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#primary care podcast
voiceless-terror · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
MAG041- Too Deep
Archivist: I am no closer to determining what is lurking down there than I was when I started. If anything I have more questions. Why point me downwards, only to then demand I run back? Was it some sort of trap? A test? I don’t know,  but right now, finding whatever secrets might be lurking in those tunnels is my primary concern. 
End recording.
Archivist: Supplemental.
I don’t care about the tunnels, or the secrets they might hide.
The first supplemental we ever got. I’ve re-listened to this podcast many times and it still manages to delight me. The comedic timing, the tone, the energy. Jon may not be a great liar but honestly he SELLS that ‘I only care about the tunnels’ line. Born thespian, I tell you. If he added that dramatic and intense flair to every lie he attempted to tell, I think he would’ve gotten away with a lot more.
Jon, throwing open the door to his office: Martin, I’ve impaled myself with a bread knife and require your assistance.
Martin: That doesn’t sound plausible. 
Jon: Martin, I’m riddled with worm holes. I’ve been wandering the tunnels under the Institute for a month on a bad leg. You had to give me a jar of ashes to calm me down and I’m currently using it as a paperweight. I’ve been treating my body with reckless abandon and will probably continue to do so. Tell me, then, is it so much of a stretch to believe I stabbed myself while trying to make a sandwich?
Martin: Well, when you put it that way...
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Dean Winchester x Jeremy Bradshaw ??
Idk if you are asking re my post the other day about Angels or just generally, but just to be transparent Dean's OTP in Angels is Cas and I will not be permitting outsiders.
however, for purposes of um, brainstorming - for you know Science, I mean 10/10 Dean would find Professor Jeremy Bradshaw attractive. Dean THEEEE king of having a thing for authority figures Winchester? Dean 'I like men in uniform,' Dean 'I like doctors' Winchester? And snarky, I'm Always Right Professor Jeremy Bradshaw? (Also I mean. it goes without saying He Is Dean's Type ;)).
Yeah our boy would be A Whole Mess over this man.
However, I'm not entirely certain how Professor Bradshaw would feel about Dean. I can, however imagine the conversation that would ensue...and I wrote it down for you, nonnie - under the cut!
Dean's having a really long day, and it's only 9:00 a.m.
Yeah, he got his four hours last night, but still - hauling ass to school of all places this early in the morning - well, cracking the books at the first sign of the sun's never been one of Dean's favorite things.
But the mysterious disappearances in the Bridgewater Triangle are all over the papers - and according to the Lore (which now apparently comes in the medium of podcast), this isn't the first occurrence of paranormal activity in the area.
So here they are.
Sam's gone to nerd heaven in the university library, leaving Dean stuck talking to their primary witness.
Who happens to be - a professor of fucking folklore? What are the odds?
Dean waits for the stream of students pouring from the open door of the classroom to peter out before he slides inside. The man he's seeking out is still lingering in front of the rows of uncomfortable looking chairs. They're the kind with seats that stick straight up to the ceiling when a posterior isn't weighing them down.
"Jer- um, Professor?" Dean's not sure why he's hesitating, but something about leading with 'Jeremy' seems entirely too familiar for someone he's just met.
Especially when that someone is standing in front of him at a podium of all things, looking like an intriguing mixed bag of business casual blazer and rumpled button down shirt, dark swoops of hair grazing the sides of his face, still messy - as if he couldn't possibly bother with brushing it this morning.
Dean's never been to college but he's starting to think he understands why Sammy won't shut up about his 'time at Stanford.'
The professor is looking at him oddly.
Dean realizes he's literally stopped speaking and they're just standing in the middle of the classroom in stone silence. "Erhm. Dean Winchester. Aquarius," Dean blurts out, feeling a little unhinged.
He suddenly realizes he's given this man his real name as opposed to this week's FBI alias, and now he's going to have to explain why he's here in a suit and quickly-growing-more-uncomfortable tie.
Maybe not though, because the expression staring back at Dean is the epitome of 'I could care less.'
"Jeremy Bradshaw," he says in a melodic timbre, and yeah maybe Dean could sit through a lecture if this dude gave it.
"I don't really subscribe to the idea of the zodiac, so I hope you don't mind if I don't share my birth chart with you," Professor Bradshaw continues. There's a snarky little bite to his syllables that pricks the back of Dean's neck in a funny way. "Pray tell, what can I assist you with other than directions to the astrology department?"
Dean's not sure what he was expecting (maybe some mild mannered dude, dorkier than even Cas?), but it certainly wasn't all...this.
He clears his throat. "My brother Sam and I, we uh. We hunt monsters!"
What is happening to him? Maybe the supernatural creature they're hunting is the professor himself.
Potentially-Monster-of-the-Week-slash-Professor Sexy Bradshaw seems equally confused by Dean's demeanor.
"Monsters aren't real," he says almost gently - the equivalent of a 'there, there' to a recalcitrant child who's inquiring about a candy bar in the grocery checkout line. "Trust me, folklore is my primary field of study."
"Um," Dean continues, feeling suddenly very much like he's shown up for a final exam entirely unprepared. "Well, actually - they are."
This is going great.
Professor Bradshaw frowns a little, and Dean can see by the press of his lips he's starting to lose patience with him. "Mr. Winchester, was it? Listen, I've dealt with enough people who believe the things you do to know minds can't often be changed, but I can genuinely tell you that there's an explanation for anything you may be ascribing to the...paranormal."
He takes the wire-rimmed glasses from his nose, simultaneously pulling a handkerchief out of the pocket of his slacks, and wipes the lenses carefully.
Dean watches his movements like he's in a fever dream.
Dude's gotta be a siren or something.
Professor Bradshaw slides the spectacles back on and purses his lips with a sigh. "If you like, however - I'm always happy to discuss the supernatural in terms of academia. I have the background."
Great. The last thing Dean 'GED and a give-em-hell attitude' Winchester needs right now is to discuss his actual godforsaken job in terms of...academia.
After a moment of collecting himself, Dean decides to go with:
"What is your background, exactly?"
Maybe there's a back door approach here.
He slams down on the next incoming thought prompted by his use of this particular terminology with particularly intense vehemence. If the professor sees Dean squirming, he doesn't comment, replying instead:
"I happen to have a PhD in - "
Dean doesn't even let him finish the sentence. "A PhD? Like a doctorate?"
Professor Bradshaw nods, increasing irritation tensing the lines of his jaw. The toe of his extremely sensible Oxford shoe is starting to tap a little beat on the faded hardwood of the classroom floor.
Dean knows it's not the same as a medical doctorate.
He's aware.
But that doesn't stop him from picturing Doctor-Monster-Professor-Bradshaw sporting a white jacket and scrubs, with a dangling stethoscope replacing the bowtie that's currently perched on his neck.
Professor Bradshaw's eyes are blinking at Dean. They're full of confusion.
He suddenly notices that they are also very, very, very blue.
Yeah - Dean's gonna have a really long day.
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crossdreamers · 9 months ago
Iceland’s Parliament Passes Bills Protecting Intersex and Transgender People
Tumblr media
While European countries like Poland and Hungary become increasingly homophobic and transphobic, others go in the exact opposite direction, increasing the protection of LGBTQIA people.
 The Norwegian parliament recently decided to protect transgender people against hate crimes. 
All the parties of the Icelandic parliament (with the exception of the right wing Center Party)  support the introduction of three new laws, submitted by the Prime Minister’s office, which will help protect intersex children and secure the rights of trans children and adults.
Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir (photo below) has argued that Iceland needs to grant children born with atypical sex characteristics control over their own bodies. She has previously said that “queer issues are close to her heart.”
Tumblr media
Reykjavik Grapevine reports:
The first bill specifically concerns intersex children. If passed, this bill would grant children born with atypical sex characteristics freedom from non-consensual and medically unnecessary surgery on their genitalia. Instead, these children would be granted the choice to determine for themselves whether or not they want such surgery, with full access to Iceland’s health care system. The second bill makes a number of edits to the gender determination act so as to use more gender inclusive language. The third bill lowers the age at which an Icelander can change their legally registered gender from 18 to 15.
According to RUV the second and the third bills were passed by Parliament yesterday.  This means that transgender kids at the age of 15 can decide on their legal language by themselves. Younger kids need the consent of their parent of primary caregiver.
The third bill opens up for a “neutral” gender designation in public records.
If I understand the RUV report correctly, the first law, the one on the rights of intersex children, was also accepted, although I am not 100% sure whether it has been put into law yet (as my Icelandic is a bit rusty). If not, it is only a matter of time.
The photo  at the  top of this article is of Snædís Yrja She was the first woman on the cover of the Icelandic women’s magazine Vikan  this summer.  Iceland is definitely moving in the right direction and can serve as an example for other countries.
Photos of Snædís Yrja by Unnur Magna for Vikan magazine.
Podcast episode on transgender youth in Iceland (in English).
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oakleaf--bearer · a month ago
Care to elaborate about Zolf having ADHD? I'm curious about how it manifests in someone so stoic.
adhd isn't just hyperactivity. that's one of the most common and easily visable traits, but there's so much more to it than that.
my primary reason for saying that zolf has adhd is his rsd (rejection sensitive dysphoria), where he struggles with the perception that he has disappointed or let down other people. rsd isn't exclusive to adhd, but it is very common
he also struggles in social situations (-1 charisma for the win) but he has a whole lot of empathy. he can be restless and impatient, and he has a lot of mood swings and a quick temper. he occasionally speaks over other party members, and he takes risks without a regard for his own safety. combining adhd with depression is an absolute bitch, and you can see that in paris and japan where he completely shuts down and takes the blame
he can be hyperactive tho! when he's telling azu about the campbells he has to stop himself from spoiling them bc he gets so excited. he hyperfixates on campbell novels and when given the opportunity he will just go off. i would listen to an entire podcast of zolf infodumping about campbell books
obviously, ben isn't playing zolf to have adhd, but as someone with adhd and rsd i'm just identifying things i recognise in my own traits. it's all subjective and someone else might not see it the same way or recognise their adhd in him, but for me i definitely think it's there.
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nyctolovian · 5 months ago
Summary: Where Jon and Martin get to grow old together and live out the rest of their lives in a village. Told from the POV of a 7-year-old girl, Trish, who just moved in next door.
Written in preparation for the emotional trainwreck that would be the finale of TMA :”)
Trish peeked out from behind the bushes to look at the cottage. She was new in the neighbourhood, but she had already heard all sorts of stories about it from the other kids she played with. There was a ghost in there, or a wizard, and anyone who stepped foot into its boundaries would be cursed and get kidnapped by a giant clown with claws for hands. 
If you asked Trish, she’d tell you she didn’t believe in stupid fairytales and ghost stories like this. While the other kids still believed in Santa Claus, she already knew that it was just her parents sneaking treats into her Christmas socks. There was no way there was some sort of cursed monster living at the bottom of the hill.
Still, as she stood outside it’s fences, wiping her sweaty palms against her skirt, she gulped nervously. The way the other kids acted as they told her to get the ball because “you were the one who kicked it there!” still scared her. What if there was a bad guy in the house? She was only seven! What could she do?
She ran through several possible scenarios. She’d run. If she couldn’t, she’d kick the bad guy as hard as she could; her aunt had always said she had a good kick. If not, she’ll bite as hard as she can. Or she could–
“Excuse me. What are you doing in front of my house?” came a low voice.
Trish leapt backwards in fright with a squeak. 
Standing behind her was an old man with a stubble in a long yellow dress (woman?), carrying several bags of groceries on her left arm. With her other hand, she wielded a cane. There were pale scars all over her dark skin and Trish wondered if this old lady might have been a pirate. Her dark eyes seemed to stare into Trish's soul as her lips were set in a downwards curl. Her eyebrows were thick and tightly knitted in a permanent-looking scowl. She reminded Trish of Mdm Taylor from school, except older and grumpier.
"I… Uh, I…" Trish shifted from foot to foot, her palms growing even sweatier. "I… My ball…" She pointed towards the ball in the lawn. 
The woman with the beard followed her gaze to the bright pink ball beside the front door. "Ah," she said, sighing loudly. She walked to the front gate.
With her hands full, she had to fumble with the latch for a good minute before pushing the gate open. "There we are," she said. "Get your ball."
Trish blinked. It was that easy? 
She ran past the lady with the beard and picked up her ball. She hugged it close to her chest and looked back up at the old lady, half-expecting her to declare that there was a price for taking the ball back, or that she was trapped here forever. 
However, instead the old lady just hobbled through the gate. Some of her grocery bags got caught between the gate and she let out a groan. Trish's eyes darted between the old lady and the bags before she placed her ball back down, stepped forward and took some of the groceries from the lady with the beard. 
"Oh, um," she said. "Thank you."
"It's okay," Trish replied, lifting the bags and walking towards the front door of the cottage. "I help my Ma take the groceries all the time."
The lady with the beard followed after and reached into the pockets of her dress (which were very deep pockets, Trish enviously noticed). As soon as she unlocked the door, Trish lugged the grocery bags into the house. 
It was a clean house, and it smelled a lot like her Gramma's house. Old people smell, she reckoned. 
"Where's your kitchen?" 
"Over here."
Trish followed after her into the kitchen and she placed the groceries down where she was told. 
"What's your name?" the old lady asked.
Trish froze. Her mother told her not to trust strangers and not to tell strangers her name. But perhaps she had already broken some of the rules since she just walked into a stranger's house. But she wasn't kidnapped yet so it was probably safe.
"I'm Trish."
"Ah, thank you so much, Trish. You have been of tremendous help." The lady with the beard began to pack her groceries away. "Usually, my husband would help me with all this."
"What happened to your husband?"
"He's in the hospital."
Trish gasped.
