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#prompt list

So I decided to make a prompt list from songs I adore with really punchy lyrics, but that are slightly lesser known

(( @lunalove25 , @softbarzal , @bisexual-space-slut )) (numbered for your convienece)

  1. I love your voice but hate the way you talk of her consistently
  2. My friends don’t know about all the late night texts and ten missed calls
  3. Are we falling further faster
  4. Tell your friends that it was fun but yeah he’s not the one
  5. And I like my drama like I like my karma
  6. Kiss me I need it to match with my outfit
  7. I said, don’t let me go. And you said “why can’t we be friends.”
  8. I still drive by that one house we broke into, just to find a place where we could get into too much trouble
  9. Loving you was so complicated, the more I think about it, maybe I just liked the thought of you
  10. Can I see you again and not feel bad about it
  11. When all of my friends were one place, when all of my dreams were of your face
  12. Maybe I’m the bad guy, maybe that’s the kind you like
  13. I liked it when you cared about me too
  14. Even though it’s not that heartfelt, you still make my heart melt
  15. And it’s really something, to make home out of worn out luggage
  16. If this was the last time that we would ever speak, could we forgive some how, could we let it rest in peace
  17. And when your love is an anxiety attack, don’t settle for that
  18. But I hate that I never really know if you’re telling the truth
  19. I like sleeping with you, when we’re hiding under covers making the most of our youth
  20. I wrote another song about you, but god knows I didn’t want to
  21. You know I can’t stay sober drowning in the memory of you
  22. You came to my house tonight, threw rocks at my window ‘til first light
  23. You’re a shadow, I’m the sun, somethings you can’t out run.
  24. When you show up at my front door like you’ve got nothing to lose
  25. You have to leave, I appreciate that, but I hate when conversation slips out of our grasps
  26. Well this is something new, but it turns out it was borrowed to
  27. We found our sweet disaster in a river of champagne
  28. Some nights feel like every night, this one feels brand new
  29. Like I don’t mind if you fuck up my life
  30. I’m sorry every song’s about you
  31. We packed our bags to get away, and he said “babe, this is gonna be easy.”
  32. She’s thinks I’m famous, I guess I’m close enough to be dangerous
  33. I wanna fall in love but only for tonight
  34. I dropped your things off late last night, I saw your mom she said “goodbye”
  35. You like me more than you think, I’m getting bored
  36. This could be worth the risk, worth the guarantee
  37. If you remember this tomorrow then you’re doing it wrong
  38. Rather hear you scream, then whisper shit
  39. How does it feel to know that I would do anything to break your fall
  40. You kill me every time we touch
  41. I leave my window open, but I still lock the door
  42. The devil in you is not the devil I know
  43. She bats her eyes and lies about her ring
  44. Never thought they’d find love drowning sorrows at the pub
  45. We used to talk about plans in tiny bars
  46. It’s the gaps between words that really intrigue me
  47. And you can send me balloons and we can laugh at the doom
  48. I’d rather be a riot than indifferent
  49. I’d just wish you’d open fire on me so I can see you still worry if I care
  50. Wish I didn’t miss ya, kiss me like it’s the apocalypse
  51. And I can always count you to count me out, another broken heart that I can do without
  52. I remember you before you started lying and before you started sinking, got lost in your head
  53. And I remember you sitting at the dock, staring at the water we didn’t have to talk
  54. Stop making up your excuses, call her up tell her you forgot something
  55. Don’t be a fool, tell her you think she’s cool
  56. Stop waiting for a fairytale to take you away, don’t wait for someday
  57. We talked about the bridge we never burned
  58. If I’m being honest, why’d you even waste your time
  59. God is real, he was sleeping in my bed last night
  60. I can’t look in your eyes, it’s hard enough for me to say hello
  61. It’s a quarter past midnight, screaming “love will tear us apart”
  62. This could never start, I’ll tear us apart, can I be your memory
  63. When you need a boy around you just for the summer, don’t come knocking on my door
  64. I’m playing chess with my health
  65. Crying when you told me I would still be your best friend
  66. I can’t remember when I last slept in my own bed, and I’m paying up for it in way more ways than rent
  67. I’m feeling devious, you’re looking glamorous, let’s get mischievous
  68. ‘Cause it’s been too many nights and there’s no end, I’m hell bent the reckless one
  69. I think I love you but then I think no way, I gotta go but I wanna stay
  70. And I wanna keep all of my control but you’re the one who brings the sun.
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feel free to reblog! send in requests!

wow most of these give off angsty vibes.

*obviously i did not make these up, creds to the songwriters*

1. we can slow dance to rock music

2. please don’t let me fall

3. i wanna be somebody to someone

4. we’ll get breakfast in the park

5.  i’ve been anywhere and in between

6. take me back to the night we met

7. i don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

8. life’s too short to even care at all

9. he might be the one

10. sometimes when he looks at me, I know he needs you, you’re all that he sees

11. put your head on my shoulder

12. cut out all the ropes and let me fall

13. don’t give me up

14. i think they might be onto us

15. how can you miss someone you’ve never met?

16. spent your whole life running away

17. you’re gonna leave, it ain’t gonna break my heart

18. if you loved me, why’d you leave me?

19. our love was made for movie screens

20. please keep me safe, give me time to love

21. all my friends think you’re vicious 

22. I find happiness in the wrong places

23. i wish to love a boy

24. you’ve got me talking in my sleep

25. you’re my favorite liar

26. remember when we waltzed in the rain?

