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joshiesworld · 11 months ago
JoshiesWorld Running Out Of Things To Review
JoshiesWorld is running out of things and places to review. It's something that I do not have the luxury to review as a critic like some other professional reviewers continually. These other reviewers can frequently review products because they have companies shipping them their products to review, or they have the luxury to afford as many as the newest products they could get their hands on to review. For me to do so, I'd need some companies to be willing to give me a chance to review their products and places.
Want to help? There are four ways that you can help. Mention your favorite companies or the ones that you are considering to become their customer by using the @ symbol on social media, then type their name and ask/recommend them to please send JoshiesWorld their latest products for honest reviews so that you, along with many of others, can determine if they worthy for you to buy. You can also head over to the company's website then look for their contact information, which is often found at the bottom of their website, or look for the "contact" link on their website and send them an e-mail to let them know to please send some latest products to JoshiesWorld for honest reviews for all of you to determine if they worth your money. Share this to get others to help because the more people you get to help, the better chance that JoshiesWorld would start getting the products to review.
You can always donate some money to JoshiesWorld to buy the products to review them:
Thank you so much for all of your support, and that means a lot to me! 🤟🏻
P.S. If you are a company and you would like to ship a product for JoshiesWorld to give an honest review, please feel free to send a message or use the contact page here:
Thank you!
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thebibliosphere · 3 months ago
So, I rarely review products on my blog, but I’m going to make an exception in this case on the off chance it saves someone a trip to the ER.
We replaced our harmonica kettle this week with another one from the same brand. Specifically, this one. It was cheaper than the stainless steel harmonica one (which had developed a problem with the spout dripping water onto the burner, which seems to be a recurring theme) but $50+ is still a decent amount of money. Chantal also gets a good rep, and considering we used to spend more money on replacing cheaper ones that broke every few months or rusted out after a year, we bought another Chantal.
We will not be doing that again.
I dunno if our new one was defective or what, but it has a serious safety issue with the spout and whistle stopper. At first it was just annoyingly inconsistent, it’d either give a very weak whistle regardless of how full it was* or it wouldn’t make a sound at all, just spew steam out from the top. Which is not great to begin with, but I persevered with it, and after a couple more tries it seemed to work and was easy to hear from anywhere in the house. Great. Fantastic. Problem solved.
And then this morning happened, when the whistle not only didn’t sound, but the steam released from the base of the stopper, causing water to run down the spout, extinguishing the gas burner. And because the kettle was silent, ETD** who was in the next (open plan) room didn’t notice because he was relying on the whistle to tell him when the water was done, until the smell of gas permeated from the kitchen to the rest of the house. It was so strong it woke me up in the bedroom feeling sick and we ended up having to call the gas company and vacate the premises for a couple of hours. 
Both of us (and Holly) are fine. But we tested the kettle again, and it did the exact same thing. It came to a boil and began spewing steam from the base of the whistle, and extinguished the flame again. It wasn’t overfilled, and there doesn’t appear to be any visible defects that would cause this, but this thing is a fucking hazard and I’m sending it back to Chantal right now.
Also just like, a general PSA to never leave stuff unattended on the stove because I know someone is going to go off in the notes about how ETD walked away from it. But the thing is, he thought it was safe to do so. He was nearby and relying on the whistle and the fact that the steam release is designed to go up and outward, not pouring downward. If we hadn’t smelt the gas when we did, goodness knows what could have happened.
Anyway. Don’t buy this model of kettle. And don’t walk away when there’s stuff on the stove. I’m going back to bed.
*Whistle is reliant on steam pressure. More water = more pressure = louder whistle. **Before anyone asks why he didn’t smell it sooner, he has very little sense of smell. No, he doesn’t currently have covid; it’s an ongoing health thing.
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buyingguides · a year ago
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yvesdot · a month ago
Scammers and cyberstalkers are increasingly using the Goodreads platform to extort authors with threats of “review bombing” their work–and they are frequently targeting authors from marginalized communities who have spoken out on topics ranging from controversies within the industry to larger social issues on social media.
[R]eview bombing [is] when a coordinated group, or a few people with multiple accounts, intentionally tank a book’s aggregate rating with a flurry of one-star ratings and negative reviews.
Chupeco, a young-adult fantasy novelist best known for their The Bone Witch, The Girl From the Well and The Never Tilting World book series, is one author who has experienced this firsthand. Last year, Chupeco called out fellow author Mackenzi Lee for signing her name in other authors’ books without their consent...
Chupeco says their tweets about Lee drew the ire of what they refer to as the “1-star book brigade.”
“My book rating went from 3.9 to 3 overnight, and it was a whole journey to see people telling others not to review bomb Lee’s books when the reality was that my books were the ones getting hit and no one cared until I said something,” Chupeco says.
When Chupeco reached out to Goodreads, they say the company never responded to them.
