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I have a really big project due next week and my professor keeps reminding us how important it is to not procrastinate but my brain wants to do everything EXCEPT this project!!!

He told us to start working on it 4 weeks before it was due bc it was “that BIG”!! and I can’t stop thinking about how impossible it will be and how I’m not remotely capable of doing it

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Procrastinating Work

For the last three months and some change, I’ve been part of an online workshop. It’s not strictly speaking a writing workshop, but as far as I’m concerned, it is. And for the last three months minus a couple of days, I’d been consistent with it. Showing up every day, writing something, posting it up, and commenting on other people’s work.

I fell off the wagon, so to speak, about two weeks ago. At this point, I don’t even remember why. And quite frankly, I don’t think it matters. But what it reminds me of is the fact that whatever you do, you’re training yourself to keep doing that thing. So writing every day in succession was training myself to write every day, and not writing for a couple of day in succession is also training myself to not write every day. Every action, on some level, is a step towards habit formation.

The problem isn’t that I don’t want to write. Or that I don’t know what to write about. On the contrary, I have an almost never-ending list of things I want to write about.

The problem is this: I spend the entire day procrastinating, and when I finally sit down to write, I immediately realise that I don’t know nearly enough about whatever thing it is that I want to write about; certainly not enough to write anything interesting. So I tell myself that I have to read first. Just a couple of articles. And then a few Youtube videos as well. And perhaps even a podcast or two.

But of course I don’t have time to read and watch videos and listen to a podcast or two. I have a full time job. So instead, I just don’t do it. I tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow, and then of course tomorrow, the exact same thing happens. Every action is habit formation.

And this is how I found myself today, sitting at my desk at two in the morning, realising I definitely don’t have nearly as much time as I need to write this thing I’m thinking of writing about contact sheets. So instead, I decided to write about not writing. Because writing about not writing is also writing. 

And every action is a step towards formation.

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Cute protip now that we’re being hit with the second wave lockdown and recommencing zoom,* set a routine * to help start your day and ensure at the very least *minimal productivity* and *beat procrastination* briefly cos let’s be honest we know we’re never gonna check off all the shit on the to do list and anxiety fuels us.

Start your day with *a solid breakfast*. It’s the fastest, most basic way to jet-start your day. It’s better if you do a similar breakfast everyday, simpler the better. You’ll wake up and within a week you’ll start making the breakfast without even thinking. You’ll eat and watch tiktoks for at least half an hour with it and by the time you finish you’ll have energy and a what do I now attitude so hit them books or your first zoom meeting.

I usually fry an egg and have two toasts with it. Easy and filling. Also wards off snacking tendencies for a while.

The thing with productivity is you need a warm up period like sports. And the the thing with procrastination is the anxiety associated with beginning a task because you’re not sure of exactltyyyyy what you have to do and you’re to fail.

So a baseline tactic is to start with something you can absolutely do, maybe copying notes, or listening to a short lecture or marking answers in your book.

Once you’re done with the half hour warm up you’ll build confidence in yourself. Now break off *that task* into parts and start doing each in the same sitting because that half hour period is usually bound to develop into at least an hour or two of productivity. Also keep your brain shutoff don’t think about the task just do it.


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Hi squad! It’s #wellnesswednesday

Time for the mid week check in! My week has been pretty productive so far and I’ve been feeling good this week! I also got like 10 hours of sleep yesterday so I’m feeling rested but less productive. 😴

How’s your week going? (I really want to hear about it, otherwise I’m just talking to myself) 😊

This one is great. I personally love making tomorrow’s day easier by doing things today. For example. Getting my smoothie ready the night before so my morning is easier 😋

To use this effectively, try to imagine how good it will feel to have less work due tomorrow. What would that feel like? What would you do with your free time? ⌚

And if you need more help, you can book a free call with the Doc in the link in my bio 👆

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Hehe… Soooooooo… Totally procrastinated to death my resolution to write something for every prompt from Start With This…….. Unless I revive it?? I just gotta skip the one about co-writing because I’m not gonna start looking for a co-writing partner soooo…. Maybe probably someday soon.

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