"He's going to be fine. Don't worry. It's just his knee. He'll be back in a week."
"Phew!" Trish dragged her hand across her forehead. "That's good. What's your name by the way?"
"Oh. My name's Jon."
"Jon?!" Trish shouted. "But that's a boy's name!"
The old lady looked confused. "I… yes? It is a masculine name, I suppose?"
"Are you a boy?"
Jon's eyes widened. "I see. Well… I'm neither a boy or a girl. But I am a he. As in, um, for example, 'his name is Jon and he likes eating peaches.'" 
"How are you both not a boy or a girl though?"
Jon frowned in thought. "I just am. It just happens sometimes for people. Some people aren't a boy or a girl."
"Then, what are you?"
Jon frowned. "I'm nonbinary."
"Non-bi-na-ry," Jon repeated, slower, and Trish followed after. He smiled. "It can be a difficult word to pronounce."
"It's not that hard. I can do it," Trish said, rolling her eyes. Adults always made it seem like everything was too hard for her to do. "Nonbinary! See!"
Jon smiled. It was a small one, but Trish spotted it anyway. 
She puffed up her chest and announced, “I need to go now. Bye bye!"
"Bye," Jon replied, waving his hand.
On the way out, Trish picked up her ball and made sure to close the doors behind her.
When Trish next spotted Jon, she was at the market with her father. As soon as she sees him, she tugs her dad's shirt and whispers loudly, "That's Jon at the fruit place. He lives in the cottage at the bottom of the hill."
Her father hummed absently as he picked out the vegetables. "Why don't you go say hi, sweetheart?"
With a nod, Trish headed over to the fruit stand where Jon was. He spotted her before she reached him and gave her a little wave. Today, he is in a button-up shirt and black pants.
"Hello, Trish," he greeted. "Helping your mother out?"
"Nope. My Da's shopping this time." She points to her father, who was still engrossed in examining the vegetables. She peered into Jon's basket and saw that in it, there were apples, mangoes and peaches. "Is your husband back yet?"
"Hm? Yes, he is. But he's resting at home. The surgery did a number on him."
"Surgery?!" Trish screeched. Jon winced at the shout and she muttered an apology.
Forgivingly, Jon shook his head. "Sometimes, when you get old, your joints will get a bit painful so the doctors have to replace it with an implant. He's on the road to recovery now so no worries."
Jon took time to explain what that meant. Trish had a million questions swirling around her head and she continued to press him for answers. Unlike a lot of adults, Jon took time to answer her questions to the best of his abilities. 
Trish was about to ask how on earth someone can survive being cut open by another person when someone interrupted them. "Retired to teach primary school children, eh, Jon?" the fruit seller said, folding her arms. "Didn't know you were taking in new students."
Jon scowled. "You know full well—"
"Enough of you," the fruit seller brushed him aside in favour of leaning over her counter to look at Trish. "Heya, pipsqueak. Haven't seen you before."
"I’m not his student… My Ma and Da and me moved in last last week. My Da's there," she said, pointing.
It was also then that her father seemed to have settled the payment for vegetables and came over. “Trish, there you are. Where’s your friend? I thought you went to talk to him.”
Trish tugged Jon’s shirt. “Here.”
Da's eyes widened. “Oh! You’re Jon?” He quickly schooled his expression into a friendly smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that. The way she talked about you… I just thought she was talking about her classmate so I was…”
“Expecting a seven-year-old and not a seventy-year-old,” Jon replied, raising an eyebrow. “That’s understandable. I’m Jonathan Blackwood-Sims. Nice to meet you.” 
“Nathan Fujisaki. I’m Trish’s dad. Nice to meet you too.”
Jon’s phone began to ring and his brow furrowed. “Apologies,” he muttered as he placed his grocery bag on the stand before fumbling out his phone. He frowned as soon as he saw the caller-ID and picked it up immediately. “Martin, what’s wrong?” His eyes darted from side to side before he cupped a hand over the receiver and turned away from the rest of them to whisper into the phone.
“His husband,” the fruit seller said. “The two of them fuss over each other a lot.”
"Is that so?"
The fruit seller's eyes lit up with glee at the opportunity to gossip a little. "Yeah. When they first moved in, I was, like, 15? It's a lot better now but back then, the two of them were hardly ever apart. He taught me for a year, you know? And I don't know what arrangement they had with the school but they were practically glued to the hip anytime outside of class."
"So he is a teacher!" Trish exclaimed. "He reminded me of Mdm Taylor so I thought he might be a teacher."
"Yeah, he does have that vibe about him, doesn't he?" the fruit seller said. "Cross about everything and anything. He had that even when he was my teacher. And he was pretty scary back in the day too. Nothing seemed to get past him."
"If you truly believed that, you would know better than to gossip about me," Jon countered as he returned to pick up his grocery bag. 
"How is he?" Trish asked.
Jon winced. "It's… better now. But I should head back as soon as I can." He began to make his move and said, "Take care."
"Would you like a lift?" Da offered. "It's on the way."
"I…" Jon glanced down at his cane before he let out a sigh. "Yes, please. I would appreciate that."
It didn't take very long to fetch Jon to his house. Da gave Jon his contact number in case he and his husband needed any help. Jon stared openly, expression unreadable for a moment, before he gave a brief nod and rushed into the house.
On the way home, Da was frowning. "He seems familiar…" he muttered when Trish asked. "Like I've seen him somewhere before."
Stupid Da. Stupid Ma. 
They weren't listening to her. In a fit of anger, she ran out of the house and to the first place she could think of. It wasn't fair, she thought. Trish's lower lip wobbled as she curled harder into herself. 
Suddenly, the door to the cottage at the bottom of the hill opened. A large old man with a thick beard wearing a pair of boxers and a singlet emerged and his eyes fell upon the small girl who had squished herself into a corner of the porch. "Oh my god!" squeaked the old man. "Wh-What are you doing out here? Where are your parents?"
Trish glared up through the tears in her eyes. "You're not Jon," she said, her voice rough from crying.
 "Oh, he's… he's out right now," the man said, smiling apologetically. "Would you like to come in and wait for him? Or, uh, or not. We can wait for him outside."
Trish nodded.
"Feel free to sit in the chair there.”
Trish shook her head. 
“Okay. Would you like something to drink then? We have tea, and milk."
With a gentle smile, the man went back into the house and came out, dressed in a knee-length skirt and a loose shirt. He had also brought out a cup of milk, which he placed in Trish's hand. He went back inside for a moment, before returning with a piping hot cup of tea for himself.
The man limped over to a rocking chair and sat down heavily with a sigh. As he placed his own cup down on the table beside himself, Trish noticed the massive scar on his left leg that ran from his mid-calf up to his knee. "Are you Jon's husband?" she asked. "Martin?"
The man's eyes practically lit up. "Oh yes!" He drummed his fingers against his belly delightfully. "I'm guessing that you're Trish then?"
She nodded.
"Jon's told me a bit about you," he said.
"Are you also non… nonbinary," she said the word slowly to make sure she got it right.
From the look of it, she had because Martin smiled again. "Nope. I'm a man. Just one who finds skirts incredibly comfortable."
"I don't like skirts," Trish said frankly. "They're too wooshy and swishy."
"Perfectly understandable." Martin nodded. 
"Where's Jon?"
"He's doing groceries."
Trish stuck her lower lip out. "He's always doing groceries."
Something between a laugh and a sigh escaped Martin's chest. "He is, isn't he? My poor husband just can't sit still. He has to go to the market once a day or he'll get cranky. Or crankier than usual."
Trish nodded as she took a sip from her cup. 
"So, what are you doing here?"
Trish lowered her cup. "I don't know."
"Did something happen to make you cry?" Martin asked.
Curling in harder into herself, she muttered, "I'm not telling."
"Oh, um… Sure."
"Does it hurt?"
"Hm?" Martin followed her gaze to his knee. "Oh, you mean my knee? It was hurting really badly before I went to the hospital. I mean, it's still hurting a bit now because I'm recovering so I take a bit of painkiller to deal with that. It'll get better soon."
"Does it hurt when they do it on you?"
"Mm… not really? They give you an injection that makes you sleep through the entire surgery. It's kind of when you wake up that you start feeling the pain."
Trish frowned. It sounded a bit unrealistic. How could you sleep through being cut open? She didn’t get the opportunity to ask Martin anything though because, in the distance, a small figure could be seen hobbling towards the house. Martin immediately straightened up. "There he is," he said, before waving. 
Trish followed suit with a big wave of her own, putting her entire arm into it. 
“You have a little visitor,” Martin said as soon as Jon stepped past the gate.
“I can see that very well,” Jon said, rolling his eyes. He made a small detour to their side of the porch to give Martin’s forehead a kiss. Then, he looked at Trish and probably noticed her red-rimmed eyes. "Did something happen?"
Trish frowned. "Ma and Da won't let me have a birthday party. They said it's a waste of time and I'll forget it anyway."
"Oh…" Jon pursed his lips. "Do they know you're here now?"
"No. And I don't want them to."
"They must be worried sick," Martin remarked with a small frown. 
Shrinking into herself, Trish muttered sourly, "Let them."
“I know you’re angry at them and you don’t want to see them right now but it is quite  unkind to cause them needless worry,” Jon reasoned gently. “I shall give them a call, okay? Just to let them know you’re here. I promise I’ll let you stay here until you’re ready to talk to them again. But you wouldn't want them to think you're in danger, right?”
Trish pouted hard, but eventually nodded.
“Right,” Jon said with a nod before heading into the house. He came back out after about 5 minutes with some cut fruits. “We have permission for you to stay until dinner,” he said as he sat down in the other chair with a low grunt. “Now, I hope you didn’t have to suffer Martin’s nagging for too long while I was away.”
“Nagging?!” Martin shot back with an offended voice. “And don’t you think I suffer when you insist on leaving a trail of cups all over the house? Do you think you’re Gretel or something?”
“Actually,” Jon said, knowing full well what he was doing, “Hansel was the one who left the trails.”
Martin groaned comically and Trish giggled a little.
“You know what?” Trish yelled as she threw the door open. From the kitchen, Martin made a weird squeaky noise.
“It would be polite to knock. Martin’s already got a weak enough heart already,” Jon chided as he stood up from his sofa and went to the entrance. 
“Oh… Um...” She gently closed the door again before knocking. Then, she patiently waited as the sound of Jon’s shuffling slippers got closer.
“Trish,” Jon said exasperatedly as he opened the door. “You don’t have to close the door again if you’re already inside. We know you’re here.”
“Oh, okay,” Trish said, walking in.
Martin came into view and he was laughing a little. “God, you sound like such a curmudgeon.”
Frowning, Trish asked, “Cur…?”
“A grumpy old person,” Martin explained. “You know, like Jon.”
Teasingly, Jon poked Martin’s rib. “Oh yeah? Is that resentment in your voice, Mr Blackwood-Sims?”
Martin grabbed the offending hand. “Oh, absolutely not. You’re my curmudgeon. I’m not resenting you anytime soon.”
“Sap,” Jon muttered, covering his mouth with his hand, but that did nothing to hide the smile in his voice.
Trish rolled her eyes. “Aaaaanyway,” she said, putting her hands on her hips, “I’m here to announce something.”
“Yes, yes, announce away,” Jon said.
But he was making goo-goo eyes at Martin so Trish decided she’d leave the very important announcement of her birthday party for another day.
Having chicken pox and being forced to stay in her room for an entire week was already bad enough. But then, it just had to be on the week of her birthday. What’s worse was that Trish had gone and scratched at her skin, and even though it was healed, she had some scars on her arms and face. And she really did not appreciate scars as a birthday present.
Ma chided her for not listening and handed her a bottle of cream to apply over the scars. “If you properly apply it, then maybe it’ll get rid of those scars,” she said.
Not wanting any of the scars to remain, Trish religiously applied the cream every night. But they didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.
“It isn’t the end of the world if it does leave scars anyway. Look at the both of us! We have scars and we’re doing fine,” Jon comforted her, which wasn’t very comforting.
“It’s okay if you two have scars. You’re old people anyway,” Trish said, popping one of Martin’s freshly baked cookies into her mouth.
“Ouch!” Martin said, sitting down beside Jon at the dining table. “That’s a bit mean, Trish.”
Wincing, she muttered, “Sorry.”
“Apology accepted,” Jon said. He peered over at her arm. "I think it's fading. It's just a bit slow so be patient with it."
Trish nodded. However, even as she sat there talking with them, her index finger kept returning to rub over the most prominent scar on her forearm. The tiny bump of the scar annoyed her and she wished she could tear it out, but she knew that would likely only make the scar worse.
"You know, Trish," Martin said, "it's normal for kids to get scars. We all get scars from at your age too."
"Jon too?"
"I…" Jon frowned. "I don't recall much of when I was young unfortunately."
"How come?"
"Complicated stuff," Jon said, making a vague gesture. "It'd be too long a story to explain."
"Well," Martin interjected, "he doesn't remember his. But I do." He lifted his arm to show the pale jagged patch on his elbow. "This one I got from when I fell off a tree outside my house. I got a kite snagged onto the branches so I had to get it down. It's a bit faded now actually." 
"Yeah, but that's a cool scar. Mine is just from stupid chicken pox," Trish grumbled. Then, she lifted her head. "What about those though? The dot-dot ones both you and Jon have? They're not from chicken pox too, right? They're really big."
"Oh, these?" Martin said, running his hand over the pockmark scars on his face and arms. 
"Yeah. How did the both of you get it? It looks really bad…" Trish frowned. "What kind is it?"
"Um… yeah," Jon said. "It... It was a… bad disease."
