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#pro nesta archeron

nesta: suffered against poverty, was kidnapped and became a fae against her will, risked her life in the war and was ready to die with cassian, lost her father, is severely depressed and alone, is either insulted, slutshamed or ignored by the inner circle and her own sisters, is forced to leave her home and go train in the mountains

the inner circle:

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But like can we talk about Nesta’s iconic and badass exit into the cauldron. How she pointed that finger at the King and she could see the terror in his eyes. And as stated in her pov in that sneak pack of acosf she actually laughed at that fear as she went under. My baby is going to serve this year and I am here for it.

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Can you imagine Nesta becoming more free with her personality and being a dumbass with her new found family. With emerie but also Nesta with a boy bestie. Imagine the chaos. Aelin has Fenrys. Feyre has Cassian. Also what role do you think Nesta will play? There’s always the mom friend, the comedian, the civil one, and the ones that act like they have absolutely no sense. 

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The teaser hasn’t even been out for a full day and y'all already want to bash Nesta “for trying to make Cassian jealous” first of all we don’t even know the context so calm down. Second of all I bet you any other character could have done that or if the roles were reversed and Cassian was making Nesta jealous there would be no problem but of course Nesta can’t be capable of being a good person and everything she does will never be good enough in the eyes of the reader so we’ll bash her for no reason. ok then

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I’m submitting a question for sjm’s live and i don’t know whether to ask about the ic’s treatment towards nesta or nesta’s new found family

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By the end of acosf all I want is for Nesta to be happy and to be comfortable with herself and the type of person she is. If that means she doesn’t end up with Cassian so be it. Even if it pains me

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 Nesta wants money to pay her rent knowing it doesn’t even make a dent in Feyre’s bank account



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I’m done with the Feyre slander today I promise

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SJM said there was going to be a lot of family drama. What type of family drama do you think that entitles? I really don’t think all the family drama would be between the archeron sisters. Maybe tension between Nesta’s new found family and the IC. Or tension in the IC because of Nesta and Cassian growing closer.

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I can tell that Cassian idolizes Feysand’s relationship and wants what they have but with Nesta. Just as Feyre said, Nesta would never be like Mor (in a sense that she would never be as free and just give out her love and that joy easily) but Nesta will also never be like Feyre. In Cassian’s narrative he usually compares the sisters a lot. Whether its their features such as eyes, and body shape, he also compares their personalities a lot. Nesta is a very complex character she’s unlike any other character I’ve read about. I’m happy to get into Cassian’s mind again. I’d like to see how he views relationships because feysand is well feysand. They will never be like nessian. I don’t know if Cassian knows that or not. I’d also like to see what his perspective on her is. Cause chile what I saw in acofas was not it. Bullshit behavior my ass.

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See i don’t have the energy to fight the antis today, but if they spit more bullshit about “nesta didnt have the right to be mean to cassian in wings & embers”

Watch my body produce more ATP and feeding me the energy to end this bs

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I’m very curious as to if Nesta and Lucien were supposed to mates how might the story have been different. Was Nesta supposed to be broken the way Elain was after the cauldron or would she still have been well Nesta? Was Elriel supposed to be canon from the get go? Who would Cassian have ended up with? How would Lucien and Nesta even work? Would Nesta have rejected the bond like the path Elain is on? So many questions.

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Nesta Archeron please marry me challenge. Fuck Cassian. I’m Nesta’s mate

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Anybody have an really good songs for a Nesta playlist. I’m making one on spotify. They could be the empowering kind or the sad kind that show the depressed and emotional side of her.

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It there’s one thing you know about Nesta is that she reads everyone and is able to target a person then know where to hit them where it hurts. Both literally and figuratively. Both with her words and that powerful knee of hers.

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someone: i hope nesta becomes worthy of cassian. Plus she hasn’t gone through enough to act like that.

my brain: leave it, it’s not worth it. Don’t waste your time on them

me: proceeds to write an essay on why all that person said is false with them receipts.

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So we know how Nesta has death powers. And on starfall there are spirits who pass through in the sky. So headcanon that on starfall when the spirits are passing by, they change course and surround Nesta and swirl around her for a quick moment. Sorta like this Elsa Gif shown right here. So their kinda acknowledging her and her powers of death. Then everyone watches it awe.


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Cassian names Nesta positions and facial expressions. I think Nesta was names for everyone also like we as a fandom do. Like how anti rhysand people have a range of names for him. I think we know some of Nesta’s names but I can’t wait to see what other names that sassy being has up her sleeve

Cassian is oversized bat

Mor is blonde one who won’t shut

Amren is tiny lady

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I’m ready to witness nesta laughing for the first time✨

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I bet you Nesta could do stand up comedy. She comes off as mean but whatever she says is so damn funny. Like pls she’s a whole comedian. We all should have a favorite iconic Nesta quote and one of my favorites is probably the one when she describes the inner circle as a merry little band. And we are getting 700+ pages of this yes please sign me up

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