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#pro abortion
cishetsbeingcishet · a month ago
in light of the texas abortion ban here’s a reminder to stop debating what counts as a human, baby, or life with pro-lifers because that is not a debate you can win. you can not win a philosophical debate about what counts as a person, and you will not change their minds.
what can be proven is that in no situation under united states law is an individual legally obligated to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. 
4.5 million people each year are in need of blood transfusion, the entire process of donating blood takes a little over an hour, it’s free, and a single pint of blood can save up to 3 peoples lives, but there is no legal obligation or requirement to donate blood in place. 
it is illegal to take organs from deceased peoples’ bodies without permission. CORPSES. bodily integrity is prioritized by law, even after death.
it doesn’t fucking matter whether a fetus is a person, whether a fetus is alive, whether a fetus has a soul. it literally doesn’t matter. pro-lifers set up the argument through that lens (hence their name) to evoke empathy and pity and take the focus away from the actual process of pregnancy, which changes a person’s body FOREVER. that is not an exaggeration. whether the pregnancy is complicated and high-risk or totally smooth sailing, the birthing person will physically never be the same. if they’re lucky, they’ll come out of it with weight gain, differently shaped breasts, and changes to the cervix/vagina. if they aren’t, there’s a fucking laundry list of potential complications that could arise, that may eventually fix themselves, need surgical or therapeutic intervention, or never go away, like varicose veins, separation of the abdominal muscles, incontinence, prolapse, diabetes, postpartum depression, and chronic pain, just off the top of my head. and this makes no mention of the very real possibility of income disruption, as well as the financial cost of giving birth, and the chance of fucking death, which is even higher for underserved communities like black women.
there is no basis for a governing body forcing an individual to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. that is the argument. period the end.
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seraphimfall · 29 days ago
hey everyone! this is just your gentle reminder that TST (the satanic temple) is notoriously bad at winning it’s court cases. please do not rely on them to fight for your legal right to abortion. please do not donate to their abortion fund when it’s been a proven grift from the start. there are plenty of reliable, productive grassroots orgs. that you could donate to instead.
to help combat all the misinformation that’s been passed around, i’d like to link a couple of trustable abortion/birth control resources below! i’ll also be adding dependable orgs. that you could donate to! reblog this for your mutuals who live in states where their reproductive rights could be threatened.
abortion/birth control resources:
Planned Parenthood: one of the most reliable sources for birth control available. by downloading the app, you can get a prescription for daily birth control sent to your pharmacy or directly to your mailing address. they also offer other methods of birth control, such as IUDs and rings.
Plan C Pills: a super helpful website that directs you to multiple sources for abortion pills from third-party providers. It has a price-check option, so you can find a price that works for you. they also offer abortion support and counseling if you feel you need it.
Aid Access: probably one of the best choices for abortion pills if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant. they source their medication from trustable pharmacies. based in india, they will provide you with abortion pills via mail. they also have financial support for those who cannot afford the cost of these medications. they have doctors you can contact, and instructions for every step of the process.
Women on Web: they offer abortion pills via mail as well as consultations. they also have an accurate pregnancy calculator that can help you figure out how far along you are. it’s super important that you check out the page where they’ve debunked several at-home abortion methods.
groups to donate to:
Planned Parenthood: they’re actively working to fight against the implication of unconstitutional laws such as the texas abortion ban.
American Civil Liberties Union: although their focus is not exclusively on abortion, they have a long history of successfully defending individual rights in court. they plan to do the same with recent anti-abortion legislation.
Avow: a C4 non-profit dedicated to fighting the recent abortion laws in texas.
