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writing-prompts-re · 4 months ago
You’re a student 400 years in the future who has just been assigned a project to study the “Trends of the early 2000s.” In your deep research, you learn a horrible secret: the gods most of the world worships now started off as a trading card game known as “Pokemon.”
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 5 months ago
Do you ever find yourself over-using the word “cry” (or “cried” or “crying”) in your writing? Try using these words instead:
sob / sobbed / sobbing
wail / wailed / wailing
weep / wept / weeping
bawl / bawled / bawling
whimper / whimpered / whimpering
howl / howled / howling
blubber / blubbered / blubbering
snivel / sniveled / sniveling
squall / squalled / squalling
yelp / yelped / yelping
whine / whined / whining
shed tears / shed tears / shedding tears
burst into tears / burst into tears / bursting into tears
tear up / teared up / tearing up
choke up / choked up / choking up
well up / welled up / welling up
break down / broke down / breaking down
let it out / let it out / letting it out
turn on the waterworks / turned on the waterworks / turning on the waterworks
open the floodgates / opened the floodgates / opening the floodgates
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nuttynutcycle · 2 months ago
Prompt 180
“So, if you could kidnap me really publicly that would be great.”
“I kinda forgot about this research essay due tomorrow? And like, my prof knows I’m a hero- I even brought my laptop so I can write it in your cell. Is the wifi password still the same?”
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its-deputy-caleb · a month ago
Reactions from all lords when they find out that Mother Miranda killed their beloved s/o
okay so this has already been done but i thought i’d just answer it as well. i’m sorry if it’s repetitive but i tried, either way i hope you like them! i apologise for salvatore i have no idea on how to write for him :(
Alcina Dimitrescu
This is the first time that Alcina has really questioned her loyalty to Mother Miranda.
She feels nothing but betrayal by the woman she devoted herself to. Mother Miranda was once her entire world, giving all her energy but when she holds your lifeless body in her arms and sees the look of indifference on Miranda’s face it all comes crumbling down.
The Lady Dimitrescu often kept to the confinement of her castle after that, choosing to mourn silently as she didn’t have the strength to keep up appearances at family meetings anymore.
At night in the castle though, all the maidens and her daughters can hear her cry over you, everything bottled up has her slicing at the pillows and curtains and all her composure of an elegant woman fails her as she truly lets herself mourn over her beloved.
Donna Beneviento
Donna is so fragile to begin with, that losing the one person who she loves is the last straw.
Each night she cries over and over as she recalls watching the life leave your body. Not even Angie or her dolls can help her as she feels completely alone in the world.
It doesn’t get better with time either, she misses you every day and finds herself constantly at a loss because you made her life so happy and enjoyable and now that’s gone.
She feels lost now without you. She continues to follow Miranda but inside she feels broken and she becomes very quiet, even more than she usually is.
She keeps a diary that she uses to write down all the memories you’ve had together, and when she needs to she can relive them. It almost makes her forget for a moment that you’re gone but for a moment in time she can remember the warm feeling she gets when she’s with you.
Salvatore Moreau
Salvatore is quite numb to your death and first, almost not even registering it happens for two reasons.
The first is his undying devotion to Mother Miranda and he almost can’t understand how she could do something as horrible as harming you, almost…
The second is that this little guy has been alone for so long that when he loses you his mind doesn’t know what happened.
It hits him like a delayed reaction when he realises that you’re not there to hug him when he turns around and that’s when the loneliness kicks in.
He really misses your company, you were the only one who he cared about in the end and he feels very empty without you in his life.
Sometimes it’s easier for him to pretend like you’re still there and other times he cries as he visits the grave he has for you up on the cliff of the reservoir. But nonetheless he misses you for you were the only good thing he’s ever known.
Karl Heisenberg
As expected Karl is seething with anger. He already hates Miranda for all the pain he’s physically inflicted on himself but now she’s gone and taken away the only person who ever loved him.
