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18th January 2020 // Prince Daniel and Prince Carl Philip attended the digital Sports Gala. Daniel awarded the prize for “Pepper of the Year” in connection with his and the Crown Princess’s joint charity Generation Pep. The prize rewards a person, organisation or project which has provided inclusive and accessible ways for young people to get active. The recipient was Bara Vanlig, a charity who have received funding from the Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation

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“Because I love guessing royal baby names even though no one asked for it, I’m going with my bets for the 2021 ones: I think Eugenie and Jack could either go for a traditional name or a more modern name. If it’s a boy, I think Oliver, Nicholas or Callum and if it’s a girl I think Violet, Alice or Tabitha would do. For Zara and Mike, I bet if they have a baby girl they will stick with the same name ending with a/ah formula so it could be Nora, Emma or Ada and if they stick with the same formula for a boy it could be Elijah, Noah or even Ezra. In Sofia and Carl Philip’s case and based on their previous choices, I think they will go for a traditional name but not typically Swedish for either gender. By the way the owner of this blog does an amazing job 😍” - Submitted by Anonymous

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Mini Newspaper and Tabloid Spam (Part 18)

For more Newspaper and Magazine scans click here

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So I’m going to try and do something like Tim’s count for the BRF but for the SRF. I’m also hoping to have a bit more detail for Victoria and Daniel like @princesscatherinemiddleton and @cambridge-sussex do with their counts. I was thinking of putting things under themes and perhaps patronages (although that is trickier for the SRF as they don’t list all of their patronages). Is there anything people would like to see?

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Duchessofostergotlands’ favourite royal moments of 2020: Part 4/4

  • In a bleak year, Prince Charles of Luxembourg brought some much needed moments of joy with his chubby cheeks and adorable smile at various engagements, including the unveiling of a rose named after him - 6th October 2020 
  • I felt like a proud mother when Maud Behn won the Bravest Woman of the Year award for her moving speech at her father’s funeral and her championing of suicide awareness - 25th October 2020
  • The Crown Princess couple took Estelle to view a statue of her formidable ancestor Kristina Gyllenstierna, connecting the future Queen to the incredible women who came before her - 7th November
  • The Queen and Prince Philip read a card made by the Cambridge children  (possibly one of the many crafts projects to distract them from trashing the house during the pandemic) ahead of their 73rd wedding anniversary - 19th November 2020
  • The Duchess of Cambridge unveils the results of her Early Years survey with a series of videos, including one where she delved into the cesspit that is the Instagram comments section and dragged everyone on their excessive emoji usage - 28th November 2020 
  • The British royal family may have lost three workers in a year but they may have recruited a new secret weapon as Camilla’s dog Beth unveiled a plaque with her teeth - 9th December 
  • Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia announce their third pregnancy, continuing the 2020 baby bonanza - 11th December 
  • They’re behind you!! (British inside joke, don’t worry about it). The Cambridge family attend a pantomime held to thank key workers and their families - 11th December 
  • In the first time I’ve found Mike Tindall’s rugby podcast remotely interesting, his daughters Mia and Lena crash the conversation in a moment that summarised working parents’ experiences in 2020 - 23rd December  
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Baby Name Guessing for the Royal Baby Boom of 2021

(It’s really just what I would name them but we can pretend it’s a prediction)

Zara and Mike Tindall

They seem to really like names that end with a vowel and are short (Mia and Lena) so I don’t see them using a long flowery name. Also only one middle name


  • Noah James
  • Anthony Philip
  • Theo Michael 


  • Anna Louise
  • Esme Anne 
  • Ruby Phillipa

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip:

They seem to like classic names but not ones that are too outdated and the middle names are usually ones from their families. 


  • Oliver Gustaf Henrik
  • Josef Edmund Philip 
  • Benjamin Leopold Olof 


  • Nathalie Silvia Marie 
  • Isabelle Victoria Marie 
  • Emilia Alice Kristina

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank:

I really want the baby to be a girl so there’s no way for them to loop in you know who’s name into the child’s name but I must be fair.


  • Christopher George
  • Alexander James
  • Nicholas Andrew (it’s also Eugenie’s maternal uncle’s name)


  • Caroline Elizabeth
  • Alexandra Margaret
  • Rose Nicola

I’m not including Pippa Middleton and James Matthews because I consider them more aristocratic and they are so private and reserved that I don’t really have the energy to guess what the name might be.

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Duchessofostergotlands’ favourite royal moments of 2020: Part ¾

  • Princess Leonor shows she is very much her mother’s daughter as she had to remind her father King Felipe to put his mask back on at a memorial event - 16th July 
  • Prince Gabriel is somehow grown up enough to have made his first official visit to his Duchy with his proud parents - 28th August 
  • Twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques return to school where little Gabriella was seen sweetly fixing her brother’s hair -  9th September 
  • The 100 stunning final images for the Duchess of Cambridge’s Hold Still campaign were released, capturing 2020 in surreal and moving detail - 14th September 
  • Princess Eugenie and her husband, professional goofball Jack Brooksbank, announced the first of 2020′s pregnancies with a photograph of a tiny pair of slippers - 25th September
  • As a personal birthday present to me the Cambridges released a photograph of the family - including their incredibly excited children - meeting national treasure David Attenborough -  26th September
  • During an engagement, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel happened to be across the street from a film shoot. Director Manuel Concha shouted to them they could be extras for “300 kronor a day” and free coffee, prompting laughter from the couple - 1st October
  • The Cambridge children had the opportunity to ask David Attenborough, their new bff, a question but it was little Louis who killed us all with one word: amimal - 3rd October
  • Belgium’s new Princess Delphine is overtaken by emotion as she gives her first press conference following the end of a 7 year battle to be recognised as the daughter of King Albert - 5th October
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Winter 1988 // Rare footage of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine playing in the snow at their home, Drottningholm Palace, with the family’s dog

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