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hello, studyblr! it’s the weekend, and so i’m taking some time to relax from a very stressful week. here’s a picture of my ap psychology review sheet on sensation + perception (easily the unit i had the most difficulty with besides developmental psychology)

question of the day: how are you feeling about the new format of the ap test this year? i’m scared because i’m taking apush and my entire grade depends on one document based question. eek! 

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1. Listen to native speakers

The best way to improve your listening and comprehension is by listening to native speakers. Watch Ted Talks, listen to podcasts, and more…

2. Review every day

Practicing at least for ten minutes will make a huge change in your learning process…

3. Use flashcards

One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is using flashcards or any type of active learning, since it will help you to memorize better.

4. Talk

Don’t be afraid of talking. Look for someone that knows your target language and practice with him, it will help a lot!

5. Read short books

Look for short and teen books to read.

6. Listen to music

Looks for songs lyrics in your target language and highlight the words you alredy know.
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this is honestly the perfect dorm meal: instant noodles 🖤

i’m at home now, but i was too lazy to cook so i had some spicy instant noodles! and idk i kind of suddenly missed dorm life? all those nights where i had no time (and money lolol) to buy food, so i had to resort to eating instant noodles. all those all-nighters. all those late night rant sessions with my roommate. truly hope things can go back to normal soon :(

[ 66/100 days of productivity - 04 April 2020 ]

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15/100 days of productivity

The time has come for me to reapeat plant physiology for the exam!


Sorry if I’m being a little inactive but I discovered that next week I will have three exams so I’m trying to study…

This doesn’t mean that I am not productive, I’m just offline.

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I’ve never been one for the learning environment that school systems provide. I’ve always been able to grasp ideas and teach myself through books and internet. I am my own favourite teacher. I stumble across things which I choose to teach myself all of the time.

I have always learned best from myself. The things I find interesting either relate to science or art. I like reading about things that may bore most people. To me, I never know where my interest will take me. I spent some time in a metal shop with the idea I was to learn welding. I never got taught anything aside from turning the welder on. Here’s the result of me wanting to learn something and having to take it upon myself to figure it out. Results below on that one.


I have since started reading about poetry and the different styles and all that. This morning I was reading about the art of haiku. Something I’ve always heard about but never really took the time to seek the knowledge. I did some light reading this morning and decided to take a crack at creating a few examples of what I have come to learn. They are simple and rudimentary. The basic scheme, if you will. Here are my attempts.

Standing in darkness

Thunders brightness lights my way

Devoid of fear now.”


“I can not go out

The beast inside is begging

Do I stay or go?”


“If the sun rises

It must, too, always go down

Out of sight, not gone.”


“As the waves roll in

They crash against the shore

And beach goers feet.”


These were quite fun. Got my brain working. I’d say they aren’t bad for my first actual attempt. But who really knows? Sometimes you have to figure out the inside of the box before you start trying to think outside it. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. And no better time than when you’re spending a lot of time inside. Nothing like some good doses of learning to make the time passed productive time. Yeehaw!

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i’ve got a few more lessons to cover for math ⚡️

how’s everyone doing? again, i’ve been feeling pressured to be super productive. i’ve also been feeling anxious about everything that’s happening. that’s why i’m constantly reassuring myself that it’s okay to slow down! i am still doing some work, but in a pace that’s just comfortable to me

[ 65/100 days of productivity - 04 April 2020 ]

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54/100 — March 2, 2020

Last night, accidentally, I slept for only 2 hours. Which at this point seems like something I do pretty regularly, but let me tell you: I do not. I’m just not tired. I woke up super early to attend to a class and though I’d sleep right after. But I wasn’t tired. And I’m still not tired. Honestly, I don’t understand. My body needs to funcion normally again, I strongly dislike odd hours.

Today I:

- worked on The Project. Always a big deal.

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April 2nd, 2020

Today was a pretty good day! Only had my Stats class, because my literature class was cancelled. Then did some reading for my Social Theory class, took notes for Stats and submitted an English assignment! I felt unmotivated, but I pushed through! And you can too! ♡

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Male metal fans are garbage through and through huh. Female fan: makes some points, male fan: I refuse to read this

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Hi, in a recent post you mentioned you reinstalled certain apps that helped you with productivity..I was just wondering which ones they were, because I struggle with the same things as you! Thank you very much

hey! well, ones i always use which aren’t for productivity directly, but more study oriented, are language apps like duolingo and babbel. i really enjoy their structure and they always keep me interested.

for productivity such as habit tracking and to do lists i use actions and timepage by moleskine, as well as microsoft to do.

i use mindly to make mind maps, usually for any creative ideas i have that need to be more structured, or for essay planning.

i use timeglass to track the time i have spent studying or reading. especially useful at first because i used it as a way to understand how long each action takes me, which helps me organise my day better. now i mainly use it so i can track my studying and know i spent enough time on it.

i use brainscape for flashcards, they have a library of flashcards, or you can make your own, which is what i do to remember important information and especially names, dates and years from my readings.

i use the app the art story for referencing artists, art critics, movements, etc, as an art history student it’s super helpful. plus it’s such an interesting source, they have so much information on there and their website!

i use headspace and wildfulness inbetween tasks and studying to relax and calm down. i also use planta so i remember to take care of my plants.

i hope this was helpful! i don’t use some of them every single day, but to do lists and calendar/notes based apps are especially helpful and even if i don’t complete all of the tasks i have, it keeps me sane, because everything i need to do is written down and i see it clearly, it isn’t just messy in my head. i also use a planner notebook as well.

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Thu - Take a picture of the pens/highlighters that you could not live without.
Definitely my brush pens, my basic 0.5 tip pens from China and basic pastel highlighters. Can never go wrong with pastel highlighters!!

This is also my basic setup, I always have my summary notes and specifications open. I like to annotate them whilst I go along. The application I use for this is called “documents”.

sorry If I have been a little inactive. My mental health unfortunately beginning to deteriorate ;( I’m lacking motivation and energy for anything, feel like the house is getting smaller and smaller 😂😂. I have started organising much better and focused on not being to harsh on myself. I’m taking everyday as it comes, going on walks when necessary. Thankful for the people that are around me honestly.

Also thank you to everyone who has dm’d me to welcome me! It means a lot more than you would think! <3333

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