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defectivehero · 2 days ago
prompt #246
“Do you remember much?” the villain asked them. The hero frowned, pausing in contemplation.
“Not really, no.” The villain’s expression flickered for a fraction of a second. The hero squinted at them.
“Do you remember...” the villain started, moving closer to them. The hero was frozen, too afraid to move. The villain moved closer and closer, until their face was inches from the hero’s. “Our relationship?” “Relationship?” the hero scrunched their nose. “You mean, like...”
“Hm,” the hero remarked, stiffening in the villain’s hold. “I don't remember that.”
“What a shame,” the villain whispered, their breath hot against the hero’s neck. “Looks like we’ll have to start over, then.”
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kckenobi · 2 days ago
this might be too specific but i relate so i want it very badly: obi-wan experiences chronic knee/shoulder pain but hides it from everyone (especiaLLY the council) except for anakin & ahsoka & cody, that's it, and all three of them love him so much and want him to not be in pain but obi-wan hates worrying others. it just means a lot to my little pea brain
obi-wan with chronic pain (and good friends :')
Contrary to popular belief, it didn't get better.
Obi-Wan returned to duty a week after Geonosis. It would have been sooner, had Vokara Che not been so insistent, and the Council a little less willing to listen. The saber wounds from his knee and shoulder were sewn up from a healing crystal, no scar to even show for them now. Unlike Anakin, who would feel the effects of Dooku's blade for the rest of his life.
But a year into the Clone Wars—a year of watching the Republic struggle and crumble and snap, a year of watching sentient beings die at the hand of his failure, a year of knowing that any of them, any of them, could be next—and Anakin was fighting better than he ever had. He'd blossomed, really—as a Jedi, a leader, a man. Sometimes, when he was sparring with Anakin, Obi-Wan forgot Geonosis had happened at all.
But not for long. Never for long.
Cody was watching him now—goodness, he'd forgotten the Commander was there. They'd been combing through paperwork, settling the affairs of the latest campaign, and neither of them had even changed from their scorched and bloodied clothes. Obi-Wan had declined medbay—he always did, these days. But knew he wasn't being quite as discreet as he'd hoped from the way Cody followed him down the hall, gently taking his arm when he stumbled.
Watching him with soft eyes now.
"Sir, you should sit down," Cody said. "Or go to bed. We can finish this tomorrow."
"We won't have time tomorrow," Obi-Wan replied, without looking up from the screen. With one hand, he massaged his shoulder, trying not to grimace. He leaned on one knee. "We'll be landing in Coruscant in six standard hours, and then it'll be all politics and Council business and—"
"And I can finish it myself then, is what I was getting at."
A light hand came around his back, then—not moving him any place in particular. Just there, a gentle reminder. Soft and warm.
"I can't," Obi-Wan said softly.
"You couldn't do that to me? Sir, I'm your Marshall Commander—"
"No," Obi-Wan said. "Well, I would hate to do that to you. But I mean...I..."
He leaned forward against the nav console. If it wasn't there, he wasn't sure if he could still hold himself up.
He closed his eyes. "I mean I couldn't sleep if I tried." Cody's hand on his back stilled. "Not the way I'm..."
Cody, behind him, finished quietly. "The way you're hurting."
Obi-Wan didn't answer.
But he did let Cody pull up a chair. Cody had to help him down, keeping him from too much weight on the bad knee. He had the grace to ignore the unbidden cry of pain as Obi-Wan sank down into the seat.
Obi-Wan nodded his thanks—wasn't entirely sure what would come out if he tried to speak. His vision was a little blurry now, and he waited for it to come back. Then, he'd go back to the paperwork and the reports and—
Cody's hand landed lightly on his shoulder. The bad one, which ached almost as badly now as it had in the week after Geonosis.
And when Cody began to rub the aching muscle and bone, Obi-Wan almost tried to stop him. Found, though, that he didn't quite have the energy.
He leaned back in the chair, and closed his eyes.
Back at the Temple, it should have been better. The place always glowed like a beacon in the Force, full of the light and humor of children and the wisdom of generations. Anakin was back from his own campaign in the Outer Rim, Ahsoka with him, and they had plans to meet up that evening for a meal.
Although at the moment, Obi-Wan wasn't certain he could stomach one.
The Council listened to his debrief with interest—it was his first in-person meeting in quite a while, though many of the other Masters tuned in via hologram. It was always strange to see them, but not to feel them. The Council Chamber felt empty in spite of the many voices.
But an in-person meeting meant Obi-Wan had to work a little harder to hide it—the way he leaned on one leg more than the other, the way he reached for his shoulder when no one was looking his way. As a hologram, he only needed to think about how normal he looked. Here in the Chamber, he had to be careful he wasn't projecting into the Force how he felt.
