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Chapter 28: Sweet Briers

pairings: logan/patton (logicality), roman/virgil (prinxiety)
words: 5083
warnings: swearing, manipulation/gaslighting, references to toxic relationships (parental, romantic, etc.), implications of self harm, lying, implied drunk driving
summary: logan fray has been running his flower shop, aster’s, for about three years now. he hasn’t run into too much trouble yet—other than the occasional presence of his friend, roman prince, who runs a broadway-themed café across the street—and his life had been relatively quiet for quite some time now. that is, until patton sanders opens up a gift shop next door that prides itself in pun-filled cards. that’s when logan’s life gets a bit…louder.

a/n- hi friends !! hope everyone has had a great start to their year (it’s totally ok if you haven’t though…it’s already shaping to be an interesting one :’)) )

i’ll keep this short and sweet ‘cuz i’m very excited about getting to the nitty gritty of what this chapter implies! i’ve been writing ahead to prepare for this story’s conclusion, so knowing the direction this is all going… *evil– i mean excited writer noises*

thank you once again to solemn-vow for making this chapter the angst fest (and also the cohesive fest lol) that this is! 

and thank you for reading! i hope you enjoy <3

tag list ✨ — @virgiltheanxious,  @a-pale-pink-dot@toomuchstuffnotenoughcreativity@the-anti-virgil, @too-precious-to-process, @freepaperie081, @whatwashernameagain, @adoratato, @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms2, @softprxnce, @migraine-marathon, @alana-of-the-cartwrights, @emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn@thepusheenqueen, @at-least-seven-pretty-potatoes, @hanramz-the-fander , @atomicengineerdetective, @anony-phangirl , @potatogirl309, @wentzdayz, @paradoxicalpatton, @poisonedapples :) , @broadwaytheanimatedseries , @alyssadashrub@michealawithana , @pasteliosis, @microsoft-nerd, @blinded-by-nobody-blog, @axyzel, @grey-lysander, @russian-radiation-station, @razberrypuck, @leafyhill910, @a-lexicon-of-words, @uh-r00d, @definenormalifyoucan@misslilidelaney, @corruptedicon, @patton-loves-coloring,  @froggyfun27, @penguins-in-turquoise-scarves, @insanityandimperfection, @spacenerrrd, @hissesssss, @squishynonbinarytwink, @quietwords-loudthoughts, @your-username-is-unavailable, @midknight-mania, @hi-disappointed-im-daughter,@applecannibal, @illiani, @koalaaquabear, @aceofhearts567, @el-elephant, @superwholocked-for-life, @secretlyawyvern,  @mrtacothethird, @davidthetraveler, @nafsbluebery, @slutforketchup, @are-you-even-real

read on AO3 if you’d like ^-^

“sweet briers = ‘i wound to heal.’ “


‘You are currently on fire.’

It was admittedly an odd thought, odd enough that Logan could deem it as irrational to a certain extent. Yet it was still steeped in a vague sense of truth, this imaginary fire crawling along his arms and burning his skin as he struggled to pull out of the hug. 

“Oh, don’t struggle, sweetie. I haven’t seen you in forever!” He was still unable to process her voice being in his shop, or being here. Her tone sounded sharp in his ears. “You make me worried about you and yet you refuse me?” 

Logan gritted his teeth, his skin crawling. You have to leave, you have to escape, you can’t be here– go, go, g–’

“Logan, dear.” His mother outstretched her hand to tap his cheek. He tensed at how strange it felt. “Relax your jaw. What did your dentist say about grinding your teeth? You’re an adult, I would have assumed you knew better by now.” 

Better. The word echoed in his head. You need to get out of here, you–’

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I have identified my ideal ship dynamic, present in all my OTPs


Two smart asses constantly getting on each other’s nerves in increasingly homoerotic ways

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Thinking about tall Roman putting his chin on short Virgil’s head as they hug makes me smile more than it should.

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Snuggles, Science, and Sarcasm

Summary: The couples of the mindscape take the afternoon off to spend with each other.

Pairings: Moceit, Intrulogical, Prinxiety

Warning(s): Brief mention of blood

Words: 791

Patton yawned, blinking blearily up at Janus. The two had fallen in and out of sleepy consciousness on the couch too many times to count for the past few hours, and both had decided it was the best way to spend the day after having a breakfast large enough to feed the entire mindscape twice over. Patton shifted to glance down at his watch, a soft smile gracing his lips at the sight of Janus’s fingers intertwined with his own.

“Mm,” he hummed, “It’s two-thirty honeybee, we should really get up and…and do something.” His words were overtaken by another yawn and he fell back into the position he was in before, nuzzling further into Janus’s chest.

Janus let out a small hiss in response and, without opening his eyes, extended the rest of his arms out, wrapping them around Patton and pulling him closer.

