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So, I actually did some studying today. And I also did my laundry and some yoga. Just wanted to tell you.

I deserve to cry a little now.

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Joined the zoom lecture meeting early and now I’m awkwardly watching the professor shred papers

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Take Control of Your Time


Originally posted by holidays-events

After a three week vacation, and returning to the office in the midst of a “crisis” my schedule has been all off whack. I have definitely been avoiding doing anything, instead of doing something. Over the weekend, I have been up all night, sleeping until the afternoon and allowing my day to get away from me.

A change needs to happen. There is no day like the present, so I’m going to use what I got to get back on track.

I have never been big on using a planner, even though I buy one every year. However, it’s time for a change. I’m using what I got. If you have a daily planner, thats a great tool. If you don’t you have a phone, email, and even your tv can help create a routine to help you capitalize on your day. Check below for some tips, to help take control of your time.

Tips for Creating a Routine

1. Make a list of all the things you need to do daily or monthly

2. Be detailed in your routine, allocate enough time to each task

3. Have a set end time to take a break and move on to your next task

4. Refer back to your daily list throughout the day, checking things off the list can create a since of accomplishments

5. Make your routine and to-do list enjoyable

6. Try it out and change it up if you need to

How to Use Your Phone, Email, TV to Create a Routine

1. Use your calendar and make sure you add an alert (phone and email)

2. Use the Reminder App (already on IPhones) it allows you to schedule and set alerts

3. Download apps to support staying on track such as: Productive Habit Tracker, Habitshare, and Done to name a few

4. Schedule a timer on your tv to automatically turn on and off in order to aid in productivity

5. Use apps like YouTube/Spotify/Apple Music on your phone or tv to play white noise or music to help you be productive in the background

Like with anything it will take time to create a routine that works, be patient and give yourself grace as you take control of your time.

Share your tools and tips for an effective routine!

Love and light!

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My Productive Morning Routine | Study With Jess

My Productive Morning Routine | Study With Jess

Here is my productive/ realistic morning routine! I hope you all enjoy and that it gives you some tips on how to be productive in the mornings and also some …


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It’s hard having a mental illness when you’re high functioning, It’s hard having mental illness ANYWAY but when you’re high functioning it’s like people believe you even less. Just because you work, leave the house and make money doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering.

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Day 4 of 100 DOP

Today i had a pretty relaxed morning and then i went for a walk after my dinner. I sat down to complete my work after the walk, i’m working on my major project collecting the methodology and literature survey. Hopefully i will be ready for the presentation on time.


End of day 4 🌸

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210124// 16/100 days of productivity

the sky was INSANE today! have been working on my research report today - i volounteered to do it first just to leave it behind, but reporting on your research progress in just 7 minutes will be quite a challenge (luckily i’ll have my powerpoint :’’)))

24th January - Arctic fox or snowy owl?

arctic fox! just seems fluffier :D 

today’s focus: 5h 

listening to: kai, nothing on me

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Mind is a weird place to be in, if you don’t have anything productive to do. Because i am responsible for what i do, not what you think.

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Day 3 of 100 DOP 📒

Finally done with the adapt program on time.

Was having a bad day overall but still proud of getting my work done.

Things to do

Literature survey

Make ppt

End of day 3 ⚡️

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210123// 15/100 days of productivity

today’s work & my wall rn (when did it get so cluttered??). didn’t feel the most productive today, but still managed to do the things from my to-do list

  • wrote the chapter i planned recently (3k words whooo)
  • studied korean
  • duolingo & drops
  • worked on the research report presentation
23rd January - Polar bear or penguin?

polar bear! they just seem…cuter?? but penguins are absolutely supreme animals too!

today’s focus: 6h

listening to: key, forever yours

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I’m finally done with writing the question and answers of two chapters of English. I have been procrastinating it since last week but had a sudden boost of motivation today. Thank goodness I finished it before my motivation bar went down. I hope ya’ll are having a productive day too because for me it’s really rare.

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planners never really worked well for me because I would forget to fill them out and always felt constricted by the formatting. I’m also a big doodler and don’t like having something so formal. However, I’ve always been intimidated by the neatness and dedication of bullet journaling (and applaud anyone who partakes in that hobby). Recently I got a beautiful little sketchbook from my friend for christmas and have been experimenting with it since I lost my planner. I think I’ve really started to find a system that works.

the system?

having no system.

Essentially I just use different colors for each main idea (schedule, homework, to do lists) so that I can tell them apart and write it wherever and however I want to on the page. It’s very freeing and I am willing to sacrifice ‘neatness’ for productivity.

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<div> —  Sayak Valencia, <i>Gore Capitalism</i>, pg. 114<br> </div><span>Mike Davis has written about <i>national sacrifice zones</i>, using this term to think about the ecological disaster to which certain regions of the U.S. have been relegated, since neither these spaces nor their inhabitants are considered to be productive elements of the capitalist system. We will adopt this term to refer to the boundaries or borders between poor countries and powerful countries, spaces where a dynamic is established in which anything goes on either side of said border. These spaces are treated as the backyard of both countries: gate-territories and backdoor cities, where the undesirable and the desirable mix, hybridizing these elements and making it difficult to apply a traditional axiology for their conceptualization. In these zones, we find a kind of eschatological rupture that means they are thought of as self-devouring and uncanny. According to Davis, ‘the uncanny … involve[s] some ‘return of the repressed,’ as when, ‘after the collapse of their religion, the gods turn into demons’ [that is, into the undesirable or indiscernible]’ (Davis, 2003, 7). Concepts of the uncanny and fear surround borders and, as Diana Palaversich has written, these ideas are used ‘as a metaphor for a series of liminal subjectivities experienced by individuals negotiating a variety of racial, ethnic, linguistic and sexual systems, … this is not an abstract space but rather a space imbued with history and memory’ (Palaversich, 2005, 173)</span>
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Day 2 of 100 DOP 📖

It was a not so productive day today. But nevertheless did get some of the work done and hopefully will finish it tomorrow.

List of things to get done tomorrow

  • Complete ADAPT case study
  • Literature survey
  • Edit the ppt for major project
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✧・゚* 1/22/21 || 20/100 Days of Productivity *・゚✧

Hey guys! Sorry if the drawings on the pic look weird… Idk y it’s happening but I’ll try to fix it tomorrow. So, for the update, I spent most of my time attending meetings/other extracurricular stuff. Then, I also spent a lot of time doing my Math homework. After hours I’m still not done!! Uggghhhh…. (;´Д`) Anyhow, I was able to work on some tasks but I just wasn’t as productive as before. Maybe I should try drinking a Frappuccino tomorrow??? 


So that’s it for today! I hope ya’ll have a good evening/morning! (≡^∇^≡)

EDIT: I forgot to mention this but THANKS SO MUCH FOR 90 FOLLOWERS!! 

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