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#pro elain
elrielonlyfans · an hour ago
“elain wasn’t set up to be the mc in acotar5 because she wasn’t enough in acosf”
i’ve seen a lot of gwynriels saying this and i think it’s quite interesting because they think gwyn is going to be the next mc because of her page time. gwyn was in the book a lot and that made sense with nesta’s storyline. same goes for azriel but i think we all know he’s going to have a pov in the next book.
now according to this logic this means that elain would have to be in acotar5 a lot. azriel and gwyn are both best friends to nesta so what role would elain play in acotar5 to set up her book? why would elain get massive screentime in a gwynriel book? gwyn doesn’t know elain and things between azriel and her are awkward as hell, i mean he’s literally ordered to stay away. so where does elain fit into this? how would elain be set up more in a gwynriel book than a nessian book?
as for elucien, literally HOW will elucien be set up if azriel and gwyn are the mcs? like i said gwyn doesn’t even know elain or lucien. she doesn’t know about their history. it would be very weird to see gwyn comment on a relationship she knows absolutely nothing about. now for azriel, HOW is azriel going to comment positively or even neutrally on eluciens relationship when we know he’s jealous and can’t stand the bond between them? he literally tries to avoid them together at all cost.
so yeah this whole comment is bullsh*t. we all know elain (and lucien too btw) would barely be present in a gwynriel book (a whole book about illyrian conflict apparently?) because it would be messy as hell with azriel’s feelings for elain while also having to fall in love with gwyn (?) and where does lucien come in all this? because u know he needs a lot of screentime to be the next mc 🤣
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themissyvonne · 6 hours ago
Writing Masterlist
Thank you so much for reading, liking, reblogging and/or commenting on any of my posts.
🗝 KEY 🗝
🌈 = Multi Chapter
💗 = Fluff
💙 = Angst
💔 = Hurt / Comfort
🌶 = 18+ / Sexy / Spicy / Smut
Historical AU 💙 🌶
Drunk And In Love 💙
Dark Academia 💙
I Will Take Your Pain 💙 🌶
Romeo And Juliet (Part 1) 💙 Teach Me How To Fly (Part 2) 💗
Harry Potter AU 💙 💔
Elriel Month 2021 Masterlist
THE GAME - A series of connected Elriel one-shots.
The Pre Game - Elain and Azriel friendship fluff.
Rosehall 💗
Your Lips On My Scars 💗
Round One : Let the Games Begin - Azriel trains Elain in secret.
Just Breathe 💗
Traveling Together 💗
Your Sacrifice 💗
Round Two : Spy Games - Adventures in spy training.
Field of Flowers 💙
Spies At Work 💔
“Azriel” 💗
Playing With Shadows 💗
Round Three : Endgame - Set after the "Solstice Incident"
Forbidden 💙
Dreamland 💙
Hold Your Hand While Dancing 💙
Meet Me In The Silence 💙
Your Ivy Grows 💗
The Distance Between Us 💙
Depth Of Your Eyes 💙
Baby, Kiss It Better 🌶
Explosion of Power 💙
Discovery Of The Bond 💙
Invisible String 💙
Against Your Morning Skin 💗 🌶
You Are Cordially Invited 💗
Adoption 💗
Reincarnation 💗
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Can we acknowledge the fact that in the methods to “help” Nesta the inner circle and Feyre didn’t think it was a good idea to offer her a therapist? Like for fucks sake, the girl is experiencing trauma from her life and the war and you think the best idea is to send her to a war camp?
And also what’s even worse about them making the decision for Nesta is the fact that she never had the ability to choose throughout most of her life. Like how her mother literally groomed her to sell her off into a marriage. (Trigger warring SA) And when she was assaulted by Thomas to which he tried to make her feel like she couldn’t say no to him. Her freedom to choose what she wanted has always been violated by the people around her. And it’s even worse knowing the the same people who claim to care about her are doing the same things as her past abusers did.
Throughout the entire series no one acknowledged the fact that nesta is a victim, instead they treated her like some burden they needed to fix. And for Rhys to have the audacity to judge her after all the shit he’s done is so baffling to me. She did some bad things yeah, but she takes accountability for her actions. Rhys has done far much worse and yet here he still is being seen as some fucking saint.
And don’t even get me started on Cassian who claims to care about her yet always defends Rhys when he’s attacking her. It’s like he’s Rhys’ bitch. You’re her fucking mate, do something about the way she’s being treated. Instead he agrees with everything making her feel like shit. I’ve experienced gaslighting before and it’s unfortunate to see that it’s what he’s doing to her. He’s making her feel guilty for everything, while she’s drowning in her sorrows.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Acosf wasn’t a book about self healing. It was a book about a victim being torn down and forced to change who she was in order to be accepted. This is why it’s so hard to find badass female characters in books who are unapologetically nasty to the people around them. Quite frankly I wanted nesta to stay being the bitch that she originally was - just wanted more depth to it. And other authors have done it so nice before. Like Zoya from the Shadow and Bone series. She’s bitter and an absolute bitch and in the end still stays the way she is, which I love about her.
It’s just makes me so angry looking at books and seeing how much females that aren’t considered kind or nice are put down. Not just in the book but also by the fans. Why does a female character need to be “good” or a “hero” for her to be liked? Why is it when a male character acts like an absolute asshole for no remorse for his actions people eat that up. But when it’s a female it’s suddenly looked down upon. I’m so mad with how Nesta ended up at the end of the book. I’m so tired of these women always being put down and not accepted for who they are. The only time they are accepted is when they “change”.
Ngl I just wanted Nesta to be this anti hero throughout the series. I wanted her to still be horrible but I also wanted explanations for why she did the things she did. I wanted her to be that cruel and vicious person she was always meant to be. I honestly don’t even want her to be part of the inner circle. Why be with a group of people that have insulted you and threatened to kill you?
