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moceit · 2 days ago
Patton: What do bees make?
Janus: Honey?
Patton: Yes dear?
Roman: Hey, Virg, what do bees make?
Virgil: I don't know, some kind of stupid annoying sound. What do you want?
Remus: Babe, what do bees make?
Logan: Beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly, the list goes on. Not to mention the incredibly important role they have in pollination. Bees are economically and ecologically significant, the fact that they're going extinct is a real tragedy—
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roman-eats-glitter · a day ago
Virgil is buff n has abs bc
1: He want be stronk if he need fight
2: He exercise when bored
3: I said so
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hannahdra-ws · a day ago
Virgil picks at his hands a lot, often to the point where his hangnails start bleeding, and so now when Roman notices him doing it he gently takes Virgils hands in his own
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transformationloveb · 2 days ago
So basically, setting aside all the angst, the past few episodes of Sanders Sides + Asides have been Roman and Patton swapping Dark Side buddies
How it started: Patton and Virgil + Roman and Janus
How it's going: Patton and Janus + Roman and Virgil
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crossiantgay · 5 hours ago
Virgil: in my opinion, everything went downhill after they added letters to math
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sablesides · a day ago
Treasure of the Gods (Pt.5)
There's a certain number of times an event has to happen to shift from a coincidence into a curse.
For Virgil, that number had reached four.
And it seemed like every time he thought that lesson had been ingrained in his head, someone else came into his life to mess it up.
So Virgil decided to be more proactive, he took all the money he'd earned and moved into a little house in the woodlands, where he couldn't have any neighbors at all.
So now, maybe he'd be safe, he couldn't lose neighbors that he didn't have.
"Alright everybody, meal time!" Virgil called, watching as the five creatures that hadn't abandoned him came rushing to their meals.
Virgil watched with a smile on his face, fidgeting with the sleeves of his shirt.
Until he noticed a flicker outside of the window, and taking a few steps closer, saw a glistening black fox, nose pointed toward the sky.
Virgil felt his breath hitch slightly, something about it seemed so familiar and yet so. . . Not.
Virgil eventually managed to force his eyes away from the sight, shrinking in on himself and clawing at his arms like a desperate prayer.
It wasn't until he felt Midna' soft fur against his cheek that he realized how far he'd retreated into his own mind.
"I can't do this again I- how did they find me out here?" Virgil murmured, his hands were shaking, when had they started shaking?
He watched as Eros slowly curled around his wrists, letting out a low hiss as he moved.
Eventually Virgil's breathing evened out, though there was still a low whimper behind it.
Virgil tried desperately to forget about the fox, begging for the memory to remain at the back of his mind.
And yet, it seemed fate had other plans for him.
For now, he saw the fox nearly everywhere he went.
And it hurt.
Like a ghost trailing his every move, silent and light-footed.
So eventually he decided, why not do some tracking for himself?
So Virgil watched, tracking every move the creature made until he had it down to a science.
And then it was time to plan.
It felt off, in a vague way, stalking an animal who's origins Virgil wasn't even sure of.
The fox once again remained still, hardly paying any mind to Virgil.
At least until he was at arms length.
Then it took off into the underbrush, with Virgil charging after it as fast as his legs could carry him.
Virgil followed it for what seemed like miles, until he tripped over a loose tree root, and was sent rolling down a hill. Twigs and mud and sticks clawed and scratched at him.
Finally he stopped at the base, shuddering as he tried to push himself up.
"I wouldn't risk that, quite a fall you had there,"
Virgil froze as a voice he didn't recognize reached his ears, his heart pounded in his chest.
"Here, lean on me, I've got you," Virgil wasnt sure why he did it, but he allowed his hands to fall around the strangers arms, allowed himself to be pulled upwards until he could see their face.
And he was met with stunning icy blue eyes in contrast with dark skin, dark midnight black hair, and a warm smile.
"Wh-who are- how did-" it was then that Virgil noticed the fox circling the man's feet.
"Is that-"
"Mine, yes, Artemis," said the man.
"She's beautiful-" Virgil said softly.
"Oh there's no need for flattery, you must have seen a million familiar by now with the way the other Gods rave about you,"
Virgil froze again, not quite processing the details that had just been laid before him.
"Familiars?-" Virgil said softly.
"You- didn't know?" Said the man, raising an eyebrow.
"Who- what are you- how did- how did you find me!." Virgil pushed back, no longer caring that he collapsed to the ground as soon as the support was let go.
"I'm warning you I may be injured but I can still bite you!" Virgil snarled, staring up at this- thing masquerading as a person.
The Diety stood for a moment a calculating look in his eyes.
