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#procreate brushes

I made some brushes! These are all custom-made brushes that I made to paint “Awakening” (the painting on the preview there), they’re all super-nice to use and achieve a painterly look with subtle hue shifts and variation in texture. They’re for Photoshop but work really well in Procreate too - find them here! 

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So the default brushes haven’t really worked all that well for me, besides the default hard airbrush with some toned down opacity. But what really got procreate to work with me was the brush sets made by bluesssatan on Instagram! I hope that helps!

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‪Aside from letting, I basically use one brush for sketching, lining, and coloring. It’s the real renaissance man of brushes! As far as I know it’s basically just the standard Procreate Ink Bleed with a few tweaks. I find it’s especially good for drawing hair & clothes :)‬

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Hey I just realized that you could download different brushes on procreate which I was super psyched about, but I'm not sure what to really download. What would you recommend

Oh yeah! I love the brush system in Procreate :) 

As far as recommendations go, to be honest, I pretty much only use my own brushes that I created. I usually use my oval sketch or vine charcoal sketch brushes for everything from sketching to painting because the tilt feature makes the brushes very versatile. The others I will use here and there for specific applications. My brushes are available here if you’re interested:

I have employed some of Max Ulichney’s brushes on occasion as well :) He has a really cool set that emulate natural media nicely.

Happy painting! :) 


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