27. as i recall, you were looking out of place

28. heaven help a fool who falls in love

29. i have loved you for the last time

30. sometimes i forget that we aren’t together

31. with every single word I started falling farther and farther for you

32. i need to make you see what you mean to me

33. i loved you then and i love you now

34. when i wake up, i’m afraid

35. i wanna hear you talk for hours

36. i don’t really care if you like me or not

37. for you i would get beat to smithereens

38. will you love me like you loved me?

39. tell me love is endless

40. when I got you by my side, everything’s alright

41. you haven’t written to me in a week, i wonder why that is

42. your sweatshirt says it all, with the hood over your face

43. i know the shape of your hands because i watch them when you talk

44. let’s just be friends and hold hands at 2 am

45. i could listen to you all night long

46. i just need something to hold onto

47. i’d leave it all for you

48. if its on you mind, it’ll be on mine because i know you well

49. do you believe i’m yours?

50. wherever i go, there’s a shadow of you

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prompt list

hi so i decided to write myself up a bunch of prompts to help me write over the next couple of weeks but if you would like a specific one feel free to request with the number and 5sos member in the asks box!

here’s my master list!


1. ‘i’m trying, all the time, but it’s just too hard’
2. ‘weren’t you guys best friends at one point?’
3. ‘just pay attention to me!’
4. ‘why won’t you love me’
5. ‘leave’
6. ‘were you ever going to tell me?’
7. ‘i am fine stop asking’
8. ‘i trusted you!’
9. ‘how does it feel?’
10. ‘are you even listening to me?’


11. ‘my love, take your time’
12. ‘hey it’s okay’
13. ‘just you and me’
14. ‘lemme kiss you’
15. ‘your smile is the best’
16. ‘i can’t believe your here!’
17. ‘this is why i’m holding on’
18. ‘are you proud of me?’
19. ‘were having our own dance party’
20. ‘you look absolutely beautiful, i mean you do everyday..’

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The winner of the previous poll was Bedroom Kinks. Please read the following before sending a request, thank you :). 

To send a request: send an ask to the ask inbox with an OHSHC pairing and one kink from the prompt list. Please be considerate of the rules and guidelines located in the blog’s bio. All asks suggesting incest either through blood or marriage will be deleted. 

Note: Please be patient while you wait for your request to be answered. Do not send duplicate asks or they will all be deleted and not addressed. 


  • Tamaki
  • Kyoya
  • Haruhi
  • Takashi
  • Mitsukuni
  • Hikaru
  • Kaoru
  • Ritsu 
  • Umehito
  • Renge

Kink Prompt List:

  1. Teacher / Student
  2. Light Bondage 
  3. Dominance / Submission
  4. Choking 
  5. Hicky 
  6. Doctor / Nurse 
  7. Hair Pulling
  8. Stripping
  9. Blindfold
  10. Nipple Tease
  11. Praise 
  12. Biting
  13. Dirty Talk
  14. Lingerie 
  15. Spanking
  16. Forced Orgasm 
  17. Sexting
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Note: Both of these are incredibly sweet and hopefully this leaves you dead as requested (but not actually dead of course!) Quite sexy things happening! Enjoy!


Originally posted by bethrio

Rio and Sasha  “C’mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done.”

“Are you serious?!”

Rio looked up from his laptop screen, “What?”

Sasha walked across the living room of Rio’s apartment, then crossed her arms, “I cleaned up dinner and the whole kitchen, you’re still on your laptop. You said you’d be done,” she pouted.

Rio laughed low in his throat, “You wanna fuck that bad, ma? You’re pouting now?”

“Yes,” she kept her bottom lip out.

“Just a few more minutes, ” he shook his head, “C’mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done.”

Sasha smiled as he leaned back on the couch. She sat in his lap, his arms wrapping around her as he leaned forward to focus on the computer in front of her.

“What are you even doing?” she asked, closing her eyes with her head on his shoulder.

“Real estate,” he rubbed her back gently.

Sasha opened her eyes to be met with the sight of Rio’s neck. Smirking, she leaned in and kissed the tattooed skin softly. 

“You’re trouble,” he murmured and she giggled when she felt the vibration against her lips. 

She pressed a few more kisses to his warm skin before letting her tongue trace his eagle tattoo.

His breath shuddered and he gripped her hip, “Sasha…”

“Yes?” she kissed up to his ear, sucking the skin under his ear.

“I just need a few minutes,” his jaw clenched.

Sasha moved so she was straddling his lap. She sucked his skin harder, grinding against him. He groaned and leaned back against the couch. He grabbed her chin and kissed her, his tongue meeting hers a moment later.

“You’re a fucking brat,” he breathed, unzipping his jeans, “You wanna use that mouth?”

Sasha giggled, “Yes,” she slid off his lap and kneeled between his legs, immediately sucking his tip.

Rio groaned and gripped her hair, watching her head move. He smirked, “This what you wanted?”

Sasha moaned around him, only taking a short break to catch her breath before taking him as deep as she could. He pulled her up by her hair, his eyes on hers.

“Ride me since you want it so bad,” he watched her stand up and push her shorts down. She straddled his thighs, pulling her thong to the side and moaning with him as he slid into her.

“You wanted it,” she smirked as she rolled her hips, picking up her pace every few thrusts.

Rio groaned, “I always do, baby,” he leaned up and kissed her, gripping her hair tight.

Sasha gasped when he started thrusting up into her, her knuckles white as she held onto the couch. Rio panted and licked his lips. He could tell she was getting closer so he pushed his hand under the flimsy material of her panties. Sasha trembled as she came, whimpering high when he didn’t slow his own hips.

