host-club-hq · 18 hours ago
guys i just know that once i start school again, the procrastinator in me is gonna crank out the rest of this series in approximately 3 and a half minutes. u just wait.
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nottheweirdest · 22 days ago
Fanfic Writer Emoji Ask
😅 What's a story or scene you've created that you're a smidge embarrassed exists?
🥺 Is there a certain type of moment or common interaction between your characters that never fails to put you in your feels?
🤡 What's a line, scene, or exchange you've written that made you laugh?
😈 Has there been a point in a story where you did something just to be playfully mean to your readers?
✍ Do you have a beta reader?
🛒 What are some common things you incorporate in your fics? Themes, feels, scenes, imagery, etc.
🎢 Which of your fics would you call your wildest ride?
✨ Give you and your writing a compliment. Go on now. You know you deserve it. 😉
💋 First kiss fics. Love em or hate em?
🎶 Do you listen to music while you write? What song have you been playing on loop lately?
🛠What tools/programs/apps do you use to write?
⛔ Do you have a fic you started, but scrapped?
🙋‍♀️ Do any irl people know you write fanfic?
🍦 What's the sweetest fic you've created so far?
🍷 Do you drink and write?
🍆 Do you write the spicy stuffs? If so, what's your most popular nsfw fic?
🌞 Do you have a preferred time of day to write?
💖 What made you start writing?
💌 How do you feel about comments and feedback?
❌ What's a trope you will never write?
💲 Would you ever open commissions?
🧐 Do you spend much time researching for your stories?
🏆 What's your most popular fic?
🎃 Do you write fics for certain holidays? Which is your favorite holiday inspired fic?
🎯 Have any of your readers accurately guessed major plot points? Care to share which?
🎨 How do you feel about fan art of your stories?
📈 How many fics do you have?
🦅 Do you outline fics or fly by the seat of your pants?
👀 Tell me about an up and coming wip please!
🤗 What advice would you give to new fanfic writers that are just getting started?
💞 Who's your comfort character?
🧠 Pick a character, and I'll tell you my favorite headcanon for them.
🤩 Who is your favorite character to write?
🤲 Would you please share a snippet of a wip?
😬 Which of your fics would you be most horrified for friends, family, or coworkers to stumble upon?
🎉 What leads you to consider a fic a success?
✅ What's something that appears in your fics over and over and over again, even if you don't mean to?
📚 Would you ever want to turn writing into a career?
⌛ How long does it take you to write a fic, or a chapter?
🤯 What's a genre you struggle with as a writer (ex. romance, action, etc.)?
💔 Is there a fic of yours that broke your heart?
💥 How do you feel about criticism?
🤭 Do you have a favorite tag to use when posting your works?
🥰 How do you feel about reader interaction? Are you open to receiving questions about your fics?
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manikas-whims · 2 months ago
Me in the shower: *plans the paragraphs, dialogues and words i'll write for my WIP as soon as i'm done bathing*
Me as soon as i get out:
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catfunnies · 11 months ago
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reasonandfaithinharmony · a year ago
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darkverrmin · 7 months ago
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nuka-rockit · a year ago
simple task: needs to be done
my brain, rotating slowly like a single uncooked burger patty in the microwave:
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studyblr · 8 months ago
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more posts like this on my instagram
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belzebubsofficial · 2 months ago
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mostlyghostie · 6 months ago
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A literal fantasy novel
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urlocalgaybian-he-it-she · 26 days ago
If you keep procrastinating and hate that you’re procrastinating, but feel like you cant stop…. Thats not procrastinating, thats executive dysfunction, and that will take more work to overcome through trial and error and finding out what works for you. You are not “lazy” and you certainly aren’t a bad person because you haven’t found what motivates you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re trying your best. - A
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paniniqueen · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The perplexing thing about procrastination…
James Surowieki // “I’m Not a Good Person” Pat the Bunny // Only the Young” Taylor Swift // “Why Tim Urban’s TED Talk is Deadly Wrong About Procrastination” Halit Erdogan for Medium.com // “The Persistence of Memory” Salvador Dali // James Surowieki // “I’m Not a Good Person” Pat the Bunny // Alice Bloch // The Diaries of Franz Kafka // “Old Man in Sorrow” Vincent van Gogh // Romans 7:15
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queerndear · 2 months ago
The neurodivergent urge to ignore most texts from people for about 1-2 weeks and then rapid fire respond to all 35 unread messages in one night when you happen upon an inkling of dopamine, hoping no one responds again right away bc an actual Conversation™️ is out of the question, and the pressure to still be behave as a neurotypical is too much to just *never* respond, all the while hoping no one has decided to hate you for not responding sooner and simultaneously wishing they would all just forget you existed so you didn’t have to play these neurotypical social games
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selfcare-journey · 8 months ago
I promise that task will be less scary once you start.
I know it feels big and heavy, but you can do this.
You will find a way; you always have.
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skaispin · 8 months ago
only capable of drawing these bitches at the moment idc
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noodledesk · 6 months ago
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i read atomic habits so you dont have to lol
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hard-coreprocrastinator · a year ago
importance of small steps!!
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