Martin sighed. "It was an office-wide infection. From when Jon and I worked in the same place." He then switched the subject by showing a long scar he had on his finger. "Oh, Trish, look at this one. Guess how I got this one? It was kind of dumb. I got it when I was, I think, 5 years old? I stuck my finger into the fan."
Trish scrunched her face. "Why did you do that?!" she shouted. "What if it got chopped off?"
"I don't know to be honest. I was five, Trish. I wasn't a very smart five-year-old."
"Five-year-olds generally aren't very smart," she assured Martin, who threw his head back and laughed.
They continued to talk about scars and dumb injuries for the rest of the afternoon. And by the time Trish went home, she realised that even if the scars remained in the end, she wouldn't be that upset. 
As Martin’s knee got better, he began to join Jon’s grocery trips more often. The marketplace got a little bit more noisy on the days Martin went with Jon. 
Firstly, Martin and the fruit seller seemed to have this bit that involved making fun of Jon, even though Trish didn’t necessarily understand most of the jokes. (For some reason, Martin likes to make fun of Jon for liking peaches.)
Then, Martin had what Jon called “itchy fingers'', which meant that Martin liked touching things he wasn’t supposed to. There was this one time when Martin had decided to poke something pink on the side of a carton, which turned out to be used gum. “You’d think you’d grow out of touching things unnecessarily, Martin,” Jon reprimanded as he dragged his husband to the toilet to wash his hands.
Trish just thought they were quite funny.
Sometimes, she would be with Da for groceries when she bumped into them. On those days, Da would talk to them about grown-up stuff that Trish had no hope of understanding. But it was fine since, with Martin at the front seat most of the time, this meant that Trish can lean to her side and whisper to Jon.
Sometimes, Trish would see Jon and Martin walking around together in the neighbourhood. More often than not, Martin joined Jon on his daily trips to the market, and they would slowly walk hand-in-hand. It was during those times that Jon most often had a smile on his face, and at times bursting into uproarious laughter.
Sometimes, Trish would dash over to greet them. People often told Trish that she was a bit too chatty for her own good. But around those two, she felt that maybe it was alright to talk a bit more because Martin would always smile warmly at Trish as she talked about the frog she found on the side of the road or about her stupid homework assignment. Jon, on the other hand, often had something to add to whatever Trish was saying, be it with questions or a weird trivia of his own. 
Of course, there were days where Trish was far too busy to call out to them. It was highly impractical to rush out to them during a game of Hide-and-Seek.
Sometimes though, the two of them would walk especially close to each other, and they’d be whispering, or at least, one of them would be. There were times when Martin looked greyer than usual, and his gaze would be distant even as he ran his fingers along railings, fences, or any surface available. Other times, Jon would look rattled, his eyes darting about and breaths shallow. The non-cane-wielding hand would not be holding Martin’s on those days, instead, it would be tracing the scar over his neck, or twisting his hair in a quiet frenzy.
And then, sometimes, they would sit together on the park bench, holding hands and whispering and chuckling to themselves.
Those were the days when Trish knew better than to disturb them.
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spectroscopes · a month ago
In Tom's latest interview podcast for Empire mag, he said actually Loki only cared about Sylvie's well-being, he didn't give a flying F about the (cliché) greater good or whatever. So he wanted to take HWR's role as the new dictator who would prune variants and erase other timelines, basically, Loki also betrayed his friend (Mobius) at that point when he considered doing it for the woman he loves. And of course, this new but not so surprising interview stirs up another (ship) war on twitter
I listened to the interview, it was good!
He didn't say exactly that. He said essentially that Loki's primary concern was Sylvie's well-being but he also said some interesting — and personally vindicating — things about Loki's emotional arc and characterisation. And really what Loki wanted was to take a moment to consider the possible consequences of their actions. I can't remember if I said it here or somewhere else but just after the finale I said that Loki was the one under a time crunch because the timeline was already branching, which is what Sylvie wanted, so all Loki could have wanted was to take a moment to discuss it together, which is what Tom said in that interview so I am once again validated in my sexy takes and opinions.
I have blocked most of the unsupervised children on twitter so I didn't see what the response to this was but I am not surprised that people are melting down about it.
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quinndolyns · 10 months ago
we have to talk about something serious for a moment in the midst of all of this
despite the relief that many of you might feel now, the fight isn’t nearly over. for the average, working-class american, nothing has essentially changed in your day to day lives other than the fact that the news might be a little bit less stressful for a while. the minimum wage thing that is supposedly going to get quickly pushed through is nice, and will definitely change material reality for many people over the coming years, but some people can’t wait that long. i work in the restaurant industry, i’m a grimy line cook surrounded by grimy line cooks. we’re used to being abused by low pay, no benefits, shit work, uncaring bosses, and no way out. 
i’ve got a coworker, let’s call him “jake”, and we tend to take our smoke breaks together. jake’s a nice enough dude; a joe rogan liberal, the kind of guy who isn’t quite internet poisoned yet but he listens to podcasts, so, you know. he mostly receives his information filtered through a couple of layers of bullshittery and very rarely seeks out primary or secondary sources himself. he’s 28 years old, has been working in kitchens since he was 15 (much like myself), and before he moved to seattle, had never once in his life made a penny above $9/hr, and that’s with kitchen tipouts included. he has a wife who’s in the same industry as himself, in much the same situation that he and i are in - lifelong low pay, miserable conditions, little or no education. 
now, jake is a guy who tends to “tell it like it is”, to the best of his ability. this often results in him making a huge ass of himself, focusing on the wrong issues entirely, or insulting just about everyone in the room. but he means well. he means well. his intent is never to hurt, but he has a specific kind of working-class frustration that is hard to communicate to people who aren’t in the same boat: nothing ever gets better. no matter what the politicians do, no matter who is in office, those of us who wash dishes and cook for those better off than us see essentially no material change in our lives. things have stagnated or worsened for those of us in the massive industry of “intense and necessary manual labour” for the past fucking forever, and no one knows it better than those who are in the sinking ship. it’s dogshit. it’s dogshit and we are all acutely aware of it, and most of us have no recourse.
now, as i said before, jake and i tend to take our smoke breaks together; one at the beginning of the shift, one right before dinner service, and one right before the nightly cleanup. most of the time we shoot the shit about what video game we’ve been playing, our shared taste in pulpy fantasy novels, or whatever garbage television we’ve decided to binge-watch. i’m into anime, which he calls “weeb shit”, but he has a weak spot for sentai shows, and the contradiction is a point of contention between us. apparently it’s a “very different deal”, which i wouldn’t know, because my exposure to the medium is my friends posting kamen rider memes on twitter. anyway, we tend to avoid difficult topics because it’s the last fucking thing you wanna think about when you’ve got 5 roast chickens and 2 fucking well done steaks on the board and the servers just seated a group of 12 and you know you are well and goodly fucked. it’s just not the type of thing that lends itself to focus. it’s the type of thing that eats at you and makes you fuck up your temps and break your sauces for the rest of the night.
but jake, my line partner, my comrade, not necessarily my friend because we don’t hang out outside of work but a good pal nonetheless, seems to have something on his mind today. we’re about halfway through our cigs and he hasn’t really said a word; we’re sitting in our usual spot, a little stoop next to the dumpster behind the restaurant, each of us with our respective stimulants (i’ve got a monster, he’s got a red bull, which is in itself a type of line cook personality indicator that i’d love to get into more another time) and our respective coping methods (i said that we’re both smoking, but jake actually vapes. i smoke camel crush menthols because i’m a baby and straight tobacco makes me cough my lungs out. jake smokes exclusively some kind of noxious blueberry-scented shit which i tease him about relentlessly) and normally this is the part where we’d talk about doing the d&d session that we’ve been planning for weeks and never quite have the time to put together, or i would complain about the stupid not-quite-racist-but-still-racist horseshit in the latest sanderson novel we were reading together, or he would rant about some conspiracy theory he’d heard about recently and how stupid the people who believe in it are
but this time was different, and i couldn’t quite put my finger on why. i didn’t want to break the silence first; i honestly thought that i had done something to piss him off, but he had come and sat next to me in our dumpster hideout like usual, so it couldn’t have been that bad. did i fuck with his mise on accident? he asked me to get him some sliced chives, and my knife was fucked up from some butchery i had done earlier in the day, so it’s possible i’d bruised his herbs, a capital offense in a kitchen where people actually care about the quality of their work. i ruminated on this for a few minutes, trying not to be too obvious about my annoyance when i waved away his noxious blueberry clouds, but before i could ask, jake finally spoke
“you know, there’s something i just can’t get out of my head, about the state of things around here lately.” he said, but he didn’t sound like he was addressing me. he was looking out into the alley, out at the street. traffic was starting to pick up as 5pm neared; the rush was soon, and we’d be flooded with office workers just getting off and getting ready for their dinner appointments. people like us could barely imagine that kind of life; i hadn’t eaten at a restaurant that i didn’t work at in 3 years. people like us survived off gas station snacks, stimulants, and nicotine. i stayed quiet and let him speak.
“i fuckin’... i work hard, yeah? i work pretty hard around here. you’ve been here, what, 2 years? we got hired around the same time, i think” i nodded as he spoke, not wanting to interrupt his train of thought. it wasn’t standard procedure, but i lit another cigarette as my first one went out, anticipating that this might go on for a bit. usually you’d get called out super hard for smoking two cigs on a single smoke break, but this time, something about the way he was talking seemed to warrant it. a two-cig break was usually reserved for after service, when everyone would come out together and commiserate about how much of a fucking shitshow it was, but this felt special.
“it seems like no matter how hard we work, though, it doesn’t make a difference. i mean, i feel fuckin’ stupid here sayin this shit when you know it just as well as i do. it feels like i’m just flappin my gums for no reason. we all know the pile of shit that we’re stuck in, and there’s just about nothin any of us can do about it. but one thing just... it bugs me so much, i can’t stop thinkin about it. it comes to me after we’re done with service, after we’re all cleaned up, and we’re over next door drinkin at the bar until they kick us out at fuckin 2 in the morning.”
he paused for a moment, as if waiting for my response. i took a deep drag, exhaled, and made eye contact with him for the first time since we’d sat down.
“what’s got you so vexed, jake?” i asked, and for a moment his facade broke, and i swear i could see the dam about to break, too. he turned to me and he said:
“there is a freaking CHEETO in the WHITE HOUSE!!!!!”
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assortedpuzzlepieces · a month ago
Ok, I’m about to go off on a GIANT rant about a specific issue I have with John Winchester & how the show intentionally & canonically portrays him as an ableist, homophobic asshole through his portrayal by JDM, so buckle up.
For the record, this is something I’ve always believed, but after listening to podcast episodes from @otrsupernatural & Carrying Wayward, one super clear example of why has just snapped into place & I feel compelled to share it.
So I want to start by noting a couple things that stand out. First & foremost, I think JDM is an incredible actor & I think he brings his A game with his portrayal of John. John Winchester is undeniably an asshole, & yet JDM balances that so well against the idea of loving parent, to not only make the character more realistic, but also to give real authenticity & depth to the trauma his children experienced at his hands & answer why they act the way they do in regards to him as their parent.
John is someone who, on the surface, appears to be a loving and concerned father, who makes mistakes, but does so because he’s in shitty circumstances & doesn’t have a lot of options or has his own trauma to battle that limits the choices he believes he has.
However, the show also gives us other content that proves there is more to John than that caring but broken man from as early as S1 & into the beginning of S2, & this content screams the truth of his ableism & homophobia, & gives some really strong evidence as to why these are two of the primary struggles of his children through the end of the series.
To explain, we 1st have to look at characters from earlier in S1. In 1x10, Asylum, we are introduced to Dr. Ellicott. He is shown to be someone who is canonically ableist to people with MHI. He sees them as less human, he does unethical experiments on them, he tortures them, just, lots of gross stuff there. On top of that, we see him as a ghost using what appears to be electrical shocks to Sam & Dean to possess & harm them, which resembles electroshock. There are also strong echoes of conversion therapy in this episode.
After this, we have 1x12, Faith, where Sue Ann is using dark magic to attack & murder people she hates, which specifically includes a woman who was pro choice & a gay man. This not only shows that she was homophobic, but that she condemned sexual freedom & bodily autonomy for women as well, which is in relation to homophobia, as well as deeply rooted in misogyny.
So essentially, we are shown a doctor who tries to force people to be less mentally ill or queer by “curing” them, & then a woman who took it a step further & murdered them to “cleanse” the town. We are given two different, but very interwoven ways with which society has tried to get rid of queers & disabled people, & it’s not subtext, it’s literally stated.
Now, in the show, both Dr. Ellicott & Sue Ann are the villains, & while the show demonstrates their ableism & homophobia, it also clearly condemns them for those actions. They are both dead/gone by the end of the episode & their actions are shown as evil. This is SO important, especially for a show that has failed in other episodes to truly state what exactly is the problematic action in the episode (looking at you, Bugs & Route 666).
That said, if Dr. Ellicott & Sue Ann are villains, then we must also extrapolate that ableism & homophobia are intentionally being written as evil in the show, so other characters who demonstrate these actions are also bad. (Yes, I know I’m being super redundant right now, but I just want to be really damn clear on this to demonstrate why I believe John’s characterization is intentional).
Now, in 1x21, John finally “learns” about Sam’s psychic abilities, & I say that in quotes bc there’s reason to believe he knew about it already from Missouri & was just in denial until confronted with the evidence, at which point he has a very strong reaction. As Ali pointed out, it’s interesting that he has such a strong negative reaction, as he clearly doesn’t have an issue with Missouri as a psychic, & yet he’s upset about Sam being one. He demonstrates the mindset of “othering” people outside of his family, which is a common treatment of both people w/ MHI & queer people - the mentality that “those people” are fine in general, but “not my son/daughter/family/me”.
