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Prompt #41

Write a novella or a book about a character who is fortunate to have been born into a powerful family after the downfall of the world. They have everything they would ever hope to have…except for a clue as to what happens outside their very large, protective walls. Once they find out, they can’t help but need to change it.

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Muse, ‘Drones’ starters:

Trigger warnings apply.

  1. “Draw me into your holiness.”
  2. “Do you have no soul?”
  3. “Your lips feel warm to the touch…”
  4. “On the outside you’re ablaze and alive, but you’re dead inside.”
  5. “You need control.”
  6. “I’m the one who’s letting go.”
  7. “You like to give an inch while I am giving infinity.”
  8. “I’ve got nothing left.”
  9. “Your skin feels warm to caress….”
  10. “Hold me, please.”
  11. “Open up to me, stop hiding from me.”
  12. “It’s hurting, and only you can stop the pain.”
  13. “Don’t leave me out in the cold.”
  14. “Don’t leave me out to die.”
  15. “I gave you everything: I can’t give you any more!”
  16. “Now I’ve become just like you.”
  17. “You taught me to lie without a trace, and to kill with no remorse!”
  18. “You will be punished, do you understand?”
  19. “I will hunt you down and throw your ass in jail!”
  20. “Your ass belongs to me now!”
  21. “Love: it will get you nowhere.”
  22. “You are on your own.”
  23. “I could use someone like you: someone who’ll kill on my command and ask no questions.”
  24. “Are you a killing machine?!”
  25. “I am in control, motherfucker, do you understand?!”
  26. “Your mind is just a programme, and I’m the virus.”
  27. “You will kill on my command and I won’t be held responsible.”
  28. “Are you a psycho killer? Say you’re a psycho killer! Scream it!”
  29. “I’m gonna break you.”
  30. “I’m gonna make you a fucking psycho.”
  31. “I tried to change the game.”
  32. “Save me from the ghosts and shadows!”
  33. “Show me mercy from the powers that be!”
  34. “Show me mercy, please?”
  35. “Can someone rescue me?”
  36. “We’re going under: hypnotised by another puppeteer.”
  37. “Show me mercy from the gutless and mean.”
  38. “Show me mercy from the killing machines.”
  39. “Home is becoming a killing field.”
  40. “There’s a cross-hair locked on my heart.”
  41. “You rule with lies and deceit.”
  42. “The world is on your side.”
  43. “All you’ve done is brutalise.”
  44. “I don’t think I can handle the truth.”
  45. “I’m just a pawn.”
  46. “We’re all expendable.”
  47. “Killed by drones.”
  48. “Here come the drones!”
  49. You! You were my oppressor!”
  50. “I have been programmed to obey.”
  51. “You are my handler and I will execute your commands.”
  52. “Leave me alone!”
  53. “I must dissociate from you.”
  54. “My mind was lost in translation.”
  55. “My heart has become a cold and impassive machine.”
  56. “I won’t let you control my feelings anymore.”
  57. “I will no longer do as I am told.”
  58. “I will no longer be afraid to walk alone.”
  59. “I am escaping from your grip.”
  60. “You will never own me again.”
  61. “Dissenters are silenced.”
  62. “I’m free.”
  63. “You can’t brainwash me!”
  64. “You’ve got a problem.”
  65. “I’m free from society.”
  66. “You can’t control me.”
  67. “I’m a defector.”
  68. “You think you’re strong and you can’t be broken.”
  69. “You thought I was weak, but you got it wrong.”
  70. “Look into my eyes.”
  71. “Your blood is blue, and your eyes have turned green, and your belly is all yellow.”
  72. “You believe your throne is too high to be overthrown.”
  73. “We’ll watch you get razed.”
  74. “With your help, man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.”
  75. “How did we get in so much trouble?”
  76. “Getting out just seems impossible.”
  77. “Oppression is persisting.”
  78. “I can’t fight this brain conditioning.”
  79. “Our ‘freedom’s just a loan.”
  80. “Can you hear a distant thunder?”
  81. “The truth is suppressed to mumbles.”
  82. “Don’t try to fight it.”
  83. “I can feel your pain.”
  84. “I can feel your confusion.”
  85. “Let’s find a way to escape.”
  86. “You’re not a drone!”
  87. “You can revolt!”
  88. “War is all around and I am growing tired of fighting.”
  89. “I can’t hide it.”
  90. “You’re all that’s real anymore.”
  91. “From this moment you will never be alone.”
  92. “States are crumbling and walls are rising high again.”
  93. “It’s no place for the faint hearted.”
  94. “It’s you and I against the world.”
  95. “We are free.”
  96. “You were never truly loved.”
  97. “You have only been betrayed.”
  98. “You were left unprotected.”
  99. “You can rise up like a god.”
  100. “Free your mind from false beliefs.”
  101. “You can hide your true motives.”
  102. “Now, you finally have the code.”
  103. “I have given you the code.”
  104. “There’s no countries left.”
  105. “I think I destroyed them all.”
  106. “A trillion memories lost in space and time forever.”
  107. “I just wanted — I just needed to be loved.”
  108. “My mother, my father, my sister and my brother, my son and my daughter killed by drones.”
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Muse, ‘Simulation Theory’ (Super Deluxe) starters:

