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Intimate Moments
hugging them from behind, laying their head on the other's shoulder
breathing in the other's smell
whispering to each other
cuddling on the couch
walking hand in hand
playing with the other's hair
softly smiling at each other from across the room
telling each other how proud they are of them
leaning into the other person
feeling for the other's hand
pressing a kiss onto the other's hair
humming a melody together
playing with the other's fingers
holding each other's gaze
absentmindedly massaging each other
resting their hand on the other's thigh, slowly stroking it
handing the other one a hot cup of tea, their hands touching for a moment
moving closer in bed
reassuring touches
telling each other I'm here
cuddling in the first morning light
hiding their face in the other's neck
telling each other how much they love them
eating from each other's plates
brushing against each other, even if there is enough room
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screnwriter · a day ago
fake dating prompts
''we don’t have a child.'' ''we do now.'' [pulls kid out of the closet] ''here, meet my niece.''
there's really no reason for us to kiss this passionately, but we're at the stage in which feelings are starting to blur, and separating fake from real is proving to be an difficult
''should we sleep in the same bed?'' ''as long as you don't touch me.''
let's practice kissing, not because we're in love with each other or anything, just to make sure it looks authentic :)
''do i have to remind you we're not actually married?''
it's really not necessary for you to move into my apartment, yet here you are, and, you've thrown your stuff everywhere. seriously. why is half of my closet on my bed?
''hold my hand.'' ''absolutely not.'' ''hold. my. hand.'' ''i said no.'' ''they're looking at us.'' [immediately grabs the other's hand, adding a pretentious smile].
we had a pretty bad argument, which leads you to ''moving out,'' and now i'm sitting here on my couch, fiddling with my fake wedding ring, going over the past few weeks, and i'm starting to realize how much i loved your company
''WHY DON'T YOU LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR'' ''I'M NOT USED TO SOMEONE LIVING WITH ME?'' [because i accidentally walked in on you showering]
“so tell me, how long have you two been dating?” [A zones out] [B kicks them under the table] A: ''what''
considering we're having sleepovers sometimes (god knows for what reason) i've started wearing some of your clothes (even going as far as bringing them home with me) and honestly, at this point i think we've both forgotten we're not actually dating
you’re going on a date with some other dude? do i have to remind you we’re married????
''you know, since --'' ''shut up.'' [offended glare]: ''no wonder no one wants to date you.''
look, i know this is fake and all, but the fact that you’re on a date with someone else is really making me jealous, and now i’m sitting here, in my apartment, watching bad television while eating KFC wishing you were Next to me
''you... don't know how to do your laundry?''
you crawl into bed next to me, and i can tell you're upset about something, but instead of telling me what's wrong, you ask me to hold you. it's the first time we cuddle, but it feels right
''YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT MY BABY PICTURES GIVE THAT PHOTO ALBUM BACK TO ME'' ''but it's from a time when you were actually likable 🥺''
my dog loves you i don't think i can kick you out yet
''do i have to remind you we're not actually married?'' ''no, but we could be.'' ''what?'' ''what''
calling your ''wife's'' mother by the wrong name, which leads to your ''wife's'' whole family staring at you in disbelief, so you try again: ''patricia…?'' you're wrong, again, and your ''wife'' sighs, uttering the loudest groan you've ever heard in your life
[A comes home one day]: ''what the hell did you do to my apartment?'' (B refurnished the whole living room)
''somebody disrespected you? let me just -- [cracks knuckles] ''i'll be right back.''
ok, we're in the 🤡privacy 🤡 of our own home, why are we kissing?
''it was never real to begin with.'' ''it was to me.''
you're leaving for work, and you kiss me goodbye, which i don't think was supposed to happen, because again, we're in the privacy of our own home, and... we're still not actually dating
the lines between what is fake and what is real is getting kinda blurry and i need to leave for a while to figure things out
you’re on a date, and i’m so in love with you, and i know i'm acting recklessly, and i really don't mean to show up at your date but i do so anyway, and your date leaves because i'm laying all cards on the table and this might well be a proposal speech and you're pissed at me and you storm out of the restaurant and i don't know what to do because you won't pick up your phone and i've called you a million times but that's because i need to apologize and make this right. i don't even care if you leave me or put up a restraining order i just want you to know that i'm sorry, seriously.
''so that's it? no more fake dating?'' ''no more fake dating.''
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novelbear · a day ago
Hi hi ! May I please request prompts for a "Literal ray of sunshine" x "Is cold/haughty to everyone except the sunshine" relationship ? Thank you ! :)
sunshine x grump otp prompts
B tries to hold up to their reputation as much as possible, but when A is around, it's like their heart melts. They try to keep it together when they decide to hang out with friends, but they bump into A while grabbing something to eat. They don't have the heart to push A away or be mean towards them, and their friends tease them as much as possible.
A is often talked about because of their lack of fear towards B and they even recognize how different they're treated compared to others. They decide to take this to their advantage, dragging B out to go shopping and trying out other fun things all day. A finds their heart swelling when B doesn't object to anything, but it's even more exciting when B tells them how nice of a time they had.
B finds their normally chirpy A crying their heart out and panics, not knowing what to do but also wanting to make their beloved sunshine feel better as quickly as they could.
It's A's birthday and B wants to express their gratitude and adoration as much as they can. The only problem is: they have absolutely no idea how as they've never done anything like this for anyone before...A can only laugh in adoration as they come home to a small birthday party with a messily iced cake.
"are you always this happy?" "you know the answer to that.."
"god, what are you doing to me.."
"come on, B, live a little!"
"you always look so down, so i brought your favorite snack to cheer you up!
"i don't understand...how do you manage to smile even when things are like this?" "because i remember i have you...and suddenly it's not that bad."
"who did this to you?" "please don't hurt anyone!!"
"wait, stop, please don't cry! you don't cry! what am i supposed to do?"
"where's that smile...there it is!"
"just...come here."
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prompty-ping · a day ago
Can you help me with some dialogue prompts for the first time the characters speak?
I love your blog, btw
Note: Hi! I know you asked for dialogue prompts, but I put some scene prompts in here because the first time people meet doesn't always really lend itself to dialogue prompts. Hope you don't mind. I also didn't know if you wanted romantic or platonic, so I did a bit of both, I hope this is what you wanted.
I ask that if you use my prompts, tag me in them. I don't need credit, I'd just like to see how you use them.
Our favourite pair had to meet some way.
Cw: one mention of jumping off a ledge, although the character is not.
Meet Cutes (Fluff)
*trips and spills coffee* "Dude! This is a new shirt!" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll pay for dry cleaning, or a new shirt, or—" "Just, invite me for another coffee and we'll call it even."
"Oh, Rosie! I'd love for you to meet my friend Ollie! Ollie works in the booth next to me, and he's so much fun. Rosie and I have been friends since highschool, and she's aspiring to be a lawyer!"