“We did the dishes earlier,” he said, speech heavy and slurred with sleep. “We earned this. Self-care.”

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Virgil, to Roman: The absolute nerve to come into my life. To make it better by your very existence. Effortlessly barging into the misery fortress it took me years to build. Shameful.

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Well, it’s been a month of rest and it’s time to resume the main storyline of the blog. In the last episode, we had just left Thomas and Nico meeting and starting a relationship and now we start seeing him involved in Thomas’ daily life. I hope you enjoy this new episode and I leave you with the story. Until next time.

SYNOPSIS: Thomas is about to have his first date with Nico, both of them alone, but he doesn’t feel truly alone if his Sides are around him all the time, so he asks them to enter autopilot and not disturbing him until the date is over. But something’s gonna go wrong in the Mind Palace and Patton is going to put himself in danger…

WARNINGS: Some moments of implied innuendo, romantic dukeceit and logicality. A scene of intense danger where some Sides’ lives are in mortal danger.


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Logan was holding Patton back, he was furious how could he do this, he looked at Virgil, the parental rage in his eyes. Virgil stood their head hanging low and hand holding his boyfriend Roman’s hand. Janice walked up to Roman and shook the terrified boy’s hand, “I’m Janus, dad number three. A pleasure to meet you Roman, you seem like a fine young man, we saw you and beauty and the beast, divine job. I am trusting you with my son my one and only child. You have one chance do not mess it up. Trust each other and be truthful and respectful and that is all I ask of you. Virgil since it’s Friday curfew is midnight have a good time tonight and call us if you need anything.” Virgil hugged Janus and walked out with Roman.

“ Why did you let them go?” Janus handed his husbands their coats, “now we are going to follow them, done. We hardly know this kid and Virgil’s are the only child I am not just going to let them go.” The three dad’s giggled as they put on their coats and went to follow their Virgil on his very first date the first stop was dinner. “Ro, this is a nice place. How can you afford this?"Roman smiles, "my two mom own this restaurant. When I told him about you and about our date they wanted it to be special so everything is taken care of. Oh! I almost forgot.” Roman pulled out a purple rose flower crown and placed it on Virgil’s head, Not before asking if it was all right of course. “It’s a purple rose flower crown. I made it myself during study hall, I’ve never seen you not wearing one. You look absolutely stunning in them.” Virgil blushed, “you are such a sap."Roman smiled and held his arm out for Virgil to take he happily took it and the two walked inside Roman held the door like a gentleman.

They were taken to a quieter room, Virgil had anxiety about large and loud places, and Roman being considerate. The three dads walked into the restaurant silently looking for Virgil. A young woman walked up and smiled, "Hello, you must be Virgil’s dads. I am Annie, Roman’s mom and this is my wife Violet.” The dads shook the mom’s hands and smiled, “nice to meet you. I assume you know why we are here.” Violet smiled, “ yes, we do. We have a table where you can see them but they can’t see you. Order anything you want, it’s on us.” Pat and smiled “thank you so much, but we can pay.”

Annie cut him off, “Roman is my only son. I have never seen him happier than when he was with Virgil. Your son saved mine, not to overshare but Roman was struggling in school and he wasn’t very happy until he met your son. He went on for hours and hours talking about how wonderful Virgil was I can see now that he had three lovely dads who made him that way. The least I can do for you is give you some free coffee.” Logan spoke up next, “I don’t suppose you would like to sit with us. Virgil of us told us quite a lot about Roman and however, we don’t know you very well. If our sons are going to be spending more time together I would like to get to know you.” Annie and Violet smiled the parents sat down at the table and talked for quite a while, they got along wonderfully.

Virgil and Roman were walking out of the restaurant when they saw the table. They walked up, “hey dads, Roman’s moms.” Violet spoke up, “Hey guys, how was dinner?” Roman smiled “It was delightful, mom thank you so much. I promise I will pay you back for it.” Annie smiled, “no, no need Roman. I told you it was free.” Virgil looked at his dads, “you guys followed us here didn’t you?” The dads all awkwardly chuckled, “it’s clear that you make each other very happy. If you treat each other like this how respectfully and genuine you did tonight. I believe that you two will have a wonderful future together.”

Virgil and Roman smiled at each other and held hands once more. They walked outside onto The patio where they held each other close, “Roman, may I kiss you?” Roman beat him to it and placed his lips onto Virgil’s lips, the kiss lasted for many long moments; it was heavenly for both parties. “I love you, Virgil Cook.” Roman stated, Virgil answered back quickly, “I love you to Roman Cole.”

Roman and Virgil closed the scrapbook and set it down on their brand new coffee table, it was a move-in gift from Roman’s parents. The couple got their first house together it was empty but it was soon to be full because a new addition is on the way. The two smiled at the picture of Lola she was perfect and tomorrow she would be theirs. Roman kissed his husband and smiled, “I love you, Virgil.” “I love you too Roman.”

