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Lesbian Princess Cadence Icons
Requested by Anon!
Feel free to use! Credit isn’t needed but is very appreciated~
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moods-for-boards · 11 months ago
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Here’s a batch of Kin Pride Flags for the Princesses! These are based off of their color palletes and the boxes of their Funko Vinyl Collectables! I hope you kinnies enjoy!
☆彡 Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence from MLP Kin Pride Flags! ☆彡
( Please Reblog and Credit if you use these btw ^_^; )
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aimai-editz · a year ago
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Anon said ; “ Can I get uhhhh some princess cadence icons? Preferably with some scenecore or webcore themes! “ 
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theponykins · 3 years ago
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A stimboard for a Princess Cadence who loves her Shining Armor very much!! Send in your requests!!
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systemfictivehelp · 7 months ago
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Not Requested; MLP Icons!!! 
[Left to right; Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence, Rarity, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash]
[Okay to tag as Kin/Me/ID, etc]
[Do not repost, do not use for Roleplay]
[Tag as #fictive]
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softyshy · 2 years ago
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pansexual cadence mood board for anon ♡
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mlpkinresource-blog · 4 years ago
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Random Cadence Finds!
Bottle Charm / Flurry Heart Plush / Candle
Crystal Heart Necklace / Bracelet / Art
Necklace Set / Keychain / Bath Bomb
~Mod Starlight and Mod Ditzy
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aesthetics-and-edits · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Princess Cadence (Who Misses Princess Celestia) Aesthetic
for @rainb0wm00n  
(Mod AP)
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therantygeek · a year ago
The Writer’s Block Job, Part 31: Job’s Still Young
It’s all very well to use the world’s best grifter and con artist as inspiration for your best-selling series’ protagonist, but what can an author do when on a deadline and the muse has dried up? A quick trip to Boston for a little fresh creative juice turns into something rather more when a thriller writer friend of Sophie’s winds up hanging out with the team after discovering a whole new muse, unexpectedly in the form of the local hitter.
(This story - hell, this fandom - got me out of my personal lockdown writer’s block, and yes this is HEAVILY inspired by Castle so enjoy playing spot-the-cheeky-stolen-bits. Significant narrative liberties have been taken with geographical details such as the location of McRory’s in greater Boston and the timelines of season 2. That said, please enjoy this fluffy silliness!)
Rating: T Fandom: Leverage (Eliot Spencer x OFC) Warnings: no smut (sorry), narrative liberties around S2, casual verbal slapping of Nate, Eliot being a big marshmallow, stolen bits from Castle. Read the rest via my masterlist cos Tumblr is bum about links in posts now
Tumblr media
Eliot was up and gone early the next morning, helping Parker do the case and discreet infiltration of whatever unfortunate campaign office the team were appropriating downtown, but I had an appointment to meet Hardison at nine anyway so grabbed a couple of breakfast bagels – along with a box of donuts, as we’d be picking Parker up later – and spotted Lucille parked just outside Newbury Comics. A quick knock on the side door, in the cadence of the opening of the Imperial March from Star Wars, and it slid open to reveal a grinning Alec.
‘Ooh, bacon.’
‘Morning,’ I replied, looking around with interest; I’d never actually been inside the infamous van before. It smelt rather oppressively of ozone and gummy sweets but was a lot cleaner than I’d expected.
‘Got Collier’s address,’ Hardison added around a mouthful of bagel, indicating the rather swanky colonial house on the screen. ‘Dumbass is into all that smart home hype, whole place is connected up, not a single air gap! Rich idiots are my favourite kind.’ Then his phone beeped and he checked it, slapping one knee. ‘Right. Let’s get Parker.’
I took shotgun and he explained what exactly smart home hype and air gaps were on the way. A grinning Parker hopped in and dove into the donut box with a happy squeal, then we swung by South End and Eliot clambered in from whatever he’d been doing in the meantime.
‘Keys, I’d guess for car, garage and house-‘ I was rather taken aback as he emptied his pockets onto the desk ‘-cloned the cell and-‘ waggling what looked like some kind of weird USB drive ‘-that not-so-smart lock doohickey.’
‘Ooh.’ Parker examined it from all angles as I gingerly looked at one of the keys.