*Rosie sitting on a window ledge, taking the view* *Ollie, her neighbour, spots her* "Please tell me you're not going to jump." "What? No, I'm just waiting for the lunar eclipse at midnight.. There's also a fire escape under me." "Oh." "... Wanna join? I've got enough snacks. And wine."
[Ollie, walking his dog at the park, is approached by Rosie, who pets his dog] "*to dog* Hi! Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! *to Ollie* You've got a very cute dog." "Thanks, he's very friendly." *dog barks, happily* "What are you saying, boy, huh?" "I think that's dog for his human thinks you're cute." "Oh? What's dog for 'I think you're cute, too?'"
*Rosie knocks on Ollie's door* *he answers* "Hi, I'm Rosie. I live two doors down. You have a black and white border collie, don't you?" "Uh. Yeah." "Well. This is awkward, but I'm pretty sure we're going to be grandparents."
*Rosie approaches, Ollie, a stranger, at the bar* "Hi. Listen, my name is Rosie. Over there is my ex and his new partner. I can't let them know I'm here alone. Could you pretend to be with me for a bit?" *Ollie, surprised, looks at the booth, and slings an arm around Rosie* "Sure. Let's make him notice."
*both reaching for a thing [i.e. ice cream]* "Oh, you take it." "No, you, I insist." "No, I insist, you were first." "...How about we split it?"
Met at a wedding of each other’s exes, commiserate together as they’ve been put at the same table. Spend the duration flirting and laughing and ditching the party. They don’t intend to see each other after the wedding ends, so they don't exchange names. The hours that pass turn intimate and bittersweet.
*Ollie is beating the door of a male restroom, fed up of waiting* “COME. ON. MAN. My bladder is going explode if I wait any longer.” *Rosie comes out* “Sorry, the ladies was taken.” “Uh-uh… uh… hi.”
"Last but not least: Rosie and Ollie. Now that everyone's got a pair, you have two weeks to complete the project. Good luck." "Hi, I'm Rosie." "Hi, I'm Ollie, nice to meet you."
*Rosie and Ollie smile at each other coyly* "Dude, just talk to him already. He clearly thinks you're hot, you clearly think he's hot, so just put everyone out of their misery."
[In an apartment building, there is a flat that's blasting loud music] *Rosie, fed up, knocks harshly* "Can you turn th— Oh... wow."
[Rosie and Ollie have been selected from a crowd to play extras in a film] "Ok, I need two people to make out in the hot tub in the background of this scene. Any takers?" *everyone but Rosie and Ollie shake their heads. They look at each other, smirk, and nod* "Sure."
They're at a very boring setting, the waiting room speakers are tuned to the radio. A cool song comes on. Rosie and Ollie, who are sitting next to each other, start singing quietly to themselves, and they make eye contact and laugh. They make awkward chatter and flirt a bit. Somehow, through that encounter, they exchange numbers.
Rosie's car is breaking down as she's moving to a different part of the country. She just manages to roll into a mechanic's place. She meets a nice man who looks at her car, but will need some time for repair. The situation turns to flirting and they hit it off. Suddenly, neither of them want the car fixed yet.
Rosie and Ollie get stuck in an elevator without service. Bored, they chat, getting to know each other. Before they know it, they're being taken out. Since they got on so well, they exchange phone numbers.
Rosie is drawing intently in the park. Ollie is drawing inconspicuously nearby. Once he finishes, he walks up to her and brandishes his drawing, a lovely portrait of her, also drawing.
*Liz is trying to hype up Rosie to talk to Ollie* *Rosie is trying to dissuade her* *He walks by* *Liz pushes Rosie into him* "*to Ollie* Oh my god, I'm so sorry—" "No, no, it's totally fine—" "*yelling at Ollie* MY FRIEND THINKS YOU'RE HOT!" "Uhhh..." "Oh my god..." "*to Liz* I think she's hot, too!"
[Classroom] *teacher is talking about homework, stops himself to sigh* "Mr. Sherlock, I'm sure the back of Miss Dunham's head is fascinating, but I would suggest you pay attention now." *Ollie and Rosie blush, smiling to each other nervously as classmates snicker*
[School] "My favourite animal is an eleph—" "YOU LIKE ELEPHANTS! DO YOU WANNA PLAY MARBLES WITH ME?!"
"Hi, was that guy bothering you? I'm really sorry about him, he's my brother who can't handle being nice to people for two seconds."
"Oh, you're the new girl! Nice to meet you, I'm Rosie. Do you wanna come eat with me and my friends at lunch? I promise we only sometimes bite."
"Don't sit there. Not unless you wanna freeze under the vent on the ceiling. Come sit here, if you'd like."
[Rosie is sitting at a table for four on a train, a group of people sit on the three other seats] "No, what I'm saying is that the MCU keep reusing story lines..." *chatter goes on* *Rosie tries to mind her own business* "You can join in, if you like." "Oh, I— okay."
At a karaoke night, there's a competition where people have to get together in groups, chat a little bit, decide on a song, and volunteer a member to sing a duet against another member of another group. A group need one more person. It's fun and chaotic. They exchange numbers and hang out together after.
*Ollie climbs up his tree house, and sees Rosie* "Uhhh... Who are you?" "*unbothered* Rosie." "... What are you doing here?" "Hiding."
Ngl: took inspiration from sitcoms, romcoms and real life meet cutes. See if you can spot them.
Fun fact: one of these was how I met someone, it was very cool.
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leafs-lover · 2 days ago
Can you do “If you don’t stop now I’m calling your mom!” with Pierre Luc Dubois? Thank you 😘
Tumblr media
Boyfriend!Pierre-luc taken from this prompt list
For the first time this winter, the weather in Winnipeg is perfect. Normally frigid temperatures accompanied by extreme winds, you woke up to an amazing sight. A few inches of fresh snow, the sun shining and not a single branch moving. Completely still air, to the point it’s almost eerie.
Unlocking your phone and opening the weather app, you expect to find the bright red 'cold weather' banner at the top of the screen. The same warning from yesterday, and the day before, and basically every day this month. Instead it's only -6°C. Practically unheard of for this time of year, the type of warmth that in comparison, feels like summer.
Running back into the bedroom you jump into the bed, almost landing on Pierre in the process. Phillip and Georgia immediately perked up, alarmed by the commotion. Grabbing the blanket you forcefully throw it off him, causing him to shiver as cool air hits him.
“YN…it’s my day off,” Pierre groans, not yet ready to open his eyes. “What you are doing?”
“Pierre! It’s perfect outside!” Running your hand over his broad chest you feel the muscles under his shirt right before you bounce your knees, causing the mattress to move with you.
“Babe,” he groans. Easily wrapping his arm around your waist he pulls you down, pinning you against him in an attempt to calm you. By this point it’s no use, Phillip and Georgia have jumped into the bed and are joining in on the excitement. Tails wagging, stepping all over Pierre's chest with wide smiles.