“I emailed Goodreads while it was happening, and several people from [the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)] tried to help me, but in the end it went nowhere. I’ve emailed Goodreads before about other issues and they were always quick to respond, but they never got back to me on my emails for this one,” Chupeco says. “Goodreads only removes reviews that specifically target the author, but they do not do that for every book, either—just for the authors with big enough marketing and publicity teams to demand these removals.”
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iskastudiies · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just dropping by with a random assortment of pictures from the last semester 😗✌🏽
hello hello!!! still remember me? just realized that it’s been months since i updated my studyblr :< guess i was too drained and sad to post last sem asdfjhfhfk, i wasn’t doing well at the time. right now i’m 2 months into my semestral break, and i just took this time to rest and recuperate. anw, i hope you’re all doing well aaaaa <3
some (random) life updates:
-i turned 21!!!!
-i have officially finished my 2nd year of college!! i barely survived, but it’s okay lol
-became a university scholar for the past two semesters!! i’m really happy with how my grades turned out.
-i’ve been getting more and more interested in video editing and animation
-also got into thai tv shows and artists lately yay
[ ps. yes that’s my dog in the first pic :> i don’t even remember why i took this bc it’s been too long since these pics were taken ahshsjkaa ]
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maeve-studies · 3 months ago
I read Deep Work so that you don't have to
Cal Newport's Deep Work comes highly recommended for many in academia. It touts being able to set you above other job candidates and students by giving you a rare skill - the true ability to focus in a distracted world.
I read this book because one of my professors offered extra credit to any student who read it and wrote an essay on what they learned from it (I'm never one to pass up an extra credit opportunity, but it seems disingenuous to make students read a 300 page book for extra credit although that is an argument for another post).
I will be honest - this book did not need 300 pages. I honestly found Newport to be full of himself and beyond pretentious - and a lot of this book reeks of "anyone can be good at anything, if you are failing you just aren't trying hard enough" and that is a mindset which is so prevalent in academia but I find beyond harmful. It overlooks that many people simply don't have 4 hours of uninterrupted time, whether it's because they have children or work responsibilities. Time is a privilege that many people don't have, and Newport seems to completely overlook that. With this caveat in mind, I'll recap the main points of this book below.
1. Stop Multitasking - this is one a lot of us KNOW, deep down, that we need to do. But you will really be so much more productive if you spend 20 minutes focusing on Duolingo, 20 minutes writing in your journal, and 20 minutes working on an essay, than you would be if you spent an hour switching between the 3.
2. Set aside blocks of time for focus work and create a routine - These go hand in hand, find blocks of time (even if it's only an hour!) and dedicate yourself to turning off your phone and focusing on your work during those blocks. Having consistency, such as always scheduling these blocks in the morning before class or at the end of the day after dinner, is important for developing patterns.
3. Building up the ability to focus is like building a muscle, it takes time - If you currently focus in blocks of 20 minutes on and 5 minutes off, maybe you do that for a total of 3 hours. And you won't go from 3 hours to 6 hours in a day or you will only end up mentally exhausted. Building up your focus time slowly is important for avoiding burnout and exhaustion.
4. Disconnect from your work at the end of the day - Take time each day for relaxation and self-care. Even if you're studying for the SATs or the Bar Exam, unplugging from your work every night and watching an episode of Netflix or reading a few chapters of a book will help you to mentally recover from a long day of focus.
5. Schedule your day into blocks - I do this loosely, but I plan out my day in advance. It's so normal for your day to get shifted around, you will always be moving around your mental schedule. However, I find it helps me to identify my priorities and allows me to make a list of everything I am hoping to accomplish in a day.
6. Monitor your social media use - I think a lot of what bothered me about this book was Newport's insinuation that people who don't use social media are above people who do. Fundamentally, I disagree with this, however I think it is important to note that to be fully engaged in your focus time, you should turn off/lock your phone (I use the forest app). We all know that phone use and social media can distract from productivity, so I'm including this on the list because it is important to take time away from your phone to focus.
My final assessment of Deep Work is that a lot of the habits it suggests you adopt to maximize productivity are things we all KNOW we should be doing, like spending less time on our phones and more time focusing on our work. However, life gets in the way of these things sometimes, and I think the book fundamentally ignores the fact that if we all embraced the behaviors Deep Work suggests, we would all live very strict lifestyles that wouldn't allow for spontaneity and deviation. Find your balance between productivity and focus, and taking time to relax and enjoy your life with friends and family.
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soursoppi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
welp this has been both a terrifying and amazing year!!! 
from blowing up on my social media accs- losing my job- using that as motivation to start Patreon- possibly losing my home- settling my living situation (almost there)- and finally putting effort into setting up my own shop instead of dreaming endlessly about it... I can’t even begin to describe how all you peeps who somehow enjoy all my silly indulgent sharts have changed my life and how I viewed my future!!!!!