Trigger warnings apply.

  1. “We are caged in simulations.”
  2. “This means war with your creator.”
  3. “I have lived in darkness for all my life.”
  4. “You’d be afraid if you could feel my pain, and if you could see the things I am able to see.”
  5. “Break me out, set me free!”
  6. “I hail from the dark side.”
  7. “All my life I’ve been besieged…”
  8. “You’d be scared living with my despair, and if you could feel the things I am able to feel.”
  9. “I’m trapped and my back’s up against the wall.”
  10. “I see no solution or exit out.”
  11. “Don’t push me.”
  12. “Let me get off the ground.”
  13. “To you, I’m no longer bound.”
  14. “I need you out of my head.”
  15. “You’ve got me close to the edge.”
  16. “No one can hear me scream and shout.”
  17. “Get out of my face and out of my mind!”
  18. “I see your corruption: I’m not blind!”
  19. “When I am done I will make you pay.”
  20. “Don’t stop me.”
  21. “Don’t block me.”
  22. “You got me trapped in your dark fantasy world.”
  23. “You have me wrapped around your little finger.”
  24. “You make me offers that I can’t refuse.”
  25. “You keep telling pretty lies.”
  26. “You toy with the truth.”
  27. “I am choking on your thought pollution.”
  28. “You contort me with your lies.”
  29. “Don’t dress it up.”
  30. “Don’t beat around the bush.”
  31. “Don’t keep it inside.”
  32. “Don’t cover it up.”
  33. “Don’t fake it, just break it to me.”
  34. “I can handle the truth.”
  35. “I can cope with whatever you’re holding back.”
  36. “All I have shared and all I have loved is all I’ll ever own.”
  37. “Something has changed.”
  38. “I feel so alive.”
  39. “I’d give it all up.”
  40. “I need something human.”
  41. “Let’s burn all the money.”
  42. “Prop me up before I black out.”
  43. “They’ll never do what you want them to.”
  44. “It’s too late for a revolution.”
  45. “What we have’s the only thing worth fighting for.”
  46. “You will always have my heart.”
  47. “Get up and fight.”
  48. “I can’t do this thing without you.”
  49. “I’m lost in this without you.”
  50. “We’ve gotta get up and fight.”
  51. “I can’t handle this without you.”
  52. “A million voices scream and shout and no one will ever hear a sound.”
  53. “Only you can hush it: calm the turmoil and the noise.”
  54. “I see a change on the horizon.”
  55. “There’s nothing we can’t get through.”
  56. “I can’t survive without your love in my life.”
  57. “The truth is that when I am killing in order to survive I have never felt so alive.”
  58. “I am always seeking to live and die on the edge.”
  59. “I’m unable to feel.”
  60. “I’m searching for something that’s real.”
  61. “I’m trapped in a maze of unseen walls.”
  62. “You’ve been summoned now.”
  63. “I never sleep or rest.”
  64. “I have sacrificed all of my life.”
  65. “The time has come to prove to you what I am worth.”
  66. “I’m trapped in a maze of endless walls.”
  67. “Hope and love has been lost.”
  68. “You must find a way.”
  69. “When the darkness descends and you’re told it’s the end, you must find a way.”
  70. “When God looks the other way, and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.”
  71. “You will find a way.”
  72. “Dig down, and find faith.”
  73. “When friends are thin on the ground, and they try to divide us, we must find a way.”
  74. “We have entered the fray.”
  75. “We will not obey.”
  76. “We will never abide.”
  77. “We’re estranged.”
  78. “Nothing can reach us.”
  79. “The fragile can’t be saved.”
  80. “The cold, it will devour us.”
  81. “They’re wrong.”
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Muse, ‘The 2nd Law’ Starters:

Trigger warnings apply.

  1. “Your true emancipation is a fantasy.”
  2. “Greatness dies; unsung and lost: invisible to history.”
  3. “Embedded spies are brainwashing our children.”
  4. “You don’t have long.”
  5. “I am onto you.”
  6. “The time, it has come, to destroy your supremacy.”
  7. “I can’t get these memories out of my mind.”
  8. “Some kind of madness has started to evolve.”
  9. “I tried so hard to let you go.”
  10. “Some kind of madness is swallowing me whole.”
  11. “I have finally realised what you mean.”
  12. “I need to know: is this real love?”
  13. “Is it just madness keeping us afloat?”
  14. “When I look back at all the crazy fights we had, it’s like some kind of madness was taking control.”
  15. “I’m not expecting you to care.”
  16. “I have finally realised I need love.”
  17. “Baby, you’re too headstrong.”
  18. “Our love is madness.”
  19. “You won’t get much closer ‘til you sacrifice it all.”
  20. “It defies imagination.”
  21. “Doubts will try to break you.”
  22. “Do what the fuck you want to.”
  23. “I choose to survive; whatever it takes.”
  24. “You were warned and didn’t listen.”
  25. “When you’re scared and you’re lost, be brave.”
  26. “I’m coming to hold you, now.”
  27. “You can follow me.”
  28. “I will not desert you.”
  29. “They have left you for dead.”
  30. “I will keep you safe.”
  31. “You can follow me.”
  32. “I will protect you.”
  33. “I won’t let them hurt you.”
  34. “I will always keep you safe.”
  35. “You can trust in me.”
  36. “I will always protect you, my love.”
  37. “You’re an animal.”
  38. “You’re out of control.”
  39. “Blood is on the street.”
  40. “Crush those at your feet.”
  41. “Kill the competition.”
  42. “Kill yourself, come on and do us all a favour.”
  43. “There’s nothing left for you or for me.”
  44. “Don’t give in.”
  45. “Who will win? ‘Cause I concede.”
  46. “Free me.”
  47. “Can you free me from this world?”
  48. “We don’t belong here.”
  49. “We’re running around in circles feeling caged by endless rules.”
  50. “Shh, go to sleep.”
  51. “Are you still reeling?”
  52. “Have you found a way to escape?”
  53. “Are you here just because I need you?”
  54. “Heal me.”
  55. “Feel me.”
  56. “Don’t let the sun in your heart decay.”
  57. “Will you show me mercy?”
  58. “We’ve expelled the goodness from our hearts.”
  59. “Are you here just to prove you’re winning?”
  60. “Don’t give up.”
  61. “We’ve destroyed something beautiful.”
  62. “Our truths are not the same.”
  63. “Don’t let the magic leave us.”
  64. “Save me from my superstitions.”
  65. “Wait just a while, and I’ll greet you with a smile.”
  66. “Hold me.”
  67. “I’m sure I’m hated.”
  68. “Promises: they are overrated.”
  69. “I’m drowning in denial.”
  70. “Turn me into someone like you.”
  71. “Don’t let go.”
  72. “I need your rescue.”
  73. “Run away and take me with you.”
  74. “Hold me back.”
  75. “I’m forced to listen.”
  76. “Don’t let me go, ‘cause I’m nothing without you.”
  77. “Find a place that we can go.”
  78. “Take me for a ride.”
  79. “Steal what’s left inside.”
  80. “Iniquity has died.”
  81. “I’m on red alert.”
  82. “Bring me peace.”
  83. “Warm my heart, tonight.”
  84. “Help me to survive.”
  85. “Kick me when I’m down.”
  86. “Feed me poison, fill me ‘til I drown.”
  87. “Force me to lose control.”
  88. “Watch as I lose my soul.”
  89. “Push me until I fall.”
  90. “New energy cannot be created, and high grade energy is being destroyed.”
  91. “An economy based on endless growth is unsustainable.”
  92. “The fundamental laws of thermodynamics will place fixed limits on technological innovation and human advancement.”
  93. “A species set on endless growth is unsustainable.”
  94. “You’re unsustainable.”
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[WP] “Well, my boy, they got it backwards,” he said while handing you a book. “Heaven is where sinners go to be punished eternally by being forced to be good, and Hell is the hedonistic paradise reward for good folks.” | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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Song: Lonely Gun, by CYN- Birds of Prey soundtrack. Fitting, really.