"Master Kenobi, we have a difficult contractual situation in the Mid Rim. Might we send you to negotiate?"
Obi-Wan stifled the odd feeling in his chest—relief, in part, in fulfilling his real role as a Jedi. Regret, that Cody and the men would be on their own.
And then, the strangest one of all—a bit of dread.
He didn't want to be alone.
"Of course, Master Windu."
"We'll brief you tomorrow," he replied. "For now, get some rest—you'll need it. We all do."
Obi-Wan nodded. The meeting was dismissed, and the Councilors moved to adjourn.
When Obi-Wan started for the door, though, he stumbled.
Master Windu saw—or maybe sensed—his discomfort, and soon enough he was there at his side.
"And perhaps," he said, hand gently on Obi-Wan's forearm. "Make a visit to the Halls of Healing as well."
"I am fine, Master."
Master Windu's eyebrows raised, then lowered. Obi-Wan's face burned.
"There isn't much they can do for me anyhow."
Obi-Wan declined dinner at Dex's, when Anakin asked. Ahsoka had merely looked disappointed, but Anakin saw through him—the worry was all over his face.
"We'll bring some back for you," Ahsoka said. They were standing in the doorway of Obi-Wan's quarters. "You want the usual?"
"I'm afraid I'm not very hungry, Padawan."
It was Anakin who contested that. "You need to eat something. Better Dex's than more ration bars." He was eying Obi-Wan closely, which he avoided. "Be back soon, okay?"
There was a nudge in the Force—Anakin, checking in on him. Obi-Wan nudged back, but it was weak.
When they shut the door, Obi-Wan kicked off his boots and left them in the living room. He thought about making some tea, but the energy necessary to get to the kitchen, and the thought of holding something in his stomach, both deterred him. Instead, he inched toward the bedroom, finally allowing himself to limp as much as necessary. No need to put on a show now.
Until he stumbled. A step from the bedroom door, his bad knee gave, and he cried out.
He didn't catch himself.
At long last, he managed to get himself into bed. He stripped off his outer tunics as best he could, leaving the leggings and undershirt beneath, and curled himself under the covers. He could sleep, maybe. He didn't feel the pain in his sleep.
But blast, no, it hurt too much, and the ache was so constant and pressing he couldn't even find a position that was comfortable, couldn't even lie still without feeling it. He couldn't sleep like this. For so many nights now, he couldn't sleep like this.
So he didn't. Just lay there, hurting, alone.
When Anakin knocked on the door again, he couldn't even force himself up to get it.
Anakin knew the code—knocking was more of a formality anyhow, for both of them. From under the covers, he heard the door sliding open and two sets of feet enter the room, talking and laughing. And that made his heart ache, too.
"Obi-Wan?" Anakin called. "We brought you a burger. Where'd you go?"
They crossed the living room, and then there was a knock on the bedroom door. It opened, and light flooded in.
He heard Anakin exhale.
There was whispering, and then Anakin was passing the food to Ahsoka and murmuring something he couldn't hear. When she was gone, just Anakin crossed the room. Obi-Wan felt, more than saw, him sit down on the edge of the bed.
"It's bad today, then," Anakin said softly.
Obi-Wan nodded. And for some reason, it was those simple words—an admission of the truth—that brought tears to his eyes.
He rolled onto his back, rubbing a sleeve across his face with a sniff. The motion sent a sharper pain through his shoulder, and he let out a short, high-pitched sound instead of answering.
Anakin didn't say anything more. Just took over Obi-Wan's weak attempt at massaging out the pain, the way that Vokara Che had showed him a year ago. Obi-Wan let his head drop back into the pillow, and closed his eyes.
It did ease off a bit. He didn't know how much time passed before he was opening his eyes again—had he fallen asleep? And Ahsoka was in the room, sitting on his other side.
"I thought you might be getting a little hungry," she said.
Obi-Wan tried to smile. "I'm afraid I don't quite have it in me to get to the kitchen, Padawan."
She revealed the bag of takeout, and a stack of plates and cutlery.
"How about a picnic in bed?"
And that almost got a smile.
Anakin helped him sit up. They stacked some pillows against the headboard, so Obi-Wan something to lean against, and he drew his knees toward his chest beneath the blankets. They kept the lights dim, and propped his knee up on some more pillows. Ahsoka got his food out onto a plate. And for the first time in far too long, they shared a real meal.
Anakin and Ahsoka did most of the talking. Obi-Wan followed the conversation, some banter about the pros and cons of Jar'Kai against droids, which eventually led to a mock lightsaber battle using the kitchen spoons. And Obi-Wan, somehow, found a laugh within himself too.
When they'd finished, Ahsoka cleared the dishes. Anakin helped him settle back into the bed, head still propped up by pillows, and popped in a holovid. Obi-Wan didn't even bother to protest that they had more important things to do.
