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May 29, 2020

What is your favorite idiom in any language?

My favorite idiom is a tie between, “Jack of all trades” and, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I like them for their full meanings which are, “jack of all trades master of none but better than a master of one” (it’s better to be average at everything than to be only good at one thing) and, “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back” (it’s okay to satisfy your curiosity)

Showing a picture of a watercolor illustration I did of myself, in bisexual colors.

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05.27-29.2020 // i basically spent the last 2 days gathering all my distraction memos and filtering through my windows sticky notes, google keep, and phone notes. but today, instead of doing a usual update, i decided to share it :) it’s also a good guide for future me to keep

i don’t do well with timed schedule. i get frustrated very easily, so i prefer listing everything for the day. often, i accomplish them anyway so it works for me but if a timed schedule works for you then go you! how do you even do that wow

also, for the weekly ones, in “create the list” part, i put “q 2 weeks” so if i don’t cross them then that means i have to do them the next week

[ days 51-53 / 100 ]

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Promising you would do something by next month is the most tricky kind there is, because the entire four weeks you are like- “ok I have got the entire month for this”.

And then you wake up on the 27th or something and realise that in actuality, you DO NOT have the entire month.

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28.05.20 // 15:30 // Quarantine Challenge day 59

Thu - Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

I don’t know if anything interesting enough has ever happened to me to make a movie out of?? Some actresses I love though are Kate Mulgrew, Melissa Fumero, Jeri Ryan, Keira Knightley and Helena Bonham Carter. 

I was super surprised how motivating I found doing this timelapse was! I finished making some notes, made some flashcards, and did a set of practice problems that I then marked after lunch 🌻

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28.05.20 | 44/50 days of productivity

Spent pretty much the whole day rewriting the last chapter of my thesis with feedback from my supervisor. I also made a few small changes to my introduction. I’m super close to finishing my thesis, but somehow it doesn’t feel that way …

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For today, I am going to try and write down my whole life and all the major moments on a piece of paper. I also need to finish the final draft of a Philosophy Essay due June 5. For the next 2-3 days, I think I’ll just do some additional research and refresh my knowledge. A huge number of the teacher’s comments only required me to make conclusions after paragraphs and make the logical connections clearer. Since both of these things can be covered in 1 day. I have considerable amounts of time to spend. Next, I have a bunch of webinars I want to watch on colleges I could be interested in. I do want to choose a region near where my sister studies but I’m also going to explore other countries and options.

As you can see, my definition of work and then, of productivity is changing fast. With very few deadlines in place and a Netflix account, I’m really testing my limits. But, I have group projects which keep me in shape and I’m trying to work without specific deadlines. I’m also fixing my work station. Again. Yes.

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Fri, May 29 2020.

Hello. So, Where do I start!

First an introduction, just for my sake to help me have a clear idea of what the niche of this blog is.

So, I’m a dreamer who dreams waaaaay too much. And my goals are realistically possible but I’m just so caught up in dreaming that I rarely have the time to make them come true!

I’m also in the final year of High School which obviously has to mean that I’ve been dreaming about my career way too much these days.

This is where this blog comes into play.

So I already do have a studyblr, and I love it but I’m not gonna link it over here. A little privacy people!

This blog is going to be about things that are outside the scope of Academics.

Like Exercising ( which I rarely do, I’m a proper couch potato with no stamina, it’s just not laziness though. I’ve had actual valid reasons that have faltered my Growth :(

Also, Balancing Social Life and learning to network more and more.

And much more which I can’t think of right now.

But why the name Lazy Productivity?

Because that’s what this is. I’m definitely definitely DEFINITELY going to give up in the middle if I try to make too many changes too quick.

I’m gonna go slow and I’m gonna keep having affairs with my old routine on the side 🌚

But my ultimate goal is to have gradual progress and be able to develop mini habits out of all of that I do.