It’s just so interesting how people treat male characters vs female characters. I’m so tired of seeing my favorite female characters change because of these men.
Sorry for the rant! This got me so heated 😗
I didn’t know you could put this many characters in an ask.
i like this ask tho. For me, i agree. I love cassian but nonnie you are completely correct in saying he acts like Rhys’ bitch. Your also correct in saying ACOSF was not a book about healing. I think I’ve said this before on my blog but the moment I finished ACOSF I was so confused because it felt like I was reading Feyres story from the perspective of a side character. The book was so disappointing.
The cover should’ve been our first warning, her publishing company can eat my ass for that one.
Hate to the publishing company not the artist. I actually do like the cover but not for this series.
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elrielonlyfans · 18 hours ago
elain was definitely the biggest part of azriel’s pov.
if u split his bonus scene in 3 parts u have:
1. azriel’s scene with elain (+ rhys but it was about elain)
2. azriel’s scene with gwyn
3. azriel’s scene with clotho
now if u look at it, scene 1 is obviously elain centered, but scene 2 and scene 3 are both scenes that happen only because of elain and despite it being with different people, it still centers around her.
scene 2 we have azriel going to the training pit because of what happened with elain and rhys earlier.
He aimed for the training pit, giving in to the need to work off the temptation, the rage and frustration and writhing need.
so we know the only reason he has this scene with gwyn is because of elain. even during the quick training lesson he calls it a distraction because he’s still thinking about elain.
“Again,” he ordered, rubbing his hands against the cold, grateful for its bracing bite and the distraction of this impromptu lesson.
scene 3 we have azriel finding elain’s necklace returned. he’s clearly upset and doesn’t want to take it with him. again, the reason he has this scene with clotho is because elain returned the necklace. we then have a recycled line that was used in elain’s scene earlier too.
literally everything in his pov eventually circles back to elain. the 2 scenes that happen after elain’s and azriel’s scene are all because of something that elain did or has to do with elain. and in the end, because this necklace was for elain and bought with elain in mind, it will always come back to her. that isn’t something u can just forget.
also isn’t it kinda funny that if elain and azriel had kissed and rhys wouldn’t have noticed, azriel wouldn’t have that scene with gwyn or clotho. he wouldn’t have thought about gwyn at all (which i also find kinda sus btw) sorry but those 2 scenes are only there because of what happened between him and elain and in my opinion, that’s just a weak ship.
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feyredarlinq · 20 hours ago
short part II of this x
a brief summary just in case you don’t have time to read it: some people, as usual, act like azriel is in “lust” only with elain and i explain why that’s not true at all.
i keep seeing a lot of the same stuff already adressed in my previous post, so what i wanted to add is: let’s say that, for some reason, all the elriel build up pre acosf doesn’t exist and it is true that azriel doesn’t care for elain and he only feels physical attraction for her. first of all, isn’t that how nessian started too? (i’m referring to their bonus chapter) actually, wings and embers was even worse imo. he doesn’t like nesta’s personality, he thinks multiple times that she’s a bitch, yes there are also obviously some hints that he feels/will feel more for her but in that chapter he’s mostly lusting after her and that’s it. 
but let’s make another example. again, let’s say azriel feels lust only. do people honesly think that an author would write a story (or in this case, a bonus chapter) in which two women are pitted against each other and one will be used just for sex only -and that’s the only reason to include her in said chapter, to highlight that what the man feels for her is nothing but pent up sexual frustration- and the other (she’s different, “she’s not like other girls” bla bla bla) will be the man’s true love. because that’s what gwynriel as a ship is (mostly) based on (that, or lightsingers/whatever else gwyn is hints twisted as romantic content) most of them (not all of them, i hope) acknowledge that, yes, there was something there bewteen elain and azriel, but it is just him lusting for her and after he realizes that she’s nothing but a means to an end to relieve his sexual frustration and/or they hook up he’ll move on to another girl, in this case gwyn. 
let’s take a moment to let that sink in. 
the year is freaking 2021, the author is a feminist ... but the romance is based on reducing one woman to sex only while the other one will be oh so different. imagine how tired we are. if you really can’t wrap your head around the fact your crack ship will never happen, for the love of god, or at least have the decency to keep elain out of your misognystic headcanons.
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the-laughing-bubble · 23 hours ago
Az's initial reaction when Elain turns into the Fanged Beast😂
Tumblr media
Amren watching with absolute glee, cause we all know she's so excited to see what the other side of our lovely fawn looks like...😂
Tumblr media
Feyre and Nesta👀🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mor, often wonder how surprised she'll be 🤔 she knows too much way more than she let's on...
Tumblr media
Rhys after Elain, the Fanged Beast snarls at him to assert her dominance because she's known for a while he's turned her into a political pawn...😂
Tumblr media
Nuala & Cer, cheering their girl on😂😂😂
Tumblr media
Okay that's it. 😊 It's for the laughs and it's Friday after all😌 Happy FriYay!
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feysandandnyx · 2 days ago
The way Feyre feels about his abusive family will never be overlooked by the people who love, respect and understand this character.
When you feel lonely and isolated by your own family, we're not talking about a normal relationship
“How did you learn to bind wounds like this? I can still use the hand, even with the wrappings.”“Trial and error. I had to be able to pull a bowstring the next day.” He was quiet as we turned down another sun-drenched marble hallway, and I dared to look at him. I found him carefully studying me, his lips in a thin line. “Has anyone ever taken care of you?” he asked quietly. “No.” I’d long since stopped feeling sorry for myself about it. “Did you learn to hunt in a similar manner—trial and error?”“I spied on hunters when I could get away with it, and then practiced until I hit something. When I missed, we didn’t eat. So learning how to aim was the first thing I figured out.”
