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astrroloaries · a day ago
12th house placements - I would characterize them with tapping into other realms (unknowingly/unconsciously and/or suddenly realizing they are tapping into it) while dragging knowledge which ignites small epiphanies on many occasions
Tumblr media
I would also say they could be called ‘claircognizant’, but take this term loosely because I used it to help me explain about 12th house placements, they just gain this knowledge or just know things, sometimes, without even realizing its source 
clumsy people with a mind that has not yet been fully studies, mind you, astrology being such an old practice
they are the last house - with gathered knowledge from all previous lifetimes, wisdom accompanied by goofiness and sweetness, with a mind that can reach the highest peaks but can also drown in depths of the sea yet to be discovered
hard to describe, hard to translate all of these feelings into words - people who are very connected to their most inner, deepest selves and are in a good relationship with their emotions can only begin to understand 12th house placements, because most times the words to describe a 12th house placement are non-existent, they do not exist, but are to be felt
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toweroftickles · 2 days ago
Could you do more short Ghibli stories? Like the first batch
Gladly. :) Yay, more Ghibli tickle drabbles!
Tumblr media
San, the Princess Mononoke, slid painfully against the island at the center of the forest. With a rough grunt, she tossed her mask aside. Once again by the iron of man, she had been gravely injured in battle…a bullet had not pierced her directly, but several small pieces of fiery shrapnel had embedded themselves directly in her left side. Her soft, pale stomach shuddered at the touch of the warm pond water.
As her adopted daughter had done to her many times before, Moro prepared to suck the blood and iron from San’s wounds.
“It will be alright, my child,” she whispered in dulcet tones. Her eyes carried the moonlight with them, almost hypnotizing.
“Aahhh!” San wailed involuntarily. She could feel Moro’s hot breath on her side. Whenever the wolf goddess got close, San couldn’t stop herself from flinching and crying out in pain. The anticipation was brutal.
“Don’t focus on your injury. Place your mind elsewhere.”
“Nnn…I…I can’t.”
San’s two wolf brothers approached out of the mist, their fur dripping. It was obvious to her that they were nervous, despite their brave faces. But she knew this wasn’t lethal, not yet. She would be fine, wouldn’t she?
“Keep your eyes on us,” one of them spoke. He rubbed his large head against her, grumbling softly, and her mind wandered until it drifted off in his fur.
Suddenly, as if they thought it would distract or comfort her…it was hard for them to remember that she wasn’t a wolf…the two brothers started licking her.
She gasped. Warm, wet tongues caressed San, one sliding around on her belly (her right side), and one beneath her knee. Her whole body began to shiver.
“Hhhhheh-Heh HA-Heh!! *gasp* Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha! St-hop it!” the Princess laughed loudly. She fidgeted against the slope of the island bank, her butt and her feet resting beneath the water’s rippling surface. Her delicate human skin was very ticklish and it made her angry.
“Now hold still,” Moro told her, and pressed her mouth down to her daughter’s stomach wound.
“Gnnrrr! Ow! Ah Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha!! Gk-Heh! *gasp* Ha-Ha Ha-Ha!” San stubbornly tried to push her siblings’ snouts away, but they were much stronger than her. With all their shoving she almost didn’t see Moro turn and spit blood and metal into the nearby water.
“Just another moment. Your wound will become infected if I don’t clean it,” the goddess cautioned.
Moro’s tongue was much thicker and longer than those of her smaller pups. Her daughter was still trapped beneath the muzzles of her two sons. San looked on helplessly, almost ready to scream, as the long pink muscle pressed down hard into her quivering tummy and lashed against her belly button.
“HA-Ha Ha-Ha Ha-Ha!!! Ah HA-Ha Ha-Ha! Stop it, stop it!” San roared angrily. Her right side, and the back of her knee, were still being affectionately licked by the other wolves too, with no regard for the intense tickling shockwaves it sent through her body. She didn’t know how much more she could take. Warm tears were pushing their way onto her eyelashes, and she could hardly breathe from laughing.
