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#pro feyre
kayla-22 days ago
Feysand and Nyx as Batman, Catwoman, and Robin. How cute 馃グ
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Credit: jessdraw.s (Instagram)
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elriellovera day ago
Again if you don't agree idc. don't be disrespectful I will delete you comments
You know what pisses me off so much about the valkyries is how nice Nesta is to them how she would die for them. And how she wouldn't move her dumb butt to her her youngest sister. She wouldn't die to save her blood family but she would die for people she met like 2 months ago. I'm not saying family is always blood but her blood family ( feyre and elain) where nothing but good to her. And she just goes and is so kind to these new people and treats them like family and doesn't even treat her family that is alive like there her family. But I'm not saying Nesta can't be nice to other people and see them as family. She should I couldn't care less it's just the fact that sis hasn't treated her family kindly.her family has done all these nice thing to her. Her sister who she lived off of who saved her Life and her other sister who was always there for her even if it ment being on her side when she did something bad to feyre. She still went and killed hybern, both her sisters still wanted to see her get better. But sis doesn't even look back when she found people who won't judge her for the horrible ways she treats her actual sisters. Nahh that pisses me off SO MUCH. All she has to do is apologize and she will be less hated by me
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arrowmusings2 days ago
any kind of funny/silly/goofy/cute argument between Feyre, Rhysand, Lucien, & Cas. can be about sports or something totally inane hehe
The River House is a symphony of raucous laughter and overlapping chatter as they sit down with full bellies and warm souls. The Autumn Equinox is little days away, and though the Night Court admittedly does not celebrate it, they do have cause to now. After all, their family has Autumn blood in it now.
The male in question lounges in one of the chairs, cream colored pants hugging his thighs, his forest green tunic accentuating his beauty. His firey hair spills down his shoulders, unbound.
"I can't believe you support the Fangs," Lucien says after a sip of the swirling amber liquid Rhys had poured into his glass.
"What?" Cassian's face is comically offended. He did not like his team alliances questioned. "They're a great team!"
Rhys smirks where he sits next to Feyre, an arm behind her shoulders. "You do have to admit that they lost terribly the last few matches, brother."
"That's true," Feyre says, a mischievous smile on her face that she hides behind the rim of her wineglass, but not before Cassian sees it.
"You're supposed to be on my team, Feyre!"
"Am I?"
Cassian gapes, turning to Rhys before turning back to Feyre as if to say, 'Look at what your mate's doing!' But Rhys simply smiles.
Whenever Feyre, Lucien, and Cassian were in the same room, some sort of argument had to sprout, always in jest but an argument nonetheless. And if Rhys was being honest, he enjoyed watching them volley words back and forth.
"What kind of name is the Fangs, anyway?" Lucien says.
"What kind of name is Velaris Elite?" Cassian shoots back.
But Lucien only smiles, the smile that often means he is having fun teasing everyone. "Well, they are elite, winning 6 games out of 9 encounters they had with the Fangs."
Feyre bursts out laughing at the sour face Cassian makes, and soon they all follow, their voices garnering the attention of Azriel, Mor, Amren, and Elain, who were sitting at the dining table still, a game of cards spread before them.
"Handsome and smart," Amren says, silver eyes zeroing in on Lucien. "I knew we should keep him."
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dreaminginvelaris2 days ago
feyre anti: even feyre said she was just as bad as nesta! they were both horrible to one another!
me: okay bet show me where feyre was like nesta. show me where feyre threatened to rip out nestas throat. show me where feyre constantly goes out of her way to insult her. show me where feyre uses nestas insecurities to bring her down. show me where feyre has malicious intent to hurt nesta. show me the proof. last i checked we read nestas pov and not once did nesta ever mention a memory of feyre doing something so awful to her the way she constantly did with feyre.
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decadantstudent26 days ago
Rhys is that kind of a boyfriend who pretends to not know his girlfriend in public so he can flirt with her as a stranger yk with those corny ass jokes.
Feyre will tell him to stfu but secretly loves it
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highladyofdawn7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
feyre archeron : a moodboard
I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal. I was a survivor, and I was strong. I would not be weak, or helpless again I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.
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colorlesschristmastree7 months ago
鈥淲hen you spend so long trapped in darkness, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.鈥 Feyre Archeron - ACOMAF
Tumblr media
This Feyre art is so devastatingly heartbreaking. From the expression on her face, to the way she is holding herself, and even the outline of her ribs. This is the best artwork of Feyre UTM I have ever seen.
I think we as a fandom truly forget how terrible it was for her, how she was thin and dying and barely getting by.
Art credits: on instagram!!
