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#probably more if i like sat down and thought about it this is just off the top of my head
honestdreams · 2 years ago
Princess | Peter Kavinsky
Tumblr media
I sighed resting my head back against the bus seat, I hated taking the bus but Peter and I were in a weird spot right now so of course I wasn’t going to sit in awkward silence with him just to get a ride to school.
“Why so blue L/N?”
I opened my eyes to see Jake Brakowski, turned around in the seat in front of me, with a soft smile of his lips.
Any other girl’s heart would flutter at the sight but mine belonged to Peter. I didn’t answer him, just looked at him, hoping my eyes would tell him the story my brain couldn’t.
“Let me guess it’s the boyfriend?” He folded his arm over the seat and rested his chin on them.
I simply nodded and looked out the window, wondering what Peter was doing, probably focused on Lara Jean like he always was.
She was pretty, I knew she was. She had such great style, is really nice and she was so smart. I was jealous, but of course I wasn’t going to admit that, so when Peter asked me why I was always so cold around her I couldn’t simply swallow my pride. Instead I was vague with my answers, barely looking him in the eyes because I was afraid if I did he would realise how much better off he is with her and would leave me.
He stormed out of my room, after an hour of my childish act, I didn’t blame him for slamming my door shut and leaving me to my thoughts. I felt extremely guilty, sick to my stomach even, because I love Peter and I’m so afraid that he won’t want me because of how insecure I am.
“Hey,” James pulled me away from my thoughts again. “You guys are going to be okay. I mean you guys are everyone’s couple goals.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back.
The bus stopped and everyone piled out, I waited until everyone trailed out, not wanting to get trampled, and James seemed to wait with me. We walked out together and he threw his arm over my shoulder.
“Keep your head up, or you’re not going to win best smile like in the 6th grade.” He teased, brushing his fist on my chin softly. “I mean you were lucky that year because Jessica got hit in the face with a soccer ball and lost her tooth, but you’re still a knockout, you got to know that at least.”
I laughed and blushed as he continued complementing me while we walked to class, I knew it was all to make me feel better, but it was working. For a moment I forgot about my fallout with Peter, I felt okay.
That is until, said tall brown haired boy came storming around a corner towards James and I.
“What the hell is going on here? You getting cosy with my fucking girlfriend Brakowski.” He shouted, getting angry pushing against Jake’s chest, who quickly took his arm off my shoulder, backing away.
“N-No, she just looked down and I was helping her feel better.” He tried to defend himself but Peter was in a rage and just pushed him again.
I forced myself between the boys, pressing my hands on Peter’s chest, “Stop it, he really was just helping me feel better okay?”
“No. Not okay. You’ve been acting weird all month, and finally we when stop talking to each other you cozy up to this idiot. Is this why you’re also so quiet because you were planning on leaving me for this punk? Huh?!”
“Peter I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, so calm down or we’re not talking. Just find me when you’re done being an asshole.”
I shoved myself away from his chest and stormed off, not wanting to deal with him in this state, because it made me both angry and terrified. I hated when Peter yelled, it reminded me of when my parents would fight and that always scared me to the bone.
I sat at the top of the bleachers, my legs to my chest, my face hidden in my elbow as I sniffed and brushed away my tears. I was so confused and hurt, my mind felt all muddled and my heart was lost in my head.
I got so lost in myself that I didn’t even realise that someone sat beside me.
“Princess you got to tell me how you feel. I don’t understand anything anymore.”
I sniffled and chuckled, “I don’t either.”
“All I need to know is if you love me or that…” he sighed, stopping himself from getting angry, “or Brakowski?”
“You Peter, it’s always been you.” I assured him, turning to face him.
“Then why where you being so cold?”
I took a deep breathing knowing I’d have to just be honest with Peter, “because I wasn’t sure who you loved.”
“What are you talking about?”
I sobbed suddenly and held my hand over my mouth to silence my cries, Peter quickly pulled me in close to him, and I cried on his shoulder. Not being able to stop the tears anymore, just crying my eyes out until I had none left inside me.
Finally, all that escaped my body was sniffles.
“Lara Jean.” I mumbled into his jacket.
I pulled away and looked at my hands in my lap, “I said, Lara Jean, she’s the girl who made me feel this way.”
“What did she do to you?”
“Nothing… Nothing at all, well besides captivate your attention,” I chuckled coldly.
“What? She’s just my friend Y/N.”
“It doesn’t feel like that, when you cancel our plans to be with her. When you abandon me just because she calls out to you. When you don’t answer my calls or texts, but when we’re together and she happens to text or call you, you immediately stop our conversation to talk to her. I just don’t feel like I’m your number one anymore Peter. And you know me, I’m not going to fight to be important to you. Either it’s me or it’s not.”
He sighed and looked down at my broken state, my eyebrows frowned in frustration, and my lips slightly parted as I debated on whether or not I needed to say anything else. Slowly he took my hands in his and brought them to his lips before resting them in his lap.
“You are the most important person in my life, beside my mother and my brother Y/N, and you should know this, it’s my job to make sure you do, but I’ve failed you. I let you think that some girl was more important than you, but she’s not.” His voice cracked and I felt the tears prick my eyes again. “You are my sun, my moon and my stars. You’re my princess Y/N and I’m so sorry that I made you question if I loved you at all, because truly, you have my entire heart. I don’t want anyone else but you. You have to believe me.”
“I do, but why were you giving her so much attention then?” I needed to put my mind at ease.
“Because,” he sighed. “She was helping me pick out this.”
Suddenly Peter got down on one knee, and pulled out a little black box and I gasped. “No. No way, what is happening?”
“Y/N,” he softly grabbed my left hand and kissed my knuckle again, “I love you so, so, so much, and I plan on marrying you one day but for now will you accept this promise ring, and be my princess forever? Well until we have a little girl and then you become my queen.”
I chuckled and started to cry again, “Of course I will.”
Peter quickly slid the ring onto my left ring finger, knowing I would immediately jump into his arm, and wrap my arms around his neck soon after. He continuously told me he loved me over and over again, kissing my neck, making me giggle in his arms.
I pulled away for a second and admired Peter’s face, I pushed back his curls and left a kiss on the corner of his lips, making him roll his eyes.
“If you’re going to kiss me, you better kiss me properly princess.”
Hi again, wow I’m actually on a roll. I am feeling so much love from everyone and I can’t stop writing, but I also think it’s because I haven’t been to work in a few days so the life hasn’t been sucked out of me yet. But I know this isn’t as long as my other ones but I hope you still enjoy it!
Anyways thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is liking and reblogging my stuff, like it’s crazy, never felt this much love before. Especially as my followers are growing like literally two night ago I was on 839 and now I’m 87 followers away from 1k and it’s blowing my mind, I started this blog barely over two years ago and I’ve so close to 1k I feel like crying lol
Anyways again, I’m working on another Peter K smut but I want you guys to send in more requests they’re fun and I like including you guys in my work, so don’t forget to request your little hearts out 
I love you  ♡
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jungle321jungle · a year ago
Gorgon AU
I couldnt think of a better title
Tagging: @ashensanity @angels-and-dreams
Part One
Deceit hadn’t realized he was screaming at his own reflection until Roman had barged in the bathroom katana in hand. He turned to face the other side quickly and nearly received a slash to the face in response.
“Don't cut me you dumbass!” He shouted, but Roman’s eyes were transfixed to the top of Deceit hair, and quite frankly Deceit couldn’t blame him. He turned back to look into the mirror at the snakes which were slithering around where his hair should be in disbelief.
“What the actual...” Roman trailed off, but it was enough for Deceit to be brought back fully to his senses. He shoved away the taller aside and stormed toward Remus’ room his hands curling into fists as he did. He didn’t bother to knock as he slammed the door open and glared down to wear Remus sat on his bed polishing his morning star. 
“What did you do?” Deceit hissed. 
Remus gave him a large smile as he looked him up or down, “Do you have the snakes just up there or are they down below too?”
If asked by Patton later, Deceit most definitely did not try to strangle the other side in that moment. Not all.
“So yeah, I made a connection between Deceit and Medusa. I thought it would be fun, and it is” Remus smiled at everyone else around the table.
“Well undo it then!” Deceit yelled at him.
“Deceit,” Logan cut in patiently. “You know just as well as the rest of us, we can’t just undo absolutely everything Remus does. If a connection in Thomas now exists between you and Medusa it will stay.” 
“So I just have to live with snakes for hair?”
“They’re kind of cute at least,” Patton commented reaching for one but upon it hissing at him he retracted his hand. “They might be mean, but they’re still cute.”
“I just think it's unfair that you never let me do your hair, but my brother is allowed to make you a blonde,” Roman commented into his tea. Deceit only gave him a glare in return. 
“Are they poisonous?” Virgil questioned. “Like will they attack us? Also what do they eat?”
“They look to be a harmless garden snake,” Logan assured him. “And if your line of thinking is that they will eat us, I don't think their jaws unhinge that wide.”
“So what you’re saying is that you don’t know for sure?”
“I don’t but the probability is very low. And quite frankly I am more curious about how the two vastly different metabolisms interact. Which I supposed delves into how separate they are from Dee. Are they single minded, a hive mind? Deceit can you control them at all?”
“Are you sure you can’t turn people to stone?”
Deceit forced himself not to let his temper go astray as he gave Roman a smile, “I promise you that if I gain the ability, you’ll be the firssst person I show.”
Roman gave an excited smile in return. “Thank you! That’s all I- Wait...”
As the conversation continued around him, Deceit could only give a groan.
As time passed Deceit found himself growing quite used to his new snake hair friends. Even fond of them.
They certainly had their uses. 
Ceiling. Remusssss. Squirt. Remus. Remusssss. Sssquirt gun. 
The words which pierced his mind over and over caused Deceit to sigh, but he didn’t look away from what he was cooking. “Remus, put down the squirt gun. If you dare shoot me with it...” he let the threat hang and after a moment he heard a loud bang followed by a shout.
“Screw those snakes!”
Deceit turned enough to see Remus lying on the ground a large squirt gun in hand before he smiled, “Thanks for the eyes in the back of my head. I’m a big fan.”
But even so there were times the snakes did annoy him. Because the snakes were tapped into his mind. For better or for worse.
And Dee had realized that the hard way. 
“Henrietta don’t you dare talk to me that way. You are on my head.”
Hate you. Virgil. Virgil. Leaving. Hate. Backing up.
“Virgil come here!” Deceit called glancing over her shoulder at where the other side had been attempting to back out of the room. 
He slowly shuffled forward, but stopped a few paces away. “What?”
“Henrietta got some soap in her eye when I showered, but she keeps snapping at me every time I try to touch her.” He held out a washcloth. “Just rub this lightly over her eye and it will be fine.”
Virgil cringed in response, “Do I have to?”
“Yes. She keeps bitching and it's pissing me off.”
Use new ssssoap.
“Just close your eyes when I shower!” Deceit yelled at her before he focused back on Virgil. “Well?”
Virgil slowly took the damp cloth and moved closer, “Will they...?”
“Long as you help, no.”
“Which one is Henrietta? D- do they all have names?”
“The rest of you move,” Deceit ordered and he felt as they did so. “I gave them names. It makes things easier.”
“I guess. Well... um, Henrietta?” Virgil started. “I’m going to help, don’t do anything.”
He nicer.
“I will carve you out of my head,” Deceit responded. There was a short pause before he felt as Virgil lightly began to rub the cloth on his head. 
Yes. Helpful. More than you.
“I will end you,” Deceit responded as he felt more of the snakes move around.
Virgil. Thank.
“Dee they are touching me,” Virgil stated worriedly. “What do I do?”
Deceit gave a shrug, “They’re just nuzzling you as a thank you. This was all Henrietta’s fault so you shouldn’t have needed to get involved, but they are thanking you anyway.”
Virgil gave a squeak in response, but he didn’t move away either just letting it happen.
Like. Good. Virgil. Keep Virgil. 
Deceit gave an awkward cough as he moved away, “Well thank you Virgil. You are free to get back to your life. I need to have a serious conversation with them.”
Virgil blinked in confusion, “Uh... okay?”
Part One - Part Two
Amazing art by princeanxious
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Hey, I saw your writing prompts and I thought that maybe you could write number 49 about JJ from outer banks
Thanks for the first request! Was super excited to see people wanted some stuff and to get back into writing! Really hope you enjoyed it! Also the spacing is weird on this one for some reason, not sure what happened but it’ll be fixed in the next post!
Words: 2215
Warnings: underaged drinking, drug use, teens being teens and gets a little saucy at the end
Pairing: JJ x Reader
Requested: yes- #49 “if I can’t sleep...and you can’t sleep...”
Tumblr media
“Ahoy mateys!” You called to your group of friends as you walked down your dock.
“Hey princess,” Kiara smiled back, the sunlight bouncing off her beautifully. She looked great for someone who was hungover. Kiara was your best friend, side by side for the longest time, seeing your families were both Kooks. You both found comfort and salvation in the other, and just so happened to stumble upon three boys your age.
“Thank you,” you smiled to Pope who held his hand out for you, helping you jump down into HMS Pogue. He gave a sweet smile, being the only one with you that didn’t have a hangover like the others and watched you place your bag on the seat and cooler on the ground. You smiled at Kiara as you tossed her one of the fruity alcoholic drinks to her and looked to your other two friends.
“Boys,” you called back, getting a slight wave of a hand from John B who manned the boat with his back facing towards you. You chuckled and dug in the cooler for two beers. You placed one in the cup holder next to the wheel, feeling John B’s lips crash on to the side of your head. You chuckled as the boat sailed towards the marsh and made your way to the front of the boat. There, face down on the seat laying on his stomach, was the handsome blonde you’ve liked since you’ve met him.
Knowing JJ, he was probably passed out like an old dog at this point making you laugh harder. His left hand dangled off the seat and you popped the cap off the beer bottle and placed it underneath his hand. And like a dog smelling a treat in front of it’s nose, JJ’s head rose with a goofy grin on his face. He sat up and looked at you, wind blowing his locks to the side as he debated on what to say to you.
“Did you just bring me a beer?” He yelled over the sound of the wind as the boat raced on the water. You laughed and nodded, watching him quickly slide on the floor, getting on one knee and kneeling in front of you where you sat.
“Marry me?” You laughed harder at the charming blonde as his eyes trailed down from yours, to your chest that was clothed in your favorite bathing suit top, watching him stare directly at your boobs. “Oh my god, Y/N, please marry me,” you pushed him away.
“JJ!” You yelled and watched as took a swig of the beer and smirked as he sat back in the front of the boat.
“Could’ve been a little more subtle, dude,” John B yelled over the wind, making the two of you in the front bust into fits of laughs. You looked to the back of the boat, Kiara catching your eyes as she laughed at the same thing, winking quickly as she knew the thing you had for JJ.
A few hours after that, the sun hidden behind the horizon now, and multiple bottles and joints later, the crew was simply having another summer night.
“Hey JB,” Pope called, looking at his phone and walked to the front of the boat. You and John B. were dancing at the bow of the boat to the music Kiara was playing over the speakers. “Chase said that someone started a party at your house,” John B. smiled at you and got down from the bow and walked over to Pope, looking at the text he was talking about.
“Oh shit,” John B. cursed, “yeah I told Jess she could throw a party there tonight and totally forgot,”
“Then what are we waiting for?” JJ asked and stumbled as the boat started to move in the direction of JJ’s house. Everyone was a few drinks in, even Pope had one or two. You stood, feeling the hits from JJ’s joint hit you once you stood up. As you gained your balance, you knocked into JJ, causing him to wrap his arms around you waist as the boat turned.
“Oh shit? We dancin again?” JJ took your right hand that was carrying your bottle and wrapped his hand around so the cold glass was trapped between your hands. The both of you giggled as you dramatically danced to the song on the radio.
“Hang on, I want a drink,” you tried pulling the bottle to your lips, feeling JJ’s strong retrain on your arm.
“No! We have to finish the dance!” JJ joked, causing John B. to chime in.
“Kids, knock it off before you spill that!”
“Tell him to give me my drink!” You yelled back as the boat gained speed.
“No! It’s mine now!” JJ yelled childishly.
“JJ! It’s my beer,” both arms were now pulling or pushing on the small glass bottle, so it wasn’t a surprise when the neck of the bottle slipped and twisted out of your hands. The both of you gasped dramatically and turned to the direction of the shatter.
The bottle broke in half against the window in front of the boat’s wheel, spilling the beer all over the window and ground below it.
“Really guys?!” Kiara asked and snapped her head over.
“What did JB just say?!” Pope laughed from his seat.
“JJ wouldn’t give me a drink of my beer!” You shouted in defense as the boat neared the dock, loud music coming from the yard, a group of teens around a fire cheered as you guys floated up.
“I just wanted to dance!” JJ shot back, beginning an argument to begin between the both of you.
“That’s it!” John B. yelled as Pope and Kie finished tying the boat up. “You’re both grounded! No party, weed or drinks for either of you tonight!”
“Pop!” Kiara added in jokingly, laughing as she walked away from the boat.
“And you can’t come come up until that spots cleaned up. Then straight to John B’s room!” Kiara voice was a stern voice, but the wink she shot at you made you feel like she had planned this.
“We mean it,” John B. said and got out of the boat with Kiara, leaving you and JJ alone in the boat, shocked that your three friends just grounded you.
“What the fuck just happened?” JJ asked for the both of you, looking to you for an answer, but forgot it when he saw how close the two of you were still standing.
“I don’t know,” you laughed, “but get the glass cleaned up and I’ll-“ as you turned your head, you noticed how close you were too. Your breath hitched and you stopped talking. A smirk grew on JJ’s face, liking the sudden affect he had on you.
You were both sobering up, but even 100% sober, the sun kissed boy would still have the same affect on you.
“That or we could forget the mess and go straight to the room,” you wanted to kiss the stupid smirk off his face, so you slowly inched you face towards him, watching him slowly lean in as well, you bailed last second, giggling to yourself as you swerved to the left of him and grabbed the wad of towels underneath the seat and began wiping up the beer. JJ stood in his place, shocked at what had just happened to him. JJ’s had his fair share of flirty interactions, but none of them affected him the same way you did.
“That was cold, Y/N,” he mumbled and let out a joking scoff as he bent over and picked up the shards of glass, tossing them in the small trash bag you had on the boat just as you finished wiping up the mess.
You smiled at him, nodding for him to follow you as you propped your leg on the seat to climb on the dock, feeling a familiar hand grope your ass as you got out.
“JJ, I swear to god,” to laughed and swatted his hand away as he got out of the boat and giggled, matching your pace and laying his arm around your shoulder.
“There he is!” A familiar boy ran over to the two of you, doing a quick hand shake with JJ as he kept his arm around you. “What’re you drinkin tonight?” Pope then suddenly appeared, shaking his head.
“Nothing for these two,” Pope dragged the kid away and you two continued to walk to John B.’s house, having to ignore the calls and invites to drinks from different friends in the yard.
“Can’t tonight! Daddy grounded me!” JJ yelled and pointed to John B. who cursed him for the sudden nickname.
“Hey, were serious,” Kiara stopped the two of you at the bottom of the porch steps. “No leaving that room tonight. It’s for your health too,” Kiara lied and shrugged, walking back over to her spot by the fire.
JJ laughed and let walk up the steps first, following behind you as he held the door open for you to walk through.
The little, wooden shack was covered with varies pizza boxes, clothing items and beer bottles as you passed through, making your way to the little guest room John B. had in the house.
“ least we can’t hear anyone outside at all,” you said sarcastically over the loud music now only slightly muffled from the walls and windows.
JJ laughed and made his way to one window with the blinds open. He quickly flipped John B. off from inside, earning a shrug back, and closed the blinds on the window.
“The blinds work great too,” JJ said as he pulled his black, cut off tee over his head and flopped on the bed. The light from the outdoor lighting shined through the cracks of the blinds. You chuckled and laid on the dark blue sheets next to JJ.
“I’m never gonna be able to sleep like this,” you put your arms behind you head with your eyes closed and took a deep breath. You felt the bed move next to you. JJ rolled over on his back and took a deep breath in.
“If you can’t sleep...and I can’t sleep...that obviously means we have to have sex,” you have an unexpected snort, laughing as you opened your eyes and looked at JJ. You thought he was just making a flirt remark, but the way his eyes were dark, and his body was turned towards you told you differently.
“ Pogue on Pogue macking,” you reminded him causing him to roll his eyes with a groan.
“Yeah but to be fair, I’ve been flirting with you for months and I think everyone’s noticed i have a thing for you,” JJ blurted out, suddenly nervous on how you’d respond. You felt your cheeks get hot and kept yourself from looking at him, knowing the moment you’d see him, it’d be game over and you’d be on top of him.
So that’s exactly what you did.
You turned your head on the pillow and scanned his tan fit body. To be fair, Kiara already knew how badly you had it for JJ. Plus Pope and John B. couldn’t stay mad at you guys forever. And Kiara had already hinted at you two getting together so many times before.
“Okay,” you whispered, smile creeping on your face making JJ sit up and look at you.
“Wait really?!” JJ was shocked that out of all the flirty remarks he made to you, blankly asking for sex is what got you. But it wasn’t just that. It was the way he kept his arm around you the whole way up to the house, it getting tighter when different guys would come over and offer you a drink. It was also the way he made you feel whenever you two talked. The same butterflies in your stomach you only ever thought you’d hear about, until JJ.
“Really,” you sat up as well, only to move over and straddle JJ’s lap, watching as he swallowed hard and took a sharp breath. You got tired of the eye contact and closed the space between the two of you. His lips moved against yours in sync, feeling his hands move over your hips, now kissing with the rhythm of your hips grinding on his. You pulled back slightly, tugged at the bottom of your shirt and tossing it to the side, JJ’s eyes trailing down to your chest and back to your eyes.
“Fuck me,” he breathed out making you giggle slightly.
“I am,” you breathed out, pushing on his bare chest on to the dark blue bed.
OH KAY HEY THAT GOT SAUCIER THAN I EXPECTED hope you liked it, request are open if anyone wants anymore! :)
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What Love Is
Tumblr media
Request: What a beautiful evening to be in love with Spock so if you have time could you please write a fluffy fox with Spock and reader teaching each other forms of physical affection from their cultures? Thank you ilysm
A/N: ilysm more
A yawn so heavy it caused you to squeeze your eyes impossibly tight and tighten your arms at your side started from across the table. It didn’t stop until Spock had finished the paragraph he was reading. Your mouth had barely shut before it was opening again to let out another one.
“Perhaps it is time for you to be going to bed,” he suggested.
“Not-” you had to pause to yawn again. “Maybe you're right.”
He hummed out a response.
“Only you could make a hum sound sarcastic,” you chuckled, getting to your feet. You reached for your mug, but stopped when he said he’d take care of it.
When you had first started spending time in his quarters, the thought of you leaving behind your dishes probably would have killed him and his suggestion that you go to bed would have seemed like a weakly veiled attempt to get you to leave. Now, you felt like you belonged there. Belonged with him.
Sliding your PADD off the table with one hand as you walked around it, you carded the fingers of your other hand through his hair. You brushed his bangs out of his face and bent down to kiss his forehead, reminding him gently that he needed sleep too.
It wasn’t an action you thought much about. It was something you did with everyone you did with everyone you cared about. But when his entire body went still, you did think about it. You had never done that with him. The two of you barely touched at all.
“Was that… okay?” you asked hesitantly, still frozen with your hand in his hair and your lips inches from his face.
“Yes,” he answered.
You straightened up and started to explain yourself, “It’s just something that I do when-”
“It’s fine,” he said quickly.
“Is it really fine or are you just saying it’s fine because you don’t want to tell me it’s not fine?” Your sentence came out in a rush as you stared at him nervously.
He tilted his head up at you. “I enjoyed it.”
“Well, good.” The corner of your mouth twitched up. “It’s my way of reminding people to take care of themselves because I like having them around and I plan on telling you that a lot.”
You had never truly gotten the chance to examine Spock’s quarters. He never left you alone long enough to. But when he left to have a heated conversation with the Captain out in the hall, you pounced on the opportunity.
The general assumption of the crew seemed to be that Spock’s living space was neat, clean, and anything but extravagant. And while you have never seen his bed unmade or a uniform left on the floor, the decor was a little over the top for your taste. Artifacts that ranged from the unsettling but harmless to the sharp and deadly lined the walls and shelves, accompanied by chess boards and a Vulcan harp. You had trouble imagining how it all stayed put during any kind of turbulence.
“I apologize for the interruption,” Spock said, returning to the room.
“Is that a book?” You tore your eyes from the shelf to look at him.
“A gift from my mother.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual book before.” Slowly and carefully, you pulled the book from where it was nestled, worried that it might crumble under your touch, and stared down at the cover. “Read it to me?”
You looked up at him to see him holding out a hand. Placing the book gently in his waiting grasp, you followed him to the couch. He sat that the far end and cracked open the cover. You laid down with your head in his lap.
Lowering his eyes from the pages to your face, he raised an eyebrow.
“I want to be close to you while you read,” you said simply.
“A human custom?”
He nodded like that was good enough for him and turned past the title page.
“Alice was getting so very bored sitting with her sister on the river bank. She had nothing to do. She was just wondering if making a daisy chain was worth the trouble of getting up to pick the daisies when she saw a rabbit in a waistcoat,” Spock started.
You sat cross legged on the couch, facing Spock. You held your PADD tightly in both hands as you read what was apparently a classic, butchering the Vulcan language. Everytime Spock interrupted you to correct your pronunciation and then to tell you that you were doing fine you wondered how strict the Vulcan no lying policy really was.
