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#priyanka chopra

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile but chile with this quarantine, I’ve literally do nothing everyday now. So let’s talk! We can discuss (my favorite couple to dissect) Nick & Priyanka. They’re so cringe. Did y’all see the video of Priyanka washing her hands? She made me not want to wash my hands anymore. She’s so annoying. Anyway, you have nothing better to do amd neither do I so hit up my asks

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Need Help

Hi, Myself Mumbai based Hindi Script Writer & Video Director, living with wife and 2 little daughters in a rented house but unfortunately i don’t have any work assignment for last one year and thatswhy I and my family are in a lot of trouble and I do not have any money to bring food in the house and also need some money to pay my house rent, A work was expected at one place, still delayed due to corona virus, I am not a professional beggar but i am begging you some money for my children and wife and I will surely refund it soon or when situation is under control.

If you can help me with some money for my family then you can transfer it in the Federal Bank A/C 13600100289927

IFSC - FDRL0001836

Branch - Malad West

Name - Uwais Khan

Mob- 8169894727

i will be grateful to you.. 🙏

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