“Pierre,” you pout. Pushing up on one elbow you haul Phillip up, who eagerly begins licking Pierre’s cheek, causing him to laugh. Bringing his free hand up he pets the dog, who sits on his chest continuing to lick his cheek. Georgia, not wanting to be excluded, forces her way between you and lies with her head in the crook of Pierre’s neck, giving you the opportunity to pet her. Slowly Pierre’s hazel eyes open as he keeps one had on your waist the other gently scratching Phillip.
“What are you going on about?” He asks, finally looking toward you with some sleep in his eyes.
“We have to go outside. There is snow and it’s not that cold, this doesn’t happen here!”
Shaking his head with a grin, he asks, “is there coffee?”
“No, I was going to make it, but the snow distracted me.”
“You’re such a kid,” he laughs. Gently picking the two dogs up and setting them on the bed he sits up slightly, bringing himself closer to you. “Morning.” He places a soft kiss on your lips, morning breath still heavy in his mouth, “can you make coffee.”
“Of course,” you smile. Placing one last kiss on his lips, you leave him alone in bed. Nails click on the floor behind you, following you to the sliding door. Letting them out, you head to the kitchen and begin coffee and breakfast. By the time coffee is brewing the pups are at the door, barking to be let back in. It’s not that they dislike the cold, it’s that they prefer to be with the humans. When you and Pierre are in the living room, they are in the living room. When you are in the backyard during the summer, they are outside with you. Right now you are in the kitchen, and that is where they want to be.
Following a quick breakfast, you are tugging on your hat and boots, zipping up your coat and heading into the backyard. Pierre, still wishing he was in bed, hangs back at first. Watching while you make tiny snowballs and throw them in the air, laughing as the dogs try and track them like tennis balls, only to lose them once they land in the white landscape.
“Pierre!” you scold.
Whipping your head to the side, jaw slacked after a snowball hits you square in the back.
“That was for Georgie, I missed,” he shrugs, but the devilish grin on his face says otherwise.
“You missed?”
“You? A professional athlete? You missed a shot from 5 ft away?”
“I play hockey not baseball,” he shrugs.
You let it go, or you act like you are letting it go. With a soft smile as if you’ve accepted his lie, you bend down and grab a make a small snowball and begin rolling it around, telling Pierre you want to make a snowman. What you want is for him to come help, get closer, and allow you the opportunity to get him back.
The snow crunches under Pierre’s boots and you hear a loud thud as he falls onto his back, arms wide open. Moving his arms and legs he works to make a snow angel, trying not to trip Phillip who chasing his hands around, thinking he is playing.
“YN, can you help me?” he asks. “I don’t want to ruin it with footprints.”
Sighing, you leave the snowball and walk over to Pierre’s feet, holding your hands out for him to grab. When you feel his hands grasp yours, you start to lean back in an attempt to pull him to his feet, only to be met with resistance. With blown pupils and wide grin, Pierre pulls his hands and you tumble forward landing in the snow. Your legs and butt are completely white, the sleeve of your jacket cold. As you feel snow hit your stomach under your coat you loudly gasp.
“PIERRE!” You want to sound firm, mad, but all that comes out is a laugh.
“You said you wanted to play in the snow,” he explains, taking a snowball and throwing it at your chest, a few flakes going down the top of your sweater.
“OHMYGOD!” you shriek. The commotion pulled the dogs over who are eagerly wagging their tails, Georgia even letting out an excited bark.
“If you don’t stop now I’m calling your mom,” you warn, watching him make another snowball.
“Fine,” he huffs, throwing it away, drawing the dogs away momentarily.
Standing up you begin the process of brushing the snow off. Pierre stands beside you and draws a hand back before placing a firm slap on your ass, causing some snow to fall off.
“You are the worst,” you laugh, rolling your eyes.
“I put snow on you I get in trouble, I take the snow off I get in trouble, no pleasing you,” he mutters, placing another slap on your ass, to the other cheek this time.
“I’m all cold now.”
"Lets go inside.” His voice is dark and husky, his hand still on your wet clothes burns to the touch. Ducking down he places a kiss to your neck, his lips warm against your skin cooled by the snow. Keeping his hand on your ass, he gives it a firm squeeze, eliciting a faint giggle. “I’ll warm you up.”
Without another word you head for the backdoor with a firm grip on his wrist, two wet pups not far behind.
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lvrq · 2 days ago
Writing Tips (Part 3): Heartbreak Prompts ♥
One of the lovers dies at the end
You realize you love them after they give themselves up / you only realize you love them when they're gone
Muttering only, "I love..." before they fall dead
Thinking they left you hanging for so many years, before finding a dried bouquet and note buried deep in your garden
Your lover visits you every night, and you wake every morning alone
A car crash where only one of you survives
"They were never truly mine, but my heart was always theirs."
"I tried... I tried."
They should have been there
A broken promise
You tried not to fall in love. You really did.
"I... I don't remember you."
"Do you truly think I would do that? Do you think that horribly of me?"
They're happier without you
It was always a one-sided relationship
"You made me learn that love is real." "And you made me regret ever trying."
"It consumed you! It's — it's too strong, and no, you can't fix it every bloody time! You can't fix it this time..."
It's too late to fix your wrongs
They hate you now, but you'd go back to them every single time. Every. Single. Time.
"And all I loved, I loved alone." Edgar Allan Poe
"Am I supposed to be grateful after all this? After everything you did?"
"I know now. I know — just give me another chance."
"I can't do this to you. I was — I am the villain, and you don't deserve this to happen to you."
You had feelings for everyone but the one who loved you.
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acrossthesestars · a day ago
I would like to ask for the word Harsh with our favourite Viking angry boy Ivar. (Took me ages to decide 🤦🏻‍♀️) little visual for you. 🤓
Tumblr media
Oh, Sam. This is just perfect. I knew I could get away with pure, unadulterated violence because it was your request lol
Pairing: Ivar Ragnarsson x femreader
Rating: E
Words: ~1k
Warnings: canon typical violence, graphic depictions of death/violence, blood, depictions of war, smut.
Tumblr media
*ylga - she wolf
*Brísingamen - the goddess Freyja's prized necklace
You watched his broad chest heave as he lifted himself, blood splattered and scattered like stars over his fair skin. One hand flexed on the handle of his axe as the other dug into the soft dirt and he dragged himself forward through the muck.
Your fingers tightened around the handle of your own weapon, the breath escaping your lungs in ragged puffs as you leaned back against the trunk of a large tree. Obscured from view, you watched him - watched the rabid mania in his eyes soften into something even more terrifying.
He fought like a berserker from his chariot, cutting down any Saxon that stood in his way. He ripped apart the men who had pulled him from his perch, crawling over the last and turning his face to so much ruined meat with his fists. He was as harsh and wild as the northern winter and he unleashed himself on his enemies with all the fury of the gods.
Ivar was truly a thing to behold.