I stalked to the nearest rosebush and ripped off a rose, my fingers tearing on the thorns. I ignored the pain, the warmth of the blood that trickled down. I could never paint it accurately—never render it the way those artists had in the gallery pieces. I would never be able to paint Elain’s little garden outside the cottage the way I remembered it, even if my family didn’t remember me. He didn’t reprimand me for taking one of his parents’ roses—parents who were as absent as my own, but who had probably loved each other and loved him better than mine cared for me. A family that would have offered to go in his place if someone had come to steal him away. My fingers stung and ached, but I still held on to the rose as I said, “I don’t know why I feel so tremendously ashamed of myself for leaving them. Why it feels so selfish and horrible to paint. I shouldn’t—shouldn’t feel that way, should I? I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it.” The rose hung limply from my fingers. “All those years, what I did for them … And they didn’t try to stop you from taking me.” There it was, the giant pain that cracked me in two if I thought about it too long. “I don’t know why I expected them to—why I believed that the puca’s illusion was real that night. I don’t know why I bother still thinking about it. Or still caring.” He was silent long enough that I added, “Compared to you—to your borders and magic being weakened—I suppose my self-pity is absurd.”“If it grieves you,” he said, the words caressing my bones, “then I don’t think it’s absurd at all.”
He could find work if he wasn’t so ashamed, Nesta always said when I hissed about it. She hated him for the injury, too—for not fighting back when that creditor and his thugs had burst into the cottage and smashed his knee again and again. Nesta and Elain had fled into the bedroom, barricading the door. I had stayed, begging and weeping through every scream of my father, every crunch of bone. I’d soiled myself—and then vomited right on the stones before the hearth. Only then did the men leave. We never saw them again.
Tamlin must have realized it, too, for he loosed a long, controlled breath before moving to the next painting. Tall shadows of men, bright red dripping off their fists, off their wooden clubs, hovering and filling the edges of the painting as they towered over the curled figure on the floor, the blood leaking from him, the leg at a wrong angle. Tamlin swore. “You were there when they wrecked your father’s leg.”“Someone had to beg them to stop.”
Whenever she felt low in self-esteem, it was Nesta's condemning voice that Feyre heard, even to judge herself. This is not normal behavior.
“Feyre,” he repeated, and closed his eyes. My sisters had gone quiet, and I looked up in time to see Nesta crinkle her nose with a sniff. She picked at my cloak. “You stink like a pig covered in its own filth. Can’t you at least try to pretend that you’re not an ignorant peasant?” I didn’t let the sting and ache show. I’d been too young to learn more than the basics of manners and reading and writing when our family had fallen into misfortune, and she’d never let me forget it. She stepped back to run a finger over the braided coils of her gold-brown hair. “Take those disgusting clothes off.” I took my time, swallowing the words I wanted to bark back at her. Older than me by three years, she somehow looked younger than I did, her golden cheeks always flushed with a delicate, vibrant.
It was too dim to admire any of the paintings lining the walls, and I didn’t dare risk a candle. These past three days, there had been servants in the halls when I’d worked up the nerve to look at the art—and the part of me that spoke with Nesta’s voice had laughed at the idea of an ignorant human trying to admire faerie art. Some other time, then, I’d told myself. I would find another day¸ a quiet hour when no one was around, to look at them. I had plenty of hours now—a whole lifetime in front of me. Perhaps … perhaps I’d figure out what I wished to do with it.
I could almost feel the wound deep in my chest as it ripped open and all those awful, silent words came pouring out. Illiterate, ignorant, unremarkable, proud, cold—all spoken from Nesta’s mouth, all echoing in my head with her sneering voice.
What do Know? Nesta breathed. “You’re just a half-wild beast with the nerve to bark orders at all hours of the day and night. Keep it up, and someday—someday, Feyre, you’ll have no one left to remember you, or to care that you ever existed.” She stormed off, Elain darting after her, cooing her sympathy. They slammed the door to the bedroom hard enough to rattle the dishes. I’d heard the words before—and knew she only repeated them because I’d flinched that first time she spat them. They still burned anyway.
Most High Lords are trained from birth in manners and laws and court warfare. When the title fell to me, it was a … rough transition. Many of my father’s courtiers defected to other courts rather than have a warrior-beast snarling at them.” A half-wild beast, Nesta had once called me. It was an effort to not take his hand, to not reach out to him and tell him that I understood. But I just said, “Then they’re idiots. You’ve kept these lands protected from the blight, when it seems that others haven’t fared so well. "They’re idiots,” I said again.
- A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas.
Feyre suffered psychological abuse by her family for years. Sarah can try to justify Nesta and Elain all she wants, but the way Feyre felt about it won't change.
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onceupona-chaos · 2 days ago
Azriel: sharpening Truth-Teller like the 500 years old, tough warrior and spy he is
Elain: silently, stealthily comes behind him and kisses his cheek
Azriel *eyes go wild because he's never been sneak up on before*: blushes furiously and turns into a pile of smiling mush
Feyre watching that whole scene:
Tumblr media
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feyredarlinq · 2 days ago
mini-rant time (again)
“elain is useless / elain is too weak for azriel”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we shouldn’t even need to “debunk” those statements anyway, because who cares about what is “enough” for a man, a woman’s worth is certainly not based on that. also, useless? as stated in the text (i just love when things are canon and not twisted headcanons) elain, whenever she needs to, has enough “physical strength” to defent herself/others or to attack and, even if that weren’t the case, the point still stands: a woman is not “useless” just because she’s typically feminine instead of being the umpteenth cringey girl boss wannabe
“azriel’s scars bla bla bla elain and azriel are toxic”
Tumblr media
again, not true, azriel’s self consciousness about his scars and whatever other issues he has are not caused by a woman, elain in this case, and they will not be “fixed” by another traumatized woman (i don’t even to specify who i’m referring to) because that’s not what a woman is supposed to do in a relationship , if he is so “damaged*” that he can’t be in a healthy relationship, he will first deal with it on his own and then he will pursue a relationship
* he is not anyway, he has his own shit going on just like rhys and cassian did at some point and that’s it, but some people make it seems like his current situation is way worse than it actually is because they need to pair him up with you know who by using those disgusting excuses that her trauma will be useful to “fix” and “help” azriel
“she’s the third sister / azriel wants her for the wrong reasons”
here are some of the romantic hints (azriel’s) that sjm planted in acowar and acofas = when feysand and nessian weren’t both together yet, only feysand were officially a couple at some point
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i could go on for days, y’all can keep being intentionally obtuse, making things up and twisting canon facts just because you can’t stand that elain and azriel are obviously endgame ... meanwhile i’m just going to enjoy my canon content while waiting for their book
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worldsnotsaid · 3 days ago
"Nesta never worked for anything, even before she was depressed. If she did something, was because her sister was pushing her. She never had a reason to be mean, she just was mean. She always lived by her sister expense and even so she felt in the right to humiliate her. She used from personal stuff to hurt Cassian, she was constantly calculating ways to make him suffer."