He has to take a walk outside before he accidentally destroys his factory and just lets out his anger on every bit of metal he can find.
He plans day and night with no sleep to plot his revenge against Miranda, often reassuring himself that he was strong enough for you to be able to seek your revenge.
When he does get little amounts of sleep they’re riddled with nightmares and he wakes up with tears in his eyes as his body shakes with exhaustion.
Eventually the anger becomes too much and he crashes and burns out. It’s like dynamite exploding and all of a sudden he just snaps, all the metal in the room drops to the floor as he’s flooded with emotion.
All Karl has ever wanted was for someone to love him and he found that in you. He misses the way he felt around you, the purpose you gave him and the way you took the pain away. He craves your affection and realises just how much he depends on you.
That’s how Karl deals with losing you, a constant cycle of uncontrollable anger until he’s too tired to keep it up and breaks down again.
He’s exhausted but he pushes on because his revenge mission against Miranda is no longer about himself anymore.
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writing-ideas-inc · 3 months ago
“The best course of action is to join the two kingdoms in an alliance, bound by marriage,” the advisor said.
The queen pondered this. “Then I shall marry their queen. I’ve heard she dislikes her suitors, and I can assure you I am more charming than them.”
The advisor gaped at her. “I was going to suggest you marry the prince, the queen’s brother. As tradition dictates.”
“I don’t want to marry a prince. I am a queen, and I will have someone of my station. Besides, I’ve met the prince. He’s dull.” The queen rose, staring down at her advisor. “She and I will make history together, in more ways than one.”
- Lynn
Request for LGBT+ royalty
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five-rivers · 10 days ago
Prompt: People now know that Danny Fenton is a ghost/half-ghost, but not that he’s Phantom. People assume that Danny is a fairly weak ghost. People are about to be proven very, very wrong.
"So," asked Mikey, "have you ever been to the Ghost Zone?"
"We've all been to the Ghost Zone," said Danny, raising an eyebrow. "The whole town was sucked in, remember?"
"That doesn't count," said Mikey. "We stayed in town the whole time. We didn't go anywhere."
Danny sighed and put down his sandwich. This was going to be another Q&A session. "Yes, I've been to the Ghost Zone."
"Is it scary there?" asked Star, leaning in.
Danny leaned back, and Sam and Tucker nudged him with their elbows, a silent promise to back him up if he wanted to run for it. He'd been outed as a half-ghost a week ago, thanks to one of his parents' inventions, not long enough for the novelty to wear off. He wasn't, quite, popular, but by some strange alchemy of social pressures and the local fascination with ghosts, he wasn't a complete outcast anymore, either.
"I mean, it is full of ghosts and there are some dangerous spots, but... Not really. It can actually be calming to float there."
"You can float?" asked Mikey, eagerly.
"Yes...?" said Danny.
"Do you have any friends there?" asked Star.
"Yeah!" said Danny, distracted from Mikey apparently not knowing he could fly. "A bunch! Most of the ghosts that come here are the really aggressive ones who are looking for a fight. But most ghosts in the GZ just want to be left alone to do their own thing, really, just like humans."
"What are they like?" asked Star. "Have you met any cool people?"
"Hah!" shouted Dash, who was passing by. "Fenton couldn't meet cool people if it killed him!"
"Wow," drawled Danny, resting his cheek on his fist. "What does that say about you, I wonder?"
"Never change, Dash?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
The bell rang. Danny sighed. Time for class, he supposed. He shoved the rest of his sandwich into his mouth.
"That's gross, Danny," said Sam.
Danny shrugged in response, mouth too full to properly respond. They walked out into the courtyard.
Then Danny's ghost sense went off, an interesting sensation with a full mouth. He swallowed.
"Great," he said. "Hey, everyone! There's about to be a ghost attack! Or, at least, a ghost will be here. Soon."
"Wait, is that how you always run off right before there's a ghost attack?" asked Mikey.