“I can’t…it feels too good,” she cried.

“Isn’t this what you…fuck,” he grunted, “Isn’t this what you wanted, mama? All my attention?”

“Yes,” she inhaled sharply, “Oh my god, Rio.”

“Now you got it,” he pulled his hand back, squeezing her ass.

Sasha grinned, “Come here,” she kissed him hard, the kiss messy as he kept up a brutal pace. She held the back of his neck, her eyes on his as he made her come again.

“I want you to swallow,” he growled and let go of her. She got off his lap, hissing before laying next to him with her head taking him all the way down. It was barely a moment later that he finished down her throat. She pulled back and looked up at him. Rio smiled and wiped her smeared lipstick, “Good girl,” he whispered, making her blush lightly.

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Note: Thank you love! You’re not the only one waiting for them to get together. I hope you guys enjoy this!


Originally posted by imallaboutthe-fairytalebaby

Jax and Alli “I’m gonna marry you some day.” and “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

Alli woke up to the sound of her phone vibrating nonstop on her nightstand. She opened one eye to see that Jax had called 4 times and it was 3 am. It’s never good for an MC member to call in the middle of the night. Before she could even pick up the phone, he called again. She frowned and grabbed it. 


“Alli. Alessandra,” Jax slurred, “I’m gonna marry you someday.”

Alli frowned and sat up, “Jax, is everything okay?”

“S’fine,” he snapped his fingers, “Prospect. C’mere. Light me a cigarette.”

“Are you drunk?” she asked.

He scoffed, “No. Yes.”

She sighed, “You need to go home to your girlfriend.”

“I don’t want to,” he mumbled around his cigarette, “Want you.”

“You aren’t coming around here all trashed,” she told him.

Jax sighed heavily, “I miss you.”

She laid back down, “You saw me the other day.”

“No, no,” she could hear him frowning, “I miss you. Laying with you. Being your old man. I miss fucking you.”

Alli felt her whole body blush, “You have someone else now.”

He snorted, “Don’t want her. I want you. Can you just…we can just pretend all that shit never happened?”

She teared up at the memory of their fighting. She shook her head, “We can’t forget it, Jax. It happened. It’s part of us. I can’t do it again.”

“Alli,” he mumbled, “You promised you would never leave me. You left me.”

A few tears trailed down her face, “Because if I didn’t, we would’ve been ruined. We wouldn’t be friends right now.”

“I don’t wanna be your friend,” Jax said, “I wanna be your husband.”

She sniffled, “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

For the first time, the other end of the phone was silent.


“What?” he sounded winded, like her confession knocked the breath from his lungs.

She took a shaky breath, her hand on her stomach, “When I told you I was leaving, if you had asked me to stay. I would’ve stayed and worked it out. But you told me to fuck off. You got nasty with me, Jax, you told me you didn’t love me in the first place.”

“Fuck,” his own breath shuddered, “I just wanted you to fight back. Fight for us.”

“I had been,” she exclaimed, “I felt like that’s all I was doing. I was so tired of fighting with you. I couldn’t anymore.”

She heard him sniffle, “I did love you, Alli. That was bullshit. I still -“

“Don’t,” she cut him off, “I can’t hear that right now. You have a girlfriend and you’re a father to our daughter. You need to sleep, Jax. Come see Sky tomorrow if you want to.”

“Alli, wait,” he breathed, “Please don’t hang up. I’m…fuck,” a thud sounded, “I’m going to the apartment. Just…stay on the phone with me. Please.”

Alli closed her eyes, “I will. Just get there safely.”

Jax laughed, “I have an escort. He’s very tall.”

“Drunk idiot,” Alli smiled when she heard Opie’s deep voice come through the phone.

“I’m not - hey!” Jax protested.

“Alli,” Opie laughed, “Chill, Jax. Alli, do you want me to hang up and put the phone somewhere he can’t find it?”

She laughed, “No, he’s alright. Thank you, Opie.”

“No problem. Just text me if he’s getting out of hand, good night. Here, lay down,” his voice got farther away.

“Dick,” Jax grumbled, “Hi.”

“Hi,” she shook her head, “You guys are exactly the same.”

He sighed, “No, I’m better. I can be better for you. Swear.”

“Close your eyes,” she murmured.

“Yes ma’am,” he mumbled.

Alli smiled softly, “How much whiskey did you drink?”

Jax huffed, “Tequila.”

She rolled onto her side, “Now you’re talking.”

“Tequila is your drink,” he whispered sleepily, “I only drink it when I miss you. I should’ve fought harder. I’m sorry.”

“I know you are,” she fought back tears, “I know.”

He mumbled something unintelligible and she heard his slow breathing a moment later. She fell asleep to the sound of it.

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i put what is objectively my saddest, horniest playlist on shuffle. let’s go


  1. it’s better when i bleed for you
  2. i hope that love he gave you was just enough to save you
  3. he has never believed in true love, yet he knows guilt and remorse
  4. can’t you see what this pain has fuckin’ done to me?
  5. make believe that you’re always happy
  6. i’ve bled just to have your touch
  7. my smile’s a chain link fence that i’ve put up
  8. my love is the enemy
  9. is it sick of me to need control of you?
  10. i never believed the devil was real, but god couldn’t make someone filthy as you
  11. no matter what i do, i feel the pain
  12. turn your back, it will be easier to stab
  13. there’s no point in living if you can feel alive
  14. you’ll learn your place in this
  15. i don’t care if you really care, as long as you don’t go


or more accurately, just angst w a happy ending

  1. i want to say all those things that would be better unsaid
  2. please, please give me poison
  3. you wear your ruins well; please, run away with me to hell
  4. i’m drownin’ in love
  5. just one caress from you, and i’m blessed
  6. i don’t mind you keepin’ me on pins and needles
  7. i just want to be loved by you
  8. i need your discipline; i need your help
  9. it’s only just a crush, it’ll go away
  10. i want to hold you close
  11. you will believe in me, and i will never be ignored
  12. you can sit beside me when the world comes down
  13. i would die for you
  14. a fool could see just how much you adore me
  15. you make me feel like i am whole again