this is a excerpt of a rant from another blog that is completely pro feyre and i was wondering what you would say to it
Hi anon!
There is always a lot to unpack with N/esta, so this will probably be long-ish (maybe??). I like to talk about her because I do think she is complex, not because SJM honestly crafted her to be, but because I honestly don't think SJM thought about the implication of writing a young girl in poverty -- what that would honestly look like, which I think is complex. I look at this in parts. With respect to this person's opinions! Sorry for typos!
"Nesta never worked for anything, even before she was depressed. If she did something, was because her sister was pushing her."
In my "Cinderella + F/eyre + Katniss" post, I talked about how I hated F/eyre and N/esta's dynamic, and I think this quote represents a reason why -- and not because of this person's opinion, but because of how N/esta is framed in relation to F/eyre. In the referred post, I compared N/esta and F/eyre to Katniss and Prim, because I think there are a lot of similarities. Before I get there though, I'll say that as far as SJM's intention, this person isn't actually wrong. I think she intended for N/esta to be seen in this way; that is, she is this evil, raging bitch with nothing to be angry at (and I will totally get there, because wow). But in its execution, it was done horribly. But, in TAR, N/esta isn’t a hunter, she isn’t a good person, but I think the idea that she had to be is a testament to what’s wrong with YA, and with how we look at women in fantasy. Because F/eyre his framed as being Good TM, while her sisters are framed for being villains because they reacted to poverty differently than F/eyre. F/eyre, who seems not just have forgotten what it was like to have lived In a manner, to have been indoctrinated in one form of life, only for that to have been flipped on it’s head because of someone else’s ambition. When was N/esta not depressed? What makes people think she was supposed to be a happy person during those years in poverty? I don’t defend N/esta’s behavior — wrong is wrong — but I do question the narrative decisions and implications in their dynamic. Because I think it speaks to ideas of purity that persist especially in YA and Fantasy, in regards to women.
SJM goes out of her way to craft this extremely misogynistic world, where it is extremely hard for women to actually move up unless they are high-born or married into it. Yet, when the consequence of having such a world manifests realistically unto both N/esta and E/lain, it is seen as a bad thing. N/esta did work to towards a goal. She had been groomed to marry, and become a lady devoted to the standards of her society, and then that was ripped away from her. She found herself in a place where none of the skills she'd spent so long learning were no longer applicable. And even if SF hadn't been written, these assumptions, given the vague mention of their childhood would be an easy thing to guess.
But more than that, there's this idea that she's in control of her oppression -- and that is absolutely not what poverty is. That's not how poverty works at all. N/esta has no power.
F/eyre is always positioned as "odd" -- meaning her behavior (though inconsistent asf) isn't standard. While N/esta was groomed, F/eyre had free rein to do whatever she wanted, and thus, those expectations were never actually put on her. That responsibility to wed well so that her sisters can live an easy life. It's an equal sacrifice to F/eyre's hunting, and is never expounded on by the text. The abuse she suffered written off in one sentence. It would have been more interesting if N/esta's dislike for F/eyre stemmed from the freedom F/eyre had during their childhood, whereas, N/esta was indoctrinated and abused for about fifteen years.
But more than than, I think people immediately infantilize F/eyre because her own narration does, and here’s what I mean:
She's honestly one of the more...less likable characters in this series, more so than bitchy N/esta. And this is because her choices are always treated very strangely. For example, F/eyre becomes hungry enough that she chooses to venture into the woods for food. She does this because she is going to starve. She decides to share this food with her family for five years, despite them not contributing. But the thing is, F/eyre still hunts for herself, she just inadvertently feeds her family too. Like when F/eyre hunts in the woods, she's not hunting for herself and then her family. She provides for herself and then stretches it for her family. I think this could totally be a good character trait for F/eyre, but the problem is SJM is telling is two conflicting things: (1) that F/eyre loves her family and that's why she hunts (2) that F/eyre was forced into this decision. Poverty shaped her decision, not her sisters. F/eyre has the choice to just...not hunt for her family. No one forced her into that job, she feels an obligation to do it.
Further, what backs up this claim, even more, is the fact that the family had about two years of relative (kind of?) financial assistance. F/eyre didn’t hunt during those years, nor did she do anything other than just be a child. That makes the mother’s promise even an even dumber addition to the story because the hunting was a decision that F/eyre made when their money ran out, she didn't just start hunting solely because her mother told her to.