"I'm not exactly running off-"
"Alright, everyone evacuate!" said Mr. Lancer, who had been the lunch monitor today. "You know your plans! And you can come with us for once, Mr. Fenton."
"But I've got to fight the ghost?" said Danny gesturing.
"I know you have a few special abilities from your condition, but this really isn't the time," said Mr. Lancer.
Danny stared as other students ran from the courtyard. "Okay, what? I feel like we're missing something here. A few powers?"
"Today will be the day, whelp!"
Shaking off the strangeness, Danny turned to his enemy. And transformed. Because why not? Everyone knew he was half-ghost, now.
"Are you seriously telling me that no one knew I was Phantom? It's been a week."
"We know," said Principal Ishiyama, tiredly.
"And you're telling me the school was okay with me being half-ghost, but they're drawing the line at me being Phantom."
"Well, we obviously had a very different conception of what half-ghost meant," said Principal Ishiyama, rubbing her temples, "and you aren't expelled or suspended or anything. Just. We feel like it would be better for you to go home early today. For us all to... process. Besides, your... life? Your life was threatened by a dangerous ghost today."
"He does that once a week," said Danny, unamused.
"Still. You can come back on Monday. Please."
The office door slammed open, revealing Jack and Maddie.
"How did you guys also miss that?"
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writing-prompts-re · 4 months ago
A rare herb that blooms once every millenium is rumored to grant immortality. While you’re not sure about that, you do know that the herb is quite tasty. What you don’t understand is why everyone keeps trying to raid your garden every thousand years or so.
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 5 months ago
Person A making fun of Person B's bed head every morning.
Person A and Person B finishing a jigsaw puzzle after days of working on it together only to realize that there's a piece missing.
Person A always accidentally connects to Person B's bluetooth speakers instead of their own every time they listen to music and it startles Person B every time.
Person A and Person B arguing over which color to set their color-changing lightbulbs to.
Person A accidentally stains the carpet while Person B is away so Person A runs to the store to get a rug to put over the stain before Person B comes back.
Person A and Person B pushing the furniture out of the way and having a spontaneous dance party in their living room.
Person A getting up early every morning to cook breakfast for Person B because they know that if they don't, Person B won't bother to make anything and they’ll just skip breakfast.
Person A bringing home a painting that they bought and being really excited to hang it up in the house but Person B thinks it's hideous.
Person A sharing their DVD collection with Person B under the one condition that Person B shares their record collection with Person A.
Person A's bedroom window faces west and every evening Person B runs into Person A's room to watch the sun setting.
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clean-prompts · 5 months ago
Dialogue Prompt
“Dude--we talked about this!” 
“Yeah, and about a hundred other things--I’m stressed, okay?!” 
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its-deputy-caleb · a month ago
Could I request the Four Lords reacting to thinking the read is scared of them and that’s why they won’t speak to them, but really reader is mute (whether born that way, because of trauma, or a physical injury)
Maybe they know sign language and that’s how they communicate instead?
Okay so i’m very sorry for the late delay of these I’ve been super busy and i just whipped this up really quickly and i apologise that it’s really rushed!! I hope these aren’t too bad although i’m not super happy with how they turned out :((
Alcina Dimitrescu
It’s only natural that working in Castle Dimitrescu that you’d be a little fearful of unpredictability of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.
However what you didn’t know was that she’s taken a liking to you already, watching you work from afar and she made it very clear that no one was to harm you.
Whenever you interacted she could help but notice how quiet you were, finding it rather odd when you responded to her commands with a short nod and a bow.
Alcina becomes fascinated with you, her eye always on you and sometimes even beckoning you to come and pour her wine just to see your reaction.
She walks past the cellars one day and notices you talking to a maiden. Well you weren’t exactly talking but the two of you were moving your hands in a way that looked like you could understand each other, watching the smile on your face.
Her curiosity and mild jealously meant she took it upon herself to understand exactly what she saw and came to learn that you are mute.