He didn't see the end of the film. In fact, he barely saw the beginning, before his head was listing sideways and falling gently against Anakin's shoulder.
And as his Padawans settled in beside him, the voices of the holo-film flickering in and out of his consciousness, he felt something distant and warm, something he'd missed—
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rayshippouuchiha · 2 days ago
Naruto has always heard the voices. When he was very little, Obachan and Okaachan would croon to him. They promised someone would come. Someone will help him. But nobody ever did. The people his family talked about turned away, would be mean or disappear as soon as he came within sight. His family raged, of course they raged. They were of the sea, of wind and of the storm. But there was one Naruto hadn’t tried yet, just one last chance before Plan B, which was truly drastic. He was the only one who would reminisce with Okaachan when she was alive about the lost island village, the one destroyed by Mist and Rock (Naruto would pay them back a hundred times over. They would pay for what they have done). It was hard finding him, but Naru did. The one. And he spoke the magic words his Obachan promised would work, because this was the one who would understood. After all, his Clan had asked the Uzumaki in the past.
“I claim sanctuary of the Oro Clan”
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gingerly-writing · 2 days ago
Prompt #2940
“Oh, hero. You need kissing so hard you forget how to breathe.”
“Is that an offer or a threat?”
“Why not both?”
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Short Prompt #228
"Whatchya up to?" - Civilian asked, strolling over to their partner and looking at the papers scattered across their desk.
Their lover sighed tiredly, pulling away from the mess they had made and rubbing at their sore eyes as they mumbled, "Planning the brutal death of my enemies..."
The civilian gave them a peck on the top of their head. "Well, can the big bad Supervillain take a break from plotting the murder of the century and come eat dinner with me?"
The supervillain groaned in exhaustion, their partner already knowing where this was going and saying, "I know you wanna get this done by the end of the month, but you need a break to clear your head."
Civilian then pointed to one of the papers, bringing the master criminal's attention to an important formula. "Look at this. You're so tired you messed up the calculations."
Supervillain squinted at the scribbles of numbers and letters, going over them a solid five times before finally noticing their mistake, eyes going wide open as they realized how bad that could've ended.
They sighed again, realizing their lover was right, and begrudgingly gave in. "Alright... I'll eat and sleep on it..."
The civilian smiled, giving them another smooch, this time on the cheek. "Great, c'mon on then. I made your favorite."
"You didn't have to..." - the supervillain muttered as they stood from their chair and let themself get pulled along to the kitchen.
"I didn't have to, but I wanted to." - Civilian replied, bringing a tiny tired smile onto their partner's lips.
As they both sat down, Supervillain's stomach was quick to remind them of their hunger at the sight and smell of the delicious food. They gave their lover a quick grateful kiss and dug into their meal, pretty much devouring it in minutes and making the civilian giggle as they grabbed another plateful.
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creweemmaeec11 · a day ago
Guys guys I just had a great idea.
Villain and hero make a bet, and all hero has to do is beat the others score in a video game. However, on the hero's turn, the villain starts flustering the other in order to distract them. It starts with the villain staring at them weirdly out of the corner of their eye, but when asked, the villain simply says they're admiring the other. It simply escalates from there. The worst(best) part? The consequence of the hero loosing was a kiss...
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avvail · a day ago
prompt #32
tw: captivity, restraints, brief mention of blood, suggestive (nothing explicit)
“I want to ruin you,” the villain hummed, their voice a dark whisper in the air. “This undeniable desire to see you unravel by my feet. To watch you give in and let me strip you down to nothing but a submissive little shell of who you were."
Hero’s vision was swimming, and the conviction of Villain’s words made them want to throw up, as well as let themselves go. They tasted copper in their mouth, bones wracked with so many aches they could barely fight against their restraints.
“What’s the point in telling me such a thing now?” They wheezed, cheek pressed up against the shards of gravel on the floor. “Don’t you have me right where you want me?”
It was the true, that the hero had been defeated so badly that they couldn’t put up any more of a fight. They found it impossible to dig within their determination, instead listening to the strained pump of their heart and feel the pain shooting through their body.
The villain briefly smirked, before the emotion was snuffed out like a flame. “Oh, no, sweetheart. Not in battle. Battle is far too easy.”
They crouched down beside Hero’s quivering form, fingers tracing the track of dirt against their jaw. The hero couldn’t contain their shudder, suddenly growing hot.
“My desire.” Villain cooed, hot breath blowing against their sensitive skin. “Starts with you in my sheets.”
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summercourtship · 2 days ago
I just read all your fics in one go and Im dying for more 😍 Can I request prompts 94 + 95 with Danny and a gn reader, please?
thank you!! much love.
hide and seek (18+)
danny johnson x gn!reader | warnings: dry humping/over the clothes, dirty talk, danny. | word count: 1806
prompt list
You rarely hide in lockers. It was much too risky, even when your fellow survivors have given you tips on how to utilize the lockers for your own benefit. You just didn’t like it.