‘Why are his keys made of-‘ I tapped a fingernail against it ‘-plastic? Resin?’
‘Because they’re copies,’ Alec said from the driver’s seat. ‘Not much good raiding the mark’s stuff if he knows it’s been taken.’
‘Lift, copy, drop back,’ Parker agreed, giving me a grin. ‘No signs of break-in, and no reason to suspect anyone would or could have stolen his keys, so nothing to trace back.’
‘This is what you were doing all morning?’ I asked Eliot, feeling my eyebrows raise.
‘Parker did the lift and drop, I took the copies.’
‘Better have got the smart key right, dude,’ Hardison added pointedly. ‘If I have to patch in again, I’m gonna be super grumpy, you get me?’
‘It’s not my fault your god damn gadgets and gizmos don’t always work!’
‘My gizmos work just fine when they ain’t been kicked and punched and dropped in damn rivers!’
Parker and I focused on trying not to burst out laughing as the pair of them bickered back and forth like an old married couple, then finally we arrived in Chestnut Hill and parked up around the corner from Collier’s address. The neighbourhood was gorgeous, all leafy sprays and enormous yards, the quintessential suburbia for the Massachusetts elite class. The front yard two houses down had an honest to god golden retriever puppy frolicking in it. I half expected Kevin Spacey to appear on one of the big porches.
Parker stripped her top off with her usual lack of self-consciousness and replaced it with a polo shirt carrying the logo of a local cleaning company, presumably researched and-or infiltrated by Hardison earlier. Alec did some kind of digital wizardry onto a plastic keycard and a USB stick, which went into her pocket, then she grabbed a Swiffer I hadn’t even noticed was propped in the corner and hopped out of the van, ambling off with it casually over one shoulder and a bounce in her step.
‘She really does enjoy herself, doesn’t she?’ I found myself saying before Eliot pulled the door closed again.
‘Nothing wrong with liking your work,’ he replied with a smile, parking on the spare chair and pulling me down to perch on his lap while Hardison took the main one and fired up the screens.
‘…donation to match, of course, but as a sign of good faith…’ Sophie’s voice, in-character as Maria Gambourne, drifted briefly through the interior.
‘Sounds like that’s all going fine.’ Alec tapped a key. ‘How’s it look?’
‘All good,’ Parker said. ‘Nobody around. Do I seriously just wave this card thing at the door?’
‘There’ll be a reader, look like a flat pad or a thin box.’
‘Got it.’ A dim beep. ‘Wow. Even the lights came on. The-‘ a vaguely disgusted noise ‘-the security system’s offline!’
‘Told you, mama!’ Alec laughed. ‘Smart home hype, man. One easy all-access pass for yours truly.’
‘Wow.’ That shocked me a little. ‘You scanned one thing off him and you can just walk into his house?’
‘Age of the geek, baby.’
‘Rich morons and their toys,’ Eliot muttered, which made me chuckle.
‘Found his office. Laptop.’
‘Boot it up and plug in, I’ll scrape the lot. Could route in via the wifi,’ Hardison added to me, ‘But given this guy’s piss-poor attempt at physical security, hell, this is easier.’
‘Got it. Going to have a look around.’
While Parker went through every drawer and cupboard in Collier’s house, I swung my legs over to get comfier on Eliot’s lap and pecked him on the cheek.
‘I’m glad this one doesn’t involve you getting punched, at least.’
‘Job’s still young,’ he replied with a lazy smile.
‘Wow. Optimism.’
‘Practicality. Darlin.’
‘There’s nothing incriminating here,’ Parker said suddenly. ‘I guess he got rid of any paper copies. Shredder’s empty, though. I’ll check the garbage outside. Oh! Kitty!’
Hardison facepalmed as the thief got distracted by making kissy noises and fussing one of the local cats that had wandered into the garden – which seemed like a perfectly logical reason to get side-tracked to me – but after a few minutes the animal wandered off, to her evident disappointment, and not long after that she clambered back in through the side door looking considerably more dishevelled, and a bit put-out.
‘Nothing papery in the garbage.’
‘Might be burning it,’ I suggested. ‘Turning shredded paper into bricks for a fireplace is pretty easy. My mum does it with old newspapers all the time.’