She becomes very overprotective of you after seeing you smile and light up like that, wanting to keep you by her side and away from anything that could harm you.
Eventually you earn her respect and no longer have to work for her. Instead of working you spend your days having tea in elaborate outfits, sitting across from Alcina as she rambles for hours about the girls dragging more bloodied corpses onto the new carpets or Heisenberg’s dramatic outbursts at family meetings or the complaints from the villages.
All of it made you smile and Alcina feels so accomplished when she sees you light up the way she first saw you. Feeling like she’s finally found the way in to your heart.
Her favourite thing to do is at the end of each night walk you to your permanent chambers, bringing a kiss to your hand and signing “goodnight my love” in sign language. It was one of the first things in sign language that you taught her and she’s never once forgetten it.
Donna Beneviento
At first Donna didn’t really notice that you are quieter compared to most people as she’s often finds herself falling into long periods of silence herself.
Not only is she generally reserved and not inclined to socialise like her siblings but a lot of the trauma and experiments she received from Mother Miranda has led to her withdrawing even more.
The only one she really talks to is Angie, although the doll is apart of her, it’s how she copes and allows herself to come out of her comfort zone without having to interact with her family which remind her of all the terrible experiences.
At first Donna believes you’re scared of her and Angie especially. She’s just so excited to finally have someone from outside the family who she trusts and wants to be with and doesn’t want to scare you away.
This makes her tense up a lot and push you away because she hates the thought of scaring you but Angie is apart of her and she doesn’t know how to keep you in her life while remaining herself.
But she quickly learns that you’re mute and although you can’t express it through words you care just as much for her.
That’s how you both discover that just being in each other’s company is enough for you to be happy together.
Touch is the one thing that keeps you both connected. Whether you have your hand in hers or you’ve got each other in a tight hug, touch is the way you both say ‘i love you’.
Sometimes when she’s having a bad day and you can feel the nerves pouring out of her, you walk up and hold your palm up to her.
Donna’s hand will sit softly against your own with only the tips of your fingers intertwining, just the slightest touch can calm her. Your forehead presses to hers and you hold her close until all her worries melt away.
Even though you can’t tell her, all the fleeting touches and gentle movements are how you tell Donna every day that you could never be scared of her but in fact you love her very deeply.
Salvatore Moreau
Salvatore instantly panics when he sees you don’t talk, his mind instantly jumping to the conclusion that you must either fear him or hate him like everyone else.
He doesn’t want to lose you, and is almost desperate for you attention which he doesn’t understand can’t be said through words.
He’s gonna bring you all of the things he likes in hopes to show you that he’s not scary like everyone thinks.
Each night he’s bringing you blankets (which are damp and kinda smell but he doesn’t know) and each morning he’s got breakfast for you and he’s gonna bring all the cheese he owns.
He’s still convinced you’re scared of him so he drops them in front of you and retreats into the corner with his hands raised, anticipating your rejection but still no less scared of your reaction.
“I’m not scary, I promise…”
Eventually he realises you can’t speak and that you enjoy his efforts to make you comfortable, thinking it’s adorable.
When you become comfortable around each other you being to show him some phrases in sign language so he can communicate with you. He’s definitely eager to learn, practically begging alcina for books on it from her library.
He’s not very good at it but you spend your afternoons teaching him and you both end up giggling and laughing at his attempts. By the end of the night you’re both crashed on the couch after watching movies.
He loves to take you outside to see the reservoir and windmill where you write little messages to each other on the snow.
Karl Heisenberg
When Karl first learnt that you’d be sent to his factory by order of Mother Miranda he was furious that he’d have to babysit you.
He ignores you at first, not even looking at you as he left you in some room of the factory with the door locked behind him.
One day after a fight with Alcina he comes bashing through what’s slowly become your bedroom of sorts. His fist collides with the metal countertop leaving a dent in it as metal shards rattle around the room.
“If that bitch humiliates me one more time at a family meeting i’ll hit her with my hammer!”