But you could concede that they have their uses. Stunning the killer, crafting a flashbang, using them as a way to heal… But you still didn’t like how oddly vulnerable you felt when hiding in one, your heartbeat and breathing impossibly loud in the small space.
You are acutely aware of the fact that Elodie is somewhere across the map trying to finish a generator, and that being the only other survivor left, it was your job to let the killer chase you around. Admittedly, you could use a bit more practice in successfully avoiding the killer, and you like to think that you’re pretty good at misdirects and mind games.
But Ghostface is much better.
So that leaves you with one option as you sprint into a room, quickly taking stock of everything in the room you could possibly use to your advantage. Midwich Elementary School had no shortage of debris, weird piles of flesh, and broken desks and chairs scattered around its hallways and classrooms. But as you were rapidly examining the room, it became increasingly evident that you really only had one option.
Hide in a locker.
Barely taking a second to lament your fate, you slowly enter a locker, taking a brief moment to thank the Entity that there are multiple lockers in the room. He’ll at least be distracted while checking one of the other ones and you can just slip back out and start concocting your next plan of escape.
You do your best to peer out of the tiny slits in the locker doors, trying to figure out if he had entered the room yet and what his movements were. But the room was dark and the locker didn’t exactly have the best view of the room so you’re largely unaware of his movements and you definitely are starting to regret your rash decision when-
You yelp as the locker doors open, too startled to even properly scream. You tense in anticipation of being lifted out of the locker and over his shoulder, but he just stands there.
“This is a bit of a sticky situation, isn’t it?”
You’ve never heard him speak before, and the shock of it pulls you out of your head. The tension leaves the room, and though you’re still on edge (how couldn’t you be?), you relax your body.
“It wouldn’t be if you’d move.”
He doesn’t.
It’s much worse being trapped like this than if you had been dragged out of the locker, and you are cursing yourself for even entering the damn thing.
“Are you just gonna stand there or-”
“I like chasing you, you know.”
“You like chasing everyone.”
In the distance, a gen pops, the chime of it being finished ringing out through the entire school, distracting you. Two more gens to go until she can leave (you doubt you’ll be getting out now). But he still doesn’t move, his arms still caging you in.
“Maybe you should go chase her.” His head tilts to the side as you mutter, confused as to why he was spending this time with you when Elodie was the one getting work done. You didn’t actually want him to leave, not when you’d given yourself the responsibility of distracting him.
“But I’ve got you.”
“Then hook me already,” You can’t figure out what he’s even doing, his voice betraying nothing as he wastes time talking to you when there is still someone else in the trial, actively doing work. He had the advantage here and yet he was standing here, toying with you.
“I wanna play a little first.”
Your breath catches in your throat, ignoring the sudden heat in your face, hoping he isn’t able to see any visible indicator of your reaction. There are many meanings behind his words before what your mind immediately went to, but you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about Ghostface in that way before.
There was just something in the way he walked, the confidence in his movements and the utter humanness underneath the leather and metal that made him alluring to your (possibly fucked up) brain. Your heart couldn’t help but skip a beat when you saw him stalking across the map, and you were completely sure it wasn’t just fear inspiring your reaction.
You were maybe harboring a crush on Ghostface. And no matter how many times he had killed and sacrificed you, it didn’t seem to go away. In fact, you even think it's somehow grown stronger since you first recognized the attraction.
“Play how?” Is your voice breathier than normal? You can’t tell over the pounding in your ears.
He hums, and the sound goes straight between your legs. He knows. He has to know what he does to you, and you don’t even know how he would know- were you just that obvious or does he actually have supernatural abilities?
The seconds drag on as he contemplates what he’s going to say next, staring at you the entire time. You both hate and relish in it.
“I think about you a lot,” He steps forward as he speaks, standing on the lip of the locker as he looks at you (you presume, you can’t exactly see his eyes). “I think about making you scream, about what your lips would look like wrapped around my cock, what your face would look like when I make you cum.”
Your breathing is picking up even though you feel like you’ve stopped breathing, and you’re wondering if he had actually killed you because there is no way he’s standing here saying these things to you.
“I know you’ve thought about it too. I’ve seen you, in the woods when you think no one is watching, touching yourself like a fucking whore. Felt how you squirm when I touch you, even when I bury my knife in your back. Do you touch yourself and think of me fucking you and making you scream?”
You nod, not trusting your voice anymore. He mimics you, nodding along before grabbing your arm and dragging you out of the locker. You allow yourself to be hauled around and slammed front-first against the closed locker next to your previous hiding space.