This is the same for her decision to go UTM, to save her love interest, and then the story acts like F/eyre went there to actually save a whole continent of people. Like no. If T/amlin hadn't gone UTM, F/eyre would not have either. She went to save T/am and inadvertently broke the curse. But throughout the story, F/eyre’s decisions, are always trying to be more than impulsive, irrational choices. F/eyre was warned about the danger of UTM, no one forced her to go, but her narration treats it like she didn’t make those choices, they are always treated like she was forced into them. And it matters. It really does. Because that’s F/eyre saying she understands what’s going to happen, and going anyway. And again, that would have been a great character trait — honestly. But loving one man doesn’t mean she’s a good person. T/amlin loved F/eyre, and he's still pretty shitty of a guy.
She never had a reason to be mean, she just was mean. She always lived at her sister's expense and even so she felt in the right to humiliate her.
I agree, N/esta took her anger out on F/eyre. I don't think anyone justifies N/esta behavior in TAR. People understand it, but's not a shining moment for her. But she has no reason to be mean? Really? Is she supposed to be happy? To automatically bottle up her trauma and run into the woods with a bow and arrow? Unlike Feyre's character, N/esta is actually has a personality beyond the five years of poverty they faced. And I don't mean to disregard this person's opinion, I agree that N/esta's behavior, in the beginning, is tasteless at most, but F/eyre admits that they're both like that.
I partially agree with the second sentence. She's lived off of Feyre's hunting, there's not really an argument there. N/esta does help, reluctantly, but we honestly don't spend enough time with their family to actually understand their dynamic. N/esta is shown to help hesitantly, but F/eyre literally has the choice to just not hunt. N/esta even says she'd sell her body had F/eyre not hunted.
She used personal stuff to hurt Cassian, she was constantly calculating ways to make him suffer."
Okay, C/assian was literally the first one to jab at N/esta. He antagonized her the first day he met her, judging her off of what F/eyre told her. This is also, of course, made worse by the fact that C/assian is a Fae warrior -- who are the oppressor of the humans. F/eyre brings the man who literally responsible for their mutual Friend's death, with his soldiers, who insult and are strained in their reactions towards the sisters, and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is how "N/esta let F/eyre hunt." That's an ugly introduction. C/assian insults N/esta more than naught, and N/esta bites back. He's five hundred years old. How in the world are her words "making him suffer". Why would she suddenly just like this oppressor?? In TAR, I don't like N/esta's behavior, but in the rest of the series??? I can't honestly bring myself to dislike her. In SF, C/assian just straight-up insults N/esta all the same, but she's a monster for returning the sentiment? Not to me, she's not.
Overall, the way N/esta's is framed is ultimately the culprit. It would have taken maybe a paragraph to flesh her out just a tad bit more, for SJM to actually understand the implication behind the world she created. I can't really hate when people hate these characters because the vessel for telling this story is far too skewed. I feel like F/eyre and N/esta had the potential to be amazing. The skeleton and ideas are there, it's just the skill and ignorance on these subjects that end up being the downfall.
Thanks, anon!
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ladyelain · 3 days ago
elucien week [day 2]: song association
Another Love, Tom Odell
Elain [pt. 2]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okayyy so Elain’s pov...
I rly didn’t intend this to turn out this ... dark? It’s just the lyrics lol. I feel like this describes her ambivalent situation in the NC and how she’s possibly gonna lose it at some point. We know she’s not gonna be able to hold back forever...🙃 Especially, if members of the IC come at Lucien and the BoE again.
@elucienweek 💐 🦊
Pt. 1: [Lucien]
Pt. 3: [chorus]
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forget-me-not-s · 3 days ago
I wanted to share the stunning fanart I commissioned for Elriel! The amazing author behind this beautiful masterpiece is Mellendraws on Instagram! She was the sweetest! So please if you repost give credit to both me and her!
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gingerwritess · 3 days ago
Elucien week day 1: flower
I should not have written this today when I have like eleven finals and projects due in two days but oh well
I know it’s a day late but I also didn’t have anything for day 2 soooo enjoy!!
warnings: a little bit of ✨spice✨ and no editing :/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elain could feel the air.
That was the first sign something was different here.
It was heavy, settling on her skin with the gentlest pressure, like the warm embrace of humidity, only without the sweltering heat.
The second sign was Lucien.
Her focus was drawn to Lucien’s fingers, wrapped tight around hers, as they passed a fallen branch that had been overtaken by moss. Long, slender, and strong, his fingers stroked slowly over her own, and her next breath stuttered.
A few flowers poked out from between the splinters of the fallen branch—black flowers.
A few flowers poked out from between the splinters of the fallen branch—black flowers.
“Wait,” Elain gasped, grabbing Lucien’s arm. “I want to see those.”
She pulled him along behind her and dropped to her knees by the blooms, gaping.
“Those are beautiful,” Lucien commented, reluctantly dropping her hand as she picked one from the dirt.
“They’re black,” Elain whispered in awe. She ran a gentle finger over the single curved petal. “They looked like calla lilies, don’t you think?”
Lucien chewed his lip and nodded. He was sweet like that. Pretending to know what she was talking about. Elain quite liked that about him.
“But they’re actually black,” she breathed, and held it to her nose to take a deep breath of it. “Mm. Black flowers don’t exist naturally in the human lands, all we got was dark purple or dark red. Never actually black.”
She took another breath of it, basking in the musky, heady scent of it, then thrust the flower under Lucien’s nose.
“It smells so good,” she moaned, picking another one and inhaling it again. “Mm. I could smell these all day.”
Lucien gave the flower an experimental sniff—then his eyes rolled back in his head. “Cauldron. Let’s bring some of these back.”
Elain nodded feverishly, hurrying to pull more of the blooms from the fallen branch and the moss surrounding it. Normally she would be gentler with them, snip the stems cleanly, or pull it out from the root; but these…gods, she wanted an armful of them, she wanted to bury her face in them.
The air pressed onto her skin heavier, and she felt a drop of sweat race down her neck.
A soft thump behind her told her Lucien had dropped to his knees, and then he was beside her, pressing against her side as he reached over her to help gather a bundle of the flowers.