He looks at you and notices the startled look on your face from having to dodge all the metal now flying around the room until it drops to the floor. Karl looking at you with a sheepish face, upset with himself that he scared you.
“Sorry about that…”
Karl spends more time with you after that, showing you around his factory and telling you all his elaborate plans to bring down Miranda and vent about his sister after he realised you were a good listener.
In fact he started to realise that you were almost too much of a good listener… and that you had never once spoken to him.
He didn’t even know you name and that frustrated him beyond all means.
While he was still confused at your behaviour, he couldn’t bring himself to hate it as you grew closer with each passing day.
Sometimes his favourite thing to do is to sit with you in his living quarters, sitting on the couch with his head in your lap as your fingers brush through his hair.
It’s there where he’ll talk to you for hours about everything and nothing at all. Just happy to have someone in his life.
He’s comforted by the fact that you’re mute because you don’t judge him, your actions towards him always soft and warming.
He’s never had someone who could be there for him emotionally and physically, and he loves that you show him how much you love him by the little gestures like cuddling, playing with his hair and holding his head in your hands.
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write-it-motherfuckers · 3 months ago
Person A: “I’m going to kill you!”
Person B: “Understandable. Could you at least wait until I finish my coffee though?”
Person A: “...What?”
Person B: “It’s a really good coffee.”
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writing-prompts-re · 3 months ago
A sniper, a bartender and a photographer meet In a bar. Unaware of each other’s occupations, they begin to talk about what it means to get ‘the perfect shot.’
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am-yuki · a month ago
Kacchan's hand holding Deku's face and Deku looking very happy about it 🥺
Tumblr media
Here's 'angry' Kacchan holding onto Deku's face. Kacchan really can't be honest. :D
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jen27ny · 6 months ago
Prompt idea: What if Peter had a secret podcast as Spiderman telling everyone all the stupid things that happen in the avengers tower????? lol love your blog btw
Thank you! :)
Peter feels like he’s in trouble. Which is mainly build on the fact that Tony made him sit down in the lab and now he’s standing in front of him, arms crossed over his chest, watching him with that look that he always has when Peter is trying to lie about an injury that Tony already knew about because Karen is a tattletale (Tony calls her responsible, but whatever).
However, Peter isn’t hiding any injuries. Not right now, at least.
“Am I in trouble?” Peter eventually asks.
Tony raises an eyebrow. “What do you think?”
“It feels like I’m in trouble.”
“And can you guess why?”
“Not really, no.”
Peter expects some witty remark or maybe some Baby Monitor footage, but Tony simply smirks, a spark of mischief in his eyes. Oh no. Peter is in a lot more trouble than he thought. “FRI, play it.”
Before Peter can ask more questions, he hears something he’s more than familiar with. Immediately, the blood in his veins turns to ice.
“Hi, everyone! It’s me, your favorite bug boy with your favorite podcast Earth’s Dumbest Heroes, the only podcast that will shatter your entire world view, because I will reveal why the Avengers are actually just a group of too tall children – except for Iron Man, he’s not that tall. You may wonder: But Spider-Man, how can you say that? Aren’t you an Avenger yourself? Good question! And here’s the answer: No. As those tall children like to remind me way too often, I’m not an official Avenger. Technically, I said no to that offer, but let’s not dwell on facts like that. Now, let’s get right into what happened this week at the compound.”
“Cut to the next clip,” Tony orders his AI, his eyes still trained on Peter, who is trying his absolute best to not move a single muscle in his entire body.
“I saw an article today about, like, the top 10 most wholesome things the Avengers have ever done. You know those articles, right? Like, Captain America hanging out with vets, Black Widow teaching girls how to do ballet and how to break someone’s wrist if someone touches them, Iron Man paying off, like, a million students’ debts or something. And it’s not like those things aren’t nice or that they’re only doing it for publicity. I know these guys well enough to know that they all mean it. But I think it kinda paints a faulty narrative here. Because they can also be so childish and cattily to each other. So, here’s my own list of the top 10 things the Avengers done to annoy each other. Place number 10 goes to the time Black Widow somehow managed to set everyone’s alarm two hours too early.”