His hand snakes down the front of your body, teasing the hem of your pants. You cant your hips backward, brushing them against his own groin, where you can feel his cock even through the layers of his costume. His other hand snakes into your hair, grabbing it and yanking your head backwards.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself, sweetheart.” His voice is right in your ear, shivers running down your spine at the vibrations of his voice against you. He then pushes your head back against the locker, keeping his hand in your hair.
The hand on your body continues down before he cups your sex over your clothes. And just the feeling of his hand- gloved, bloody, cold- on you is enough to make you want to beg him to take you right now.
You’d let him make you his bitch if it meant that you could continue to have his hands on you like this.
He’s moving his hand roughly against you, creating the friction that you so desperately need. You close your eyes as you hump his hand, whining when he manages to hit your sweet spot. You feel dirty, letting a man who is both a stranger and an intimate acquaintance do this to you, all while your other teammate probably thinks you’re being hunted down. It feels oddly juvenile and equally sinister in how much just being groped by Ghostface has managed to turn you on.
“Wonder how long you’ve wanted this. The other boys just don’t do it for you, do they? You need the big bad killer to fuck you right, is that it?”
At that moment, he grinds his hips against your ass, and you can feel just how hard he is, and it brings you an odd sense of pride to know that you did that to him.
“You think you can cum just from this?” He hisses against your ear, his hand releasing your head to pull your hips back against him as he continues to grind his cock against your ass. His hand has only picked up in it’s movement, and you’re suffocating from his presence around you, stifled in it. He’s holding you captive, using you and moving you how he wants, put into whatever position he needs you to be.
And he hasn’t even fucked you yet.
Soon, too soon it seems, you let out a broken moan as you climax against his hand, dropping your head back against his hand. He’s still saying filthy things against your ear, calling you his, but you barely even register them through your orgasm, riding it out on his hand.
Once you’ve come down from your high, he grinds against you one or two more times before moving back from you, slapping your ass once.
“You didn’t cum,” You turned back to him, leaning against the locker and still trying to catch your breath. He, for the most part, looks largely unaffected. Even his getup hides the cock you know must be aching for release by now, barely an outward indication of it underneath his clothes.
“I’m not done with you yet, dollface.” He exaggeratedly looked around the room as if looking for an idea of what to say- or do- next. You narrow your eyes, before you remember him saying he wanted to play. Indeed, it seems as if he wasn’t done with that yet.
“I’m going to strangle you.” You mutter, adjusting your clothes even though it really didn’t matter. Somewhere in the map, Elodie finishes her second gen, leaving one left. The timing of it does make you wonder how long the… encounter between you and Ghostface was, or if you had just cum in five seconds like a teenager.
“Is that a promise?” You don’t have to see his face to know what kind of smarmy expression is on it, and you scoff.
“You’re giving me a head start.” You say, throwing a look back at him. “Five seconds, at least.”
He steps closer, leaning down so his face is level with yours. You can practically feel his eyes searching your face, and you’re about to start running before hearing his answer because of how uncomfortable- how exposed- it makes you feel to be examined like this when he finally breaks the silence.
“Start running, and don't let me catch you. ‘Cause if I do, I’m not letting you go.”
rules + characters
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beyondthewalls101 · 2 days ago
Congrats on 300+ followers! I hope you're doing well! <3 May I request both angst 29 and fluff 4 from the first prompt list for Levi? Thanks so much!
This is the same Levi requester and I forgot to specify pronouns but it can be she/they pronouns! Thank you!
Nightly Proposal
Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Reader
Setting: Modern AU
Words: 1913
WARNINGS: Slight NSFW at the end (nothing major, just spicy)
A/N: Not going to lie, I had written four stories with these two prompts, because I was having problems trying to decide which one I wanted to go with. So in the end, since it's Levi's birthday month, I thought I post this one instead. Unfortunately, this one is the least angst of the four. It's mostly fluff, as well as cheesy I'll admit, so I hope you don't mind anon.
Christmas Eve evening.
The snow falls from the cloudy sky, blanketing the world below in cold, pure white snow.
A roasting fire roaring in the fireplace, sounds of logs cracking and cinders forming fills the air. The lights from the beautifully decorated tree blinking now and then. Wrapped gifts lay under the trees waiting to be open come the next morning.
You and your lover snuggling against each other on the couch, taking in the serenity of this moment. You noted how comfortable your lover is as you lean against him, rubbing your cheek against his chest while listening to his heartbeat.
Levi enjoys moments such as these. How quiet it is this time of night. How he likes being with you and holding you in his arms in blissful moments such as these.
“What are you thinking of right now?” he whispered to you.
You smiled. “You.”
Levi smirked a bit, and said, “You as well.