But a moment later, it all stopped. The blood was gone from her stomach, her cuts no longer sore. San exhaled, letting out a low whine through her nose, and leafed through an adjacent wad of plants. She quickly bound her belly with rags of the stuff, and allowed the natural herbs to seep in and soothe her. The water and air around the Princess were still once again. The forest’s anxiety had calmed.
She was safe.
One final, gentle lick against her cheek, to let her know she was family.
San leaned her head back and spread her arms until only her face was above the pond’s surface. It was relaxing, and she wasn’t looking forward to getting up and walking again…at least, not for a few more moments. Her senses dulled in the water’s embrace, but a buzzing numbness still hovered on her abdomen…she could almost feel the tickling.
Thank the Forest Spirit that’s over…
Then she heard her mother’s muffled call reverberate through the water.
“Come, San. We must go.”
Moaning, San rose to a standing position…she stumbled at first…but her mother’s teeth lifted her onto her brother’s back, and away the family went.
Tumblr media
Before she was to be taken to the dressmakers’ room for her wedding gown, Haru chose instead to greet some of the many denizens of the Cat Kingdom. They were all tremendously excited - while most of them occupied space in the world of man, they’d never had humans of their size around, not for any significant amount of time.
Soon she was surrounded by a sea of furry tails and twitching whiskers. At first it didn't bother her...she talked, fielded questions, it was all normal...but then the cats all started to get...closer. Uncomfortably close. A nervous tingle crept up the back of Haru’s neck. She wasn't great with crowds at the best of times, even if they were all cats.
One of the precocious felines held her wrist still out of nowhere and gently scratched up her arm.
"How do you go through life without any fur? Your skin is so smooth..."
“Wh…what are you…” Haru stammered.
“Humans always pet us but we never get to pet them!”
Another set of paws were on her.
“Ah!! H-hey!” Haru tried to protest, but her nerves were already frayed.
“I’ve always wanted a pretty school uniform like that,” purred one of them, who grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled.
“How do humans only have fur up here? I’ve always wanted to know!” demanded another, with a sudden yank on Haru’s hair.
“Ow! Leave me alone!”
“What’s this?” gasped a young native cat, who had no experience with humans at all. It lifted Haru’s ankle up off the ground and removed her shoe with bug-eyed curiosity. “She doesn’t have paws at all!”
“N-no; no, nonononono, please don’t touch my feet, please don’t-HNNNG! *squeak* Heheh-Huhuh Heh-Heh Hn!! Huh-Hn!” Haru’s desperate begging gave way to uncomfortable giggles. The teeming swarm of cats continued to undulate around her, brushing their tails against her, touching her, grabbing her clothes…she was more anxious than ever. All she wanted to do was run home to her bed and curl up in a ball.
“A-Ahhhh! Haha-Haha!! L-let me go! Please let me go!” she whined.
In a fit of inspired panic, Haru threw out her arms, knocking many of the cats aside like bowling pins, and dashed away down the hall. She looked rather silly, her arms outstretched as she ran with high steps.
It wasn’t until Haru was alone in a dark corner that she finally decided to stop. She couldn’t believe she’d made such an embarrassing scene; right before meeting the royal court! What would they think? They were all meowing and tittering amongst themselves down the hall; surely they must have been gossiping. The thought made Haru groan and slump to the floor, head in hands.
She then noticed a different meow…a closer one. One that sounded silly, small, and vaguely fat. Natoru was standing there next to her.
Guess it was true what they said about cats teleporting.
“So sorry we made you uncomfortable. That’s how we gatherings of cats greet one another. Nuzzling and close contact are important parts of our lives,” Natoru explained.
“But doesn’t that tickle you?” Haru asked.
“Hmmm…I suppose I’ve never thought about it before.”
They blinked at each other.
“Come on, the seamstresses wanna talk to you.”
Tumblr media
Tap, tap, tap.
The window of Shawn’s room rattled. It wasn’t a downpour, but it was hard enough to make too much noise. The boy kept getting distracted with fleeting glances out at animals scurrying under pots and bushes, all in a mad frenzy to escape the rain, and it frustrated Arrietty. The little Borrower was trying to show off her new dress, and he was looking at animals! Honestly, the nerve. Boys.
