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day 5 / 100

  • three hours of assistantship work
  • finished reading jasmine (then decided to use it for a final essay)
  • read more sir gawain and the green knight
  • did some early-stage reading and researching on the testament of cresseid for final essays
  • started crochet hat for my mom’s friend’s baby
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10/20/20 | day 2/100

i didn’t get any school work down that is worth mentioning. however, i did…

-work an 8 ½ hour shift

-wash my hair (i like to wash it about every 3 days)

-eat homemade alfredo


and while we are at it, please enjoy this photo of my desk area that i did not sit at today :)

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2020.10.20. 28/100 days of productivity

Today was productive but it doesn’t feel like it was.
I finished all of the administration work needed to apply for a scholarship, I can’t believe people working at our uni were actually helpful for once.
Apart from an hour long walk I took, I spent the whole day trying to store my data in the database. I tried so many things and nothing worked. I stopped working on it around 4pm when I went for a walk and I also missed my psychology class. 
After a few hours everything was just freezing and not working properly and I just didn’t see the point in trying anymore. I was about to have a little breakdown but after the first few tears rolled down my face I decided to just turn up some seventeen songs and just dance around my room. It might sound dumb but I guess it did help because I couldn’t cry while dancing even if I wanted to. 
I probably danced around for half an hour before getting back to work. 
I decided I’m not going to sleep before I get the data in the database even if that means I’m going to sleep the next morning. And somehow after another hour IT FINALLY WORKED. When I saw the query running and finishing and when the message said there’s 1M+ rows in my database I was so happy I could cry. 
Tomorrow is gonna be a work filled day as well but at least now I have data to work with. I’m so happy I managed to do it before the end of the day and even if I fail to do all of the tasks for the project I’m still happy with what I’ve done!
I’m probably gonna go through a few Korean lessons on lingodeer and call it a day.

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Think of everything you do as progress. Life is a bank and any time you do anything that brings you joy you’re earning.

Sent someone a meme? You progressed your relationship. Drew a doodle? You progressed your art skill. Took a bath? You progressed your mental health. Life is a bank and any time you do anything that brings you joy you’re earning.

When you adopt this mindset, you are able to appreciate the little things in life and develop a sense of mastery over life. 


Every Tuesday, my blog features at least one tip relevant to the studyblr community in some way, whether that’s covering productivity, studying, school, or even planning and bullet journaling. The tips that are submitted by others will be credited with their name, otherwise the tips are my own. You can submit tips here.

To see older tips, click the hashtag #mytuesdaytips on my blog to see all my previous Tuesday Tips.

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october 20th, 2020

not gonna lie, this weekend was tough! but i’m slowly starting to get everything organized, i’ve been using notion and journaling has also helped a lot!

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Tuesday, October 20th

Does anyone else’s day feel like it’s never going to end? I have had lectures for 3hours straight, and I’m pooped! I’m feeling all the cozy vibes with my peach candle, and all I want to do is hide in bed and watch Netflix ♡

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Genre: Nonfiction
Pages: 85
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

The Artist’s Date by Julia Cameron encourages writers to spend time devoted to finding inspiration. Within the confines of this book, there are 50 creative suggestion–date ideas–to get inspiration.

I heard about this book about a year ago and absolutely loved the concept. I mean, it makes complete sense in a “Treat Yourself” sort of way. I love it and I appreciate the list of creative ideas to get the ball rolling.

Personally, this book definitely made me rethink my creative process. The ideas were wonderful and I cannot wait to try them once this pandemic is over.

However, I will say that I sort of expected a bit more than just a list of ideas. As I said, I love the concept, but I don’t know…I kind of just wanted more.

Overall, I’d rate this book 4 stars. It’s great if you’re looking to re-inspire yourself creativity and need a few nuggets of wisdom.

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