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kingheller · 27 days ago
i wonder if misha’s up to date with the princesshamlet fiasco
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princesshamletarchive2 · 27 days ago
I just wanted to let anyone who’s concerned know that I am not actually princesshamlet or anyone associated with them or the spn community. This blog is literally just a place for me to archive the post’s I’d liked before they disappeared from my like page. They were pretty much the only blog I followed  for updates on the whole supernatural finale situation, and I didn’t want to loose access to them. These two archive blogs were for my own personal reference, and are not an endorsement of them or their fic. I also never expected anyone to think they belonged to Kora. In retrospect it was really dumb of me to include their @ in the url, but I was rushing to do it before they deleted and didn’t think about it. I apologize for prolonging this drama. there will be no further posts from either account.
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leftistcas · 28 days ago
did they delete???
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fluegelheld · 28 days ago
Hi! I need to apologize to the People of Colour who have been hurt by Kora princesshamlet’s racist fanfiction. I am ashamed to say I am one of the people who read it (well, until part 2 chapter 2), sent kudos and sent them an ask praising the fanfiction.
I did not use my brain while reading it. Some parts did make me feel uncomfortable but I simply brushed that aside, just because I wanted to support a person I had been mutuals with for years. Other racist elements I didn’t even pick up on at all while reading. 
I am not as educated about racism as I damn well should be. As a white person it is my job to call out racism from fellow white people and I failed miserably at that!
I am sorry you have been hurt, and dehumanized, and exploited. Fandom should be a safe space for People of Colour. You should be able to come here and have a good time without being made to feel other or less or unwelcome.  And it should not be your responsibility to make it safe(r), it is white people’s responsibility, it is my responsibility. Instead I’m part of the problem. I fucked up and I’m sorry.
I should have thought critically about this fanfiction while reading it and I should have called Kora out on it. Instead I stood idly by and even expressed support. 
I paid reparations to people from this post and I started to reflect on why I did not think critically about this at all and I will continue to do that. And I will also educate myself more on racism & anti-racism.
Also, I’ve been reading people’s posts on what is wrong with the fanfiction. You shouldn’t have had to do all that literal free education and (emotional) labour in the first place! But I do want to say thank you so much for doing it!
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metafictions · 28 days ago
Hello I saw your post about white women supremacy in fandom spaces with the links and its so weird because i had literally never even allowed myself to be properly bothered by the discomfort some of the blatant whiteness in fandom spaces gives me. I am Mexican so i just always thought of it as more of a national barrier as opposed to a ethnic/racial one. Which of course is fucked up because its not like america is Only white people, even though thats what fandom might make one feel sometimes. Ive read so many fics which just feel really offensive, either to me as a Mexican or to other groups that i dont belong to, and ive never said anything because they are even well loved fics and often recced by well regarded people on spn tumblr. I think we all need to start talking about the racism we see in fan content, and i thank you for making that post with thelinks because it really got me thinking. If we dont speak out then at worst we allow actively harmful people to continue making harmful work, and at best we dont bring these issues to well meaning creators who might genuinely need a little nudge in the right direction to reflect and learn and grow. Again thanks for your post, have a good day :)
💙💙💙 i am really glad those articles could have an impact for you and i really hope everyone else reading and reblogging can internalise those meessages too in a way that can help us be more aware of both ourselves and the people we interact within fan spaces. it can be so hard to feel justified in our anger or hurt at ~casual~ bigotry but it definitely is.
idk if you follow me and witnessed the situation that prompted me posting those, but it was one that involved a person who we discovered, in retrospect, had given a loooot of people bad vibes and red flags for a long time but we'd all kept quiet about for fear of like, making a scene. and i think it opened a lot of eyes about how ppls unwillingness to rock the boat is how things get so bad.
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metafictions · 29 days ago
fellow white spn fans, in light of this situation with PH please try and do some reading on how racism and transphobic ideologies build up in fan communities. for a quick read about the basic principles i recommend this stitchmediamix article on 'laundering' which is thought provoking but easily digestible. for a longer more in depth discussion, this one specifically on white womanhood and self-victimisation (and how endemic it is in western fandom spaces) check out this article from the same blog. while stitch is pretty twitter-focused, a lot of the work still applies.
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thegayintern · 29 days ago
New ph apology just dropped.
