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ELLA ENCHANTED 2004, dir. Tommy O'Haver
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In spite of the spell, Ella grew up strong of mind. Her gift made her obedient, but her heart made her kind.
Ella Enchanted (2004) dir. Tommy O'Haver
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Ella Enchanted (2004)
“Somebody to love”
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Mis chibis bomnitos
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G surprises Char on their anniversary with a starlight rendezvous!🪄💫💙 The prince was getting worried that the wizard would forget but the wizard came and kissed those tears away 🙃💕
Made for the #EnchantedBeasts anniversary in Twitter 🥰
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Char and Ella + hugging
ELLA ENCHANTED (2004) dir. Tommy O’Haver
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shaggy boy:
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shaggy man:
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hugh dancy with animals because they are clearly his best friends
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I would like to thank Prince Charmont for his service in representing all himbos of the world
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Im about to say it:
This man
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so that harry styles could run.
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Prince Charmont
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“You Put A Spell On Me”
Fandom: Ella Enchanted, Fantastic Beasts
Rating: Mature/ Explicit
Characters: Gellert Grindelwald (Mads), Prince Charmont
Relationship: Prince Charmont / Gellert Grindelwald
Summary: Char has finally received an invitation for a “private lesson” in Grindelwald’s office at the magic academy of Lamia. Since the first day of Grindelwald’s arrival, he had felt a connection to the alpha. The wizard reveals that he wants him, too.
Tags: Omegaverse, Oneshot, Drabble, True Mates, Alpha Grindelwald, Omega Charmont, Academy AU, Alternate Universe, Light Smut, Older Man/ Younger Man, Not Beta Read, All Mistakes Are Mine And Not On Purpose,
Notes:By any means, I don’t support the TERF JKR anymore and definitely don’t intend to watch the FB movie in the cinema or on streaming platforms, but I do like Mads as Grindelwald and the couple Char/Grindelwald. That’s the reason I wrote it. Please don’t read if this creates unpleasant associations (I totally understand).
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Char waved his wand and hissed “Revelio”. Sparks flew out of the top. Nothing happened, no one spied on him or set up a magic trap. He peeked around the corner, tilted his head over his shoulder, then directed his gaze up to the staircases winding up to different floors of the castle.
Relieved that no student or staff member was approaching, Char crept towards the marble staircase with quick steps, then entered the long corridor which led to Grindelwald’s office.The last thing he wanted was one of the obnoxious, arrogant but clueless alphas to report him to his uncle. Edgar wasn’t fond of him, the heir to the throne, learning magic and being a potential threat.
Char stopped in front of the round, polished mahogany door and checked his appearance in the magic mirror hanging on the door and ran his hair through his curls. He took a few breaths to steady his restless pulse. With trembling hands, he knocked twice.
He paced around in circles as he waited for an answer. The young omega was unspeakably nervous at the prospect of being alone in a room with the tall, handsome wizard Grindelwald with the magnetic cheekbones and haunting, dark brown eyes.
Char still found it difficult to comprehend that Grindelwald had decided to invite him over in the evening after he had ignored him all the time during the lectures.
It was like a dream. Too good to be true and Char didn’t want to wake just yet.
Ever since the omega laid eyes on Grindelwald, the new magic teacher at the wizard academy of Lamia, he had felt connected to him and often daydreamed about the alpha inviting him for a private magic lesson.
As he didn’t posess much money, Edgar’s doing, he would offer a more physical kind of payment.His thoughts strayed again to him writhing in velvet sheets while being fucked by Grindelwald in rut..
Char emitted a quiet Omega whine as he got lost in the daydream.
“Come in, dear boy.”
The young, curly-haired omega tore his blue eyes wide open and stopped his pacing abruptly.
An embarrassed blush crept on his face as Grindelwald’s voice tore him of his thoughts.Char managed to collect himself again,just in time before the polished, round, wooden door flew open.
When the raspy, velvet voice laced with a thick European accent, ordered him to enter, Char’s cock twitched with interest. He swallowed heavily as the first ripple of slick drenched his lace panties.