  1. under my thumb, she’s the sweetest pet in the world
  2. i wanna skin you with my tongue
  3. the hunt is not the thrill i’m after
  4. no one ever died from wanting too much
  5. i’d die for your sins; if you don’t kill me while i’m tryin’
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As mentioned in le title, these are tiktoks turned prompts! Enjoy! (Some are mature!!)

1. Person A walks into room naked, trying to distract Person B from what they’re doing

2. “The only B word I call my [brother/mother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc] is beautiful.” “Awh!!” “I love you, bitch.”

3. “I do not identify as male or female. I identify, as a threat.”

4. Person A shows Person C a picture of Person B, their boyfriend/girlfriend. Then Person A shows another picture, a goofy one, then another and another and yeah.*

*(the cursed images thing- showing a normal pic any girl’d send their crush unless you’re brave asf and send a full on  double chin, respect man, and then a pic they’d send their best friend rather than the crush, such as, like mentioned, them doing a double chin.)

5. “The world is flat. You know how I know?” “How?” “You’re my world.”

6. “Did you know you’re the only one I’ve ever dated?” “No- there’s-” “Yeah, but they were all tens…. I’m kidding babe-”

7. Person A lifts Person B, “Simba.”*

*Not really tiktok but-

8. “Say crack my finger.” “Crack my finger.” “Now say it backwards.” “Finger my crack- WAIT-”

9. “Say Choke,” “Choke.” “Say Mead” “Mead” “Now say Addy” “Addy” “Okay, now say it all together, fast.” “Choke-Mead-Addy? Choke Me Daddy? …OH”

10. Person A is on a phone call, Person B is handing them random things because they heard that if someone’s on the phone, they’ll grab anything you hand them.

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  • Prompts have don’t have any italic or bold if they’re mine. 
    • If they aren’t mine, they’ll have the source in bold.
    • Ones that aren’t mine but are adjusted have the inspiration in italic. 
  • Notes from me to you look like this; [NOTE! insert note here
  • [Name] is either the name of your oc, y/n, or a cannon character, so on
  • Not really important but- most of mine are kinda goofy oops

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Hi! Thanks for the request, I hope you like it and sorry if is a little short!!

8: stay here with me.

9: can you hold me.


Poe wasn’t much of a party person but this was an special occasion, at last the war against the first order was over, the minute he land on Ajan Kloss everyone start to celebrate, it all start as hugs and claps to the new generals but then everyone start to offer them drinks, he accept at least four but when he start to feel a little dizzy he stop drinking and start to look for the only person he cares. A few minutes ago she saw Yn dancing with Finn and if he was honest with himself, he felt a little betray, Finn knew about his little crush on her and still he was laughing and dancing with her, even if they weren’t close, he was dancing with the girl she like. Before he could take another step someone took his hand and pulled him to a wall.

-Hey- he said with a smile when he notice who pull him.

-Hey- Yn said with a smile -sorry for pull yo that way but I thought it would be the best than run in to a drunk Major Tom- she said.

-Thanks, he would be start to tell me stories about all of his children.

-Yeah, I barely scape.

-I actually was coming to you…

-You knew where I was? Are you keep an I on me, General?- she ask with a smirk, he could smell the alcohol an her breath.

-Well I just saw you with Finn…

-So you that means you were keep an eye on him?

-No, I was…

-I’m just kidding- she said with a laugh -Do you want to dance?

-Sure- he could said.

They spend more of the night together as they keep dancing and talking, a few of the other pilots offered them a few drinks more, but nothing could keep Poe’s eyes from her, the way she dance or the way he smile at him in that moment he knew that his little crush wasn’t just a crush, he love her and he hope that by the way she look at him she feel the same way. He put her head on his shoulder, he couldn’t help but hum a song his mother sing.

-I love that song- she said sleepily.

-I love it too and you… are drunk, come on I’ll take you to your room- she was about to protest but stay quietly, when she got up she stay still for a minute.

-can you hold me?- she ask a little shy.

He put an arm on his waist so he could help her to walk, when they got in to her room he help laid her on her bed and he start to look for things she could use the next day.



-would you stay here with me?

-Are you sure?- he asked her, she nod with a smile -Then ok, I’ll stay here- he said as he take off his jacket.

-I love that jacket, it suit you- she said, he could feel the blush on his cheek.

-You Can borrow it whenever you want- he said making her smile, he lay down next to her, she turn around and look at him in the eyes -Hey.

-Hey- she said.

-You should get some sleep- he whisper, she nod and turn around.

-I know this would be awkward but can you hug me?- she ask.

He didn’t say anything he just put his arm around her, he feel like he was dreaming, before he could say anything he notice that she was already sleeping, he kiss her temple before he fall sleep. He wake up when she feel something tickle his nose, when he open his eyes he notice that she was playing with his hair.

-Morning- he said, she look at him with surprise for a moment.

-Morning- she said -Hey I need to said something… I wasn’t drunk last night… I just… I’m really don’t know what to say…

-I’m in love with you- he said, she look shock for a moment.