He leaned in and placed a kiss on your head. You smiled at that feeling. You love Levi very much. You weren’t sure what you’ve done to win his heart over. He could’ve gone with any of his friends, who he has a more special connection with in a different way. But he chose you. You wanted to cry from feeling this way, but you didn’t want to get all that sappy. So you would do what you usually do in relationships.
“Are you excited for tomorrow?” you softly asked.
“Kind of,” Levi muttered. “I’m glad that Erwin, Four Eyes, and everyone else have different plans for Christmas this year. It’ll be just us this time.”
“It’s a good thing Hanji and I threw that party for you a while ago so it wouldn’t interfere with their plans,” you pointed out. “I’m just glad that you had fun.”
“I guess,” Levi said. “Though I think that contest to see who could drink the most eggnog while seeing who can actually eat the fruitcake wasn’t such a good idea for a party game.”
You shivered at that memory, and said, “Tell me about it. At least Hanji and Sasha were considerate enough to clean up after themselves.”
Silence fills the air once more. Levi sighed. There was another reason why he wanted just the two of you to be alone this year. He has asked Erwin, Hanji, and Mike for advice about how to go on with it. Sure he’s been in relationships before you, but it was the first time that he went this far and wanted to take it to the next level. And he thought Christmas and his birthday would be the perfect opportunity for it.
He hoped that you would accept it. If you wanted to wait, then he would understand. If not, then...he wouldn't be sure what to do. If this goes right, he would consider this the best birthday and Christmas he would ever have.
Levi felt a bit nervous, hearing his heart pounding like it wanted to get out. He gulped the saliva he had in his mouth. Since it’s Christmas Eve, it would technically still count.
“(Y/N),” he spoke.
You look up at him. Though he was looking at you with the same stoic, yet soft look on his features, you can tell in his blue metal eyes that he was nervous.
“Yes, Levi?”
“Can I talk to you about something?”
You nodded, saying, “Of course.”
Levi started moving against you, urging you to get up. You got the message and pulled yourself from him, giving him some space on the couch. To your surprise, however, Levi took your hand. He stood up and pulled you up alongside him. You were now standing up near the fireplace in front of the man you love. You wondered what he was up to, all the while admiring how the flames from the fireplace made him look breathtaking and beautiful at the same time.
Levi could say the same with you. Noting how gorgeous you look in this light, especially in your eyes. He took a deep breath.
“(Y/N), I…” he began. “You know I’m not good at these...these things. But…” Levi took another deep breath. “...Shit, I…”
You smiled. You know about Levi’s struggles when it comes to making a speech, except when it comes to what comes to his mind.
“It’s okay, Levi,” you assured him. “Take all of the time you want.”
That gave him some kind of a boost.
“(Y/N), from all of the times that we’ve known each other,’ve been there for me through hell and back,” Levi began. “You care about me, you listen to me, you go out of your way to make me feel important. Like I belong. You know of my past, yet you still accept me. Even when I’m at my lowest, you would pick me back up. You gave me space when I needed it, even when I’m not in one of my best moods. Even so, you would leave me something that would cheer me up or make sure a certain place like the living room would be clean and spotless. I swear that you deserve better. Better than me.”
“There’s no one or nothing out there that is better than you,” you spoke. “I don’t think I deserve the best.”
“You do,” Levi said. “If I could give you whatever you want from anywhere on this cruel, pathetic planet, I would. If the world is against you, I’ll fight the world with you. Because a life without you is something I can’t bear. I’ve never gone this far before, and I’m...I’m unsure if this would either bring us closer or tear us apart. Or if you want to wait.”
You might have an idea of what Levi is going on about here, but you don’t want to jump ahead to conclusion. You were bracing yourself for what may be coming next. So you decided to play along, anyway.
“Wh-what is it you’re trying to say, Levi?” you asked.
Levi reached into his pocket, and said, “I’m not getting on my knee for this.”
You were correct, as Levi pulled out a ring out of his pocket. It was a golden ring with the gem of your birthstone attached to it, which is something he can afford with his salary. But you don't care about what kind of engagement ring it is. It still means the same thing. Tears welled in your eyes as you were feeling so overwhelmed in this.
“I love you, (Y/N) (L/N),” Levi confessed. “Will you marry me?”
Tears fell from your eyes like a waterfall, and quickly exclaimed, “YES! Yes, I will!”
Levi sighed in relief, taking your hand and slipping the ring onto your ring finger. You then plunge yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his neck as all of the emotion you’ve been feeling makes you start to laugh out of happiness. Levi wrapped his arms around you and found it in him to smile. He, too, was happy that you accepted his proposal. That you were excited to be his fiancé, his partner-to-be.
“I love you, Levi Ackerman,” you said through your tears. “I love you so much!”
“I love you too, (Y/N) (L/N),” Levi spoke softly.