They come crashing through the windows, shards of glass spilling into the warehouse as they glide in. Everything moves in what feels like slow motion. The echoes of shots fill the room as bullets whizz towards them but their feet hit the floor too quickly for the mobsters to keep up with them. The girls duck behind some nearby crates before either of them can get hit by the storm of bullets.

“What d'ya think? I bet we can take ‘em in under five.” Batgirl grins.

Black Bat nods, smiling. She signs to the blonde, pointing to some of the mobsters towards the end of the warehouse then herself. Steph nods. “Gotha, you go left, I go right.” They wait until there’s a pause in the shooting as the suspects reload, then jump over the creates, rushing off into seperate directions.

Batgirl’s targets are the closest and she wastes no time in springing towards the men, tripping them up as she drops, sliding across the floor. She laughs as they fall on their asses. “Sorry boys, looks like you’re gonna need a reincheck on your weapons deal.”

One of the men groans, glaring at her as he tries to spit out a retort.“You little bit-” Batgirl kicks him before he can finish, placing her hands on her hips.

“Rude. I don’t curse at you, even when I really want to.” The men pull themselves to their feet hastily, one pulling out a gun, the other a knife. Stephanie sucks in a breath at first, but then calms herself, getting into a defensive position. “Take your best shot.” She grins.

On the other side of the warehouse, Black Bat stands in the centre of three mobsters, all circling her like moths to a flame or hawks. She moves swiftly, keeping tabs on all over them, every movement, every shift in posture- Not even an eyeroll goes unnoticed. She’d already taken their weapons, threw them in random directions, out of reach. Now it was a game of who would make the first move. The first mobster comes foward, a woman about twice the size of herself, all muscle. She goes to grab Cass’ arm, render it useless, but Black Bat moves, almost unseen with how quick she is. She pins the woman’s arm behind her, and in on swift motion, shoves her onto the floor, both arms now tied behing her back. The two men in front of her blink, taken aback as they try to process her movements. One recovers before long, and swings his fist at the teen, but she blocks it, grabbing his arm and bending it back at the elbow until he screams. Not hard enough to break it, just enough for him to drop to his knees and sob like a baby. She all but flips her way towards the final target, kicking him in the stomach before he can even process what’s happening, then she punches him- Left, right, uppercut- Until he joins the others on the ground. She takes out two zipties detaining the men with their arms behind their backs and rolling them onto their stomachs when she’s finished.

Cass hums and cleans some dirt off of her shin as she turns, looking at Steph who’s now in front of her, gripping her left arm, with a busted lip and grimey uniform. She blinks at the blonde. “Hurt?”

Steph shrugs. “Just a flesh wound, nothing I can’t handle,” A smirk graces her lips. “Told ya we could take them in less than five.” She raises her fist towards the other lazily. Casssandra just smiles and laughs, tapping her own fist against Steph’s. They walk towards the exit of the warehouse, Cass pulling out some first aid wipes and bandages, passing them to Steph, who accepts them gratefully. “So, coffee on me?”

