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Wondering how many people in healthcare will find new jobs after being forced to work in these conditions, without proper PPE and without hazard pay.  

Also, adults of the world should be able to cook their own food, and make their own damn coffee.  Free the prisoners of fast food, FFS!  Grocery stores should be taking orders over the phone, locking the doors, and having tested, and willing personnel packing orders for pick up.  Same with pharmacies. 

NO ONE SHOULD BE BROWSING OR GOING OUT FOR COFFEE, AS SOMETHING TO DO BECAUSE THEY ARE BORED FROM STAYING HOME. Everyone should appreciate that they have a home at this point, and stay there. Some people don’t even have a place to live.   It’s really a privilege to be BORED, isn’t it?  Bored privilege leads to further and further spread of this disease, and more burden on the already stressed, unprotected, overworked medical system.

stay the fuck home.
 And maybe learn to make coffee.  

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my mom listing off terrible things happening in the world: do think this is what it’s all about? do you think we’re all going-

me, after seeing a taco bell ad: i want taco bell 😔

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The actions you are willing to take let your mind and body know what you believe is essential. Whatever stance you take on what needs to get done, shifts the energy in your life. It’s easy to blame whatever is going on around you, but the fact is, what is or isn’t getting done falls directly on your shoulders. 

What actions are you willing to take? Are you going to keep telling yourself that tomorrow is the better day, or are you going to find the strength to take little steps? That choice is up to you, and the sooner you make yourself a priority, the quicker things get done. 

Don’t be afraid to make that choice. Make yourself a priority and, more importantly, understand how your actions affect the way you feel, and the sense of ownership you have. 


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Confession time: I haven’t bought anything for myself since my car died in February. There’s some lovely Art in my shopping carts, but I can’t justify anything when our budget is so out of wack.


We’ve spent a fortune on toys/treats for the kids since the COVID warnings started last month. Building toys, board games, I even got more flour to make play dough. The price of sanity.

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If your model train layout doesn’t look like this from time to time…you’re doing it wrong.

Do everything possible to ensure that your hobby…of any type…is not a source of bitter memories to the ones that should matter the most.

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I’m curious…can we still get paid for winning the lottery if no one’s playing? Maybe it’s time to change that sign. You don’t need money if you’re stuck in quarantine, but I guess thinking of all the money you could win is better than being broke, bored, and quarantined 💯 #currentsigns

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what kinda world do you want to go back to?

i want a world where i never go an entire day without speaking to someone. a world where feeling the sunshine is a priority. i want the quality of friendships to be valued over quantity. &a world where the opportunity to work is a gift & a joy.  lastly, i want a world of go w/ the flow - where a change of plans no longer ruins my day, my week, or my overall mood. i am choosing to see this crisis as a much needed //wake up call, a reality check//. &I am using my extra alone time to figure out what kind of things are important to me in this life. 

what kinda world do you want to go back to?

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