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spookyradluka · a month ago
I am BEGGING you to show us the hoodie when you're done. You're one of my favorite feminist blogs and I'm dying to know what you come up with 💙
I just threw it in the washer so it will look better after but here it is 💜 the uterus was hard and i was getting so mad lmao
I used white chalk to place everything before using bleach and I still managed to fuck up the "ion" in liberation
But overall I'm very happy with it
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20iqace · a month ago
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Hey y’all! Considering recent events, I’ve designed and released a new waterproof laminated vinyl sticker pack! Proceeds from these stickers will be going to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. This is something I’m very passionate about, as I truly believe all people deserve control over their body. Reproductive choice is a human right, and no one should be able to force that choice on other people. Just because someone has a uterus it does not mean that anyone gets to dictate what they do with it. Right now it’s more important than ever to take steps to support people who are having their reproductive rights stripped from them! You can find these stickers on my Etsy
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Urgent - I Need Help
I need help funding my medical abortion. I didn't know that PP in Minnesota charges nearly $800 without insurance. If you're Rh- (which I am!!) It's an extra ~$100.
Now, I don't need it completely funded, but I'm a struggling student with home, electric and water bills. If I could get like, $600 to bring the price down to $300 that would be life saving!
My venmo: @maya-likes-frogs
If you PM me I can give you SS of proof of need if you feel more comfortable that way.
I appreciate anything you can give. Even if you can't donate anything I would appreciate a reblog! Thank you so much!
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abysanli · a month ago
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La suprema corte de justicia de México declaró que es inconstitucional penalizar el aborto cuando las mujeres deciden interrumpir su embarazo.
En el país, sólo hay cinco entidades donde es legal abortar: Ciudad de México, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz y recientemente Coahuila 🎉. Pero aún hay numerosos estados donde sólo se permite el aborto bajo ciertas causales, y otros donde incluso se contemplan penas de cárcel para quienes aborten y para el personal médico que lo practique.
Pero este 7 de septiembre, los ministros de la corte decidieron por unanimidad que la penalización no es constitucional. En los hechos, expuso el ministro Arturo Saldívar, penalizar el aborto castiga a las mujeres más pobres.
“El derecho a decir, entendido como la libertad que le permite a la mujer elegir quien quiere ser en relación con la posibilidad de procrear… este derecho reconoce en la mujer y en las personas con la capacidad de gestar como las únicas personas titulares de su plan de vida, a partir de su individualidad e identidad propia, lo que constituye la raíz de la obligación estatal de brindarle un ámbito de protección y no de una sanción”, señaló el ministro Luis María Aguilar.
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thoughts-from-a-nothing · 3 months ago
Yeah, no. I'm absolutely NOT ok with just "letting it go."
Get your opinions off my body.
Get your religious oppression off of my healthcare.
Get your inability to understand science away from me.
Your pro-life, pro-forced-birth yuck doesn't belong in the legislation of my country.
So no. We can't "agree to disagree" on this.
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aristocat98 · 8 days ago
ever considered how many children will grow up in healthier, actually loving families thanks to abortion and divorce? they won’t be born to two people who have nothing in common, but married because she got pregnant. they won’t be born to an abuser and his victim. they won’t suffer in a family where their parents hate each other and fight all the time. abortion and divorce are family values
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i-can-spell-i-swear · a month ago
I’ve already mentioned this in the reblogs of other posts, but I wanted to reiterate that The Satanic Temple is planning on providing abortions to those who want/need one in Texas.
Edit: I was incorrect, they are not actually providing abortions, sorry for the misinformation.
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battling-my-demons · a month ago
Y'all are so pro-life until it comes to wearing a mask and getting a life saving vaccine for yourself and the others around you. You're so pro-life until the baby turns out to be gay. You're so pro-life until the baby is born and the mother can't afford the bills and food and everything that comes with a baby. You're so pro-life until the life comes here to have a better life for that child and family. You're so pro-life until it comes to the homeless men women and children who need money and food. You're so pro-life but won't adopt the hundreds of thousands of kids and teens in orphanages who need a family. You're so pro-life but won't do anything to protect those children from being abused and mistreated by the foster system or foster parents who use them for the money. Trust me, you aren't pro-life, you're pro have the baby and then I don't give a shit about you or your baby. Abortion is health care. It's about the person's own body. You have no right to tell anyone what to do with their own bodies.