Thank you again!!!! You’ve truly made 2020 an unforgettable year for me, and I hope that all my silly sharts will continue to entertain and bring you good vibes!!!
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angelapeauty · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Loving working and producing with this new @msi_france Stealth beast👌🏽 . . #pc #mobile #msi #media #gaming #production #pr #worklife #review #photooftheday #officespace #desk #instagood #lifestyle #bestoftheday #stories #tech #technology #device #beautiful #design #instadesign #screen #instadesign #brand #beast #techy #lifestylesportsandfood #productivity
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maxicorpceo · 2 months ago
Product Reviews #2
Tumblr media
This MaxiGrow is AMAZING! Like holy crap, I bought a bottle for my husband on his birthday and DAMN, easily the best sex we've ever had in our life! There's nothing quite like straddling your partner underneath you as you continuously grow on top of them. And yes, my husband definitely loved it! All I'm saying ladies is prepare a new wardrobe before you use this stuff! It's kinda embarrassing going to the store in a robe that's to small 😅 only reason I give it a rating like I did is I can't shrink back. If I could this would be the absolute perfect sex toy for everyone! Definitely don't sleep on this stuff!
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Why You Should Ditch Your Traditional Hairbrush and Use Boar's Bristle Instead
Let's talk about brushes.
Traditionally, when you think of a hairbrush, you think of the ones with thick, spaced-apart, nylon bristles that each have a small bulb on the end. Like this:
Tumblr media
We often see these used to tickle the soles of feet - usually when they are covered with baby oil. The slickness of the oil allows for faster, more vigorous scrubbing, and also protects the soft soles of the Lee from any scratching. It's one of the most reactionary heavy-tickling techniques, and one of the most feared tickle tools within the Tickle Community.
Now, switch gears. Think of makeup brushes.
Tumblr media
Dense, fibrous, and soft, makeup brushes range drastically in shape and size. Their supple texture is the epitome of light-tickling, alongside it's cousin the Feather, and their variety makes for a limitless number of reactions from a sensitive Ticklee.
The jump from these two tickle tool brushes is as wide as a chasm. The hairbrush is distinctly meant for unrelenting, heavy tickling, and the makeup brush is distinctly for unbearable, lighter tickling.
Personally, I think hairbrushes scratch too much for me to find them enjoyable. Even with baby oil applied, I think that the rough nature of a hairbrush can become painful in certain areas of the body (like the neck, inner forearm, etc.). Not only that, but if the "nubs" on the ends of the bristles were to wear down from all the vigorous scrubbing, they could become angled or sharp over time.
And while makeup brushes do cause a strong reaction, it can be difficult to tickle at a high intensity with them due to the low amount of pressure and unsubstantial softness. You usually have to be very, very susceptible to knismesis (light tickling) in order for makeup brushes to have maximum effectiveness.
...Which is why I think Boar's Bristle Hairbrushes are the perfect middle ground.
I bought this one from a 7-Eleven for $9ish. It is not 100% Boar's Bristle, so there are plenty of thin, nylon strands dispersed among the fur - hence why it is so cheap.
But the tickling I got from it? Priceless.
You can quickly scrub this brush with a heavy amount of pressure on the inside of your forearm (a place where the skin is highly taut and thus easily bruised or scratched) and it leaves no scratch marks in its wake. (That's how I knew I was going to adore this brush.)
The bristles are so, so soft. The fur is clumped together in rows but still has the flexibility to fan out and cover the entire surface area of the brush. And the uneven cut along the top makes each bristle stroke unexpected instead of a consistent stroke along the skin.
...And the best part?
It's seemingly paradoxical durability and softness can be used for both rough and soft tickling.
Armpits. Soles. Thighs. Neck (although with a lot of gentleness). Even the TUMMY could handle the either slow, deliberate back-and-forth or the fast, merciless scrubbing from this brush. All without baby oil. And with a high enough intensity that I was begging within minutes.
So, if you're looking for a tool to add to you collection, I HIGHLEE recommend trying out a Boar's Bristle Hairbrush. You may not throw out your makeup brushes or hairbrushes... but you'll have a tool that you can use just as roughly as a hairbrush with the soft, pliable texture of a makeup brush.
It's unrelenting, unbearable, and undeniably my new favorite tickling tool.
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lowcal-snacks · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
tidbits merengues
these are really tasty i have only tried two flavors (strawberry, and cookies and cream) but the two i’ve tried are great. only 60 calories for a big bag and less than 2 calories per merengue.
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studyingchemeng · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taking long walks, coffee and reading "Circe" by Madeline Miller.
Book review that no one asked for:
It is a perfectly lovely book, I enjoyed Circe's journey to finding her true self and found myself sympathizing with her troubles. The story is easy to follow and if you like Greek mythology you are probably going to like this book too... Overall a pretty solid retelling of Circe's story and an enjoyable read. (reminder: please look at the tw before reading!) 4/5 ⭐
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