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Part ½

I want to be beautiful

The kind of beautiful that turns around heads wherever I walk

Even if all I’m wearing is a baggy old T-shirt from 10 years ago, I will still be able to pull it off because I look happy

I want to wear grace for a crown and kindness for a smile

I want to be ebullient, it officially translates to cheerful and full of energy

I want my first impression to be, wow, what a joy it was meeting her, I can’t wait to get to know her more

I want to be nice without an ulterior motive

I want to smile at strangers and wish them a good day as i walk along the street

I want to spontaneously send bouquets to my best friend because I know the sight of ivory white lilies will make her grin like a little child

While I’m at it, I want to take my dad out to his favourite steak place, and let him order everything on the menu

I want to deep clean the whole house on a Thursday morning, every corner will be spotless before my mom wakes up

I want to post hand written letters for my grandpa every week, even though he lives half way across the world, I think it would really make his day

I know none of this is necessary

It’s a bit silly actually

To be a pitcher pouring so selflessly

When nobody is expecting this from me

No wonder I’m constantly thirsty

Filling everyone’s glasses to the brim

While my own desires are left unquenched

- a pitcher parched dry // @frequen-seas

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my mom forgets to give me the food i asked for for an hour and a half but she can send me a facebook meme the moment she scrolls past it

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person 1: *takes your love and yeets it back at you* lOvE yOuRsElF
person 2: *throws it in a cannon and fires the cannon at u* i HaVe OtHeR pRiOrItIeS
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Originally posted by 2mainstreamhipster

Things that make me feel stressed: innumerable.

Things that I can do to release feelings of stress: also innumerable.

When we continue to focus on all of the things which make us feel stressed, instead of making time to release said stress = when we burnout.

There will always be things in our day which stress us out. The trick is, to prioritise those things which release stress, allowing us to process our emotions, and then bring us back to joy.

We are not supposed to get stuck, or trapped, in isolation, wallowing in stress and negative emotion.

We are supposed to cry it out, to seek out warm hugs, and a listening ear, to care and to share, to go out for a long walk, to get that fresh air, to focus on our breathing, to laugh hysterically at something silly, and collapse happily back into those pockets of joy again.

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i just rearranged/cleaned my closet for no reason even tho i still have physics and math homework that i’ve been putting off for the whole weekend

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Keeping the fridges powered makes complete sense, especially because of the vampyres’ reliance on refrigerated blood, but why the media centre? Is keeping the computer lab up and running really that important? Would it not make sense to redirect those resources to, like, the infirmary or something?

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