Don’t mess it up, Char, he thought. This is your one and only chance.
The young omega entered and gave his best to muster a perfectly innocent expression while trying to suppress his Omegan instincts to fling himself at his true mate.
“You wanted to see me, Professor?” Char asked in hoarse voice, blushing further as he noticed Grindelwald’s scrutinising stare wandered over his body.
Grindelwald , who had just finished grading some papers on his desk, straightened his body and gave a smug smirk. “Oh, yes, my dear Charmont. I need to talk to you and show you something important.”
The soft purr made Char’s cock harden further so he had to cross his legs to hide the bulge.Also, the scent coming off Grindelwald, a mixture of musk, sandalwood and pine, didn’t help.
With a lazy swish of his wand, the older wizard sealed the door. Another swish of his hand and a soft orange light of floating candles, filled the room and created a soothing, romantic atmosphere.
“May I ask what do you want to show me?” Chat asked, his breathing growing shallow the more he tried to conceal his aroused state.
Eying Char with fondness and hunger , Grindelwald abandoned his spot in the back of the room and walked closer to the curly-haired omega with slow-measured steps.
“I think you already know the answer,” Grindelwald said, his magnetic gaze burning into Char blue orbs.
“Didn’t you feel the same connection on the day we met? Do you remember the dreams you shared with me? It’s no mere coincidence.”
Char nodded shyly. He bit on his rosy lips and avoided Grindelwald’s gaze for a second, remembering too well how Grindelwald had seen glimpses of his fantasies.
“But isn’t it forbidden to have close relationships with your students?” Char asked, furrowing his eyebrows in concern. He wanted to be bonded to his true mate, but the price for their relationship could be too high.
A heavy, palpable tension filled the air; one that could be compared to the one before an intense hurricane.
Char’s wobbly limbs didn’t react to the orders of his brain. If he didn’t know better, he thought that Grindelwald had put a spell on him without using his wand. All he could do was to lose himself in the maroon eyes that had an amber glow in them, and take in the invigorating aroma surrounding the alpha.
The alpha breached the remaining distance. Char smelled the intoxicating scent and noticed every tiny scar and wrinkle on his face.Grindelwald lifted his wand and with a slow, sensual movement, he pushed up Char’s chin with the top while his other hand reached out for his firm bottom.
Char let out another wanton moan when Grindelwald’s fingers groped his butt and massaged it through the fabric with circular movements. His entrance leaked more of the sweet slick. His brown pants definitely showed stains now. He automatically bared his neck for the older man to nuzzle the sensitive skin.
“I’m afraid I’ve never been the greatest fan of conventions and morality in our society,” Grindelwald purred into his ear, whilst his fingers slid to the front of Char’s white tunic to remove it.
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Ella Enchanted (2004)
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filthyfeasting · a month ago
what are your like, required absolute-must-see hugh dancy movies? i love him dearly, obv, but it's difficult to know where to start
his discography isn't big persay, so you could realistically watch all of them (i'm halfway through??) but it slightly depends on what you want to see him in, and if you prefer twink hugh or not.
ella enchanted, jane austen book club, and confessions of a shopaholic are probably the best ones you can watch if you want some mindless entertainment and a cute guy. the plot is easy to understand, the relationships are simple, and they're all well made movies that you can find on most streaming platforms.
blood and chocolate, adam, and king arthur are edgy-ier choices in my opinion, they're all still well-made as hell, but with the exception of blood and chocolate his character is tougher and less twinky 😔 and they're all a bit heavier in terms of plot, with adam having an autistic character who is actively being pushed out of his comfort zone, and blood and chocolate being about like. werewolves i guess that isn't heavier
tl;dr ella enchanted or confessions of a shopaholic are good for mindless entertainment but if you want something more king arthur or adam are your best friends
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Enchanted Beasts 👑🪄
I love this ship! Prince Char and Gellert Grindelwald 🥰
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Hugh Dancy just makes me so... hnjahaksn <33
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