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#princess shuri
alli-the-marvel17 hours ago
Peter: Why wings? Couldn鈥檛 you just wear a jet pack? Have one of the Avengers scientists give you some upgrades so it shoots missiles and stuff?
Sam: Well-
Kate: Missiles that shoot mini missiles-
Shuri: Made of vibranium-
America: That lock onto heat signatures!
Sam: Wait, what?
Tommy: Okay, who would be best suited to create this?
Billy: Peter, Shuri and Harley.
Sam: Hold on!
Cassie: Seems right up their alley.
Harley: I鈥檓 up to it. Peter?
Peter: Absolutely.
Shuri: Don鈥檛 need to ask me, I鈥檓 in!
Bucky: Ah, kids.
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winter24683 years ago
what shuri did not do:
delete the footage of t鈥檆halla getting thrown across the lab
what shuri did do:
set the footage of t鈥檆halla getting thrown across the lab to聽鈥渕mm whatcha say鈥 and post the video to the dora milaje groupchat
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ozymegdias3 years ago
Tumblr media
this is the single most important teaser image for infinity war
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prince-of-legba3 years ago
This isn't a competition but Black Panther had the best representation of women in fantasy, sci-fi, and film as a whole. You don't see a teenage African princess being the master and director behind the creation and innovation of the country's most advanced technology on Earth, you don't see a love interest with dark skin that still maintains her badass characteristics and ambitions and dreams of her own and be desired all at once, when was the last time you've seen a woman (black, dark skinned woman at that) lead an army of women to protect a nation and be regarded as the most powerful warrior respected by all. When have you've seen so much women in power and positions of respect and relevance to the plot and still managed to live at the end. You've seen it now.
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willow-s-linda3 years ago
Tumblr media
A fan animation where Shuri wants real life reference for her Black Panther designs :)聽
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wiccanxmoon3 months ago
Can gifmakers please stop referring to the language Ayo speaks as 'Wakandan?' That's not a language. They're speaking Xhosa.
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captain-ak843 years ago
Avengers: Trying to understand the teenagers
*sees a snake*
Peter: What a beautiful snek
Tony: what
Peter: So smooth.聽 The cutest snek
Tony: Snake?
Peter: Snek
Tony: Snake.
Peter: snek.
Tony: SNAKE *grabs Shuri, points at it*
Shuri: ...oh look, a snek
Tumblr media
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gaysupersoldiers3 years ago
Ya'll arguing over which white boy Shuri should date as if Zendaya doesn't exist in the MCU
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manyfandomsonefan3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The best of Infinity war is that these three teenagers are going to meet each other and just talk about how lame their dads/brothers are.
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