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2nd day of the semester:

I’m already writing a paper that’s due today at 2 p.m. After I finish my paper I’m going to start taking notes from my psychology book. Maybe I’ll do some astronomy work that’s due Sunday. I can tell this semester is going to be a lot since I’m finally getting into classes for my major.

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18/100 days of productivity

Today I worked the whole morning, and again we did not stop a second so I’m pretty tired. In the afternoon I started to read and annotate one of the articles I had found yesterday. After that I decided to take some time for myself to practice some self care, I also hope I’ll fine some time to journal this evening.

Winter study challenge day 52 // 21st January Stay warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Stay warm inside, for obvious reasons. But I’ll admit that it’s even nicer to go inside in the warmth after being out in the cold.

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✧・゚* 1/21/21 || 19/100 Days of Productivity *・゚✧

*sigh ( ´△`) Today was another busy day for me…. I feel so tired…. It’s actually 12 AM rn (where I live) so I guess it’s Jan 22 now. But let’s just pretend that this was posted yesterday heheheheh….(´▽`)

So, recently, I was invited to a Discord study server. There’s also a lot of other stuff unrelated to academics in the server. The people there are quite nice but it’s hard for me to jump in conversations. So far, the only thing I’ve done in the server is to add my to-do lists there. It helps to make me more accountable. I was also able to chat with one of the members in the server who was from the same country as I was! Although the day was exhausting, I was able to socialize with more people today. I also managed to finish my priority tasks. But, I feel like I should have finished more tasks…. (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Oh well I’ll just try my best to finish them tomorrow!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Have a good day ya’ll!

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Day 20 of productivity. January 20 2021.

I bought chocolate syrup yesterday and as you could guess, I’m going to be committed from now on to make incredible snacks. Today, I completed the 21 Minute All in One Tone Workout and my daily stretch. I also answered every question on my applications for university, now I just need to officialise and write my letter of intent. Whew! All of it is a big step. My boyfriend and I started this thing where we read a chapter of the Bible, then video call each other that night to talk about it, reflect and preach. This idea is lovely and I hope it can become a routine.

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210121// 13/100 days of productivity

online presentation set-up! i’ve also received my package with some albums and photocards - it felt festive again :)


  • studied korean
  • revised material for my presentation
  • actually had my presentation early in the morning and i guess it didn’t go too awful :)
  • annotated and watched some more videos/read articles on baudrillard
  • planned another part of my research project
  • read another journal article
  • planned my presentation for next week (final presentation/research report)
  • looked up some fancy phd position in different countries! (ready for an adventure)
21st January - Stay warm inside or go outside in the cold?

Stay warm inside while it’s really cold outside! days like that are the best days :)

today’s focus: 7h 30min

listening to: jooheon, king 

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new year, new update

2021 has started on a good note.

• i have totally given up coffee.

• i have kept up my habit of not smoking.

• i have not drank alcohol in the last 15 days.

• i have stopped taking sedatives.

i am not fighting an addiction to alcohol, i merely want to give up social drinking altogether. when i visit home, my father and i have a ritual of drinking beer together. it is strange and a little sad that we cannot bond unless alcohol is involved. i do not plan to break that practice yet.

i am still drinking two cups of black tea a day. i have also started drinking apple cider vinegar in the mornings because it is rich in antioxidants. i have also restarted multivitamin tablets and immune booster supplements. as a medical professional myself, i have more faith in vinegar than in synthetic vitamins. however, unless i get my COVID-19 vaccine, i am willing to support my immune system in every way possible.

i still fail on two fronts everyday:

• i cannot wake up early in the morning, irrespective of how early i go to bed and how long i sleep.

• i fail to watch my calories and eat more junk than is appropriate.

also, while i do walk whenever possible, i am not getting enough exercise. i am still overweight, which is concerning.

i have not made much progress on emotional front. it is a struggle every single day. i have found that when i focus on the other manageable aspects of my life, i feel better. i do not know how long i can continue like that.

this is all the first 21 days of ‘21 have had for me. let’s see how the rest of the year goes.

happy new year everyone.

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hello everyone! here’s a little update on what’s been happening my side, I’m so sorry for going MIA during last year!  

hope you’re doing well and coping alright! it’s been a minute! so many things have happened since I last posted on here, it’s been wild. 

I am now officially no longer a university student since I finished my degree last year at the very end of November. so I am currently no longer a student, but just an unemployed girl sitting at home. lol. BUT. BUT! this doesn’t mean the end of my studyblr, no. I will be starting my first job on the 1st of February as a candidate attorney at a local law firm where I will be serving my articles of clerkship for 2 years. I still need to do compulsory practical legal training, which involves more studying and exams, so I will still need your guys’ support and motivation and inspiration to keep me going! so, please stick around if you want to, I’d really appreciate your company! I’ll probably also end up ranting on here about the day-to-day duties of a candidate attorney (how exciting). 