And now you watched him slither over the body of a fallen soldier who lay whimpering in the mud. He settled the weight of his frame over the man's chest, shushing sounds falling from his soft mouth as his hand found the knife he kept strapped to his thigh. Fear was acrid in the air, sickly and thick, and you could taste it from where you stood. Ivar wiped away a tear, smearing more mud over the man's dirty cheek. A smile like madness crept over his face, splitting his lips as he pushed the tip of his blade up into the soft underside of the soldier's jaw. He gurgled softly, dead before he could think to try and fight off the heathen who lay on top of him.
Your fingers dug into the bark of the tree you leaned against, the sharp sting keeping you grounded as Ivar glanced up and found you watching. He cocked his head, his gaze predatory as he pushed away from the body beneath him and crawled towards you. You stepped away and began to walk backwards into the woods. He may not have use of his legs, but Ivar was as deadly as any wolf and you wouldn't risk showing him your back just yet.
By luck, or fate, you wandered into a clearing far enough from the battlefield that the cries of those left to mourn the newly dead faded into the background. You dropped to the soft blanket of crushed leaves and waited to hear the drag of his armor through the dirt, the huff of his breath as he neared. For a moment you felt shy under his gaze, but you shoved the feeling away; you were a shield maiden, as fierce as any Valkyrie, and if you wanted a son of Ragnar after the heat of battle you would have him. Especially this one, the one you had loved for years.
"I've missed you, ylga," he purred and your bones felt liquid at the sound of his voice, the way it rumbled in his chest as he pulled himself up and over your lap. You reached forward and brushed a stray hair from his eyes, watching his storm blue eyes soften at your touch. It had been too long since you'd had him to yourself. The blood on your fingertips smeared over his forehead but you couldn't be bothered to clean it up.
"I'm right here," you whispered against his lips, his breath fanning across your face as he pressed his chest closer to yours. He reached up and stroked your cheek, dragging his knuckles down the line of your jaw.
"You were fearsome today." His voice was proud, enamoured even, as his gaze settled on your mouth. "You fought like Freyja herself."
He rolled you to your stomach and you lifted your hips to help him tug your pants down over your legs, shuddering as his length settled between your thighs and he pushed inside of you with a sigh. His chest fell flush against your back and his hand cradled your jaw, his breath warm against your cheek as he ground his hips against your ass. This was bliss, down here in the dirt and covered in the filth of a battle hard won - knowing that you felt most like a goddess when he had his hands on you, the bruises left behind becoming your very own Brísingamen.
You pulled the flesh between your teeth and that was all it took for Ivar to crash his lips to yours with a growl, his blood still hot from the battle. He was everywhere and you were the eye of the storm, anchored by his hands that dug into the flesh of your waist. You pushed away from the tree you were propped against and pulled him down on top of you, his weight the only thing keeping you from flying apart under his mouth.
His fingers dropped to your throat and flexed, your head dropping back to his shoulder as the leather of his bracer bit into your skin. He murmured your name and scraped his teeth over your jaw and the heat that had pooled in your belly exploded outward, leaving you limp beneath him as you sparked and fluttered around his length. He wasn't far behind, finishing with a sharp cry. After a moment you shifted and rolled him off of you, twisting to lay on your back and watch the storm clouds roll in.
Turning to face him, you found Ivar already looking at you, his blue eyes dark and simmering. As thunder cracked and the first raindrops fell, he reached a hand out and you touched your fingertips to his in a familiar gesture, taking one last moment before you had to give him back to his brothers and the great army that awaited his return.
Ivar Taglist: @youbloodymadgenius
@mylifeisactuallyamess @istorkyou
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thesuncitysworld · 2 days ago
Prompt list
This is my work and I would appreciate it if you didn’t steal it for your own use!
This can be used for any character of your choosing, just message me or send a request. These can be angst, fluff or smut.
1. “I’m not even that tired.”
2. “How many fingers am I holding up?”
3. “You need to lay down, sweetheart.”
4. “Walk out of that door and we’re through!”
5. “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
6. “I missed something didn’t I?”
7. “Please come home I miss you.”
8. “Do you even know why I hated you?”
9. “I’ll always come if you call.”
10. “Why is there glitter in my hair?”
11. “Open the door before I break it down!”
12. “She’s not yours!”
13. “Gimme me a second, I’m not drunk enough to listen to this.”
14. “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, love, please.”
15. “What’s in it for me?”
16. “I don’t care what you talk about , can you just keep talking?”
17. “Go ahead, rip my heart out.”
18. “Hand off!”
19. “Hey, it’s cold outside. At least wear a coat.”
20. “Do you trust me?”
21. “I’m just tired.”
22. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”
23. “Sleep at my place tonight…..Please.”
24. “Be my girlfriend for about five minutes? Thank you!”
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calling4glaives · 2 days ago
Prompt List for NyxWeek2022
Tumblr media
After much deliberation and help from all of you, we are happy to announce the prompts for NyxWeek2022:
Day 1: Tradition, Galahdan Holiday, Memories, Tattoos/Marks
Day 2: Dance, Shifter, Galahd, Stars
Day 3: Storm, Fae, Time Travel, Scars
Day 4: Loyalty, Guard Duty, Fate/Roleswap, Magic
Day 5: Friendship, Spies, Wounds, Training Session
Day 6: Recovery, Day Off, Reincarnation & Afterlife, Safety
Day 7: Fire, Camping, Sacrifice, Found Family.
Additional information is under the cut or in our FAQ. Good luck, everyone!
The first prompt per day (the bolded one) is the theme for that day but is also itself a prompt. You can choose it or any other prompt you like each day, even multiple (or all four!) prompts if you like. Just make sure you use at least one of the day’s prompt in whatever you make.
We don’t have alternate prompts because there are already four per day to choose between, spread across a variety of prompt types - activities, AUs, etc. If there is a day where none of them work for you, feel free to reach out to us via our askbox or to your fellow creators for ideas.
Obviously this is intended as a week-long event, but if you can only post one day, please do! We welcome all (properly tagged) content. Specific tagging instructions will follow.
If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ.
Thank you again to everyone who submitted prompts, or voted between them. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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whumptober2021 · 4 months ago
Whumptober 2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to Whumptober 2021! May the Whump be with you :)
To all of you who participated last year - we have changed a few of the rules, but overall things have stayed the same. To everyone new: WELCOME!
Please make sure to read the Event Info carefully, most of your questions will be answered there already. For everything else you are welcome to come to our ask box or ask questions in our Discord server here.
This year’s AO3 Collection can be found here.
With that being said, we’re very excited to see the community come together once more and be a wild, chaotic bunch of creators and consumers of whump. We wish you all the fun!
(All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!)
Whumptober 2021 Prompt List
“You have to let go” | barbed wire | bound
garotte | choking | gagged
taunting | insults | “Who did this to you?”