"Oh I'm going to kill the others when we get back," he muttered, turning his head to mouth a string of curses.
"I am Logan, God of Space and Knowledge, my colleagues and I have been tracking you for quite some time Virgil, you have earned our favor," Logan stated matter-of-factly.
"Yeah right. Then why has everyone I care about disappeared under mysterious circumstances like a week after I meet them huh?" Virgil spat.
"Please, allow me to show you," Logan said, almost pleadingly.
Virgil took a moment to consider the words, and then he gave a small nod.
Virgil felt a slight fuzzy feeling in his limbs, and then he was met with a blinding light, and Midna on his shoulders.
When he came too, he was met with five figures.
Each looking more familiar than the last.
"You didn't tell him?! Do you know how horribly that can affect a Mortal! He thought you four were dead!" Virgil recognized Logan's voice, and recognized the individual murmurs of the men he'd previously cared for.
"We did it to keep him safe! Who knows what would've happened if Romulus had discovered him! We've already lost two!" Virgil's heart skipped a beat as he heard Roman's voice.
But then the arguing picked up, and with it a pounding headache in Virgil's skull.
A pounding that seemed to keep building infinitely until. . .
"SHUT IT!" Virgil snarled, baring his teeth as the quintet turned toward him.
"I don't know who or what any of you are but I want answers! Now!." Virgil continued.
"Alright Virgil alright, just please relax, we'll explain everything I promise-" Janus was the next to speak.
"Just let us get you situated first alright Virgil? Please?" Then Patton.
"I- fine, but I want an explanation soon." Virgil said, the five deities nodded, with Patton being the one to approach Virgil to lead him to his room.
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just-some-gt-trash · 2 days ago
8.- Fortune
Pairings: DR LAMP (Roman and Remus are not in a relationship)
Summary: The sides receive some interesting fortunes that will help them come through the doubts on their relationship.
AN: this is a part 1, but the other parts are not going to be written for the October prompt list since I didn’t find how to fit them wit the prompts.
Roman opened the door of the imagination and let the others come back into their house. All the sides were laughing and talking with each other as they made their way to the kitchen.
Today was an amazing day! They all went out on a date at a park in the imagination and then went to pick up some Chinese food to eat back at home.
Patton and Logan started taking out the plates since they didn’t like using disposables. Remus and Janus took the containers out of the bags and handed everyone their food. And Roman and Virgil were just being gay with each other.
Once everything was ready, Patton sat next to Roman, Logan next to Virgil, and Remus and Janus were at opposite ends of the table.
Dinner was also fun. Remus teased Logan and Virgil with his tentacles under the table, Janus scolded him as he held Patton’s hand, Patton’s other hand was being kissed by Roman as well as his face, and Logan and Janus were talking about current issues with Thomas’ schedule, all perfect!
Well, maybe not all. Even if they all had agreed on dating each other, except for Remus and Roman for obvious reasons, there were some of them that still had some trouble connecting with each other.
Roman was very close to Patton since he could always be cheesy with him. His dinamic wit Virgil included a bit of a rougher love but they still got to flirt aggressively with each other. And was able to forgive Janus for the wedding fiasco, they still had some moments of tension here and there, but nothing they couldn’t talk through. Roman was having troubles connecting with Logan. They had always fought in the past due to their nature and that was still bugging both of them. He had tried throwing some romantic comments here and there but nothing. Even their first kiss was… awkward, so much they preferred to say it never happened.
Ever since Janus was accepted into the family, he has had the chance to have a moment with each side. He convinced Logan to let Thomas have some time for himself. He used his extra arms to give Janus the double of hugs. He helped Roman with his acting. And his interactions with Remus stayed pretty much the same. But it didn’t seem like Virgil was working to give him a chance. They both agreed to the polycule, but there was something about staying alone with him that made Janus go back to his deceiving nature, and Virgil didn’t like that.
Patton was always full of love to give. To Logan and Roman, and then Virgil and Janus when they were accepted. He was able to express his love in different ways with all of them! Roman loved the overly romantic stuff. Logan liked the quiet of them enjoying a book together or doing chores around the house. Virgil loved the gifts Patton gave him. And Janus was the best for cuddling. Remus… wasn’t as easy to understand. He was just so loud and random all the time, Patton never knew what kind of reaction he would get out of him and that scared him…
They still had troubles with each other, but none of them wanted to address them.
Everyone was quite tired once dinner was done, so they decided to just ditch the movie night and go straight to sleep. They weren’t even in the mood for dessert, but they still grabbed a fortune cookie each before they left to their rooms.