She stood on his nightstand and coughed to get his attention, then pirouetted for him more than once. (She was too proud of her work to acknowledge that it looked exactly the same as her usual red outfit, just slightly less worn.) A smile lit up Shawn’s face. He was clearly tired, but still trying to spend time with her.
"Wow," he remarked. "It's amazing how detailed your little clothes are. I don't think a normal human could make something like that."
The curious lad extended his finger toward her to touch the intricately-sewn red fabric. He didn't mean anything by it. But much to his surprise, his tiny friend yelped.
She stumbled back and nearly fell back over a spool of thread…she’d brought it with her as an auxiliary chair. With a mighty shove her hand managed to push Shawn’s finger aside, and she felt butterflies barrel-rolling in her guts where he had grazed her.
“Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” the boy asked.
“No, no, it’s alright,” Arrietty laughed as she dusted off her skirt. “It just tickles!”
The Borrower looked up at her friend. At first his face was still. Nonchalant. But as that moment drew on, a mischievous smile grew bigger and bigger on him that made Arrietty freeze in her tracks. For five solid seconds, the two locked eyes.
“….No,” Arrietty blurted out. “No. I hate it.”
With her Lilliputian stature, it didn’t take much effort for Shawn to push her over onto her back with little resistance. His fingertip pressed down very gently into Arrietty’s abdomen, fully occupying the chasm between her ribcage and her hips, and it rubbed tiny circles all around in her tender spots.
“AAAHH! *gasp* Ah…ah-HA-Ha; Aha-Haha Ha-Ha! Hehey! Hey; don’t do that!” Arrietty cried out in laughter. The pressure on her tummy wasn’t firm enough to cause pain, but it did limit how deeply she could draw in air. Her legs kicked and flailed in all directions and she twisted her torso around, hoping to free herself, but there was no overpowering a giant of Shawn’s size. She laughed hysterically, her belly trembling from constant stimulation.
“Heheh-Ha-Heh; Haha-Haha Ha! Sh-hawn, stop! St-hop it or I’ll stab you!” she squealed, reaching for her pin sword.
Shawn just laughed and withdrew his finger from her stomach. Arrietty’s limbs collapsed to the table and she slowly regained her composure with loud, heaving breaths. But to her surprise, she wasn't angry. If anything she felt strangely elated, re-energized.
“I’m sorry,” Shawn offered her with a smile. “I didn’t want to make you upset. But I like your laugh.”
He offered her his upturned palm, and she eventually stood and hopped onto it. It took a second for her to brush her hair out of her eyes.
"You can't do that," she told him, trying to be stern. "Unless you want to find out what it's like to be tickled by a Borrower." Arrietty squeezed the air with all ten fingers. She wanted it to look like she was threatening to tickle him, but it looked more like she was groping something.
"How's that different from normal?" laughed Shawn.
"They say it's something no human can stand. It's much worse than when a normal human tickles little ants crawling all over your insides," his friend teased him, grinning broadly.
"Ha-Ha! Sorry, but I don't see how you can possibly get me back. Not at your size."
But Arrietty's eyebrows were turning down into a sinister slant. Cockiness danced in her smile, and Shawn noticed. Wait...could she really do something to him that was worse than being tickled by a human? Or was she just teasing him? The thought was troubling. He tried not to show it, but when Arrietty suddenly broke into a jog and ran past his wrist, he gasped out loud.
Almost without his control, his opposite hand swung down and slapped his forearm. In a brief moment of terror, the thought crossed his mind that, had he moved just a microsecond faster, he could have squished her flat. But the young Borrower was nothing if not a quick and nimble climber. At full sprint she clambered up to his shoulder, swung herself below to his tricep, and slid down his side like a fire pole.
“Naaaahhh, Heheh!” Shawn involuntarily shivered.
In a flash, Arrietty was striding atop the rim of Shawn’s trousers, still underneath his shirt, and she began to squeeze and poke any spot on his tummy she could reach.
“Cootchie cootchie cooo-ooooo!” she teased, in the loudest and most sing-songy voice she could muster.