‘Good thing we ain’t stuck mangling paper.’ Hardison took the USB stick back from Parker and popped it into the slot on the keyboard. ‘Aw, look at that. He put a folder password on it. Adorable. Oh, hell yeah, there we go…’ sitting back a little to motion at the screen, he grinned ‘…raw image files, OCR scans, and the metadata on the files has the dates they were created on. Thank you, Canon.’
‘So that’s it, then?’ Parker said eagerly. ‘We can prove he stole all that stuff?’
‘With bells on, mama. No sweat.’
Back at the condo Nate was very pleased with the take from the day, but a rather grumpy Sophie confirmed that she’d had less success than hoped in getting Collier on the hook for the campaign scam.
‘It isn’t quite white knight enough yet,’ was her verdict. ‘Fontaine he loathes, of course, but he said he didn’t know enough about Jed Barrett to consider him as an opponent. I told him that the guy was a nasty piece of work underneath all the smiles and handshakes but he wanted proof.’
‘Proof of corruption in a fictional political candidate?’ I echoed. ‘How the hell do we do that?’
‘Easily.’ Nate drummed his fingers on the tabletop. ‘After all, a campaign manager is going to be in all the pockets of his would-be congressman. We just need to convince Collier that Fontaine has something on Barrett that he can acquire, preferably in a way that lets him also prove to you that Fontaine is supporting the bad guy, and it needs to be something believable but disgusting enough that Collier’s self-righteous moral outrage sends him running back to Sophie to help him…well, to slay the dragon and win the hand of the princess.’
‘And that’s easy?’
‘Comparatively.’ He shrugged. ‘We’re going to need another party, and…something disgusting on Jed Barrett.’
‘Sex scandal!’ Parker suggested, loudly, waving one arm in the air. ‘We can do photoshop stuff again!’
‘No, it needs to be something worse than that.’ Sophie tapped her bottom lip thoughtfully. ‘Something that’ll really get Collier’s back up, really clash with the hero persona he wants for himself…give him a real villain…’
‘Like what, baby eating?’ I exclaimed. ‘Collier’s stealing essays off penniless students to advance his own literary agenda, so we’re kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel here, surely?’
‘It isn’t about what’s worse than his kind of bad,’ Nate said. ‘It’s about what he thinks is worse. He’s trying to paint himself as the next champion of civil rights and liberty, a total progressivist, right? So we just need to drop a hint that Barrett is on board with something that Collier’s ideal public persona would deem reprehensible.’
‘Gender equality?’ I hazarded. ‘Maybe…um…Barret might want to ban abortion or something?’
‘No, it’s still a blue state so that wouldn’t be believable – no political consultant with even half a brain would back a local candidate with those kinds of leanings.’
‘The arts,’ Sophie said with a smile. ‘Collier’s misusing his position at the Review for his own ends but he’s still a dedicated patron of the arts. Literary, musical, everything. If we could convince him that Barrett – and by extension Fontaine – want to somehow gut art and literature in Boston but are keeping it quiet for the campaign…’
‘And that gives him a good topical reason to ride to the rescue of his favourite lady author by showing her how little regard her evil consultant boyfriend has for her profession,’ Nate agreed. ‘Perfect. So we just need something incriminating, and a way to have Collier discover it.’
‘Incriminating emails I can do,’ Hardison said, having been tapping on his laptop while we’d been talking. ‘But a party Collier will be at…I can also do.’ He looked up and grinned with that usual irrepressible cheek. ‘How about a fundraiser for the BLO?’
‘The hell’s the BLO?’ Eliot asked with a frown.
‘The Boston Lyric Opera!’ Sophie sounded delighted. ‘Oh, Hardison, that’s perfect.’
‘Next Tuesday evening on the Common. Let’s see, I’ve got Mister Fontaine, Miss Fisher, Mister Barrett-‘
‘Not Gambourne,’ Nate said. ‘Too much of a coincidence. We want him to put the effort in to go to her with what he finds out.’
