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Princess Tiana is a straight up babe 😔👌

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Happy new year, hopefully 2021 will be kinder to us

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I haven’t found a solid plot for my PATF fanfics. Here are some ideas…

◻ Queen& King of Maldonia declare their second son, Ralphie, shall become the heir to the throne. Naveen is thrilled to hear this and live his happy, smelly, commoner life working only at his wife’s restaurant.  Tiana doesn’t agree with making a child the king and drags Naveen (and friends) to Maldonia.

◻ In Maldonia Tiana’s grace and ethics place her as a promising queen; green to the new culture but dignified in learning from in-laws.

◻ Naveen tolerates his old friends poking fun at his chain-and-ball marriage, and the slight weight-gain. Oh, and no one understands his thick American accent.

◻ The people of Maldonia express laughter and disgust at American history. Tiana chooses to use her title-power silence people because while her father was a solider who died for his country, her country is cruel and hypocritical. 

◻The Maldonian people adore Tiana’s dark skin and celebrate her hair, also they encourage her to wear her hair full instead of pulled back.

 ◻ Naveen misses New Orleans but doesn’t push rushing back because he sees Tiana respected better in his country than America. His parents enforce this with wishes see their future grandchildren grow up in Maldonia.

 ◻I love Lottie and want her to have a cool plot but mostly imagine her being an obnoxious tourist.

 ◻ Lottie will climb into bed with Tiana and Naveen. Naveen has expressed openness to ‘exploring their friendship’ but Lottie will spoil the mood by acting like a giggling teenager and Tiana will submit to giggling along with her.

◻Louis the Alligator is the big cuddler/ protector of Tiana like Rajah was to Jasmine. Also, Louis talks/ snarks.

 ◻Tiana surprises herself by enjoying pants-suits. Naveen likes how they fit but Lottie fears pants on women is the devil’s work and crosses her chest every time she sees Tiana dressed as such.

◻ Seeing anyone smash a bug causes Tiana, Naveen and Louis to catch their breathes. 

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There are ways to do the Frog Prince story and keep Tiana as a human, but Disney didn’t wanna put in the effort to make that story so they chose the easiest route and made her not a human.

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Disney Princess Favorites, as voted by my followers

Day Five, best dressed princess

There’s no way I’m kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day!

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Some things I’d love to see explored in thew new Tiana series that I literally can’t stop thinking about:

  • Tiana learning how to be a princess. I mean, she’s lived her entire life as a “commoner”. I’ve no doubt that she’d absolutely nail all those duties and responsibilities that come with being royalty because we all know how hard working and badass she is. But how will it be for her to be in the center of attention for the first time in her life? To have all these luxuries and privileges that she’s only seen in her bff Charlotte until now? How is she going to handle being princess and owning a restaurant at the same time? How is she going to adapt to these new rules and habits? I don’t think we’ve ever seen disney princesses who weren’t born into royalty learn these things, besides that Cinderella sequel that most of us forgot about
  • Speaking of, how are they both going to handle the restaurant thing and the royal thing at the same time, especially location wise? Is Naveen gonna abdicate? He does have a younger brother
  • Speaking of, just…Naveen and his family. We know they disinherited him because he was irresponsible, did he get his wealth and inheritance back now that he’s changed? How was his relationship with his parents like before the movie and how has it changed now, if it has changed at all? Is he upset with them? We know that he was also really spoiled as a kid and wasn’t really taught how to do anything, do they feel guilty for that?
  • On that same topic, Naveen and his little brother! Is he the annoying but loving big brother or does he get soft near the kid? How did Naveen getting didinherited affect their interactions, if at all? 
  • Naveen and his people. Again, we know that he was kind of irresponsible and spoiled, does he care about the good of Maldonia? How does he feel about becoming ruler? How do the people of Maldonia feel about him? 
  • On that same topic, Tiana and the people of Maldonia. How do they feel about her, especially since she’s not royalty, if they care about that at all? How does she adapt to this new culture?
  • New Orleans!!! Just, New Orleans. 
  • Mama Odie!! Magic!!! The bayou!!
  • Speaking of magic, I’d love it if they explained why Tiana changed into a frog when she kissed Naveen the first time around cuz I feel like that never got properly explained. The whole “princess and frog magic” thing wasn’t fully addressed imo and fit rather awkwardly into the rest of the movie’s magic lore. 
  • Charlotte and Tiana being besties. Especially scenes focusing on Tiana’s new status and maybe Charlotte’s feelings on it, Charlotte helping Tiana adjust to her new life, etc
  • MALDONIA WORLDBUILDING. Where is it? What is its history? The culture? I’ve seen so many different theories about this place and I’m so eager to see what’s the official “truth”
  • Naveen and Tiana being one of the greatest couples in Disney history. 
  •  Naveen’s parents meeting  Tiana’s mom. We saw them together during the movie’s ending but we never got to see them interact with each other and stuff. 

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