You leaned back to see him, noticing the smile on his face. He rarely smiles except when he’s with someone he deeply trusts. That means that he meant it when he asked you to marry him, and that he was happy that you wanted to marry him as well. Levi moved his hand up to your face, wiping your tears away with his thumb.
“This is the best birthday and Christmas I ever had,” Levi whispered.
“The best birthday and Christmas you have so far,” you pointed out.
Levi laughed a little, before saying, “Shut up.”
“Now what?” you asked. “Do we start preparing, or--”
“Not right away. I don’t want us to rush into things and make reckless decisions. We have some time. For now…”
Levi moved his head forward, his eyes staring at your lips.
“Kiss me,” he whispered.
You smirked, “You don’t have to tell me twice.”
With that, your lips met in a passionate kiss. You pull each other close, trying to feel each other close while trying to show the other how much you mean to them, and how you’re happy to reach the next level of your relationship, through the kiss. Since this was a special occasion, Levi gave you permission to take this kiss further as he opened his lips, making you move your tongue, pushing against him passionately while battling for dominance.
Eventually, you pulled away for air, a small string of saliva dripping from your bottom lips. Levi wiped it away, making you laugh at that.
“I’m so happy,” you said. “I can’t wait.”
“Same,” Levi said with a nod.
An idea came to your mind. You lean your head towards Levi, rubbing your lips against his ear and softly blowing on it. Levi shivered a bit, but held his ground.
“Mind if I give you one of your gifts early?” you whispered.
“And what’s that?” Levi asked.
You smirked. You moved your head a bit further down and angled yourself. Levi slightly jumped when he felt your lips on the soft spot on his neck. You smirked as you began to kiss it. Pushing your lips against it and licking it before softly biting it. Levi leaned his head up towards the ceiling and moaned, clutching onto the back of your shirt.
That’s what you meant. Levi bit down on his bottom lip, feeling heat on his cheeks from the way you were kissing his weak spot. He let out a noise from his throat upon feeling your teeth carefully biting him and giving him a love bite.
“Y-yes,” Levi moaned.
“You sure?” you asked, your breath blowing against the wet spot, making Levi shiver again.
“What do you think?”
Levi moved his head down as you pulled away. You saw that he was well as the way he was looking at you. Lust, desires, and hunger lingering in his eyes.
“What better way to celebrate our engagement and my birthday than having some fun?” His voice was deep and laced with sin.
You felt more hot from the way Levi was looking at you and talking to you like you’re a delectable piece of meat, and not just from the heat coming from the fireplace. You felt your body tingling, being turned on from his gaze.
“Can we move this to the bedroom, then?” you asked.
Levi shook his head.
“No. The couch.”
You can’t complain. Despite the tension lingering in the air, heating up all the more of what’s yet to come, you still smiled.
“Happy birthday, Levi,” you said. “And merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas, (Y/N) Ackerman,” Levi whispered.
With that, he crushed your lips against his. Needless to say, it was a great birthday and Christmas neither of you would forget. And having Ackerman to be your new last name? You were unsure whether to take his last name or keep yours, or maybe have both at the same time, but you have some time to think it over. Though you were nervous to see what the future has in store, if marriage is going to work out or not between you and Levi, you know that with enough trust and communication, everything would be okay.
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
In a world where vampires and humans coexist in (relative) peace, the MC is a human and has decided to make a little extra money by giving blood at a Vampire Nutrition Collection Center. After some purchasers of the blood report odd effects, the MC is informed that their blood is highly potent- increasing vampire abilities- and addictive. Soon after this, the MC’s health information is stolen from the Center, and they become the target of a greedy gang of vampires.
- Lynn
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booberryfun · 2 days ago
Late night call (Part 2)
Part 1
After exactly 587 seconds since the call ended, Villain pulled over in front of the city's largest park entrance. Hero was the one doing the counting in a desperate attempt to not break down the third time in the night. At least it worked.
"Hop on."
Through shaky breaths and swollen eyes, Hero obliged.
"So, now what?" Villain stared at Hero in perplexity as their hands subconsciously shifted gears and drove away.
"Just, take me somewhere away from here."
The ride back to Villain's house was quiet, if not, dead silent. They wanted to ask what was wrong, to even find the person having pushed and left Hero in such a state. But knowing that the inconsistent sniffles could break out into hysterical crying any moment... they couldn't. Hero had their eyes looking out of the window the entire drive, leaning against the headrest and fidgeting their fingers every now and then. If only they could read minds...
The engines had stopped and the only sound echoing through the night was the footsteps of the two. Hero trailed after Villain as if they were a zombie. Soulless eyes, blank expressions and a slouching gait. Villain could only let out a defeated sigh as they watched the other walk up the front porch and stand by them. Still, not a sound.
"Come on in."