‘Woah, wait – opera?’ I protested. ‘I hate opera. It’s just people screaming in Italian or German about murdering each other and making discordant screeching noises! Lloyd Webber, Phantom of the Opera, absolutely, let’s do it, but actual opera makes my ears hurt and it triggers my fight-or-flight response. Usually the latter.’ Then, aware that Eliot was giving me a somewhat intense look, I coughed and dropped my eyes. ‘I actually ran out of a production of Carmen I got invited to at the Royal Opera House. Well. I sort of snuck to the end of the row. Then I ran out. So.’
‘You ran out,’ Sophie echoed flatly, as if I’d just explained how I’d murdered her pet kitten in front of her, ‘Of a production of Carmen.’
‘God, I love you,’ Eliot said to me quietly.
‘-because I ran out of Carmen?’
‘I loathe opera.’
‘Oh my god.’ I leaned over to kiss him. ‘I love you, too.’
Parker and Hardison both got the giggles at that, while Sophie buried her face despairingly in her hands and Nate pinched the bridge of his nose with an aggrieved noise.
‘There won’t be any opera performed at the party, it’s a fundraiser, so can the pair of you please just put aside your dislike of the form and stay on-mission?’
The plan eventually came out that I was to be the bait – since it apparently had worked very rapidly to lure Collier in at the other party – so that Nate and Eliot could be “overheard” having some scathing but not-quite-discreet conversation about funding for the arts, then Nate would happen to leave his, or rather Barrett’s, phone lying around with the incriminating emails Hardison had cooked up on it. Collier would find the phone, poke around, discover it and then go fleeing back to Sophie with proof of the potential opposition’s villainy.
‘How do we know Collier is going to pick up someone else’s unlocked phone and look at the emails?’ I demanded, the whole thing seeming rather mad when it was laid out. ‘And even if he does, what if he just randomly screams about it to all the opera people rather than running off to whatshername-‘
‘Jealousy, ego, curiosity, complete disregard for privacy,’ Nate said casually, ticking off on his fingers. ‘And he won’t make a scene at the event because that will mean admitting he did look at someone else’s emails, which would damage his whole white-knight self-projection. He needs to be the guy to swoop in and save the day, not the one who sees a broken window and calls the cops.’
‘But how can you know that? Like, to be sure enough to-‘
‘Because I know the narrative.’ Then, to my lasting astonishment, he winked at me. ‘Collier’ll take the bait. Just keep on playing the neglected damsel. We’ll do the rest.’
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ask-de-writer · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Hearthwarming Eve / Starvation’s Night : Part 1 of 2
De Writer (Glen Ten-Eyck)
Cover art by Squigly-Pony now OTPL
2560 words
© 2020 by Glen Ten-Eyck
All rights reserved. This document may not be copied or distributed on or to any medium or placed in any mass storage system except by the express written consent of the author.
Copyright fair use rules for Tumblr users
Users of are specifically granted the following rights. They may reblog the story. They may use the characters or original characters in my settings for fan fiction, fan art works, cosplay, or fan musical compositions, provided that such things are done without charge. I will allow those who do commission art works to charge for their images.
All sorts of fan activity is actively encouraged!
Dapnhe Crager trotted a little nervously to the front of the class in Miss Cheerilee’s schoolroom. She was wearing a wide silver necklace bearing, in glowing enamel-work, a large red thistle bloom crossed by a great sword overlaid by a sheaf grain, all on a green field. Besides that she wore a sash over her left shoulder that was of green satin decorated with the three elements of the necklace ornament.
As she took her place, Diamond Tiara, daughter of one of Ponyville’s richest ponies whispered loudly enough to be heard all across the room, “Dressed a bit fancy for an Earth Pony filly who’s a mere servant, isn’t she?” Diamond Tiara’s many cronies tittered loudly.
Face flaming with embarrassment, Daphne lifted her head proudly and spoke as if Diamond Tiara hadn’t said anything. “For my class presentation on the Meaning of Hearthwarming Eve, I have the honor to bring you all my mistress, Heather Bloom, Duchess of Red Hoof.” Pausing just enough to make her point into a harpoon, she added, “The richest pony in all of Equestria except for the Royal Princesses, Celestia, Luna and Cadence.
“The Duchess was born here, near Ponyville. She has consented to tell us about the beginnings of what we now celebrate as Hearthwarming Eve.”