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Some of the responses to this article and tweets by NYT.
After Wednesday, everyone with a uterus will be in danger. This is not an exaggeration. Under the new law in Poland, abortions are only permitted in cases of sexual assault and incest, and when the life of the pregnant person is endangered. In other cases, it will be illegal. Meanwhile, you still can be turned away if you ask for contraceptives (in most cases you won’t get one), sex education in Poland is non existent, and rape culture in Poland is something extremely common, just like pedophilia. It is incredibly hard to prove you were sexually assaulted, as Polish law is extremely hostile towards survivors and they are most often shunned by everyone. Government does not help single parents, or parents who live under the poverty line. Government does not help parents, who have neurodivergent children. They are honestly creating a real life Handmaiden's Tale. In addition, this means any person with a uterus will be forces to go through with the pregnancy, including members of the trans community. Poland does not care for LGBTQ+ citizens, as our current president won the election by saying he will fight the LGBTQ+.
Currently peaceful protests are met with police brutality. Anti-terrorists, national guard and police are using unnecessary and excessive violenceagainst peaceful protesters. This includes: beating with fists, nightsticks, kicking, pepper spraying from very short distance, hitting protesters with cars. Protesters and journalists alike are arrested and kidnapped by police, injured protesters are taken by force out of the hospitals.
Here’s how you can help:
If you care about human rights, if you consider yourself a feminist, an ally to LGBTQ+, do not ignore the issues in Poland.
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jammyjum · 7 months ago
so you’re not gonna fucking believe this, but, guess how the Christian republicans are rationalizing the increasingly destructive weather phenomena with their climate change denial. I was eating dinner with my grandparents, inhaling brussels sprouts with unholy fervor, dead eyes fixed on an interchangeably looney Christian program. When I hear:
"What do you expect to happen when we as a country scorn god’s will, and condone legally, immoral activities between men, and the ongoing genocide of America’s children?"
first of all, always with the never even speaking of lesbians, second of all:
L̷̨͈̹͗͐Ẻ̴͔G̷̡̥͋͝À̵̩͠͝L̸̩̞̋́I̴̳͚̅Z̷̛̘̺̑͛Î̶̘̤̐͆͜N̶͈͙̥̓́G̶̨̓ ̸̥̉̓Ģ̶͎̃Á̸͔̭̟Ỳ̷͈̹̱ ̶̠̟̉̈̌Ṃ̵̬̪͝Ą̸̳̖̕R̸̨͐͘͝R̸͔͔̽͘͜Ḭ̴́̈Ǎ̴̝G̴̛̠͓̚͝Ȩ̸̈́ ̸͓̮̂̊͝ͅA̶̯̭̬͛N̶̺̿̄̓Ḋ̸͚̝͈ ̸̨̃A̶͓̾̌B̷̺͚̆O̵̩̿R̴̢̙̪̃T̷̻͇͈̑̄I̸̛̹̥O̶̙̬͝N̶̝̦͗͜ ̴̡̈́̽C̴̨̬̳̔̓A̸̡̠̒̏̉ͅU̶͉͌͜Ṣ̸̣̎ͅE̸̡̤͉͌D̶̨͕̓͝ ̴̫̬̮͌͆͠C̶̢̕L̷̮̀͘Ḭ̶̢̛̊͜M̴̤̝͙̉Ả̸̮̯̺̎T̵̮͑Ȅ̶͉͗ ̷̟͎̈́̇C̶͚͑̀̒H̴͔̩͠A̵͕̹̍N̶̗̔͝G̶̫͋E̶̞͠ͅ
and if God exists, in the sense of some nebulous creator being, why the FUCK would they care about the pen and paper that we govern each other with rather than be like
"Pretty wack of you guys to restrict yourselves like that. U could have figured out how to contact me by now if u guys weren’t just endlessly murdering each other and the planet I gave you. Like my phone number is literally on one of those rocks you had but one of your rich assholes has it sealed away in a private collection since most of you guys don’t even know how to share yet. Wack."
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