-You are?- she said with a smile.

-Yes, I thought I had only a crush on you but…- before he could finish she kiss him.

-I’m in love with you too- she said with a smile.

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Prompt list

In order for the celebration of the 100 followers I did this prompt list, so feel free to send me a request🤗


- Just send the number or the numbers of the list, please just put if is from the angst list or the other lists.

- If you had other request or idea you can send it to me and I’ll be happy to write it.

I write about Poe x reader, but I’m thinking in write about Sam Winchester x daughter! Reader and Taron Egerton x reader




1. You’re feeding that cat again, aren’t you?

2. Because I love you idiot.

3. If you keep looking me like that I going to have to kiss you.

4. I think we should date.

5. Say it again.

6. Is that my shirt?

7. “I thought you didn’t like it” “but you love it, so I decide to give it a try”

8. Stay here with me.

9. Can you hold me?

10. I miss you.

11. I can’t sleep.

12. Here, take my jacket.

13. I’m going to take care of you.

14. Don’t hurt me.

15. Don’t get up already.

16. “What are you doing?” *take a picture* “Changing my lockscreen”

17. Is this a date?

18. Can we stay like this forever.

19. “What do you have there?” Show the flowers “this are for you”

20. You are my home.

21. Please never do a reckless thing again.

22. I love you since I was 15!

23. Would you still love me when I’m 64?

24. Are you jealous?

25. You should come back to bed.

26. Get some sleep.

27. You’re my family

28. We’re having a baby.

29. Do you trust me?

30. I’m not going anywhere.

31. Is that my jacket?

32. I watch you from the other side of the room and I thought my self I need to talk to her.

33. “I know you, I know your favorite book, your favorite song, I know every aspect of you and”…. she kiss him.

34. I mean it… when I said that I love you, I mean that.

35. Maybe I don’t have much but I will love you forever.

36. Stay here.

37. Shut up and kiss me.

38. I never thought I would love someone as much as I love you.

39. I want you to be the first thing I saw in the morning.

40. Will you marry me?


1. Don’t you dare to walk out that door.

2. You said you would stay with me no matter what.

3. I thought you loved me.

4. Keep your eyes open… please… don’t leave me.

5. So this is it?

6. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

7. I wish I never meet you.

8. I made a mistake by marrying you.

9. Tell me I’m wrong.

10. Don’t get any closer.

11. Shh, it’s ok… I’m here…

12. I had to do this! Even If that means I need to give up to you.

13. If you love her/him so much, then go with her/him, I don’t need you anyway.

14. Hold on.

15. Don’t let it go.

16. I’m tired of this.

17. Stop making promises you can’t do.

18. He/she is not yours.

19. I’m sorry I fail you.

20. I lie to you, I never love you.

21. You can’t be with someone like that.

22. Were you ever going to tell me?

23. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

24. I lost her.

25. I thought I can do this.

26. Would you ever forgive me?

27. I had everything and I lost it.

28. Tell me the truth! Do you love her/him.

29. Promise me you think about me.

30. … I loved you with all my heart, I’m sorry it had to end this way.

31. Does it worth it?

32. I think I’m bleeding.

33. You know what’s the worst thing? That no matter how I try I can stop loving you.

34. I’ll come back for you.

35. “Please don’t go, stay with me” “I’m sorry I had to do this”

36. How could you do that to me?

37. I thought I can trust you.

38. I can’t let you go.

39. You didn’t do it for me, you do it for yourself.

40. I hope she/he give you what I couldn’t.

Other prompts

1. He cooking the breakfast.

2. Reading to their sons.

3. Did you take my pillow?

4. Meeting his parents.

5. Dancing for the first time.

6. Painting a room.

7. First word of their baby.

8. Trying to work but he distract her.

9. Cooking together.

10. Been on the first time on their home.

Songs prompts

1. The one that got away- Katy Perry.

2. Run away- Ben platt

3. So will I- Ben platt.

4. Dancing on my own- Calum Scott.

5. Photograph -Ed Sheeran.

6. Please don’t say you love me- Gabrielle Aplin.

7. Say you won’t let go- James Arthur.

8. The way I feel inside- Taron Egerton.

9. Wear my ring around your neck- Elvis Presley

10. Prometiste- Pepe Aguilar MTV unplugged.

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you can request as many numbers as you’d like! scenarios and kinks are optional, but you’re welcome to drop them as well! 


1. “Why do you have to look at me like that? It’s making me weak, please stop.”

2. “Oh god, how can you manage to switch from cute to sexy in under a second?”

3. “Is this the moment that we kiss?”

4. “Every inch of you is the most incredible thing that God ever created.”

5. “And now your hand is in mine and I feel like the luckiest person to walk the planet.”

6. “Don’t hesitate, just kiss me.”

7. “Everytime I look at you, I think I fall a little more in love.”

8. “You are more than you think of yourself. You’re everything to me.”

9. “I think you need to tell me the truth about how you feel towards me.”

10. “You keep saying that we’re friends but you look at me for a moment too long for that to be true.”

11. “Not only am I deeply in love with you, you’re my best friend.”

12. “I would honestly die before I let anything happen to you.”

13. “Please don’t love me the way you loved your exes.”

14. “I know you haven’t done anything, but can you please stop looking so goddamn kissable, my parents are here.”

15. “You’re the only person I’ve ever actually wanted to spent the rest of my life with.”

16. “The things I would do just to see your face right now.”

17. “Please come home, this doesn’t feel right.”

18. “Will you stay the night?”

19. “Don’t blame it on the alcohol, you tasted like you wanted me.”