“Next one.”
“So, this one was requested by a lot of you. Like… a lot! You wanna know the story behind the short clip Falcon posted the other day of Captain America doing an epic rant about how he’s too old for all of this. I have to say all your theories had been amazing – but not even close to the truth. It all started with a game of Monopoly.”
“You all have seen the news footage of that last Avengers fight, right? The one I helped out in? Yeah, it was epic! I mean, like, two or three buildings were destroyed which is a bummer, but nobody got hurt, so that’s always a win. And we managed to send those ugly aliens back into space. However, that’s not important right now. Did you all see how one of them practically tackled Iron Man out of the sky? He’s fine, by the way, but it damaged his armor to the point where he couldn’t get out of it and I’m not even kidding when I’m saying that it was the funniest thing in my entire life to watch him try getting out of it.”
“Okay, I get the picture,” Peter says, cutting off the AI before the story could start.
Tony keeps staring at him, his eyebrow traveling even higher.
“In my defense, those were all really funny stories,” he says. “And I didn’t talk about any, like, classified stuff or something. No secret codes or entry ways or your Kryptonite or anything.”
“You think that’s why I’m mad?”
“It’s not?”
Tony shakes his head. “Think again.”
“Well, yeah, I mean, those are private stories and they don’t really make you all look like superheroes, but the people are loving it!”
“Wrong again. And, by the way, since you started your podcast, the Avengers’ public imagine has improved a lot. Pepper plans to buy you as much ice cream as you want as a reward for it.”
“Then I don’t get what this is about,” Peter says, seriously confused right now. If Tony isn’t mad because of the stories he told or because of the public imagine, then what is it.
Tony leans forward, the smirk growing on his face. “I’m mad because you have a podcast about the Avengers and haven’t asked me to be on the show yet.”
“Welcome back to Earth’s Dumbest Heroes and today, my friends, I have my first guest on the show. The one and only flying tin can himself – Iron Man!”
“Flying tin can? Really?”
“Everyone gets an embarrassing nickname. Mine is bug boy.”
“Which you gave yourself. Aren’t you trying a bit too hard here?”
“That’s rich coming from someone who basically blackmailed me into being part of this. Oh no, I know that look. Please don’t. I don’t know what you have in mind, but please don’t.”
“Too late. Now, I know Underoos-”
“Can’t believe you called me Underoos on here.”
“-made an entire list about his favorite of my lab fails. I know you all enjoyed that list. I read those comments. But I promise you’ll all love my list of the time Spidey fell from the ceiling.”
Tag list: @joyful-soul-collector @sheabeeprime @spideyspeaches @zanderljones @jelly-pies @ftopbn @lost-lunar-wolf @peter-is-a-bean @a-moon-fairy @stark-genius @supernoetta @glorified-red @probablyprocrastinatingrightnow @thecrazymarvelfan @hatakehikari @aixabi @sublimedragonherohumanoid @bittersweetbeneath @vintervittrannerd @anarinette @always-loki @zetasaturno99 @sdottkrames @potter-turn-to-page-394 @doctordumblesstark @neon-oreo4  @fangirl485 @gaycinnamonrollgirl 
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its-deputy-caleb · a month ago
Hey, I love your writing and I finally got the balls to request something.
My request is for the four lords and their reaction to their S/O who is drinking boba tea. I'm guessing the fish boi would be concerned since he thinks they are eating fish eggs 😅
Hii, don’t be afraid to request things i love doing them!! and i always try to be friendly!! These were so fun to write, i love boba tea so thank you!!
Alcina Dimitrescu
“My Dear why would you drink such a thing?! Red Wine is far superior by any means”
When Alcina sees you walk into the dining room holding a boba tea, she’s so confused since she’s never seen one before.