I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you for existing and being part of the studyblr community, this community honestly helped me so much during last year. even if I didn’t always manage to post consistently or keep up with the 100 days of productivity challenge, opening my dashboard and seeing posts from everyone always made my day better and gave me a little bit more courage to go on. so, thank you. 

wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year, and may you reach all your goals, no matter their size or shape! 

lots of love, 



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i got microsoft before the start of this school term and i’m absolutely loving using onenote!! my notes aren’t super aesthetic or anything but the practicality of onenote makes online school so much more manageable, i really wish i had it from the beginning because i know it would have definitely improved my productivity and organization during those first months. nevertheless, i have it now and i’m enjoying making the absolute most of it. i really hope google introduces a similar program to complement so others who cannot afford microsoft can also benefit :(

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Is Working from Home Here to Stay?

Is Working from Home Here to Stay?

Workplaces swiftly shifted from in-office to remote to meet the current health crisis. Now a hybrid model could emerge as the future ideal.

Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
Let the business resources in our guide inspire you and help you achieve your goals in 2021.

21, 2021

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Many corporations have had employees…


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All those who use the internet have commented on videos, pictures, posts, and articles. The initial period of any technology/Innovation is probably the best time of its entire life. People use it only when it’s needed, do what’s necessary, and know when to stop. And when that innovation becomes a trend and daily habit it also becomes money mine which is exploited and manipulated in order to keep people spending on it and consuming it.  What has commenting to do with what we consume? We comment on what affects us and comments decide the value of any form of content. Comments were sober, real, and genuine till people started this feedback section for vomiting their frustration. Content creators have given them the title of haters/trolls and try their best to ignore the haters/trolls. But is it easy. NO. 

We have all see how hatred changes influencers, their personality, and impacts their creativity. They start with one type of content with lots of positivity and then end up being depressed and making videos clearing doubts raised by haters. 
When I started using various social media platforms, I felt the freedom anonymity gave but I did not misuse it.
Although I had the temptation to be rude to people who have harmed my community, I chose to behave because what I type is what I speak. And what I speak is WHAT AM. So I refused to make those people more important by being a hate-spewing person. What use is that speech which does not benefit, hurts someone, disturbs their mind, and lowers the class of the speaker?

Each word you type represents you. Why should you let anyone become classier than you by your careless attitude? No matter what they are doing do not be rude or mean or abusive. What speaks is a human, what sings is a bird, what barks is a dog.
It’s disturbing to read the comments section, people say heartbreaking things, and for what? Someone is speaking about a cause or their personal problems or giving their opinion and these trolls write you look like a clown, what is your rate, your community should be chopped, making jokes on their personality, we don’t want to hear your problems. Some comments are an outright thesaurus of all the vulgar slangs dogs have ever used!
We all need to remember the rules of communication and what we contribute to online data. Like a great person said before you speak check your words for three conditions and speak only if those three conditions are met.1. Is it necessary?2. Is it true?3. Will it do more good than harm?
And Like Muniba Mazari Baloch said “Words can make you or break you. Words can heal you and words can destroy”
The words listen and read are used with only meaningful stuff beautiful speech, song or advice. It doesn't go with hatred, blabbering, and barking. You want to be listened to and read by or hushed away? Imagine walking on a road and people shouting eew that’s an ugly person, would you like it? It is exactly the same thing when someone reads what you type and says eew that’s an ugly person! Just because you can't hear them is it ok to let them speak derogatorily about you for a reason you gave them. It doesn’t make sense to think we can be one person offline and the opposite person online!

Decide today if you want to be seen as an educated man/woman by anyone who comes across your words/reactions online.
A filter can be used for certain words there’s no filter for mean words that hurts more. How fair is it that a stranger lamely typed something for attention and it spoiled someone’s day, future plan, and decreased their confidence? Damage done by the comment that took 1 minute of your leisure time takes months and years for someone to overcome.
When you say good things it PRIMARILY benefits you before others. Try it, type a compliment for someone online. When you speak well it adds to your personality,  It makes you classy and makes you an important person for society. You will see the result of typing responsible words, they will make you productive. Even if nobody responds you will feel like you had a mature conversation. That’s the power of doing the right thing when nobody is watching you. That decides your worth in the eyes of the most important person in your life and that is YOU.

Don’t be like haters who support idf atrocities on Palestinians.You will see Palestinians only report all the officially conducted crimes against innocent Palestinians. And haters attack the already sensitive people who feel nobody wants them and nobody does anything so that they live a normal life. They are facing a problem the world is used to ignoring and doesn’t want to talk about.  They can’t do anything despite being victims.First west and EU and now 4 Arab countries have shrugged shoulders.All we can do just TYPE– WE SUPPORT YOUR RIGHTS AND WE ARE THERE FOR YOU AND ONE DAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LIVE NORMAL LIFE LIKE US.

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so… lessons start for me in 4 days, which is scary. i’m hoping i’ll be much more organised this semester, i made a lot of mistakes last year that caused a lot of stress so i plan on being better this time!

also!!! i gave myself a lockdown haircut yesterday, and dyed my hair blue! i’ve never dyed my hair before and never cut a fringe, but it looks pretty good, if i do say so myself ˃ᴗ˂

i hope you’re all staying safe and doing well🤍

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Returned my items from work today, then had lunch with my mom. Came home to math and introductory lectures, and managed to squeeze in some writing. I haven’t practised piano in a few days which is pretty bad because trials are next week so I have to catch up over the weekend.

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21.01.2021 ~

I haven’t officially started the semester yet (first lecture is on Monday!), but I’m trying to get ahead and make some progress on my self-study course on radiation induced immune responses 🌱

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