Your eyes narrowed at the text.
“Do you need assistance with a word?” Spock asked.
“Finger-touching?” you repeated the last phrase you had read in English and looked up at him.
“It is a ritualistic form of affection,” he told you.
“Ah.” You nodded, looking back at your screen briefly, before looking back up at him and repeating the phrase again with more skepticism.
“It is used at wedding ceremonies.” When this didn’t seem to satisfy you, he said, “Hold out your hand like this.” He extended his index and middle finger to you.
Releasing your PADD with one hand, you mirrored him. Spock softly brushed the tips of his fingers against yours.
“Oh,” you breathed.
“Spock!” you yelled, weaving your way through crew members being wheeled of to medical.
You found him still standing on the teleporter pad. Reaching up, you placed a hand on either side of his face. He didn’t say anything.
“What on Earth were you thinking risking your life like that? Have you lost your Vulcan mind? Where was the logic in that?” You didn’t have the strength to yell at him, but you certainly wanted to.
“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one,” he told you.
Hearing his voice solidified for you that he really was okay and it was enough to bring tears to your eyes. A shaky breath left you. You stepped forward, resting your head on his chest and your hands on his back.
“If you ever put the needs of the many over your life again, I will never forgive you,” you muttered into his dirty uniform.
“You actions seem to be affectionate but your words are conveying anger,” he said. “You are being very contradictory and confusing.”
“That’s what love is, Spock.”
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weasleyimaginewheezes · 3 years ago
Weasley twins x reader / All’s fair in joking and love
A/N Second birthday fic for Fred and George. This is my first one with both of them and reader so if it’s bad I apologise. This one wasn’t requested but I rolled with it anyway. Natural mix of angst and fluff. Also if anyone wants to request a (smutty) part 2 of this I’d happily write it.  I realise their birthday probably wouldn't happen at the burrow for the sakes of this story it does anyway enjoy <3 A/N
Word count: 2,189
Warnings: None except for some class A pranks ;).
“Happy birthday!” 
All the Weasley’s (except Charlie and Percy) along with Harry, Hermione and me had been waiting for the two birthday boys to wake up and make their way downstairs. Fred and George feigned surprise as though they didn’t get this almost every year and made everyone laugh with their dramatics. 
“Oh my god you guys!” Fred fanned his face as though he was about to cry much similar to a teenager or a pageant queen. Meanwhile George made an ‘ugly crying face’ prompting more laughter. 
“Come on boys I made you some birthday breakfast.” Molly ushered them down from the stairs with a large smile and began serving them pancakes as they sat down, the rest of us following. “And you can have any toppings you like.” Molly gave a small wink and then instantly regretted her choice of words as Fred and George both reached to pile everything and anything they could onto their pancakes. By the end you could no longer see the pancake itself under the weight of copious amounts of chocolate and sweets all mixed with different sauces of all flavours, it was enough to make anyone nauseous but not the twins. They dug in as the rest of us kept it simple with some chocolate and/or fruit. 
The conversation was light and fun as we all enjoyed breakfast that was until a loud scream erupted from the end of the table and everyone turned to see Ron screaming at his plate. He got up and ran away almost as if he had seen a- and then I saw it, a massive black spider covering Ron’s plate where his pancakes had once been. Fred and George burst into laughter and high fived each other. 
Molly told them to turn it back after a disapproving speech about April fools day jokes. They looked as though they hadn’t taken a single word in as they stifled more laughter. I heard George whisper to his brother, “we’re only just getting started.” I suddenly dreaded what the rest of the day was bound to bring but was excited to see nonetheless. 
They did not disappoint. 
Each member of the family had been got. Ginny’s hair had been transformed into a big ball of fluff atop her head as well as it changing colours every 5 minutes. 
Harry had been having uncontrollable sneezing fits one after the other, Molly thought he was ill and insisted he rest up. It wasn’t until Harry reached up and grabbed something in thin air just under his nose, it was a feather that become visible at this touch. Harry laughed it off with Fred and George, thankful that it wasn’t ongoing unlike Ginny’s hair. 
Bill had woke up to find his hair cut short. He had ranted to his mother who he suspected had done it whilst he was sleeping before it grew back to twice its original length an hour later, his hair was nearly hitting the floor. He found the twins and they confessed after Bill intimidated them in a way only an older brother could. 
Hermione had been more difficult to prank. They had thought about fake burning her books but that was a push to far even for them so they decided to use one of their own creations. They used a sweet she wasn’t aware of as yet, the nosebleed nougat and bribed Ginny into giving her one because no way would she eat anything they gave her. She accepted with only a tiny bit of suspicion but Ginny convinced her they were some old fashioned muggle sweets from the muggle store and since Hermione’s parents were dentists and did not approve of much sugar, she decided to trust Ginny and gave into temptation. Molly was not impressed when she had to fix Hermione’s heavily bleeding nose 5 minutes later. 
The only person left was me. They didn’t dare prank Molly or Arthur, that would just end in more trouble than its worth. I waited and waited, trying to anticipate for the worst. It wasn’t until 4pm that something happened but it wasn’t a prank, it was Fred pulling me into his room as I walked past on my out of the bathroom. I looked heavily confused at him as he smirked his devilish smirk at me. 
“What?” I asked, my voice was shaky for some reason. I was on edge, that must have been it, expecting the worst to happen. Perhaps George would jump out disguised as a terrifying clown with a chainsaw of some sorts.
“I need to tell you something.” Fred looked like he was about to burst with excitement or maybe it was nerves? But why would Fred be nervous, he was only ever nervous when he was being severely told off by his mother or if he was talking to an attractive girl whom he liked. I nodded encouragingly for him to continue. He took a large inhale of breath. “I think I’m in love with you (y/n).” 
My throat dropped to my stomach and your heart felt as though it had abandoned me out of shock but then I felt it pound hard against my rib cage. My face was a picture; eyes widened to the size of a quaffle, face fully red.
And then it struck me painfully like a bolt of lightning. He wasn’t serious. This was it, this was the joke. And it was a cruel way to end the day. I looked closely at Fred who kept up his nervous façade. Irritation clocked on my face and Fred’s eyebrows knitted together. 
“Very funny.” I applauded. “You got me but I’m gonna go and have dinner now because I’m pretty sure your Mum is calling.” I knew Molly wasn’t even half done with dinner but I had to leave that room and fast. Fred wasn’t to know of my past feelings for him but still it didn’t make it less painful to know the thought of us together was just a joke to him. 
The downstairs area of the burrow was mainly empty. I heard cheers from outside and assumed that they were playing Quidditch outside. Molly was preparing dinner along with what looked like a large chocolate cake and one lone person was sat on the sofa reading. I looked over and saw it was George, my curiosity peaked and I made my way over as Ginny flew quickly past the window.
“Hey Georgie.” George peered over what I realised was an old copy of one of Lockhart’s books. “You can’t be seriously reading that.” George looked confused and turned the book to look at the cover, once he realised he threw the book onto the table in front of him, a look of disgust on his face. I laughed as he smiled at me. 
“So why were you reading that?” I asked through my little fits of giggles. George sighed and sank down into the sofa. 
“I wasn’t. I just needed to hide from Ginny. Her hair still hasn’t gone back to normal and she’s gotten pretty good with the bat bogey hex. She’s always looking for a new test subject.” He heard the door open and checked to make sure it wasn’t his sister. 
I laughed again. “But she can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts anyway.” 
“I wouldn’t put it past her, she can be fierce when she wants to be.” George sounded almost intimidated. I laughed a little more before George turned suddenly serious and faced me. “(Y/n) what would you say to a person you liked but was also one of your best friends?” I furrowed my brow at the question but answered it anyway. 
“Well, I’d just put it simply. Tell them how I feel and then see their reaction. Honesty is the best policy.” I internally cringed at myself for using my mothers phrasing but felt comfortable with my answer. George twisted his lips thoughtfully and nodded. 
“Okay then,” George sat up straight and just as I had he urge to ask who it was he said, “(y/n) I like you and I mean in a more-than-friends way.” He took a large deep breath at the end and I was taken aback. Seriously both of them? George looked hurt as I laughed. This couldn’t be happening. I was already conflicted in my feelings for both of the twins I didn’t need their jokes to make things worse. 
“Really? You know it’s bad luck after 12pm to pull an April fools joke?” George looked confused. “Plus Fred’s already tried that one. You need to get your ideas straight.” I huffed and walked off to the kitchen, asking if Molly needed any help and to my relief she did. 
George stormed upstairs to his and Fred’s room. “What the hell, Fred?!” 
Fred turned from where he was sat on his bed to look at his brother. George looked livid. His face was red and his nostrils flared. “What?” 
“Don’t play innocent. I know you asked (y/n) out.” Fred shrugged, still throughly confused at what was happening. “You know I like her!” George looked hurt and angry and Fred began to feel bad.
“George, I didn’t-“ Fred started, sure he’d never heard George talk about (y/n) in any sort of romantic way. George gave him a glare which prompted Fred to stop talking. George laid flat on his bed and gave a groan of annoyance.
“You know this is so typical of you.” George’s irritation was clear in his tone. 
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you practically fall in love with every girl you meet and the one time I find the girl I want-“ George cut himself off out of anger. 
“What if I actually like her too?” Fred asked his voice raised to almost a full yell, loud enough for the people in the kitchen to hear. George scoffed at his brother before he saw Fred look guilty yet sure and defiant at the same time and George didn’t question it. Neither twin knew whether to be angry or not. 
“You do? Like seriously?” George’s voice was sceptical, it was the biggest prank holiday after all. Fred nodded slightly angrily at his brother. George just sighed and put his head in his hands. “Okay so now what?” 
“Last time we both wanted something we did rock, paper scissors?” Fred suggested seriously, George just laughed.
“Fred that was for the last piece of bacon.” George sighed rubbing his palm over his face. “It’s not the same. (Y/n) isn’t bacon.” Fred laughed a little and they both went back to thinking how best to resolve their situation. “We could both just back off.” George suggested. Fred’s face fell a little but it was the best solution besides having me choose which wasn’t fair. The twins shook hands and made their way back downstairs to tell me.
I was in the kitchen manually chopping up some carrots when the twins both arrived looking solely at me. They dragged me away into the living area.
“Look (y/n) we wanted to apologise for earlier,” Fred started.
“Yeah it wasn’t cool. But you should know we weren’t joking as we seriously do like you.” George continued and I widened my eyes in shock.
“But too avoid any heartbreak or awkwardness we’ve decided to let you go,” Fred once more chimed in with a sad smile.
“Like a bird from a cage.” George finished their sentence and they both smiled at me but I didn’t know how to react. Maybe it was for the best to move on but I had been trying that for the past 3 years and it hadn’t worked out greatly in my favour. 
“What if I don’t want that?” I said quietly but loud enough for them both to hear. George and Fred who were just about to leave, wore matching expressions of shock making me giggle. 
“What?!” They both said in a unison of shock and confusion. I laughed a bit more loudly. 
“Well what if I dated both of you?” The twins became even more surprised before becoming more interested in my proposal.
“Go on.” Fred encouraged.
“Well the thing is, I like the both of you too, have for a while actually and although I could never choose, I haven’t been able to think about anyone else in that way since I was 13.” Fred and George blinked their eyes as though waking up from a dream, I smiled sweetly at them whilst my brain imploded with worry.
The twins looked at each other and had a silent conversation between themselves. The silence made me more and more nervous. Fred was the first to turn back to me. He shrugged his shoulders and then smiled widely as did George. “It’s worth a shot.”
I went up and kissed them both sweetly on the lips. And just as I went to leave, I looked back over my shoulder at the still shocked twins. “Oh and happy birthday.” I winked and saw them smile once more before going to the kitchen as Molly called everyone for dinner.
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cvtqr · 4 months ago
thought you were my good girl?
pairings; erwin smith x f!reader (ft. levi ackerman)
warnings; age gap, masturbation, breeding kink, dom/sub dynamics, thigh riding, slight bondage, degradation, man-handling
Tumblr media
f/n l/n, erwin smith’s spoiled little princess. a good girl, always doing anything to make him happy. in his eyes, you were an angel. he loved you, more than he'd like to admit. anything you wanted... you got. no matter what the cost was, you got it without even having to ask twice.
you both lived in a huge, beautiful penthouse. just the two of you. you met him almost two years ago on a sugar daddy website. he was on there, not expecting to actually find someone like you. you on the other hand, were looking for some old guy, just to mess with for sometime, since you needed the money. but the moment you saw someone like erwin, still in his 30s, you were hooked instantly.
“y/n should probably be sleeping by now, you may stay for a few drinks if you'd like.” the taller man opened the front door of the penthouse, holding it open for one of his colleagues.
the penthouse was dark when he opened the door, meaning you were in your shared bedroom, probably asleep. he left you alone all night, as he went on a business dinner. he was home earlier than expected, but told you not to wait up for him anyway. 
“i suppose i could.” the raven haired man took his dress shoes off by the front door, along with erwins. “haven't been here in awhile, where's the bathroom again?”
erwin dropped his keys down on the kitchen island, before walking toward the hallway, motioning his head over. levi caught up to erwin, walking behind him. the guest bathroom was just two doors down from the master bedroom.. but he stopped in his tracks, right in front of the door. opened just a crack, the dim moonlight peaked out into the hallway. but that wasn't why he stopped.
“what's wrong-” before levi said anything more, he heard it too. the sound of sweet, soft moans coming from the bedroom. erwin gently placed his hand on the door knob, opening it enough just to get a view of what was happening.
the king sized bed was still nicely made, big plush comforter still tucked into the head board. and you, practically drowning in the big pile of pillows. you were wearing part of a new pajama set that just came in the mail earlier. the slightly oversized, silky tank top hung onto your shoulders. you were wearing the matching pair of panties, but they were shoved to the side as your two dainty fingers were shoved into your pretty cunt. legs open, yourself on display for anyone who opened that door. 
you didn't even notice him opening the door, walking over to the bed. no, you were too busy chasing your orgasm as your head was thrown back against the pillows, eyes squeezed shut.
what you did suddenly feel though, was the mattress sinking in. jumping up quickly, you pulled your fingers right out of your cunt. 
“c’mere, now.” he patted his thigh, indicating for you to come over. crawling to the edge of your bed, you hesitantly sat yourself on erwin’s thigh. trying to distract him from what he just saw, you pulled him into a hug. “i missed you!”
“y/n.” he pulled your arms off of him by your wrists, placing them on either side of you. “what did i say about touching yourself without permission?” 
giving him a small pout, you looked up at the ceiling. “that i’m not allowed to.”
“and what does it make you?”
“makes me a slut.” you mumbled out the words, barely loud enough for him to hear. “but it was just this once! i swear i won't ever do it again!” since your wrists were still restrained on either side of you, you just snuggled your head into his warm chest.
“that's what you said last time... thought you were my good girl?” you subtly started small movements in your hips, grinding yourself down into erwin’s thigh. “what?i am... am your good girl.”
“really, so when did i tell you that you could fuck yourself into my thigh while i’m trying to talk to you?” not even realizing you've been grinding down obviously faster.. and harder. “wanna cum that badly?” 
“yes!” erwin let his guard down for just a moment when you wiggled your hands out of his grip, latching onto his shoulders. you bounced and dragged yourself up and down on his thigh. letting out an annoyed sigh, he placed his large hands on your hips, moving you faster. what you didn't know... he was making eye contact with levi, who was standing in the door frame, leaning casually. 
“gonna cum-”
“no.” and just like that, your orgasm was ripped away from you. his strong hands brought your hips to a complete stop. 
“quite a performance... and you're always bragging about how good she is for you.”
getting completely startled, you whipped your head around to be face to face with the infamous mr.ackerman, with an obvious growing tent in his pants. for some reason, knowing that levi was watching you made your cunt clench around nothing. “mr.ackerman-!”
“levi.” you were interrupted by erwins deep voice, in a sturdy tone. “no worries, i’ll see myself out.” 
and just like that, the raven haired man closed your bedroom door. going home to fuck his fist in a cold shower.
right when the door shut, you were flipped around, right onto your stomach. the growing bulge in erwin’s pants was started to get more and more uncomfortable being trapped in the material. he undid the tie around his dress shirt, taking it into his hands.
pulling your wrists behind your back, he tightly tied them together, keeping them in place. your panties were ripped off, torn it two. it was okay though, erwin would just replace them tomorrow morning. you heard the buckle of his belt undo, and the zipper falling from his pants. “i bet you were getting more aroused at the fact another man was watching you act so slutty.”
“no! i wasn-” you were quickly cut off with erwin’s hand pushing your head down into the mattress. “bad girls don't get permission to talk.” 
he used his free hand to pull your hips up, displaying your ass in the air for him. once you had yourself held up by your knees, he took his hand and guided his cock up and down your slick folds, lathering himself in your juices. lining himself up with you, he finally pushed the head of his cock in. you would never get used to the size of him. he was too thick and long, way more than you could ever handle. you couldn't help but moan out, feeling so full from so little. 
feeling him push in more, you felt the burn. he was moving quicker than usual, not giving you a chance to tell him to slow down. inch by inch he pushed in until  he was balls deep inside you. he didn't have absolutely no mercy though, you were still his little princess after all. he gave you a few seconds to adjust before pulling himself out, and jamming right back in. 
his thrusts hurt at first, but quickly changed to pleasure as you felt yourself clamp down onto him. you couldn't help but scream into the pillows beneath you. his thrusts were speeding up, as he rammed in and out of your tight cunt.
“fuck.”  he hissed, while tightening his grip on your hip. removing the hand from your head, he slipped it underneath your neck, wrapping it around your throat. he then used the grip to pull you up to his chest, not slowing his thrusts even by a second. 
at this point, your mouth just hung open with no words coming out. after a few more thrusts, he pushed you back forward onto the bed, leaning into you as he pounded in your pussy. undoing the tie, your hands were now free.
that didn't last for long though. in one swift motion, he flipped you onto your back, not letting his cock pry out of you. he continued fucking himself into your poor cunt, while pinning your arms down to the bed. 
not long after, he pushed your legs up all the way to your chest. he was ruthlessly destroying you.
with the new position, he was hitting deeper and in new spots.
“want me to fill you up, brat?”
“yes! pl...- please want you to fill me up so, so... bad!” you felt your hole spasm around erwin’s cock, not even giving you a second to think as you creamed all over it. it wasn't your fault! you couldn't even control it coming out! 
a small ‘tch’ fell from his lips as his final trust allowed him to cum straight into your pussy. after fucking through both of your high’s he pulled out, cum pouring all over the expensive bed spread. 
for some reason you enjoyed that more than you should have. 
maybe you should rile him up more.
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tinyarmedtrex · a year ago
“If we get caught I’m blaming you” w reddie 👀
Read here on AO3 
“If we get caught I’m blaming you,” Eddie told Richie as he leaned over, trying to peer down the dark hall.  
“You’re the one who said you wanted out of your hospital room.” Richie replied, his hands tightening on the handles of Eddie’s wheelchair as they turned the corner. “I am but a humble servant.”
Eddie craned his head to scowl at Richie. He finally had the patch off his cheek, now it was just a band aid, covering a scar that Eddie would probably have for the rest of his life. A reminder that he'd fought his childhood bully and won. A reminder of how brave he was.
“If you were my servant my life would have a lot less short jokes in it.” Eddie retorted.
“Whatever Eds, you love them.” Richie said as he darted across the hall, pushing Eddie into the elevator and pushing the button for the top floor.  
He didn’t notice Eddie’s lack of response until the door closed. “What’s wrong Eds? Did that claw take out more than just some skin and blood?”
“No, no.” Eddie glanced up at him again, clearly not saying something. Richie stared back, even though he knew Eddie hated it. He thought it was pity in Richie's eyes but it wasn't, it never had been. It was concern mixed with fear. Eddie had been in the hospital for nearly two weeks.   Two weeks of hospital food and medication. Two weeks of the losers visiting and Richie trying not to ask Eddie what the hell they were doing. Because as much as Richie loved sneaking in after hours, talking to Eddie until his medication overtook him and he drifted to sleep, staying for another hour just to convince himself that yes, Eddie was alive and breathing-
He loved all that. Loved learning more about who Eddie was now and what he’d missed. Even if there was a jolt in his heart every time Eddie mentioned Myra (which he did rarely, he seemed to want to pretend she didn’t exist as much as Richie did) Richie was enjoying this time, soaking up as much Eddie as he possibly could and refusing to think about what would happen once he was released. He couldn't handle not having Eddie in his life again, not after all this.
The elevator dinged and Richie pushed him out. “Where exactly are we going?” Eddie asked, looking around. “Because I can see a hallway on my own floor, thanks.”
“For once in your life Eds, trust me.” Richie wheeled him to a door and opened it. “You’ll need to walk up a flight of stairs, can you do that?”
“Sure.” Eddie stood, looking only a little wobbly. “Doctor says I’m as strong as a horse.”
“I only care if you’re hung like one.” The words slipped out and Richie glanced over, sure that Eddie was going to beep him.
He didn’t though. He didn’t even look at Richie. Instead he was walking to the stairs, clinging to the railing and pulling himself up. Richie moved next to him, ready to help if Eddie needed. He didn't. Eddie was so much stronger than he had been. When they'd first brought him to the hospital Richie wasn't sure he was going to make it, he'd been so pale and weak, curled in Richie's arms and barely breathing. He'd been taken to the ER and all of them banished to the waiting room, told that they'd be updated once the doctors knew something.
They'd waited for six hours. Everyone else slept, exhausted from the battle but Richie couldn't. He had just stared at the door, waiting for someone to walk through it.
Those six hours had been worse than the battle with Pennywise.
Finally they made it to the top of the stairs and Richie pushed the door open, letting Eddie outside first and putting the door jam in so they didn’t get locked out.
“Oh, fresh air.” Eddie said as he walked out onto the roof. “I didn’t know how much I missed it.”
“Here.” Richie pulled off the backpack he was carrying and spread out a blanket. “I thought we could sit and look at Derry or stargaze if you'd rather not look at our shit hole town.”
Eddie chuckled and sat, laying down to look up. “We used to do this all the time when we were kids.” He said as Richie moved to join him. “Remember?”
“How could I forget? You always told me that I got the names of the constellations wrong.”
Eddie turned his head to look at Richie. “There’s no constellation named ‘Ode to Mrs. K’ and we both know it.”
“She's so big though Eds, they had to make a star system to support her.” Richie joked. Eddie’s hand flew out and hit his shoulder and Richie caught it, silently threading their fingers together as both stared at the night sky. Richie did remember doing this as kids, all the times their hands and brushed and he'd wanted to grab Eddie's, to do exactly this and finally confess how he felt. He never did though, he was never brave enough.
“How long are you staying Richie?” Eddie asked after a few minutes of silence. “The others, they all had to leave weeks ago. Don’t you have a job to get back to? A - girlfriend?”
“Sick of me already Eds?” He joked but it fell flat. Eddie didn’t respond, waiting for a real answer. “I took a break from my job and there’s no girlfriend- no anyone- waiting for me.”
Eddie squeezed his hand and Richie squeezed back, taking comfort in Eddie’s warm skin.
“I’m supposed to be released next week.” Eddie continued. “I’ll need a lot of help though. They’ve got me on a dozen medications.”
“I’m sure your wife will be thrilled to dole those out.” Richie replied, hoping he didn’t sound too bitter.
Eddie shook his head. “I’m not going back to her. I don’t- I don’t love her.”
He may have imagined it but the tone in Eddie’s voice suggested that while he may not love his wife there was someone else he loved.
“What are you gonna do then? Join Mikey in Florida? Play third wheel with Ben and Bev?"
From the corner of his eye he could see Eddie chewing on his bottom lip. Richie turned his head so he was looking at Eddie, waiting for his reply. “No, too many old people and those two need some alone time. I was thinking maybe- Chicago?”
Richie swore that his heart stopped. “With me?”
“You don’t own Chicago Richie.” Eddie snapped but he turned to look at him, both of them staring at the other. “But what if i was there? Would that be okay?”
Richie nodded, trying to think through the ramifications of what Eddie was saying. “More than okay. You should stay with me- until you find a place. I can help you with your meds and shit. I'll even get a sexy nurse's outfit for you." “Richie, that’s too much I can’t ask you to do that.”
Richie's free hand came up, lightly resting on Eddie’s cheek. “It’s really not. I have a guest room even.”
He noticed how Eddie’s eyes fell at this. Deciding to be far braver than he felt he added, “Or I have a king. If you need some Tozier cuddles.”
Eddie’s eyes snapped to his and for a second Richie thought he fucked up but then Eddie was surging in, connecting their lips in a kiss that was all too brief but also perfect.
“Richie I-” Eddie started to pull back but Richie followed him, kissing Eddie again. He rolled so he was nearly on top of the other man, unable to resist pressing their lips together again and again. He’d been waiting nearly three decades to do this. He wasn’t going to stop now. They kissed and talked until the sun peaked over the horizon, forcing them both to remember that Eddie wasn't supposed to be here. His  nurses would be by his room soon and they’d have a cow if he wasn’t there.
Richie pulled back, staring down at Eddie, both of them smiling.  “I want you to move in with me. If I wasn’t clear.” Richie told him, hand again on Eddie’s cheek, stroking his jawline.
“I want to move in with you, if I wasn’t clear.” Eddie replied, his eyes bright and dancing.
Richie pressed one more kiss to his lips before helping him up. He was amazed how much brighter everything seemed that morning.