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youchangedme · a month ago
do princesshamlet deleted their apology? i know it wasn't a good apology at all, but deleting it just seems like they're trying to hide that anything happened at all and seems shady.
i haven't been checking on their blog at all since last night but yeah, it looks like it's gone. which is hilarious bc im pretty sure it was up for at least 12 hours and they even rbed it once but never bothered to respond to anyone calling them out in the rbs. they probably only deleted it after they couldn't find any people of color to back them up on their shitty writing choices
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so i guess this is a good time to say uhhh block me if you still follow/stan/interact with pr/ncessh/mlet (i,a). they wrote an incredibly offensive spn "fix it" fic and did a shit ass apology for it; i don't have the experience or the spoons to go into detail but if you look at the tag "down w/th big ph" (i) there's bound to be a lot of conversation about it
[not a debate post. ok to rb. dni terfs, exlus, proshippers,other dickheads. see my about for full dni]
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les-belles-infideles · a month ago
What happened with Kora @princesshamlet: A start at contextualizing the events of the past week
While I am writing this because Kora expressed that they would like it if someone would post something contextualizing what happened, I do not speak for them; my opinions and perspective are my own. I think the general response has been wildly disproportionate to their actual words and actions. Let me know if you have questions about anything or if my writing style is hard to read and I’ll do my best to clarify.
Tl;dr: Last fall, Kora, a new Supernatural fan, started rewriting Supernatural to be more racially diverse and to more overtly address social issues such as homophobia and misogyny. They continually asked for feedback, particularly from POC, and received overwhelmingly positive responses.
Earlier this week, Kora posted something that unintentionally played into ideas that harm trans men. They were horrified to have hurt people, immediately apologized and made an effort to learn more about the issues involved.
Yesterday, some of Kora’s friends cut them off, presumably over the abovementioned. Some people read Kora’s Supernatural rewrite and were offended by portrayals of various ethnicities; Kora tried to learn from these criticisms and apologize for them. People organized to spread bad-faith, extremely hostile claims and Kora left Tumblr.
- last fall, Kora started watching Supernatural, and posting about it, including making some popular reaction videos and an elaborate summary of the events of season 16 as of mid-November. They got really attached to Cas as a character and DeanCas as a ship.
- Kora made a post along the lines of “what if I drew Castiel as Indian?” and got encouraging responses, so they made a drawing. A lot of Desi people left comments saying that they really liked the drawing and that the representation was meaningful to them, so Kora started posting and reblogging a lot more about recasting Supernatural to be racially diverse.
- Kora accumulates a lot of ideas around how they wish Supernatural had been, and starts casually writing it up into a story. It didn’t even have a title for the first few chapters, but it quickly amassed a small, enthusiastic following.
- I started reading it at first mostly as a way of getting to know Kora, who was at the time a new friend irl (they didn’t mean to give me their Tumblr; I had followed them for Hamlet and Star Trek posts and then recognized them when they posted a selfie) but wound up getting pretty invested. I started watching Supernatural despite the fact that I can pretty much never commit to finishing a TV show.
- Kora’s general strategy was to post ideas on Tumblr and get input before including them in the fic, particularly regarding race and ethnicity. Plenty of people gave them feedback -- I remember one really long conversation where people swapped headcanons about what music a Mexican-American Dean Winchester would have liked growing up.
- iirc, they actively collaborated with multiple Latine fans of the fic on one chapter that foregrounded Mexican-American culture. These fans are credited in an author’s note.
- they received substantial encouragement from Supernatural fans of color for how they were writing the fic, and afaik no negative feedback.
- they also used the fic as a way to discuss and joke about their personal experiences with misogyny, repression, and homophobia, including writing Dean Winchester as undergoing a character arc involving working through and overcoming severe homophobia. When we called recently, they described going from homophobic to not homophobic as “the best character arc a man can have.”
- afaik they had beta readers or at least people to run ideas by for most chapters.
First incident:
- earlier this week, Kora posted a somewhat poorly-worded vent post about Dean Winchester’s misogyny in Supernatural canon.
- I think I reblogged it because I don’t have super high standards for my SPN blog and yeah, afaict Dean said some pretty gross things in canon? I’d seen a lot of people talk about it, particularly Asian women, it’s clearly a thing.
- several people expressed hurt at the post’s wording, which could be read as bigoted against trans men.
- Kora immediately apologized and started looking for ways to learn more about trans men’s issues (afaict, mostly asking friends and going through the trans dean tag)
- they messaged me about it (Tuesday 4/13/2021), and I took a closer look at the post and explained how in isolation it looked harmless, but some of the rhetoric fit into wider patterns of transandrophobia, i.e. part of the impetus for this post was Kora being surprised that some of their trans male friends project onto Dean, since he’s a pretty bad role model for gender -- I pointed out that one way trans men are marginalized within queer movements is by people perpetuating the idea that we’re more misogynistic than cis men (which makes no sense), and their post could be read as playing into that trope (that reading had occurred to me when I first saw the post, but I had initially dismissed it because Kora and I had been spending a lot of time talking about gender and I never felt that they distrusted me or saw me as a threat).
- they made another hasty apology post, quoting my message to them.