“Do you trust me?” | taken hostage | pushed
betrayal | misunderstanding | broken nose
bruises | touch starved | hunger
helplessness | numbness | blindness
pneumothorax | exotic illness | “Definitely just a cold”
presumed dead | (blind) rage | tears
hospital | flare-up | ice chips
adrift | drowning | dehydration
torture | made to watch | begging
“This is gonna suck” | burns | cauterization
crush injuries | beaten | force
delirium | fever dreams | bees
recovery | scars | aftermath
No. 17 - FIELD CARE 101
“Please don’t move!” | hemorrhage | dread
“Now smile for the camera” | doctor’s visit | CPR
bitten | bleeding | stabbing
No. 20 - LOST & FOUND
trunk | trapped under water | solitary confinement
bleeding through the bandages | pressure | blood-matted hair
cursed | demon | obsession
auction | ransom | pursuit
self-induced injuries to escape | flashback | revenge
No. 25 - HIDE & SEEK
escape | flight | hiding
fallen | waterfall | trap door
No. 27 - I’M FINE. I PROM...
passing out | vertigo | collapse
“Good. You’re finally awake.” | nightmares | panic
“You’re still not dead?” | too weak to move | overworked
major character death | left for dead | ghosts
disaster zone | trauma | prisoner
 Alternative Prompts List
losing control
head injury
near death experience
Event Info
WHUMPTOBER is a month-long, prompt-based creation challenge (think: Inktober, but whumpier). There are 31 official themes this year - one for each day of the month - which can be used, skipped, or combined in any way you’d like. They are meant to serve as inspiration without being taken literally (e.g. you don’t have to include the exact wording into your work). Additionally, there are 3 prompts for each theme.  These are optional suggestions and can be used in conjunction with the theme, or as options/alternatives.  We want to give everyone as much creative freedom as possible, as well as increase event accessibility for folks with triggers and squicks.
Creators can PRODUCE work in any media they choose, including but not limited to: writing, visual artwork, photo/video/audio edits, paper crafts and elaborate recommendation lists (not just a list of links). Creators can PARTICIPATE as much or as little as they want (i.e. you don’t have to do ALL the prompts if you don’t want to) and prompts can be used in any order. They are also free to use even after the event ends.
When uploading Whumptober content to your blog, be sure to tag the with:
#whumptober2021 …..(the event tag)
#no.1, #no.2, #no.3, …..(theme number)
#bruises, #stabbing,  …..(the theme or specific prompt you chose)
#fandom or #OC
#medium …..(gifs, fic, podcast, art, etc.)
#teeth, #etc …..(trigger warnings & any additional tags. Keep in mind not to add “tw” in front but only use the word/trigger itself, because tumblr sucks)
#nsfwhump …..(only for nsfw content)
#your own tags go here
PLEASE BE DILIGENT WITH YOUR TAGGING. Only properly tagged posts are considered for archiving on the official @whumptober-archive blog. They must be tagged in the order above. An elaborate post about our tagging system can be found [here]
Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of participants in recent years, we cannot guarantee your work will be archived. A random selection of properly tagged posts from all genres will be reblogged each day.
Whumpers who produce content for 31 total theme days are considered event completionists and will be tagged in a masterpost at the end of the month.
Questions not addressed below can be directed to this blog as well. We will not answer any questions that have been answered in the FAQs or rules already.
Thanks for reading, and happy whumping!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What kind of content can I make? Can it be NSFW?
This is a MIXED MEDIA event! You can write fic, post meta, doodle or paint, create a gifset or photo edit, link a song, or get crafty with video - anything goes. As for NSFW, make what you like, we just hope that you’ll tag your work accordingly so that others participating in the event can stay safe :)
Q. Is [specific anything] allowed?
When in doubt: JUST DO IT!
Q. Do I have to do all 31 days? 
Participate as much or little as you like! Just be sure to tag your posts properly (ex. #no.14, #underpressure). If you post works for 31 total theme days you will become a completionist. But apart from that, there are no repercussions if you don’t fill prompts for each day.
Q. Can I post early/late?
Yes, you can post whenever you want. We will only reblog posts during October, but you can use our prompts all year round. The day you post will only affect your probability of being reblogged.
Q. Will you reblog my post?
Due to the sheer number of content posted during Whumptober we can’t promise to reblog every single post. We will make a random selection trying to capture a wide variety of content. The following will increase your chances at being reblogged:
tag your post properly
post within 2-3 days of the theme you want to fill: if you fill the prompt for Day 1 your chances of being reblogged during October 1st to 3rd are highest and will go towards zero afterwards. 
Q. What if I don’t understand a theme?
Send us an ask! We’re happy to help with wild, unhelpful clarifications or brainstorming. That being said, the themes are entirely up for interpretation :) Don’t take them too literally. For example: You can be choking on a cherry, someone else can choke you or you could be choked up on emotions, etc.
Q. Can I combine Whumptober with other creation challenges?
Absolutely! That’s like shooting two whumpees with one bullet :)
Q. Can I upload/repost my Whumptober content to other social media platforms?
Of course! You can post your own content wherever you like (or you can opt to not publish it at all). Additionally we’ve created an AO3 Collection to archive any fics posted there. It can be accessed here. The tumblr blog @whumptober-archive is the official archive, so please respect the boundaries of any closeted whumpers in your social circle :)
Q. Can I use prompts to write a new chapter for an existing fic?
Q. An existing fic I am currently writing contains many of the Whumptober prompts, can I use it?
If you are actively writing this fic at the moment with the Whumptober prompts in mind, yes. If it just conveniently checks the boxes, then please don’t. You can, however, add new chapters using one or more of the prompts.
Q. What kind of characters can I write for?
Fandom characters, OC characters, human, furry, alien, cyborg, whoever you like to whump.
Q. Can I use a prompt multiple times?
Yes,  but it only counts once
Q. If I’m not comfortable with one day’s prompts can I use a prompt of a different day as a substitute and still be a completionist?
No, you can’t exchange prompts for different days. However, if all four prompts of a specific day make you uncomfortable, we have created an alternate prompts list that you can draw from. You can exchange any prompt with these, but please make sure not to use them twice. 
Q. Where can I post my work?
Post where and how you want. You don’t have to (cross)post it to Tumblr or at all. Just keep in mind if it’s not on Tumblr we will not be able to add it to the blog archive. 
Q. Can I start posting early?
You can, but this is an October event and wouldn’t it be more fun with everyone doing it at the same time? That being said, you can post early, but we won’t be reblogging any work predating October 1st.
Q. Do I have to finish a fic I started/can I post WIP’s.?
Yes you can post WIPs. And you’re not obligated to finish it in October for it to count towards being a completionist.  
Q. Is co-writing allowed?
Yes, absolutely, and it would count towards being a completionist for both/all of you :)
Q. Do I have to create 31 standalone pieces to be considered a completionist or can I write one continuous story?
One continuous story is fine.  The challenge is to write something for 31 prompts. If that’s spread over 31 fics or just one, you are still considered a completionist. (The same goes for every other media you choose.)
Q. Is there a min/max limit on word count?
There is no limit.
Q. Can I combine prompts? Is there a limit on how many?
No limit and combine as many as you’d like.
Q. Is a hc/angst focus ok?
Of course!
