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#princess tutu

But you can take the Raven in Princess Tutu as being a metaphor for despair and that we all have a raven somewhere inside of us, and that that doesn’t make us bad people. These emotions are a part of us and they’re important parts of what make us human but they are not who we are and they do not need to define us and how both Rue and Mytho learn to live with the raven’s blood in their veins, and how that’s okay.

And in contrast to that you’ve got Princess Tutu (as represented by all the swan imagery in the show) who is the hope we all carry inside us, and which Duck arguably has the most of, hence why she’s chosen to be Princess Tutu in the first place, and illustrates how Duck herself is Princess Tutu and not just a conduit for that power because that hope comes form Duck and she truly is Princess Tutu.

And even Duck the literal embodiment of hope in this story  has her moment of despair at the bottom of the lake, and is able to overcome it because she has someone standing by her side.

And the towns people turning into ravens, and then reverting to swans when Duck gives them all hope at the end just crystallizes this idea that we are creatures of hope and despair and that it’s up to us to make the decision on weather to be hopeful or let despair take control of our actions.

I love this show guys.

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I have so many novel-length fanfics outlined in detail and researched and partially-written, and of course so does everyone and their dog and their dog’s dog, but please indulge me for a hot sec while I tell you about them:

1. “Black Wings” - A Princess Tutu role-reversal fic. Fakir is a raven training to become one of Kinkan’s elite warriors, known as the Black Wings. In order to complete his training, he must complete a final task–finding and consuming a pure human heart. It’s a shame really, that the one girl he chooses seems to have no heart at all.

2. “The Life and Death of Julia Burnsides” - A TAZ fic in which Julia grows up, falls in love, stages a rebellion, and gives the afterlife more than it ever bargained for.

3. “Down at Kinkan Place” - A Princess Tutu “And-They-Were-Neighbors-in-the-Same-Crappy-Apartment-Building” fic in which Ahiru is convinced that the dark-haired, glasses-wearing teacher next door is a grumpy judgmental bore–until she sprains her ankle and he has to take care of her for the weekend.

4. [Untitled - Frozen 2] - A clueless-WLW-in-love Elsamaren fic in which Elsa’s powers continue to grow in ways both beautiful and frightening–and in which she begins to explore parts of herself she’s never had the space and safety to contemplate before. But like, maybe it’s nothing and she’s imagining things, because Honeymaren is just super nice and that doesn’t necessarily mean anything because she might just be this nice to everyone. Ha. Ha ha. So how about this weather though?

5. [Untitled - Princess Tutu] - A “Little Mermaid” Fakiru fic–BECAUSE WHY THE HECK NOT–in which a young mermaid Ahiru accepts a role in a prophecy that might allow her to finally bring back the royal prince’s smile. Though not having legs is no longer a hurdle, the prince’s surly, magic-hating bodyguard sure as hell is.

6. [Untitled - Princess Tutu] - An AhiRue fic in which the story takes an unexpected turn. One princess was meant to marry the prince, and one was meant to die. What happens when they cut out the middle-man and give a big middle finger to expectation?

7. “The Heart Within” - my revamped post-series Princess Tutu fic. Four years after the final battle, Fakir discovers Ahiru is dying and makes a desperate bargain to save her life. Human again, and without any memories of her previous life, Ahiru must complete a story of Fakir’s own devising if she is to keep the life he’s bargained for.

Annnnd there they are. My children. I hope to pare these down into forms I can realistically get out in the world (before they wring the life out of me from wanting to be told). Let me know which ones you’re all interested in!

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Taken from here.

AO3 name: Heavenly_Pearl

Fandom(s): I’ve written for Sailor Moon, Yuri!! on Ice, Kaleido Star, Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, Card Captor Sakura, Someday’s Dreamers, Princess Tutu, Super GALs, and Fire Emblem.

Number of fics: 145 on AO3, although there are four additional fics on that I never posted over there. (They’re my oldest stories…and not the greatest.) So, 149.

1. Fic you spent the most time on: Oh, without a doubt, Melting Ice. I think I worked on it for about…eight years? I began posting it in 2010 and finished it in 2016, but I had actually started writing it a couple of years before that, so…yeah, eight sounds about right.

2. Fic you spent the least time on: I honestly have no clue. I wrote a lot of ficlets.

3. Longest fic: Spirit of Fire – The main story is around 250,000, plus there are several side stories.

4. Shortest fic: Excluding a couple of poems, then V is for Vampire at only 150 words. If you ignore the ficlets that I wrote for various challenges, though, the shortest is Beautiful Dreamer at 944 words.

