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#princess bubblegum

has anyone made a gif of princess bubblegum kicking king of ooo in the face while carrying marceline over her shoulder in “take her back” bc i’m too lazy to look but i need it for science

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I’m just your problem.

 Monster…….hope one day I will complete it.

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i was thinking about princess bubblegum - i always am these days - and how she is presented as a character

in my previous post i said this: 

pb CAN carry eps by herself, she has done so many times before, but the show would rather have us see how shes doing through other characters than fully expose the secrets behind her psyche, if you know what i mean? even in obsidian the show doesnt spell out exactly how shes changed, we have to witness it through marceline’s perspective.  

and i made my jokey post on twitter about “repressed nerds” and how i like finn and pb’s interactions later on the show for this reason because it’s realistically awkward but sincere 

and then i came to the grim realisation that we never actually got to hear pb straight up speak what she was thinking/feeling in the show, at least not on a personal level. 

outside of the episode varmints, where she breaks down in front of marceline

that is… the only one. 286 episodes. one of them. 

i mean, even in obsidian and jellybeans, shes more expressive, but theres still tons of unpacked stuff about what she was thinking in those episodes. like hiding how she felt when marceline sung Woke Up again with alarming clarity, or even how her life is going outside of that relationship, which is still a mystery. and how would that conversation with peps have finished in jellybeans?     

anyway where i think im going with this is that the show banks on us seeing her from the outside and peeking into her life. even when she’s the protagonist of an ep, she still hides a lot of stuff from the viewer. 
this is probably why it took so long before the show wanted to dive into a backstory ep. and even in that backstory ep they dont tell you what the kid version of her is thinking, they only heavily imply– 

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Bubbline and Ineffable Husbands parallel - part 1

I know we’ll never grow old together
Cause you’ll never grow old to me 

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Drew one of my fav couples #bubbline

Program Used: Clip Studio Paint EX

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Adventure Time Distant Lands got me fucked up, I love how much bubbline they give us !!!

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Printed out some part of the crown. I’m not happy with this .stl file it’s a little sloppy but was the only one I could find other than a kids sized one. It’s made to be adjustable but I have a small head so I’m going to glue it together at smallest setting and not print the pins out that fit into the holes. It also printed weird at the ends by the holes like why??? Too hot too cold, over extrusion? Or just this dumb silk filament.

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Algunas de mis tareas(?


Una ilustración basada en un recorte de una figura geométrica, en este caso, un triángulo.

La anatomía de mi pequeña Eli salió mal, pero en mi defensa diré que estaba bajo presión (?)


Imágenes encontradas en garabatos. De estas, debíamos sacar una y mejorarla en una hoja aparte.


Escogí lo que me recordaba a la Dulce Princesa y quedó así(?) para no estar acostumbrada a hacer fondos, no salió tan mal :’D

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