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kayla-211 hours ago
Stans must think Lucien is a complete idiot if he鈥檚 going to be upset with feyre for 鈥渒eeping鈥 the truth of his father a secret before literally anyone else in his family. You know, the people that were actually there 5 centuries ago, when he was born. It鈥檚 been hundreds of years, there鈥檚 other people he will be questioning and it鈥檚 not feysand
This how antis want the conversation to go, 鈥淚 was talking to helion a while ago and some things kinda add up like dates and such and I just came to Prythian like 2 years ago but completely forget everything you knew for centuries and listen to me, Helions your father. Now I don鈥檛 have proof and it was all in all a two second conversation. But go spin helion life upside down and confront him, with the chance that he can actively deny being the father and put lady autumn in more danger. And go question why your abused mother kept it a secret and put her, the day, night, and autumn court in danger. I know I just got revived from literal death like two seconds ago, had a baby, left war and another one is about to start but forgive me for not telling you this little biased, unproven hunch I had and changing your life around. Love you. 馃挄鈥
I鈥檓 ready to start giving antis actually flaws to hate feysand about because shit like this is embarrassing and ridiculous, please try to think outside the box鈥ust a little
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s-tormwitcha month ago
the biggest problem was that Nesta and Elain treated Feyre badly, excluded her and treated her like a wild animal. Nesta even calls Feyre a wild animal and says no one would care if she died. in addition to being seventeen and sixteen y/o respectively and not having helped a fourteen y/o girl who happened to be their younger sister, who was keeping them alive, they were also cruel. obviously they had no role as a mother to Feyre, but they could have been better and denying that is really stupid.
besides, if your little sister can't read, you won't call her an animal for that. you should empathize and try to help. but Nesta didn't do that. Nesta made fun of Feyre and made her feel insecure.
if your little sister is out hunting and feeding your lazy ass, you should feel guilty and try to help. but neither Elain nor Nesta thought of doing this, for they despised Feyre.
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secretpeachtaco19 days ago
Azriel, who never give his "truth-teller" to anyone (not even to mor with whom he was in love for 500 years) gave it to Elain.
Azriel put his life in danger to save Elain from hybern
Azriel stayed up late listening to elain's plan for her garden.
Feyre thought Elain would love valeris though she probably will cling to azriel for peace and quiet.
Feyre saw the painting in her mind: the death and his lovely fawn.
Nesta knew why azriel won't go near the fire, saw the pain in his eyes. His secret to tell, never hers.
Nesta noticed that something charged went between azriel and Elain.
Even when azriel was badly injured, his primal concern was to get those chains off Elain.
Azriel would beg on his knees for a chance to taste Elain.
Azriel came to the doorway as if he had heard elain's laugh and wanted to know the cause.
Feyre thinks that Elain and azriel would look so handsome together.
Every night, azriel looks at the headache powder which elain gifted before going to bed.
Elain made azriel laugh and feyre had never heard such sound, deep and joyous. She has never seen his hazel eyes so bright, the hues of green amid the brown and gray like veins of emerald.
Azriel put rocks in snow balls to throw at rhys because rhys ordered him to stay away from Elain.
Even after three days of that fight with rhys, azriel was stone-faced and wouldn't even give a smile to Nesta.
"I thought it was obvious"
鈥 Sarah J. Mass
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rhysand-sistera month ago
Friendly reminder:
That Nesta was reading smut books, making friendship bracelets with her fRiEnDs and having sex with cassian while knowing that her younger sister (feyre) was gonna die and doing nothing for her. For the sister who thought about her even in her traumatized state , who willingly risked her life since she was 14 yrs old to keep her fed, who thought about her even utm when amrantha was playing with her life she thought that what will happen to her sisters if she didn't won the tasks??? And how did she repaid it by getting to know that her sister was gonna die and the next second giving cassian a blowjob , while living in a house full of hundreds of thousands of books but not giving a fucking damn to research in them to see if there was a way to save her sister , by mentally abusing her sister, thinking more about her fAkE sIStErS than her blood one who was repeatedly risked her life to keep her fed and safe , by fucking throwing her sister's DEATH in her face to hurt her even more.
And you ask us why we don't like her??? ARE you fucking reading the same book.
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dreaminginvelaris28 days ago
yk what, im just happy that feyre has her mate, her baby boy, a family that loves her, that she finally has time to paint, that she even has a whole ass art studio where she can go and do what makes her happy, and im also glad that the people of velaris fucking adores her, that people recognize and acknowledge her power, enough to not test her and im glad feyre has five houses, that she has an expensive wardrobe, that shes got hundreds of crowns to choose from, that she always has food in her belly and im glad feyre keeps training her body, that shes mentally better now and im just so fucking glad that feyre has quite literally everything she wants in her life because she fucking deserves it. i mean anti鈥檚 y鈥檃ll can stay mad bc guess what? feyre stays winning. xx
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heartofwildfires2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you were going to die, I was going to die with you. I couldn鈥檛 stop thinking it over and over as you screamed, as I tried to kill her: you were my mate, my mate, my mate.
for @bisexualrhys because you made me smile 鉂わ笍
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