20. “You keep that photo of us in your wallet?”


21. “I thought you were happy, I’m sorry.”

22. “Please, just stay a little longer.”

23. “How many times has he told you he doesn’t love you?”

24. “You need to find happiness without me.”

25. “Please don’t cry.”

26. “I was hoping his flight would be cancelled, but miracles don’t happen.”

27. “If I leave now, I won’t come back.”

28. “Everything is temporary, this was merely one of those things.”

29. “You didn’t care, even a little bit?”

30. “I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of it all.”

31. “When was it that you realised that you didn’t love me?”

32. “We can start over. I’ll do anything, everything can be perfect. Just please don’t leave me.”

33. “How could we have gotten this so wrong?”

34. “Don’t make me fall in love again.”

35. “It was a mistake and I know I can never fix this.”


35. “You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat.”

36. “How about I make you scream instead?”

37. “How do you feel about adding another person to the mix?”

38. “You’d better be quiet if you don’t want to get caught.”

39. “You look good all soaking wet.”

40. “Are you sure that’s what you want? I could really hurt you.”

41. “If you’re going to act like a little brat then I’m going to treat you like a little brat.”

42. “I don’t care how good it feels you’d better not cum until I tell you to.”

43. “I bet you think you’re real cute letting them put their hands all over you. We’ll see how cute you look later when I get you home.”

44. “Touch yourself for me.”

45. “Shut up and take your pants off.”

46. “When I get home I expect you to be undressed and waiting on all fours for me.”

47. “You’d better be quiet or everyone’s going to know what a naughty little slut you are.”

48. “Suck on my fingers and get them nice and wet for me.”

49. “Oh honey, you know, you really shouldn’t tease me.”

50. “If you keep making those sounds I’m not going to be able to stop myself.”

51. “Take it off. Slowly.”

52. “Kitten, don’t make me tell you twice.”

53. “Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic.”

54. “I love the sounds you make when you come undone.”

55. “I can’t wait to put bruises all over that pretty skin.”

56. “Well, since you want to cum so badly, why don’t we see how many times I can make you cum right now.”

57. “Come sit on my face, let me show you how much I missed you.”

58. “If you want to cum you’d better beg.”

59. “You know I don’t like to be teased.”

60. “I wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it.”

61. “Call me selfish, but I don’t ever want anyone else to touch you.”

62. “Mmm, good morning to you too.”

63. "Yes! I mean yes, Sir!”

64. “Did I say you could stop?”

65. “I never knew someone could cum that fast just from a few fingers.”

all prompt credits belong to:    @palettes-and-prompts

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Hello my loves! 

First of all: Thank you. I can’t believe my blog has grown so much in it’s little year and a half life. You guys mean so much to me, way more than I could like ever ever put into words. 

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s that time again, folks! I haven’t done one of these in a hot minute, I feel like the last one was around 2k or 2.5k. I’m not really sure. I may have done one at 3k but we all know how shifty my memory is. 

If you’re new here, which a lot of you are (hello!), basically I sit down and answer prompts for roughly 12-18 hours continually. The drabbles end up being anywhere from 300-1k+ words and I generally don’t let myself spend longer than one hour on a prompt. 

I’ll be accepting prompts until the day of the write-a-thon, which at this time is to be disclosed. I’m almost to 3.5k but not quite, so once I hit that many followers I’ll update and reblog this post. 

Please reblog this post! I want to get the word out so that I have plenty of prompts to choose from. I will not answer every prompt as it’s simply not possible. However, during one of my WATs I wrote like twenty-something so you’re still getting a good chunk of entertainment for the day. 

To be tagged in WAT posts you MUST LIKE THIS POST. 

I won’t be using my regular tag list as I don’t want to spam anyone that doesn’t want to be spammed.

you can send me prompts from any of the lists below, but must list the full prompt otherwise I’ll delete it (say if it’s just a number, as most of these are numbered.) You can also send in your own prompts that you’ve come up with, or three word prompts (i.e: candles, the sound of turning pages, tears. or the strike of a match, rain, gas station.) If I reblog other prompt lists you can send in prompts from there too, these are just to get you started and make it easier for ya. 


I will write for:

Again, please like this post if you want to be on that tag list, and reblog to get the word out! 

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Originally posted by wordsnstuff

“In an effort to get better at writing reader-centric one-shots (cause hot DAMN do I have a problem with writing waaaaaay more than I mean to, and I wanna work on writing ____ x reader fics), I decided to come up with a prompt list inspired by multiple different prompt lists I’ve seen that I’ll be working on here and there while we’re stuck in quarantine. Feel free to request a prompt! Honestly I’ll probably just be writing for Pedro Pascal and the amazing characters he plays, but feel free to request someone else! I ain’t picky. 

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Request: #40…Finn Balor, please? I _need_ this right now.

Prompt: #40: “I want you. All to myself, wholly, every inch, piece by piece. That’s selfish I know, but I’m in a selfish mood.”

Summary: Reader and Finn have just returned to Miami together after two months of not being together. Finn’s feeling selfish. 

Warnings: None!

Link to prompt list


Originally posted by baellins

The night was growing long. Being on the road had its advantages and disadvantages. The pros consisted of being able to perform every night in front of thousands, all the while living your dream. The cons consisted of half the time being away from your husband. He was with NXT while you were with RAW, so it put a strain on the marriage at times. But once you two were reunited, it was as if you two had never left the other’s side. 

