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From now until February 16 I am dedicating myself to my ACSF analyses. I have waited too long and the only way to keep myself from tearing down the world to get my hands on my copy is writing about one of my favorite women. Just a warning.

Also, if you don’t like Nesta: I am so excited for you to backpedal.

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I still think it’s wild that Rhysand stans of all people throw around the word abuse when it comes to Nesta. Lol like did we both read the parts about the shitty things Rhysand has done and continues to do??

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I just need to get this off of my chest:

An anti-nesta account posted an “I hate cancel culture” post.

Yeah. I know.

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I was painfully rereading ACOFAS and this just… ugh, I just can’t wait for ACOSF to come out and maybe find some redemption for the IC after I truly read it and not only for pleasure.

Nesta deserves so so much better. The fact that she dealt with her trauma alone is just such a statement of her persona on its own, that I just can’t adore her even more for it and hope that ACOSF will truly grant her what she deserves and is owed.

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If you don’t want to read acosf good for you and all that. But please don’t take the joy out of it for others. Because for certain people myself included, the book release it’s what is keeping them going. I know personally I have a lot of books I am looking forward to and that is what is getting me through life day by day. Don’t shit on someone because they want to read this book or want to experience reading the book. You can keep your heavily negative opinions to yourself. I am looking forward to see Nesta heal. She reminds me of myself sometimes and seeing that things do get better in life helps me and many others. Let’s just try to keep the toxicity to a minimum.

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thinking about how i saw a nesta anti on instagram say nesta needs to write apology letters to the ic so they can forgive her…. yeah that site is hell

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I guess I just hate the premise of acosf so much because once again, Nesta doesn’t get to make a choice. Once again, her path in life is decided by someone else.

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The other Nesta stans are probably going to come at me for this but I don’t like him until proven otherwise. Mor says he abused her and Eris said he didn’t and until one of those statements is proven true I just can’t like him. And it’s weird to see people shipping him with Nesta a sexual assault victim. They’re probably like he had his reasons but now they’re just sounding like the Rhysand stans when they want to exuse sexual assault. If you think about it the two of them are very similar. It just doesn’t sit right with me

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But like can we talk about Nesta’s iconic and badass exit into the cauldron. How she pointed that finger at the King and she could see the terror in his eyes. And as stated in her pov in that sneak pack of acosf she actually laughed at that fear as she went under. My baby is going to serve this year and I am here for it.

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i feel on some level that the whole eris vs ryhs debate ultimately stems from sjm struggling to write nuanced characters. they’ve gotta be all good or all bad. like she cannot write proper redemption arcs at all. or characters who start out good but become morally ambiguous. they often go that way, but she doesn’t mean it to, so you get questionable characters being praised like they can do no wrong, and it’s like, not ironic or satire.

it’s bc of this that the ones who are genuinely interesting, like nesta, almost feel like they’re that way by accident.

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Can you imagine Nesta becoming more free with her personality and being a dumbass with her new found family. With emerie but also Nesta with a boy bestie. Imagine the chaos. Aelin has Fenrys. Feyre has Cassian. Also what role do you think Nesta will play? There’s always the mom friend, the comedian, the civil one, and the ones that act like they have absolutely no sense. 

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ok. i know this is old shit but can ANYONE please tell me why amren was at the mansion, in the office, when nesta was being kicked out of velaris?

when rhys brings nesta into his mansion, surrounded by his friends who are either neutral or down right hate her. why is amren there? literally just to try and beat down nesta more? she serves absolutely no purpose. and when she essentially says nesta would fuck anything that moves/slut shames her and rhys agrees

you can’t convince me that rhys didn’t just invite her/allow her to be there so he could get off on watching another person beat nesta down in an unfamiliar/unfriendly environment where she couldnt really defend herself. my memories not great, but it seemed to me thats it.

disgusting. the lot of yous (yes this is bc all the slut shaming discussion lol)

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When the cover was revealed for ACOSF we were all like “this looks like Luciens book cover”

More like


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Okay so I thought the colors for ACOSF cover were butt ugly (I still do), but I got to thinking about Nesta and Eris. Nesta is silver and Eris is flame. Silver flames. And what was on Nestas chest of drawers?? Flames.

I’m not saying their mates… but maybe they end up being a huge pair in ACOSF. Not romantic or anything but Eris ends up being the unlikely alliance. I think Eris is going to be a huge character in this book.

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“…the entire room straightened, eyes upon Nesta. Upon Nesta — this once human female, who had conquered death, who now glowed as if she had devoured the moon too.”


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