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venusistwisted0 · 5 months ago
I want hollow cheeks and sunken eyes. collarbones that stand out. arms that look like they would snap if I picked up something too heavy with hands that look skeletal. thighs that don't touch and calves that don't jiggle. I want my hips to be sharp and my pants to barely cling on them. I want to be able to count all my ribs and my stomach to cave. my hands would shake , my body freezing , my vision spotty and head spinning when I get up. I wouldn't be scared to sit on someone's lap or be picked up. I want it so bad
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ugh-ana · 10 days ago
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I found sugar free jello that’s only 20 calories for. A WHOLE PACKAGE!!!! I make two at a time and eat a lot when I’m craving sweetness. I’m obsessed with jello and was sad not wanting to eat that many calories but then I found this!
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fadingawaay · a month ago
The only things in my fridge is vodka and a cucumber im living my best life
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cals-xals · 19 days ago
I made a diet that should start on Monday cuz the highlighted days are weekends.
I will start it on January 31st and finish it February 27.
I'll post an ubdate on how much weight i lost from the previous diet on January 30th and an ubdate from how much i lost from this one on February 27th.
Feel free to do it if you want :)
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amias-is-lost · 25 days ago
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shit. well, at least the 2 months of binging are over :)
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skeletons-are-beautiful · 10 months ago
So here are my stats 💞
Sw: 46kgs
CW: 43.1kgs
HW: 48kgs
LW: 43kgs
GW: 37kgs
UGW: 32kgs
I've had ED's since May 2019 but it was just binge which led to weight gain of almost 8-10 kgs and two years and now I've had ana since Feb but I was binging too much and I wouldn't purge but I maintained my weight by exercising.
✨ Rules ✨
No eating more than 500-800 cals per day
Burn atleast 600 per day.
Workout extremely two days a week
Drink 3L water everyday (I really need to work on this one cause I always drink less)
Chew a lot
DON'T FUCKING BINGE!! (Bonus tip: If you ever have thoughts then just look at some thinspo)
If ever a binge occurs then purge and then fast for min 48 hrs if not less.
Chew gum so that you always have a taste in your mouth.
Have cold baths.
Check your weight 6 times a day.
Eat not more than 400 cals after a fast.
Drink a lot of black coffee and lemon water.
Try to eat in less portions but many times a day.
No soda!! (Not even diet coke or Pepsi black)
Apply oil to your hair everyday so that they don't fall too much as my mom isn't buying me multivitamin.
Don't eat alone
Give more genuine excuses than I just ate. Ex: had a big breakfast, I'm trying to eat healthy, or as I'm a hindu I sometimes say that I'm fasting because of some religious stuff.
That might be all if I remember any more then I'll be sure too add and, do give me some more tips because I NEED to loose atleast 7 kgs before may as I have to go to a wedding.
I also follow many diet plans like
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please give me some motivation because I always mess up and end up binging once a week which makes me gain too much then always exceed 2000 cals.
If you don't like this please block don't report.
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halshroom · 2 months ago
oh to look this cute and dainty o(╥﹏╥)o
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strawboobiez · 2 months ago
would someone like to be my ana coach 💪🏼
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*When I get away with not eating for a whole day without anyone noticing*
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skinnygirl505 · a month ago
here are my stats!!
CW: 127lbs
HW: 138lbs
GW: 99lbs
UGW: 88lbs
Height: 5’2
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gorefreaksblog · 2 months ago
I don't think I'll have the mental strength to weigh myself tomorrow after all the food I've eaten today.
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venusistwisted0 · a month ago
I'm scared that everyone sees me the way I see me
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ugh-ana · 11 days ago
I want to be skinny and covered in super sexy scars
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fadingawaay · a month ago
My diet is vodka and diet coke let's see how long i can last
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cals-xals · 19 days ago
My goal is to lose 3 kg (6 lbs) before February and before June 17th i wanna lose 16 kg (35 lbs). I'll start getting serious when school starts cuz I'm fucking done with being fat and disgusting.
I can't look at myself anymore. I'm so disgusting.
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imgonnashagurdad · 4 months ago
i think my parents are starting to notice my ed and it's low-key freaking me tf out
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alex-boo · 11 days ago
I just wanna be able to wear lingerie for my boyfriend and feel sexy in it instead of having fat poke out everywhere 😭
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halshroom · 2 months ago
i’ve had a bad binge day :/
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skinnytothebonez · 15 days ago
I lost 1 pound today but then I ate and now I feel awful and I am scared to weigh myself.
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amias-is-lost · 15 days ago
me, really wanting to hurt myself :(
*my guinea pig just chilling and eating his food*
me, still wanting to hurt myself but feeling slightly better :)
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