Daphne gestured welcome with a hoof and a large, almost horse-like unicorn entered the room. From her upper jaw, there protruded two large canine fangs several inches long. Her coat was gray-green and her mane and tail pale green with darker highlights. Around her horn, encircling the top of her head, was the silver crown of a Duchess of the Realm and she wore a wide golden necklace with the same emblem as Daphne’s. Her sash was cloth of gold and carried the same brilliantly embroidered patterns as Daphne’s sash.
The Duchess of Red Hoof faced the class and smiled, widely. Her mouth full of razor sharp fangs showed. She said gently, “I need not hear it to know that ye are sayn’ to yerselves, ‘Changeling.’ We are much alike, my sort and changelings.
“Yet there be a world o’ difference between my kind and the changeling kin. My kind be called Heartkeepers. We look much alike for the cause that the Love Poison brought both o’ us about and its taint carries in the blood with nay an end to it. If I have another foal she will be as me. If I was to have a colt, he would be as his sire and his line and blood safe.”
One of the young unicorns in Diamond Tiara’s crowd sneered, “Daphne said that you were born near here. That’s a lie. Ponyville is only about sixty years old. Granny Smith remembers it. If you were born near here we would have known it.”
Diamond Tiara clapped her hooves with a grin. “Answer that!”
Heather Bloom nodded as if the question were serious and said, “Carlene Daph, this wad be a good time to hand out the papers that we brought fer them, if ye would be so good.”
Daphne began moving among the restless but actually curious fillies and colts, laying bundles of parchments on each desk. She finished her task and returned to the head of the class, beside Heather Bloom.
Heather Bloom smiled gently at Daph and then said, “Now we can answer what was said. The top paper in yer packet is a map. Befer ye say that it be wrong, look to the second paper which explain the difference between Ponyville now and the land when that first map wa’ made. Twilight Sparkle done the study to prove all that is written there.”
Apple Bloom looked up in surprise but nodding. “Swale Orchard on our farm is right where this map shows the river. This note says that the flood that changed its course happened in year FIVE of Celestia’s reign. That means that the map is over a thousand years old.”
“Far more than a mere thousand years, Apple Bloom. Far more indeed,” agreed Heather Bloom. “None o us knows fer sure the age o the map. There are limits to even the best o magic, even that o the Alicorn.
“What can be proved is that this map is but little younger than I. That place on the hill near to Everfree Forest is the Great Hall O’ Red Hoof, the place where I was foaled. The strange looking lines and marks show where invading armies o ponies were camped and the routes o their attack.
“I was young then, bare twenty o years. Just to the left, off o the map was the hall o Bright Mane and over here to the right barely on the map was the hall o Perchron. They both acknowledged the leadership o Jarl Natchin O’ Red Hoof, my father, and one o the finest Earth Ponies ever to stride the land.”
Puzzled, Scootaloo raised a hoof and asked, “Why aren’t the lines of the attacking armies straight? I mean they are all sort of twisty. Were they hiding behind something that doesn’t show?
Heather Bloom replied softly, “Nay, they had a reason different. What do yer tales tell o the land as they find it?”
Diamond Tiara smirked, “It was an EMPTY land with fine meadows of hay and grains. There were groves of fruits and nuts of all good kinds. There is NO mention of these phony pony places.”
Several of her cronies clapped hooves uncertainly and quickly quieted. A few were considering that there might be something more to come.
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isolaradiale · 10 months ago
Lost in Space 26
Hello, Isolans! We have conducted an activity check for the month of November!
If your character isn’t on this list, make sure to check this page to see how many stars that character has earned this month! Stars can be used for purchases at the marketplace.
The blogs that were removed from the Isola Radiale masterlist are under the cut. Note that both blogs with broken links and deactivated accounts will be included both at the top of this list and in their proper categories.
If you were removed in error, please simply send a re-application message. Several different people work on the activity checks, so it’s possible there are mistakes! If this happens to you, you will be able to keep everything you previously had, you just may be placed in a different residence.
Our general activity rules regarding checks are as follows:
Make at least three in-character posts during a calendar month (for instance, if the activity check is for January, have three in-character posts between the 1st and 31st of January).