They all decided to open them before sleeping. Patton and Remus ate it but the others only read the fortune.
Logan’s said, “Those obstacles you’re avoiding are the key to achieving success.”
Virgil’s said, “Love can last a lifetime, if you let it.”
Remus’ said, “Let your mind set, confidence will lead you on.”
Janus’ said, “You treasure what you lost the most.”
Patton’s said, “Love is like medicine, no matter how bitter it tastes, it will make you feel better.”
And Roman’s said, “Rest has a peaceful effect in your life, let someone else be the hero this time.”
So they all went to sleep, not knowing what waited for them once they started dreaming.
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shapa-likes-art · 2 days ago
so your telling me virgil is doing all sorts of articles and reports on a villian who happens to be the person paying him to do this? thats 100% a roman thing to do 😂
But at first he did it so he could have control over what is in Virgil's articles and also to throw off any possible suspicion. Who in their right mind would think the person funding articles on finding the Phantom's identity to be the Phantom himself?
But anyway, somehow, he starts catching feelings for Virgil while he's working under him fhdgdh- Is it the excitement Virgil has sharing his theories and progress? Is it the way He's incredibly passionate about his writing? Is it just because he's simply cute? Either way, Roman ends up becoming soft because of the emo.
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emilyshiba · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
logan and roman would totally bond over thomas learning the ukulele…. it plays to both their strengths so well 🥺
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yourmypenguin · a month ago
Really love that Roman is so convinced virgils scheming when homies probably just writing a 100k enemies to lovers fic
-blue (can I go by that?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags: roman is bad at feelings, terrible communication skills, enemies to friends to lovers, terrible flirting, slow burn
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roman-eats-glitter · 2 days ago
Roman and Virgil (Sanders Sides) really are just Johnny and Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)
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princeanxious · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hav a comic of that silly idea i wanted to draw for @yourmypenguin’s reversed sides au except i went so off the rails from the original idea(of Roman being Chosen by Virgil as the Perfect Napping Place and thus it was Illegal to Move until Virgil got up, much to Roman’s entire annoyance)
To.. whatever this is?? Which is probably almost entirely too soft for your au but i hope you like it anyway if only for the somft prinxiety content??? 🥺👉👈
(Some notes abt this piece cause i drew a 7 panel comic for the first time in ages after struggling to friggen doodle even a smidge most days, i’m gonna be proud and point stuff out cause i can:
-while I know Spoiled Bat is less fitting than Spoiled Cat, the original inspo shirt was using it as a pun for ‘Spoiled Brat’ and i thought that shirt would absolutely be one of the rare smth that Patton found and gifted/gave Virgil bc he knew he’d love it, so Spoiled Bat w/ littol bat earrings to match it was!
-Roman’s hair down bc idk about u but last i remembered laying down on ponytails, especially to Mope and AngstTM, is not comfy at all. Plus. Drama. Long haired Roman. Thats really it, thats the whole bit, i like shaggy long-haired rs!roman okay
-i’m very proud of roman’s expressions. I love them. They are very different from the way i’d draw canon!Virgil as Roman has no issue with masking his dramatics when it comes to expressing emotions and it was Very Fun. He’s such an edgelord. I love him.
-this interaction takes place at 3 am. Logan does not think to mention that he came down at 4 am for a coffee and now has backmail for days.)
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reddstardust · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a short prinxiety comic that I started drawing months ago. Tbh I can't tell if I love it or hate it at this point but I spent way too much time on this,,, so yeah (first you take him by the hand am I right-)
♡reblogs are very appreciated♡
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transformationloveb · a day ago
Virgil: Roman and I were crossing the street, and this dude drove by and honked at us Logan: *Sighing* What did Roman do? Virgil: He chased the guy to the next red light, then reached into his window and- Roman, walking into the room: Who wants a steering wheel?
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sleepy-starling · 5 months ago
Hi! Content! :) I only make shitposts on my tiktok lmaoooo
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aidensm8 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had the random thought of "What if Remus plotted a scheme" and "What if the sides' fashion style were shuffled" so here we are
I just used a randomizer to decide who gets which style
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not-exactly-laborious · 9 months ago
🦋 💜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have a little headcanon that when Virgil is excited some butterflies just magically ✨ appear✨ in his room because of the "butterflies in your stomach" thingy
I have no idea why I made this
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lumencountess · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
When you don’t have time for serious things and you can just do a silly little redraw of this two dummy... oh well ❤️💜
Bonus....Old Drawing:
Tumblr media
I did this in the 27/09/2019. Art block and this cursed pose was a destructive combo. Dammit you pose, my enemy! We meet again!!
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