I’m definitely going to hate myself with all the slow progress

But, I’m gonna try to not give up in the middle. I’m gonna make it work. However I can.

See ya later.

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I wish there were more things on how to be productive that weren’t just pretty aesthetics. Like show me how to get work done when the only reason I passed this year was because I procrastinate work and then work well under pressure. Because the pressure isn’t there if it’s something I’m doing for me. So I’m stuck starting projects and deciding I need a break, whether the break is actually needed or no is unimportant and a different issue entirely, but instead of coming back to it the day before it’s due like with school work I never come back to it because there is no actual due date. Doing stuff aesthetically will never work for me. What’s the alternative?

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2/100 days of productivity

So this is messy already, I didn’t know yesterday’s didn’t post but count it as for yesterday the 1st. Today is the second.

-I did two questions in my midterm

-I reread content for it and for another midterm

-I did some readings for tomorrow’s lecture

-I followed through my skincare routine (that’s hard for me to remember)

And now I’m closing it off listening to some podcasts so I have energy for tomorrow ❤️

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2020/05/28 | 3/100 Days of Productivity

I finished my last exam today before I finally go into the lab full-time. The only thing that is left to do is finish my business plan and present it.

Tomorrow I have a meeting about my progress in learning Swedish so I’ll have to practice a little bit today. I know it isn’t yet good enough, but in the end, that’s why I’m learning.

One thing I LOVE is laptop stickers. I got these from a friend of mine and they’re amazing. Especially the whale is so cute!

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28/5/20 // deadline day

It’s been a while, but I hope everyone’s keeping safe.

I’ve been kinda inactive because, well, my productivity has felt pretty inactive, but my deadlines are tomorrow and I’m steeling myself for a long night of writing up and editing ahead of me- that’s pretty much all that stands between me and the first year of my master’s being complete.

Working in my parents’ house has been tough with few viable workspaces, but we’re so lucky to have this terrace and garden with everything that’s going on right now, so I’m very much counting my blessings

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Hey everyone! These are the skills I used to learn German in about two weeks! It takes a lot of work obviously but it’s so worth it. 💕⚡️

1. Use a language program like Memrise or Duolingo. I think that programs like these are super helpful for getting acquainted with the language you want to learn and for understanding basic grammar. I mostly use them as a break from the other work that I do but they are definitely good practice.

2. Make a list of the top 1,000 most common words and work on memorizing them in chunks. I worked on memorizing about 50-100 words a day. It sounds like a lot but many of the words are different verb tenses of the same word so it ends up being less work that you expect. Also, from using Memrise and Duolingo, a lot of the words were already familiar to me. I wrote a list of the words for the day each morning and during my breaks from school work I would quiz myself on them.

3. Watch lots of Youtube videos to study grammar and tenses. The internet is your friend when it comes to learning a new language so take advantage of the resources! I would google everything that confused me and watch videos on it until I felt like I really had a grasp. Doing this ensures that you have a strong foundation to learn new vocabulary.

4. Translate music from your main language into your target language and vice versa. This is a fun way that I would practice verb conjugations and my vocabulary recollection. Any word that I hadn’t learned already, I would look up and be able to add it to my vocab list. Also, this is really fun practice and the rhythm made it easier to remember what I was learning.

5. Keep a post-it note to write down any questions you have or things that you don’t understand. This way, you can remember to look up what was confusing you instead of forgetting what you don’t know. By keeping track of what I understood well and what I needed to continue practicing, I was more organized in my practice and spent my time better.

This obviously isn’t an easy way to learn a language but you defintiely get results based on the effort you put in. Message me if you have any other suggestions for langblrs, I’m always interested in learning more!

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Yup… I tried the famous French macaroon… Ofcourse the supermarket ones. Still… Delicious and it was the first time I tried.

I had a meeting with the postdoc I am working under. She was really happy with my progress and provided me with great feedback.

I also gave German quiz and scored 15/16… Pretty good haan… But to be honest, it was easy.

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