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slugspoona day ago
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picking out a pupsi
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growingdarkera day ago
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great another pathetic man who sees your dreams and feasts on your screams 馃憤
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thesketchykima day ago
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happy birthday, akaashi!!! 馃崣
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laizy-boy8 hours ago
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crazycometspeculara day ago
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frying-pantiesa day ago
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Lady Alcina Dimitrescu as a giant Burlesque dancer
Made during the stream yesterday
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ending-the-cycle-ask2 days ago
Please elaborate on that AU Mello
Gladly! (Whoops it鈥檚 almost 2 am again but I don鈥榯 have the energy for any more panel work today, but I鈥檓 not quite sleepy yet either, so it鈥檚 writing time鈥- I鈥檓 gonna put a whole ton of story stuff under the cut.)
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So! These references are apparently 8 months old now, so definitely outdated compared to his more recent drawings, but they鈥檙e the only full bodies I have made, so we鈥檙e using em! On the left is his regular design, and on the right is his Toppat design! (technically his Toppat leader design, but just ignore the chain and he鈥檚 a regular recruit鈥-) Nowadays, the only major change is his body type is a little different, I just draw Protag!Charles a bit more chubby now :)
The story I have so far:
BtB and EtP technically play out like normal, meaning Henry goes through them. But he isn鈥檛 the focus, this part isn鈥檛 entirely important. Meanwhile, however, Charles is discharged from the military. (Reasons why slightly vary depending on the route, but generally it鈥檚 just 鈥渢oo reckless, crashed too many government vehicles.鈥) Charles eventually discovers he has the choice/time based powers Henry would usually have, and as he is having trouble paying his rent, he turns to a life of crime to make ends meet. He finds he鈥檚 very good at burglary, and adopts a whole Robin Hood esc persona under the alias 鈥淏lack Hawk鈥 (which no one ever seems to remember) So, steal from the rich, give to the poor. He supports a bunch of local charities and an orphanage he often volunteers at! Things are pretty good.
Eventually, a local museum suddenly opens an exhibit for the Norwegian Emerald! So of course Charles snags it. A while later, the same museum opens a Tunisian Diamond exhibit, and a certain other little thief goes to snatch it. However, after the Emerald got stolen, security was bumped way up. Henry gets caught and arrested by a familiar red head, and sent to the Wall. The Tunisian Diamond is put in government custody for safe keeping.
At some point, Charles gets kidnapped, but not by the government. In this version of ItA, Charles is kidnapped and 鈥渙ffered鈥 a job by the Toppat Clan! They offer him a chance at revenge against the government dogs who fired him, by stealing a file on a bunch of imprisoned Toppats鈥 locations, so they can break them out. Charles can then take several different routes, just like in ItA. Burt, a double agent infiltrating the government for the Toppats, will accompany Charles in the GSPI equivalent routes. Burt has assumed the role of a newbie helicopter pilot/covert ops agent for the past while, and his covert ops partner is one Ellie Rose. At the end of the GSPI equivalent route, Ellie discovers what the two are doing, and attempts to stop them. Charles can decide to try and recruit her as well, or leave her behind. In the PBT equivalent route, Charles goes off and steals the Diamond instead of cooperating with the Toppats, and in the RPE/RBH routes, Charles realizes he can blackmail the Toppats with the file they sent him to get. They can either give him a spot at the top of the Toppat food chain, or he can completely turn on them, turning them in and getting his job back. So there鈥檚 technically 5 routes here instead of 4, but it鈥檚 kinda like a Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits situation.
FtC is where I start to run out of stuff that鈥檚 set in stone. All I really have is, Henry takes Ellie鈥檚 spot, but he鈥檚 still the one who gets boosted up for the start of CA/GI, so technically Henry can still abandon Charles. Past that, I don鈥檛 have pretty much anything 馃槄 CtM, I have approximately nothing for, since I still need to figure out FtC before I can get to that. It鈥檚 still quite a lot, though! That鈥檚 most of the games covered, just excluding the two biggest ones鈥-
But yeah! That鈥榮 the gist of my Swap AU! I can answer any questions you all have while I continue working on the next post, I鈥檇 love to continue rambling about it if you guys are interested ^^ It鈥檚 2:30 am again, I鈥檓 gonna head to bed now鈥-
-Mod Mello 馃拵
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