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“I’m Not Interested.” Oscar x Plus Size Reader OnMyBlock
Tumblr media
Based on: “Can you do an Oscar imagine where the reader likes him, but he pushes her away because he doesn’t want to have to protect her as well as Cesar”
Based on: “Can you guys do a one shot for Spooky from on my block please? Preferably with a plus-size reader (but if you don’t wanna, you ain’t gotta) Thank you, my men.”
Author: Alana
“I’m not saying that I think he’s the smartest crush to have, (y/n), but if you really like him, then nothing should be holding you back from telling him.” Olivia encouraged, sitting next to you on the couch. “What are you so scared of, that you don’t want to tell Oscar that you like him?” She questioned, facing you and eating a few chips.
You sat quietly for a moment, thinking of why you hadn’t just told Oscar that you liked him already. After all, you and Oscar had been friends for years now, seeing as you used to babysit Cesar Diaz.
You sighed quietly and played with the frayed fabric of your jeans, “It’s just.. I’m not your average 19 year old, Olivia.. I don’t have an amazing ‘America’s Next Top Model’ body or anything that would grab his attention. Some guys have even said that I’m ‘too curvy’ for it to be attractive. Like what does that even mean??” You groaned, leaning your head back against the pillow.
Olivia rolled her eyes, “Some guys say the most stupid things... But you’re forgetting about something that’s even more important than your body, (y/n).”
You looked at her confused, “What do you mean? All guys care about are women’s bodies.” You stated, glancing down at your body.
“That’s not true for all guys though, mamita. You have an unbelievably amazing personality, that’s enough to capture anyone’s attention. You have all of these great qualities that only a guy who truly got to know you, would know you have. So maybe Oscar is that guy?” She offered, smiling more at you.
You thought about it for a minute before breaking out into a an excited fit of giggles, “Okay... it’s official, I’m gonna tell Oscar that I like him.” You said, feeling a sudden burst of confidence about your decision.
You grabbed your phone and texted Oscar, “Heyy, if you aren’t busy tonight, wanna hang out at the park??” You sent off the text and set your phone down.
I hope that didn’t sound eager... you thought to yourself, standing up.
“Thank you for letting me come over and vent, Olivia.” You smiled, giving her a big hug when she stood up too. “I’ll catch up with you later.” You promised, walking out of the house.
You felt a light buzzing in your pocket as you began walking home, signaling that you had received a text. Please be Oscar, you hoped, swiftly pulling your phone out of your pocket.
“Sure. Everything good, Ma?” Oscar had texted back, not too long after your message sent.
You blushed and felt your heart flutter at Oscar calling you “Ma”. Sure, it was something he had always called you regularly, but it began to mean more to you when you realized you had a crush on Oscar.
“Yes, just wanted to hang out and talk. Nothing sinister haha!” You sent back. You were excited that you finally had some alone time with Oscar. It had been a long time since the two of you hung out, especially with the gang having problems every five minutes.
I should probably wear something cute, this could possibly be the best moment of my life.. you smiled to yourself, opening your front door.
You walked to your bedroom, “You need a shower, (y/n).” You mumbled to yourself, passing your mirror.
You gathered everything you needed to shower and began doing your thing. Which included several mini concerts, two dramatic acting monologues, and imagining what it would be like to be Oscar’s girlfriend.
You stepped out of the shower, refreshed. You hummed quietly to the music as you began prepping for meeting Oscar.
Grabbing your shoes, you heard obnoxiously loud music playing outside.
You tilted your head and opened up your front door, wondering who would be obnoxious enough to have their music blasting like that.
“Ma, let’s go!” Oscar shouted as he turned the music down some.
Your eyes widened in surprise and you quickly grabbed your purse and locked the door. Heading to Oscar’s car you smiled, “Hey, I didn’t think you were going to pick me up, Oscar!” You giggled softly, “I assumed I was just going to meet you there.” You finished, opening the passenger door and sitting in the seat.
Oscar let out a deep chuckle and slowly pulled off from the curb, “Hey, why wouldn’t I pick you up? I’m a gentleman.” He smirked, looking over at you.
You raised an eyebrow and laughed, “Is that so, Spooky?” You questioned, playfully.
“Eh, I can be for the right woman!” He sent a smirk your way and then sent a charming smile, driving with his left hand on the wheel and the other resting behind your headrest.
You looked at Oscar shocked, Is he flirting with me? That definitely seemed like flirting.. maybe tonight won’t go bad! You comforted yourself, growing more excited by the minute.
Oscar pulled up to the park and turned off his car, “Okay, let’s go catch up.” He said, getting out of the car and walking around to open the door for you.
You blushed and took his hand as you stepped out of the car, thanking him for offering his hand.
You both began making your way to a picnic bench. “So what’s been up with you, (y/n)? I haven’t seen you around in a while.” Oscar smiled softly, sitting on a picnic table. “Kinda felt like you were avoiding me, Yeah?”
Your eyes widened a bit, “No, I wasn’t!” You assured him, but it was only partly true. You secretly hoped if you spent time away from him, the crush would go away. “I’ve just been busy with college and working and all that other boring stuff..” you told him.
Your uneasiness earned you a raised eyebrow from Oscar, “Right... qué pasa, Ma? What’s going on with you?” Oscar usually kept his facial expressions neutral, but he seemed to show a bit of concern for if you were okay.
“Okay, I did ask you here for a reason..” you admitted, beginning to feel your nerves creep up. You sat next to Oscar on the picnic table, taking a moment to gather what you wanted to say.
Oscar turned to face you and waited for you to begin.
“I know this is completely out of nowhere, Oscar, but I really like you.. I thought maybe if I kept myself busy and kept my distance from you for a bit, the crush might go away. Instead, it made it stronger and I have to tell you because I don’t know what else to do.. I like you so much, Oscar..” You paused briefly, taking in Oscar’s facial expression, not changing from his previous concerned face. Oscar didn’t stop you, so you took this as a sign to continue. “I don’t know why I started falling for you when you got out, but-“
“I’m not interested, (y/n).” Oscar glanced behind you, then focused his attention back on you.
You froze, feeling your heart shatter into tiny pieces.
Oscar’s POV
“I’m not interested, (y/n).” I stated blandly, glancing at the Prophets that were watching (y/n) and I from another picnic table.
I watched as the sparkle in her eyes died out. It took everything in me not to pull her in my arms and tell her that I didn’t mean any of it, but I couldn’t let the Prophets use her as a way to get to me. I can’t protect her and Cesar..
(Y/n) quietly stood up, grabbed her purse and began to walk off. “(Y/n)... please let me give you a ride home at least.” I offered quietly, staring at her back.
I could hear the quivering in her voice, “No, it’s alright.” She responded softly, “I’ll get home just fine.” She finished, walking off again.
I looked over at the Prophets and glared as they smirked at (y/n) walking off.
I sighed, watching her walk into the darkness of the night. Guilt blanketing me because of what I just said to the woman I might want to spend the rest of my life with.
Regular POV
You curled up on your couch, sniffling and crying into your couch pillow. Maybe you weren’t enough, you kept thinking.
You knew there was a chance that Oscar didn’t like you back, but you had no idea he would be so careless about it. Like you were beneath him. That’s what really hurt you. Not what he said, but how he said it.
You heard a light knock on the front door. You hiccuped softly and looked up with red puffy eyes. You wiped your running nose and got up. “Who is it?” You quietly asked, getting ready to unlock the door.
“It’s Oscar..” You heard faintly through the door.
You stiffened and stared at the door hurt, before talking through it. “What do you want?” You asked, wiping your face.
“Mamita, listen.” He frowned, “I didn’t mean a word of what I said. I just-..” he sighed before continuing, “I’m trying to protect you and not protect you at the same time.. wait that makes no sense.” Oscar gave a frustrated groan, “Mira, I like you too, (y/n). So much. That is why I can’t be with you, because other gangs might make you a target, like they’re doing with Cesar. They do this because you both are close with me and.. I would never be able to live with myself knowing you lost your life because of me..” he got quieter towards the end of the sentence.
You leaned your back against the door and kept listening to Oscar, not sure of how you should feel.
“Please trust me when I say that I do want to be with you. I will think of some way for me to make sure you stay safe, baby girl. Please open the door..” he begged.
You took a deep breath and moved your back from the door. You unlocked the door and opened it slowly, “So you didn’t say you were uninterested because of my body..?” You questioned, looking up shyly to meet Oscar’s eyes.
Oscar’s eyes widened and he tilted his head, “What the hell? Of course not, Ma. Any guy would be lucky to have you and your beautiful personality and curvy goddess of a body, but I want to be that lucky guy..” cupping your face and tracing his thumb over your cheek, Oscar kissed you slowly.
Saying you felt fireworks when you kissed him would be a cliché, but you certainly felt something magical when you kissed him back delicately.
“Will you be my girlfriend, (y/n)? I promise to protect you with everything I have.” He promised, whispering against your lips.
You smiled more and connected your lips once more, allowing that to be your answer to his question.
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skadithegoddess · 2 years ago
First Time
Tumblr media
Pairing: UbbexReaderxHvitserk Rating: Explicit Words: 4,454 Warnings: NSFW, virginity, first time, threesome.
Request: by @lisinfleur (who dumblr won’t let me tag), thank you! 😘 
Notes: Again, I’m so terribly sorry for the HUGE amount of time I took to write this. This is probably not my best work, I’m a little unsure about it. Hope it doesn’t feel too rushed or anything. And sorry for any mistakes. Enjoy! 😊
“Are you all right, love? You seem tense.” Ubbe’s deep voice rumbled across the room. He was sitting near the crackling fire only wearing a light tunic and linen pants. His curious blue eyes studied your behavior behind his cup as he lazily brought it to his plump lips.
He couldn’t be more right. Your hands hadn’t moved from Hvitserk’s naked back since he laid you down the thick furs adorning the large bed of Ubbe’s chamber.
Hvitserk – who was busying himself with trailing wet kisses along your neck – stopped abruptly at his big brother’s words.
“What’s the matter, kitten?” He asked, frowning slightly in concern.
“N-nothing. I’m–” You cleared your throat and tried to give him the most honest smile possible. “I’m fine. Yes, I’m fine! Everything’s fine.” You nodded your head for good measure – perhaps a little too quick for it to be credible.
Before he could protest, you cupped his face and forced his lips down on yours. Hvitserk wasn’t one to complain. He hummed in approval, hands resuming their work and roaming over the soft skin of your thighs.
Trying to shut out your stupid thoughts and insecurities, you growled into his mouth, enjoying the feeling of his smooth tongue brushing against yours. You spread your trembling legs wider to welcome him.
You wanted this. Gods, you wanted this more than anything since the first time you laid eyes on them and heard about their habit to share their women. Being pressed between their powerful and warm bodies was the only fantasy that could get you off, fast and hard, in the privacy of your bed. And now that it was clearly happening, nervousness was ruining everything. Just because it was the first time you would be in bed with a man – two men in that case. It was a secret you stubbornly kept to yourself, even if admitting it would be the right thing to do and you knew it. But you feared that your inexperience would throw them off and that they would be not so willing to take you if they knew the truth.
When one of Hvitserk’s hands slithered under your gown and crept up your inner thigh – fully intending to reach your cunt – your whole body contracted, and your breathing became uneasy, forcing you to break the kiss with a loud and shaky gasp.
“Brother, wait.” Ubbe ordered firmly, his voice leaving no other option but to obey.
Hvitserk froze on top of you and cupped your thigh instead, stroking your burning skin back and forth as he glared at his brother, clearly displeased by the constant interruption.
“What is it?” He grunted.
Ubbe ignored him and stood up, made his way toward the bed and sat next to you. “I can see you’re uncomfortable. If you want this to stop, you can tell us. We won’t get mad.”
“N-No, I just drank a little too much, that’s all.” If you could, you would have struck yourself for the constant shake in your voice.
Your words didn’t seem to convince them – if anything, they made them frown harder.
Hvitserk tilted his head, squinting in suspicion. “You don’t seem drunk to me. Your mouth doesn’t even taste like ale. And my brother is right, you’re a bit… rigid.”
Slightly offended, you scoffed. You became more and more frustrated within seconds; frustrated by them and frustrated by yourself.
You finally snapped, letting out an irritated noise. “Can’t you two just fuck me already? I said I’m fine!”
The brothers’ eyes widened in surprise at your outburst. They looked at each other and left your question hanging as they seemed to talk to each other with their eyes only. Stupid brotherly thing.
When they turned their attention back on you, Hvitserk’s lips twitched as if he was trying to restrain a smile.
Before you could ask what was so funny, Ubbe gently cupped your cheek and turned your head toward him, thumb stroking your skin in an appeasing way. You couldn’t help but melt under this simple gesture.
“You’re our friend, love. We need you to be at ease with us. It’s no fun for any of us if you’re stiff, try to –”
Before he had a chance to finish his sentence, Hvitserk exclaimed, “Wait, are you a virgin?” A large smile played on his lips, brows almost reaching his hairline as he watched you like he just resolved one of the biggest mystery ever.
Your heart skipped a beat and your facial expression pretty much matched Hvitserk’s – just without the smile. Your mouth bobbed like a fish instead, brain trying to find something clever to say to deny, but it was already too late. Your face talked a million time louder than any other word.
A giggle escaped Hvitserk’s mouth. His calloused hand on your thigh – that had stilled minutes before – restarted heavily petting and squeezing your skin more firmly.
Ubbe bit his lips, failing at restraining a smirk. “Is that true?” He asked smoothly.
Your face was on fire and a painful pressure bit your heart. “Don’t mock me.”
“We’re not mocking you – well, perhaps we’re are but only because you could have told us right at the beginning.” Hvitserk chuckled again, shaking his head slightly before leaning toward your ear and seductively whispering loud enough for Ubbe to hear, “If you had done that, you would already be screaming for us by now.”
His words sent burning tingles right between your legs and reflexively, you sought out his mouth. Hvitserk hungrily gave it to you, pushing his tongue past your lips in eagerness.
Another laugh coming from Ubbe made you break the kiss and lift your eyes toward him while Hvitserk resumed his kisses along your neck, slowly making his way down to the cleavage of your dress.
In a swift motion, Ubbe took his tunic off and carelessly threw it on the floor. “Well, that’s what I call an eventful night.” He winked before grabbing his cup and swallow the rest of its content. If anything, the secret of your virginity you thought shameful only seemed to make them hungrier for you.
You could barely concentrate on his words; his muscular torso making it hard to focus. Your fingers already twitched at the sight of it, desperately wanting to run over the hair between his pectorals and disappearing under the waistband of his pants. Ubbe wasted no more time and quickly climbed onto the mattress, lying on his side next to your trembling body.
His fingers wrapped around your jaw, thumb caressing your cheek in an affectionate touch. A shiver ran down your spine as his lips crooked into a knowing smile.
You were so lost in his comforting face that you didn’t feel Hvitserk’s hands starting to pull your dress up your legs urgently. His deep voice almost startled you.
“Arms up.” He hurried.
Ubbe’s grip tightened around your jaw as he slowly came closer to your face, his nose almost touching yours.
“Is that really the way you want to do your first time?” He asked again, just to make sure you were completely fine with what would happen next.
You rolled your eyes at him with a soft chuckle, fully intending to reassure him but Hvitserk was faster. He growled impatiently, eyes sending daggers at his brother.
“She has already told us the answer, brother. Now, let go of her so I can take off this fucking dress.”
Ubbe ignored his little brother’s heavy glare and kept his eyes locked on yours.
“I’m not asking you, Hvitserk. I’m asking her.” He said calmly. “Y/N?”
You impatiently nodded, “Yes, Ubbe. I want it. I want you both, please.”
Something shifted into Ubbe’s eyes. Before you knew it, his lips claimed yours hungrily, wrapping his large hand around your throat in a possessive grip to keep your head in place. You mewled at the softness of his lips and the taste of sweetness the ale left on his tongue. Your hand instinctively curled around the back of his neck, eagerly pressing his face closer. Ubbe took the opportunity to force the passage of his velvet tongue inside your mouth when you gasped at the harsh movements of his lips.
A growl erupted inside Hvisterk’s toned chest as he mumbled into the soft tissue of your dress something you recognized as ‘finally’ before grasping the hem of your dress again and pull it just under your chin. Ubbe broke the kiss with a wet sound, hands reaching at your gown to remove it totally, leaving it abandoned on the floor.
Both the arousal and the nerves left you trembling on the mattress, nipples already hardening under the hungry pairs of eyes of your lovers.
Hvitserk didn’t waste another second – he had been denied too long for his liking. He made his way down the curves of your body, leaving two wet kisses on each of your nipples before aiming for his goal – your sweet pussy. He urgently grabbed your legs by your knees and throw them on his broad shoulders, his erratic hot breath fanning directly over your slit.
“Have you ever been eaten out, love?” He asked playfully, mischievous eyes not leaving the delicious sight in front of him.
“No…” You breathed out, mesmerized by the foreign sight of his head so close to your tingling cunt.  
Hvitserk simply smirked and sent you a wink before burying his face between your thighs, warm tongue licking a broad strip along your wet folds. It felt like an electric shock. Your mouth fell open at the foreign sensation, breath catching inside your throat. Ubbe’s hot breath fanned over your cheek as he chuckled at your reaction, immediately followed by his brother.
“Come on, Hvitserk, show her what you can do.”
Hvitserk locked eyes with you before diving in directly for your clit. He sucked, licked, flicked at the sensitive nub mercilessly, mischievous blue eyes still wide open. The sounds that escaped your lips were unfamiliar, you could barely recognize your own voice. Your hips started to move against his face and Hvitserk hummed in approval against your aching clit. Your hands didn’t know where to go or what to do. They alternated between fisting the furs and waving uselessly in the air until Hvitserk grabbed your wrists and guided your fingers to his long and soft unbraided hair. You held on to it – hard. Voice becoming louder and higher, resounding in the chamber and surely in the corridors surrounding it too. But you couldn’t care less at this point.
“Look at the mess you’re making …” Ubbe whispered hotly into your ear, voice sending another wave of heat down your core. “Leaving his face wet and slick.”
At his brother’s words, Hvitserk growled and gently nipped the skin of your mound earning a strangled cry from you. One more flick of his skilled tongue and you were already coming, writhing and sobbing at the intensity of it until you had to weakly push his head away. Little whimpers left your mouth with each raspy breath. Eyes still closed from bliss, you jerked when his tongue gently gave your folds kitten licks in a soothing motion. You opened heavy eyelids, just in time to see Hvitserk happily sucking on his bottom lip with a pleased hum.
“And I didn’t even have to use my fingers.” He bragged to Ubbe, flashing his white teeth in a proud smile.
You would have rolled your eyes if you had had the strength, but the remains of your potent orgasm were still sending light electric shocks in your veins. You felt numb and warm. Ubbe chuckled, extending his arm to give his little brother a playful slap on his cheek.
“Yeah, yeah, well done. But you also didn’t stretch her enough.”
Ubbe’s lips crashed onto yours before you could have the chance to catch your breath. His hand gave your hip a squeeze before sliding between your legs, gently spreading the moist gathered at your entrance around your folds.
“Are you ready?” He rasped.
“Yes, Ubbe.”
He carefully pushed his middle finger inside, sliding in at an incredibly slow pace in search for any resistance. He found none, Hvitserk’s magic tongue made sure of that. You could see the question into his bright eyes – are you all right? – and you responded with a confident smile, even dared to lift your hips into his hand.
Hvitserk – who was still lying on his belly between your legs – rubbed his nose into your mound, eyes closed, and eyebrows furrowed, before leaving a trail of wet kisses along your stomach up to your breasts.
Ubbe slipped another finger inside of you, gently pumping, scissoring and rubbing, eager to tear out of you those sweet sounds he had heard minutes before. And he did – clever fingers slowly driving you crazy. Your body wanted – needed more.
“Please… Fuck me.” You whined, all shame gone.
Ubbe smirked, eyes fixed on his fingers plunging deeper and quicker into your wetness, “Which one of us do you want, hum?”
“Both, I want you both.”
Hvitserk snorted, “Bold of you to assume you can handle double penetration the first time.”
This time you did roll your eyes, grunting in annoyance as they laughed whole-heartedly.
“You know what I mean!” You grumbled – then hiss when Ubbe slid his thumb along your folds to reach your sensitive clit.
“I’ll take you first.” He stated and pulled his fingers out. “Hvitserk doesn’t really have any self-control once he’s inside.” He smirked at his brother before tasting your juice off his digits.
“Hey! I have self-control. I’m not a beast!” Hvitserk exclaimed, perched on his elbows. You couldn’t help but laugh at his offended face, looking like a pouting puppy.
“I’ve seen you, brother, and believe me, you are.”
Even if their bickering lightened your mind, the ache between your things was still there. You didn’t even listen to Hvitserk’s response. Instead, you boldly reached for the hems of their pants, tugging hard to turn their attention back on you.
“I want these off.” You spoke firmly over him.
“Come take them off yourself.” Ubbe teased as he laid on his back next to you, immediately mimicked by his little brother.
You blushed both in shyness and arousal. In a hurry, you sat up on your heels to face them. A small amused smile playing on your face seeing these handsome men on their back for you. Their noticeable bulges of their breeches making you salivate. With a shaking hand, you reached first for Ubbe, slowly grabbing the laces tightly bound. With one pull, you undid them and grabbed the waistband to gently push the fabric down his muscular legs to throw it alongside your dress.
His shaft stood proud on his abs, tip already glistening with arousal. He was decently long, enough to make you wonder if every inch of him could fit inside of you. Your eyes met his. He had a boyish smile his face, eyes partially shut as he gauged your reaction.
A throaty sound was heard, coming from Hvitserk who waited not so patiently. His eyebrows lifted up as to say, ‘what about me’? You walked on your knees toward him, laughing when his face broke out in an incredibly large smile. Without wasting time, you quickly untied his breeches, sliding it down his thighs. Hvitserk helped you by quacking his legs in the air to take it off himself. He didn’t even give you time to admire his body; his hand urgently grasped your hip, trying to pull you onto his hips. A hot rush flooded your core at his eagerness and you found yourself giving in – only to be stopped by a strong arm wrapping around your waist.
“Me first, brother. We agreed to that.”
A loud whine left his mouth, but Hvitserk complied. Ubbe huffed into your ear, murmuring low enough for only you to hear, “I told you, no self-control.” His mouth left wet kisses down your neck, prominent erection pressing against your ass.
You didn’t mind it one bit. But you almost felt guilty not to give yourself to Hvitserk first just by looking at his soft frustrated face.
“Maybe I can touch him. I mean… while you fuck me, Ubbe.”
Hvitserk’s face lit up, a cocky smile crooking his rosy lips. Ubbe sighed then chuckled, nodding in the crook of your neck, “If you can focus enough, I don’t see any issues.”
With that, he laid you down the bed, rapidly getting on top of you. In pure instinct, your legs wrapped around his hips. ‘Eager thing’ you heard Ubbe hissing under his breath. One of his hands crawled back between your legs as the other supported his weight. Thick fingers probed at your entrance once more, stubbornly making sure you were wet enough. He then grabbed a clay pot on his nightstand before covering his cock with oil. Hvitserk seemed unsure to where the best position for him would be; he just wanted your hand on his cock – as quickly as possible.
He eventually decided to sit just next to your head, back against the headboard. You finally have quite a view of his shaft from this angle – a little smaller than Ubbe’s but just as thick. Tip a dark red, so dark you wondered if it was hurting him. Carefully, you reached for it, sliding two fingers against the sticky liquid coming from it. It took Hvitserk by surprise, making him jerked and cussed under his breath. His hand grabbed yours a little too roughly, and forced your fingers closed around his girth. Ubbe handed him the pot which he quickly took and bent to pour oil onto his cock, not caring if half of it went on the sheets.
Your hand started to move slowly and steadily, trying different type of pressure.
“Yes,” Hvisterk hissed between his gritted teeth. “Just like that, kitten.”
His eyes were locked on your hand – only to lose focus when you started going faster, careful not to leave out the head of his cock. His head fell back and bumped the wall as he groaned – a sound going straight to your still empty and aching pussy.
Ubbe was patiently waiting for you to turn back your attention to him, letting his little brother enjoy a bit – because he knew that once he would get inside you, you would be too overwhelmed to focus on your movements.
“Ubbe…” You whispered urgently, digging your heels into his plump butt cheeks.
He nodded, a bit relieved. He could feel his patience running low.
“You want me to do it fast or slow?” He rasped.
If it was going to hurt, you wanted all the pain in one go.
“Fast, please.”
The prince between your legs took hold of his solid cock and lined himself, gave a few rubs along your slit before plunging into your cunt, hips colliding harshly with yours.
You let out a strangled scream and your nails dug into Hvitserk’s thighs, making him hiss in pain.
Ubbe growled deep in his throat, eyes shut tight as he tried not to ram into your tightness and have some restrain to give you time to stretch enough for him. He’s not a beast – that’s what he liked to say. But at this moment, he very much wanted to give in to his primal instinct.
“Alright?” He forced the words between his gritted teeth.
“Yes!” You squealed, “You can move.”
Ubbe’s chest deflated as he exhaled in relief. He dug his fists on each side of your body before starting to thrust.
“Fuck…” He whispered.
Your walls welcomed him so good, so warm – all he wanted was to grip beneath your soft thighs, fold you in two and pound into your cunt. Soon, he thought. He didn’t want to hurt you. Instead, he built a rhythm, slow and steady.