So here in that episode, we are already getting an attitude from him that clearly parallels ableism & homophobia, & that is on top of other comments he made that are clearly rooted in misogyny, like his “that’s my man” to Dean in the flashback in Something Wicked This Way Comes (1x18).
THEN - the final nail in the coffin is the “secret” he tells Dean before he dies in 2x1; that Dean needs to either save Sam or stop him. By now it’s crystal clear he views Sam as something “other”, something not fully human, & his response? It’s literally “cure or cleanse”. Either make him “normal” or get rid of him.
To repeat, John LITERALLY uses ableist & homophobic language & tactics towards him son because he is different, & also tries to force Dean to do the same, passing on that legacy, by trying to erase anything about Sam thats not his personal definition of “normal”, all out of FEAR of who his son is & what he might do.
And the show CONDEMNS this behavior from the very beginning, even before we ever see him act this way!! They make it clear that ableism & homophobia are BAD, show John act that way, & then condemn him AGAIN when Dean tells Sam & it is made clear to the audience that what John asked of him was wrong.
Like… holy fuck. There is literally no way I can watch this & not believe that his characterization was not 100% intentional with him being set up as a bad person & his actions as condemnable. It’s just not narratively possible. John Winchester was intentionally written to be an asshole & we are supposed to see him as one, & any love we see from him is only meant to validate the complicated feelings Sam & Dean have towards him, not undermine the knowledge that he is a bad person. It’s literally in the text.
*Edit - Im adding a point here, since it’s been brought to my attention. John’s concern about Sam being infected with demon blood & possibly corrupted does not detract from the parallel being made between his actions & those of IRL people who are homophobic or ableist. In fact, this is another argument for that in interpretation, & here is why -
For literal thousands of years, mental illness has been viewed as demonic. People w/ MHI were thought to be possessed, evil incarnations, or even just sinfully corrupt & given to wickedness. People w/ physical disabilities were believed to be punished for moral failings, not faithful enough, etc, etc. Queer people were believed to be sexually deviant, witches, destroyers of families, etc.
These beliefs carry across many religions, but especially Christianity, & are present even today in some more extreme sects. And the people that believed these things? Well many of them were parents who “loved” their child & were trying to protect them from evil by purifying them. They too believed they had valid fears & good reasons to torture, maim, & even kill their children.
So to anyone who would argue “well it’s not the same because John had a good reason to be afraid of Sam” - shut the fuck up, because no, he didn’t.
Sam hadn’t hurt anyone. He wasn’t doing anything worth killing him over. He was a good kid who was hurt by someone outside his control & yet he only started doing anything that was truly wrong when he was pushed to it by circumstances that were again, beyond his control, & only then bc he was trying to do what was right!!
Anyone would do that, not just a kid w/ some demon blood powers. So let’s not act like he was inherently dangerous just BC he was different, bc guess what? That’s part of that mindset too. Sam was a good fucking person & John seeing him as less was John’s failing, not Sam’s.
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i-slurp-worms · 5 months ago
Podcasts you can Read
Looking through the podcasts in my subscription feed as well as ones I hear about most often to see if they have a transcript, how easy is it to find and access, and is it free (PS: if your transcript is behind a paywall, you’re the worst) All the transcript pages are hyperlinked to the podcast name if it exists and there is a collective location. The order is just the order in which I have listened to them recently, I’m just going through my podcast feed.  The access ranking has no reflection on the podcast, just how easy it was for me to find the transcript on the computer.
***I’m about to finish the semester, so I’m going to go through this list and revamp the criteria and also write up a google doc with the more organized list***
**This Is an Incomplete list of just the podcasts I have listened to, feel free to add your own or request me to do so through this form
Janus Descending Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: bad - need to copy link from episode description, then click through multiple pages to access the transcript  - 3-4 clicks from episode to transcripts
Primordial Deep Transcript: Exist Ease of Access: meh - hyperlink from the episode description to the website home - 3-4 clicks from episode to transcript Quality of Transcript: good  - formatting is a bit different than the others, a bit hard to get used to  - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow
Mabel Transcript: Exist Ease of Access: Meh - Need to go to the Mabel Website - Not clearly indicated in episode descriptions that transcripts exist - From the website home, the link to the transcripts is clearly labeled in the side bar or at the top of the page (depending on the size of the screen) Quality of Transcript: Good - Not clear that Anna is the primary speaker - Clearly labeled when not Anna is speaking - Sound effects are clearly labeled and easy to understand - Tone not indicated
Seen and Not Heard Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts hyperlinked in each episode description - Each transcript is on a different google doc or pdf, so the only collection of transcripts is a twitter thread from the creators Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described  - easy to read and follow 
Hughes and Minks: Ghost Detectives Transcripts: Exist Ease of access: Good - Transcripts are hyperlinked in each episode description - Transcripts also hyperlinked to each episode could not find a collective of all the episode transcripts, if anyone has made one or knows where one is, let me know, it will be greatly appreciated Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines  - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow 
Light Hearts Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts also hyperlinked in each episode description I could not find a collective of all the episode transcripts, if anyone has made one or knows where one is, let me know, it will be greatly appreciated Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described  - easy to read and follow 
Wizard Seeking Wizard Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts also hyperlinked in each episode description  - An collection of episode transcripts are available on their website
Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described  - easy to read and follow 
Valence Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: meh - Website home is hyperlinked  - takes about 2 clicks from the episode description to the transcript collective (”Episodes and Transcripts” box on the website)  - Transcripts not uploaded at the same time as the episodes, time between episode and transcript unstated. - Labeling of episodes could be better - - need to scroll down the page a bit to access the actual transcript Quality of Transcript: Great - character name’s bolded - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow 
The Godshead Incidental Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: Good - Transcript collective linked in description  - Episodes are clearly labeled - Goes directly to the transcript and just the transcript Quality of transcript: Good - Characters clearly labeled - sound effects clearly described - The formatting is a bit inconsistent, especially for the first couple of episodes.
The Alexandria Archives - Transcripts: none
Fireside Folktales Transcripts: Exist Ease of access: Good - pdf of episode transcription hyperlinked in the show notes  Quality of Transcript: good - formatting is a bit different than the others, a bit hard to get used to - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow
Super Ordinary Transcripts: None
Neighbourly Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: good - 0-6 hyperlinked to episode description - 7-8 available for free on Patreon page - - I don’t care if it is free, if is on your patreon fuck you Quality of Transcriptions: meh - reads like a story, but so does the podcast - some of the paragraphs can be quite long
Hello from the Hallowoods Transcripts: Exist  Ease of Access: Bad - hyperlink from episode description to website home - transcripts button on the top of the tree - the episode icons make me want to rip my eyes out. you cannot read the episode titles, and the color contrast is straining on the eyes. Quality of transcription: meh - also reads like a story, similar to the podcast - the style of the website is similarly hyper-contrasting and makes my eyes hurt
Brimstone Valley Mall Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Very Bad - not even linked to the episode description  - found it through the arsPARADOXICA transcript - found through the website - thought it didn’t exist Quality of Transcript: Great - Special effects and tone clearly indicated  - speaker clearly labeled - easy to follow and understand
Tunnels Transcript: Coming soon
Gal Pals Present: Overkill Transcript: None
Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: Good - Individual episode transcripts are linked to each episode description Quality of transcription: great - speaker is clearly labeled  - sound effects and actions clearly stated and easy to understand - easy to read and follow
Outliers - Stories from the edge of history transcripts: none
Time:Bombs Transcript: exists Ease of Access: Bad - not directly linked on the episode description - need to independently seek out website - from the website, it is easy enough to find the transcripts Quality of Transcript: good - formatting is a bit different than the others, a bit hard to get used to - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow
Kakos Industries Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: good  - Linked directly to the description, but it is unclear that it does link to the transcript (the “more...” link in all episode descriptions) - each episode is linked to said episode’s transcripts, but there is a collection of all episodes on the website Quality of Transcript: meh - font is small and paragraphs are long - when there are multiple speakers, it is clearly labeled 
In Strange Woods Transcript: none
Unseen Transcript: exists Ease of Access: Great - Each Episode’s transcript is linked to said episode’s transcripts, and there is a collection of all episodes on the website Quality of Transcript: Great - Speakers clearly labeled  - sound effects are detailed and easy to understand - clear and easy to follow
Next Stop Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Bad - it only takes two clicks to get from the episode description to the episode feed with the transcripts - location of transcripts not clearly labeled, hard to find if you don’t know what to look for - on each episode’s page, you need to scroll down a ways to get to the transcript Quality of Transcript: Great - It is clear who is talking - sound effects and tone of voice are clearly stated and easy to understand - clear and easy to follow
The Love and Luck Podcast Transcript: Exists - Transcribed Videos exist too - - Season 1 - - Season 2 Ease of Access: great - Each Episode’s transcript is linked to said episode’s transcripts, but there is a collection of all episodes on the website Quality of Transcript: great  -it is clear who is talking - sound effects and tone of voice are clearly stated and easy to understand - clear and easy to follow
Scoring Magic Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Bad - it only takes two clicks to get from the episode description to the episode feed with the transcripts - location of transcripts not clearly labeled, hard to find if you don’t know what to look for - on each episode’s page, you need to scroll down a ways to get to the transcript Quality of Transcript: Good - clear who is talking - sound effects clearly stated -tone of voice not indicated
arsPARADOXICA Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Bad - takes 4 clicks from the episode description to the transcription  - location of transcripts not clearly labeled, hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for  - website is directly linked to episode feed Quality of Transcript: Good - Special effects and tone clearly indicated - speaker clearly labeled - easy to follow and understand
Less is Morgue Transcript: none 
Death By Dying Transcripts: exist Ease of Access: Good  - linked directly to the podcast description - collection of all transcripts on a separate page of the website Quality of Transcript: Good - Clear when character is talking, but not narrator - sound effects are clear and easy to follow  - tone not indicated 
Zero Hours Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: awful - I literally stumbled across them by accident - not linked to the episode description or clearly labeled on the website - found through the website that is not linked on the podcast Quality of Transcript: bad - hard to understand tone and when exactly someone is talking - it takes a bot to parse out what is being said - sound effects are labeled
Girl in Space Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: good - easy to find from episode description - all transcripts collected on one page of the website  Quality of Transcript: good - color scheme is kind of hard to read on - tone is clearly indicated - sound effects clear and easy to understand - easy to follow what is happening and who is talking
King Falls AM Transcript: None
The Creeping Hour Transcript: None
Customs out of the Closet Transcript: None
The Bright Sessions Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: bad  - not linked directly to the episode description  - not clear how to find the transcripts if you don’t know what you’re looking for  Quality of transcript: good - sound effects clear  and easy to understand - easy to know who is talking and what is happening - tone not indicated 
Attention HellMart Shoppers Transcript: original scripts behind a paywall (aka: fuck you)
Kaleidotrope  transcript: Exists Ease of Access: bad Ease of Access: bad - not linked directly to the episode description - not clear how to find the transcripts if you don’t know what you’re looking for Quality of Transcript: Good - sound effects clear  and easy to understand - easy to know who is talking and what is happening - tone not indicated
Inkwyrm Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts hyperlinked in each episode description - Each transcript is on a different google doc or pdf, so the only collection of transcripts is a twitter thread from the creators Quality of Transcript: good  - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - tone not indicated 
EOS 10
Transcript: None
Transcript: None
36 Questions
Transcript: None
The Once and Future Nerd Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts hyperlinked in each episode description - Each transcript is on a different google doc or pdf, so the only collection of transcripts is a twitter thread from the creators Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - tone clearly indicated 
The Strange Case of Starship Iris Transcripts: Exist for Season 2 Ease of Access: Good - Link to Transcript collective under each Season 2 episode  - Links directly to each episode’s transcripts  - Each episode title is clearly labeled and easy to follow - Delay between episode release and transcript upload Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - tone clearly indicated
Wolf 359 Transcript: fan transcripts exist ease of access: meh - easy to find if you know where to look - I didn’t even know they exist until someone else mentioned them - not linked to any official sources Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - tone clearly indicated
Welcome to Night Vale Transcript: Exists Ease of Access: Meh - Episodes 173+ Link to transcript collective page linked directly to Episode description  - Not clearly stated that there are transcripts for episodes before 173 - Episodes in the collective are clearly stated - Transcripts sorted by year, not by episode, but can search individual episodes Quality of Transcript: Good - When multiple speakers, it is clearly indicated who is speaking - Later episodes: tone clearly indicated, and sound effects are clear - Easy to read and follow
Where the Stars Fell Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: Good - Transcripts are hyperlinked in each episode description - Transcripts also hyperlinked to each episode could not find a collective of all the episode transcripts, if anyone has made one or knows where one is, let me know, it will be greatly appreciated Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - tone clearly indicated 
Mission to Zyxx Transcripts: None
Transmission Folklore Transcripts: Exist - Text Transcripts - Video Transcripts - - All video transcripts exist, but after episode 5, they are not linked on the website transcript page Ease of Access: Good - Website home linked in each episode description - transcripts tab is clearly visible and labeled - Offered in multiple formats: written out on website page, google doc, and captioned video Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow
Sidequesting Transcripts: Exist Ease of Access: Good - Each episode’s transcript is linked in each episode’s description - Collection of all transcripts available on the website - - Each episode is clearly labeled and easy to read Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - Tone clearly indicated
The Pasithea Powder Transcripts: exist Ease of Access: pretty good - Episode descriptions: full link clearly labeled in the descriptions, but it needs to be copied and pasted - Website: not clearly labeled, but located under the episodes tab - - it is kind of hard to read the episode titles on the website page, as it is light gray text on a white background. Quality of Transcript: Great - Character name clearly stated before lines - sound effects clearly described - easy to read and follow - Tone clearly indicated
Desperado  Transcripts: exist for episodes 1-3 Ease of Access: horrible  - existence is not mentioned in the podcast - no link to the website in the description (I found it through their twitter) - from the twitter link, it opens right onto the episode page with the transcripts linked Quality of Transcript: meh - episodes one and three have the same style of transcript - - sound effects clearly labeled - - speaker only labeled if it is a main character, does not clearly label which side character is talking - - tone not clearly indicated - Episode two’s (2) transcript reads like a traditional script - - side character’s lines are clearly labeled - - sound effects barely mentioned - - tone not indicated
No Bad Ideas Transcript: None
Overly Sarcastic Podcast Transcript: None
I only listen to the mountain goats Transcript: none
ARCS Transcript: None
Join the Party Transcripts: Exist - Campaign 1 - Campaign 2 Ease of access: Bad - not linked from episode description - unclear how to find the transcripts from the website unless you know what to look for  - need to scroll down a ways to read the transcript Quality of Transcript: good -  sound effects clear  and easy to understand - easy to know who is talking and what is happening - tone not indicated
Spirits Podcast Transcripts: Exist - takes a little while between episode release and transcript upload Ease of Access: good - collective episode page linked directly to the episode description - takes a bit of clever clicking and scrolling to find the transcripts Quality of Transcript: Good - no tone indicators - the few effects that are included - easy to follow who is speaking and what they are saying
Sounds Fake but Okay
Transcripts: exist
Ease of Access: good
- clearly hyperlinked under every episode
- not labeled on the home page of the website, but found under the “episodes” drop down 
- website list is easy to read, although I personally am not a huge fan of the three columns
Quality of Transcript: meh
- speaker clearly indicated
- easy to read
- no tone indicators
- do not follow their words exactly (delete likes and ums) which makes it hard to read and listen at the same time
- moments when they interrupt each other not transcribed well, also hard to read and listen
- shift in tones indicated
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countesscuriosity · 4 months ago
Hello Countess!! Glad you're back! I've missed your thoughtful and unbiased opinions. What do you think of Harry's comments about genetic pain on Dax Shepard's podcast? Omid points out that Charles complained about TQ and DoE's parenting in 1994 without any backlash. I despise Omid but I wonder if he has a point. Thanks!