Q. What’s considered nsfw?
See this post
Q. What is whump?
See this post
Q. My interpretation of the prompt isn’t whumpy at all, does that count?
No, sorry, but keep in mind that whump [see definition] is something very nuanced and different for everyone and emotional whump/angst is just as much part of it, as is physical whump and torture. So before you dismiss your idea, think about this.
Q. Can I start working on the prompts before October?
Absolutely! That’s why we posted the prompts a month in advance. We recognise how difficult it can be creating for 31 days in “real time” so feel free to start writing early!
Q. How do I tag triggers?
Just tag the word, ex. emeto
Q. Do I have to use your tags?
If you want your work archived on the blog, then yes. If not, feel free to use whatever tags you want.  
Q. Does combining prompts count towards completion?
Q. Can we @ you?
Yes but we mostly rely on the #whumptober2021 tag
Q. Is there anything we are absolutely not allowed to write?
There are no rules, but please make sure to properly tag your trigger warnings. And keep in mind Tumblr’s policies if you are posting it here (or the policies for whatever site you use).
Q. Where can I go for brainstorming help?
Here on Discord or come into our ask box :)
Q. My characters are minors, is that ok?
Yes, but as with everything else, tags are your best friend.
Q. Can I cross post on other blogs?
Yes, multiple platforms and blogs are perfectly acceptable. You can also post different works to different accounts under different names, without posting them everywhere at once.
Note: This is a creation challenge, please don’t repost your old work under our tags (unless it’s been changed or edited for the event).
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emswritingprompts · 9 months ago
101 ways to say i love you
firstly, tysm for 101 (actually 103, haha) followers! when i started this account i honestly had no intentions of having so many of you lovely people take interest in me, but i'm very grateful nonetheless! this is my gift to you all, and, again, thank you!
i've seen a few other posts like this, but i wanted to go ahead and make my own! this is going to be completely different from the others that i have seen as well, so there's a lesser chance of duplicates for those of you who really enjoy these!
"You don't have to do this alone."
"I won't let you do this alone."
"I'll always be by your side."
"I'll get that for you."
"Let me bandage you up."
"I want you to be a part of my future."
"Here. You look hungry."
"Come here, I'll carry you."
"I fed your pets while you were away."
"Is something wrong?"
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I have an extra ticket... Would you like to go with me?"
"I saw you looking at it last time we were in the store together, so I got it for you."
"Stay with me."
"Thank you for making me smile."
"Your smile is beautiful. I want to see it more often..."
"I want to kiss you."
"You have a beautiful soul."
"No... No! Come on, I can't lose you!"
"You make me feel safe."
"Don't let me go."
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
"I want you, and only you."
"Your hands are too cold, I'll warm them up."
"Kiss me."
"I know you don't feel great, so let's stay home today, okay?"
"You're so beautiful."
"Hold me. Please."
"You're family."
"Marry me."
"I took care of the laundry already."
"Go back to sleep, (term of endearment)."
"I'll protect you."
"Take care of yourself."
"Let's take a break and relax."
"You're the first person I think about when I wake up."
"You smell so nice."
"Let's move in together."
"I wanna know everything about you."
"Don't leave yet."
"Let me see your scars..."
"I remember when we first met..."
"Here's your medication."
"I have a surprise for you."
"I bought this for you. It's in your favorite color..."
"Your skin is so soft."
"I would do anything for you."
"I'll help bring in the groceries."
"Last night your feet were really cold, so I found some of your socks and put them on you."
"I would go anywhere with you."
"You're cold, take my jacket."
"I promise."
"You're so golden."
"No one has ever made me feel like this."
"I missed you... a lot."
"Come back soon."
"I got us matching shirts!"
"I know you can do it."
"I'll never forget you."
"I've waited so long for this..."
"You look like something's bothering you... You can talk to me if you need to."
"We make the best team."
"I'll hurt whoever did this to you."
"You didn't deserve that... You deserve so much better."
"I want you to meet my family."
"I want to start a family of our own..."
"Your back is so tense. Would you like a massage?"
"This is my favorite picture of us."
"Don't hurt yourself again..."
"You should be more careful."
"Hey, your favorite movie is on. I'll get the popcorn."
"You've never let me down."
"I saw that you were almost out of shampoo, so I went and got some for you."
"You're overworking yourself... Please take a break."
"I named my little plant after you."
"It's an honor just to know you like this."
"I didn't make you uncomfortable, did I?"
"I never imagined that someone's heartbeat could sound so amazing."
"What was your childhood like?"
"You looked so cute when you were little."
"You look just like your mom/dad."
"What happened to you?!"
"Does it hurt?"
"I'm sorry."
"I love waking up next to you."
"Don't be scared. I'm right here."
"Have you been drinking enough water?"
"We can look out for each other."
"I'd like to take you on vacation one day, just the two of us."
"Are you sure you're ready?"
"You're so funny."
"Do you want to help me fix dinner tonight?"
"You don't have to pay me back."
"No, you're sick. You're not doing chores until you're better."
"Your voice is so relaxing."
"Text me when you get home safely."
"I found this meme that I think you'll like. Wanna see it?"
"Can I give you a hug? You look upset."
"I'm yours."
"I love you."
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creativepromptsforwriting · 4 hours ago
Hi! I love your prompts, and I was wondering if there are any neighbours (strangers to lovers) dialogues maybe plus point if both are actually working in the same department?
Hi and thank you :)
First, here are all my neighbors prompts and prompts for co-workers:
Neighbor AUs (1 + 2)
Co-workers - Hate to love (1 + 2)
Colleague AUs
Matchmaking at Work Prompts
Secret Dating at Work Prompts
And here are your dialogue prompts:
Neighbors to Lovers Dialogue Prompts
"Do you come here often?" "I live here." "Oh, same."
"This is the third time this week you're asking for flour. What the hell are you baking?"
"Did you follow me home from work?" "No! I live here too."
"The smell coming from your apartment is divine. Any chance you need a taste tester?"
"Since we live next to each other and we have the same way to work... maybe we could go together. Save some gas and the environment."
"This package is huge and you left it with me for days. I think I deserve to know what's in there."
"I feel like I've seen you somewhere else before. It was at the office, right?" "Where you did not hold open the elevator door for me, even though I was shouting at you from across the lobby." "Yeah... that sounds like me. Anyway, hi, I'm your new neighbor."
Hope you enjoy them!
