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Here is code i made to have a fast detection rate for events. But render at a lower rate. Low render rate, would only update the screen (or interface) at a speed the graphics processor to handle. But we needed fast event detection. So we placed a measure for 1/10,000th of a second to keep updating at that rate, Inside a 1/100th of a second update. There are still gaps in losslessness but the tradeoff I was looking for, was low FPS in rendering but Faster checks for event detection. Because the gaps and lapses where the loops repeat themselves, to add another FPS onto it’s count. Cannot detect events in those gaps. But with fast FPS, The likelihood of detection increases and is high.

It is not perfect. Infinite recursion, Or enumeration of event checks may be better, But setting a frame rate limits The programs requirements on the processor. Anything that needs to be processed, Needs to function within the constraint of how many times it can function (be performed) in a given time. And at what speed of executing these functions can be handled by the processor.

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