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C@cometworks​ Thank you so much for tagging me in this. I didn’t know this was a thing, but I’m delighted to do it in between the various online assignments. 

R- River by Bishop Briggs

O- Ophelia by The Lumineers

S- Sorry by Hasley

E- Everybody Knows by Sigrid

L- Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid

L- Looking at Me by Sabrina Carpenter 

A- Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

1- 100 Bad Days by AJR (this song is one of my current favorites)

3- 3 am by Matchbox Twenty

5- 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train

6- 6 inch by Beyonce and the Weekend (I don’t personally like this song, but it starts with a six and I know of it)

I’ll tag @cheshirequeenwithoutaheart @audder17 @writingwitherebus

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me: okay i’m gonna study now

me: *opens tab for my school website*

me: *opens tab for Tumblr*

me: *scrolls through Tumblr for an hour*

me: well, time for a break

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Hello and good morning!

Up as a night owl yet again

Thought I would FINALLY load some pictures to give you an idea of who I am.

1st pic: MEH

2nd: Outside my favorite bar selling art. I used to sell art there for pennies when I was homeless and struggling to get by, now they let me sell art just for the hustle. 

3rd: My drummer Bill and I

4th: My band’s spotify info (up to 13 USERS WHUUUUUT lol)

5th: A skateboard I still love working on, just to show you a little of the art I do

6th: The first letters I got during a solo game of scrabble (I’m an aries, yes I love scrabble that much that will play by myself)…

Gotta get this sleeping schedule on track ugh

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31/03/2020 -> For several days I haven’t published anything, sorry. I have been having a hard time doing my uni works, I have a serious procrastination problem and all in all, my anxiety has been hard to handle too.
I hope everyone is safe, please stay home and take good care of yourselves.
I really really hope everything goes well for everyone💖. -Sending you many virtual hugs-
(those are recent pics of me trying to get things done)
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so i’ve been pretty inactive lately and i apologize, school has just gotten super busy but next week i have a week off so i’ll be able to catch up on everything i’m behind on. my productivity definitely dropped for a while but i’ve picked it back up and am even on day 8 of the Chloe Ting 2 week Shred Challenge :D.

“slow progress is still progress”

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It’s a strange time, because I’m doing nothing while being the most productive I’ve been in 16 years. I’m finishing up drawing at an infuriatingly fast rhythm, I’m actually writing in my WIP, I’m working on the French Revolution Six and I’m doing the daily math homework my teacher send, the only school work I’ve done apart from searching Pauline Léon’s last words


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Just realized my big sister took most of the procrastination genes, cause she will do her homework at the last possible second, I tend to do it early in the morning the day it’s due/a day or two before (depending on the type of homework it is) and my little sister does it pretty much the second it’s assigned and gets it over with.

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Black matter

When it’s time
for the next thing 
I feel an ominous presence
a water-cold ultimatum 
a sheer mirror
a wall
made of time
(to use the right tense
is to move through)
but I feel and hear
distances forming
islands and shores
talk and talk
in my body
shaming another – 
the word start, 
to be precise, 
for implying 
I don’t know anything
I disagree and retreat 
to tomorrow
for another day
I stay there
from becoming
learning to do the same
with my knees and skin
taught and taut
to move along 
whenever they could
in perfect song
and unlearning
until I lose the fit
for the button
i am empty
on what could clothe
or soothe
are automators 
for time-traveling
I once
made it to the tooth
of the moon,
too close,
I found a friend 
who didn’t swim 
in black matter
like I did
but that’s a start,
isn’t it

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my mental state goes on a very fast decline after about 3 in the morning if i try to stay up to do work. im constantly sleep deprived so i have trouble concentrating but during the day i cant stop myself procrastinating. what do i do :((( sometimes i swear i sit there and im doing things for an entire hour but ive dont absolutely no work at all and i dont know how thats possible if ive been doing things for an hour

being sleep deprived isn’t good for you friend, and it’s likely to be one of the root causes of your low mental state and issues with concentration and procrastination too. 

work on improving your sleep routine (◡‿◡✿) some ways to do that? avoid tv / computer / phones for at least half an hr before bed (the ‘blue light’ that’s emitted from those screens is only going to keep you awake longer), stay away from anything with caffeine or high levels of sugar,  have some soft relaxing music (or sounds like water or a crackling fireplace) playing in the background, turn on a fan if you’re feeling a little hot and see how things go. sometimes practicing deep breath techniques or yoga might help you too. 

as for procrastination? you could try downloading an app for your computer called StayFocusd, or the Freedom app for either iphone or android phones? whether it’s on your computer or your phone, these apps help to stop you from too distracted by games or app notifications or instagram etc. you could also try Habitica or Forest as well. sometimes writing a list of things you need to get done and listing them from most to least important can motivate you as well? if you see it written down it can help you focus better – if you go further and break down each item on the list then it can definitely be less intimidating and feel easier to complete. 

if the work you need to get done is related to school, then creating a study group can work really well too! if you’re working with a group of friends and everyone else around you is studying, it means you’re more likely to do it as well and it also helps to keep you accountable. if studying with friends isn’t an option, then either try studying in a different area of your home (away from distractions!), or at the school / local library. 

I used to be the worlds worst procrastinator, I feel you ): but use this message you wrote as motivation? you’re clearly not happy with the current situation, you felt stressed enough to write to us, use this as a reminder that you want to change and that you can do it <33

- tash

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