- Jana
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screnwriter · 13 hours ago
Hi, this is regarding to the best friends to lovers trope. I was wondering if there are any reasons for the characters not to confess their feelings for one another besides afraid they would “ruin the friendship”. Thank you so much! <3
reasons to not confess your feelings
they’re already dating someone else
parents don’t approve
last time they confessed they got rejected
it’s never the right time (something always interrupts them)
A just got out of a relationship and isn’t ready to jump into another one
not sure if they’re confusing platonic love with romantic (or lust with love)
the characters don’t actually want to be in a relationship with each other
A is moving away and long distance won’t work
the characters themselves disapprove of their feelings
A previously dated B’s other best friend
they already dated briefly once and things didn’t work out very well
waiting to confess until a special date
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novelbear · 2 days ago
Hello! I read your asks were open and was wondering if you have any (platonic or romantic) prompts where Character A rescues Character B from somewhere dangerous? (Sorry in advance if this type of thing was already asked!)
no worries, this is my first time creating prompts for this so it's all good! i hope it's alright that it's going to me more dialogue so since i want to keep it open to more situations!
post-rescue otp prompts
A doesn't realize how much they care for B until they rescue them. After they check B over for any injuries, the adrenaline finally wears off as they're hit with the thought of nearly losing their friend. Pulling B into a tight embrace, A breaks down in tears whimpering about their worries.
B is stunned when A comes to their rescue, thinking that they're the last person who would come to their aid. They're flustered and unsure with what to do when A coddles them, not leaving their side as they recover from any potential injuries they have.
A being overprotective and paranoid after the incident in which they rescued B. They don't let their partner leave their sight, consistently asking if they're alright weeks after their injuries are recovered, and when B does go out, they are constantly getting phone calls and texts of A checking up. B knows that A means well and is just scared, but how much more of this can they take?
B is angry when A rescues them, their pride damaged and therefore taking out this embarrassment on their savior. They snap at A, wondering why they can't let them take care of things themselves and swearing that they could have saved themself back then. A is deeply hurt and leaves B alone...does B end up realizing their mistake?
"are you insane?!"
"you could have gotten...i thought you-"
"you're sure you're not hurt? let me see.."
"i thought i lost you..."
"i have so many questions..."
"how did you even get up here??"
"what the absolute hell!"
"how'd you know i'd be here.."
"i could have handled this myself!"
"you...how...when did you.." "thank me later, let's go!"
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dreamy-prose · 6 months ago
little intimate things that leave me breathless
feel free to use these as prompts
you're talking on the phone and your lover quietly comes up behind you, wraps their arms around you, and starts gently kissing your neck. you begin to lose focus on your phone call as you concentrate on not making any noise.
your crush gently touching you on the arm or putting their hand on your shoulder as you two have a conversation.
having a piece of hair brushed off your face as you're reading or looking down.
looking at your crush or lover only to find them already looking at you and when you make eye contact, they smile at you.
holding hands while having sex and/or making out.
"i'm so proud of you."
being asked "are you sure?" (there's nothing sexier than consent)
you and your lover sitting next to each other at a table and they rest their hand on your thigh, gently rubbing their thumb back and forth.
your lover playing with your hair or vice versa.
telling a stupid joke and hearing your crush laugh.
helping your lover fix their tie or zip up their dress. or, you two helping each other undress.
telling your partner how stressed out you are and they are simply just listening before opening their arms and holding you until you feel better.
"i love you."
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leafs-lover · a day ago
16 with Josh Anderson
Tumblr media
Ex-boyfriend Josh taken from this prompt list
If you were to describe yourself in one word, it would be busy.
Being the annual charity fundraiser you have been busy every night leading up to it. Organizing items for the silent auction, ensuring donors have received their invites, setting up the seating plan, coordinating with the photographer and caterers. You have been busy almost every day, but tonight in particular you are finding new tasks, attempting to stay busy.
If Josh were to describe you in one word, it would be breathtaking.
Emerald green floor length gown with a high leg slit and a deep plunge in the front. Your hair done the way he loves, a light layer of makeup, because well, you don’t need any more.
He has spent the better part of the night watching you work, never taking a break. You hardly even stopped for dinner, and he thought you would slow down afterwards, take a breath. And maybe, just maybe, he could use that time to talk to you.
It’s been four months since he left your apartment. You weren’t anything serious. It started while on the road, he took a nap and slept through dinner with some of the guys, and you were caught reading and didn’t realize the time. When you made your way to the hotel restaurant he was there and invited you to join him instead of both of you eating alone. You found him easy to talk to, he found your laugh infectious.
It slowly evolved, sitting together on the plane, him bringing you coffees to practice and eventually you found yourself in his bed. It was just under two months of sneaking around, slipping into his hotel room late at night, stolen kisses and subtle winks. Everything was going good, until it wasn’t.
You wanted more, he didn’t. He left your apartment that night and thought he wouldn’t look back, only he did.
It took a bit.
A few weeks went by and then one morning in the lounge he heard that laugh getting closer as you walked with Tyler, and he found himself missing how you’d laugh like that with him. He kept hearing that laugh more and more. In the medical rooms, the parking garage, lying in bed at night. He could smell your shampoo on his pillow, and with every sunrise he missed the way the warm hues filtered through the blinds and would hit your cheeks as you slept peacefully beside him.
By the time he realized just how he felt about you, that he wanted more, it was too late. He saw you out grabbing dinner with another man, laughing at something he said, the same way you used to laugh with him. He tried to move on, put you behind him, but seeing you almost every day proved to be hard. Seeing you now, looking absolutely stunning, it’s harder than he ever imagined.
“Why don’t you go talk to her?” Carey asks, coming up beside him, taping a few fingers against the bar.
“Who?” Josh tries to play dumb, but only a fool would miss the way his baby blues have lingered over you all night.
“I have no idea…” trailing off when he sees the smirk Carey has on his face, Josh sighs. “You know?”
“Doesn’t take an idiot to figure it out,” he laughs, making Josh shake his head. “It’s been painful to watch these last few months.”
“At least you haven’t had to live it,” Josh mutters bitterly, the grip on his whiskey glass is so tight, it’s shocking it hasn’t shattered.
“How’d you screw it up?”
Of course Carey would assume it was Josh that would screw up, and the worst part is he’s right. “I wasn’t ready and walked away.”
Josh wishes there was more, it wasn’t something as simple as him not willing to commit. That if he had of said a couple different words, if he actually owned up to his feelings, everything would be different.
“Why don’t you stop pining and go talk to her?”
If only it was that easy. That he could just walk up and press his lips to yours, pretend as if the last four months were nothing more than a nightmare.
“She moved on, saw her at dinner with someone.”
“Dinner?” Carey scoffs. “Dinner doesn’t mean dating, or that they still are.”
Placing his hand on Josh’s shoulder he gives it a squeeze before walking over to Angela and a few more of their teammates. Holding the glass in his hand, condensation streams down the outside and ripples over his fingers as he finds himself lost in thought, thoughts about you. So lost, he didn’t even realize you left the auction table, it’s not until he feels a hand on his arm, a body gently brush up against his that reality crashes around him. That touch, he’d recognize it anywhere.
“Thanks,” you smile politely when Josh slides over, creating the space needed for you.
It’s awkward. It shouldn’t be, it never used to be, but Josh’s eyes sparkle as he takes you in, unable to pull his eyes from you.
Fuck you look good, Josh thinks to himself. Caught up breathing in your sultry perfume, noticing the way the soft lights reflect off your irises.
