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Me: Go get ready for bed early. Relax with a nice book and cup of tea. That’s the self-care that actually works.

Quarantinitis Me: No, sCrOlLiNg mAkEs uS hApPy aNd rElaXed eVeN tHoUgH iT dOesN’t, gEt oFf mY bAcK

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Work on a single task (no multitasking), take a 5 minutes break every 25 minutes of working (counts as one Pomodoro)

After 3-4 of these Pomodoros, you take a longer break. It really taps into how the human mind works, and how we focus and attend to tasks.

Difficult to be organized when there’s a lot of things on our mind - Pomodoro technique simplifies it into only focusing on one task for a fixed amount of time, helps you with being able to stay on course because you know you only have to do it for 25 minutes before you get 5 minutes of doing whatever you want - the main thing about the 5 minutes is that you actually step away from work (even if you are ‘in the zone’ and want to continue for more than 25 minutes, you have to step away because part of why the technique works is that rest period you have).

Examples of activities during the 5 minute break:

- Make some coffee/tea

- Stretch

- Mindfulness activity

- Check your phone

(Don’t sit at the same place during the 5 minutes)

In relation to anxiety:

Anxiety is oftentimes about unmet expectations - all the things you should have done but haven’t done yet, how you could be a better person/mom/friend/employee and the anxiety builds because you can’t solve your own problems. Pomodoro technique helps with anxiety because it is a simple way to help organize your thinking so you don’t become overwhelmed with anxiety but you’re actually moving forward toward something, even if the 25 minutes isn’t enough for you to finish an entire project but it helps you make significant and palpable headway because you know you’ve done something during those 25 minutes. (In other words, anxiety is reduced because you feel like you’re moving closer to your expectations and your goals.)

Example: Let’s see how far I get with clearing my email inbox - even if at the end of the 25 minutes I’m not done clearing, after my 5 minutes break I can decide whether to continue on the same task or move onto the next task. You get to make that decision moment to moment, and it helps to simplify your to-do list. Multitasking may be unproductive and cause a lot of anxiety.

*Important to specify a task if not the mind might feel disorganized because there’s so many ways you can be pulled and you might get distracted.

Work from home: Make sure your day is scheduled out in a broader fashion, approach it as if you were going to work, make an area for work, set aside a timeframe, have the parameters in place then utilize the Pomodoro technique to fill out those structures - not so easily distracted.

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Things I’ve learned as a student:

If time feels slow, just stare at something and procrastinate. 80% guaranteed that time will go by without you noticing it.

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at my house, where I’m not currently living, because covid. So I’m going to do it tomorrow, but I came up here right after work today so I could get some writing done without the distraction of many pets. Except it’s almost 10, and I have done no writing. I have docs open for Crooked Arrows, a novel I’m working on, and a work I’m translating, and so far I’ve written one sentence of CA, adjusted the wording of one sentence in the translation, and stared blankly for extended periods of time at the novel. Which was, specifically, the reason I came up here. I need to write this. Why can’t I write this?

Mostly I’ve been responding to AO3 comments.

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You procrastinate because you don’t live your life in alignment with who you are, and that drains you emotionally. It has nothing to do with laziness. That is why it’s so important to listen to your instincts, they are messages from your soul on how to create a life you love.

Thoughts on Procrastination 

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IT’S FRIDAYYY!!! Rebecca Black’s iconic song is playing in my head, and I’m trying to get myself to work whilst thinking “It’s the weekend, I deserve a break… 🤷🏼‍♀️”

I promised myself icecream tonight, if I finish my assignment for journalism. My other deadline has been moved to a later date, so that’ll give me some rest.

On another note: tonight I’ll be talking to potential roommates!! If anyone has a good question or some qualities that will be good to live with, let me know!! I’ve only had sucky roommates before this, but that means I’m bad at picking them, so all help is welcome.

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Brianna Wiest in 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think
Anxiety builds in our idle hours. Fear and resistance thrive when we’re avoiding the work. Most things aren’t as hard or as trying as we chalk them up to be. They’re ultimately fun and rewarding and expressions of who we really are. That’s why we want them. Taking small steps will remind you that this is true. It will soothe you in a way that just thinking about taking action never will. It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking rather than think your way into a new way of acting, so do one little thing today and let the momentum build.
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I’m not distracting myself from my bad emotions (that I can’t describe) by looking at stimming mood boards instead of self harming which is how I learnt how to deal with my emotions growing up when I have a test due in 10hrs.

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