You exited the bus and saw your car waiting for you, the valet having it pulled around for you. “Good evening, Mrs. Devitt,” He tipped his head your way. You grinned. “Thanks, Jerry.” You smiled and watched as your driver, Matt, made his way over to the backseat. He opened the door, allowing you inside while your bags were stowed away in the trunk. 

Your phone was constantly buzzing. Finn was supposed to be coming home tonight. Unfortunately, you two were arriving at your home together separately. You glanced over the texts, seeing the massive amounts of heart emojis and kissy faces present on your screen, but then one of the texts caught your attention quickly. 

“Hope you’re not too tired, love. I’ve got something up my sleeve.” You sank your teeth into your bottom lip and smiled like crazy. Around an hour later, Matt pulled up in front of your shared home with Finn. “Thanks again, Matt. I’ll see you later.” You said as he helped you get our rolling suitcase out of the back of the car. 

“My pleasure, Mrs. Devitt. Need any help getting your bags inside?” You perched over his shoulder and saw Finn’s car parked, meaning he was already home. You shook your head, thanking him. As he drove off, you hurried up the steps leading to the doors. Your heart was nearly caught in your throat as you struggled to find the right house key. But before you could even grasp the key, the front door bustled and opened wide, revealing a shirtless Finn standing in front of you. Black skinny jeans clung to his hips and he leaned against the doorframe, that sultry look familiar in his massive baby blue eyes.

“Honey, I’m home.” You giggled, attacking him immediately. He engulfed you in his arms, spinning you around as you tangled your legs around his waist. He peppered your neck with fervent kisses before making leeway to your lips. Taking them wholly into his mouth, he kissed you with such passion, it nearly knocked the wind out of your body. You tangled your fingers through the dark locks of hair and moaned as he slipped his large hand above your shirt. The feeling of his cold skin against your warmth made you shudder excitedly. He set you down momentarily so you both could whisk your bags inside, but you left them in the entrance of the home. You two quickly picked up where you left off once the front door was locked. 

For a split second, Finn pulled from you, his breathing heavy from the makeout session that was taking place against the staircase leading up to the upper floor of your Miami home. All of a sudden, the tables turned and the look that came across Finn’s face was one you hadn’t seen in quite some time. Truth be known, you missed it so much. The words that tumbled from his lips seconds later turned you on in a flash and you were about to fall at his feet. 

“I want you. All to myself, wholly, every inch, piece by piece. That’s selfish I know, but I’m in a selfish mood.”  

Finn whisked you up onto his waist and you locked your legs around his. Once you two entered the bedroom, he laid you down on the bed and climbed on top of you, skillfully finding a way to take your shirt clean off your body. Your upper half exposed to him, the only thing stopping him from fully devouring you right this second was the bra in his way. After two years of marriage, he was skilled. One hand unclasped the lace from your back and you hurriedly snatched it away from your skin, the cool air causing goosebumps to form along your most sensitive areas. 

Finn worked and began kissing your neck, all the way down to in between your breasts. He kissed each one with such passion, ensuring both were fully affected. You moaned his name, the sound of his name falling from your lips sending you into overdrive. You slipped your hands in between the two of you and worked to unbutton his jeans. Finn helped you, meaning as you undid the zipper on his, he jerked the yoga pants down your legs and hurled them across the room in the quickest effort to resume the makeout session. 

Your nails dug into his back and he was the one moaning this time at the absent feeling. It had been two months since he was able to hold you in his arms, now he had you for quite a while before the tour started back up. You and him both decided to take some much needed time away from work in order to have one another all to yourselves. 

“Does that feel nice, love?” His thick accent whispered into your ear as he reached beneath you and rubbed himself against you. You moaned, the burning sensation beginning to find its way deep within your core. You huffed against his sweaty shoulder, nearly begging him to touch you in all the right places. However, Finn was an absolute tease. He had to have his way with you first before he’d give into your desires. It was how he functioned. You’d admit to anyone if they asked, just who the dominant one in the bedroom was. Finn would be an occasional sub, but he enjoyed the thrill of watching you quake underneath him, having you beg for him to pleasure you. 

But tonight, Finn felt a little remorse. He wanted to do things to torture you so badly, but he also saw the glint in your eye that begged for his attention, so he gave in and let his hands explore just where you wanted them to. He even allowed you to guide his hand where you wanted it most and worked his magic when you both discovered the right spot. Before the night ended, the mixture of yours and Finn’s moans were music all across the house as he found himself pleasuring you and you doing the same in return.

You two were a crumpled mess in the sheets by the time it was over, sweat dripping down both of your bodies as your head rested against his chest, his embrace tight around your frame. “I’ve missed you so much.” You let out in a breath, reaching around to peck his lips lovingly. Finn grinned, kissing you back and stroking a finger along your bare shoulder.

“Trust me, love. I’ve missed you too.” He answered you in return, holding you together.

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Request: May I request 14 for Loki and have it be angsty?

Prompt: #14: “I’m pregnant.” 

Summary: Reader just discovered themselves pregnant and has no idea what to do, or how to tell Loki. It was believed they couldn’t conceive children, nor could Loki and them even have a child together despite the massive difference in their makeups.

Warnings: Angst, screaming, throwing 

Link to prompt list


Originally posted by hiddlesbaeee

Gazing down at the pregnancy test in hand, your mind was in a whirlwind. Those two lines screamed that your life was about to embark on the biggest change it had ever experienced. Motherhood. You inhaled sharply, your worst thoughts coming to the light. For a split second, you felt a wave of excitement, but it was crushed with the uprising guilt on how your boyfriend, Loki, would react. Neither of you had ever discussed the possibility of children, only because you thought you couldn’t have any. Also, you were pretty sure the chances of you two conceiving a child together were slim due to him. He was a frost giant, you were a human. The compatibility should be nonexistent. 