- I encouraged them not to worry too much about what strangers online thought about them, but they were very insistent that they had hurt people and needed to learn and make amends.
- I think what happened next was that the conversation sparked a larger discussion about transandrophobia in the Supernatural fandom? I’m not sure about this though, I was off Tumblr most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I saw a few well-written posts refuting the idea that it was misogynistic to headcanon Dean as trans. I did not see anyone claim it was misogynistic to headcanon Dean as trans, but again, I wasn’t looking.
The Discourse™:
- yesterday, Kora started getting a lot more and a lot meaner messages.
- a large part of their social circle cut them off all at once, saying they felt unsafe and that Kora was transphobic. Kora did not/was unable to receive further clarification, while actively seeking the chance to learn more and repair harm done.
- someone made a dedicated hate tag for them.
- a new group of people read their Supernatural rewrite, and were offended by their portrayals of race and their writing about homophobia, and additionally mocking their writing style. The tone was often extremely mean-spirited.
- Kora responded to and apologized for some of the concerns around their portrayal of race, and refuted some of the bad-faith readings of their depictions of homophobia.
- Kora made an effort to understand what they had done wrong but a lot of the posts weren’t very specific.
- some of the claims got fucking wild. A lot of them involved taking stuff out of context. I think w*ncest got brought up at one point???
- Kora wrote another apology and took a break from Tumblr, on the advice of another friend.
- I spent like a day gearing up to write this because I vastly underestimated the speed at which Tumblr discourse moves.
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caspdf · a month ago
re: princesshamlet’s racist transphobic manifesto they do not have the right to make that fic that feels like being called dozens of slurs and is filled to the brim with racism and then try to make themselves the victims of what happened here. they had the opportunity to use the advice of people of color and then they disregarded it completely.
I am tired of being someone who is kind and guiding and forgiving of white people doing things like this. i do not have to do that and neither does anyone. this is not tea. this is not tumblr discourse. this is racism and it’s disgusting how little people on this site recognize that.
for the transmascs reading this: your existence is not misogyny. 
white people - too many of you are talking about how you need to see the information for yourself. why is your perception of racism more clarifying and important than the analysis and perception of people of color. why do you need to decide which side of the conflict you are on? one side of the conflict is racist. the other side is antiracist. the issue isn’t incredibly complicated. 
we are not “taking the fic out of context.” we’ve read the fic. we’ve read the context. it doesn’t make it any better.
for any people of color who’ve read the fic or heard what’s happening - esp latinos of color & mexicans of color - i’m so sorry they published that shit. take care of yourselves. 
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metafictions · a month ago
I honestly feel really gross right now because I used to be a casual mutual of Kora’s and reading the excerpts from the spn rewrite just makes me go... girl what the fuck? Wha? I honestly did have a weird feeling about the SPN rewrite when she mentioned that she was making virtually the entire cast POC because like... that’s a huge undertaking. To make it culturally accurate, to make it sensitive and well-executed... like that takes a lot of work bro! This whole thing is depressing asf
i feel that buddy it fucking sucksssss to realise something like this. its very much not anyones failt but their own and all you can do as a relative outsider is step back, examine your own beliefs to make sure they dont fall into the same traps, then pick yourself up and move on. we aren't responsible for other peoples politics, especially those who show such an unwillingness to hear and reflect on criticism. i keep having to remind myself of that because stuff like this always makes me feel like i gotta do something like i coild fix it even though i literally dont know them weve never even followed eachother. its just messy and i feel bad how mamy of us have tried to ~help~ them see the light and just coudlnt get through.
i hope youre okay anon, try not to beat yourself up about it because i really tjink there was no other way for this sitch to go 😔
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saintmichaels · a month ago
Wait have I missed something??? Sounds like something serious is going on but I have no idea what it is
a tumblr user wrote a fix it/rewrite fic that was full of violent racism, stereotypes, and transphobia (specifically transmisogyny i think?) i’m a little behind because i went to sleep pretty soon after it happened but if you want to know more i had been looking through samdyke’s blog and honestly most blogs have already said something about it
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gaygorgon · a month ago
ok i missed like everything that happened last night but im in the server that first started talking abt the princesshamlet fic and i would rly recommend no one go looking for it bc its rly viscerally upsetting. im so sorry to anyone who had to deal with the situation directly and i hope that you are taking care of urselves <333
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metafictions · a month ago
for like 2 days ive been trying to figure out how to post abt the princesshamlet transphobia situations bc they said somw VERY weird things to me in messages but also said 'ive never told anyone this but' and it feels so evil to do that like to make it so i cant post publicly bc its a secret even though its the only way to give context to their messages. insane way to interact
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thegayintern · a month ago
hey can we stop asking people of color to explain the situation over and over when theres multiple tags and a million posts going around
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