studywithasteria 13 hours ago
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updating my bujo today 馃
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outsassing-nero a month ago
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had a really productive day and even still managed to stick to my new routine :)! I study norwegian and read two articles for my phd every day and it really pushed my project forward :D!
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lissasnotes a month ago
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Starting my 30 days of productivity Challenge
Day 1
- Finished my internship trainings
- Started my research trainings
- Did a few classes of my power point course
- Cleaned and styled my pc
- Worked on research data
Join me in these 30 days. I have a lot to get done before summer holidays are over!
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theperksofbeingadeadpoet a month ago
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Sunny afternoon 鈽锔
Woke up early and tried to be productive but it was dark and cold and my mind decided to be out of loop. This was a minor setback but overall, it won鈥檛 impact me too much. Decided to take a break to enjoy some fun writing and practicing piano in the late afternoon. Hitting the gym later tonight as well. Small, care-free activities are sometimes needed!
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linakumiko a month ago
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microbiology exam prep 馃
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thebetternotthebitterr 3 months ago
Ladies, You Don鈥檛 Receive Respect Because You Don鈥檛 Demand It鈥硷笍
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Have you ever noticed when you were in school that there was maybe one teacher whose students were very disrespectful towards? I mean students would come to class whenever they wanted to, turn in assignments past the due date, and were very unpleasant & hard to deal with. While there was another teacher whose students were respectful towards and knew better to stay in line. Like it's a completely different world compared to the first teacher's experience. Students would actually try to show up on time, turn in the assignments on the due date, and were quiet when needed to be & easy to deal with. Well, there you go! That鈥檚 literal proof that people are only going to do what you allow. If you allow people to walk over, you鈥. THEY WILL. Demand respect and best believe you will receive it. 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
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hopebooks 2 months ago
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a lot of chemistry revision this week 馃尡
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4ng3lc0quette 2 months ago
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mikrhsnobara 4 months ago
Not being able to study because you're tired and not being able to sleep because you feel guilty you didn't study.
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How to romanticise your life : ways that don't require you to live near a flower garden or own pretty dresses.
1. Wear pajamas
seriously, this is so underrated. i mean everybody talks about wearing those cottagecore square necked puffed sleeve dresses and walk through sunflowers and shit, but wearing your pajamas and sitting at home is just as fun.
2. Make everything an 鉁╡vent鉁
you woke up, you got out of bed. nothing that screams main character about that, is it?
but waking up, and instead of rushing into the bathroom, maybe spending a little time to just peek through the curtains and look at the bright day (or stormy, that's way more fun) that's waiting for you. Washing your face, and making a cup of coffee while the sunlight falls on your face.
how about now?
3. Be productive
seriously, be productive. do your homework, read that chapter, wash the pile of laundry lying in your room. it doesn't seem all that main character type, but it certainly gives you that sense of content and getting things done, which on its own is a pretty great feeling.
4. (as added by @stringrobbery )
Imagine you're a character in a book while eating something, and describe it - cheese? Very fantasy-adventure? Piece of fruit? Decadence, you're an ancient monarch sampling goods from far away. Chicken? You're in a tavern after a day toiling in the field. Raw vegetable? A hobbit just stole it from the big-folk and nothing tastes better than stolen veggies!
(should i make a part 2??)
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lantern-hill 5 months ago
what i've learned from one year in uni
...as a humanities student focussing on languages and history.
do all your readings at least a week in advance. honestly a lifesaver. make a list of the readings you'll need to have done for the next week and divvy them up along the current week.
annotate your readings. either by hand, or download them, import to a pdf annotation app (or just google drive) and make comments/highlight important parts,
don't sign up for early or late classes, especially if you're a commuter. i signed up for a 9-11 AM class and a 6-8 PM class and they were both hell even if I enjoyed the material. Don't do it.
join the class group chat. if there isn't one, make one. you might not think you need it, but you do, you really do.
if you can't get yourself to do the whole reading, read the first sentence of every paragraph. listen, we've all been there when the reading is 36 pages and you're just not feeling it. most well-written academic articles start with a topic sentence that will give you a sense of the general direction of the work, so skimming the first sentence of each paragraph can actually equip you better than nothing for your discussions.
the syllabus is your bible. read it THOROUGHLY at the beginning of term and reference it CONSTANTLY.
skip lectures. NEVER skip tutorials. it's better to not skip lectures either but sometimes they're just not helpful. but ALWAYS go to tutorial.
find out your task capacity and worship it. i can't allocate myself a certain number of hours of work a day because sometimes i can work for 10 hours and sometimes i can barely focus for two. however, i can generally manage around 5 academic tasks a day. so I'll allocate myself two readings, an outline, a draft and a note-taking session and that works pretty well for me.
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montrealpoleposition 3 months ago
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drivers + @screenshotsofdespair
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un-----made 5 months ago
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05.03.22 ~ 21/100 days of productivity
trying to keep a simple desk set up, no more second screen or second laptop. i have so much space now. in love with my flowers & tulips, they bring so much light & life to my desk. today i will go out with a friend for a coffee and come back to study. my march spotify playlist will be up soon 馃尫
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legogradstudent 4 months ago
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Taking a nap, the grad student becomes more productive.
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theperksofbeingadeadpoet 2 months ago
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Afternoon with Hamlet
Hard to manage my time between UCAT prep, exercising, piano practice, school work and sleeping on time. But we go on x
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romanticizing-the-mundane a month ago
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The night sets the tone for the next morning - that's what I'am trying to tell myself everyday .
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outsassing-nero 8 months ago
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16.12.21// more reading and researching with my usual iced americano!! started writing first draft of one of my papers, hope to finish the whole thing soon! also, i'm currently working on a phd proposal for a scholarship, so the schedule is kind of messy :D
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