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colinarcartperson2 days ago
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I had the sudden urge to draw some of my favorite Saints so here is my #1 favorite Saint Olga of Kiev聽
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janes-a-charted-stan2 days ago
I want the moon...
but I CAN鈥橳 because it鈥檚 already INHABITED by PAUL CLONES
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i could be your perfect little school girl 馃グ馃挄
if you appreciate my content send me a tip 馃槈馃グ馃挄
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kingdomtale2 days ago
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KingdomTale: Changez Vostre Destin
La humanidad siempre gobern贸 en la tierra desde el inicio de su existencia, pero sus pecados los condenaron a ser castigados por su creador a padecer y compartir el mundo con otros seres conscientes, similares y diferentes a ellos. El descontento era obvio, a trav茅s de los siglos los humanos detestaron a los seres m谩gicos, causando que las guerras sin sentido fueran el pan de cada d铆a por culpa de la envidia a sus capacidades m谩gicas y el temor al poder que algunos de ellos podr铆an obtener con simplemente tomar sus almas. Fue por ese miedo que su mayor objetivo se convirti贸 en exterminarlos con la meta de por fin, nuevamente, ser los 煤nicos soberanos de la tierra.
Pero...entre tanta muerte y destrucci贸n, muchos huyeron y se escondieron dejando sus tierras de lado o viajando a los rincones m谩s lejanos donde su existencia no corriera alg煤n peligro. Muy pocos fueron los temerarios que siguieron reinando y protegiendo sus reinos. El reino de Ebott era uno de ellos, el 煤nico reino visible y existente de categor铆a monstruo. M谩s hubo un horrible d铆a en el que fue emboscado por el gran reino de Francia, reconocido por su poderosa y misteriosa dinast铆a Determ. Muchos pobres monstruos murieron en lo que se convirti贸 en una guerra. Ambos reyes al tenerse de frente tuvieron una larga y exhaustiva batalla que...sorpresivamente termin贸 en un acuerdo de "paz" que consist铆a en no pasar las limitaciones establecidas sino las guerras contra ellos volver铆an y no tendr铆an compasi贸n ni a煤n si suplicaran piedad.
Y as铆 fue por unos cuantos a帽os hasta que la curiosidad y el deseo fueron m谩s poderosos y la iron铆a de la vida le dio alas al pr铆ncipe para que rompiera las palabras y que los destinos de las personas que lo rodeaban fueran "diferentes"
Humanity always ruled the earth since the beginning of its existence, but their sins condemned them to be punished by their creator to suffer and share the world with other conscious beings, similar and different from them. The discontent was obvious, through the centuries humans detested magical beings, causing senseless wars to be the daily bread because of the envy of their magical abilities and the fear of the power that some of them could obtain by simply taking their souls. It was because of that fear that their main objective became to exterminate them with the goal of finally, once again, being the sole rulers of the land.
But... among so much death and destruction, many fled and hid, leaving their lands aside or traveling to the farthest corners where their existence would not be in danger. Very few were the reckless ones who continued to reign and protect their kingdoms. The kingdom of Ebott was one of them, the only visible and existing kingdom of monster category. But there was a horrible day when it was ambushed by the great kingdom of France, renowned for its powerful and mysterious Determ dynasty. Many poor monsters died in what became a war. Both kings faced each other and had a long and exhaustive battle that...surprisingly ended in a "peace" agreement that consisted in not passing the established limitations or else the wars against them would return and they would have no mercy even if they begged for mercy.
And so it was for a few years until curiosity and desire were more powerful and the irony of life gave wings to the prince to break the words and that the destinies of the people around him were "different".
Where to read the book?
It's only in Spanish since it's my native language and my English is kind of bad haha, but through Chrome it can be automatically translated to another language ^^
Thank you for reading <3
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theflowerhvrlota day ago
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Tumblr media
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"who will come into my kitchen&be hungry for me?" 鉂o笍
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forflicksandwiggles2 days ago
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roses are red,
the sun is gold.
i鈥檒l get on my knees,
and do as i鈥檓 told.
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babydelilah2 days ago
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got my lashessss done today 馃構馃構
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lemondrop-rhi2 days ago
It鈥檚 upsetting that nobody is holding me underwater and telling me they decide when I get to breathe
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