Only one drabble and/or meme response of 300+ words counts as activity.
One-liners or minis not tagged #isola mini also do not count.
Please Note: If you are removed during two consecutive activity checks, you will not be allowed to re-apply as that character for two calendar months. 
Additionally, anyone removed during the activity check will have a 12-hour window from the time of posting to re-claim their character. Any character not reclaimed during that period will be open to the community at large.
Please send in your reapplications from the account of the character that was removed.
Broken URLs:
Mallory Keen (MAGNUS CHASE)
Macha (TOWNHOUSE 211)
Yoshi Nanase (HOUSE 128)
Apollo Justice (TOWNHOUSE 236)
Indrid Cold (APARTMENT 305)
Daniel (TOWNHOUSE 208)
Toph Beifong (HOUSE 107)
Barley (TOWNHOUSE 211)
Jester Lavorre (HOUSE 122)
Cadence (CONDO 434)
Damian Wayne (CONDO 425)
The Prisoner/The Beheaded (HOUSE 112)
Dante (APARTMENT 344)
Overlord Priere (TOWNHOUSE 213)
Cole (CONDO 401)
Erik (CONDO 409)
Assassin (Carmilla) (TOWNHOUSE 225)
Avenger (Edmond Dantès) (APARTMENT 332)
Berserker (Arjuna Alter) (CONDO 410)
Caster (Artoria Pendragon) (HOUSE 120)
Ruler (Sherlock Holmes) (CONDO 402)
Elidibus (APARTMENT 339)
Emet-Selch (HOUSE 101)
Kuja (CONDO 420)
Rain (HOUSE 111)
Warrior of Light (Black Mage - Alaina Cornwell) (CONDO 463)
Warrior of Light (Dark Knight - Lycelle Astarinn) (HOUSE 110)
Warrior of Light (Red Mage - Itempa'a Zhan) (TOWNHOUSE 202)
Warrior of Light (Samurai - Mei Yura) (TOWNHOUSE 203)
Warrior of Light (Warrior - Dar'khol Moshantu) (APARTMENT 347)
Edelgard von Hresvelg (TOWNHOUSE 215)
Xiao (HOUSE 102)
Jowd (CONDO 434)
Yomiel (CONDO 423)
Percival (CONDO 438)
Broken Vessel (Lost Kin) (APARTMENT 306)
Quirrel (APARTMENT 312)
Clover (HOUSE 107)
Davesprite (HOUSE 104)
Luca Balsa (Prisoner) (HOUSE 125)
Juumonji Katsuto (HOUSE 148)
Thranduil (CONDO 402)
Mallory Keen (CONDO 410) *BROKEN URL
Unukalhai (Runeblade PC) (HOUSE 116)
Kid Loki (TOWNHOUSE 213)
Jin Bubaigawara (Twice) (APARTMENT 306)
Manami Aiba (HOUSE 103)
Margaret Moonlight (HOUSE 124)
Zuke (APARTMENT 316)
Krantz (HOUSE 123)
Amaterasu (HOUSE 115)
Tatsumaki (HOUSE 103)
Asher Otero (APARTMENT 306)
Bazhur Tethaltra (APARTMENT 313)
Mariko Oliveira (Mariko's House [Golden])
Lilith Clawthorne (APARTMENT 316)
Stocking Anarchy (APARTMENT 311)
Takuto Maruki (HOUSE 116)
Tohru Adachi (CONDO 432)
Kabu (APARTMENT 333)
Mewtwo (APARTMENT 312)
Flora Reinhold (HOUSE 110)
Lio Fotia (Lio's Home [The City of Glass])
Klug (APARTMENT 311)
  RANMA 1/2
Mousse (HOUSE 123)
Neopolitan (APARTMENT 316)
Entrapta (TOWNHOUSE 210)
Seong Mi-Na (CONDO 427)
Leon D.S. Gehste (TOWNHOUSE 206)
Saint-Germain (HOUSE 115)
Colette Brunel (TOWNHOUSE 204)
Remilia Scarlet (HOUSE 119)
Toyosatomimi no Miko (HOUSE 114)
Virgil Walsh (CONDO 403)
Princess Tsubasa (TOWNHOUSE 202)
Azul Ashengrotto (TOWNHOUSE 209)
Idia Shroud (HOUSE 125)
Jevil (APARTMENT 309)
Ralsei (CONDO 418)
Fiyero Tiggular (The Scarecrow) (CONDO 401)
Death Knight Adventurer (Elias Wymonde) (APARTMENT 312)
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spiral-chronicler · a year ago
Tumblr media
TENSION!! a symbol meme
maskedmuses said: 🎀  Let Nia brush his hair!!