She stares at the drink in your hand, wondering why it’s purple with little black dots along the bottom.
“Hush now stop being a snob, just try it.”
You gracefully sit on her lap as you shove the tea in her face. Alcina audibly groans and sticks her nose up at what she thinks is a horrid smell.
However she realises soon that you won’t leave her alone until she tries the drink that you’re holding under her nose.
Begrudgingly, she leans forward and takes a sip from the straw, her lipstick staining the plastic.
Her face gives herself away and you notice the way her eyes light up at the sweet taste.
When one of the pearls pops in her mouth she’s pleasantly surprised and she takes the drink from your hand.
“Hey give that back!!”
She simply holds the tea above your head which isn’t hard to do, as you try to climb up her and grab your drink back.
“I think the red wine can wait for a little while don’t you think??”
Donna Beneviento
Donna at first just stares blankly at the strange drink in your hand.
You just came back from a trip to the Duke and seeing you holding a boba tea was the last thing Donna expected you to walk through the door with.
When you walk over and show her, she leans forward and studies it as if it’s a relic or collectible.
“Is it dirty?? There’s little black things on the bottom!”
She’s still confused by the drink which manages to make you giggle.
“What? No silly, they’re pearls- you eat them.”
When you coax her to try it, she looks hesitant at first but she leans forward to take a small sip.
You think she’s been shocked at first when she jumps in the sky with praise singing from her mouth at the sweet flavour of the tea.
“Do you think Angie will like it too?! Can she try it??”
You smile because of course Angie is allowed to try the tea as Donna takes your hand to lead you upstairs to wherever Angie was lying around.
From then on you and Donna take frequent trips to the Duke for boba Tea, trying all different flavours each time.
Salvatore Moreau
When Salvatore sees you holding a boba tea he literally screams at the top of his lungs.
You put the drink down and pull his hands from his face that he was hiding in, holding his hands in your own.
“They aren’t eggs, I promise! It’s a sweet, here try it.”
He’s terrified to try it, still not believing that they’re anything but fish eggs but he trusts you with his life so he very very hesitantly takes a sip of the questionable tea.
You’re still holding his hand but he slowly realises that they aren’t in fact fish eggs. However he’s still very scared to go near the fish like sweets.
He eventually warms up to them, but very slowly although he mostly likes boba tea without the pearls because they freak him out.
Karl Heisenberg
“What the fuck is that??”
Karl’s face is priceless as he puts down the hot piece of metal he’s wearing, stopping his work to stare at the drink you’re holding.
“It’s tea idiot, here try it.”
He pushes his hair out of his face by moving his glasses to the top of his head as he instantly shakes his head no, he’s too tough for such a drink.
“Common big guy it won’t bite you… What are you scared??”
You know you’re teasing him but you weren’t going to back down, determined to prove him wrong. Besides Karl had a sweet tooth that he chose to ignore but you knew he loved stuff like this.
He leans over the work bench and takes a rather large gulp for someone that didn’t want any of it half a minute ago.
His face mimics disgust but he quickly snatches the tea of your hand.
“Gimme that, i want more.”
As you could imagine, you’re not getting the rest of that tea back as Karl basically devours the thing in front you.
You don’t mind however as you knew internally that he’d love the drink and you both make a habit of ordering more from the Duke but Karl will never admit to liking them as much as he actually does.
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write-it-motherfuckers · 3 months ago
To whom it may concern,
If you have had the misfortune, of finding this note, then you are most likely the new owner of this property. And for that, I can only apologise, and offer my condolences.
I have done everything within my power, to ensure that this property never gains a new owner, but as the years go by, and my body and mind begin to fail me, I fear that all of my preparations, might have been in vain, as one can never hope to fully prepare for every eventuality. 
As such, all I can do now, is offer what little advice, I have managed to gather over the years, in the hopes that whichever poor soul, is reading this, will be able to avoid the fate that myself, and all those before me, were doomed to. 