“H-Heh! Heha-Ha! Heh! Arrietty, quit it!” Shawn chuckled helplessly. It took every ounce of willpower he had to not instinctively swat at his stomach. His whole body tensed up into a jagged sprawl as he slowly retreated to the headboard of his bed…one wrong move, one tense reflex, and he would hurt her.
“H-Heheh-Heh! Hneh! …Haha! No, don’t go there!” Even his laughter was soft and weak. Arrietty was rapturously pinching up his abdomen and scribbling a whole hand in his belly button.
“Oh no; looks like somebody’s ticklish!” Arrietty laughed. “Cootchie cooooot-chiiiie!”
“Heh! Haha! Ok, ok, I’m sorry!”
The bottom-most button on his shirt began to rustle. It twisted about until, as if on its own, it freed itself from its bonds, and out of the resulting hole popped Arrietty, wearing the most triumphant grin you could ever find.
The two friends couldn't help but laugh all over again, until they lost themselves again in the sound of rain hitting the window.
Tumblr media
This movie isn’t very good but I kinda like the characters. Mostly.
Erica/Earwig had intensely mixed thoughts about her mother. She adored her band’s music, and to have a witch in her own bloodline…! That was a treat. But abandoning Erica as an infant and then popping back into her life as if nothing had happened? That was harder to swallow. And leafing through Bella Yaga’s spell books did nothing to quell those simmering emotions.
“Playing some childish prank on your mother is going to accomplish…what, exactly?” Thomas the cat murmured disinterestedly.
Erica ignored him. Her forefinger traced down the worn and crinkled pages.
“Hmm…these are all useless! A spell to make your nose run, a potion to make your tongue turn different colors….ooo! ‘Giggle Juice’…that might work!”
“Please don’t bother me any more with this. I’m not going to help you.”
“Oh, what do you know?”
***** *****
The next morning, Earwig’s mother came by to visit and sat down to a cup of tea.
“Good morning, Mandrake,” she whispered demurely. The Mandrake made some sort of middle-aged coughing noise and tried to hide his shyness behind a newspaper.
The teacup slowly touched the red-haired witch’s lips, but something about the scalding liquid didn’t taste right. It was almost bubbly, with a hint of some exotic berry.
With a sudden gulp, the older witch crashed to the floor. It felt as if dozens of small, childlike fingers were tickling all over her belly, and the sensation only spread to other parts of her body with each passing moment. She could feel it under her arms and beneath her feet. As The Mandrake and Bella Yaga spun around in shock, their former bandmate bucked against the ground with the full force of her back.
“Oh-Ho-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha-Ha! Heh…Huhuh-Haha! Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha!” she laughed helplessly. Her legs stomped and kicked, but this did no good to free her from the spell. She didn’t even notice that Earwig had appeared in the doorway behind her.
“Ha! Take that, mother!” Earwig cried out in triumph.
“Erica!! Have you given her Giggle Juice?!” Bella shouted angrily, her face turning a splotchy maroon color.
“Well, sure! But you can fix it.”
Her mother kept rolling around on the floor, laughing like a little schoolgirl. Yaga looked ready to pop like a zit.
“Yeh…th….I don’t just have antidote made for this! Nobody ever orders it! It’s going to have to make some from scratch!”
Earwig looked down at her mom and suddenly became concerned. She hadn’t considered that.
“Oh…um…how long will that take?” she asked sheepishly. Bella Yaga’s eyes clenched shut with exasperation. Her response was blunt and parental.
“A while.”
And she stormed off to her potion room.
The Mandrake was actively avoiding looking at either of them.
Earwig looked down at the laughing mess of long limbs and mountainous crimson curls beneath her. Her stomach sank all the way down to her feet, and Thomas threw her a glare that said “What now, stupid?”
“Errr…s-sorry, mummy.”
Tumblr media
“See, Jiji, you’re doing great!” Kiki cried out in excitement. “Isn’t this fun?”
It was her cat’s first time up with her for a full high-off-the-ground flight. They were due to leave on their important trip in about a month, but Kiki was determined to practice as much as possible before then. Jiji was staring out into the blue yonder from the end of the broom handle, frozen, sweat dripping from his ears.
“Mm-mm. No. My idea of fun is sitting back at home with a saucer of warm milk and making faces at your mother’s customers when they aren’t looking,” he said through clenched teeth.