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Virgil: Princey, I umm… I like you….





Roman: -Pulls out a binder, flipping it open-

Virgil: Whats that?

Roman: The wedding I’ve been planning since I first met you, now do you prefer red velvet or chocolate I couldn’t decide.  

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One shot idea - prinxiety

Okay so, this is human au, btw.

So, Roman and Virgil are roommates, and also childhood best friends. They both have ✨Trauma✨ so they both get nightmares often.

One night, Virgil has a really really bad one and comes to Roman’s room for comfort, and they end up falling asleep together.

Both agree that was the best sleep they’ve ever had.

So Roman goes “:0 what if we slept together every night, that way we can be there if one of us has a nightmare! :D” and he’s a dummy so he doesn’t understand the meaning behind it.

Virgil knows he doesn’t understand the meaning behind it, so he goes “…*sigh* sure. Okay.” And so they start sleeping together, and ling story short then end up confessing one night after one of them has a nightmare.

Bonus points if before they confess, they both end up cuddling and getting super duper close to one another while they sleep, and get super flustered over it the next morning.

20 notes

I’m going to be 100% honest here, I don’t usually write Prinxiety, their dynamic seems to not work with my brain as nicely as other ships do. For that reason this fic is a bit different than other ones from this series, a bit more dynamic and maybe not entirely what you imagined when you were sending me the prompt, but I think it’s not the worst there is. Still, I hope you’ll enjoy it either way.


Sleepy promises

It was bad. Really, really bad, and Virgil had no idea how to get himself out of the mess that he got himself into.

He didn’t mean to, okay? He just wanted a change of scenery and remembered an offhand comment Roman made that they were welcome to his domain anytime…

He could have at least warned them that, dunno, the forest was mean and altered the paths within it? That the trees, once between them, had the tendency to look way more looming and dark? Branches to lean down almost mockingly? Was it his imagination or were the threes becoming more dense with his every turn?

He felt trapped, completely unable to find the path. When he looked back, there was a tree right behind him, right where the middle of the path he was on was just a mere minute ago.

No good, no good, no good!

Virgil was starting to panic. He had nowhere to run, the trees were so close now that it would take maybe two more turns that he’d have to squeeze between them to move anywhere, maybe two more and he’ll be trapped completely.

Trapped, trapped, trapped, trappedtrappedtrapped-

His heart was pounding, breath coming out uneven. No way to run. No air in lungs to scream. No strength in legs as they buckled, and then he was on the ground and the trees were leaning over him mockingly and oh god-

He woke up with all the air trapped in his lungs.

Just a nightmare.

Feeling his whole body tremble, he tried to slowly breathe out, mind still partially there, still almost entirely overwhelmed with the residue of emotions.

He wanted to wait it out, to let it all just pass. One minute, then two, then five and ten – to no avail. His heart seemed adamant on not slowing down, picking up at every minuscule sound, mind supplying him with multiple examples of dangers not even remotely connected to his nightmare this time.

That shadow could be a demon. Turn on a nightlamp. Something may be in the room. Look around. Stupid, just try to sleep. Something may have appeared. Scan the room once again. What was that creak?

After ten more minutes of this torture he decided to suck up his pride and just seek some company. As much as he didn’t want to do it, he had no other option.

Whatever, let him think what he will, I’m doing this for myself, Virgil thought as he left his room, not entirely sure that he really believed in what he was trying to convince himself of.

He wasn’t trying to sneak in to the other’s room, but if he was sleeping, Virgil wasn’t going to just barge in. Or maybe he was giving himself an out, a way to silently turn around and act as if he wasn’t even there.

“Who’s there?”, came the sleepy voice of the person that was already propped up on the bed to be ready for anything.

Curse Roman and his instinct.

“Just me,” Virgil had to announce now, this time cursing his own voice that gave out his shaking. He sounded like such a child, he hated it, he was acting like a child, he definitely should have just sucked it up and wait for it to pass…

“Virgil?” How on earth did he sound so awake after just a second? “Is something wrong?”

He was already turning back to leave.

“It’s stupid, just a nightmare, sorry for waking you up, I shouldn’t-“

“Wait.” Roman stopped him, that single word somehow gentle and commanding at the same time. “Come here.”

What possessed him to listen, he will never be sure, but at that time he guessed that he might as well. There wasn’t really much more pride to be hurt that night.

So he came closer and hesitated as Roman motioned for him to lay down. He started to say something before being interrupted once again.

“Come on, I don’t bite, Stormy Night.” The room was not dark enough to hide his small smirk when he added: “Unless you ask nicely.”

“Oh my god, shut up,” Virgil groaned and against his better judgement joined the other in bed. Platonically.