Thanks! Glad to be back. :) 
Just as an FYI to my readers, Scoobie shared a link to an article in the Independent. Charles’ primary complaint seems to be about ‘physical, emotional neglect’ and the ‘harshness' of his father. These complaints were relayed in a 1994 authorised biography on him written by Jonathan Dimbleby. 
Charles authorised this biography to present himself in a favorable light and drum up sympathy for himself at the height of Charles-Di tension. This is also what Mr 6 is doing now. 
They are both wrong to have criticised their still-living parents in public and use it as an excuse to justify their own less-than-exemplary behaviour. 
(Excerpt from the article. Sound familiar?)
Tumblr media
I would understand if it was in retaliation to slander, but if the parent has not thrown you under the bus, maybe don’t do it to them?
There was criticism of his revelations about the parenting he received, but the whole book was so gauche that people concentrated more on the revelations about his sex life. 
Tumblr media
Princess Anne was a vocal critic of the suggestion that The Queen was an uncaring mother, shooting down the suggestions in her typically-Anne way. 
Princess Anne has rounded on critics of the Queen who claim she is an uncaring mother. In a BBC interview, the Princess Royal said her mother was as loving as any other. Princess Anne, 51, also said the Royal Family was a happy unit in which members enjoyed socialising with each other. She said: "I simply don't believe that there is any evidence whatsoever to suggest that she wasn't caring. It just beggars belief."
Charles’ relationship with his parents has improved with time. He had warm words for The Queen on her jubilee, calling her “Mummy” and thanking her and Prince Philip for “always being there for (us)”. And he did seem genuinely sad at Prince Philip’s funeral. That is not a man who still resents his parents.
The British papers are negative towards Mr and Mrs 6. This is partly because Mr and Mrs 6 are serial whiners, ungrateful, manipulative, and looking for a fight. And partly because the UK press, particularly the tabloids have always been vicious towards the royal family. (I was looking for John Oliver’s casual admission on a talk show in 2017 that the British press is very harsh on the entire royal family, but can’t find it now.) The BRF and the UK press have their ups and downs with the RF, depending on a number of factors, but they’re in general not nice. Everyone remembers unnecessarily critical articles on Kate and the Middletons before marriage, and on Kate and William after marriage. Currently, Mr and Mrs 6 are receiving the bad press, but it was someone else before them, and it’ll be someone else after them. 
But the British press are the only ones holding Mr and Mrs 6 accountable for their many contradictions and “mistruths”. There is value in that, however clumsily executed. 
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riseofthecommonwoodpile · 6 months ago
I’m listening to the first episode of Maintenance Phase (which is a great podcast btw, I listened to like every other ep first lol) and it’s just making me think about my experience with the first doctor i ever had who didn’t make me feel awful for being fat, so i’m going to vomit that out here to help any skinny people know a little of what it’s like to be fat in the healthcare system. Indulgent personal shit follows:
Every single doctor I’d had as an adult, every single one, would ask what I was doing to lose weight, would point to BMI and obesity charts telling me I was a.) fat and b.) going to die soon because I was so fat. It was something I just had to let happen to get healthcare, and the most frustrating part was that I fucking knew I was fat already. OBVIOUSLY I did. Every person I went on a date with, every coworker who side-eyed my lunch, even people at the supermarket looking like they were about to laugh when I grabbed carrots or broccoli to make myself. Knowing didn’t help. I’d tried constantly for over a decade, and nothing had changed my weight in the way they wanted it to.
So, when I went to find a primary care doc when I moved to Washington, I really assumed the same thing was going to happen. I specifically wore my “lightest” clothing and shoes so they wouldn’t impact my weight too badly, and getting on the scale was legit terrifying, because I didn’t own a scale for the specific reason it felt so bad to see the number come up, and the number ended up being 284, and I almost cried, and I just knew I was about to get yelled at. I’m tense the entire appointment (and my blood pressure reads worryingly high), but she doesn’t say anything about it. We just have a normal first appointment. She says she’s gonna have me get an at-home blood pressure cuff to see if maybe it’s just the office that made me nervous. 
And at the end she asked if I have any questions, and I pretty timidly ask if I should be worried about my weight, if I should be losing weight, and she just said “Nope, all your other vitals are good, we’re gonna get bloodwork done today anyways so we’ll see if there’s any issues there, but everything else looks fine to me.” and i legit started crying, and I told her how I was expecting her to tell me I need to lose 20, 50, 100 pounds, because that’s what other doctors told me, and she just listened and asked me when I was done talking if losing weight was something I wanted to do. I told her yes, and then she asked me a question I hadn’t ever been asked before by a doctor: If we ignore you not being happy with how you look at your weight, and people being rude and shitty to you, is being fat causing you any physical problems?
What a wild question to hear as a fat person! I’d literally never been asked that before. It was just *assumed* it was giving me health problems, and I just assumed that was correct, even though as a 28 year old plenty of patient people had already told me those things aren’t related that directly and concretely, that plenty of fat people are perfectly healthy, and plenty of skinny people are unhealthy. And I took a few seconds to think about it, because I never had before, and I said that my knees hurt sometimes when I bend down, and that I get winded easily. And I said that I know exercise would help those things, but I can’t exercise around other people, I feel too embarrassed, and I’ve never found any at-home stuff that I could keep up with or didn’t make me miserable. 
And she asked what kind of physical stuff I liked as a kid, and I mentioned gymnastics, and she asked if I’d tried yoga, since it has lots of similar stretching, focus on form, things like that, and it would likely help my knees if I started slow at first and worked my way up. and I hadn’t ever tried it, so we decided, together, for me to give it a shot before our follow up appointment to look at my bloodwork. and she emphasized that if I wanted to make it a habit, the most important thing was just to do a little bit each day, even if it’s just 5 minutes. If 30 minutes was too daunting (and let’s be honest, 30 minutes of exercise is daunting even on my days off, let alone after a 9 hour shift on my feet), just do a couple stretches, so that way your body gets used to the idea of doing it. trying to do 30 minutes 5 days a week would just mean i never did it at all.
And after we ended the appointment, suddenly I wasn’t afraid to go to the doctor anymore, imagine that! The next time I went, my blood pressure was perfect because I knew I wasn’t going to be insulted and made to feel awful, I wasn’t waiting to be told the thing I’d been told for years and tried to change, but just kept getting worse at. And, incidentally, I did end up losing weight- I’m at 225ish right now, in just like two years, which I don’t say as a “go me”, because it doesn’t matter, and for plenty of people, lifestyle changes wouldn’t have done that anyways, and there’s fucking nothing wrong with being 284 pounds, but just to point out that the only thing that actually *worked* to accomplish the goal of all the doctors I had before was not caring about that goal. None of their hectoring and shaming did the thing they wanted, and the thing so many people cautioned against- “glorifying obesity”, aka just not making fat people feel like dogshit all the time- was what gave me the mental energy to exercise regularly, to eat better. 
because I wasn’t weighing myself, and I knew at the doctor, no matter what the number was, it would be ok, I felt ok asking questions, bringing up problems I had getting cooking into my schedule, asking for help on health-related things instead of just a number over and over and over again. I was less stressed, I felt better about myself and my body, which also gave me more mental energy to do the things I wanted to be healthier. not skinnier, healthier. It’s almost like...when doctors care more about their patients’ health than their weight, when they don’t make them feel ashamed and awful, the patient will actually go to the fucking doctor. The patient will listen and care more, will ask questions, will bring up when they’re having problems or something seems off with their body. when i moved to Colorado and had my last appointment with that doctor, I cried and told her she was the best doctor I ever had, and I still tear up thinking of how much she changed and improved my life by just being a good fucking doctor who cared about my health.
also usually i read over my longer posts before i post them to make sure grammar and spelling are ok, but this is long so i didn’t do that, so it’s probably fucked. oh well.
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tigerdrop · 2 months ago
for what its worth i originally followed you /because/ i find it so charming how passionate you are for your specific niche interests. like i know nothing abt hlvrai like i have literally no idea what it is (is it... a podcast? lets play...?) idk how i found you but i just thought huh this person is really cool and neat and super into this thing ive never heard of and super unapologetic that its "weird" fetish shit, thats dope, /im/ into weird fetish shit lol and ive loved seeing you on my dash since then, even though i still got no clue who these dudes are. Sorry this is weird lol i hope this doesnt come off as condescending or anything i just thought why not let you know (:
that is very nice of u and i have no idea how you got here or how youve managed to stick around but.....thank u nonetheless
and i know you didnt actually ask this but this ask is basically fresh meat to a piranha so (swiveling in my chair) i am going to tell u about hlvrai.
hlvrai is a half life machinima, which basically means "a handful of people used a video game to roleplay a bunch of characters in a story". (sorry if this seems condescending. i dont mean to be im just erring on the side of caution.) you can find the abridged version here on youtube. it was streamed live on twitch by funny man wayneradiotv, and ended up developing a terrifyingly huge fanbase b/c A) its funny, but also B) it has a dude that exists purely to antagonize/flirt with the main character, gordon freeman. this dudes name is benrey. he is almost certainly the biggest reason why this fanbase exploded shortly after it aired. he is also, unfortunately, the half life security guard model that cursed my dick
the thing about hlvrai is that it also spawned a uniquely sex-averse fanbase. which is why i end up with so many people giving me shit on here. there are a number of interlocking reasons for this. one is the average age of the fans. its an M-rated machinima based on an M-rated game, but a huge chunk of the fandom consists of 15 yr olds with incredibly wack ideas about sexuality. red vs blue (the halo machinima) also had a primary audience of teenagers and young adults, but it has over 10 fucking thousand fics on ao3 and not nearly the same violent repulsion towards adult works. probably b/c the average gamer was more likely to just call you a slur if they found out you wanted the purple and orange master chiefs to bang.
this dovetails with some popular misinterpretations of comments made by wrtv and the cast about nsfw fanworks. wayne doesnt like seeing them and it makes him uncomfortable to be shown them, but he has stated multiple times that he doesnt actually give a shit if people make them and we can do what we want in our own spaces. he has no desire to play fandom police and, more importantly, has no desire for anybody else to do so, either. buuut most people who are het up about this are teenagers who are already uncomfortable around the subject of sex, who think that wayne was just being coerced into saying that stuff, and who very much do not want to be convinced otherwise. (and im certainly not gonna fucking try.)
at the end of the day a lot of peoples problems with nsfw fanworks boils down to, they see these machinima characters as just "the streamers being themselves", so drawing them touching dicks amounts to drawing rpf of real, actual guys. like the mcyt fanbase. but its just demonstrably untrue! wayne repeatedly has to cajole himself into getting into character as gordon freeman. benrey has his own fucking plushie and is a recurring character on waynes streams now. they are their own characters! and at this point i have psychoanalyzed them so thoroughly and read so much into a half life improv series they might as well be their own fucking OCs. (god knows thats what most content in this fandom amounts to, anyway.)
sorry. that was mean. anyway i dont know if you care about any of this but if you ask me literally anything about hlvrai i will explode like a water balloon. i am just enthralled with the concept of the series and with these two characters in specific and i still really really want them to fight and fuck and piss their pants or whatever embarrassing shit
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boys-night · 4 months ago
Mickey and Ian - communication, sex, and relationship styles, post 11x07
Here’s my take on how Ian and Mickey relate to sexuality and relationship styles, thinking mainly about 11x07, but also looking more broadly at the series and including HoS. If you’re not interested in incorporating 11x07 in your version of canon, ignore this! I enjoyed 11x07 but I understand people have different ways of seeing Ian and Mickey’s relationship. I’m also doing the classic meta thing of taking seriously exaggerated/comic/contradictory elements in the show because that’s how I roll. 