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rayshippouuchiha · 14 hours ago
Nighteye takes up his problems with izuku failing to exhibit control of the one for all quirk to All Might directly, (instead of taking out his frustrations with all mights choices on a literal child because all might dropped all contact with him and this is obviously his only recourse.)
Somewhere over the course of the discussion Nighteye says that a quirkless child was an obvious poor choice because he wouldn't have any knowledge of quirk control to begin with and All Might kind of freezes because say what and Nighteye continues to be quirkist about the quirkless.
I just love the idea of ex quirkless All Might having feelings and also bamf All Might is under-represented in fandom I think.
would be very cool to read
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gingerly-writing · 2 days ago
Hi Ginger, please could I have prompts showing glimpses of the job of the mayor of a city full of heroes and villains? Thanks 😀
"Right,'re the mayor? Can't you do something about this?"
"Oh, no, that's not how this works. The mayor no longer has any political power on account of how often I get kidnapped--these days it's basically an elected hostage position. Saves everyone else from the trauma of it all."
The journalist watched them for a long, long moment. "And what about your trauma?"
"Hey, [villain], how are the kids? How are the henchmen? Oh, and have you seen [thief] recently? They haven't tried to steal the key to the city for ages and I'm getting worried about them."
"You should probably talk less while I'm tying you to a chair. Maybe you could even try being afraid."
"Afraid? Why? You've never hurt me before. Regular gentleman criminal. Nothing like...never mind."
"Nothing like who?"
"Please," the mayor begged, "please don't kill another hero. This one is just a kid, I- I told the League not to send anyone but they wouldn't listen. I know you have some fondness for me-"
"Do I?"
"Well," they said, swallowing nervously, "I'm not dead yet. So I assumed..."
"You're useful," the supervillain explained. "Like a hunting hound. No, not quite that vicious. Like a lapdog that fetches the newspaper."
Right. Okay. That was even more terrifying than normal. The mayor swallowed again. "So if I could make the new hero 'useful', like me, you might let the kid live?"
"A pet project for my pet? I'd certainly consider it. If, and only if, you follow my lead and keep it on a very tight leash."
"Do you work for me or not?"
"Well, I-" The hero paused, restarted. "Technically, yes."
"Then, technically," the mayor spat, "when I tell you to kill a villain, you do what you're told. Or I'll revoke your hero's license, and you can find yourself on the other end of that order. Am I understood?"
thank you for commissioning these! if anyone else would like to commission a prompt set my kofi is here <3
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Short Prompt #231
"Got any... plans for tomorrow?" - Villain asked a bit nervously, trying not to stutter in front of their crush.
"I mean, tomorrow is my day off." - Right Hand replied, finishing something up on their desk before stretching in their chair.
"Right... Right..." - the villain muttered, fidgeting with a pen in their hands as their eyes glued to their own desk.
The right hand got up from their seat, grabbing their things and making their way towards the door. "Welp, I'm off. I'll pick you up at eight."
"Yeah, okay, got it-" - Villain cut themself off as the other's words registered in their head. They immediately began to stumble over their words, a furious blush coloring their face.
"You got it? Great! See you then!" - Right Hand exclaimed disappearing out the door before poking their head back in for a moment. "Oh, and do wear something nice for me~."
With that, they left for real, heading home. The villain, meanwhile, fanned at their face with their hand, trying to calm down from the stress and excitement.
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goevejonesworld · a day ago
Quotes from my dumbass classmates that can totally be used as dialogue prompts #3
“Her secret weapon is emotional damage”
“Switzerland! It is always Switzerland when something goes wrong!”
“I´m a facist. Or what do you call people who want peace?” “THAT IS A PACIFIST”
“I´m pro one-child-policy. I would not haven been born that way.”
“Life is happyness! You should be happy, that you live!” “I was born without my consent and life is crap in general.”
“Now don´t think my father is an alcoholic ...” *real happy* “Mine is!”
“Pleasy come to my family gathering. There´ll even be alcohol and pudding.” “Alcohol and pudding?! Bitch, I´m in!”
“I woke up an hour ago and just thought Tom was in fact Maya.” “Maya is a redhead. Tom is a small, dark guy.”
“Oh how I´ll enjoy my paste while you write your exam”
“Why are you all so overjoyed that Matt suffers?”
“We use the freetime to read incestous porn.” “Someone discovered Supernatural”
“I CAN kill small children. Doesn´t mean I`m going to. But in theory ...”
*looking at picture of weed* *nodding happily* “What a beauty”
“Gender norms mean nothing in the year 2021″
“In later life, you could become a soldier, or an astronaut” “Or a stripper.”
“How was your exam?” “Die”
“Are you crying because it´s so difficult?” “No, I´m simply enjoying Matt´s suffering”
“Mr. Spencer and Mr. Stone do have some homoerotic subtext.”
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Tumblr media
Inspired by: ‘deafening silence’- @moonchild-09
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