“Oh, you’re such a sourpuss,” Kiki told him, unmoved. Her pink apron flapped around carelessly in the breeze. “You’re gonna be fine, see? You’ve been getting better.”
“Yeah. Closer to earth.”
“I promise you’ll be fine. Just don’t look down!”
(Morgan Freeman voice) He did.
Jiji let out a hissing “MRRRAAOW!!” leapt into the air, and flailed his limbs in all directions. Struggling to stay still and suffering from vertigo, the cat clung to his owner’s olive dress for dear life, but the waving fabric was too formless for him to grab a firm foothold.
“Owww! Hey - calm down! Leave me alo - Jiji!” Kiki gasped. She’d begun to wobble in the air - maintaining a firm grip with one hand while trying to grab her panicking pet with the other was impossible.
As she bent down to squeeze her broom tighter, Kiki suddenly felt the cat’s claws digging into her skin. He scrambled over her shoulder and down her back and scratched her, still hyperventilating, all over her sides. Her ribs. Her back. But her dress was lessening the impact…it felt soft, aggressive, more like poking. She tried to hold still, but the teen witch exploded into laughter.
“Ahh! Ah HA-Ha Ha-Ha Ha!! Stahop! *gasp* That’s not FAI-hair!” Kiki wailed. “Heh-Ha-Heh! Ah-Huh!”
“GAAHHH Help me help me help me!” yelped Jiji, ignoring her and still scrambling.
“Huhuh-Heh…Ah-Heh! *gasp**gasp* Haha-HAAAA Ha-Ha! NO-Ho-Ho!”
The broomstick rattled around in Kiki’s hands, pointing chaotically in all directions like a broken compass. She was trembling and squirming and belly-laughing loudly while her ultra-ticklish sides were scratched, and she couldn’t concentrate enough to stay still in the air.
"Kiki, look out!" Jiji roared as he finally managed to wrap four limbs and a tail around his mistress' broom.
When she opened her eyes, no longer overcome with tickling, the young witch saw that the two of them were shooting toward the grass like a meteorite.
She shrieked and yanked bank on her broom's handle until the crude vehicle skidded to a horizontal position. But it didn't slow down. It was going straight, mere feet above the grass, but they were still flying faster than the wind. The broom thrashed as if it wanted to fly away on its own, threatening every second to rub splinters into its owner’s palms. Kiki's hair whipped around behind her, nearly untangling itself her red bow.
"Hold on, Jiji!" she cried. Kiki kicked her legs, trying to make contact with the ground. Her toes barely grazed the tips of the flowers beneath her. If she touched down wrong, she would twist her ankle beyond repair. Who knows when she’d be able to fly out on her own again? Her mother would never let her!
It was then they noticed that they were headed straight for an enormous tree, almost as wide as a car.
As the broom’s speed finally began to falter, Kiki found herself running comfortably astride it. With a firm surface beneath her at last she dug her heels into the grass as hard as she could, but nothing was slowing her down fast enough. It was like riding a rodeo bronco. Dirt splattered against her socks. The broom’s bristles stood on end.
The witch and her cat both screamed.
They were slowing down.
The broom wasn’t pulling away from her any longer.
With stiff, jittering movements they coasted to a stop…less than 5 feet from the massive tree trunk. It was over.
Kiki fell down to her knees in the grass, still straddled atop her instrument. Both girl and kitten breathed heavily to slow down the pounding in their chests.
“Are you alright Jiji?” Kiki asked, throwing a worried look behind her. She was still surprised by all of it. But there was Jiji, standing perfectly still, his fur pointing in all directions and unblinking eyes the size of plates. He looked like a black pufferfish with legs.
“Jiji! You know how ticklish my tummy is!” Kiki chastised him, panicked and rather louder than she intended. “If I’m going to have a cat on a broomstick with me you can’t freak out like that all the time!”
“Look…all I’m saying is, if God had intended for cats and witches to fly on brooms, he wouldn’t have invented the Wright Brothers.”
Kiki wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so she let it go.