Super long post under cut. 
I’ve been reading Sexuality: A Graphic Guide by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele which is where a lot of the following ideas and terminology come from. I’ve also been looking at Meg-John Barker’s free relationship zine on their website I highly recommend their work, including the podcast they have with Justin Hancock, The Meg-John and Justin podcast (although MJ has left now and it’s called Culture, Sex, Relationships, but you can check out the backlog!) 
They think about sex and relationship styles using various models including monogamy/polyamory, allosexuality/asexuality, romance/aromance etc. They look at these different facets of sexuality/relationship styles as complicated continua rather than binaries which shift over time. They also write about sexuality on an action/identity spectrum, communication strategies around relationships styles, and the windows into relationships. Here, I’m looking at all of these things thinking about Ian and Mickey’s relationship and as individuals within the relationship. 
The monogamy/polyamory continuum
I’ve seen a bit of debate about how to label Mickey and Ian’s relationship on the monogamy/polyamory spectrum and I think it’s a pretty complex question especially considering those labels mean different things to different people and that relationships shift a lot over time. While labels like these can be useful, they can also be rigid and restrictive in their own ways. 
Some terms that come close-ish to what they say they’ve decided in 11x07 are monoamorous and polysexual, considering they aren’t at all interested in romantic connections outside of each other but are up for sex (in a broad sense) with other people. But these terms don’t account for the agreement that they’re only exploring sex with other people when they’re together. 
As people have pointed out, some of the boundary setting around exactly how they’re involving other people in the relationship is left off-screen, and also they’re not necessarily going to form identities around how they act in one episode. I’ve also seen people suggest reading their relationship style as monagamish and/or that what they do with other people is part of kink/play. I think these make sense in different ways and that in 11x07 Ian and Mickey definitely focus more on what they do (action) rather than who they are (identity) in regards to monogamy/polyamory. 
In 11x01, Ian’s focus is more on identity. He sets up a binary choice between being monagamous or not in their relationship. 11x07 indicates they’ve moved through off-screen discussion into a much more personalised arrangement with more focus on actions allowing for flexibility over time. In 11x07, we see them agree on rules: sex in a broad sense is allowed outside of the primary partnership, love isn’t. They keep negotiations ongoing (e.g. in the bedroom, in the furniture store), and there is an indication that these rules could change over time. 
I’d love to read/explore more about the ways in which this approach has changed over the course of the whole show. At the start of their relationship, definitely prior to s4, they have much more implicit rules about who they can have sex with, and those implicit rules become problematic in s5, when they realise they’re not completely on the same page regarding them. They bring up clashing ideas around the rules when Mickey’s leaving prison in s10 too. In s11, their relationship becomes more intentional, with these rules stated aloud rather than assumed. 
The action/identity continuum in regards to gay sexuality 
On a slight tangent, I think there’s a comparison to be made here to how they relate to sexuality (specifically gender of attraction) and the idea of gay identity, which seems to develop in the other direction. For Mickey especially, for a long time having sex with men was something he did rather than something he was, and that’s gradually somewhat shifted over the course of the show. There’s so much more that can be explored here, for instance, about how the action-based approach is much more acceptable within the hyper-masculine environment he was raised. Terry also approaches it this way when talking about prison sex, for example. According to this very oppressive social script, having sex with men in certain circumstances can be OK but claiming that as part of who you are is absolutely not. 
But I also want to stress, I don’t think either approach to gay sexuality, looking at it through actions or through identity, is inherently better or worse. These different lenses on sexuality also intersect with class and levels of education. As explored in Sexuality: A Graphic Guide, the identity approach is also relatively a very modern way of seeing sexuality (late 20th century). Gender of attraction is also only one facet of sexuality (which includes amount of sex you want, type of sex, sexual roles etc.) but its now often regarded as the only or most important facet of sexuality. The identity-based approach is much more acceptable within the more aspirational/middle class settings they interact with in s10 and s11. In these seasons, Mickey and to a lesser extent Ian aren’t completely willing to accept it wholesale. I like how, for example, even well after “coming out”, Mickey often still approaches sexuality through actions rather than identity, e.g. his response to the woman at the flower shop asking if he’s a homosexual: “He is, I just like having another man’s dick up my ass.”
However, I also think it’s cool/interesting how Ian and Mickey both move towards and embrace various parts of mainstream gay identity in s11 too, and a large part of that involves combatting the sexism, femmephobia, and hypermasculinity with which they were raised, e.g. of course, singing and dancing to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande in the bathroom.  
You could also look at the different ideas about the origins of their gay sexuality in HoS through this lens. Mickey goes for a psychological/behavioural approach (based in like early 20th century sexological theories); Ian goes for a born-this-way, biological/genetic approach (popularised in the 1980s as part of gay pride movements). 
Mickey’s approach is very old school (definitely a way of thinking that reflects his upbringing), which assumes straight is the norm from which gay deviates, to do with Freudian theory/the idea of homosexuality as pathology. He doesn’t, for example, seek to use the same model (Fiona’s bad relationship history) to explain why Lip is straight. Ian’s approach (”not because I was born this way?”) reflects his investment in the intractability of sexuality related to his strict opposition to conversion therapy models and the idea of being gay as a choice. It also reflects the way he reacts negatively/disbelievingly to Debbie’s more flexible sexuality (in s8?). While obviously it’s fucked up/impossible to force people to change their sexuality and it’s perfectly reasonable for him to define the origins of his own sexuality however he wants, this approach risks excluding more fluid experiences of sexuality. 
Again, Mickey’s approach is more behavioural/action oriented and Ian’s is more identity oriented. They both seem pretty willing to shift their ideas around this though (especially Mickey, who potentially is just regurgitating old stuff he’s heard without thinking). The concluding thought is that Ian is gay because he likes Mickey’s d, lol. 
Individual differences on sex and relationship continua
I really like the detail that Ian doesn't want to have sex and be friends with anyone else aside from Mickey. In 11x07, he doesn't want to make friends with the guys in the locker room although he's down for repeat sexual experiences which suggests he thinks he forms romantic attachment through a combination of both sex and friendship. It seems like it's important to him in his negotiation with Mickey that they don't form romantic attachments outside of their own relationship.
This relates back to the 87% thing in HoS where Ian says he tends to get at least slightly attached to everyone he has sex with and Mickey has 87% of his heart. Mickey doesn’t like the 87% thing at all but I reckon it outlines a really interesting difference between the two characters in regards to relationship styles. It indicates that Ian is comfortable with a slightly less mononormative way of doing nurturance/care than Mickey, while Mickey seems to initiate more of the polysexuality than Ian in 11x07. (Although of course, we don’t see how Ian would react if Mickey were to tell him he’s got 87% of his heart! -- but this is a very difficult to imagine scenario).
Sex is a big part of their relationship for both of them. Both Ian and Mickey seem pretty allosexual (e.g. they feel sexual attraction for other people generally), but Mickey is possibly even more so than Ian. Mickey also maybe falls on the aromantic/grayromantic spectrum (once again, the labels can be really useful but I don’t want to be too prescriptive/rigid). Ian seems to be more alloromantic, with a capacity to experience romantic attraction to a whole bunch of people. For him, sex and romance seem to be more interconnected in all cases although he can definitely separate the two (especially when thinking about transactional sex etc).
But I think it's more complex than that. For instance, Mickey reserves certain sexual acts for just between him and Ian and its clear that they have both intimacy and exploration in their sex life. From the outset, Ian and Mickey’s relationship involves exploration and excitement with sex, and provides a freedom to explore their sexualities in regards to sexual roles and kink. It’s clear that Mickey values the safe space Ian specifically gives him in this regard from very early on in their relationship. There’s a parallel here with the bathroom Gaga/Grande scene where Ian’s instinct isn’t to tease or make fun of Mickey but support him embracing more stereotypical gay behaviours and/or more fluid gender roles to the ones he’s grown up with outside of sex too.
Also it might be useful to complicate the idea of romance itself which is a really difficult idea to pin down and which seems to mean different things for both of them. I love the stress on friendship in 11x07. Friendship and also family connection play such key parts in their relationship with one another and the way in which they are attached, arguably even more so than traditional models romance. Both HoS and the Hopper painting discussion are interesting to think about in regards to the ways Ian and Mickey think about the concept of romance differently and the ways it intersects with or differs from their ideas around friendship/family. I like how Mickey’s willing to see getting a coffee together as romantic in a positive way for instance after Ian explains that it’s about togetherness in hard times. While maybe Mickey sees Ian’s suggestion of having a bath together as awkward/weird because he views it more as trying to live up to a social script of what is “romantic”.
Communication strategies around relationship styles
In s11, Ian and Mickey’s relationship is very entwined, and, in comparison to Tami and Lip, for instance, they disclose a lot to each other. Ian asks that they tell each other everything, and although Mickey is more resistant to that initially, he becomes much more forthcoming with his feelings in s11 (around Terry, around moving to the West Side, around becoming a parent). 
While I appreciate Ian’s role in initiating more communication between the two of them, I felt sorry for Mickey in their initial discussion in 11x01 in re “monogamous or not”. The turning over the paper method is a pretty binary way to open up a discussion about a very charged and complicated thing. 
They do seem to complement each other in this regard though with Ian generally more keen to initiate conversation but also getting more trapped into binaries, narratives of normativity and should-stories. While Mickey totally still projects an image that is informed by local expectations around masculinity and white supremacy, he’s also a rule-breaker in many ways and doesn’t have the same desire to conform to what society perceives to be “normal” (thanks HoS), especially behind closed doors and within his relationship with Ian (“liking what I like don’t make me a bitch”).  @fiona-fififi had a really good point in the tags a while back about how Mickey’s investment in their wedding and its success might have spurred Ian on further to embrace more normative ways of doing relationships. This is super interesting, and also makes me think just about how being married itself prompts Ian to think about taking a more active role in pushing the relationship further up the relationship escalator and in pushing for more communication around these steps in general. 
There’s also something to be said about pressurising each other in 11x07, especially when they jokingly(?) threaten each other with sex with other men if both of them aren’t around. I doubt they were making these suggestions seriously but it definitely doesn’t strike me as the most consensual method of communication. But there’s parallels here with generally using sex as a bargaining chip earlier on in the season. Ian seems to do that after having exhausted his attempts at trying to have conversations around money/monogamy etc, as a tried and tested way of getting Mickey to engage with him. And it definitely reflects using sex with each other and sex/relationships with other people (e.g. s3 Angie/Ned, s10 Byron/Cole) as modes of communication in earlier seasons. It kind of makes sense that they still have these habits in s11 even if they are no longer the primary mode of communication. 
Ian and Mickey relied so much on implicit communication in the early seasons and they have highly developed nonverbal ways of communicating. I don’t want to say that either verbal or nonverbal ways of communicating are inherently better than the other. They seem to understand each other on a deep level, which is really cool, but people have pointed out can make them think they don’t need to verbally communicate when they do, because they assume that they’ll understand one another and be on the same page. It’s super interesting to see them maintain that deep connection and continue to use nonverbal cues while also adopting more explicit and intentional communication styles in s10 and s11. 
The windows of their relationship
The fandom is always bringing up how Ian and Mickey leave the doors open when they bang, lol, and also making fun of how much Ian overshares. I think this is v fair but it also strikes me as pretty healthy that he wants people to see into his and Mickey’s relationship, especially in his discussions with Lip. But Ian’s got plenty of people around him who can see and help when things get tough. 
In s11, it’s great to see Mickey get closer to the Gallagher family and see various members defending him or taking his side in arguments, but he definitely does have less of an on-screen support system than Ian. (I wish that they had developed his and Sandy’s relationship in s11). I think the aftermath of the City Hall incident in s10 really reveals this particular imbalance in their relationship. On one level, Mickey moves in with Byron as a reaction to being hurt and even maybe a strategy of revenge/manipulation, on another, he doesn’t really have anywhere to go aside from the Gallagher house when/if he needs to get away from Ian. Also, the way he retreats back to the Gallagher house when he can’t deal with the Westside is an interesting development of this in s11. 
Ian’s need to share stuff about their relationship is kind of exciting considering his history of being unforthcoming about his relationships (and his history of being in a lot of secret relationships), as well as how difficult he found it to talk about Mickey while Mickey was away. But there is a different problem with ongoing talk around privacy and boundaries here too (Mickey doesn’t want Ian to chat about how he’s not into rimming!). Although to be fair, Mickey also chats about a lot of explicit sex stuff with strangers. 
Although they do ultimately decide against pursuing the pretty inorganic way of making friends in 11x07, Ian’s desire to make gay friends who he can talk to about relationship stuff makes sense in terms of the way he has been pushing for a more intentional relationship with more communication and more explicit discussion and compromise this season (and last season too). It also intersects with an idea of him/both of them going further to embrace gay sexuality as an identity. 
It’s interesting that Mickey’s the one to initiate this decision through ribbing Ian about his relationship with Lip. Why’s Mickey doing that? Is it just to be a little shit or is he also trying (subconsciously?) to activate Ian in some direction? (And also, maybe there’s a parallel there to getting their apartment in the west side, where Mickey’s the one inadvertently introducing Ian to the idea by pushing for them to go play in the pool). 
There’s a lot here which is just scratching the surface of thinking about Ian and Mickey’s relationship in the context of these different sexuality and relationship continua. For e.g. it would be really interesting to think more about this stuff in terms of shifting sex roles and kink exploration. Of course it’s all up for interpretation and I am sure I am highlighting areas that I’m personally interested in and inadvertently projecting myself/my own preferences and styles into this discussion. Very down for disagreements and discussions if other people are interested and manage to read all of this, lol. 