5. Most hits: Midnight Magic at 3636 hits.

6. Most kudos: Again, Midnight Magic at 232 kudos. (And I still don’t get why that story has so many hits and kudos!)

7. Most comment threads: It’s Complicated. Disregarding my replies, it has 14 comments (although most are from the same reader, the recipient of the giftfic, who commented on each chapter). I guess if you go by the number of individual people who commented, then Bring Him Home and One Kiss would be tied at six.

8. Fave fic you wrote: Gah, this question is always so hard! Um, To Be By Your Side, I guess?

9. Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: Spirit of Fire could probably use a rewrite, but neeeeever gonna happen. 

10. Share a bit of your WIP or share a story idea that you’re planning: 

Okay, this is from the upcoming sequel to It’s Complicated, The Bonds We Share:

        Chuckling, Otabek shook his head and put Yuri’s phone in his pocket. “Fine, you’re on!” he said, breaking out into a sprint.

        Yuri yelped, turning back around and dashing ahead before Otabek could get too close. In terms of relative speed, Yuri usually had a slight advantage over Otabek, but the terrain of shifting sands underneath their feet made it difficult for either of them to gain much traction, lessening the gap in their abilities. It took less than a quarter of a mile for Otabek to catch up to Yuri, his arms wrapping around Yuri’s waist from behind and almost knocking the two of them over.

        “Got you!”

        “Hey, I let you win,” Yuri said, smiling as he looked over his shoulder at his captor.



Consider yourself tagged if you want to do it!

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Princess Tutu Ending (Theory?):


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

So after finishing Princess Tutu I realized something. The ending has Duck (Ahiru) sleeping in a body of water by herself. A manly figure in the school’s uniform shows up in the reflection of the water later on and her eyes sparkle in happiness/excitement. It was unclear who this character was, but it really could either be Mytho or Fakir (Fakia). I figured it was Fakir, but after watching the ending of the series, (this is an image a little before the show ends):


(ignore the quality of the photo, I couldn’t find anything else) This show doesn’t really explain every possibilty with its ending and is quite ambiguous. But either way, after seeing this image, I thought: wait, that has to be Fakir at the ending, right? I don’t think Fakir is wearing his uniform in this, but regardless, I still think so. (SPOILERS) In the show, Fakir ends up being with Duck and Rue/Mytho leave to go back to the story. Just as Fakir promised in the show later on, he stays with Duck, as is seen here, and that could be one reason why Duck was so happy to see the reflection (that being, Fakir). Another reason I think Fakir is the one in the water’s reflection is because Duck bobs in the water of the ending and then sinks in the water after, which also happens in this scene.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.

What do ya’ll think? Maybe people have already thought this, it’s been out since 2002. If this is the case though, that’s one clever ending (in both ways)!

TL;DR: Fakir is (probably) the reflection of the character Duck sees in the water in the ED based on the end of the show.

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How big is Rue’s dad?

So, while in Quarantine, I’ve been looking at various monster movies, and I had a thought about this asshole.


Rue’s terrible abusive dad. And I have to wonder what level of kaiju is he?

I mean, he can extend his wingspan over an entire town to soak it in his evil enhancing blood.

The town that Gold Crown is based on (Nördlingen) is about 25 km in diameter. So it’s safe to say, his wingspan is pretty fucking huge. But is that how big he actually is, or is he even bigger?

Obviously, there’s no physical limit when it comes to a fairytale monster who can fit an wasteland with a bunch of dancing skeletons in his stomach.

Anyway I was bored so I decided to try and figure it out.

I’m gonna make comparisons to common raven size.

* Length: 56-69 cm

* Wingspan: 116-118 cm


Here is Rue, next to the Raven’s foot.

He has a very big foot and Rue is tiny next to his talon.


Rue: 156 cm

Raven’s Talon: 707.2 cm

There’s a section of the talon you can’t see, but I’m gonna just use the section that’s visible.

Common Raven’s Talon up to the skin: 2.3 cm

Common Raven’s length: about 63 cm

Common Raven’s wingspan: lets say 117 cm

Rue’s Dad’s length: 193.7 m (635.5 ft)

Rue’s dad’s wingspan: 359.74 m (1180.25 ft)


That’s not quite big enough to extend his wingspan over the whole town. Well, there is a bunch of his talon that I couldn’t measure. Or maybe he got bigger after he was released?

I dunno.