“You’re shaking all over,” Roman noted, as if Virgil wasn’t aware. “Come here.”

Roman gently took him by the waste and pulled him closer, almost pressing their bodies together. Virgil’s eyes went wide, breath catching from surprise, but as he looked up in the other’s face he saw his eyes closed. Huh, he thought, letting himself slowly relax. Roman seemed much more awake that he was, or so it looked like at least. But his hold was gentle, his body warm and relaxed, breathing slow and even, and Virgil was tired, after all. Maybe it was the exhaustion or maybe the aftermath of the nightmare, but their position really made him feel safer. Even though he was held, he didn’t feel the need to break free.

As Virgil felt his heavy eyelids slowly win the battle against his willpower to keep them open,  he moved just a bit closer to the other, not really thinking about anything more than that it was comfortable. He was convinced the other was fast asleep again so he wouldn’t mind either way, or so he hoped – Roman was the one to initiate it after all.

Virgil felt the arm around him squeeze a bit stronger.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the nightmares”, Roman reassured quietly, hiding his smile in Virgil’s hair. He wasn’t entirely out, it seemed.

But it was okay. Virgil was asleep before he could think much about it either way.


Send me a prompt focusing on touch

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No one asked for it but I’m giving it to you anyway! Part 5 of my tss sims 4 game:

First | Previous | Next

TW: caps, swearing, s*x mention (kinda)

  • Victor made his nany mad by asking to leave his room (bc the bitch was always putting his toys away that I had spent quite some time placing)
  • Hestia and Ethan aged up while I checked on the intrulogical home 😭
  • Roman’s gone into labour!!
  • Everyone welcome Nico Storm ( ◜‿◝ )♡ (thank you @captainpatton-thewinterdad for the name ly 💖)
  • There’s a monster under Hestia’s bed and I of course didn’t think much of it bc she’s a kid and kids say that shit
  • So Janus and Patton went to “spray the monster away”?? Again, didn’t think much of it until I fUCKING SEE IT?!! (it suspiciously has tentacles… Remus is that you? 👀)
  • Everyone in that house was scared shitless bc of the monster
  • Logan became an elder. I freaked out bc “old” is not a good look on him tbh. I solved it though
  • Okay now Janus is also an elder whyyy (also fixed it)
  • Bruh now Virgil?!! This is where I cross the fucking line! The Virgil edginess as an elder is just embarrassing and I’m having none of it!
  • Okay listen. I know Roman just gave birth but like… What if they adopted another baby 👀… Jk. Unless…. (Her name’s Siren btw (at least I think they’re a girl 😳)
  • So @captainpatton-thewinterdad and I really wanted Logan and Remus to have a daughter bc we think that they’d be adorably protective of her (especially Remus) so why not making them adopt another kid!
  • Now here’s the problem. This is gonna sound kinda mean but all the kids up for adoption were kind of ugly and I wanted them to have a baby daughter but I couldn’t tell which babies and which ones were boys so they’re gonna have another biological kid
  • (@captainpatton-thewinterdad might argue what I’m about to say but here it goes)
  • For some reason they couldn’t go to the bedroom to try for baby so I just made them do it in the hottub…. I SWEAR THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED IT WASN’T MY CHOICE OKAY
  • I have decided that Roman and Virgil will have about 3 kids unless they have twins at some point
  • Remus and Logan will stop at 2 bc, lbh Logan would get grey hairs at the speed of light if he had to deal with not only Remus but also more than 2 mini-them
  • Patton and Janus will either only have the twins or I’ll give them another kid I don’t really know since they were supposed to only have one kid at this point in time bc I only knew they were having twins when they were born
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Prinxiety headcanons that no one asks for

  • Roman sometimes steals Virgil’s makeup when he runs out
  • He also steal Virgil’s jacket and V knows about it so he also steals Romans clothes
  • On their first date Roman takes V to the imagination and has a whole romantic night planed but it goes wrong but Virgil still loves it and they end up kissing (that could be a fanfic that I may write)
  • When V has panic attacks, Ro like to slow dance to make him feel better
  • When Ro gets sad, V sings to him and that makes Ro fall in love with him even more (also another fanfic I might write)
  • They’re in love

I’m-I’m a sucker for this ship ok!!!

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Helpless, that boy is mine!”


I will be posting the others later :))

This has been my most favorite thing to color and line art! JUST because I had taken a lot of time to rest and all that stuff. (I just noticed how different my description is from Insta to here)

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Virgil: *laying in bed* Babe, give me your hand.

Roman: Okay *gives Virgil his hand. Virgil slips a ring on his finger* What’s this?

Virgil: An engagement ring.

Roman: Virgil, did you just propose to me?

Virgil: Do you want to marry me?

Roman: Yes!

Virgil: Then Yes, I did. *Roman pulls him over and kisses him. Smiling brightly*

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