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I “bred” more #pokemon 😂 the offsprings are of the cute couples as follows: Charizard and Dragonite, Arcanine and Ninetales, and Delibird and Honchkrow.. idk how a penguin and crow would mate but they were able to make it happen 😂

#art #artistsoninstagram #artist #fanart #fanartanime #charizard #dragonite #arcanine #ninetales #delibird #honchkrow #drawing #prismacolor #staedtler #artistsloft

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“She says all she needs is therapy.”

Here’s a Throwback Thursday to Lloyd Cole and his excellent brows from last spring. Currently things are really scary, and on top of that I’m not where I want to be geographically/ professionally/ emotionally/ etc. But some sunshine and some jangling guitar certainly make for a nice life preserver.

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April Colors 2020

Day 1: Favorite Color(s)

In my case, purple and green are a couple of my favorite colors ♡

Here’s to taking on April Colors during a rather hectic time.

My pieces for this month-long challenge will be smaller things for the most part as I’ll be trying to balance art and college work. Wish me luck!~

April Colors is an art challenge by @faunwoods

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