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quween-bones86 a day ago
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Me when
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anayayay 17 days ago
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tilimbones 6 months ago
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deathsponation 3 months ago
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myspacem1a 17 days ago
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healinginlove a year ago
for everybody who鈥檚 suffering from an eating disorder:聽 i love you
for everybody who鈥檚 in recovery for their eating disorder:聽 i love you
for everybody who鈥檚 not ready to recover:聽 i love you
for everybody who wants to recover but is struggling to:聽 i love you
for everybody who is afraid to get help:聽 i love you
for everybody who is body positive for everyone but themselves:聽 i love you
im so sorry for whatever drove you to this point. what your brain says to you isnt true. youre beautiful, and you deserve to recover.聽
youre not alone. and i love you.
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skinnyblonded 9 months ago
things to do instead of eating
this is more for me than anyone else lol
doing makeup
listening to music
watching yt
catching up with idol content
be on instagram
be on twt
be on tumblr
be on tiktok
be on pinterest
be on we heart it
look at thinspo
watch a new show
watch music videos
go for a run / walk
go shopping
arts and crafts!
锟紅alk to friends
play video games
go to the park
see a movie
do my hair
take a shower/bath
paint my nails
get a plant
go somewhere you enjoy
take photos
declutter your closet
clean your room
do homework
find a new hobby
make a to do list
read an old diary
write a short story/poem
go through old photos
drive around
make carrds!
make photo edits
make new posts
knit something
redo your room
play with ur animals
look through your belongings
redo your social medias
write a pretty letter to your friends
learn a kpop dance choreo
go on discord!
do nsfw stuff (lolololllll)
go hang out with friends
try on all your clothes
drink lemon water/tea/coffee
walk to a friends house
browse amazon/online shopping sites
make slime
look at a content creator you enjoy!
brush your teeth
go to the beach
do a facemask!
make a gift for your loved one
take a nap
play a sport
make a playlist!
learn something new
make bracelets!
plan an event (even if ur months early)
write down things you are grateful for
write down positive things ab urself
do laundry
make a collage
(if u have enough willpower to not binge) bake something!
tell your loved ones what you love about them
rant about things that make you upset
go outside ! enjoy fresh air!
make your own list of things to do when u dont want to eat!
drink tea/lemon water/coffee!
walk to a coffee shop and order ^^ and enjoy it w friends or alone!
find new music
play cards
dye your hair!
go to a nail salon and get your nails/feet done!
do things that have been on your to do list for a longgggg time
find cool rocks and paint them!
do your skincare!
wear a cool costume!
try new trends u see around
make cool earrings
go to the gym
do a photoshoot with your friends!
get into a new fandom!
make online friends
get new crystals!
go flower picking
meditate/do yoga!! whatever makes you happy :,)
yeahjejfi thats everything. over all remember ur growth and prosperity is so important! do something that makes u happy while fasting/restricting. give urself a reward! take care of urself :,)
***not pro just using tags***
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chuu loves u! take care :,)
song rec of the day !
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thescrawnybutterfly 7 months ago
Me: **finishes eating**
My ED:
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70lbprincessx 4 months ago
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hard work really pays off
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becky2222 3 months ago
going to bed with an empty stomach, knowing that u didn鈥檛 go over your calorie limit feels so good.
u want that awesome feeling of the satisfaction everyday too? then get your ass up and do your workouts
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dietxcoke 9 months ago
i want to look as sick as i feel
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quween-bones86 9 months ago
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You love to see it
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suckmysockx 4 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone else add like 20 calories onto their daily total just for "accidental uncounted calories" lol
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bratz-doll007 8 months ago
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deathsponation 3 months ago
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butterflynights 6 months ago
these make me so happy (not mine)
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carpet-fish a month ago
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notsickenoughx 18 days ago
the way my therapist looked shocked when I told her I lost 10kgs made this hell feel worth it
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amethystdruir 3 months ago
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nosekhagoaqui 14 days ago
Necesito que Ana y Mia entren en mi vida por favor, sino siento que me voy a morir.馃枻馃暢锔
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