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[WP] When kids reach the age of 16, they are eligible to choose one element as their mastery to develop magic with it. There is no limit to which element they can choose, as long as they can explain it and obviously manifest energy from it. A young boy is going to try a new element. Void | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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idée random #2 :

— Cette meuf, c’est la Pyramide du Louvre : elle est transparente mais tout le monde la calcule pour ses formes.

— Euh, je t’ai entendu.

— Bah ouais ma sœur, maintenant il s’agirait de devenir le Louvre en personne : on te calcule parce que t’es célèbre et riche à l’intérieur.

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[WP] Humanity has made first contact with the alien residents of a rogue planet. However, the aliens don’t understand human technology and believe that the spacesuits they wear are their physical forms. When the humans take off their helmets for the first time, they freak. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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if it’s dan who’s the archeologist, he wouldn’t take blair seriously at all, sort of like his attitude towards her in the earlier seasons minus how much he disliked her? where he’s just… unimpressed by the fact that she’s a vampire. he’s inquisitive, curious, and the biggest history nerd, and he would be 100% into blair & in love with her and also fascinated by how much she knows about history but everytime she would be all like “i’m a vampire, humphrey!” he’d just raise an eyebrow and be like “okay, yeah, i know that. so?” 

if it’s blair who’s the archeologist, dan being a vampire to her is 100% an asset and a potential part of a scheme. she would have that meticulous plotting-level of curiosity towards him where she wants to know everything he knows and everything he can do and everything he can do or cannot do. i imagine her propping his mouth open and inspecting his fangs with the tip of her finger and being like, “how hard can you bite? is it lethal?” while he makes gurgling noises because blair you’re holding his mouth open how can the poor man form words. she would ask him about dark magic and curses and satanic rituals and she would be SO into all of that. but she would be soft, too, and he would curl up on her lap and tell her about all the friends he had who’d died at some point, and she would tell him she’s sorry and mean it and run her hand through his hair, even as she’s like, “you look like a muppet, old man. you know what a muppet is, right?”  

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Thank you for your words 💕  Safety and consent are sexy!

I LOVE writing the slower, softer fics so I’d be so happy to write something like that! And since I just did a sweet fic that had bottom Marvin, I can definitely do bottom Whizzer when I write this fic. Thanks for the prompt! I love it!

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Originally posted by polilla-astral

Thalnos was loudly chanting among the flickering candle light deep within the cemetery of the Scarlet Monastery, his voice echoing among the moldy stone walls of the tomb that they had begun this new endeavor.  His arms raised high as he continued to chant the words, bone kris in one hand while a bouquet of blood thistle and mage royal waved dangerously near to the dripping black candles of the ceremony.  Thalnos was a thin and sickly man, but with the mind of a scalpel to match the efficiency of work that the Grand Crusader kept guarded to his inner circle.  He had been instrumental in bringing the concept together under the visions of Demetira that gripped Saidan Dathrohan .  Now the time had finally come to bring that vision to life.  

The incense burned and filled the low room with the musty scents of the arcane and spice, seasoning the dark passages of the  the fallen of their valiant Crusade.  Observers of the incantation stood motionless and silent as the sorcerer conducted his writs, only Demetira stood for the Inner Circle flanked by her elite guard.  Other members of the Crusade’s training hall stood nearby as well watching the dark ritual continue,  Mograine and his lady, Arcanist Doan, and Houndmaster Loksey with an especially pain look to his eyes as his friend Alcorn held him steady with an equally grim look to his wide face.  All eyes followed Thalnos, as he waltzed his ancient work of magic matching it with his hypnotic voice to worm in the heads of his six chosen and beast upon the handcrafted dais he had constructed.

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Writing Prompt 481

(Villain) chuckled, placing a hand on (Hero)’s shoulder, gently squeezing it.

“Oh (Hero), you certainly are a marvel.” (Villain) said, gently kissing their brow.

(Hero) blushed, looking down at the ground.

“I am?”

“Of course you are, darling.” (Villain) responded, hugging them and rubbing slow circles on their back. “I’ll always be here for you.”

(Hero) hugged back, a soft smile on their face.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

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