Soft moans came out between your parted and swollen lips with each thrust Ubbe gave you. The burn of his girth was still present, but it was fading. It wasn’t unpleasant, and you were too busy at admiring your prince to care. Ubbe looked like a god, moving with practice above you. His single and long braid wrapped on one shoulder, bouncing with the movement of his body. Abs and biceps contracting every time his hips met yours. But what you liked the most was his face – brows furrowed, eyes shut tight and lips parted, panting rashly. He looked frustrated and you wondered what you could do something to ease his features.
Your hand found his cheek, stroking his beard lovingly. His eyes opened, immediately softening when you smiled at him.
“How does it feel?” It wasn’t Ubbe’s but Hvitserk’s voice that spoke into your ear.
You had almost forgotten he was there. Your hands had long ago stopped tending to his abandoned cock.
“Feels good, so good.” You moaned, hand reaching for Hvitserk’s shaft pressed against his abs.
But he stopped you, gripping your wrist. “As much as I want your little hand on my cock, kitten, I feel like you wouldn’t do a good job with Ubbe between your legs.” He smirked, looking at his brother plunging deep inside you.
You frowned, feeling a little insulted and open your mouth to protest. Whatever word you were going to say was swallowed when Ubbe gave you a sharp thrust. You squealed beneath him, hips raising in instinct. Suddenly, his movement became more aggressive, going faster and meeting your skin in a loud clap sound that resounded into the room. Your breath was stuck into your throat and your eyes widening at the sudden and intense sensation. Your hand clawed at his back as the other found Hvitserk’s hand, crushing his fingers.
“That’s what I’m talking about.” The younger brother chuckled.
He brought your hand to his mouth to leave a kiss before leaning to claim your lips hungrily. You whimpered into his mouth under Ubbe’s hard pace. Then, Hvitserk went straight for your bouncing breasts, burying his head in between before capturing a nipple into his hot mouth. His clever fingers found your clit. Your back arched, one hand tracing red angry lines down Ubbe’s back as the other pulled at Hvitserk’s hair. Moans turning into screams. It only seemed to fuel the brothers’ lust more. Hvitserk whimpered into your breasts as his hips rutted against the furs to try and ease the ache of his cock. Ubbe pounded into you with abandon, grunts and moans loud and clear, mixing beautifully with your own sounds.
“Ub-Ubbe…” You panted, feeling your orgasm building.
He growled at the sweet sound of your voice calling for him. He didn’t forget his fantasy and was well determined to accomplish it before the tingling in his balls became too much and his orgasm crashed over him.
He not so kindly patted his brother shoulder and rasped, “Let go of her.”
Hvitserk wailed softly against the skin of your breast before complying half-heartedly. You didn’t have time to see his next movement that Ubbe wrapped his arms beneath your knees and pushed your legs against your torso. This new angle made you see stars, eyes rolling in the back of your head. The wave of pleasure hit you brutally and you cried out, hands fisting the furs on the bed.
Ubbe couldn’t restrain his orgasm any longer and followed, howling into your ear. He shot his seed deep and heavy inside you before releasing your legs on his sides and collapsing head first between your breasts.
Exhaling deeply in bliss, you caressed his nape gently with your nails. Ubbe gave you a loving smile and pressed his lips against yours.
“Alright?” He asked again.
“Yes, I’m fine. More than fine, actually.” You giggled as he peppered kisses all over your face.
“My turn.” Hvitserk rasped, desperation into his voice.
You looked at him. He had his fist wrapped around his hard cock and was stroking ever so slowly not to trigger his own release. Ubbe hadn’t forgotten his brother. He could only imagine how much he was aching to touch you. Quickly, he pulled out, taking just one more second to himself to watch his cum dripping down your folds before rolling on his back with a content sigh.
“I’m all yours, Hvitserk.” You moaned. Seeing how patient he had been and how his face looked so desperate triggered something in you – you just wanted to please him.
You approached him on all four and straddled his thighs. Hvitserk let himself fall on his back, hands urgently gripping your hips, surely leaving the mark of his digits. A little unsure, you raised on your knees to hover over his leaking cock. And before you could make any moves, Hvitserk pushed you down, raising his hips at the same time. You both yelped, and you had to steady yourself with your hands on his chest.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes! Finally!” He grunted.
He looked so good beneath you. Chest glistening with sweat, eyes unfocused, hair a beautiful mess on the pillows and delicious sounds leaving his plump lips. You just wanted to kiss him. But you couldn’t do much movements as he painfully held your hips in his hands and rammed into you from below. He wasn’t going to last long, you could say. Wanting to help him find his much-deserved release, you tightened your walls, examining his face to see his reaction.
“Shit, shit, do that again.” He ordered urgently.
You happily complied, whining at the delicious feeling of his shaft.
“I want to make you come too.”
You wanted to say that it wasn’t a competition but Hvitserk was faster, already wetting his thumb and circled your clit skillfully. Your entire body contracted, nails digging into his flesh to cope with the sudden pressure exploding into your body.
“Hvitserk!” Head thrown back, you shrieked.
And just as his big brother did, Hvitserk spilled his warmth with a shout, coating your walls. You felt giddy and not an ounce of strength was left in your body. Hvitserk’s arms slithered around your waist and pulled you down onto his chest. His hand stroked your back, calming the shudders shaking your body.
“Next time, I’m going to take my time with you.” He promised.
Being so warm and satisfied was quickly making you fall asleep. A pair of lips kissed your forehead before hands gently pulled you from Hvitserk only to have your back pressed against another muscular chest. Soft furs were placed onto your body. Another body slithered his way under the covers and snuggled against your breasts. You felt one last kiss on your head before you feel into a deep slumber.
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kats-baku1999 · a year ago
Boyfriend •|bakugo x female reader|•
This one is based off of the song boyfriend by Ariana Grande.. Requested by my best friend.
WARNINGS: language, obviously it Bakugo we are talking about. Fluffy, and slightly smutty... this is the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Y/n) knew very well what she was doing by wearing a skirt this short, and socks this high. She knew that all she needed to do was unbotton the top few buttons of her shirt, but that seemed too obvious to her. So she buttoned her shirt, and made sure her tie was in place. Thank goodness UA didn’t really waste time worrying about a strict dress code, or she would probably be in deep shit with two people today.
When she walked out of her dorm, she made sure to walk slow until she heard two very familiar voices. One belonging to her best friend, Kirishima.. The other belonging to the boy she’s been making out with for two months now, but he wouldn’t make it official no matter how much she pushed.
Bakugo Katsuki.
No one knew what was going on between the two of them, not even Kirishima was aware of the fact that some of the scratches on Bakugo’s back were not from training. After all no one would ever assume that Bakugo of all people would worry about something as silly as having a significant other.
(Y/n) was tired of everything being so damn secretive though, she wanted everyone to know she was his. She wanted to call him her boyfriend. When she brought that up to him though, he ridiculed her and told her if she needed more to find it else where. (Y/n) knew he didn’t mean that, but she just wanted him to see that she could easily find someone else if she really wanted to.
So she adjusted her bag on her shoulder, and made sure that she turned the corner just before she could intersect with the two boys. As she sauntered ahead of them, making sure to sway her hips a little more, she heard something that sounded like a choke come from behind her.
She paused and turned her head over her shoulder to see Kirishima staring at her with his jaw dropped. Bakugo on the other hand was clenching his jaw so hard that he was probably close to breaking his teeth. She noticed his eyes were trained on the exposed skin in between her skirt and socks.
“Hiya boys, how was your night?” (Y/n) spoke innocently, glancing between both Kirishima and Bakugo. Bakugo narrowed his eyes at her, trying his hardest to not tell her to go change.
“It was uh, you know good, video games!” Kirishima stumbled over his words as he snapped his eyes back up to meet (y/n)’s.
“And yours Bakugo?” (Y/n) practically purred, knowing how she left him after he denied becoming her boyfriend, surely the blue balls he had were enough to make him even crankier.
“Fine.” He growled and pushed past her, Kirishima smiled at her one last time and followed after his other friend. (Y/n) watched their retreating backs and grinned triumphantly. This was just the beginning of the payback.
When (y/n) walked into the classroom she heard a bunch of small gasps. Bakugo was sitting in his normal seat, across the room from Todoroki. Usually (y/n) would sit in the seat in front of Bakugo, but today she decided that the seat in front of Todoroki was better. After all, that’s where most of the boys sat also.
(Y/n) set her bag down on the desk in front of Todoroki and slid into the seat. She glanced over to see Bakugo staring at her with a look that practically screamed “what the fuck?”. She shot him a grin, before turning around.
“Hi Todoroki.” (Y/n) grinned, and he gave her a confused look.
“Hi (y/n), new seat today?” He questioned, before looking up to see the fuming Bakugo who was watching their whole interaction.
“Yeah, hey I was wondering if you thought that Midoriya could help me with training today?” (Y/n) grinned at the half and half boy, “I’ve been working on trying to get better, but I need someone who has enough stamina, and can actually keep up with me.”
(Y/n) made sure to say the last part loud enough that Bakugo could hear her. Judging by Kaminari yelling his name out of fear, he did. She looked over to see him holding Kaminari’s now blown up phone.
“Yeah, he probably will, he should be in any second now.” Todoroki spoke, and just as he said it a disheveled Midoriya came rushing through the door. (Y/n) stood up from her seat, and walked over to where he was sitting down at a desk. She slid on top of it, hearing him let out a small cough to cover up the fact he was face to face with her bare skin.
“Uh, h-hi, (y/n)!” Midoriya snapped his eyes up to meet hers, she smiled at him sweetly. Midoriya was a good guy, and they were definitely friends. So she couldn’t help but feel a bit of guilt doing this to him.
“Hi Midoriya, listen, I need some extra help with training, do you think you could help a girl out?” (Y/n) smiled at the green haired boy, who glanced over to see Bakugo glaring at the pair of them.
“Don’t you usually work with Kaachan?” Midoriya laughed nervously, and just as he did Bakugo stood up from his desk, and practically threw the empty ones in between them across the room. He grabbed (y/n) off of Midoriya’s desk throwing her over his shoulder, but making sure to cover any exposed bits up with his arm. He walked out of the class room and carried her down the hall till he reached an empty classroom.
“Put me down you idiot!” (Y/n) shouted smacking her hands against his back. He set her down on the ground and roughly turned her around so her front was pushed up against the wall.
“Do you think what you’re doing is fucking funny?” Bakugo growled, pushing himself up against her backside, his hand gently rubbing over the skin between her skirt and socks.
“I’m not doing anything.” (Y/n) said with a defiant tone laced into every word. She wasn’t fighting against the position they were in though. Bakugo flipped her around, keeping both of her wrists pinned above her head with one hand. His red eyes searched her face for a second, before he let out a defeated sigh.
“What the fuck are you so mad over?” Bakugo growled, before dipping his head down to start kissing her neck, leaving light butterfly like kisses on it. (Y/n)’s breath hitched a bit at the feeling of his lips pressing against that one spot on her neck. She internally groaned at the fact he now knew where to begin kissing and sucking on.
“You know damn well, if I want something serious I need someone else right?” (Y/n) whispered, Bakugo pulled back and looked at her and let her wrists go.
“(Y/n) I thought you liked what we had going on, you know me, you know that I-”
“Don’t you dare say you don’t want the distraction when you blew up Kaminari’s phone just watching me talk to Todoroki.” (Y/n) snapped, pushing back on Bakugo’s chest but he stood his ground.
“Which one are you trying to get with? Icy Hot or fucking Deku?” The soft tone in Bakugo’s voice was gone, replaced with his normal angry one.
“Hm, I don’t know, Todoroki definitely is handsome, but I wonder what Midoriya would be like?” (Y/n) snapped, “Or even better I could see if Kirishima wanted to take our friendship to the next level, I can see just how hard he can really get.”
With that Bakugo roughly pressed his lips against hers, pulling her legs up around his waist. He walked over to a desk and sat her down on top of it, only breaking the kiss to start sucking on the same spot on her neck. Once (y/n) let out a soft moan, he quickly moved his hand up her thigh and began tracing his fingers lightly against her clothed sex. He growled slightly feeling the lacy material, knowing exactly what pair she was wearing. Bakugo pulled away from her neck, and looked her in the eye as he pulled up her skirt to see the black lace underwear she was wearing.
“What if one of those fucking idiots would have seen these, huh?” Bakugo growled, kneeling down and tugging them down her legs. He pulled her forward on the desk and started kissing and sucking on the inner part of her thighs.
“Not like you give a fucking sh-.” (Y/n) let out a loud moan slapping her hand over her mouth, as roughly put two fingers in her.
“Don’t fucking say I don’t give a shit you idiot, I do, I give a lot of fucking shits and the thought of one of them doing this to you makes me want to blast their asses to pieces.” Bakugo whispered against her neck as he started assaulting the same spot as before. (Y/n) let out a small whimper, wrapping her legs around his waist as he kept pumping his fingers in and out.
“I love you.” (Y/n) groaned, she was reaching that point she wanted to get to last night but he had to go and piss her off. Bakugo stopped all his actions. He pulled back to look at her, but she had her eyes squeezed shut, scared to see his reaction.
“I love you.” Bakugo whispered against her lips before placing a small kiss on them and stepping back from her completely. She opened her eyes to look at him, and he just smirked triumphantly as he shoved her panties into his front pocket.
“Hey fucker give those back!” (Y/n) yelled, jumping off the desk and rushing to grab him.
“No I think I’ll keep them, now all those idiots will know who you belong to.” Bakugo shrugged walking towards the door to open it up. (Y/n) glared at him standing in her spot.
“You know damn well if I bend over they’re going to see, EVERYTHING.” (Y/n) snapped, and Bakugo rolled his eyes before throwing them at her.
“You’re right, the hickey should be more than enough.” Bakugo smirked at her as she slid her underwear back on. She slapped her hand over her neck and walked out of the classroom. Stomping back towards their class. Bakugo was walking close behind her, before picking up his pace to walk in in front of her. He stood in front of the class and waited for her to walk through the door.
“If I see any of you fuckers stare at my girlfriend for too long I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Bakugo announced to everybody, before looking at (y/n) who was standing in the doorway with her mouth open. He walked back to his seat and sat down. Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima all started hounding him with questions.
(Y/n) sat down at her seat as she started getting the same questions from everyone around her.
“So, Bakugo is your boyfriend?” Mina grinned and (y/n) just smiled happily before nodding her head.
“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.”
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bby-bxrnes · 3 years ago
Motorcycles And Sexy Mechanics
Ship: Biker!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Your car breaks down but Bucky comes to your rescue. Flirting ensues as well as a motorcycle ride.
Warnings: Really cheesy flirting, Fluff, Make-out session on a motorcycle
Words: 2037
A/N: This is probably my favorite AU and I wanted to break the norm of Bucky being ashamed of his arm in most fics (Even in my own) so here’s really confident flirty Bucky to break your heart :)
Tumblr media
You should’ve known the low price of the car was too good to be true. It was your dream car and you were so blinded by the gorgeous exterior to even think too hard about why the price was so damn low. That lapse in judgement is what brought you to the situation you are currently stuck in. Broken down on the side of the road in the middle of goddamn nowhere, bored out of your mind and waiting for the tow truck to arrive. You sat on top of the hood of the old impala, humming to yourself and praying that the truck would arrive soon. Your prayers were answered after half an hour of waiting that felt like 2 hours, You were so relieved when the man that stepped out of the truck wasn’t some old fat guy, but a guy around your age with short brown hair and an expensive looking metal prosthetic arm dressed in a mechanics shirt with the sleeves ripped off. 
“Thank you so so so much!” you exclaimed, hopping off the hood of your car and walking towards the man approaching you. “It’s no problem. I’m James but you can call me Bucky.” he said, extending his flesh hand out for you to shake while shamelessly raking his eyes over your body. “Y/N. How’d you get Bucky from James?” you asked, shaking his hand and tilting your head to the side and looking at him curiously. “Middle name’s Buchanan. Lame, I know.” he laughed, the smile going all the way to his eyes and making butterflies erupt in your stomach. You had just met this man, how were you already attracted to him? His smile made you smile, a small giggle escaping your mouth. A giggle? You never giggled! Your hands lingered on the others’ for a moment longer than necessary, before Bucky cleared his throat and looked past you at your car. 
“That’s a nice looking car. How much was it?” he asked, stepping past you to examine your car. “$7,000.” you answered a bit sheepishly. “Damn. That’s cheap.” he exclaimed, reaching in through the open window to pop the hood. “Hence why I’m here broken down on the side of the road.” you laughed awkwardly. He just chuckled and propped the hood up, checking some parts you didn’t know the name of. “Well, we’ll have to take it back to my shop, I can’t tell what’s up with it here. I gotta do a more thorough inspection.” he said, obviously meaning the car, but you couldn’t help but think of the double meaning with the way he had looked you over earlier. A blush rose to your cheeks at the thought, which you promptly removed from your head. You barely even knew the guy! Bucky slammed the hood closed and the smirk he sent your way was absolutely sinful. The little shit knew what he was doing. 
“Let me just back up my truck a little bit so I can hook it up.” He said, walking back to his truck and climbing in. He expertly backed the large truck up and put it in park, climbing out again and walking back over to secure your car to the hook. You couldn’t help but watch his arms,one metal and one flesh as the flesh arm flexed and the metal plates on his high-tech prosthetic whirred and shifted. Soon, your car was hooked up and he turned to you with a wide grin. “Let’s head back to my shop so I can get my hands dirty.” he sent a sly wink your way, making you roll your eyes but smile at his flirting. You walked around the back of your car to climb into the passenger side of the truck. Bucky was already getting the truck started, giving you a genuine smile when you buckled yourself in. 
“I have to say, you’re definitely the prettiest dame I’ve ever had in my truck.” he said, eyes flicking over to you, mischief hidden in his blue irises. You blushed and ducked your head mumbling a small “thank you”. “So, Bucky, I don’t know if this is totally out of line but I’m a very curious person. I was wondering about your arm,” you trailed off, hoping you weren’t being rude. “It’s not out of line doll. What d’ya wanna know? How I lost my arm or how the prosthetic works?” He asked, his easy smile never faltering and you could now trace hints of a Brooklyn accent shining through in his voice. “Both?” you squeaked, curiosity getting the best of you. “Well I lost my arm in a motorcycle accident. My best friend has a friend that’s an engineer, he built this prosthetic for me. It has wires that connect to my spinal cord so I have pretty much full control over it. It’s been updated a couple times since I got it, Tony just keeps making improvements on his design, so now there’s some pressure sensors so I have some semblance of feeling in it.” he said, raising his arm and flexing the fingers. “That’s so cool.” you breathed, resisting the urge to scoot over and run your fingers over the smooth metal. Bucky’s smile remained on his face as he pulled the truck into a parking lot of a shop whose sign read “Barnes and Rogers Garage”. 
“So are you Barnes or Rogers?” you laughed, climbing out of the truck when Bucky did the same. “Barnes. Now you know my full name, but I don’t know yours.” he laughed walking to the control panel and starting to lower your car back onto the ground. He unhooked your car and gestured for you to come over to him. “Usually I’d have Steve help, but he doesn’t seem to be here right now. You mind hopping into the driver’s seat and doing the steering while I push your car into the garage?” he asked, standing at the front of your car. “I can do that.” you smiled, climbing behind the wheel and making sure the car was in reverse before giving Bucky a thumbs up. You had to tear your eyes away from the man as he started to push your car back into the shop, face contorted in his effort, muscles bulging with the exertion. Your face heated up and you cleared your throat before looking over your shoulder and making sure the car was going straight back into the open spot in the garage. Once you were in, you shifted the car into park and climbed out, missing Bucky’s smirk when he noticed the flush on your cheeks. 
“You can hang out here or in the lounge through that door, if you’d like.” he said, starting to pull out tools and set them on a work tray. “I’ll stay here. I’ll be bored out of my mind if I wait by myself.” you said, starting to wander around the shop a little, staying close to where Bucky was working on your car. You saw a sleek black Harley Davidson motorcycle sitting in the shop, and you walked over to it, running your hand over the smooth leather seat. “This yours?” you asked, swinging your leg over and taking a seat on the motorcycle. “Yeah, its a 2017 Fatboy. Steve’s jealous cause he’s trying to save up for one too and I won’t let him ride mine.” He said, straightening for a moment where he was hunched over the innards of your car to look over at you. “When I’m done here, wanna go for a ride?” he asked, and you nearly choked on your saliva on the suggestive tone behind his words. 
“Sure, I’d love to.” you said, putting on your best smile when he winked at you. “Gives me an incentive to get this done.” he said before going back to work. You watched him work silently, admiring the way his brow furrowed in concentration and his hands moved expertly around in the engine block. “Alright, that should be good.” he declared after working non-stop for another half hour. You mentally fist pumped, following his instruction to hop into the driver’s seat again and start up the car. Once he was certain your car was running perfectly again, he excused himself to was off his dirtied hands. You shut off your car and shut the hood yourself,  practically bouncing on your feet with excitement as you waited for him to return. When he came back after what felt like forever, he grabbed his leather jacket off of a hook by the door and slipped it on, then strode over to where you waited by his bike. 
“You ready?” he asked, retrieving his helmet from where it sat on a nearby workbench. “Hell yeah.” you said, a breath of relief leaving you when he pulled a spare helmet from the compartment under the seat and handing it to you. “Fuck it, here. Can’t risk you getting hurt.” He said, pulling his leather jacket off and helping you put it on, as well as helping you secure your helmet before doing up his own . “What a gentleman.” you smiled at his gesture. He smiled back at you before throwing his leg over and putting the kickstand up. “Hop on. Put your feet on the little pegs there.” He said, allowing you to use his shoulders for support as you climbed on and rested your feet on the pegs. You wrapped your arms around him loosely as he started the motorcycle and backed it out of the garage. “You better hold on.” He called to you, voice muffled by his helmet before he sped off onto the road. It was almost completely dark now and the stars were just barely visible from the little town. 
You clutched onto Bucky tightly as he sped down some unknown path, loving the exhilarating feeling of the wind whipping past you. Once you felt more stable, you lifted your head and gave a small whoop of excitement, feeling Bucky’s body rumble with laughter. Eventually Bucky pulled the bike onto a small lookout that overlooked the small town, and you were able to see the stars so much clearer from here. The both of you slipped your helmets off and you stepped off, but Bucky stayed seated on the bike after putting the kickstand down. You took a few steps towards the dropoff and tilted your head up to look up at the star. “It’s beautiful out here.” you whispered, making a mental note to come back out here when you had your camera. “Almost as beautiful as you.” Bucky said, making you roll your eyes and smile at him with his use of the oldest pick up line in the book. He smiled back at you and held his hand out for you, which you walked back and took. He pulled you to him and easily lifted you by your hips to straddle the bike in front of him, legs slung over his. 
“I’d like to take you to dinner sometime, do this the right way.” he said, metal and flesh thumbs gently rubbing circles on your hips. “I’d really like that.” you replied, linking your arms around his neck. “But for now, can I kiss you?” he asked, his blue eyes finding yours. “Such a gentleman.” you repeated your phrase from earlier, but leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. His arms snaked further around your waist and pulled you flush to him, his lips surprisingly soft against yours. He pulled away from you and just rested his forehead against yours, a lopsided grin overtaking his lips. “Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.” you whispered, giggling at your joke. The two of you shared lazy kisses for a few more minutes before you slid off of his lap and the two of you put your helmets back on and started to head back down to the shop. Bucky didn’t charge you for fixing your car, just sent you off with another lingering kiss and a phone number, promising to take you out soon. You had a feeling you’d have more motorcycle rides and sexy mechanics in your future.
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cal-puddies · 2 years ago
alone || ashton irwin
honestly y’all, I have no idea... @essoniare suggested i may need holy water for this smut. So provide feedback... enjoy!
Ash peeked his head into your room, he’d called your name multiple times since he’d walked in but you hadn’t responded.
He thought you looked peaceful until he realized what was really going on. He only saw your face and the tops of your bare shoulders, and as his eyes trailed down the blankets, he noticed your hand moving between your thighs and he put two and two together.
You let out whimper, and he thought he was caught. Then you groaned “FUCK.” and threw your blue dildo across the room.
Ash quietly took the stairs two at a time back downstairs. He knew it was a private moment and he probably shouldn’t have watched but in his defense he didn’t know what he was seeing.
You walk downstairs 20 minutes later and look at him. “Hey, sorry, been here long?” You ask.
“Nah, about 10 minutes. The shower was on when I got here.”
“Cool cool.” You nod, heading over to the fridge to pull out a drink. You hold up a beer and Ash nods, agreeing to have one with you.
Ash watches you and he gently tugs the ends of your hair. “You ok? You seem… stressed.” There’s a smirk on his face like he knows something but he doesn’t say a thing.
“More frustrated.” You groan, eyeing him, trying to figure out what he thinks he knows.
“You wanna talk about it?” He asks.
You shake your head, mostly not knowing what you’d say, ‘yeah I haven’t been able to orgasm in two weeks and I’m about to rip my hair out?’ Like you and Ash were close, but were you that close? “Nah, it’s cool.”
He nods and grabs your hand, pulling you to the living room. Ash took control of the two of you hanging out at that point, he turned on some music lowly in the background as the two of you sat on the couch and caught up on life.
“How’s Adam?” He asks, after telling you all about the latest leg of tour.
“We broke up like a month ago.” You shrug.
“You didn’t say anything!” He accuses with a little laugh.
“You’re off traveling the world and you don’t really care about some dumb asshole I dated for six months.” You laugh. “The sex was horrible and he wasn’t good for anything else, so byyeeeeee.” You laugh again.