But when he was with Rue in whatever this place is, he was a little bit bigger than the biggest Kaiju in Pacific Rim.


So, not bad. Level five kaiju. Good job Rue’s (not) dad.

In conclusion:

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14, 15, 16, 17 and 18

I’m not sure if you meant to or not, but could you please not spam my inbox with the same thing?

But anyway, here you go.

14. saddest anime you have ever watched


Originally posted by sugawaras

Banana Fish for sure

15. anime you never get sick of watching


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

It’s listed as the best anime of all time for a reason

16. 10 best animes you have watched


Originally posted by yyh-archive

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan


Originally posted by desu

Konosuba (I watched the movie last night and it left me wheezing from laughing so hard multiple times)


Originally posted by brandnewanimal

Kekkai Sensen


Originally posted by yugiamanes

The Promised Neverland


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover



Originally posted by animebigworld

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


Originally posted by spaceboxingpsycho



Originally posted by anweeaboo



Originally posted by s-hinsengumi



Originally posted by yakumocchi

Hetalia (I don’t care what y’all think. This anime helped me through a rough time in high school and I made a lot of friends because of it)

17. biggest anime crush


Originally posted by tobigifs

Edward Elric. I honestly had the biggest crush on him in middle school. I even tried to become more like him (which wasn’t one of the best ideas because my idea of “becoming like him” was suppressing my negative emotions).

18. 10 worst anime you have watched


Originally posted by kasugano

Dragon Ball/DBZ. I tried really hard to get into this series. I watched about 30-40 episodes of the first one and asked my friend if I could just go straight to DBZ. He said I could and watched only the first 5 episodes and just lost interest.


Originally posted by yakumocchi

DRAMAtical Murder. Listen, if you wanna watch this: DON’T. Go play the game instead. The animation is terrible (they had to go back and redo a lot of scenes) and they tried to cram the entirety of a route in one episode and it was so poorly executed. I really loved the game but this piss-poor excuse of an adaptation makes me genuinely upset.


Originally posted by bvckstvb

Dororo (2019). I really liked this series when I first started it but after the second cour started, the animation quality dropped and they started treating Dororo like a damsel in distress. Also everyone calling Dororo a girl when he clearly uses he/him pronouns? CAN Y’ALL STOP? I dropped this around episode 18-19.


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

Blood Lad. I know I shouldn’t judge an entire series if I haven’t watched all of it, but I couldn’t even finish episode 1.


Originally posted by alltheanimus

No Game No Life. I watched this series with a bunch of friends during one of my birthday parties back in high school and I think I fell asleep during it because I just wasn’t into it. Also, fanservice? With an underage character? Hard pass.


Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

Princess Tutu. This is an alright anime up until the end. The ending is so god damn shitty, the main character gets the shaft in favor of the girl she was fighting against.


Originally posted by almea

RWBY. Despite being a western production, I still consider than an anime since it got a Japanese dub and manga release. Many of you probably know why I hate this show but in case you don’t, here’s why. My ex girlfriend forced me to watch this at her house with no breaks. I wasn’t into the show to begin with and the fact that she forced me to watch it just adds salt to the wound. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch this show on my own and enjoy it thanks to her.

There’s only 7 but I couldn’t think of any more.

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Best of Princess Tutu: Episode 12, part 20

Kraehe: Confess Tutu. If Mytho loves you he can’t be with you because you’ll dissappear and I’ll continue to force him be with me. If he loves me then he will come with me willingly. I’ll have the Prince either way.
Tutu: You’re a sadistic bitch, Kraehe.

The climax is here. Who will the Prince choose or be forced to be with?

Mytho: What makes you think I want either one of you? I want Ebine-san she can cook and has flesh on her bones :)

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Best of Princess Tutu: Episode 12, part 18

Mytho wants to protect the small and weak. But Fakir, aren’t you like that too? You took Mytho in and have been protecting him for years, you helped the duckling out of your locker and fed her, you’ve been helping Ahiru on your journey and prioritized her safety. You don’t need to be the perfect Story Book Prince to be a “prince”. Just be you.

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me, age 8, watching that scene in princess tutu where fakir and mytho are both on their knees holding each other because mytho just gained the ability to feel fear and fakir is comforting him: haha hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me

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Binge watching Princess Tutu again 

Love the ending as always, but I wish it was different for my favorite people! 

Soooo…Here’s what I pictured for their future and came up with this little cute family! 

Enjoy! :D 

A little curious about this, but should they have names? 

Comment below to let me know! 

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