Tumblr media
💫—Delicate, but decisive little fingers carded through his hair; locks were sorted, arranged neatly by the teeth of the brush in Nia’s hand, and returned to their natural fall. The process was undeniably gratifying for the Beastman. His eyes rested heavy, nearly closed altogether, as he sat with his back to the Spiral Princess.
 They were perched on the bed within the comfortable quarters that Nia and Simon shared aboard the Chouginga Daigurren. Viral, with his feet resting on the floor beneath, leaving the rest of the mattress for the Princess’ comfortability. He often spent his idle hours in their company, at the assurance that he was welcome. Though Simon was elsewhere at the moment, sharing time with Nia was always a treasured experience to him. She had caught him by surprise, however, in requesting him over with the intent to brush at his mane.    
  He did not refuse her, of course, though it flustered him somewhat to comply. This was...  an old, sentimental arrangement of theirs that never failed to dismantle his defenses, cutting straight to his heart. The Beastman couldn’t fathom why it was she reached out to him so tenderly - not in days past, nor at the sweet present moment. But he relished in her warm attention just the same, accepting the state of bewilderment with quiet gratitude -- some things between them would never change, no matter how many stars were born and burned out in the time that elapsed. 
Tumblr media
  He had been so tense, decades ago, diligent to perform as beckoned, unwilling to cause the First Princess of the Spiral King any distress or dissatisfaction. He was scarcely a fresh Commander back then, and the Supreme General Adiane had been a dire teacher in the etiquette of fulfilling expectations. He had not understood the nature of Nia’s gentle disposition back then, and he was mistrustful of anything that tempted him with gentleness, for it was so aberrant within his world. Back then, Viral had struggled to remain attentive and alert, during all of the little strokes of Nia’s brushing.  
  At present, he was free from those shackling considerations. Free to accept the affections of his loved ones. Free to simply enjoy the closeness of comrades and kin, alike. And free to believe in Nia’s precious hands, beloved by him, as they worked through his pearl blond mane. The warmth of her proximity, the steady cadence of her breathing -- he was truly contended to be within her care - she had declared them family, after all.
   ❝What if you spoil my personality with all this, Nia-Himesama?❞    
  Viral inquired in jest, his voice weighed by languor; it poured slowly over his words, spoken from within such a profound contentment. Even if she should part his hair and uncover his scarred right eye, he wouldn’t stir from the comfortable companionship she nurtured currently. Nia was someone he trusted implicitly. And she had him pretty relaxed at the moment. In fact, he was so thoroughly unguarded, that it wouldn’t be long before Nia might even be able to catch the very low, very quiet purring that rumbled from the depths of his throat. It was nearly inaudible, but perhaps its utterance was an unconscious admission of the Beastman’s gratitude as well.     
Tumblr media
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Character Inspiration for Cadence
Rules: Post three(?) characters that inspire your character!
Tumblr media
I. Eowyn ; Lord of the Rings
“ You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.”
Tumblr media
II. Princess Zelda ; The Legend of Zelda
“All shadows must eventually meet the light.”
Tumblr media
III. Aerith Gainsborough ; Final Fantasy VII
“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one... I'd like to spend more time with you.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
februpony day 13: favourite princess
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Kin List💞🦄
•Blue Diamond (Steven Universe)
•Mint Aizawa (Tokyo Mew Mew)
•BMO (Adventure Time)
•Steven Universe
•Mituna Captor (homestuck)
•2P! Fem England (2Ptalia)
•Share Bear
•Cure Etoile (Hugtto! Precure)
•Princess Cadence (MLP)
•Natsuki (DDLC)
🦄🦄Please do not follow me if you double as any of my id’s🦄🦄
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