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Is anyone really surprised that he thinks the people he’s naming for his cabinet are not progressive? To him being a 90s style Republican these people seem progressive to him but they are not even close to the rest of us, 

Don’t expect much out of them. I’m still not even sure Trump is going to leave yet. After today’s interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News he sounded more set to staying in forever and full of even more conspiracy theories. This sounded like a couple crazy friends talking together on a personal phone call rather than on national TV. Trump even blames the department of justice and FBI for helping to rig the election against him. By the way the election was never a rigged against him. His loss was legitimate and had he not been facing a 90s style Republican like Biden and maybe faced someone like Bernie Sanders his loss would’ve been far far worse.

It’s time to fight these motherfuckers for real progress and equality for all!

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We need to do something about Parler. Let’s do it. Together. We are the People of Parler, join us.

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