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xiueryn · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Summary: For charity, Ladybug gets paired up with another celebrity in disguise for a day. Although the goal of the show is to guess each other's identities, they quickly ditch that in favour of having fun when get along well. AU.   Rating: T.
(how adrien and ladybug become public bffs.)
april event fic for @mlwritersguild​. the prompt was to turn submitted emojis into a story, so i took “ 🧩🎠⛲💌💬 ” and i made it into a ladrien fic (*´꒳`*) there’s an identity reveal, but not the type you’re thinking of!!
Adjusting the mask that covered her entire face, Marinette took a deep breath before opening the car door.
She hadn't been warned that there'd be someone in the backseat already.
It was hard to tell if they were staring at her when their face wasn't actually visible.
Her hand was still on the wet door handle. “Hi.”
They waved.
And with that bizarre greeting out of the way, she climbed in, giving the driver a smile before realising that she couldn't be seen either. That was the whole idea of the day; to keep her identity hidden by covering any inch of skin or identifying feature, meaning that the stylist had gone as far as giving her a second pair of gloves to wear.
There was an awkward silence as the car started up.
“So,” she started, failing to click in her seatbelt the first time. “Hi.”
“Hi,” the person beside her greeted. And from the sound of their voice, she suspected them to be a man. “Nervous?”
They were both dressed ridiculously. The stylist had taken upon themselves to make them matching outfits, apparently; both masks having a face painted on the front that was decorated in glitter, covered in head-to-toe in matching neon colours, and even their shoes were similar.
Again, she had shoes over the top of her own shoes.
She didn't think he was in the same position.
“Very,” she admitted, shifting to try and get comfortable. “I'm not really... used to being in front of cameras. Not like this.”
read more on ao3
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squishyslimeyart · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
~ Prismo the Pestiferous ~
Composed of rainbows and shapes, Prismo is one of the late childs of the Twilight Spirit. He walks the young realm to bother his Drifter siblings for seemingly no reason. His cheeky demeanor and forged charming attitude has him very much disliked, but Prismo could care less.
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Freed: I just listened to some guy recite pi to 50 digits to some girl on the bus, except I also have pi memorised to 50 digits, and he fucking got all of them wrong.
Bickslow: That's funny and all, but you just admitted to being a nerd.
Freed: Are you new here?
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fish-wifey · 13 hours ago
HR:A 109 pt. 1 I’m always only able to catch the first half of the stream and then catch up later in the week (but this time I’ll log out of tumblr and not come back because I tend to go and find spoilers uhuhuhu). but man, what a first half that was TT
Gonna be honest, I was so?? in despair. could not see how the hell they’d get Quillie out. but ndadnajkbfjaefbjk when they went to that cathedral???? when all of THAT happened???
my soul soared, so much. I was just. soundless yelling and doing strange shit with hands in excitement.
First the room change, then the entrance of the titan, then the EXIT!!! THE PLACE HE TOOK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the third (?) time my fave’s eyes went prism..........................I love that soososososoo much. It was so cool. I also cried a little.  When Mark got emotional as H’Esper and said ‘I wanted to see him’, MAN THAT GOT ME. Also Tom’s reaction throughout it all. Oh. my. god. The only thing I’m currently worried about; they went from the meeting to safe Gusthaven, but Danica knew about it and Arydan went with them, Now they straight up got teleported to the Halls, and that priestess was unconscious!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen the second part, but like???? they do not have the means to contact anyone at Gusthaven or let them know where they are, where they’re going etc. Man this is going to be such a wild ride, I already love it. 
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thecatboyfriend · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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theprismkids · 16 hours ago
picrew link:
Tumblr media
im Zinnihea, pronounced zin-E-yuh. i use she/her pronouns. im 22. i dont label my sexuality nor do i care, but if you really need it im bisexual
tumblr is my jam, i like doing tattoos
if i seem like a bitch its because i am
i dont need help eating a pizza, i can do it myself
iced coffee
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indigo · 19 hours ago
sometimes i remember the pharmaceutical industry and get so mad i get a head rush
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2004films · 21 hours ago
i dont care if its repetitive i want shinee to do disco-esque, 80′s like songs forever
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dominochild7 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy (kinda late) birthday to Ink!
Ink belongs to @myebi / @comyet
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prismcorpsfandom · a day ago
Magical Girl Art Telephone Challenge; fight fight kiss kiss
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accioweaslcy · a day ago
*HUGSSSSS* HI ALY!!! LOVE YOU BAB!!! ....I'm wanting so many Douxie hugs, IT'S INSANE, I NEED THIS DORK IN MY LIFE SO MUCH- 💙💙💙💙💙😢😢😢😢
manifesting douxie hugs for you rn bestie
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dootdootboopedsnoot · a day ago
*looks up wisp powers so I can finally get an idea of what Prism's moveset actually is*
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indigo · 2 days ago
i think tortilla chips and salsa is a meal
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