1 - Never extinguish, or move, the lantern in the attic.
2 - If the lantern moves by itself, do not try and put it back in its usual place. It will return there in due time.
3 - Never use the back door. It does not lead to where you think it does, and it is locked for a reason.
4 - If said reason, starts knocking, or scratching, at that door, do not respond, but be sure to cook a little extra that night, and try to pretend you do not notice, when there is nothing left behind, come the morn.
5 - Never remove flowers from the garden, without having something on hand, to give back in return.
6 - Do not light the fireplace on the north wall. There is something living there, and the flames will be seen as an invitation.
7 - Those are not people, by the lake, and they do not like it when you stare.
8 - Do not touch the apple tree. You cannot afford what they cost.
9 - The fourth step, will squeak if you step on it during the day. Pay no attention to how it growls, when you do so at night.
10 - Never leave a mirror uncovered, when you leave a room. These too, will be taken as an invitation, and not all guests, are as polite as the chimney beast.
11 - Mysterious books should be avoided at all costs. 
12 - No, that corner was not always that dark. Do not try and investigate it.
13 - Do not respond to the whispering you hear during the night. They do not only seek to wake you.
Good luck, dear stranger. 
May you succeed, where all before you, have failed.
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luca-x-alberto-prompts · a month ago
Luca x Alberto Prompt #5
Luca learns a new language as an extracurricular and constantly flirts with and confesses to Alberto. He thinks he's safe because there's no way his friend could understand.
However, he forgot two things. One, Alberto has an excellent memory when it comes to copying phrases even when he doesn't understand them. Two, Giulia took the same second language course and can tell Alberto what Luca is saying when he asks her.
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writing-prompts-re · 25 days ago
Writing Tip #01:
10 Ways of Ending your Story
- The Cliffhanger Ending: Ending the story in such a way that leaves the reader at the edge of their seat, either due to being in the middle of a dilemma or a shocking revelation (Ex: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan)
- The Circle Ending: Ending the story in such a way does comes back full circle to its beginning. The reader gets a chance to compare the before and after, offering both the opportunities for irony or satire, and the contrast, whether bitter or sweet, is plain to see.
- The Dialogue Ending: Ending the story with dialogue from the characters. This ending allows the readers to feel a stronger connection to the characters since it is them sharing the end to their story instead of the author.
- The Emotional Ending: Ending the story in such a way that leaves readers feeling emotional, whether happy or sad, for the characters in the story. Before attempting to write an emotionally engaging end, you have to first understand why it is important for your readers to be engaged.
- The Humor Ending: Ending the story in such a way that leaves the reader laugh at either a line or even an inside joke from the story. Before attempting this ending, first think about your own personal sense of humor and how you'll be using it to produce a humorous ending.
- The Image Ending: Ending the story in such a way that puts the classic "show, don't tell" rule to good use by describing a scene.
- The Moral Ending: Ending the story in such a way that you show the character's growth and how far they've managed to come. This ending helps even the reader learn a lesson through the characters. The difficult part about this ending is figuring out what the moral of your story will be. Think of your characters, their goals, objectives, and how all of those have developed in the story.
- The Question Ending: Ending the story in such a way that leaves readers think about what will happen next. This ending is effective when you want the culmination of your story to be remembered. Play around with different questions and see what would work better!
- The Surprise Ending: Ending the story in such a way that takes the reader to the place least expected. When done right, these endings will live, and haunt, the readers' memories for years. A surprise ending may have the reader question heir perspective of the preceding events. It could also introduce new conflicts that changes the story's context. A subtle misdirection is key to achieving this kind of ending.
- The Reflection Ending: Ending the story in such a way that the character looks back on everything they've experienced, achieved, or even failed at. Everything they've gone through in their journey. This conclusion gives the character a chance to think/feel more deeply about what occurred in the story. It gives them time to explore their deepest feelings and even possibly come up with fresh or surprising insights.
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