“Huh… I thought you liked the sex.” He grinned, knowing you’d complained about it at least 100 times. You hit him with a pillow and he laughed louder.
“I think in six months he only made me orgasm once…” you pause, thinking about it, “so annoying.” You shrug. “And I had to do like 75% of the work to get there.”
“That’s fuckin shit… girl like you should definitely be getting better than that.” He responds quietly.
“It’s not like boys are lining up around the block to make me cum Ash.” You roll your eyes.
“Maybe you’re just not looking in the right places, babe.” He shrugs.
You sit quietly, contemplating for a bit. “D’you think Cal would fuck me? He seems like he could get a girl off… those long fingers and shit…” you throw your head back and let out a brief moan.
“Oh is that what gets you off? Thinking about hooking up with Calum?” He laughs.
“Not lately.” You mumble under your breath. “But for real… do you think he would?”
“I don’t think you’re his type.”
“I thought if he asked a girl if she’d fuck him and she said yes, then that was his type?”
“That’s Luke.” He laughs.
“Ugh.” You groan, “you want another?” You ask, holding up your beer bottle. Ash hands his empty bottle over and you walk into the kitchen and get another for the both of you, popping the caps and contemplating Luke before walking back in the living room. “I could settle for Luke… he’s got those thick fingers so even if he isn’t as well endowed as say… you or Cal… at least he could probably get me off.” You declare, standing in front of him and handing him a beer. “What do ya say? Wanna hook a girl up?” You raise an eyebrow up.
“I think you can do better.” He laughs.
You groan again and fall to the couch beside him, now resting your head on him. “I just need to get laid Ash, I need someone to make me cum. I can't do it myself anymore. My body just doesn’t seem to respond. I’ve tried toys and my hands and watching porn and fuckin nothing is working.” You whine.
He wraps his arm around you as he stifles a laugh, “you poor thing… you’ve essentially got blue balls.”
“YES! I DO! And I’m about to lose my mind.” You whimper.
“Well…” you look up and he’s chewing his lip like he’s thinking really hard about something. “What are you thinking you want?”
“No no… that’s a trap, talking about it is gonna get me all riled up and then I’m gonna be left with no way to get off and then I’ll be even more frustrated.” You push your face into his side and groan again.
“I wouldn’t leave you high and dry like that babe… or low and wet as the case may be.” Ash laughs, rubbing your hip. You look up at Ash and catch a mischievous glint in his eye.
“What’s up your sleeve, Irwin?” You ask.
“I’m just proposing you let me get you off. If it’s that bad babe…” Ash gently pulls the beer bottle from your hand and he sets yours and his on the coffee table in front of you before pulling you into his lap.
His teeth gently tug at your ear lobe as one hand grips your jaw and the other grips your ass. “I know you’ve heard about me… you’ve been around girls when they talk about me. It’s ok if you want me… I didn’t think Adam was ever good enough for you and I’m happy to know I’m right. I could work this out for you.” He whispers, smacking your ass and causing your hips to jolt forward, getting a tiny bit of desperately needed friction to your core.
“Ash.” You whimper, hands gripping his shirt.
“Just say you want it baby… I saw you playing with that toy earlier… I can do a much better job, give you exactly what you need. Fuck you senseless and leave you satisfied.” He promises. Your face burns red at the mention of the toy and he chuckles, “it’s nothing babe, we’re adults and we all need a little help sometime.”
You collect yourself and grind your hips down on him, “I feel like this would be more than a ‘little’ help.”
Ash gets a cocky grin on his face and looks up to you. “What do you say babe? Want some help? Shoulda asked you when I saw you earlier but you threw that dildo so hard.” He chuckles.
“Fuck yes Ash, please? Even if you just let me bounce on your cock…” you moan.
He grins and immediately wraps his arms around you, picking you up and taking you to your bedroom, “You’re gonna do more than bounce on my cock.” He sets you on your feet and immediately pushes your shorts down. “I’d ask what you like, but I already know.” He groans, pulling your top off. His hands immediately go to your now bare tits. Ash spins you, so your back is against his chest. His hand slips into your panties and he teases you with his fingers, you can feel the cold rings against your suddenly burning skin. His lips press to your neck, “what do you say to us giving that toy another try?”
“No Ash.” You whine, “need you… want you.” You demand.
“You’ll get me, but this first.” He lets you go and pushes your panties down. “On the bed.” He winks and you do as your told, he takes his shirt and jeans off before heading over to the corner you chucked the dildo toward earlier and he picks it up. He walks back toward you, “spread those legs for me.” He orders. You waste no time. “Fuck you’re so wet, you naughty little slut.” He groans. He rubs his hand against you first, spreading your wetness around.
You let out a moan, “fuck Ash…”
“We will babe, show me how you fuck yourself with your toy first.”
“God you’re a kinky mother fucker.” You grab the dildo and lay back, spreading your legs further and using it to tease your clit first. You gasp a little as the head spreads you. Ash gets on his knees between your thighs and watches as you fuck yourself with the toy.
“Shit babe.” He groans, “this is hot.” You pick up the pace a bit and let out a soft moan. “Thought this wasn’t doing it for ya anymore?” He chuckles.
“Maybe… uhmm…” you bite your lip, “maybe it’s you watching.” You moan again.
“Got a bit of and exhibitionistic streak in ya? Eh?” He asks, kissing the inside of your knee. His eyes rake over your body, but ultimately are always drawn back to the thick, blue dildo working between your thighs.
“I guess.” You moan, letting your free hand grip your breast. Ash shifts slightly and your eyes wander his body to find his cock in his hand now. You let out a loud groan while watching him stroke his cock.
Ash grins, watching you watch him while still using the dildo. Ash shifts, losing his underwear in the process, his heavy cock slaps up against his stomach and he pumps it a few times before he lays next to you. He grabs the dildo from you and keeps working it at a slightly faster pace than you had. You grab his cock in your now free hand.
Ash watches you for bit before pressing his lips to your neck. “If you cum from me using this toy on you, I’ll fuck you harder.” He bargains, his teeth tease at your ear and you whimper. You push your free hand down your body and start to rub circles on your clit. “Hey.” Ash says, and you turn your face towards him. He moves his face closer to yours and licks your lips before biting your lower lip.
Ash hungrily kisses you. It’s teeth and tongue, and if anyone were watching, it’d probably be provocative and obscene. Ash uses the toy to fuck you harder. And you whimper and moan for him.
“Ash, ash… fuck.” You moan.
“You close?” He teases, slowing the toy down.
“Don’t stop.” You whine, “I’m gonna…” and then you were cumming, legs clamping closed.
“No no. Keep rubbing that clit baby, we’re gonna work you through this.” He grins, he pryes your legs open, “keep em open.” You let go of his cock and hold your leg, fingers of your other hand rubbing gentle circles against your clit. Ash slows the pace with the toy, “That’s it baby… you just needed someone to watch you.” He whispers, gently biting your shoulder before soothing the teeth marks with his tongue.
“Ash.” You whine, stopping your fingers at your clit.
“S’ok baby.” He pulls the toy out of you and drops it on the bed between your thighs. He pushes two fingers into you and he pulls them out and sucks on them. “Creamy for me.” He smirks and winks. Suddenly Ash is moving, and he’s holding himself above you. “You want a minute?” He asks, pressing his lips to yours.
“You promised you’d fuck me until I was satisfied.” You raise an eyebrow at him.
“Don’t get mouthy with me little girl, you’re not gonna like the outcome.” He promises.
“Maybe I want that outcome… like you said, I know about you.”
He kisses you rough, “you asked for it. On your hands and knees slut.” He pushes himself away from you and gives you the room to move into the position he asked. You position yourself, and shake your ass a little to show him you were ready. He places a firm smack on your ass. “I know you’re not used to this… I need to know boundaries, and I want you to have a safe word in case, babe.” His fingertips soothe over the hot flesh and then he spanks you again and you jolt forward. “Stay still, answer me.” He demands, grabbing your hip before delivering the next one.
“I’ve had a lot of vanilla sex, I don’t know the boundaries myself.” You admit.
“Promise you’ll tell me if it’s too far.” He asks, stopping everything, and even separating himself from you. You look over your shoulder and nod at him and he quickly lands his hand on your ass again. “Good, now… Safe word?”
You hum for a minute trying to think of something, “peanut butter.” You declare.
“I think it’s too long, pick one word or the other.” He demands.
“Peanut.” You breathe, just wanting his hands on you again.
He smacks your ass one last time. “Peanut it is, my little slut.” He coos. Ashton grabs his cock and slicks it through your folds, spreading your wetness and forcing you open for him. The skin on your ass was on fire. And the only things you could really feel were Ashton centric.
Ash catches you off guard as he grabs both of your arms and pulls them behind you, wrapping one large hand around them and using them for leverage. You squeak as your face hits the bed from the unexpected action. Ashton is grunting and it’s turning you on more.
“Fuck.” He groans. “The shittier I treat you, the wetter you get, you slut.”
“Ash.” You whimper as he picks up the pace.
“Shut up.” He demands. “It’s Daddy and you only speak when I tell you to speak.” He reaches up and grabs your shoulder, pulling your back against his chest. His hand wraps around your throat and he applies a light pressure to start, “Do I make myself clear, slut?” You nod. “Need to hear you say it.” He punctuates it with particularly hard thrusts and you almost lose your balance. His hand squeezes your throat a little tighter.
“Yes Daddy.” You pant. He lets go of your throat and pushes you forward, allowing you to use your arms to stop you from face planting with so much force.
You do your best to stay quiet but moans and whimpers keep falling out of your mouth and Ashton keeps spanking you harder each time you do. He’s grunting and gripping your hips so tightly. “Quiet slut… I don’t want to tell you again.”
You push your face against the bed spread to muffle yourself, and Ash reaches for your arms, pulling them behind you again. “If that’s how you want it slut.” He groans “this perfect ass.” His hips slam particularly hard against you. “You ever let anyone fuck you in your ass? Bet you have, bet you loved it.” He taunts. His finger is wet as he teases the hole.
You let out a loud gasp as he starts to slip his finger in, but he doesn’t stop, gets his finger in and then holds it there, slowing his hips a bit. You pant harder into the bedspread.
Ash slips the second finger in and slows down his hips even more. You let out a loud whimper and jolt forward thinking he’d spank you again. “S’ok, you can talk, is it too much?” He asks, a little worried that he’s pushed you too far.
“It’s so much stretch.” You whimper.
“I know babe, I want you used to it though. I want you ready for when I fill your ass with cum.” He says it almost soothingly.
“Oh fuck… I’m gonna… I’m… Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” You whine.
He immediately slips back into his more dom role and grips your hip hard again and starts to fuck you harder, working his fingers in and out of your tight ass, he spits to add lubrication. “You didn’t ask permission, slut. You’ll be punished.” He warns.
“P… pl…. please Daddy…. can… ca… can I…. cum?” You barely choke out.
“Admit you’re a slut.” He demands.
“I’m a dirty slut.” You pant.
“Good girl, you can cum.” He agrees.
You’re barely holding on as the orgasm floods your system and forces your body to go limp. All you can do is keep chanting “Daddy.”
“Oh fuck princess.” He pants. He pulls his fingers from your ass. “Keep squeezing my cock, slut, that’s so good.” Ash fucks you the hardest yet, not at all caring how you feel, as long as he gets off, and if you’re honest, you love how he’s using you.
His hips slow their assault on you and he grunts as he fills you with his cum. “Fuck… I can’t wait to see my cum drip from your pussy.” He moans. You feel him slowly pull out, and his cum is quick to start dripping. He uses both hands to spread you, running his fingers through the mixed juices and gently pushing them into you before pulling back completely. “Sit up, open your mouth.” He commands. You do as you’re told and he pushes his covered fingers in your mouth, his other hand closing around your throat. “Clean em, slut.” He says quietly, nipping at your ear lobe.
You expertly suck on and lick his fingers, moaning around them and looking in his eyes while doing so. His hand on your throat grips tighter as he watches you. “Such a good slut.” He whispers, “takin my cock so well and cleaning my fingers. Bet you’re good at sucking cock eh? We’re gonna find out.” Ash relieves the pressure of his hand around your throat and moves that hand to your chin. He pulls his fingers from your mouth and leans in to kiss you. Ash presses against you again, his chest to your back. “You’re so good… how has no one fucked you like this before.” He says, wrapping his arms around you. “You ok?” He asks, slipping out of the dom role for a moment.
You nod your head and he presses his lips to your neck. “Can we chill for a few?” You whisper.
“F’course. We’ve got all the time.” He kisses your shoulder. “I’ll be right back.” He mentions quietly. He comes back with water and a cloth to clean you up with. He notices the dazed look on your face. “Hey.” He pulls your attention. “You sure your ok? I was a bit rough with you.” He admits.
“Yeah… think so.” You nod.
“K. Let’s hang out for a bit before anything else.” He says, wiping between your thighs and handing you the water. He watches as you take a sip but you don’t really talk or say anything to him. You stare at him blankly as he looks at you. “Come lay with me.” He says quietly. You move, allowing him to pull the blanket down and you slide into bed next to him, he pulls you close, giving you no choice.
Ash doesn’t want to say anything but he recognizes the spaced off look in your eyes, and he definitely notices the lack of ability to form a coherent sentence. Your fingers draw absent minded shapes into his chest as your head lays upon it. He’s holding you tight against him, rubbing your back. “You were so so good.” He says quietly, smoothing your hair. “Took what I gave you and willing to take more. I couldn’t be happier babe.” He admits.
“Mmmhhh.” You hum.
Ash stays quiet for a while, just rubbing his hand along your back. He presses random kisses to the top of your head but you don’t ever say anything.
Some of his concern dissipates when you roll away from him, to the other side of the bed. He follows but doesn’t immediately press himself against you, instead he rests his hand on your hip.
You rest your hand on top of his and look over your shoulder. “Sorry, weird headspace.” You say quietly.
“No… I should have paid more attention to you, we should have talked about it more before I did that to you.”
“It’s fine Ash… I’m fine.” You assure him, rolling back over to face him. “Were you serious about sucking your cock though because I’m so into it.” You grin at him.
“I was serious about everything I wanted to do to you.” He chuckles. He rests his hand on the side of your face and leans in for a kiss. “But I think we’re gonna relax a little longer. This is all new to you, I don’t wanna push too hard.”
“Well, I’m already ruined for other men… just the size of you. Fucking Christ. The boys I date ain’t nothing next to you.”
He chuckles, and blushes a little. “I am curious, because you seemed ok with me touching you there... anal?”
“Never done it, but always been curious. There are few people I trust more than you so I figured if you wanted to, I’d let you.”
“IF we do, I’ll take it easy. Nothing like what we did a bit ago.” He confirms.
You nod, showing him you understand.
“I wanna fuckin taste you too. I’ve barely gotten to. Babe, you have no idea what you’ve always done to me.” He admits.
“Ash.” You whine at him. “I’ve always wanted you too, I just didn't know how to ask. How do you ask one of your best friends if you can fuck him.” You laugh.
“I struggled asking you.” He shrugged. “Today was just kinda perfect because I caught you playing.” He teases. He leans over and kisses you and it quickly turns into more. His hands become grabby, he’s not capable of just kissing you anymore.
You gently push him on his back and start kissing along his jaw and his scruff, down his neck and chest and he knows where it’s going and gets excited, his cock hardens beneath your body.
“I’ve always heard good things about your blow jobs.” He mutters.
“Yeah well, I’ve never done one on a dick this size so we’ll have to see…” you smirk.
“I’m sure you’ll do great, with that dirty mouth of yours princess.” He encourages.
You settle on your stomach and grab Ash’s dick in your hand, using your tongue to lick up the shaft, and swirl around the head. Ash watches intently as you sink your mouth down onto him. You pull off and look up at him, “will you hand me that hair tie?” You ask, pointing at the night stand.
He hands it to you and you sit up on your knees, putting your hair in a high messy bun and then you move back to your stomach and focus solely on giving Ash the best blow job that’s ever come from your mouth.
Ash lets you do your thing, not worrying about being his dominant self, he wanted to see what you’d get up to. He does help you a little, as you try to deep throat him, gently pushing your head further down his cock, “oh fuck you take it so well.” He praises. He’s very vocal through the whole process, letting you know what a good girl you are.
You pull off and pump his cock with your hand as you catch your breath. You happily go back to sucking and licking his cock, taking the time to suck on his balls.
“Fuck.” He grips your hair tight in his hand. “I’m gonna cum babe… want you to swallow.” He groans.
“F’course Daddy.” You say slyly, wrapping your lips around the tip and pumping his cock while you swirl your tongue and tease his slit. Ash cums and he cums a lot, you swallow it all down.
He reaches down and wraps his hand around the back of your head and pulls you up for a kiss. “Holy fuck.” He moans into the kiss. His lips move along your jaw to your ear as he holds you against him. “You naughty little slut.” He praises. “Suckin cock like a pro.” He bites your ear lobe and you whimper for him. “I am gonna fuck your tight little ass.” He promises, “but first I’m gonna eat your pussy.”
He flips you on your back and immediately his lips move down your body, teasing your nipples, sucking hickies into your hips. He pushes your legs wider apart and uses his fingers to hold your pussy open. “Fuckin hell, you’re so wet… did sucking my cock do this to you?” He asks, taking his first lick, hard over your swollen clit. You bite your lip and let out a noise of approval. “Pretty little pussy.” He hums before he starts to suck on your clit.
Your hands are gripped tight in the sheets as he pulls off with a slurp. You whimper. “Your body just keeps giving…” Ash admires. His hand is rubbing against your clit and he pushes your leg to spread you further. “You can touch me, princess. You don’t have to grip the sheets, id rather you pull my hair.”
“Yes Daddy.” You murmur, letting go of the sheets and moving a hand to his hair..
“Speak up princess, I didn’t hear you.” He slaps your pussy and you jolt and whimper.
“Yes Daddy.” You say louder. You can barely contain yourself otherwise, the moans are obscene as they fall from your lips.
“Much better.” He praises, going back to work on you with his mouth. He quickly figures out what feels best to you and he keeps doing it, and you cum against his mouth without him ever putting his fingers in you. He had more skill than anyone you’d ever been with.
You lay there panting, and his lips move up your body. The kisses become more gentle the closer he gets to your mouth. He very gently kisses you.
“You feeling better?” He asks, holding himself above you, kissing you.
“I am, actually.” You slide a hand around his back and pull him closer to you.
“We aren’t done yet.” He promises.
“I know.” You nod and kiss him, the nerves start building in your stomach. You’re totally cool with everything up to this point, but you know there’s still anal in your future, and you’d practically asked him to do it.
“We don’t have to do anything you’re not one thousand percent comfortable with.” He's checking on you. You’ve had a big day and you’ve agreed to let him have you in a way no one else has.
“Mmm.” You hum into the kiss.
“You got lube babe, we aren’t doing this without it.” He declares.
“Bathroom. Top drawer on the right.” You explain.
“K. I’ll be right back.” He presses his lips to yours.
Ash comes back with the tube of lube, a towel and a smirk on his face. “If id ever opened that drawer, I would have know exactly how much you weren’t getting. Got enough toys babe?” He laughs.
“Clearly not, if I still wasn’t able to get myself off.” You snark at him.
“You tried all of those?” He asks.
“Yep.” You nod.
Ash starts to arrange pillows, throwing the towel down over them. “Why don’t you just call me next time?” He says it so nonchalantly.
“Well maybe I will. I didn’t know it’d be an option.”
“C’mere.” Ash pats the side of the bed. You make your way over to him and he leans in and kisses you. “You sure about this?” You nod. “You tired?”
“A little bit.” You confirm. He looks at you a little longer, “Yeah, actually, really tired.” You admit.
“We’re gonna take this slow.” He kisses you again and then rests his hand on the side of your neck to look at you and make sure you understand. He watches your eyes. “I’m gonna open you up a bit more, with my fingers. If at any point you don’t like it or it’s uncomfortable you let me know. You can just say stop, we’re not even worrying about the safe word right now.” He presses his lips to yours. “I’ll let you know, before I’m looking to put my cock in you. Just… it’s gonna be important for you to communicate with me. You’re likely going to hit that weird headspace again. I'm here for you though, babe. We can stop at any time.”
“Ok Ash.” You nod in agreement, pushing your lips to his again. Ash kisses you hard at first, gently biting your lip.
“K. This is gonna be pretty uncomfortable, so let’s get you comfortable.” He lets you go. “Hips over the pillows babe, get situated where you want. I’m probably gonna stand right here when we get into you.” He explains. You situate yourself on your stomach, using that information. He rubs both hands over the back of your thighs and then up over your ass, he gently grips it, knowing you must be sore from all the spanking. He sits on the bed next to you and you look at him, he leans over and starts kissing you. “Relax babe, like I said, we don’t have to, it can stop at any time.” He reiterates.
“I know. I’m not likely to ever be this into it again. I’ve cum 3 times and I feel so good right now.” You admit. You grab his hand, “I trust you.”
Ash lays next you, his hand caresses your back as he kisses you, he just wants you to relax some. He pulls away for a moment, you watch as he pops open the lube and lubes his fingers. “Mmk. This should at least be better than just my spit earlier.” He starts with two fingers, knowing you can take it. “Relax.” He reminds you, pushing his lips to your shoulder. He gets them about halfway in and you turn your face away and whimper. “Want me to stop?”
“Ash, I’m trusting you, you have to trust that I’ll say when it’s too much. I’ll tell you to stop if I mean stop.” You insist.
“Ok.” He nods, his fingers push further into you, and you let out another whimper. He lays down next to you, “focus on me.” He whispers, pressing his lips to yours.
Your hand wraps around his upper arm and you squeeze it as he slowly starts to pull his fingers out. And he gently pushes back in. He spends around five minutes doing this, occasionally moving his fingers a different way, or spreading them to stretch you more. He’s kissing you the whole time. “Baby, you ready?” He asks finally.
“Uh-huh. Yeah.” You agree. He kisses you again.
He pulls his fingers out and wipes them on the towel. He grabs the lube and slicks his cock with it. You feel the bed shift and Ash gently repositions you, pulling you slightly closer. One hand grabs your hip, and you turn to face forward instead of watching. He positions himself against you, holding his cock against your ass. “Mmk babe. Relax.” He gently pushes in, pushing until he bottoms out. “Tell me when.” He says quietly. He rubs his hands soothingly along your skin, your thighs, your back.
“Ash.” You reach your hand back and he slips his into yours. “Thank you.” You whisper. “You can move… SLOW.”
“I know.” He says quietly. His hips move slowly, as he begins to work into and out of you. “How’s it feel?” He asks, clearly holding back a moan.
“All I feel is stretch.” You whimper.
He slips his hand under you, fingers gently rubbing your clit. The next whimper from your lips is a little less pained. “Better?” He ask.
“Uh-huh.” You moan out.
“Can I move more?” He asks, you let go of his hand and grip the blankets, nodding your head.
Ash watches you, as you go from cautious to seeming to fully enjoy yourself, you push back on him a bit and he knows you’ve reached that point. Your legs shake as you orgasm for him again, the fourth time today.
He cums shortly after spilling into your ass. “Fuuuck. Baby girl.” He praises. He leans over you pressing kisses down your back, taking your mind off the fact he was about to pull out and possibly leave you in a world of hurt. His fingers pressed harder against your clit as he pulled out.
You let out the loudest gasp, biting the bed spread. “Ash!” You whimper.
“I know baby, that’s the worst once you get used to the stretch.” He hums. His lips press along your shoulders. He falls to the bed next to you, “C’mere.” He pulls you tight to him, pulling the towel with you to catch any spilling cum. He presses his lips to your forehead, then the tip of your nose and lastly your lips. “We should get cleaned up.” He hums.
“You don’t have to stay and take care of me Ash. You’ve held up your end of the deal.” You whisper, closing your eyes.
“Actually I do. I do something like we did today with you and I have a responsibility to make sure you’re ok.”
“K… m’tired though…. exhausted.” You yawn.
“I know.” Ash whispers, kissing your forehead. “You did so fucking good for me today princess.” He whispers.
“Can we do this again?” You mumble, cuddling into his chest.
“Not tonight.” He laughs. “But sometime, yes.”
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lord-explosion-baku · a year ago
Vampire!Shinsou x fem!reader
warnings: none yet. swearing. (Shinsou probably gets a little obsessive or possessive because of how vampires can be)
A/N: Oh boy here I got throwing a fic out here while I definitely have other shit I need to work on. I just love... vampires. Manipulation and bloodlust and shit. Can’t get better than a good ol’ fashioned vampire story in my book. I’m stoked. (This might have a little Kirishima action eventually. It might even have a little KamiSero action. I’m a mess and I love these boys)
Opia: The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable. 
Night One
You could feel all the molecules in your body vibrating—pulling you before your brain could even register that you were moving towards the center of the room where you first laid eyes on him. 
He sat on the loveseat Kaminari got for fifty bucks at a garage sale and glanced up at you with mesmerizing, indigo irises that nearly glowed in stark contrast to the bruise-like shadows underneath his eyes. Ropes of wooden beaded necklaces hung off his neck and fell into a loose bastion shirt that exposed sharp, impressive collarbones. He looked like someone ripped out of time and placed at this musky party full of hormonal hoodrats and masculine menaces. He was a prince among men: pale, handsome, and perfect in a sort of haven’t-slept-in-one-hundred-years sort of way. 
He raised one neatly cut eyebrow at you, the corner of his mouth twitching up when he caught you blushing after you realized you were staring, and at once, everything in your mind went blank aside from one simple command: 
‘Come here.’
