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Victor: Day 20 of quarantine.
Melony: *frantically baking cookies while there are 20+ trays of cookies around the kitchen*
Sonia: *pacing and solving her 121st rubix cube, occasionally bumping into walls*
Gloria: *singing "I Won’t Say I’m In Love" passionately to a lamp while crying and acting out every single scene while doing so*
Piers: *Rocking back and forth drinking his 35th cup of coffee*
Hop: *Smacking himself with his fist*
Bede: *frantically stroking Allister's hair on the couch* We're fine
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So in the post-game of Pokemon Sword and Shield if you talk to Sonia before battling one of the royal weirdos in the Power Plant you’ll get the above quote from her saying how she can’t really battle. As soon as I saw that, I immediately thought back to Opal’s notes on Sonia.


You know…Opal says Sonia has talent (which we can assume we mean battle-wise). As I’ve said in other posts, Opal’s been shown to be a very astute person as far as ascertaining aspects of another character. According to her notes, it’s not like she’s unskilled at battling, just that she gives up too quickly. Now mind you, Opal has held a gym leader position for 70 years. Not only that it seems like she stayed in the Major Leagues the entire time (this is compared to Kabu who we know has dropped down to the minor leagues on occasion). We don’t know what rank Opal held when Sonia and Leon went on their challenge, but it’s reasonable to assume given her long history she probably wasn’t one of the first 2 or 3 gyms. So Sonia is definitely not lacking in the battle skills department, if Opal of all people thinks so.

So why have Sonia say that she “can’t really battle”? I mean, one can make the argument that she could still be comparing herself to the superstar trainers around her (Leon, the player, Piers and Hop). But I feel like she could’ve taken on one of the royal twin’s followers and held her own. To me at least, there is a difference from being not good at battling and being outclassed by once-in-a-generation levels of talent. Judging from what we see, Sonia is the latter (being outclassed by Leon and then the player by proxy), yet it seems like the game treats her as if she can’t battle period. It’d be one thing if she had stated she had dropped out after getting only 1 badge, then yeah I could buy her not being good at battling. But again, I doubt Opal ever sunk that low in the rankings (Opal, like Kabu seemed to be another major roadblock for the gym challenge).

So Gamefreak, can we like have NPCs have decent character development like Sonia had in the main game (you know where she works on the whole giving-up-to-easily flaw by committing to learning about Galar’s history thus earning the professorship from Magnolia) and let them still be decent battlers (particularly when part of their backstory is about them taking on a freaking gym challenge)?

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Fandom: Pokemon Sword and Shield
Note: I don’t know Bea and Gordie very well since I only have Shield so I apologize if I don’t get their personalities correct.
Warning: none(?)

“Let me get this straight. The bastard cheated on you with his ex?” 

You looked up at the furious eyes of Nessa, your best friend since childhood is angry, no, not angry, pissed

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What is Sonia in the monster au?

Sonia is human, though she has her own mystery in her bloodline.

A few generations back, there is a Lightning Elemental. Now, you wouldn’t think this is odd… Until you realize that Elementals cannot have hybrid children. Two elementals will have a somewhat-similar alined child. And yet somehow, a Lightning Elemental had a child, a biological child, with a human.

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Raihan: Gender fluid people can do anything!
Raihan: Gender fluid people can do arson.
Sonia: Gender fluid people can, but shouldn't do arson.
Raihan, turning to Avery: Gender fluid people can, and should, do arson.
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Rambling Time! Pokemon SwSh!

A compilation of little details and headcanons I’ve recently made! Hope y'all enjoy.



PFFFF so that’s why Leon works out so much! So he use his cape!


In the picture board in Sonia’s room, you can spot some… Interesting photos…

First, the photo with three kids. Many interpret it by saying those kids are Leon, Sonia and Raihan, but I disagree, I say those kids are Leon, Sonia and Rose. Why, you may ask? Well…


Leon became the Champion, Sonia became a Professor and Rose became the villain.

SECOND AND MOST IMPORTANT PHOTOS are the one with the two people graduating and the one with the blond person facing away. I’m almost 99% sure these people are Sonia and Oleana, so please appreciate my doodles of them being high school besties


Blushie blushie crushie mess~!

ANYWAY you can also spot the Hatterene line and two Applins on the makeup desk! There is also this family photo… Are those Sonia’s parents? Man now I got sad.


Sir, what the actual fuck

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