Just to be entirely sure, you had another test. You wanted to be absolutely positive before you started truly freaking out. Fifteen minutes later, you stared at the second positive pregnancy test, your teeth gnawing at your bottom lip. “I’m so screwed.” You pushed the held air from between your nearly blue lips, pushing yourself off the marble countertop in your shared bathroom with Loki. You checked the time. He was out doing something and said he’d return later. So you had from this point to that point to figure out how to break the news to him. You had no one else to tell; you were all alone right now. You surely couldn’t tell Thor, he’d be an idiot and blab it to the whole court of Asgard. Jane wasn’t near in sight, so she was useless too.

You thought about possibly calling up some of your friends from earth, those being Pepper Potts or even Wanda Maximoff, yet that seemed to not be good enough either. An hour passed when you heard the door click. Gasping, you hoisted yourself off the couch and held yourself in an unusual stance. Your stomach was fluttering with nervous butterflies, the ones deemed to attack and make you throw up. Loki’s figure appeared, his palish skin awfully glistening, his eyes sultry, his smile wide. 

“Hello, love,” His smooth voice chilled your spine, making you grow unsteady. You didn’t know how to tell him. How did you even begin to explain that you were carrying his child? He noticed your look of uneasiness and quickly walked over to stand in front of you, his eyebrows arched. “Everything okay?” He rested his hands on both of your shoulders and you finally felt steady on your feet. However, all of that was probably about to fly out the window. 

Inhaling sharply, you looked down at your feet. “I’m pregnant.” 

For a brief moment, earth-shattering silence filled the room. You could’ve sworn you heard the crickets start chirping. Slowly, oh so cautiously, you gazed up to see Loki. His eyes were wide, his mouth pressed in a hard line. He stepped back from you, releasing you from his hold which frightened you. What came out of his mouth next sent you into a full-fledged panic. 

“That’s not possible. The baby cannot be mine.” Your eyes widened, mouth falling this time. Did he just accuse you of cheating on him? 

“Are you freaking serious, Loki?” You questioned. Loki glared at you, his eyes beginning to twitch. “Yes, I’m dead serious. There’s no way you’re pregnant. And if you really are, the baby is not mine.” He turned around viciously and stalked away from you.

“Don’t you dare walk out that door, Loki! How could you possibly accuse me of cheating on you?!” You screamed, your anger getting the best of you. Loki ran his hands through his hair, growling audibly. 

“You’re the one who said you didn’t think you could get pregnant! Also, I shouldn’t even be able to conceive a child with you!” He expressed agonizingly. “That thing cannot be mine!” When he referred to the lively child that resided in your stomach, you absentmindedly clutched your stomach. He just referred to his own child as a ‘thing’. You snarled in his direction, the tears welling up in your eyes. 

“Well, I’m sorry that you believe this thing is not yours, but it is. I have not cheated on you, I would never. But that really shows how much you trust me, doesn’t it?” You cried aloud, pretty sure everyone around your home could hear you. “You are such a low-life, Laufeyson.” You grumbled, turning on your heel. Loki watched you closely. 

“Get out.” You finally resonated. “While you’re still breathing.” You eyed him carefully. Loki noticed the change in your tone, his eyebrows arching.

“You didn’t just tell me to get-” - “Yes, I did.” You cut him off, walking over to him. With every ounce of strength you had, you shoved him to the door. Taking the picture you had of the two of you on the side table, you grasped it and chucked it across the room. The glass shattered right above Loki’s head as he bent low to dodge the hit. “GET OUT!” You screamed louder this time, opening the door and shoving him out. Of course he could get back in if he wanted to, but he didn’t say a word.

Instead, Loki walked out the door and watched you slam the door in his face. The wind of the slam ruffled through his hair as he stood on the doorstep, his heart pounding in his chest. He then heard the sound of you turning the lock. 

And that was the last you saw of him that day.

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This is the last prompt request for the Smut Classic Trope Prompt List. If you want to do another smut prompt list let me know and I’ll create a poll for you to vote which prompt list we dive into next.

Kyoya blinked once - twice - and a third time, hoping to blink away the nightmare that stood before him. The scolding water continued to spray over his naked body but he didn’t feel it.

No, the only thing he could focus on was the redhead pushing back the shower curtain with a white towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oops…” Hikaru quipped with a sly smirk. His mischievous eyes followed a bead of water trail his toned chest and disappear behind his thigh.

“Hikaru.” Kyoya warned, knowing that glimmer in his hazel eyes all too well. He wanted to finish his shower in peace, not entertain his aroused roommate. Judging by his tented towel, he was quite worked up.

Hikaru shifted his weight onto his left foot and sighed, “Don’t act like you’re disgusted. You know you want this.” He pulled free the knot in his towel and let the cotton pool around his ankles, exposing his erect cock.

Kyoya resisted the urge to bite his bottom lip and tried to focus on continuing his shower. Perhaps if he ignored him he would leave him al-

Kyoya looked down and saw that he was regrettably hard himself. His own cock stood against the pouring water.

Hikaru chuckled and joined Kyoya in the shower, standing directly behind him to close the curtain around them. He leaned forward and began pumping Kyoya’s cock with his fist and savored the involuntary moans that escaped his throat.

“Damn you…” Kyoya hissed, leaning his head back against Hikaru’s shoulder.

“I think you mean "fuck you’.” Hikaru teased, “Because I want to do that.”

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