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communistghostface · 6 days ago
hello it's me again
kicked in the face by horse person
My dad is in ICU with covid and currently stable but intubated, my mother and I need to pay electric and propane bills.
I live in Colorado and we currently live out of an RV, my mother needs to stay in the area because of the whole covid thing and I have an apartment lined up for January. For now I need to help my mom cover bills and grocery considering she's out of work right now and my parent's previous jobs have fallen through.
I can't work until I'm cleared for my injury from a few months ago [ I was kicked in the face by a horse ]; I've recently passed a government job exam and have a contingent offer in processing, I'm waiting to hear about my exam results then I can start in December.
Electric is around $300/month and propane is around $200/month. My mom can cover about half of that.
$c*sh*pp: $vredia
v*nm*o: $vredia
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avoecs · a year ago
Messages are closed, I need a mental health week for sure. It’s not what the stupid ass people say. It’s just that I constantly have to deal with it every single day, I’m exhausted.
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waterparchive · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From Awsten’s Instagram story (March 8, 2019)
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kaijudick · 2 months ago
the thing is that when well-meaning cis people ask "what are your preferred pronouns" they never offer their own pronouns in exchange, and they don't ask anyone who isn't visibly gender nonconforming. Instead of "normalizing" sharing pronouns, what this actually does is train cis people to 1) look for and 2) single out trans people in public in order to perform allyship in a way that is mostly self gratifying. and then they'll still misgender you
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Tumblr media
Image Description.
Facebook post from Matt Norris.
Post reads like a conversation between 2 people:
Prison labor is a problem we need to address soon.
Convicts in prison should have to work like the rest of us.
You mean like slavery?
Tumblr media
No, we're giving them 3 meals and a bed, at our expense, while they just sit around and watch TV. They should have to work!
Right. Like slavery.
It's not like slavery!
Can they leave?
Can they refuse work?
So how exactly isn't this slavery?
We DO pay them!
Do we pay in accordance with labor laws?
No. We pay them between 33 cents and $1.41/hour with a maximum daily wage below $5, then take up to half of that as room&board fees and victim compensation.
Right. So like slavery.
Image then links to this url.
Below URL image reads "fun bonus fact: enough of our labor market currently relies on labor at these depressed rates, that it has a substantial downward pressure on both wages and job availability in low-skilled sectors. Immigrants aren't taking your jobs. Slavery is.
End description.
I'd also like to add it's not just private prisons. It's also private detention centers where ICE keeps the immigrants.
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radicalgraff · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“Property will cost us the earth”
Seen in Savannah, Georgia
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