“Aren’t flowers not supposed to grow in moss?”
He sounded out of breath—and his heartbeat…it throbbed through her head at a fevered pace, only getting faster as he added to the bundle of blooms in her arms.
“It’s–it’s difficult,” she replied breathlessly, sitting back on her heels as he worked. “I don’t know how it works here, though. Maybe…maybe there’s different rules.”
“Wild magic,” Lucien grunted—he was sweating, now, too, down the arch of his neck, and she wanted to lick—
“What?” she squeaked, cheeks turning cherry red.
“Maybe it’s a rogue bit of magic,” he continued. “You never know, in fae woods. Anything can grow.”
Her gaze dropped to his hands—he was gripping the bark of the fallen branch so tightly his knuckles paled. A vein pulsed in his neck and the corded muscles of his forearms were taut.
He still pressed into her side, pulling another flower from the moss. Every little place they touched was on fire, her arm burning as he brushed it and she caught his eyes flutter closed.
His hair gleamed molten in the scarce sunlight, every shade of red and blood and rubies taunting her as he moved. The muscles of his back rippled as he worked, even through his shirt, and his hands—gods, what was wrong with her—his hands were covered in dirt, slender and so big and she reached out and touched the back of his hand before she could think better of it.
His skin was feverishly hot.
And the moment her fingers brushed the back of his hand, he twisted, those long fingers wrapping around her wrist to pull her to the ground beneath him.
Her mouth dropped open in the faintest gasp—she’d never seen him from this angle.
Braced above her. Hands pinning her wrists down.
Her face, her chest, her skin, her everything heated. She knew it wasn’t embarrassment.
His blood red hair fell around their faces, and it was so strange to see it so loose, so unbound, falling in his face so untamed, that Elain caught her bottom lip between her teeth and reached up to touch his hair.
“What is this,” she breathed, running her fingers through his hair, the locks slipping through them like molten metal.
He blinked—and his face shifted in an instant, falling from something feral to something horrified as he realized the position he’d put them in.
“Sorry,” he gasped, letting go of her wrist and jolting away from her. The black, beautiful flowers, dropped and forgotten the moment he pulled her under him, littered the moss around them.
“I’m so sorry,” he panted, reaching to help her sit up, his hands trembling. “Gods, I don’t—I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me—”
Elain didn’t know either, but she felt it. Everywhere.
“I feel it, too,” she whispered, and grabbed his hand and pressed it to her chest, right above her heart.
Lucien looked like he’d stopped breathing.
“What are you doing?”
“I don’t know.” She didn’t want to break this heady spell by speaking louder than a whisper. They were face to face, kneeling in the mossy forest ground, black calla lilies surrounding them, and she leaned just a bit closer, touching her forehead to his.
His lips glistened in the scarce sunlight.
She could hear his gold eye whirring wildly in its socket, but he remained silent, barely breathing, watching as she stared at his parted lips.
“I think…I think it’s the flowers,” Lucien rasped, his hand still hot on her chest. “Definitely ancient magic.”
Cauldron, she loved the way his mouth moved. She could listen to him and watch him talk for hours, mapping the movements of those full lips, the crooked grins he gave her, the way his scar moved with his face.
“You’re ancient magic,” she whispered, and their noses bumped. “Untamed.”
Elain tilted her head and flicked her tongue against his scar.
The way he whispered a pleading curse under his breath set her on fire.
“Wild,” she murmured, and the softest push on his shoulders had him sitting against the fallen branch as she climbed onto his lap and licked his neck. “Sacred.”
“Elain,” he groaned, dirty hands fisting in the moss under him. “Cauldron—”
Gods, those lips. “Say it again,” she said breathlessly, her hands curling into his hair. “My name.”
“Elain.” His eyes were closed.
She hadn’t even kissed him and he was writhing and moaning her name.
“Elain, please—”
She was certain she should be feeling very ashamed for this, for doing this to him, with him, and out in the open air, too—but the world was alight in this forest, and he was here, begging for her, and gods, she needed him.
“Flowers,” Lucien panted, his head thrown back against the branch. His fingers dug into her hips as she leaned back down to his neck. “It’s—mother—flowers, Elain—”
She answered on a heady sigh, grabbing a handful of the flowers he wanted and shoving them into the v of his loose shirt. “Here—they look good, you look—you’re…”
She couldn’t think straight. Between the feel of him, the scent of him, the taste of him, and the scent of those intoxicating flowers, her mind had emptied of every thought but him and the heat coursing through her.
“I’ll winnow,” he gasped, even as he clawed at her muslin dress and curled a dirty hand in her hair.
His body jerked under her—then the whole world followed, and she clung to him, her face buried in the crook of his neck, breathing in the crisp autumn scent of him.
She landed hard on top of him, and he let out a quiet grunt over her shoulder, one of his hands still gripping her waist while the other fisted her hair.
Elain froze as cool, clean air filled her and danced across her skin.
The manor. They were back at the Spring manor, laying together on the sprawling lawn.
What…had she done.
She threw herself off of Lucien and scrambled away from him, taking in the state of him, his tousled hair, flushed cheeks, heaving chest. “I’m so sorry,” she blurted, trying to fix her dress and hair. “I’m so sorry, Lucien, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry, I don’t—”
It came out on a laugh, his eyes still closed.
“What?” Elain asked, distraught as she watched him laugh on the grass. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”
“It was—” he grunted as he pulled himself upright, and took out one of the black flowers she’d tucked in his shirt. “The flowers. Some kind of intoxicant, or a spell, I’m sure.”
She gaped at him. “Really?”
He gave her a small smile, and took the flowers from out of his shirt. “Really.”
“I’m still sorry,” Elain insisted, refusing to look him in the eye. Cauldron, she’d jumped him like a feral beast. “I can’t believe—I’m not like that, you know? I’m so sorry I did that, I—”
Lucien stood as she rambled, gathering the remaining flowers and coming over to press a soft kiss to her cheek. “What do you say we give these to Nesta and Cassian in a bouquet the next time there’s a family dinner?”
