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chronickidz · 2 months ago
IU diet- transformed
Breakfast: 1 egg (source of protein in the morning); 1 apple; 1 tablespoon of nut batter of choice (to keep you full for longer)
Lunch: 2 sweet potatoes; forkfull of kimchi (for gut health)
Dinner: protein shake
Drinks: coffee; water; lemon water
Additionally: lemon+ ginger shot (also for gut health)
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brownsugar-dreams · 28 days ago
How do you talk about your business goals and desire for funding from a SD without giving him too many details where he could find out too much info about you?
Tumblr media
This ask came at a really good time. I just received these gifts from an SD that knows I’m in med school + running a business and wants to help support me. So I think it’s important to remember that you only have to disclose what you want to. This particular SD does not know which school I go to or really any details about my real life. You can keep them included in your story without giving the intimate details away.
For example, for the past week whenever I talked to this SD I always made sure to mention how I noticed that a lot of my classmates have a laptop AND a tablet where they write their notes. And I mentioned how it makes it much more convenient to study and take notes while reviewing. I expressed my desire for a tablet without having to use my own money (because he does give me an allowance) and this morning he sent me the confirmation email to pick up the order (he does not have my address). So you can talk about the things you want in terms of your business goals and aspirations with a POT or SD without having to tell them too much. Some people suggest playing the damsel in distress card but if he’s an SD (and no longer a POT) there’s really no need to play that game. You can be upfront with what you need and if it’s a healthy sugar relationship, it shouldn’t be an issue.
It’s all about the way you approach it. Make sure you have a specific amount and plan in mind if you’re wanting to ask for money for your business. You can’t just say “I need $5k to start a retail business.” He likely won’t go for that. Think of the specific things you need money for and go from there. When you talk to him about your business, that’s when you can begin to plant your needs. If customer acquisition has been a challenge, talk to him about it and express your desire for funding to put towards advertising. Things like that.
They do not need to know the name of your business, your address, or anything else that you don’t want them to know. I would strongly urge you to keep all that information private. Just make sure to include him in your story and journey so that he is happy to invest in you. And if he starts asking too many questions you can always make up a story or tell him you’re still in the developmental stage and you don’t want to give too much away yet. But if he’s a real provider he won’t press the issue.
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superheroesincolor · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pro tip
Promote something/someone you like,    amplify someone's voice        we need to know more about what we love,            the projects that make us smile or that inspire us
you wouldn't believe the wholesome projects that go unnoticed in the fog of the internet.
[SuperheroesInColor / FB / IG / Twitter / Twitch / Support ]
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thetraumatrain · a month ago
My #1 piece of advice for adulthood is give yourself the childhood you didn’t have
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dsudis · a month ago
a very specific kind of nerd
I am sitting down to reread what’s currently the last quarter of an ongoing 1.8 million word Harry Potter time travel fic series with a PAD OF PAPER and a PENCIL so I can WRITE OUT ALL THE FAMILY TREES DESCRIBED (and then write them out again nicely with pen when I’m sure I have everybody) so that I can PROVE that THAT IS NOT HOW YOU COUNT DEGREES OF COUSINSHIP, DRACO
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toptiertips · 4 days ago
There is no shame in looking at people’s hands. 
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dailydianakko · a month ago
Me: what’s the worst soulmate AU I can think of?
Also me: Lol Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate each have powers. The catch is that each power is the opposite of the other. You have teleportation? Congrats, your soulmate teleports to an uncontrolled place each time you choose to teleport! You are a genius? Congrats you’re morosexual now. Invulnerable? Your soulmate has glass bones and paper skin.
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jademichelle · 17 days ago
One reason why your habits aren’t sticking is because you don’t reward yourself afterwards. If you’re doing something new or something you don’t necessarily like, it will be hard to continue it and it will always feel like a burden if you don’t reward yourself.
Humans love incentives. We rely on them.
Forming good habits relies on positive feedback loops.
Tumblr media
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the-bluebonnet-bandit · 14 days ago
pro writer tip: you can excuse more exposition dumps if you have more autistic characters to give them...
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previouslyafangirl · 3 months ago
ADHD College Tip:
If you’re struggling to read long articles online, immersive reader can be downloaded as a chrome extension. It can only do up to like 10,000 words per section, so you might have to break up long articles into a few chunks, but it will make the font much bigger and clearer, increase the spacing, read it out loud to you, and highlight where it’s at as it goes so you can read with it. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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brownsugar-dreams · a month ago
When you want to freestyle/just meet men of means if you’re not an SB, do you always go by yourself? And just enjoy the place? I truly enjoy my own company but I still feel awkward sometimes being by myself
Yes! That’s exactly what I do. It’s truly better to go alone. The first few times you may feel awkward but it’ll disappear after settling in. It makes it even better that you enjoy your own company, you will naturally have a good time.
Tips for freestyling alone
If it’s difficult for you to go out and freestyle, try and turn it into a game. Pretend you’re someone else or that you’re just visiting from out of town. It can help with the nerves of going out alone. (Btw it’s OKAY to go out alone.) Get comfy with doing things alone and you’ll see how your situation in life begins to improve for you. Not everyone is watching your every move, I think that’s the biggest fear or hurdle of why most SBs who want to freestyle alone don’t. Simply remind yourself that it’s all in your head. People go out to dinner/drinks alone all the time. It’s what adults do and it’s not a huge deal. It can be a lot of fun when you turn it into a game of sorts
Take the emphasis (and pressure) out of freestyling. Tell yourself “I’ve been so good lately, I think I’ll enjoy a reward by taking myself out tonight” let the focus of the evening be on you rather than trying to secure a POT. It’ll help to ease your nerves so if you meet a POT that night great, if not then it doesn’t matter to you because the outing was just a treat to yourself. Men will naturally gravitate towards you effortlessly enjoying your own company.
Go during peak hours. Lunch (11-2pm) or dinner (5-7:30pm) during the week are usually the best times. But play around and go at different times/days of the week to find out the formula for your area. Turn it into an adventure by going to different eateries.
Have fun. The worst thing that can happen is you get your dinner paid for or free drinks. Or you don’t score a POT that day. But at least you can say you faced your fears and had a nice evening enjoying your own company.
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nuka-rockit · 2 years ago
turn up the volume on your favorite song to scare the serotonin out of hiding
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