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celticcrossanon · 5 months ago
Saw this and it tied into what you were saying about Archie and M&H
We know that they have no problem with using Archie for publicity eg the podcast so I think they didn't show him LIVE cos they don't much connection with him and it would've shown in their interaction as it had in the video of M reading to him. Imo they just can't be bothered and he's raised by nannies which is probably best given the circumstances. As long as he has a loving care provider it's better for him this way than if they actually bother with him and drag him into their toxicity
That could be it he’s older now and less easier to control its not like she could hold him the entire time like she did when they visited Desmond Tutu. 
I would like to also add that even at that age, whatever it was (I’m certain Archie wasn’t born in May 2019) that Meghan couldn’t hold her son properly or control him. You could see she was getting annoyed with him. I think it makes sense he was so restless and moving around was because he wasn’t used to them and didn’t know them.
I agree that Meghan could not hold her son properly from birth (look at the polo game for another example of this) and she had no idea what he wanted or how to keep him amused. A baby will be restless if they are left with strangers - sooner or later, all they want is their primary caregiver (mum or dad). If you slow down a video of Meghan and Archie together, her micro expressions are scary - pure rage (I’m not sure if this is the reading video or the SA video, it could even be both - I have just seen the frozen stills).
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theshedding · 8 months ago
What Haiti's past tells us about the meaning of Resistance & “Revolution”
One of the realities of American education (public or private) is that the already abbreviated history of Black people in the United States is completely non-intersectional and without recognition of the larger international African diaspora with respect to (1) Black liberation or (2) American and New-world European colonial history. For instance, it is not commonly recognized that proportionally-most Black people from Africa who arrived in the “New World” due to the Atlantic Slave Trade did not live in North America but in the Caribbean, South and Central America. That is to say, if you were enslaved (or newly freed) outside of Africa at any point from the 16th through late 19th century outside of Africa, you would’ve had a one in three (or four) chance of living in the United States. Ask your average Black person on the street about this and it’s news. Ask your average non-Black person on the street about this and it’s even more surprising news. And why wouldn’t it be? Due to highly racialized educational systems, steadfast commitment to Black marginalization, indifference and/or Black & indigenous marginalization, most Americans who don’t actively seek this information have very limited knowledge about critical historical events. The American Revolution and details are reduced to incoherent romanticized narratives about English tea and “tyranny”. The Civil War is also vague and obtuse in its descriptions of Southern animus and economics. “Reconstruction” is a word that, admittedly, I did not learn (or had forgotten about) until an adult...and as a young person I fancied myself more knowledgeable than most about Black History through extra-curricular history lessons, elders, activities and educated parents. Even I was unaware of the sequence of Black history, resistance and triumph on critical historical events in Black American history.
Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential Election, the word “Revolution” and phrase “We need a Revolution!” was flagrantly thrown around and abused in public discourse by young (and older) people who undoubtedly grew up with the same biased and negligent public educational system I had grown up with and (in many cases) profoundly less extra-curricular historical exposure and education. As a culture, we would then start to see real gains in the #BLM movement and the zeitgeist towards radical change and structural reforms from race to finance and public safety. I was quite happy to participate in the resurgence of a resistance movement, especially one centering itself around issues of Black liberation. It’s what I’ve been around most of my life. What I wasn’t comfortable with however, was the use of the term “revolution” to describe it. At least not by White people (there’s a reason for that) and/or by younger people (of any color/ethnicity) who also undoubtedly had been steeped in the vapid romanticism of ‘revolutionary’ history taught to us by our primary and secondary US educational indoctrinations. 
I have been in formal activism and education personally 30+ years now. Make no mistake, I absolutely support of “change” in our society, particularly towards social justice and Black liberation. And I have no wish to exclude White people or any other ethnicity from being enthusiastic activists or communicators of social/economic/political justice. That’s not my point. What my case is however, is that I’ve always been uncomfortable with the careless use of the term “revolution” in our national political conversations about race, justice, history and radical change. Particularly if that term is being appropriated for something other than racial equality of Black or indigenous people in this country. Historically, “revolution” has been inextricably tied to some aspect of Black resistance in the new world. To update the term in a way that erases or obfuscates deep racial inequities makes me uncomfortable in its lack of this historical context. Aside from that appropriative term however, the use of the sub-category or phraseology “radical change” in connection with “revolution” is problematic for its own reasons; ‘radical change’ and ‘radical ideas’ have become erroneously conflated terms in this way. Historically speaking, radical ideas have always endured much longer than the actual moment of revolution and change itself. In my lifetime there have been a number of “radical” changes; cigarette use and public smoking, seatbelts, recycling, eco fuels, Black people being on television and not talking “jive”, Gay/Bi and Trans people simply existing while not living a sad, diseased-ridden and isolated life, smoking weed and pre-existing conditions in health care are all things which were massive structural changes in society that took lifetimes to negotiate, deconstruct and implement. The idea came way before the actual change. And every one of those ideas were not radically “changed” in any one moment or by any one person. Instead those changes represented a patchwork of efforts by nameless, thankless individuals, organizations and multiple leaders whose work at times overlapped in various ways. Many of whom died or had to leave their advocacy before their desired change could be realized. Simply saying “radical change” and/or conflating change with charismatic leaders, “revolution” and politicians without acknowledging radical ideas, radical people (plural) and radical efforts over long stretches of time is a betrayal of history, the people working to change and correct it and those who have worked to correct it, for our sake.
On this day, January 1st, 2021, the 217th anniversary of the dissolution of Saint Domingue and the beginning of Haiti (Áyitì), the very first ever Black republic in the European/Western colonial world, named in honor of-and deference to-the indigenous Arawak/Taino “Indians” of the Caribbean, the process of what change really looks like is as profound as it ever was. Most of us have not studied this history in any appreciable detail-Black people included. Many might be surprised to know that Haitians came to Philadelphia, Charleston (S.C.) and New Orleans as a direct result of what happened in the late 18th and early 19th century and that there are Black and White Americans living there right now with traceable ancestry to this Caribbean island and the revolution that occurred there (until earlier this year I wouldn’t have known that either). Despite what Kanye West said, Black people did not ‘choose’ inferiority, slavery and colonial oppression. In fact, they resisted it and plotted revolution from the moment they boarded ships in West Africa. Especially in places like Haiti where many of the Africans arriving were literally soldiers, prisoners of wars and being replenished every 5-7 years because of the high death and production rates. There were hundreds of rebellions and revolts of enslaved Africans in the New world during the Atlantic Slave Trade; Haiti’s is just one of many. But Haiti’s is the largest, sustained revolt, with the most cultural, political and economic implications for its White, Black/African & African descended people -and- as people living in a “new” world trying to reconcile what it means to live together in a land post-slavery, post-European colonialism. To this day its people are a living testament to how difficult that work of Anti-Black resistance is in a global economy built around the presumption and instance of Black inferiority. The “project” of this revolution is yet unfinished.
Therefore in 2021, anyone studying, protesting, manifesting and politically agitating against our current socio-economic-political structures in America needs to study the Haitian Revolution in as much detail as possible. It is one of the biggest examples of how intricate, dynamic, long-suffering and difficult it is to actually perform “radical change”. During the pandemic I began (re) introducing myself to this subject by reading books, watching documentaries and listening to lectures outlining the layers of narrative involved in what would be come the Haitian Revolution; Macandal, the three “Commissions”, the Tricolor Commission, “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, the determinative links of the French Revolution, “Code Noir”, André Rigoud, British blockades, Spanish regiments, the “Coloureds”, returns to the plantations for Africans only, not “Blacks”(e.g. caste systems), trade embargos, Toussaint, Dessalines, etc....all confirming what was already apparent: change is hard, long and often takes generations.
If you are currently fighting for something, or against it, know that not one person or one act can or will likely “radically” change the reality. A “revolution” is a term not to be used lightly. When we de-romanticize it and “dig” into it we can begin to see more clearly how ugly and non-inevitable it’s results truly are. History tells us so-and we can learn from this history in a way that informs our present-day activism and fight towards justice of any kind, for any person, any ethnicity. Commit yourself and learn from those who have done it before you and recognize that the past will always be relevant to the present in resistance and change. 
Below are some great resources start to learning more on the Haitian Revolution👇🏿:
“Revolutions” (Apple Podcast, a immensely detailed lecture series!) PBS, “The Black Messiah: Macandal” “Haiti and the Atlantic World Reborn (New York Historical Society)” “Noam Chomsky, Modern-Historical Political Commentary” “Haiti Journal, 100th Anniversary of US Occupation”
Happy New Year, Happy Haitian Independence Day and most importantly, Happy learning!!! 🤩🥂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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moo-moo-meadows · 3 months ago
Niki went on this mental health interview/podcast.. almost mock (and I don’t mean in the mocking way) therapy type thing where she talked a lot about her experience with mental health (tw for the podcast: talks of self harm, addiction in the first few portions, talks about abuse and neglect in the end portions “how our mind protects us”) but there’s a section where she talked about being babied on the internet which I thought was a really interesting topic that I’m going to ramble about in a read more because,, yeah. 
It’s one that she’s particularly outspoken about, and one that i feel like could be talked about when it comes to other content creators as well. Pick your choosing. George, Tubbo, BBH, Dream, probably more but those are the ones that I see sort of mentioned a lot and that I personally feel fits the discussion. 
The person that was interviewing her (Dr. K) said something that I thought was really insightful, but that I just kinda wanted to add on to?? (idk why I’m writing this like a mf english essay, anyways) he said to her (and I’m mostly paraphrasing to make it more general) “People baby you, and that can be insulting and demeaning. But there’s a subtle difference between people babying you and people caring about you.” and then he went on to talk about how she might be rejecting the notion of people caring for her, but that’s not what we’re on about. 
What I personally think is that there’s kind of a third layer to it. Which is when people care about you when you don’t feel like they need to, or when you don’t have a relationship in which that kind of thing is necessary or even right. And to most that can be, in a sense, babying, even when it’s not the typical example of “ohh poor (insert cc’s name) they’re just so (insert demeaning or babying thing) uwu poor baby why are the others so mean :((” which, you know. But like. 
Niki talks about it in the podcast too, but the relationship between a streamer and their audience shouldn’t be one where the audience is caring for the streamer like a friend. A streamer’s only job is to be entertaining to their chat. Nothing more and nothing less. The chat shouldn’t be defending their streamer or making any notion of acting like they know anything about their streamer. Of course, an audience can still care about their streamer. They can still feel things towards their streamer. The difference is when you overstep a certain boundary in that relationship which I feel like is what often happens. Primary example being people trying to defend their streamers from their own friends. 
tldr: care about your streamer, but don’t care so much about them that you’re overstepping a boundary and babying them
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joezworld · 6 months ago
Specifically, any headcanons of the Sodor Engines interacting with the internet, or the internet in general?
For some reason, I’d imagine that podcasts and the like are popular among vehicles in general.
That is a question that I've been working on for some time - because I'm workshopping my own Tornado headcanon (and boy oh boy does she use the internet a lot) - but I have some ideas for the Sodor engines as well: 
Henry is probably the most "plugged in" engine on the island, weirdly enough. One of his drivers gave him an iPod back in the early 2000s, and kindly preloaded it with a bunch of torrented music.
 BTW, that works because all the engines are now equipped with automatic train warning systems, and the little on-board computer has a USB port - as a nice side effect it allows music players to work with the engines in the same way as bone-conducting headphones do. The computer also acts as some kind of computer interface, which I am not going to explain how that works because Jesus Christ I don’t know how it does either.  
 Henry has managed to upgrade his iPod a few times since thanks to hand-me-down units from NWR staff, so he eventually got his buffers on a wifi-enabled iPod Touch and now downloads new music from the station wifi. He does listen to podcasts, but as every other engine will tell you, you could show Henry ten thousand new and exciting songs from the best artists in the world, and his top ten played songs are still going to be Genesis, Phil Collins, and Yes. Bear considers it a win that he managed to convince Henry to regularly listen to Rush after a mere twenty years of convincing. 
 Mavis and Daisy listen to a very interesting program called The News, because as stated elsewhere, they invest a shitload of money and need to be on top of things. Thomas and Percy wish that Daisy would use headphones or something similar to that, instead of listening to Bloomberg TV at loud volumes in the middle of the night. Toby frankly doesn’t mind, as it’s very nice to be kept up-to-date on the outside world.  
In a move that surprises no-one, Bill and Ben have a podcast where they talk about whatever they think about at that moment - usually horse-racing, investing, and clay mining. As such, they have a wide audience, almost none of whom know that they’re that Bill and Ben, as their podcast is audio-only.  
 In an also unsurprising move, Edward and BoCo have been made very much aware that Bill and Ben have a podcast, but are still unsure as to what the hell a podcast is, despite being frequent guests on it.  
Of the main line diesels, only Bear has shown any real interest in the internet, and was immediately put in charge of the Amazon Alexa when a unit was installed in the diesel shed. He also has an iPod that he got for Christmas a few years back. (The NWR has a very good personal  electronics recycling program called give it to Henry, he’ll make use it.)  
Bear does listen to podcasts as well as music, but his choices are so insufferably boring that even Henry refuses to listen to them. (I don’t really listen to podcasts - despite making one - so insert the most boring podcast you can think of here.) 
 As for other internet uses... 
Gordon is very up-to-date on the newest social media trends - somehow - but only really cares when he is involved. He won’t admit it, but he’s been trying to figure out how to work a camera/selfie stick for some time so he can start up his own Instagram account. So far he has been unsuccessful, but one day he will manage it. 