Her excuses and apologies stuttered to a halt—and she giggled. Clapped a hand over her furiously flushed face and laughed. “Oh, definitely. That’ll keep things exciting.”
He was so good at that; reminding her that he was in no hurry to rush this delicate sprout of a relationship they had. And what she’d been doing—or about to do—in that forest was certainly rushing things.
She fell into step beside him, still staring at the ground, as he headed back to the manor, talking about how he must wash his hands, for no gentleman should ever have dirty hands for this long a time should he need to use them.
He noticed her silence, or lack of laughter at his antics, and glanced down at her.
“Don’t worry about it,” he murmured, nudging her arm with his own. “You did nothing wrong. Between the flowers and my devilish good looks I’m shocked we made it back with our clothes on.”
She glared at him, and he grinned right back.
“I feel terrible,” Elain insisted. “I completely…lost control. I’ve never done that. I’m sorry you had to see me like–like that.”
Lucien hummed. “I’m not.”
He laughed, reaching down to take her hand in his. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about, ashamed of, or to apologize for. We both lost it a bit thanks to these flowers here, but you never even kissed me.”
The way he said it, with the definitive pout at the end, his shoulders sagging a little bit—Elain frowned as he brought her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles with a grin.
“No need to sound so disappointed.”
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onceupona-chaos · 3 days ago
SJM has this on her Pinterest and if this isn't a Seer, I don't what it is. It reminded me of this line back in ACOWAR where Elain found the Suriel.
Elain again glanced at the map. At me. Then closed her eyes. Her eyes shifted beneath her lids, the skin so delicate and colorless that the blue veins beneath were like small streams. “It moves …,” she whispered. “It moves through the world like … like the breath of the western wind.”
I really hope we get to see more of this. For once, I want to see SJM exploring her character's powers (but I have no doubt that Elain will find the fourth trove using her Seer gifts and her Made abilities).
Tumblr media
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worldsnotsaid · 4 days ago
Oh -- and something else I wanted to talk about that I totally forgot in my last post (and it's been bothering me, quite honestly):
What is this obsession with having G/wyn and E/merie "holding N/esta accountable?"
What I mean is, everyone wants N/esta's past to carry onto her relationship with G/wyn and E/merie. Why should they care about her estranged relationship with F/eyre? If she is nice to them, why should her other relationships matter to their bond. N/esta and her friends are more sisterly than F/eyre and E/lain, and that's because G/wyn and E/merie are more alike in nature than N/esta's kin. F/eyre honestly doesn't have that. A/mren and M/or are more...obligated bonds than genuine. N/esta actually made those friends on her own, which actually kind of makes it sad for F/eyre. Because she just doesn't have anyone who isn't tied to R/hysand. She never makes any friends outside of R/hysand’s. And I honestly don’t really count A/mren, I just don’t think they’re friends? She’s more inept to insult anyone at any given moment. Which okay, but where’s the development on that front?
But N/esta building a stronger bond with those two, rather than E/lain or F/eyre is…fine. She’s not obligated to love F/eyre because F/eyre hunted. That’s not how love or friendship works. It’s not dependent on owing someone. It’s not fair for N/esta to get judged for an entirely different relationship
More (kind of a separate thought??):
Honestly, F/eyre and N/esta don't love each other. They never had, and realistically, they wouldn't have. Because both of them never explicitly state they love each other, nor have they ever had any type of relationship. F/eyre literally shits on N/esta in the first four chapters of TAR, and she feels that her hunting is an obligation not a declaration of love. She does not want N/esta around, and vice versa. They have never talked to each other, and they don't really click.
And I think that's okay. I honestly do. Because SF kept trying to portray F/eyre and N/esta's relationship as one-sided; meaning that F/eyre was trying, and N/esta didn't.
But that's not really true. F/eyre felt an obligation to her mother; burdened by it. F/eyre hunted because they all needed to survive, and her family began to depend on her because she assumed this providing role. It’s sad, but that’s what SJM wrote.
F/eyre and N/esta's relationship in SF was so odd, because F/eyre just became this loving sister who loved N/esta no matter what, and it's just -- not the case? When has F/eyre ever really liked her sisters without conflict, or when they benefitted her? (and the same goes for E/lain and N/esta). We get little acts of (maybe?) love from N/esta in TAR (after F/eyre comes back) and even from E/lain (with the can of paint), but never really from F/eyre (i'm not counting the hunting, because I've stated before, F/eyre felt obligated to do it, it isn't a statement of love). But even the moments we see with N/esta and E/lain aren't really love per se. Like F/eyre never is like, I love my sisters. Nor has she ever done anything that proved that she actually loved them. If we’re arguing that N/esta saving F/eyre from death is not enough, why does F/eyre’s hunting and behavior in general not get this same treatment. When has F/eyre ever told her sisters she loved them? When has she ever felt anything more than obligated to them? More than that, F/eyre has never honestly done anything that was just because she loved her sisters. Like I stated, above, both N/esta and E/lain do things that convey a sense of love (that is separate from obligation). When N/esta looks for F/eyre — she isn’t obligated to. She has wealth, and is taken care of. There is not mandatory reason she would go looking for F/eyre, but she does. I still believe that N/esta doesn’t really love F/eyre either, but she does show something that eludes that maybe there is the possibility of love. The same for E/lain. She buys F/eyre paints — a gift. She wants to do it. There is the possibility of love. F/eyre never has this, both in action and her own narration. We get F/eyre’s narration for over THREE books, and she never says she loves her sister. Other people tell us that F/eyre’s obligation is love, but even F/eyre’s thoughts negate that she loves her sisters. And that’s okay. They have never had a relationship — WHY would they love each other?
