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#pro recovery
ryaryarya · a day ago
anyone have any ideas on how to romanticise life (ED edition)
here are mine!! -cook yourself your favourite low calorie meal with music on and a glass of green tea that’s been iced -try interesting flavours of tea, i’m talking that real ultra specific shit like strawberry vanilla oolong!! -take a walk in your favourite garden  -light scented candles in your favourite scents. IMO ikea’s vanilla scented candle is just heavenly it’s like eating ice cream without chewing and without calories. -freeze all your fav berries and make a nice cream with them (add 2 tbsp of whipped cream, non fat whipped cream is low cal dw!!) -listen to music and meal plan, create a schedule. find pleasure in all the little things. -write three things you LOVE about yourself everyday, or write three reasons why you’re grateful to your body. (it seemed bullshit to me too at first but you can literally thank your body for breathing everything’s valid i promise!!) -create a room collage–you just gotta print out a bunch of ur fav aesthetic pics (maybe even some th1nspo) and paste them on a free wall!! or even make a classic collage using chart paper and glue and whatnot and frame it!! -DEFINITELY watch black swan at least once, natalie portman is so cool in that movie omg!! -organise all your pinterest boards into sections, for some reason it makes me personally feel like i have my shit together.
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herdiaryy333 · 7 hours ago
Remember why youre doing this, so the scale shows you that perfect number you have been wanting to see for a long long time, so you fit in those clothes all of the pretty people wear, so you can wear crop tops and skirts. So you can prove the people wrong, you do have self control, and you can acomplish so much. That you can push yourself. Think about all the looks you will get from people, theyll think to themselves “ Wow they are so pretty, i wish i was them” or “ I wish i was with them”. So you can have that perfect figure. Because truthfully, if anyone deserves the perfect collar bones, hip bones, those smalll arms with long fingers, that flat stomach , and the thigh gap everyone would die for , its you. So be kind to yourself love, youre doing great and will reach your goals soon.
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humantras4 · a day ago
I hate Christmas time! Everywhere is food especially candy and chocolate! And everyone basically forces me to participate in this gluttony!
I respectfully want to go to sleep and never wake up again.
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whsprings · 22 hours ago
I know it has been said before but I am going to say it again-- by attempting to police women’s and feminine-presenting people’s bodies, society is subjecting us to another layer of control and dehumanization. as long as woman are preoccupied with shrinking their bodies, our lives, mental capacity, and ability to create change are also limited. self love is an act of rebellion not only because it defies societal norms but because it gives us the freedom to use our headspace for things that actually matter. 
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trustissues4ever · 20 days ago
brain: your stomach is growling. you’re dizzy. you are weak. you can’t even stand up. you need food, don’t ignore the signs anymore.
me: *eats something*
brain: how could you, you fat fuck monster. you should be ashamed of yourself.
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recoverr · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i am so proud of you!!!! look at you go!!!! you’ve survived 100% of your bad days!!! you’re here!!!! your life is not over and you have so much to discover, to create and to experience!!!! i am so so proud of you, friend!!!! you’re doing much better than you know. i hope you remember that - and i hope you have people to remind you that you’re loved, wanted and cherished. regardless of where you are in life right now, you are so so worthy of so much!!! maybe you can’t see it, or maybe you don’t see it. but it gets better. it gets so much brighter and happier and lovelier than this!!! i love you.
Tumblr media
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herdiaryy333 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some thiinspo for u guys
u got this <3
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almondmilkskinnie · 4 months ago
bitches will eat 1000 calories a day and say they have an eating disorder
and that is absolutely valid because your worth and validity is not based on how many calories you eat, we all equally deserve love and recovery. you are valid.
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writethatdown · a month ago
hey if nothing seems to make you feel happy and joyful rn, i see u. i know that trying seems pointless but trust me you're gonna be in a place where you'll think about now and be so proud of yourself for trying. so hold on to that little moments of joy, your hobbies and favorite shows/movies, music or whatever that used to bring u comfort, even if it doesn't elicit a happy response in u rn. one day you'll wake up and feel so much lighter, so much better and everything won't be so difficult to do and process. i know that it's hard to be hopeful during these times. but your happy days are already on their way, unfolding into stages you are not able to decipher rn.
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ungalove · 5 months ago
How the fuck do I get better
For Beginners
You are not your feelings. Feelings are something you have, and something you can learn to cope with. Here are some tips how you can reduce negative, annoying or persistent feelings in your life, and how you can cope with them when they occur.
Making positive experiences
Do something enjoyable that’s possible every day (ex. read a few pages, doodle something, listen to your favorite song, sing in the shower...)
Change your life up a bit in a way that will help you experience positive feelings more often (ex. say hi to an old friend, join a club, try a new hobby, discover a new artist...)
Allow yourself to feel the positive things (ex. reminisce about the nice experiences you had before bed, focus on how good you feel in the moment, ask yourself how you’d name this positive feeling, what caused it...)
Reducing emotional and physical vulnerability
A house can’t stand without the base - Work on getting enough water, food, sleep, exercise and self care. Baby steps are completely fine. 5 hours of sleep are better than 4, two meals are better than one, etc.
Watch your health and take your medication
Avoid mood changing substances (drugs, alcohol...)
Take responsibility (ex. make small plans that you can and will do every day -> gives you a sense of control over your life and helps you believe in your own abilities)
Letting go of emotional baggage
Accept your feelings as a part of yourself as a person. We all have them!
Acknowledge that your feelings (all of them!) are allowed to be here, because they all have a job to fulfill!
Try not to judge your feelings, even if it’s hard! There’s a reason why they’re here.
Be open for your feelings. Embrace them. They will come anyway.
I have a feeling I don’t want - what now?
What am I feeling? (ex. angry, sad, guilty...)
What impulse does this feeling give me, what do I want to do? (ex. lash out, isolate myself, self harm...)
What made me feel this way? (ex. a fight, a bad grade, a mistake...)
What would be pros and cons of acting on my impulse? (ex. pro - lashing out would give me relief, con - it would have consequences...)
What decision do I make?
What skills or coping mechanisms do I need, if I need them?
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recoverr · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
i don’t know who needs to hear this, but being disciplined should not equal punishment towards yourself, your body and your mind.
Tumblr media
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and-how-to-heal-from-it · 9 months ago
Feeling comfortable in your own skin is hard. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it just yet. 
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