Your feet took two automatic steps towards the couch as you stared bashfully at the man smirking up at you. He spread his thighs apart, his long legs making it so there was no way you could comfortably sit next to him, but in that moment, you didn’t want to be next to him; his lap seemed a little too inviting and you wanted to be on top of him. You thought for a moment that after his hand slid over the top of his lap, you saw his ringed thumb tap down on himself. An invitation. 
The voice inside your head dripped like honey: enticing, sweet, and irresistible. You could tell that your hands were sweaty when you reached up to nervously pull at your jacket strings. Your natural instincts were telling you to turn on your heel and leave, maybe even go home, but the voice flooded you with warmth and reassurance; it told you that you were not in any danger. And why would you be? You were at a party, surrounded by people, and all you were doing was approaching a cute boy sitting alone on a couch. 
Your knees were now a hair away from purple-haired-couch-kid’s and you felt stupid for not being able to say anything to him, but the only thing your mind was telling you to do was to climb into his lap! You scrambled to recall the normal way people greet people, and it only got harder when the guy looked you up and down like you were something to be eaten. 
You clutched down on your plastic cup and gulped harshly. “Hel-!”
“Looks like you could use more beer!” Came the friendly bark from Eijirou Kirishima, one of the kids who was renting a room in the house you were in. He tipped his bottle into your cup, filling it halfway full. He didn’t have any nasty intentions in doing so; Kirishima was just the kind of guy that would want to satiate a friend if he saw that they were thirsty. 
“Thanks,” you said, cheeks burning as you took a step away from the couch-kid. You were a bit peeved by Kirishima’s interruption, but it wasn’t like there was anything to interrupt to begin with. You couldn’t choke out a simple ‘hello’ to the stranger. 
Stealing a glance back down to him, you saw that the purple-haired guy didn’t look too pleased about Kirishima being there either. Kirishima didn’t seem to even notice him sitting there while he rolled an arm around your shoulders. 
“Hey, have you seen Sero?” Kirishima asked, walking you towards a wall where the two of you could better hear each other over the thumping music that shook beneath your toes. 
“Um, yeah.” The last time you’d seen Hanta Sero, he was duct-taping another tenant, Denki Kaminari, to a rolling table so Kaminari could drink from a tap upside down. “He’s with Denki.” 
Kirishima’s brows knitted together. “Behaving?” 
“What do you think?” You laughed, resisting the urge to look over Kirishima’s shoulder to see the couch. You didn’t want to make it too obvious that your interests were somewhere else entirely. Kirishima was a good guy who deserved your attention.
“Aw, man… We’re really trying to keep this party tame. We don’t want the cops called on us again.”
Just then, a crash sounded in the backyard followed by the tinkling of shattered glass. Kirishima cursed under his breath and then covered his mouth, ashamed to be using foul language in front of you. You shook your head. 
“You doin’ alright, Kiri?” 
“‘m fine. Just a little stressed is all. Kaminari promised he’d be better at keeping order around here. I didn’t even wanna have a party. Well, no, that’s a lie, but-“
Another crash came from the room where Sero had Kaminari taped up. Hoots and guffaws told you that they thought that whatever they were breaking was a riot- the wincing Kirishima apparently thought otherwise. 
“Do you need help?” You offered. 
“No… I couldn’t ask you to do anything around here. It’s Kami’s job.” 
“I’ll tell you what. Let me clean up outside and you can bring Denki out to see me doing his chores. I promise I can make myself look extra solemn over it, too.” 
Kirishima pursed his lips, looking like a puppy with a treat dangling over his head. “You don’t… have to,” he sided unconvincingly. 
You grinned. “Let me clean and in return, you can introduce me to the hottie with the purple hair.” 
Kirishima scratched his head. “Jirou?” 
You rolled your eyes and hit his shoulder. He snickered and bounded off into the other room. 
After gathering a broom and dustpan, you made your way to the backyard, trying unsuccessfully to peek through the window to see if the purple-haired-couch-kid was still on the couch, but people filed into the house to see what all the ruckus Sero and Kaminari caused was about. You thought yourself stupid for thinking too hard about this random guy, but you found that the more his sleep-ridden eyes whirled around your head, the more you wanted to see them again. This rarely happened. You didn’t go to parties to hookup... anymore. Hell, you hardly ever went to parties at all anymore. You just wanted to see and catch up with a few friends, and from what you could tell, they were just as disastrous as usual. You weren’t counting on becoming so drawn to another human being, but it seemed as if you were beyond all help. 
Kirishima towed Kaminari out to the back just as you were sweeping the last of the many glass shards that were strewn across the patio floor. You put on your very best going-out-of-my-way-because-I-care-for-you-not-because-I-want-to face, wiped theatrically at your forehead, and let out an over-dramatic sigh. Kaminari bought your act immediately. 
“Babe, you didn’t have to do that!” The drunken blonde rushed to take the broom out of your hands and swept at nothing but dust. “I’m real sorry about this. Lemme clean the rest!”
Sero slumped behind Kirishima, throwing an arm around the redhead while he took a swig from his drink. He said, “she wouldn’t have to clean up messes for ya if you weren’t busy dicking around on the table.”
“You put me there!” Kaminari complained, as if he didn’t suggest that Sero tape him up in the first place. 
“Excuses, excuses!” Sero tutted back and took another long gulp of his beer, emptying the bottle. 
“He’s right,” Kirishima said to Sero, “you’re lucky I don’t throw both of your asses out on the street- I wouldn’t do that in the presence of an angel.” Kirishima sent you a wink. 
You snorted. “I’m far from angelic. I’m exchanging hard labor for boys.” 
Sero raised his bottle, a blush apparent on his cheeks. “I’m a boy.” 
With his broom still in hand, Kaminari snaked his arm around your waist and pulled you against him. “I, too, am a boy.” 
Sero clicked his tongue. 
Kirishima, your knight in shining armor, grabbed your hand and ushered you away from Kaminari’s advances. “And I am a man that happens to know that this lil’ lady has no interest in either of you numbskulls.”
“Ha!” Kaminari pointed a wobbly finger at Sero. “He called you a numbskull!” 
“He called you a numbskull, too, jaggoff,” Sero muttered under his breath as you and Kirishima slid past him. 
While Kirishima pulled you in through the thrum of partygoers, you could feel your pulse quicken in anticipation. It was a ludicrous concept—getting this excited about seeing a guy who you didn’t even know never made you this anxious in the past, but there was something about the way he looked at you. It was like he wanted you, but he wanted… more than what you could offer, too. The thought made you want to give everything to him. What in the raging hell was wrong with you? 
“C’mon, show me who you were talkin’ about,” Kirishima prompted, interrupting your train of thought. You were about to point at the kid on the couch, but when you saw him again, your heart fell. 
There was a girl in front of him. By the look of her pretty, sleek-black hair, you could tell that it was something-something Kodai. You didn’t know her well, but you knew that guys found her hot. Hell, you thought she was, too, but in that moment, you couldn’t focus on how hot Yui Kodai was—you were all-consumed by a sharp, raging jealousy you didn’t think you’d ever experienced before. 
Purple-haired-couch-kid peered up at her with disinterest, a good sign, but he had his hands on her hips, the worst sign! You felt your cheeks burn as you watched Yui sink into his lap, her hands pressed up against his ivory chest.
And then those indigo irises landed on you. 
‘Too bad,’ that sultry voice drawled out in your head with mock-sympathy. ‘You snooze, you lose.’
When he pulled the back of Kodai’s hand to his lips, you had to force yourself to look away. 
“You good?” Kirishima asked, not seeming to notice the two people getting a little too intimate in the middle of the room. 
“Yeah. Fine,” you lied, not understanding why you had to lie to begin with. You couldn’t help the pessimism from crawling across your skin while you tried and failed not to think about how this whole scenario could have been avoided. You battled the concept that if you had just said hello to him from the start—
No. Screw that. 
You had to think better for yourself. The thought of fighting for a guy’s attention was repulsive. 
“You sure?” Kirishima frowned at you, and honestly, bless him. Most people wouldn’t be as attentive as he was.
“Yeah,” you assured, “I just decided that I didn’t wanna waste my night on boys.”
“Smart move,” Kirishima chuckled, once again throwing his arm around your shoulders. “And besides, who needs boys when you’re in the presence of a man?” 
“You’re right-“ you leaned into him. “Who needs ‘em?” 
‘Need and want can be vastly dissimilar concepts.’
That loquacious purring reverberated inside your head had your skin prickling. You fought the urge to turn back to him with Yui Kodai sitting in his lap. You weren’t so much of a voyeur as you were strictly curious... or burning with envy. Who’s to say you weren’t just some rapidly jealous pervert? You hummed and Kirishima took that as an invitation to slip his hand down to the small of your back. 
‘He’s not who you want.’
Kirishima’s cheeks were dusted in pink when you looked up to him. He grinned, covered his sharp teeth, looked away, and looked back at you. He was sweet, handsome, and you always enjoyed hanging around him, but you were clouded with guilt. You didn’t want to be around him at the moment. You didn’t want to be around anybody, really. 
‘To be fair, I don’t want this little lady, either. Her aroma is very… plain.’
The voice was getting too weird to ignore. This wasn’t just your long-repressed, touch-starved imagination. This wasn’t you at all. It was him. It had to be him.  
‘But we all must endure some more unpalatable necessities to survive, right?’
No, no, that was crazy. Throwing your dignity out the window, you decided to look back—just for a moment—just to see him. Once you could get over your sudden and assertive heartache and move on, you’d be cured of your swiftly acclimating insanity. 
You couldn’t have been more wrong. 
Because the moment you turned to face Kaminari’s ugly garage sale couch was the moment you saw purple-haired-couch-kid bite into Yui Kodai’s wrist.
Night Two
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Mexican Margaritas (Lesley Fic)
Tumblr media
Summary: Where Reader meets sunshine personified in the form of Lesley Smith-Juniment, and they help each other through their break ups.
A/N: Okay, so I had to make this for the lovely @rileysann​ . After watching Hot Air, I just couldn’t help but think that Lesley deserved to be spoiled and chased after, and I felt like he didn’t get that enough with Summer. So here is my take on the perfect woman for Lesley Smith-Juniment (it’s you!). Couple: Lesley Smith-Juniment/Fem!Reader Category: Smut (NSFW) Content Warning: Alcohol, oral (male receiving), penetrative sex Word Count: 5.6k
The appeal of large scale resorts in foreign countries is the comfort of feeling that you aren’t as far from home as you really are. I knew that when I booked it, since they called it the home away from home, emphasizing the bastardization of a culture to fit into American ideals. That should have been enough of a reason to pick some other place to stay, but it still wasn’t the one that I was pondering over a weak margarita in the lobby of a hotel that had way too many fluorescent lights.
Why did I pick somewhere similar to my home when I wanted to get away? That was the thought that consumed me, drowning out the cheesy pickup lines I’d heard from the few men who approached me despite my horrible case of resting bitch face. Still, I continued to scan the crowd for someone who looked as miserable as I did, but in a more compatible way.
After nearly 3 hours, I found what I was looking for. Across the bar I saw a man, his chin resting on a hand propped up on the bar top. He had a far off look in his eyes that I recognized, and I decided that I had to talk to him.
It wasn’t just out of a selfish desire to cheer someone else up so that I wouldn’t be as miserable – something about the look on his face just screamed for my attention. Of course, I was probably just imagining that to justify my decision to talk to him. Because if I was really being honest with myself, the decision was probably more based on the fact he was, by far, the cutest guy I’d seen in months. Possibly my whole life.
“Did you just get laid off or dumped?”
The man nearly fell out of his chair, my presence taking him by surprise despite my having sat beside him long enough to order two more terrible margaritas.
“How did you know?” He asked cautiously, his eyes roving up and down my figure in the most shameless fashion.
I’m guessing dumped.
“Why else would you come here alone?” I gestured to the bar, hoping that he also understood it to be a broader statement than that. He was in the resort, so he must also be a tourist. No one who actually lived here would come somewhere this boring.
“Ah. I’m actually not alone. I came to visit my dad but then he... left with some woman.” He sounded embarrassed the more he explained, scratching the back of his head and leaning back. “So now I’m…”
My eyebrows jumped as I stared at him. Subconsciously mirroring his posture, behind a hand on my chin, I waited for him to reach the same conclusion I had already pointed out.
“Yeah, I guess I am alone.” The sadness in his eyes was back, and it looked way worse up close.
I nudged one of the drinks over to him. He just stared at it, so I kept going until it almost fell off the edge. When he finally picked it up, I smiled.
“Not anymore you aren’t.” I held out my hand to him with a tired smile. “I’m (y/n).”
“Lesley Smith-Juniment.” He answered, taking my hand in his. The only thing I could think about was how massive it seemed in comparison to my own, followed by how eerily soft it was. Not to mention the fact that despite how warm he was, he wasn’t clammy in the slightest.
He was like… sunshine personified.
But the most rewarding thing wasn’t the handshake he gave or watching him take his first sip of the margarita and cringe, it was the way his demeanor changed. Like the longer we sat together, the more alive he became.
“You know how people say a name rolls off the tongue?”
“Yeah?” He hesitated, chasing after his straw with his tongue and still failing to get it in his mouth. Even when he struggled, he was adorable.  
“Yours does not.”
As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized that it might have been a little too mean for a guy who already looked so sad. But luckily for me, he laughed. It started as a small chuckle at first, but soon after the smile took up most of his face.
“Thanks.” He said, stirring the drink in front of him. I smiled at his reactions when he tried to sip it again. He either really hated tequila, or he was a complete lightweight. Either way, it was cute to see him try to drink it for my benefit.  
“So, Lesley Smith-Juniment. You’re only sort of here alone, but I was still right about one of those two things.” I announced, plucking the tiny umbrella from the top of my drink and twirling it between my fingers.
“Yeah. Although I’m not sure if I was dumped, or if I dumped her, or it it was a mutual thing.” He sighed before he finished in an entirely different octave, “You know what I mean?”
I unfortunately did, but I didn’t want to dwell on that. I hadn't asked him to hear him talk about it, although I could see why he got that impression. I wanted to know because, depending on his answer, I could employ either of two very different strategies.
“Mmm you were definitely dumped.” I teased, knocking my shin against his leg.
“Oh, thanks for that.” He chuckled again, trying to downplay the smile that resisted his efforts. Although he stared down at the counter, I still saw his eyes flitter up to my every few seconds.
“Well. You’re cute. You seem funny. Considering your clothes are both expensive and poorly styled, I’m guessing you are smart and have money.” I gestured to his outfit, which, if I had to guess, was chosen by him. No girl would have put him in this. He was way too cute to hide behind such boring clothes.
Lesley was distracted, hyper-focused on his outfit now rather than the question I only then realized I hadn’t specified.
“So what happened?”
“Did you just simultaneously compliment and insult me?” He answered, instead, a playful pout on his lips.
“We can fix poor styling.” As if you demonstrate my point, I tucked the small toothpick umbrella behind his ear. Fluffing his hair around it was enough to wipe the pout from his face. “And don’t avoid my question.”  
“Right. Well, it turns out... that proposing to a girl at her wedding might not be the best idea.”
I waited a minute before I responded, mostly to see if he was being serious. It appeared so, which only made me question this poor kid’s sanity even more. “Hmm... I can see why.”
But if that wasn’t already enough, he continued with a blank stare forward, “It also probably didn’t help that the FBI was chasing my dad, who was with me after faking his death, and then later escaped in a hot air balloon.”
Closing my mouth before he realized it was hanging open, I had to laugh at the fact he said those things with such ease.
“Wow, that’s crazy! That’s exactly how I got here!” I joked.
He didn’t get it. With the most incredulous look I’d ever seen, he whispered “... What?”
Naturally, that only made me laugh harder. “I’m kidding!” I shouted, pushing him gently on the shoulder and apparently misjudging our relative strengths, because he almost fell out of his chair. “I’m here on vacation, you dork.”
“Oh! That makes... way more sense, yeah.” He nervously replied, taking another drink and finally succeeding in not recoiling at the taste.
Deciding that was the perfect time to fuck with him, I bit on my bottom lip as I mumbled. “With my fiancé, actually.”
Lesley choked on the drink, shaking his head and grabbing hold of the counter to stop himself from falling from the chair. “Wait. Are you being serious?”
The complete and utter devastation in his voice was hysterical. There was an incredible gullibility and sincerity in everything he did. If I wasn’t careful, I could see myself falling in love with this idiotic goofball.
“No!” I laughed, chasing my straw with my tongue similar to how he had a few minutes prior. In his defense, it was harder than I remembered it being.
“Oh, thank god.” He said with a sigh.
After that, there was a comfortable silence as we both returned to the liquid courage sitting in front of us. It wasn’t that long, though, and before I noticed that I was thinking out loud, the question had already left my lips.
“Did she say yes?”  
“No.” He replied quickly, and underneath the surface of his sweet cadence was the closest I’d seen to anger. Not quite rage, but more a general frustration that accompanied the worst kind of heartbreak. “She didn’t say yes the next time, either. And I promise that one was normal.”
Even though we’d just met each other, I felt like I'd known him all my life. Maybe it was just how open he was with the strange woman at the bar, or maybe it was just me wanting to see something where there was nothing. But there was one thing I was certain of: Lesley Smith-Juniment deserved better than being sad and angry.  
“Well... her loss.” I swung my leg forward again, this time locking between his with my foot. It wasn’t much, but I liked being closer to him. Although, to be fair, I really wanted to touch his hands again. But I would save that for later.
“Thanks.” He muttered. I was almost disappointed, seeing that distance in his features even as I played footsie with him, but before I could retreat, I was pleasantly surprised to see him come back to me, slowly and carefully. “Why are you here, by the way? Did you come here with someone else?”
I blew out a deep breath, tilting my head back and forth as I tried to describe my situation without getting too far into the nitty gritty. I definitely couldn’t outdo his story, so anything I said would pale in comparison.
“You know, same kind of story. Had my heart broken and wanted to fill the void.”
The honesty seemed to reach him better than anything else, and I thanked the stars that I was still capable of the required vulnerability. It wasn’t much, but the warmth of Lesley alone managed to thaw some of the ice that had formed over my heart. I’d barely even noticed it was there before him, but I certainly noticed its absence.
“Did it work?” He asked, seemingly reading my thoughts.
“Not yet.” I answered just as truthfully, finally reaching a hand out to take his. He jumped at the contact, his eyes flickering everywhere but my face. Shaking my head at his nervous he looked, I laughed for what felt like the millionth time that night. “But I’m getting there.”
He beamed at the answer, his minuscule ego growing like the Grinch’s heart in that silly Dr. Seuss story. “Do you want to dance with me?” He said it like a dare, turning his hand under mine so that our palms were pressed together. Without waiting for any other sign from me, he interlocked our fingers when he preemptively defended himself. “I might not look it, but I’m actually pretty good at it.”
“Good, cause I’m not.” I responded, jumping down from my seat. He didn’t have time to stand gracefully, as I yanked him off the chair and into the fray on the dance floor as quickly as possible.
I couldn’t have told you what era of music they were playing, but it was clearly some terrible theme night. If it had been anyone else, I wouldn’t have been caught dead dancing among the tourists. But it was fun. Lesley wasn’t completely lying — He could dance better than me, although not by much. It was honestly a pretty low bar when it came to this kind of music.
Any embarrassment was quickly discarded with the way he looked at me. Because in those kind light brown eyes, I saw a joy that I wanted so badly to take credit for. I wanted to make him happy; to see him smiling and laughing and forgetting whatever her name was.
And it seemed like I got my wish, because when the music began to slow down, he snaked his arm around my lower back, pulling me flush against him. I couldn’t have looked up at him if I wanted to (which I did), because he had his lips essentially pressed against my ear when he spoke. “I’ve only known you for like an hour and you’re already lying to me...”
The feeling of his breath over my jaw sent a shiver down my spine, and it took my words with it.
“You can dance.” He clarified, the two of us swaying among a sea of people that felt so far away. In his arms, I swore I was transported to an alternate reality that was composed of just the two of us.
“I’m just following your lead.”
When he pulled away from me, I noticed for the first time just how chilly the air in a packed nightclub could feel. There was nothing as satisfying or comforting as Lesley holding me.
“I don’t know, so far it’s all been you.” He joked, chewing on his bottom lip as he glanced down at my mouth. It was the most forward he’d been so far, and I was more than happy to reward that. Still, recognizing that he wasn’t going to make the move until he was absolutely certain, I ran my hands through his hair before I offered him the permission he sought.
“Do you want to change that?”
He didn’t wait to answer the question, his lips falling onto mine without any hesitation. They were somehow even softer than his hands, which were now pressing hard against my back, practically lifting me off the ground in his insistence.
My hands tangled in his hair, holding him in place as I deepened the kiss. His breathing got heavy so quickly, and I was sure if the other people hadn't been  there, he would have tackled me onto the ground right there. The poor touch-starved boy could barely stop himself, and I wasn’t going to try to, either.
The only thing that managed to distract me from the kiss was the bulge that pressed against my lower stomach. At first, he tried to hide it, backing away from me before I grabbed his belt loop and pulled him back to me. Once I had exhausted everything we could do in public, I used the same loop on his pants to guide him out of the lobby and onto the elevator.
Without even asking, he hit a button. I wasn’t going to object to going to his room, just glad that I wouldn’t have to kick him out if things went poorly. But then again, I seriously doubted that it could go bad in any sense of the word. We were practically attached at the hip, and I pressed him against the wall of the elevator for the very short trip. He didn’t complain, though, and in our excitement, we nearly missed our stop.
Stumbling through the dizzying patterns of the hallway, Lesley almost dropped his keycard when he went to unlock his door. Absolutely nothing about this man was graceful, and I knew then that I would be the one calling the shots as soon as that door closed behind us. And sure enough, as soon as it clicked, our mouths broke apart clumsily.
“I’ve never done this before.” He admitted quietly.
“What? You’re a virgin?” My hands jumped off of him so fast, and it made me feel terrible. But in my defense, I would not have been that surprised, and it’s not like I wouldn’t have necessarily slept with him, anyway — I just thought it was an important thing to clarify before we went any further.
Thankfully, he clarified in the squeakiest voice I’d ever heard from a full grown man. “What? No! I meant a one night stand!”
“You don’t know that’s what this is yet.” I pointed out. “I don’t know about you, but I’m here for three more days. And if you make it worth my time…” It felt wrong to use crude language in his presence, even with my intentions being anything but innocent. So instead of telling him exactly what I wanted to do to him, I cupped him through his pants.
The moan he gave in response was the exact opposite of what I was expecting. It wasn’t high pitched or breathy; it was a deep, low groan.
“Shit.” He cursed, backing me against the wall just so he could hold himself up with one arm. The other was still wrapped around me, trying to hold our bodies as close together as possible without stopping my hand from palming him through his jeans.
When he stopped moving, his eyes clenched shut and his breath shallow, I paused. “Do you want to stop?” I tried to make it clear in those few little words that he could tell me to stop if he really wanted. Although he claimed not to be a virgin, it was obvious without needing to be voiced  that this wasn’t something he made a habit of.
“God, no.” He gasped, bucking his hips against my hand in an adorably submissive act. He could hold me against a wall all he wanted, but if he was going to rut against my hand he might as well have let me step on him.
“Take off your pants.” I ordered, and he followed suit. Well, he tried to. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought this man had never worn a pair of jeans in his life. He was struggling so hard with the zipper; I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. It was mean, but he was just too fucking cute.
I swatted his hands away, taking over and quickly stripping him of the pants. “You weren’t kidding when you said you don’t do this.” I teased, earning another little pout from the boy.
“I’m so sorry.” He didn’t need to be, and it was endearing to think that he felt the need to apologize. If anything, his relative innocence just made me want to spoil him even more. As if his guilt and low self-esteem wasn’t reasons enough, he had to lay flattery on top of it, too.
“You’re just so beautiful and every time you touch me, I can’t function.”
The compliment went straight to my head, and I knew exactly what I needed to do with the newfound confidence. “You’d better prepare yourself for this next part, then.”
He was about to ask why, but once I dropped to my knees, dragging his pants down with me, he figured it out pretty quickly. There wasn’t a single second of silence, his mouth filled with whispered curses, pants, and whimpers as I pulled his boxers down to join his discarded pants on the floor.
I didn’t waste a second longer, dragging my tongue up his cock before closing my lips over the head. Lavishing the tip with my tongue, I played a game with myself to see just how many different noises I could elicit from him. So far, they were all beautiful and fueled my own desire without him needing to touch me at all.
When I started to take him into my mouth, he had one hand on the wall to stop himself from falling forward. The other, though, hovered over my head. Once again, his manners knew no bounds. But I wanted to see if he would grab it himself, so I didn’t do anything about it at first.
Instead, I focused on setting a slow bobbing rhythm, each time taking more of him into my mouth until I felt him at the back of my throat. When I started to gag, his hand finally touched me. He gripped my hair tighter than I expected, and to my surprise, he held me against him rather than pull me off him at the sound.
That was even more provocative, to see him throw any concerns to the wind to keep me from stopping what I was doing. It was exactly what I wanted — for him to lose control. Lesley did not disappoint, his hips starting to move in tandem with my mouth. Over time, though, the grip on my hair loosened and eventually released altogether. He used the hand to gently stroke my hair instead.
His noises became more plentiful, and before I knew it, his entire demeanor changed. He tugged on my hair so hard, I almost hit my head against the wall.
“Oh god, I’m sorry.” He panted, his shoulders heaving with each breath. “You have to stop.”
Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I tried not to take offense to the way he spoke with such urgency. I knew for a fact that he was enjoying himself, and I really didn’t want to leave yet. I didn’t want to stop until he had finally let go of all the tension he carried in his hands. Even just the thought of them touching me was too much to bear.
“I’m sorry. You are very good at that. Like, very, very good at it and... if you don’t stop I won’t be able to...” He explained, looking down at me resting patiently on my knees on the shitty hotel carpet.
“You don’t have to fuck me. I’m perfectly happy ending the night like this.” I only sort of lied. It was possible for me to relieve him of his tension and cause him to let go purely with my mouth, but I would have been lying if I'd said I didn’t want to feel what else he was capable of, too.
“No! I... want to.” He assured me, moving to offer me his hands and helping me stand, which I did on wobbly legs.
Once I stabilized, I cleared my throat, looking up at him with a clever grin. “Want to what?”
“I want to f-fuck you.” He stuttered, the word sounding much too crude on his tongue. It obviously pained him to use speak with such depravity. That was fine, though; I didn’t need him to talk.
“Lay down.” I commanded, pushing him back and watching him tumble onto the bed. He complied with my instructions, tearing his shirt off while I dug into my purse. I swore I heard him sigh in relief when I pulled out a condom before I approached him. I tossed it on the bed next to him before I took to removing my dress. It wasn’t as slow and seductive as I would have liked, but he seemed to enjoy the show, nonetheless.
I was planning on putting the condom on for him, but by the time I got to him it was already on. Considering what he'd told me of his parentage, I guess I understood why he would be a bit of a control freak with that. But it spoke to another problem I’d discovered over the course of the night.
“You know what, Lesley... I’m very disappointed in how neglected you are.” I purred, climbing on top of him on all fours. When my face hung over his, I saw the amazement sparkling in his eyes that begged me to continue with the shameless attention. “You’re such a sweet boy. You deserve to be spoiled.”
Without another word, I started to sink down onto him. The sudden sensation must have surprised him, because his fingers dug into my hips so tightly that I knew they would leave marks. He arched his back so deeply that our chests pressed together, his head thrown back among the pillows.
“Does that feel good, baby?” I cooed, lifting a hand to trail down his jaw and neck. I cupped his chin, forcing him to look at me as I came to rest against his hips. Before he could answer, I started to roll my hips over him, making sure to keep him fully sheathed within me.
“How are you even real?” He groaned, struggling to keep his eyes open as a sheen of sweat formed over his brow. The soft twitches of his hips told me that he was still holding himself back, but I would let it slide for a little longer while he adjusted to the feeling of being inside me.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
I kept saying that I wanted Lesley to lose control, but I was the one who did it first. It certainly wasn’t my first time going for a ride, but something about the way his soft hands dragged against my skin so harshly made me feel like I was on fire. He was the perfect paradox of gentle violence, each motion he made calculated with just enough pressure to force moans from my chest.
“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” He growled into my neck between kisses against the sensitive underside of my jaw. It was my turn to whimper, enjoying the praise he delivered with such blatant affection. His hands worked their way up to my breasts, kneading them tenderly as he continued to whisper sweet nothings into my skin. At least, they were sweet until they weren’t, his voice growing dark as he dragged his teeth across my collarbone. “I want to feel you come on my dick.”
The lewd language coming from him caused goosebumps to spread over my heated skin, and my hips fell against him hard, a loud moan reverberating through the room. Any pause would have been short lived, and I would have happily continued riding him with all the feelings I’d repressed for months, but Lesley had other ideas.
I didn’t realize what was happening until my back hit the sheets. He had turned us over so fast I was dizzy from the sudden shift. And by the time the world looked straight again, he had set a brutal pace thrusting into me.
“Fuck!” I sobbed, my legs shaking in his hands as he lifted them to wrap around his back. The new angle allowed him to fill me completely, which he did happily. Soon enough, he had lowered himself so that our faces were inches apart again.
“You want to take charge again, baby?” I giggled through the gasps, and my body was unable to stay still as he plowed into me with more force than someone so sweet should have been capable of.
“No, not exactly.” He breathily replied, his face cupping my cheek before he smiled. “I just really wanted to kiss you.”
I couldn’t reply to him because I had fucking butterflies. He didn’t wait for a response, either, claiming my mouth with passionate open-mouthed kisses. His tongue slid against mine with a skill that made me question what other things it could be used for. It was overwhelming, and for a long moment I forgot that I’d only known him for a few hours. It felt like so much longer; it felt like a lifetime of waiting had led me here, to some shitty resort in the middle of Mexico, three margaritas deep and in the bed of Lesley Smith-Juniment.
I didn’t want to be anywhere else.
My breathing was shallow, my mouth unable to stay connected with his as the moans got higher pitched. He sensed my desperation and offered reprieve in the form of his hand dropping to where our bodies met. I almost stopped him, but I realized it would be a futile effort. The look in his eyes told me that he was fully planning on carrying through with his previous desire.
It didn’t take any effort whatsoever on my part for me to come undone. My body craved his touch so badly that seconds after he began rubbing small circles against me, I was already gone. All of my muscles tensed around him, trying to force him impossibly deeper into me.
He fed off of my enthusiasm, burying his face in my neck and bottoming out inside me at the same time my walls began to flutter around him, begging him to join me over the edge. Which he did, with a low moan muffled against the skin he’d covered in marks. And although he was wearing a condom, I could still feel the gentle throbbing as he found his release.
It felt more like home than any other man I’d ever slept with. It felt safe, comfortable, and peaceful in his arms. Even as we were drenched in sweat and his whole body weight was dropped on top of my oxygen-starved self, I couldn’t bear to pull away. I drew small patterns over his back, working my hands through his damp hair and eventually pulling his face back up to mine.
He still looked at me like I was his whole world, and I wondered how I’d ever bring myself to let him go.
“Can I kiss you again?” He slurred, his face already gravitating towards me. But I wasn’t the sun between the two of us; I was just the moon of a distant planet hoping to get the chance to feel his light when the circumstances were right.
He was the one asking, but I was the one begging him to do it. As he delivered yet another doting kiss, I found myself lightheaded all over again. The only thing I could possibly have complained about was the fact that his kisses never lasted long enough. Breathing didn't seem nearly as important.
But luckily, when he stopped, he didn’t break away from me completely. We both knew that we needed to clean up, but neither of us was ready to leave just yet. So, rolling off to the side, Lesley immediately curled up at my side.
“How did I know you’d be a cuddle bug?” I murmured, lazily fluffing his hair as I tried to calm my still pounding heart.
“Is that okay?” He asked, still just as insecure and innocent as I'd found him.
Pulling him closer, I pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead. “It’s wonderful. Just like you.”
Logically, I knew that, the sun rises the same in Mexico as it does anywhere else, but it felt so different that morning. Then again, perhaps it wasn’t the sun itself, but rather the man it shone down on.
Lesley was watching me, a small smile stuck on his lips as he reached out to touch me when I started to stir.
“Good morning, sunshine.” I whispered, scooting closer to him. Although I felt him get a little sad at the fact that he couldn’t see my face anymore, he seemed content with the way I buried my face against his chest.
“Good morning.”
“How are you?” I mumbled against him, happily listening to the soft thump of his heart against my face.
“Great. Everything is great.” He said contentedly, tangling our legs together under the sheets and pulling me against him.
“Is that so?” I hummed, trailing tiny kisses over his shoulder and up his neck. “Most people regret their first one night stand.”
His body tensed, and I was almost worried that my overt advances were too much, too early. Not to mention the fact that he was sober now and might feel very differently about the whole situation.
Thankfully, he didn’t leave me in suspense for very long. “I don’t regret it. But… Does it have to be… one night?” I thought I was scared, but Lesley sounded downright terrified. The vulnerability clear in his voice made my stomach do somersaults. “Do you think I could see you again tonight?”
He was talking so fast and so frantically that I could hardly get a single syllable in edgewise. Slowly pulling away from him, I tried to sit up to respond, but he was already starting again.
“Or you could possibly just... stay? Here, with me?”
The request stole the breath from my lungs, but I managed to say a few words, anyway. “You’re too sweet for your own good, Lesley Smith-Juniment.”
His name was starting to grow on me.
“But didn’t you come here to see your ridiculously dramatic dad?” I objected, even though I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want him to waste his time with his dad on my account. At the same time, the idea that this would be it for us made me feel so incredibly alone.
“Yeah, but he’s kind of an asshole. And you’re not an asshole at all. You’re the furthest thing from an asshole. You’re like… an angel.” His praise was appreciated, although it made it harder to argue with him.
I smiled, pulling the blanket over my chest as I started to crawl on top of him again. “Okay, how does this sound: I’ll stay here with you now on the condition that you get me breakfast after we work up an appetite.”
With stars in his eyes, Lesley excitedly nodded and breathlessly replied, “I would get you anything you wanted.”
It seemed like such a characteristic thing for him to say, to offer his one-night stand the world when all she asked for was pancakes.
“Let’s start with breakfast.” I offered, leaning forward to give him one more kiss that could never last long enough. When it ended, he uttered one simple word that meant the world to me.
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sagessoftwings · 2 years ago
Fancy You
Newt Scamander x Reader
Warnings: ¡smut! 🔞Fluff and swearing along with unprotected sex. WRAP THOSE WICKED WENIES UP KIDDOS🔞
SUMMARY: You would consider yourself a very reserved and quite person but when it came to Newt you would do anything. What happens when a certain Goldstein gets a little to close?
Tumblr media
You and Newt stood side by side in the case fixing up some super for the animals. "Do me a favor y/n, love" he said picking up the bucket of meat. "Yes of course" you said as you put the sliced up carrots and vegetables into a separate bucket.
"Take this and feed the beasts please dear" he said handing you the bucket, you nodded gently and made your way over to the animals lying the food out and spending a few minutes with the bowtruckles, picket finding his way to your coat.
You went back to Newt only to find Tina and Newt standing awfully close together and you looked up at them with a raised brow "sorry was I interrupting something?" You asked picket making a whimper sound sinking into your pocket.
Tina shook her head "um no y/n, uh do you mind going up and helping Queenie with dinner?" She asked and you gave a slight nod making your way out of the case. Queenie turned around with a gleeful smile "oh y/n deary-" she started before seeing your frown. "Oh sweetie what's the matter?"
You went to speak but stopped, you didn't want to complain about Tina to Queenie, it would be to embarrassing. You shook your hear "nothing just tired is all" you said with a smile walking over to the sink to wash your hands. You and Queenie finished dinner and Newt and Tina came up with a fit of giggles which really set your nerves off. You huffed and when Newt took a seat next to you, you ushered off to sit next to Credence.
Credence has been a good friend of yours and really helped calm your nerves when things like that happened. You looked up to see Newt giving you a confused look and you simply turned to talk to credence.
After dinner everyone sat in the family room drinking apple cider and eating some dessert. Once you got tired you excused yourself to bed and laid down devising a plan in your head. Tomorrow your hufflepuff friend you notice your feelings.
You woke up early to plan your outfit, take a shower, style your hair, and do your makeup. Once finished with everything you went down to breakfast grabbing some toast and heading into the case leaving Newt dumbfounded with you outfit choice. (One at the top with the trench coat)
You started off with feeding the beasts and then your own work of documenting the beasts and new ones. Once lunch rolled around Newt invited you to go to lunch but you already had plans on going to Jacobs bakery with Queenie. After you and Queenie made your way back home it started to rain.
You two rushed home and you walked off to go get changed into something more comfortable. You changed into your pjs and tied a silly robe around your very much see through pjs. Once you sat down on the couch credence came around to sit down next to you resting his head on your shoulder.
You lightly raked your fingers through his hair, you were only touchy with him beacause he needed the affection and attention. Newt came through the door and hung his coat up his eyes catching yours. He had a scowl grow on his features and he stamped off to his room probably to take a shower.
You noticed that instead of making him jealous he was just plain angry. You excused yourself and made your way to Newts bedroom, you slowly opened the door and you heard the shower going. You sat on his bed reading his book, you got so involved that you didn't even notice that Newt had finished his shower and walked out, blushing seeing you in your lingerie pjs.
"Newt, y/n! Dinners ready!" You heard Jacob yell and you got up and screamed Newt catching you with a laugh. "Well that should teach you not to snoop in my room love" he said with a smile and you couldn't help but laugh. You stood up to leave but Newt grabbed your wrist stopping you causing your eyes to shoot to his.
"Yes?" You asked and Newt huffed "what's with the outfits? You rarely dress up" he said and you smiled "just felt like a change" you said and her raised a brow. "Really because Queenie said otherwise, she said that you were having very naughty thoughts at dinner last night, as a matter of fact all the time, and the reason you've been dressing up is to make me jealous" he said with a smirk tilting you chin up to face him.
"Is that true? Because if you so desire to know I fancy you as well y/n" he said and you blushed. When he said it, it did seem kind of childish but... it worked, kinda. Newt leaned down and captured your lips in a kiss which you gladly returned. He gently pushed you onto the bed releasing the towel he's had around his waist.
Newt slowly climbed on top of you and spread your legs with his knee and rubbed it against you woman hood and smiled when he saw the pleasure in your face. "Does that feel good love? Trust me, it's about to get better" he said stripping you of the black and yellow lingerie you had on. Newt smiled before he gently pushed into you and kissed up and down your body leaving hickeys everywhere he could put his mouth.
You've never let out so many moans in you life, let alone had a man treat you like such royalty. Newt pounded into you all the pent up frustration and jealousy being taken out on you. You moaned loudly as he hit your soft spot "oh god Newt, I'm so close please make me cum. Please Newt" you begged and he groaned.
"Me too love just a little more, I'm close too" he moaned before spilling his seed in you your walls clenching him tightly. Newt fell beside you pulling you onto his chest, you panted slightly tracing his scars on his chest kissing them here and there. "Is it safe to say we both fancy each other?" Newt asked and you laughed nodded. "Yes Newt, I fancy You very very much"
----------------------------------------Requests are still open sweethearts 💗
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dontcare77ghj · 2 years ago
Natasha x reader x Bucky
“Bucky, I swear to God I will throw out the plums if you don’t move.” Natasha threatened half-heartedly. She had sat on the couch only for Bucky to trap her to the seat by laying on her lap.
“But Nat.” Bucky whined, burrowing his head into her stomach. “I’m comfy.”
“I don’t care. My legs are asleep.” She complained attempting to push him off again. You let out a giggle at the sight of what the worlds greatest two ex-assassins were doing. Both their heads snapped to you standing in the doorway.
“What are you laughing at pretty girl?” Bucky asked with a smile. He raised himself up on his arms slightly to look at you.
“The worlds greatest assassins.” You said with a smirk, as you took a few steps closer. Big mistake. Bucky snatched at your hand and pulled you on top of him. You landed with an oomph and he wrapped his arms around you.
“Ex-assassins.” Natasha corrected, running her hand up your arm. You looked up at the red head with a smile. She gave her own soft smile and captured your lips in a similar fashion.
“Where were you doll?” Bucky asked into your neck. You pulled away from Natasha, reluctantly, and looked down at the long-haired man.
“With Bruce and Wanda.” You said. “They were trying to figure out why I’m late.” You explained.
“You still haven’t burned?” Nat asked with furrowed brows. You shook your head minutely with a frown.
You were another one of Struckers’ prize pupils. Having been brought in around the same time as the twins you had formed a kinship with the two and when your powers had begun to come in the three of you all helped each other the best you could. During your years there the three of you had become like siblings and other than you no-one knew your powers as well as Wanda.
Long story short, after the battle with Ultron and the death of Pietro, you had joined the avengers with Wanda. You became very close to Natasha during your time and began dating just before Bucky arrived. You and Natasha had volunteered to help Steve readjust Bucky to the modern world and over the months both you and Natasha had realized you both had fallen for him. An awkward conversation with Bucky later, the three of you agreed to enter a relationship.
Seven months later the three of you were very happy.
Two months ago, you missed your first ever burning day. You thought it’d come within the next week but two months later, still nothing.
“Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” Bucky half-teased half-asked.  You wacked him in the arm and rolled your eyes, fondly.
“It’s not a period Buck. It means nothing towards that.” You said exasperated.
While Pietro got super speed and Wanda her Psionics, you were given something different. You had taken on the characteristics of a Phoenix. The only downside to your fiery gifts was the day a month where you burnt to death and then came back to life a few hours later.
“Don’t worry about it too much пламя.” Natasha said tracing shapes onto your arm. “It’s probably nothing.”
“Yeah. I hope so.” You said with a soft smile.
“Hey now.” Buck started. “No more worrying. There’s too much worry this room. It’s suffocating.” He finished, his tone turned teasing by the end.
“No what’s suffocating is your still on my bloody legs.” Natasha stated flicking Bucky in the forehead. You smiled as he started to whine again, and Nat looked at the two of you fondly. Nat’s right, there’s nothing to worry about.
The next night
You shot up with a gasp. You looked around frantically as you tried to find the source of your discomfort. Looking down you realized your skin was glowing a deep red and knew it was time. Kicking at the sheets frantically you rolled out of the bed and moved as fast as you could to the special room Tony had built exactly for burning.
Quietly slamming the door behind you, you attempted to take deep breaths. The burning feeling was growing but it felt like her airways had closed over. You fell against the cool tiles and choked on the minimal air you could breathe.
“– calm down. Breath in with me. Just breath in with me.” A soothing voice spoke over your choked gasps. Opening your eyes, you could make out through blurry vision a mop of red hair. Natasha.
“Nat. I ca-. I can-. I can’t breathe.” You stammered pushing at your chest, trying to relieve the tension.
“I know. I know дорога́я.” Natasha soothed pulling you against her chest. You heard a soft hiss escape her at the difference in temperature. Your eyes widened as you realized you were hurting her.
“N, No. Let-. Let me go.” You cried pushing away from her chest. She unraveled her arms from you and allowed you to move back. You moved your head into your hands and could feel your skin getting hotter and your airway feeling smaller.
Natasha was talking frantically, but you couldn’t understand a word she was saying.
Cool water began to fall from the ceiling onto your figure, you could feel a cool hand ran your back. Bucky.
“It’s okay doll. Just let it go. We’re right here.”
“It hurts.” You cried letting out a strangled sob. You could hear your two lovers shhing you gently.
“We know.” Bucky responded softly. “But it’s going to hurt worse if you don’t let it out.” He reasoned.
“Let it go. Everything’s going to be ok.” Natasha added, her voice equally as soft.
“I can’t. I can’t.” You stammered gasping by the end of your short sentence.
“Yes, you can пламя.” Natasha soothed. “Just let it happen.”
“I’ll hurt you.” You cried out doubling over in pain as the burning increased.
“No, you won’t.” Bucky assured. “We’ll be fine, but right now you gotta let this happen.” He finished staring into your eyes. Taking in a deep breath you watched the two moves back slightly. They both gave you small nods and you focused on the pain. The scalding, suffocating, horrendous pain. And you let it take over.
The last thing you could focus on was the sounds of your sizzling flesh and the smell f burnt meat, as your skin ignited, and you died.
Hours later
“I’ve never seen her like that.” The soft whispers drew you to the land of the living. You couldn’t move your eyes, but you could feel the sheets of your bed, smell the sweet lavender that coated your pillows and hear the quiet whispers of your two lovers.
“I know.” Natasha murmured from next you, her nails delicately trailing down your still healing skin.
“It scared me.” Bucky continued. “Y/N has always been so strong when it comes to this stuff. But she looked so terrified, I didn’t know what to do.”
“I know, Buck.” Natasha repeated, you felt her over hand reach over you to, what you presumed, grab Bucky’s hand. “When saw her in that room, looking so small, I froze for a second. She’s always been so light and easy going that seeing her scared, I don’t know, shocked me? I’ve never seen her like that and I froze.”
“It’s not your fault, Nat. There’s nothing you could have done.”
“I could’ve helped her quicker. I could’ve done something sooner.”
“But in the end, you did help. You kept her breathing and you tried your best that’s all she’d ask from you in that situation.”
“I love you Buck. I love Y/N too. I love you both, so, so much.”
“I love you both too Nat.”
“Same here.” You croaked finally opening your eyes. You blinked at the light filling your bedroom and shielded your face into Natasha’s chest.
“Not even alive for ten minutes and your already making moves on Nat.” Bucky chuckled pressing his lips gently on the top of your head. “How you feel doll?”
“Just peachy Barnes.” You said, voice still muffled by Natasha’s chest, lifting your hand slightly and giving him a thumbs up.
“You scared us пламя.” Natasha said softly, leaving kisses down the side of your face.
“I heard.” You replied lifting your face up to look at your boyfriend and girlfriend. “I’m sorry.” You added kissing Bucky, first, softly and then repeating the action to Natasha.
“Nothing to be sorry about doll.” Bucky assured pulling you backwards closer to his chest, Nat quickly moved towards you leaving you surrounded by the warmth of the two you loved.
You gave a hum of response burrowing in closer to the warmth as your eyes began to droop.
“Go to sleep пламя. We’ll look after you.” Natasha cooed into your ear.
“I love you two.” You mumbled moving in closer to Bucky’s chest.
“We love you too.” They both replied and the three of you soon drifted off to a peaceful sleep.
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voluptuous-love-4-kpop · 3 years ago
Yoongi x Chubby Reader Drabble
Tumblr media
When Yoongi isn’t feeling too cheerful, you do your best to cheer him up. Or at least, help get him out of his funk. After y’all first started dating, he kept the fact that he suffered and still suffers with depression a secret. Even though you are a foreigner, he knew how mental issues were thought of in South Korea. However when it came around the time of your Mother’s passing, you had to tell him about your issues because he realized you weren’t eating during that time and it scared the hell out of him.
Anyway, when you got to the dorm that day, you normally would see Yoongi on the sofa in the common room, either listening to music or reading. Instead you saw the rest of Bangtan looking a rather concerned.
“Hey boys, what’s wrong.” You said as you took off your shoes before going fully in. Taehyung saw you and you could see the worry in his eyes.
“Suga has been in his room the whole time since we got back from practice, we tried to ask what was wrong, he just ignored us and went straight there. Y/N, you're expertise is needed.” Tae explained to you, making you glad that Yoongi and Namjoon helped you with your Korean while you helped them with their English. Tae was your main student, little adorable maknae.
Realizing what probably caused it, you nodded before making your way into Yoongi and Jin’s room where you knocked on the door before going in.
“Yoongi Oppa?” You whispered as your entered the room, looking over at his bed to see him laying there on his back. His black beanie was on his head and almost pulled all the way over his eyes. When he heard your voice, he perked up and sat up on the pillows while pushing the beanie, looking over at you.
“Y/n, hey babe.. Sorry for not texting you to tell you I was back from practice. Grandpa mode kicked in.” Yoongi said with a tight and fake smile, trying to mask that fact that he had read something that just darkened his mood. But, you gave him that look whenever you could see through his bs, moving closer to him.
“I know what grandpa mode looks like and this isn’t it.” You stated, getting on the bed and into his lap. At the beginning of the relationship, you were worried about hurting him whenever you got on top. He was lean and fit while you were on the chubby side with your boobs that can be use different for pillows, little bit more of a tummy, Goddess like hips, thick thighs and a very bouncy ass whenever you danced. But after Yoongi finally just grabbed you one night and sat you in his lap, he made it certain that you weren’t going to kill him. 
Besides it’s not your fault if he tries to smother himself in your boobs.
“Do you need your fluffy kitten to hold on to and cuddle?” You suggested since he probably wouldn’t want to talk about it, using his favorite nickname for you as he nodded. Despite the saddness in his dark eyes, the corners of his mouth curved up with a ghost of a smile. With you there, he was starting to focus back on what was really important to him. You and Bangtan.
He brought up his hands to touch your shoulders and pull you down to be on top of him. When you tried to slide down to his side, he wouldn’t let you. Yoongi just held you tight and sat his chin on the crown of your head.
Just felt like so far fluff y’all! Because this man deserves it! Suga/Yoongi’s music/lines makes my day! He isn a precious angel and if I ever meet him, I will show him how much I appreciate and love him!
Tumblr media
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cherienymphe · a year ago
Nefarious III
Warnings: Extremely dark!Loki, possessiveness, mild violence, eventual non-con/dub-con. Please don’t read if any of this offends you.
Summary: You’re the one servant who’s never shown interest. You’re the one servant he wants the most. It seems that everyone in the kingdom is determined to keep you away from Loki, but he knows that forbidden fruit is always sweeter.
“(Y/N), the king requests your presence.”
You blinked your eyes open, frowning in confusion at the dark-haired servant hovering over you. You faintly recognized her. Astrid.
She huffed before ripping the covers from over you, throwing a dress on your shoulder.
“The king wishes to eat breakfast with you. Get washed up and then put this on,” she explained.
You were fully awake, now, staring at her with wide eyes before jumping into action. She followed you out of the servants’ quarters and into the bathhouse. You opened your mouth to protest, but she cut you off.
“I’m to assist you per the king’s orders.”
You nodded, mind whirling with possibilities. What did Thor want? Based off of the events of the previous night, it could be a number of things. Was the prince going to be there? You swallowed as you lowered yourself into the steaming water.
“Do you know what he wants?”
“No…,” Astrid whispered, but something wasn’t right about her tone.
“You know something,” you guessed, looking over your shoulder at her.
She sighed as she lathered soap onto your tense shoulders.
“I only know that the king was still very upset when he returned to his chambers last night. I was to…well, you know, but when I arrived his room was empty. When he came back, he was spewing about the prince…and you,” she whispered.