Tumblr media
After a particularly long overnight shift at the old folks’ home (though this time, thankfully, Koichi was at home to look after the kids) Lisa was unable to keep her eyes open. Two of her coworkers wandered into the visitor center not long after daybreak to find her slumped over against the curved white desk, occasionally snoring.
“Hey, Lisa, get up! Toki set the TV on fire!” shouted Carrie, a pretty redhead.
Nothing. Lisa just burbled something looked like there was drool in the corner of her mouth.
“She works way too hard here,” Tomoko (a brunette with long hair and a playful light in her eye) observed. The swiveling chair at the table had been cranked to a slightly high elevation, which forced Lisa to sleep on her tiptoes. Her pink shoes lay half-discarded flat on the floor, only able to house her toes beneath the creaking seat. She was slumped so far forward that the chair had seriously considered rolling back and allowing her butt to drop to the ground.
“Well, she’ll definitely be glad to know what time it is,” continued the brunette.
“Wanna wake her up and tell her?”
The two tapped Lisa on the back, then grabbed her by the shoulder and gently shook her, but it wasn't working. Their efforts were only returned with gentle snores.
Suddenly, Carrie got an idea. Looking like a kid at Christmas, she knelt by the desk and got a good look at her friend's tummy, revealed slightly by the dangling rim of her blue shirt. Carrie bent her hands into crab claws that carefully, silently nipped at their prey, squeezing Lisa’s malleable sides…just below the ribs.
Lisa squirmed.
“Mmmmm, Hmhm, Hm,” she giggled through sealed lips. Even in her sleep her mouth twisted itself around to avoid smiling. It wasn’t enough to fully stir her.
“Come on Lisa; wakey wakey,” Carrie laughed. The redhead pinched and wiggled her fingers even more, this time shuffling under Lisa’s belly. Not too meanly of course....just enough to make her laugh.
“Hmhm! Hmm, Hmm, MMHM-Hmhm Hm!”
“Drastic measures,” remarked Carrie's partner, bent over in mid-stoop. Tomoko plopped herself down on the floor by their sleepy friend’s opposite side, the better to get a good opening.
Lisa’s right leg had a slight tapping movement to it. Still supported entirely on the ball of her foot, her arch was exposed to prying eyes. Lisa had big feet, and her coworkers sometimes teased her about it. It didn't bother her; she had a good sense of humor about herself...though it did mean that she had tempting targets for a tickle attack. The thought made Tomoko chuckle to herself as she reached forward.
Tomoko’s index finger pressed into the dead center of Lisa’s foot, and slowly traced crude shapes…triangles, perhaps figure eights…in her arch.
Something horked up in the back of Lisa’s throat, stirred by the sudden jolt of energy. She stuttered to life like a car engine.
“Hnk! GkkHnhn, Hmhm-Heheh-Haha Ha-Ha Ha-Ha!” She was awake.
“Ohhh, now we’ve got her!” teased Tomoko.
“Heh-Heh! Heh-Heh Ha-Ha! Wh-hut…what are doing?”
“You fell asleep again!” Carrie informed Lisa, still pinching every tender pressure point in reach.
“Heheh-Heheh! Gkk! Hn Hee-Hee Hee! *cough* Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha! Hihih! Oh my g-ha-hod; Ha-Heh!” Lisa’s bubbly, sweet laughter always made her coworkers smile. She wriggled around like a fish on a hook, but her arms and legs refused to fight back…partially from drowsiness, partially because she was having fun.
“You’ve gotta go home; your shift’s over!”
"Heehee-HEE-Hee!! *gasp* Heh-Heh Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha! Heh! Ok-hay, I...gaahhhh, not there; Ha-Ha Ha-Ha! Alright, I'm up!"
Lisa's cheek still rested on the white desk. She stayed lying there for a moment to accustom her eyes to the morning sunlight, still giggling. That is, until Carrie pulled a strand of hair out of Lisa's mouth and poked her in the side again. It was like an electric shock that made her jump and squeal again.
"Rise and shine, sleepyhead," Tomoko laughed.
Pressing her palms into the table, the overworked mother finally managed to hoist herself up, with a satisfying stretch and back crack.
"Heh...If anything can get me energized in the morning, it's you two girls. I wish I had your early riser zest."
