokes that "since gay pride month is over, july is now gay wrath month" are funny and all, it's important to remember that July is ACTUALLY Disability Pride Month and y'all should really be focused on boosting disabled voices and issues this month! For instance, the fact that marriage equality doesn't actually truly exist in the United States for disabled people, or the fact that disabled people are forced to live in poverty or lose their disability benefits, or the fact that 1 in 5 people with chronic pain end up sufferring from alcoholism or other addictions, or how accessibility is still a daily battle for all of us, or how there are active hate groups on places like reddit who try to "call out" those they see as "faking" their disabilities.
This July, boost disabled voices. Talk about the issues that our community faces. Call out ableism.
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lgballt · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Are you sad that June is over and you don't have a pride month anymore? Fear not, friends! There's a different pride month just beginning! lgballt
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hannimatior · 27 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the other day I saw a tweet where someone asked why pride flags only had colors instead of featuring flames, explosions, and dinosaurs and my brain thought, you know. that seems exactly like the kind of flag they might have on the boiling isles
Tumblr media
also please appreciate my flag it’s so small in the comic I spent longer making it than I did drawing the panels
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mayhematician · 22 days ago
I think a lot of abled people get confused about ableism because they fail to recognize how diverse a category disability is. There are so many kinds of disabilities - intellectual, sensory, motor, chronic illness, neurodivergence, limb differences, to name a few - and people in these categories will have different needs.
Which is why you often end up with disability advocates saying seemingly "contradictory" things. One group may be advocating for more support while another wants increased independence. People with a terminal illness will fight for a cure and more research whereas some ND/sensory disabilities want to stop having their experience medicalized, and so on. The kinds of ableism that people experience will also vary for that reason.
And having one kind of disability doesn't make you an expert on all of them! Which is why it's important to have diverse disability rep within organizations and groups. I've encountered organizations in the past that claim to be accessible/disability friendly because they have one disabled person on their board, only to find them woefully unequipped to deal with my very different disabilities.
This disability pride month I really encourage abled "allies" to examine the ways they try to flatten disability into a monolith and to make an effort to listen to and uplift diverse disabled voices.
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tastefullyoffensive · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
...until next year
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prideknights · 26 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fickes · 20 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the best time to grieve is when it spites the people who tell you not to
[ID: a 4-panel comic in medieval manuscript style of a person in blue sitting on a basket. /In 1 a person off-panel says: "What are you doing over there?" /2: That person comes on panel wearing yellow and helps Blue hold down the basket. Blue: "Trying to push down my grief about my illness" Yellow: "Have you tried platitudes?" /3: Blue yells at the basket: "'It could be worse!'" /4: A dragon pushes up the lid of the basket to yell: "It could be better" /end ID]
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