You didn’t respond to that, unsure of what to say. There was an awkward silence, in which you knew she wanted to ask what the king was talking about. She didn’t want to seem too meddling probably, and it wasn’t exactly a tale you wanted everyone to know.
You knew how it would make you look with the other servants. Most of them weren’t like Kari. She was your best friend, and while she always thought you crazy for never considering the prince as a lover, it was always in a joking manner. She knew you loved Erik. The other girls would genuinely think there was something wrong with you for refusing Loki. Perhaps they would think you were doing it to increase his attention. Perhaps they would even be offended on his behalf.
Astrid helped you slip on a long flowy dress that was far more lush than anything you’d ever worn. It was a light pink color, complimenting your skin nicely as it fell around you. Astrid painted your lips just the slightest while keeping your hair simple, placing a crown of flowers on top of your head.
“Is the king courting you?” she asked as she walked you down the hall.
You blanced.
“No, of course not! I’m not sure what he wants, but I know it isn’t that,” you answered, shaking your head.
She stopped before the large doors to face you, roaming her brown eyes over you in a quick scrutiny.
“Well, whatever he wants, I did my job well. You look stunning,” she complimented before leaving you.
With a deep breath, you pushed the doors open, eyes immediately finding the king as he sat at the head of the long table. He stood as you neared, and you felt your face warming up at the behavior.
“My king, you don’t need to-.”
“Nonsense, lady (Y/N)! Right now, I am not your king, and you are not merely a servant. Think of us as equals.”
You frowned in confusion as you sat down, unsure of where this was going.
“…and as equals, we will talk to each other as such,” his tone was as friendly as ever, but there was an underlying hardness to it that captured your attention.
You nervously nodded, understanding what he was getting at. He placed his large hand over your own, and you didn’t realize that you were trembling. His eyes met yours with a small smile.
“Dig in.”
You did just that, enjoying the breakfast that was laid out before you. You began to notice that he wasn’t eating much. At least, not as much as you were used to seeing. He took a sip from his large goblet before clearing his throat, eyes meeting yours.
“That night when you brought my brother his food during dinner… Steve mentioned to me you’re your heartbeat was rather…fitful, like you were scared.”
You frowned, remembering the way the blond man had eyed you, and you wondered how he knew that. He was right, after all.
“I noticed that fear in your eyes myself after dinner. When I came across you and Loki in the gardens…”
You looked away.
“After last night, I understand why. Are you alright?”
You started to tell him that you were, a force of habit that came with being a servant. However, the king said that you were equals for now, and that the two of you should talk like it. You wrung your hands together, glancing around the room like Loki would pop out at any minute.
“Lady (Y/N)…”
Your lips trembled as you let out a shaky sigh.                                        
“He sent Erik away just to have me all to himself,” you confessed.
You saw Thor frown, eyes troubled as he listened to you.
“We…we were going to get married. I don’t even know where he is or if he’s okay, because all I have is the prince’s word and…,” you trailed off, wiping your face.
“I know where he is,” Thor stated, surprising you.
Your eyes widened, heart skipping a beat as you processed this.
He sighed, leaning back in his seat as he folded his hands on his stomach.
“Loki told me that young Erik had been caught stealing. I believed him, but when my brother suggested that he simply be sent away to start anew elsewhere instead of being imprisoned, I did not think much of it. I thought him to be maturing…”
You scoffed in a mixture of shock and revulsion. Erik would never do such a thing, and you wondered if that was the same story that was passed around to the other servants.
“I will bring him back for you,” the king said. “…and I will make it so Loki will never harm you again.”
Your eyes glistened with tears, hope blooming in your chest.
He nodded.
“I’m sorry on behalf of my brother. I always figured he’d had a soft spot for you, but I never imagined anything like this. Truthfully, I did not think him capable. When Kari came to me last night, I knew that something wasn’t right. She seemed completely sure that Loki would hurt you, and I wish that I had gotten there sooner. From now on, you will only serve me.”
You released a sigh of relief.
“You will have nothing to do with Loki, not if I can help it,” he continued.
“Thank you,” you breathed. “I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough.”
“Lady (Y/N), there’s no need for that,” he said when you started crying again.
“Sorry,” you apologized.
“Finish your breakfast, or I will,” he jested.
You laughed before doing as he said.
True to Thor’s word, you had nothing to do with Loki for weeks. You served the king and only the king, and while part of you missed the familiarity of working with Kari all day, you didn’t miss the way the prince’s hands felt on you. Besides, you always saw her at the beginning and end of each day. Erik too.
Three days after your breakfast with the king, you’d walked into his chambers, preparing to redo his bedding, when you were met with the sight of Erik preparing his breakfast. Your gasp had grabbed his attention, and the smile that broke out over his face pushed you over the edge. You were in his arms before you knew it, tears streaming down your face.
“I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, peppering kisses all over your wet face.
“You’re okay,” you noted, raking your eyes over him.
“I am. The king apologized to me. Can you believe it? When he first sent me away, I’d tried to tell him that I would never do anything to hurt him or his brother. He hadn’t believed me then,” he murmured.
“He does now. He knows someone lied to him. You’re here, now,” you tearfully replied.
You didn’t know if you should tell him who the culprit was. You didn’t know what he would do if he found out it was the prince, and why he’d done it. You didn’t even know if you should tell him what Loki had done. You didn’t want to put another target on his back, and while you wanted him to know, you wanted him safe and with you more than anything else. That was all that mattered to you.
Eventually, Loki was no longer a concern, Thor’s presence a constant reassurance.
You hummed as your fingers brushed over the colorful blooms before you, debating on which one to pick next. The early morning sun brought some much-appreciated warmth to the otherwise chill atmosphere. Goosebumps began to arise over the exposed flesh of your arms, the parted fabric that hung from your shoulders blowing in the wind. A shiver traveled down your spine, and you wrote it off to the cool morning air.
You were wrong.
Your body was recognizing what your mind could not.
You were not alone.
You hummed again, eventually deciding on the soft pink flower before plucking it and placing it in the basket. King Thor liked to have a fresh vase of flowers every morning. The other servants despised the task, but not you, which was why you were always more than happy to take it off of their hands. You were an early riser, and you enjoyed the walk to the royal gardens, especially on a dewy fog ridden morning like this one.
You pursed your lips, deciding that one more flower should do the trick. You always tried to give him a variety of colors, but it was always such a tedious task for you, your pickiness constantly hindering you. You had just reached out to pluck a dark pink one when a familiar pale hand snaked its way by you. Your eyes widened, shoulders tensing as you watched his long fingers take a light blue one instead.
“I do think this is a much better choice…”
He reached around your face to drop the foliage into the basket, but his arm remained. Your lips trembled as you watched his hand reach for you, grazing your collarbone just as his lips brushed along your ear. His other arm came up to wrap around you, pinning the tops of your arms to your quivering frame. You swallowed, and his finger followed the movement as he trailed it along your throat.
You were cut off as his hand wrapped itself entirely around your throat, now. You were helpless as he leaned your head back, teeth grazing along the shell of your ear.
“I am your prince,” his voice was cold, thick with betrayal. “…and you will address me as such.”
You said nothing, chest heaving as he hummed. You blinked, eyes stinging as he took a deep breath, his chest rising and falling at a much slower rate than your heaving one.
“Did you really think tattling to my brother was going to keep me away from you?"
“You aren’t supposed to-!”
“Supposed to what? Be near you? Look at you, speak to you? Restrictions set in place by my brother, no?”
His fingers dug into your skin, and you struggled to breathe.
“My brother who isn’t in Asgard at the moment,” he purred.
“What?” you gasped, and he allowed you to pull away from him as you turned to stare at him with wide eyes.
There was the faintest of smirks on his lips, and you both slowly stood, gazes never breaking.
“There was…an urgent matter on Midgard that required his immediate attention.”
You swallowed, and the way his vibrant eyes sparkled with triumph told you all you needed to know. You dropped the basket, flowers spilling over the ground as you turned and ran. You didn’t hear footsteps behind you, but that did nothing to quell your fear.
Your presence in the kitchens was not a surprise, but some of the cooks began to notice your frantic expression and jumbled movements. You recognized Ivar as he approached you.
“Where is Erik?”
Ivar threw up his hands.
“I assumed he was with you…or sick. He didn’t show today, and one of the boys said his bed was unslept in-.”
You didn’t stick around to hear him finish, stumbling back before turning and leaving the kitchens. Other servants and some members of the guard sent you strange looks as you ran through the halls, searching for Kari. The longer you went without seeing her familiar red hair, the more your fear grew.
You struggled to put one foot in front of the other, feeling incredibly hot all of a sudden. Your head felt spacey, vision swimming as you focused on your breathing. You stumbled down the stairs, almost running into Astrid.
“(Y/N), are you-?”
“Have you seen Kari?”
She blinked at your clipped tone, raking her eyes over you before slowly shaking her head.
“Have you tried the prince’s chambers?”
You hurriedly shook your head.
“No, I-!”
“It’s early, so she could be stripping his bed or bringing him his breakfast. Are you okay? Should I send for a healer? You look faint,” she observed.
“I c-can’t go to the prince’s chambers. I can’t do that,” you rushed out.
You brushed past her just as she opened her mouth to speak, making your way down the stairs as you approached the servants’ quarters. Your room was empty, and you placed your hand on your forehead.
“Kari? Kari?” you screamed.
You turned around, and he was there. You almost lost your footing as you backed up, leaning on the wall for support.
“Where are they? What did you do to them?”
“Watch how you speak to me,” he warned, approaching you.
You went to shove him, but you went right through him, hands just barely meeting the wall as you stumbled. You felt his hand on your arm, the other on your waist, and you realized that this was one of his tricks. His grip was tight, and the feel of his chest grazing your back had your fear spiking. You fought to stay conscious as your mind whirled.
You felt him press his face against you, breathing you in.
“I think some rest will do you good.”
Your mind succumbed to the emotions it wasn’t equipped to handle, and you felt yourself falling into his welcoming arms.
You woke up alone. The room was dim and familiar, and when you finally kept your eyes open long enough to take it in, you realized that it was Loki’s chamber. You heard movement in the bath, and you took the opportunity to hop off the bed, running for the door only to find it locked. Your heart sank, and you flinched when he spoke from behind you.
“A pity I had to cut my bath short to tell you there’s no point in trying.”
Your nails scraped against the door in frustration before you slowly turned around. Green pants sat low on his hips, and his hair was still wet, water dampening his skin. He threw an article of clothing at you, and you hesitantly caught it.
“Clean yourself up,” he commanded.
You swallowed, and he must have saw the reluctance in your eyes because he took a step towards you, head tilted.
“Or would you rather I do it for you?”
You said nothing, hurrying past him before he could get any closer. You stripped yourself with shaky fingers, settling into the water, mind somewhere else entirely as flower petals brushed against your skin. You blinked as you recognized the petals from the flowers you’d abandoned earlier in the day.
You felt like you were in shock, a part of you not fully accepting of what was happening. You didn’t know how long you remained there, but Loki never came to collect you, nor did he order you to hurry up. That only increased your fear. Over the years, and over the past month especially, you learned that the prince was a patient man. He had no problem waiting for something that was guaranteed.
The thought of that made you sob as you slipped on the night dress, the smooth fabric gliding over your skin. You placed your hands on your arms as you hesitantly stepped into the room, the ends of the gown brushing your bare feet. He was standing in front of his windows, back to you as he looked out into the night. You’d slept the whole day away.
“Ravishing,” he whispered, and you realized that he was referring to you.
Your eyes met his in the reflection in the glass, and you looked away.
“Where is Kari? Where is Erik?”
“I must commend your efforts,” he began, ignoring you. “Only Thor has the authority to command me to do anything…or not do something.”
“Where are they?”
“Safe,” he finally spat, approaching you.
“I don’t believe you,” you whispered, shaking your head.
“You don’t have any other choice,” he responded, gripping your arms and pulling you closer.
“Thor will-.”
“If I have it my way, and I will, Thor will be gone for a long time. A year even,” he interrupted.
Your eyes widened, a fear like no other overtaking you.
“With him gone, I am regent. I am in charge in his absence, and that means you will obey me, not my brother,” he hissed.
“No,” you gasped.
Your back hit the wall as he pushed forward.
“Defy me, and I can’t assure anyone else’s safety,” he threatened.
Before you had a chance to protest, his mouth was on yours. Your tears seeped into the kiss, and he groaned at the salty taste. He pressed his pelvis against yours, forcing his thigh in between your legs as his hands trailed down to your hips, holding them with an iron grip.
“Wait-wait,” you stuttered when his lips trailed down to your jaw.
“I will wait no longer,” he growled, ripping into the fabric at your hip.
“No! No, I’ll give myself to you! I will without any fight or fuss,” you cried.
He paused, pulling back to look at you through narrowed eyes. You forced yourself not to shrink under his gaze.
“Trying to trick me?” he asked with a smirk.
You shook your head, hurrying to speak, sure that he was on the verge of ripping the gown off of you any second now.
“No. Th-that’s what you want…isn’t it? Me? If I submitted to you in every way, would that satisfy you? Would you let me go? Let me see my friends?”
He eyed you, and your nervousness grew when he brushed his fingers along the side of your face. They danced along your collarbone, leaving goosebumps in their wake.
“You satisfy me, tonight, and I’ll let you see them. I’ll allow you to leave,” he eventually agreed.
Your shoulders sagged, eyes glistening with relief.
“You mean that?”
The corners of his lips lifted into a crooked smile.
“You have my word, (Y/N).”
Your fingers shook as he gripped your hand, making his way backwards as he led you to the bed.
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honestsycrets · 2 years ago
Stubborn II
Tumblr media
Chapter I
“You did what?”
You went to the only place you knew to go. You chose to go with Hvitserk. Your nails were in your mouth as you downed another cup of coffee. Shitless. You were shitless. You just told Ivar Ragnarsson to what? To go hire a call girl to look like you did every time he needed a stand in wife.
“He’s going to rake me across the fucking coals.” You incline your head to the whipped cream, now a frothy jiggly layer over the top of your coffee. “I’m never going to find another job, he’s going to ruin me. All because I couldn’t keep my mouth fucking shut!”
“He cannot touch you now.” She says, her tongue thick with the accent that snapped off her tongue. Marie sat across from you, one of her homemade sugar cookies snapping in her fingers as Hvitserk helps the last of his clients.
“You don’t understand Marie. You are from Marseille, not Kattegat. You don’t tell a man like Ivar what to do.”
Your eyes flicker to the flowers in a leaf green ceramic vase on the table. Right now, he was probably burning your ass in a letter describing how you handed in a resignation and stormed out of the office with nothing more but seconds notice. Right now, he was probably yelling over the phone at some poor little shmutz to go get that fat list in order. The heaviness in your neck strains as Hvitserk pulls out the leather cushion of a chair.
“Its true.” He drops into the chair.
“I’m fucked, I’m fucked, I’m f-- Go with Hvitserk to Gyda’s wedding. Lagertha Ingstad and Bjorn Ragnarsson are going, right?” Marie cut off your panic.
As if the dread of going to pretend to be Ivar’s little sugarbaby wasn’t panic enough. Now you would go with Hvitserk and pretend like everything was okay? If he didn’t want to kill you now, you’re sure Ivar’s thick hands would pop veins with the delight of strangling you in a powder room.
“What?” You look to Hvitserk whose teeth gnash.
“Well… you could get revenge, make him jealous.” He suggests. “For all the years of torture and speak to Bjorn about another position. We all know how much he wants your pussy anyway.”
If there was any bet of not ending up on the street, it was with Bjorn. The two had been at each other’s throats for years. But… you also knew the way that Bjorn looked at you. He would hover, walking slowly about you in the same way you heard the great Ragnar would.
“But I thought you would go with Hvitserk?” You ask. She shrugs her shoulders.
“An evening in a tight little dress around his stuffy mother? You go.” She grins as if she has won an award. She’s gotten away from having to go to the wedding. You should say no. As to not rock the waters. But another part of you-- that deep, dark scheming side of you that knows what you want-- ghosts over your mind in liquid desire for this option.
You had already won.
The wedding was at Bjorn’s workplace. The tower scraped the sky, white and glistening with a beautiful chandelier as you walked in. Your black mermaid dress was glistening and tight, gripping every curve that you wanted to display. Hvitserk stood scribbling down your names with his slender suit pressed neatly. As he bent back up, he took your hand in his, making his way through the crowd to where Ubbe said he would be.
“Hvitserk! (Y/N)!” Ubbe shook his hand at you, a simple black watch on his wrist. You fuss over your hair and a simplistic rose gold necklace before gleaming at him, not bothering to look to the side where you knew Ivar was. His head inclines with a part of his lips. Bewilderment sits in your chest as Ubbe and Hvitserk speak; because Ivar grasps your wrist. His large hand clasps around a golden delicate bracelet. One he bought you.
“Congratulations on one year. Shocker, you didn’t quit yet.” Ivar flicked his thick fingers toward a aqua blue box, wrapped with white ribbon at the end of his desk. You approached it, but had yet to take it.
“It’s for you.” He hissed.
“Oh… thank you, Ivar.” You said, taking the box and popping it open. Tiffany and Co. read the ribbon. Inside, a warm rose gold bracelet with hearts snuggly sharing a diamond. You opened your mouth to complain when he cut you off.
“Save it.”
In fact, the necklace and bracelet you had on... yeah, they were gifted by your boss. Each on an important event, an anniversary. Perhaps though-- you chose that with purpose.
“What kind of game do you think you’re playing?” Ivar accuses, tugging you into his chest. His large hand encompasses your wrist. Ivar holds you with a bruising grip so tight that you can feel the bruises forming. The sweetheart neckline of your dress causes your bare breasts to push against his slender suit.
“I’m not playing a game.” You lie. His eyes narrow down at you when Aslaug reaffirms his name. His eyes smolder, roaring fury behind those blue hues. Despite being here-- at his family’s important event for the flower of the Ragnarssons.
“Bullshit. That’s why you’re here.” He accuses.
“You didn’t buy a hooker.” You look about, then to Aslaug, who was clearly his date of the evening. Ivar drops the hold on your wrist to tilt up your chin, lips grazing his. Then he shifts his head away from you, whispering harshly in your ear.
“You’ve forgotten. You are still mine.”
You don’t know how to respond to that-- still his what? His date, his assistant, his-- his thing! What was it about him? Ivar moves away, offering his arm out to his mother when Hvitserk clicks his tongue at you.
“You’re fucking soaked aren’t you?” Hvitserk whispers as he comes closer. You don’t remember packing a spare of panties in that tiny, jeweled up purse. He thought you were playing a game? It seemed he was too.
Game on. Fuck him. Now to find Bjorn.
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softpedropascal · 2 years ago
14. for john?? :3
Here it is. Smut with John Marston. I’m posting this while I still have the nerve to. Enjoy!
John sat across from you, pushing around the food on his plate and taking a bite every now and then. When you talked to him or asked him a question, he would respond, but had that faraway look in his eyes.
“You miss him. I know,” you said and he looked up before looking away quickly. Maybe you said the wrong thing. You shouldn’t have said anything at all, but before you could apologize, John spoke.
“It ain’t just that,” he murmured. “I feel like I let him down somehow.”
“You did exactly what he wanted you to do. Your family is safe because of what he told you.”
“That’s just it…my family, well, they ain’t my family no more. Abigail and me, we really tried. And Jack…he probably hates me. I wasn’t a good father to him and—”
“John, things with you and Abigail ended on good terms, remember? And Jack could never hate you. That boy loves you. You always tell me when you visit he never wants you to go.” You reached over and took his hand. “Arthur would be proud of you.”
“Yeah, I just wish I could feel proud of myself, you know?”
“I know. If it makes you feel any better, I’m proud of you too.” You smiled at him and he gave you his sideways smile.
“You always make me feel better, sugar. Always. How do you always know the right thing to say?” He ran his thumb back and forth over your fingers.
“It’s ‘cause I know you and I love you. I don’t like seein’ you upset and down on yourself. You’re a good man.”
“I must be doin’ somethin’ right if I can get you to stay with me.” He lifted your hand and kissed it then placed it back on the table so he could eat.
“You still flirtin’ with me, John Marston?”
“The day I don’t flirt with you is the day they’ll have to bury me.” He chuckled and finished his dinner then cleared both his dish and yours. “You’ll be real proud of me when you find out what I did today,” he said as he took your hand and helped you out of the chair.
“And what is that?”
“I took a bath while I was in town.” You both laughed as he led you into bedroom but you stopped laughing suddenly as you thought about something. “Don’t make that face. I did it all myself. I promise.”
“We got a bath here, John…”
As he undressed, he explained himself. “I guess I…just wanted to do somethin’ nice for you.” He sat on the bed wearing only his union suit and sighed. “Can’t seem to do nothin’ right. Sorry.”
“John…” You walked over and knelt in front of him. “I’m sorry. It is real nice what you did but next time let me give you your bath like I usually do.”
“Don’t you ever get tired of doin’ things for me? Thought I’d give you a break.”
“I’lI never get tired of doin’ things for you. Ever.” You sat up on your knees so you could kiss him. You began unbuttoning his union suit and he pulled back slightly.
“What are you doin’?” You pulled the top down until he was able to take his arms out. “Hey…”
“I…aw hell…” He kissed you harder than you had kissed him then tried to make you stand.
“No. Up,” you commanded and he lifted his hips so you could pull his suit completely off. “Just sit down and let me take care of you.” He leaned back slightly and you kissed his stomach, moving lower with each kiss. He began breathing heavily the lower you went.
“You…you ain’t gotta do that. Shit,” he gasped as you kissed his hips then his thighs.
“Do you want me to stop?” you asked, looking up at him from where you sat between his legs.
“…no ma'am.” He grunted as you wrapped your hand around his cock. It immediately grew harder in your grasp and you squeezed gently making him curse under his breath.
“John, look at me.” You began stroking him and he bit his lip as he looked down at you. He breathed faster as you moved your mouth towards him and brushed your lips against the tip. He reached down with a trembling hand and placed it on the back of your head as you took him into your mouth.
“Can I…” You looked up and he knew that you were saying yes. He moved his hips, thrusting into your mouth carefully. You let him control the pace tonight. You placed your hands on his thighs to keep yourself steady. He cursed loudly when you sucked harder and suddenly pulled you off of him. You barely had time to catch your breath before he kissed you again. He pulled you off the floor and onto his lap without breaking the kiss. “I gotta have you.”
“I’m yours.” You stood up and undressed, loving that his eyes were on you the whole time.
“Get over here.” He pulled you by your arm and you landed on his lap again with a giggle. His lips brushed against yours as his slipped a hand between your legs and felt just how wet you were for him. “Damn girl…”
“Don’t tease.” You lifted yourself and held him steady as you lowered yourself onto him. “John…” you whimpered.
He grabbed your ass and started moving you just the way he liked, kissing your breasts and teasing your nipples with his tongue. “You treat me so good,” he said, thrusting up into you.
“You deserve it.” You ran your fingers over the scars on his face and he leaned into your touch. He laid his head on your chest as you moved your hips on him and he moved his hips at the same pace. You ran your fingers through his hair and he groaned, holding you tighter against him.
“I wanna…” He lifted you then laid you down on the bed carefully. He spread your legs and immediately nestled his head between your legs to taste you. You pulled on his hair and called out his name as he tasted you, making almost the exact same sounds he made as he ate your cooking. You never wanted him to stop but he had other plans. He stopped, making you whine. “Turn over,” he said before licking his lips. You rolled over onto your stomach and he kissed up and down your spine, nudging your legs open with his knees. He lifted your ass a bit then slowly pushed himself inside of you. “You okay?” he asked, voice huskier than usual.
“Mhmm.” You pulled on the sheets as he moved in and out of you slowly. He placed his hands over yours and squeezed them as he picked up his pace, groaning with each deep thrust. You turned your head to the side to look at him and he leaned down to kiss you, pulling away only to catch his breath.
“Touch yourself, sugar,” he breathed. He let go of one of your hands so you could slip it under yourself and between your legs. It wouldn’t take much longer for you to get there.
John’s thrusts became rougher the longer it went on and he repeatedly hit that sweet spot inside of you. His hair tickled your back as he moved to kiss your back again and whisper things to you.
“I ain’t gonna last much longer,” he warned. You didn’t need him to, you were close enough yourself. He sat up and one of his hands joined yours between your legs. His fingers were rougher and had the right amount of friction that you were looking for. You began meeting his thrusts with your own and you could feel his body tense. You cried out his name as you fell over the edge, pulling him along with you not long after. You came around him, squeezing and throbbing and he had to hold you still before he lost control.
“Fuck!” he shouted before pressing his chest to your back and thrusting in as deep as he could and filling you. Your body went limp but you could still feel him throbbing inside of you, filling you with everything he had. He stayed on top of you for a nice long time, the sticky sweaty feeling not bothering you at all. “Good lord, woman. You are somethin’.”
“I reckon you are too,” you said weakly, hissing as he finally slipped from you. He moved to the side of you and looked at you adoringly.
“I just love you is all.” He smirked then closed his eyes. “You wore me out.”
“How do you think I feel?”
“Good I hope.” He moved closer and you snuggled up against him. “You are feelin’ good, right?”
“Yes I am. Real good.” You closed your eyes and sighed.
“Are you really proud of me?” he asked sleepily.
“I sure am.” He made a small sound and you could tell he was smiling without even looking. “I love you,” you whispered but your only response was a quiet snore. You grinned and relaxed against him. You already knew he loved you too.
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