“We really are better than an alarm clock and coffee.” Carrie flashed a thumbs-up.
“Hey, I’m warnin' ya…you come after me again looking to start a tickle fight, you’re gonna lose! I'm a champ,” Lisa’s confident and threatening boast was hindered somewhat by the smirk still pulling at her mouth.
“Heheh! Go on, get outta here; go see your kid.”
Tomoko slapped Lisa on the back.
“You sure you’re ok?”
“James’ll be here in like 20 minutes; the seniors are fine! Seriously, just be glad you don’t have to stay ‘til noon today.”
Lisa nodded.
Slinging on her jacket and purse, and after a quick check to make sure she hadn’t forgotten her keys (again), she waved “Bye girls!” one last time, and headed for the door.
Tumblr media
“Sooo, my 14th birthday is coming up soon. What did you get me?” Kiki asked playfully.
She and Tombo were hanging in her apartment above Osono’s bakery. The radio chirped softly on the table. Kiki was practicing her sewing (there was a surprising number of stuffed animals that got screwed up on her delivery routes) while Tombo reclined on the bed and read a magazine about aeronautics. The boy looked at her and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
“I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise!” he answered, smiling that goofy smile at her.
“Heh! Haha-Haha! K-heh, Kiki, cut it out!” laughed Tombo.
“Hmhm-Hm! Uh-oh; what if I find your tihickle spot? Heehee-Heehee-Hee!” Kiki giggled uncontrollably. Her fingers were pinching in Tombo’s ribs, and she blushed every time she bent down and blew a raspberry on his tummy. (She tried not to do that too often, but she couldn't help herself.) He was squirming around like a cat lying on its back…though seemingly not super-determined to escape.
“Heh-Heh Ha…Ha-Heh! Ok-hay, I’ll tell, I’ll tell!”
Jiji's eyes rolled. Humans.
Studio Ghibli just has the cutest and most lovable characters. Everything about Miyazaki's body of work just oozes charm. I love writing mini-fics for these, and probably will do more in the future if you guys like these ones too. ^^
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my-pearl-on-sundays · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“studio ghibli romances be like “what if we didn’t kiss, but instead both spiritually matured as people because we met each other.”
“I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and a girl appear in the same feature, a romance must insue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mentally inspire eachother to live-if I am able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.” -hayao miyazaki
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insomniac-arrest · 5 months ago
if Ghibli film aren’t queer media then why does it make me feel so gender? huh?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
camp-scarecrow-father and I-wanna-see-a-giantwoman👀 (deluxe addition)
Tumblr media
EVIL-girlviolence (this is from the Nausicaa manga)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and finally, not necessarily Gender, but definitely adjacent: 
Tumblr media
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angelaziegeler · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Castle in the Sky (1986)  Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)  Princess Mononoke (1997)  Spirited Away (2001)  Whisper of the Heart (1995)
[ part 1 ] [ part 2 ]
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kpfun · a month ago
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I caught her human parents defiling my forest. They threw their baby at my feet as they ran away. Instead of eating her, I raised her as my own. Now, my poor, ugly, beautiful daughter is neither human nor wolf. PRINCESS MONONOKE もののけ姫 | Mononoke-hime 1997 • dir. Hayao Miyazaki
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magic or mythical deer in film and tv (see also: fucked up deer)
1. Shadow and Bone (2021) 2. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) dir. Rupert Sanders 3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) dir. Peter Jackson 4. Princess Mononoke (1997) dir. Hayao Miyazaki 5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) dir. Alfonso Cuarón 6. Hannibal 1x03 - "Potage" (2013) dir. David Slade
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Dustin Panzino  -  -  -  -  -  -                              A Tribute to Studio Ghibli Featuring the following films Kiki’s Delivery Serves Howls Moving Castle Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Castle in the Sky Ponyo Whisper of the Heart My Neighbor Totoro Nausicaa valley of the wind The Secret World of Arrietty
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★ 【木野花】 「 1 / 2 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on instagram
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STUDIO GHIBLI + NIGHT 🌙 Spirited Away | Howl's Moving Castle Princess Mononoke — part l / part ll
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