 James has had an ongoing feud with his own Wikipedia page for about a decade now. The article sourced most of its information about his construction off of some out-of-print book about the L&Y. The book in question is accurate about James’ class, but not James himself - as he was a prototype engine. There’s no other primary sources available, so the very dedicated Wikipedia mod who created the page won’t change it - no matter how much James complains that he was there! He knows what happened! 
Every now and again a TTTE fan blog/tumblr will make a post about hypothetical “ships” of the Sodor engines. Most of the time it’s shipping the core characters like Gordon and Henry, much to Gordon’s bafflement and Henry’s amusement! 
Only one blog (a ttte fan tumblr by the curious name of @mean-scarlet-deceiver  ) has gotten it right. Henry actually reached out to congratulate this blogger, but was unfortunately mistaken for a very dedicated roleplay account.  
James is very annoyed by these blogs, as they have never once correctly guessed who he is “shipped” with! He has tried several times to be seen in public with Delta, but these events have never gone as planned - the “best” instance is when Edward rolled by at exactly the wrong moment, leading to months of speculation that JamesxEdward was the ship to look out for! 
Thomas, being a generally oblivious sort of engine, was totally unaware of the online fan community around the TV show until he started getting actively harassed by vloggers and Instagrammers in the early 2010s. He’s fine with it now, but it was a deeply unusual experience for most of 2012.  
Toby has developed an unexpectedly popular following on social media following his collab with Stormzy. His official twitter is huge now, with over a million followers, even if he has no idea what to do with it. He posts rarely, but usually manages to make an incredible post when he does.
No-one is sure who told Oliver what a “fan-production” is, but if you manage to get ahold of him for any period of time and ask him nicely, he will lend his voice to your TTTE fan-project, so long as it isn’t about [INSERT TERRIBLE SOCIAL/POLITICAL VIEW(S) HERE]. This means that he has 100% voiced dramatic readings of NSFW Fanfics before, which is always an absolute riot to spring on people unannounced.
There is a series of slice-of-life TTTE fanfics on Ao3 that have been written with such accuracy and innate railway knowledge that people are sure it was written by a Sodor engine, but nobody knows which one.
The Culdee Fell Railway has very active Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts, with all of the engines and coaches showing up regularly. It’s about the closest any of the railways on Sodor have come to what those outside the UK would call “normal locomotive social media”.
The Skarloey Railway has social media accounts too, but they don’t really feature the engines in any meaningful way, instead being used as a normal service announcements page.  
 The SR is a real working railway that doesn’t rely on tourism money as much as the others do, so they get a bit of a pass here.  
 The Arlesdale Railway has Twitter and YouTube, which didn’t usually get a lot of hits until 2020, when Ivan and Amanda Farrier started badgering the staff to make some videos just to alleviate some boredom. So far the most popular videos on the channel are a front-mounted camera video of the entire line slow-tv style, Bert explaining how steam engines work, and a video of Mike complaining about Justin Bieber for a solid half-hour.  
 That’s about it as far as Sodor goes, but before we’re done, I want to take a moment to talk about Tornado, because I have some fun ideas for her... 
First of all, we need to establish that Tornado is very young. Her construction only started in late 90′s, and she was steamed to life in 2000, putting her firmly into the “Zoomer” category. Add in the fact that she was built by a bunch of old men who didn’t really know how to treat a new engine, and she was raised much more like a human than a locomotive - I’ll get to this much more in the proper Tornado Headcanon post, but what this means here is that when social media started being a thing in the mid-to-late 2000′s, the people at the A1 Trust decided that they needed a young person to run things like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace... and, well, Tornado was the youngest person in the trust by a large margin.
I should state here that in the rest of the world, locomotives are on the internet at roughly the same level as humans are, so there’s plenty of equipment to connect a phone/computer/camera to an engine - being English, the A1 Trust didn’t know how common it was, but they managed to get it up and running just the same.
 So Tornado has very quickly become attuned to the internet, just like any other teenager would. (yes, let’s let that settle into our minds for a moment - Tornado is barely old enough to drink in the US!) Quite naturally that means that she knows social media inside and out, and is actually quite a proficient social media manager for the trust, managing all of their social pages. More than one person who has complained about the trust on twitter has unknowingly been complaining to Tornado herself! 
 “On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog Engine”. 
 Tornado has her own personal social media accounts too, but most/all of the time she gets mistaken for a very dedicated role-player, as the general perception of British Locomotives is that they don’t tweet. This has resulted in some amazing reactions from podcast hosts (because, as you might expect, Tornado is very knowledgeable about steam traction in the 21st century, and tweets about it often, so train podcasts want to talk to her) when she gets invited onto video calls, turns on her webcam, and is met with screams from people who suddenly realize that her profile picture is accurate.  
 By far the best instance of this is when she was invited onto a video call with a railfan podcast. She was at the NRM at the time and managed to convince them to let her use their Skype setup. A wide-angle lens was needed because she was on the turntable in the Great Hall, so that podcast quickly got sidetracked when her webcam was turned on and revealed Tornado, with Mallard, Evening Star, City of Truro, and Green Arrow visible behind her. Whatever the original topic was quickly got thrown out in favor of a 2-hour Q&A with some of the most famous engines in the UK. 
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skold · 23 days ago
counterpoint to your kinkshaming asks: what about stuff like DD/LG, raceplay, rape play and etc?
short answer: i said what i said
long answer:
as a white top/dom i don't think it's my place to discourse on race play other than to say it's an incredibly big squick for me and i do not partake under any circumstances, and that includes "positive" race play like the whole ~interracial~ porn phenomenon or "queen of spades" type cuckolding dynamics
(note: i personally use the term consent play instead of "rape play" as i don't like the use of the word rape right next to the word play, as well as because i think it's more inclusive of any type of scene that involves pretending to not give consent as well as stuff like consensual drugging etc, so if i say that then know that's what i mean)
i will also say that folks should definitely examine their reasons for wanting to partake in a certain kink. and also be transparent with their partner about those reasons. stuff like age play, race play, and consent play are super heavy and emotionally loaded role plays that need to be taken seriously and handled with care. i'm not personally someone who thinks every one of those scenes needs to be negotiated to a T, as a lot of the fun of a scene can be making things up as you go, but transparency and open communication are the main thing with those.
i understand your concern because, as i said, they're role playing with extremely sensitive stuff, but i think the primary thing we need to consider is 1, individual autonomy and ones knowledge of oneself, as well as 2, the aspect of whether something is actually harmful. obviously those things CAN be harmful if used in the wrong way. but so can any sexual activity, kinky or not. also, your comfort level with something doesn't mean other people don't get to do it. it just means that you don't give them consent to involve you, personally.
i realize this is a big thing but if the subject interests you (general you, so not just anon but everyone reading) and you enjoy long form talks and podcasts and stuff like that, i highly recommend listening to mollena williams-haas's talk on taboo play. i wasn't at this particular talk but i had the opportunity to hear her give it at another event and i both relate to her and agree with her on most of what she says. she gives her personal experiences with race play as a submissive black woman and as someone with similar but different "bad" kinks, i feel her reasoning for partaking deeply. it's about an hour and forty-five minutes long, and in two parts, but i highly recommend listening to anybody involved in the kink community or that just wants to better understand why people do this kinda stuff. she mainly discusses race play and consent play because that's her experience, but touches on other subjects like incest role playing and bodily fluid play and n*zi fetishism and breaks down the reasoning behind them.
part 1:
part 2:
anyway sorry this got so long but i just have a lot of feelings about taboo play and i'm a huge advocate for it in general so
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thecottageinthedark · 5 months ago
Locked Tomb sortings-the Tridentarii
So Sorting Hat Chats themselves did a podcast episode about sorting this series, but....they only sorted the two main characters. (Gideon as Badger/Lion, Harrow as Double Badger.) Which...our protag girls are great, yeah, but there’s so many other cool characters! So, these are my thoughts on the Tridentarius twins, and how I Sort them. I’m putting this under a cut, cause the series is not yet complete and here there be spoilers.
Ianthe Tridentarius is a blatant Double Snake. Muir has even specifically said that she’s a female version of the ‘Draco Malfoy in leather pants’ trope. Ianthe cares about herself, she cares about her sister, and she cares about Harrow. That’s the limit of her inner circle. She doesn’t need to dehumanise the people outside it, but she doesn’t care about them either. And when she does care-well, it’s Ianthe herself who says “Love is acquisitive”. Love, for Ianthe Tridentarius, means Mine.
She manipulates. She adapts. She improvises. Harrow, who uses Bird and Badger methods, disapproves of Ianthe’s style of necromancy; she admits Ianthe is a genius (she reverse-engineered the lyctoral process without seeing most of the written theorems!) but accuses her of being “a kind of necromantic gymnast, doing showy tricks without concern for the theory”. That’s very much a Built Secondary reaction to seeing an Improvisational Secondary at work and not liking it.
Coronabeth Tridentarius, though? She shares Ianthe’s Snake primary, but her secondary is Badger-and that’s why the two come into conflict.
The culture of the Third House is super heavy on Snake secondary-as you’d expect given it’s the house of High Society. Snake face-shifting is a social staple. Corona’s a Courtier Badger, so she could fit into that culture and do well in it...except for one huge problem. Badger secondaries have to mean it. They have to believe the role they’re playing, because they run on integrity of method. And starting from when she was very young, Corona was required to pretend to be something she could not believe herself to be-a necromancer.
This did an absolute number on her self-esteem. Pretending to be a necromancer while Ianthe does all the actual magic for both of them, and getting lauded for that? It’s completely horrible to her. She latched onto the idea instead of being her sister’s cavalier, because that’s a kind of work she could do-necromantic talent is inborn, there’s no way to achieve it if you are not born with it, but learning to swordfight is something she’s capable of. Unfortunately, her family didn’t understand why this was such a problem for her-for a Snake like Ianthe is and like their parents probably are, it wouldn’t be-so it was dismissed as Corona being silly or childish.
When Ianthe kills Naberius and absorbs his soul to become a Lyctor, Corona views it as the ultimate betrayal, because she’s so desperate to be of use and her sister has denied that to her. She’s a Snake Badger with no way whatsoever to serve and help Her Person-the one person that her inner circle consists of, because by this point she’s kicked herself out. And so she shatters, and ends up crying helplessly on the floor.
But then Corona started crying again, big tears leaking out of her eyes, her voice thick with misery and self-pity. “And who even cares about Babs? Babs! She could have taken me.”
Muir, Tamsyn. Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb Trilogy) (p. 394). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.
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canon-lgbt-characters · a month ago
ok now im curious!! what content with lgbt characters (preferably primary characters) would you recommend?
thanks for asking!! I have been preparing for this moment 🙏🏻 SORRY THAT THIS GOT KIND OF LONG! so I put it under a read more
first are my trio of webcomics I keep up with no matter what
Alice and the Nightmare - I just gave it a shout out but it's a cool fantasy world about Alice, a fat bi girl!, going to college after living with the queen for years and not having many friends, but it seems like something about Alice isn't quite 'normal'. Cast is very diverse and fun!
Sleepless Domain - gay magical girls!! they protect a city from nightly monster attacks and soon a mysterious monster causes a lot of trouble for our main characters. Undine is black and wlw and she is such a good character I love her so much
Namesake - a portal fantasy about going to stories of classics like Wizard of Oz but the Emma... shouldn't be there based off of how the 'portals' work. Evolves into some of the best world building and settings I've ever read. Emma isn't lgbt+ but a lot of the main and supporting cast are! My icon is one of my favorite characters <3
Podcasts my beloved media type that I never get around to despite loving
The Magnus Archives - a podcast that is literally no questions asked my favorite piece of horror media I've ever engaged in. It's horror is amazing, it's slow world building is the perfect amount of questions and answers, and it's characters are SO interesting. Also has trigger warnings for every episode on the wiki/on the episode descriptions for if you like horror but can't stand a certain type of scare!
Welcome to Nightvale - listen to me. listen to me. nightvale has always been good. it's weird and funny and small fucked up little town where cosmic horrors are just normal every day things is a FUN trope and it's worth checking out if you never were into it back in the day
shows and cartoons and yeah <3
The Haunting of Bly Manor - I am once again talking about horror media. Anyways they labeled this as gothic romance and I was instantly hooked! It's a heartbreaking sort of story about ghosts and memories and the main character is a lesbian who is working at a creepy old manor to take care of the kids who live there and if you like horror...!! (The Haunting of Hill House is also good & worth checking out!)
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts - this cartoon feels super underrated despite having a black gay boy get to say he's gay out loud. it's a post apocalypse setting where humanity has kind of hidden themselves away from the huge kaiju mutated animals and the talking animal groups but our protag Kipo is going to go through the world and solve it's mysteries and help everyone heal through kindness and song. it's really fun and 100% worth checking out if you are the type to enjoy kids cartoons!
i would also give a shout out to some comics & graphic novels I love but this is getting really long so for now I'll just shout out one I really liked
Saga - lol okay Saga has been on hiatus for... a long time now and it's on an awful cliffhanger so just a heads up if you check it out. ALSO!! This is an 18+ piece of media if you are a minor please wait to check it out. it will probably still be on hiatus by the time you're old enough lmao. It's a space opera scifi story about a couple who were on different sides of a looong war but they're together despite that and also pregnant and holy shit they're having a baby right here in chapter 1. it's the story of their kid growing up and the struggles of the parents to keep them safe. Also heads up if you're not big on character deaths maybe don't read this, it gets sort of games of thrones-y to keep the cast cycling out
i know my summaries def got worse as this list went on but this was like. starter pack to my favorite media with lgbtq+ characters and they are all equally worth checking out if they sounded interesting to you!! There's a lot more, especially webcomics and comics, I would love to talk about someday too
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