The same goes for N/esta. She hates F/eyre, and though her dislike for F/eyre stems from a hatred of her father, there is still little to no love in their dynamic. There is no love there. Obligation, yes. Love, hell no. N/esta sacrificing her power for F/eyre holds little to no emotional weight, just as F/eyre's hunting didn't. Because there is no moment where these two just say -- "I love you" when conflict isn't involved. And F/eyre never says she loves her sisters (I think? I don't remember). They don't know each other, and that's what makes F/eyre's "intervention" of N/esta more disgusting. Because N/esta never hid her dislike for F/eyre, but F/eyre’s narration is always pretending that she does love her sisters. But when does development happen for F/eyre? When does she go from dreading her sisters existence to loving them unconditionally? F/eyre and N/esta don’t even know one another, they’ve barely had a conversation that wasn’t volatile (on Both fronts). How the hell does she automatically get to just decide that she knows best for N/esta???
This is my problem with F/eyre creation. She doesn’t actually express things her narration actually should. SJM keeps trying to create this Katniss-Cinderella like character who loves unconditionally, but that’s not true. She does not even like her siblings. Katniss tells us in the first chapter that she loves Prim. It’s not guessed at. Her actions are a reflection of that declaration. F/eyre’s actions only proves that she us a survivalist, and sometimes responsible. They don’t prove love — and honestly her narration proves even more that she hates them. Sometimes, parents feel obligated to take care of children, but the don’t like them. Being a provider is not the same as loving someone. Especially when ACOTAR is told in first person POV.
I hope that all makes sense lol, I just wanted to get out what I really dislike about F/eyre + her sisters dynamic.
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n-a123-love · 4 days ago
Here’s a hot take
The entire “I would Stan a character if it wasn’t for the Stans” doesn’t make any sense.You staning a character should have nothing do with other people,but your own personal assignment of said character,and what that specific character means to you. Why would you let other people influence your own feelings. You also don’t always have to like a fandom to like a character.You can still like characters without actively participating in said fandom . This is something that I’ve seen a lot in the past year regarding Nesta,Elain,and Feyre.Please be confident in your own judgement.
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cottageblossoms · 4 days ago
<<There was something rough-hewn about his features—like he’d been made of wind and earth and flame and all these civilized trappings were little more than an inconvenience.>>
<<But the second male, the more classically beautiful of the two … Even the light shied from the elegant planes of his face. With good reason. Beautiful, but near-unreadable.>>
Sorry but I really like this first look from Feyre at the appearances of both Illyrians and how it can relate to Nesta and Elain.
Sorry, but I really like this first look from Feyre at the appearances of both Illyrians and how he can relate to Nesta and Elain.
It's funny how Feyre chooses the words flames and the light moving away from Azriel's shadowy appearance, Nesta is so intrinsically related to the flames since Elain has been mentioned as bright (able to illuminate the shadows of Azriel on the other side of the room), it has already been compared as the light of dawn and its name refers to the same thing.
For me Cassian and Nesta are the same, they have the same fierceness, both come from the flames with a warrior spirit, on the other hand Azriel and Elain form a contrast that is continuously related: lights and shadows.
I just love these two couples (and Feysand too)
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tswaney17 · 5 days ago
Because Elriel is all about touching hands and stolen looks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These gifs though... 👀 I got a little inspired and wrote this on my phone. Ignore the typos. 😘
Azriel and Elain have kept their relationship a secret from the others. They just know how Rhys will react.
But that doesn’t stop them from teasing each other with small touches and sly smiles when nobody’s paying attention.
Elain will casually brush a finger along Az’s wing as she passes him. She loves to do it when he’s speaking with his brother’s just to see how well he’ll hold his composure.
Sometimes they’ll sit next to each other at dinner just so they can subtly hold hands under the table.
She adores when he flips his hand over to lace their fingers together. His thumb will brush over the backside of her knuckles in soothing strokes that also set her skin aflame.
Azriel secretly loves when she runs her fingers over his scars. He never imagined he would enjoy somebody touching his hands, but when Elain does, it’s gentle and soft. Exploratory.
When he’s having a hard day, she’ll take his hands and kiss them, the palms, his fingers, his knuckles. It always seems to calm him down.
If Elain’s feeling frisky, she’ll shoot him sultry, bedroom eyes from across the room. It’s her way of saying she wants him to ravish her that night. And boy, does he. 👅
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unbotheredtbh · 5 days ago
I love the theory of Elain getting out of the NC, but to be honest I don’t know if sjm is capable of writting that, she’s waaaaay to attached to the inner circle for her to write a book where the IC and the NC aren’t involved.
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rhyssescups · 5 days ago
Vigils + Windows
While doing research for another post of mine I noticed something interesting:
“He didn’t expect her to answer, and he gave himself all of one more minute before he’d rise from this chair and leave, hopefully avoiding Nesta’s return. But sunlight on gold caught his eye—and Elain slowly turned from her vigil at the window.” (ACOWAR - Chapter 24)
“Mor’s nostrils flared. Cassian ran a hand down the back of her hair. Azriel didn’t so much as turn from his vigil at the window, though I could have sworn his wings tucked in a bit tighter.” (ACOWAR - Chapter 47)
Y’know what they say, couples who hold vigils at windows together stay together. ;)
Note: Sarah has only used the word “vigil” three times throughout the entire series. I’ve listed the first two instances above, and the third use of the word happens in chapter 57 of ACOWAR - when Nesta is watching Cassian battle:
“By the time I strode away, Nesta had already faced the battle once more, rain plastering her hair to her head. Resuming her unending vigil of the general battling on the valley floor below.” (ACOWAR - Chapter 57)
So, the parallel between Elain + Azriel was definitely intentional (at least in my opinion).
Note x2: @suelky actually made a post on this topic, and windows as a whole, so go and check it out !
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