“Thanks,” you stutter out, eyes dropping to the floor. Heat creeps beneath the skin of your cheeks at his compliment, his eyes go wide and cheeks instantly burn red upon the realization he didn’t think the words, he spoke them.
“I didn’t…I mean….I,” he stammers, trying to backpedal. “You always looked good in green.”
It’s true. The first time he saw you in green, it was a matching set you wore for your birthday. His jaw dropped and entire body froze, but only for a second, then his primal instincts kicked in and he pulled two orgasms from you before tearing the fabric from you, for two more of the night.
Unable to hide the smile forcing its way onto your face, you finally find his baby blues, his burgundy suit really drawing the colour out. Hair perfectly styled to the side, a tight suit, bringing back the way the curves felt under your hands.
The silence is admittedly awkward and it hurts.
The past few months have hurt. Seeing him at the rink, being around him, every part of it hurts. Him saying he didn’t want anything more, him leaving, him standing here a few feet away. It all hurts, and you don’t want it to hurt anymore.
“Have a good night.” With you smile leaving the glass on wine on the bar.
It’s not what you want to say. What you want is to tell him how good he looks in that suit. How much you miss him. What you really want is to kiss him like you used to. But last time you kissed him, felt his hands on your hips, yours tightly grasping his dark curls, it blew up like dynamite. Not willing to put yourself through that pain again, you don’t even bother a second glance. Heading to the door it’s your turn to leave, and he is the one to let you.
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wordsnstuff · 2 months ago
Pieces of A Novel - Wordsnstuff November Monthly Writing Challenge
Tumblr media
The idea of this challenge is to plan one piece of your story per day. For those participating in NaNoWriMo, this may be a helpful tool to use in conjunction with your daily writing goal. This can help you sustain inspiration, and it can help you find that balance between careful planning and spontaneity that many struggle to maintain.
This tool is designed to help you plan and/or write a longer story in a short amount of time, particularly a novel. If you choose to both plan and draft each scene assigned to each day, you should in theory have a near complete first draft of your story in a single month. Instead of basing the challenge on a word goal, it's organized into a list of tasks. Once all/most of these scenes are planned or written, you will have a nearly complete draft, missing only the scenes unique to your story.
The inciting incident of the beginning of your story.
Establish your protagonist(s) core need and bring key characters into the picture.
A scene that progressively complicates the beginning of your story.
A scene that establishes the protagonist(s)'s strengths and/or weaknesses
A scene that creates a crisis question at the beginning of your story.
A scene that foreshadows the arc of the main characters.
A scene that climaxes the beginning of your story.
A scene that establishes what the protagonist wants, versus what they think they need, versus what they actually need, as well as what they're willing to do to get it.
A scene that resolves the beginning of your story.
A scene that gives the reader a glimpse into the antagonist's power, needs, or goals. Alternatively, if there is no antagonist, a scene that establishes the background of the main challenge the protagonist is trying to overcome..
The inciting incident of the middle of your story.
A scene with a twist—something new happens. A new friend, minor antagonist, or new information arises as a result of the middle inciting incident.
A scene that progressively complicates the middle of your story.
An unexpected twist gives the protagonist(s) false hope. An important clue or weapon arises.
A scene that creates a crisis question in the middle of your story.
A scene that establishes how the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) motivations could become their downfall.
A scene that climaxes the middle of your story.
A scene that reveals the protagonist(s)'s and/or antagonist(s)'s greatest fears.
A scene that resolves the middle of your story.
A scene that foreshadows what the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) will gain/lose in the process of pursuing their goal.
The inciting incident of the end of your story.
A scene that establishes that there is no turning back for your main character(s)
A scene that progressively complicates the end of your story.
A scene that establishes how the main character(s)'s strengths/weaknesses help or hinder their success
A scene that creates a crisis question at the end of your story.
A scene that establishes what the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) learn once they initially succeed/fail
A scene that climaxes the end of your story.
A scene that answers one of the major questions of your story, or resolves an important dramatic theme.
A scene that resolves the end of your story.
(bonus) A scene that hints to the continuation of the story, if a sequel is to come.
If you enjoy my blog and wish for it to continue being updated frequently and for me to continue putting my energy toward answering your questions, please consider Buying Me A Coffee, or pledging your support on Patreon, where I offer early access and exclusive benefits for only $5/month.
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flovprompts · a month ago
secret relationship prompts: getting caught & confronted
requested by: @screnwriter ; [ cw: one mention of drugs ]
“ oh my! ”
“ where were you last night ? ”
“ i saw you with that lady yesterday. ”
“ i'm fed up with your lies. ”
“ tell me the truth, now. ”
“ you are full of lies. ”
“ stop making excuses. ”
“ i saw you. i saw you two together! ”
“ what is your relationship with her? ”
“ tell me . ”
“ you're the worst at keeping secrets. how long did you think you could fool around and make ridiculous excuses without me noticing it? ”
“ you're dating them? them?! ”
“ i can't believe you're serious. ”
“ i can't believe it. ”
“ i'm disgusted by you. ”
“ are you in your right mind? ”
“ are you mad ? ”
“ tell me why you would date someone like them! ”
“ i thought... i thought you were better than that. ”
“ i can't even begin to understand why you would get into a relationship with her. ”
“ you couldn't have gone for someone better than that? ”
“ why'd you have to go for her?” 
“ you've got bad taste. ”
“ you're a real mess. ”
“ how long? ” [a confused pause] “ how long have you two been in a relationship ? ”
“ and how much longer will you keep this a secret? ”
“ i’m telling mother about this. ” “ no, please don't ! ”
“ what will you do if your family finds about this, huh? ”
“ how long do you think it's going to take before your family finds out ? ”
“ i don't want them to find out, okay?! ”
“ tell me it's not true! spare me from depression! ”
“ i wish i'd known when you were born that you were going to betray me like this. ”
“ i never expected this from you. ”
“ have you hit your head? ”
“ are you in your senses? ”
“ are you doing drugs? ”
“ what have i done to deserve this? ”
“ i raised you like my own child and this is how you pay me back? ”
“ why would you betray us like this? ”
“ you've disgraced me. ”
“ our reputation will be ruined. ”
“ we're going to be the next talk of town. ”
“ you will make a fool out of us. ”
“ you have made a fool out of us. ”
“ have you no respect for us? ”
“ we expressly forbade you . ”
“ i'm so disgusted i can't even — ”
“ you will cut all ties with her . ”
“ no more. you will stop this now, you will stop meeting with her. ”
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lavenderotpprompts · a month ago
December OTP Prompts
Ice skating
“You shouldn’t have”
Kissing cold noses
Family gathering
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Silver and gold
“We have to hurry”
Day spent baking cookies
Wrapping paper
Evergreen tree
Snowed in
Frosted windows
The best present
“Here, take my scarf”
Twinkling lights
The night before
Holiday music
Sweet kisses
Sugar and spice
Late mornings
“May I have this dance?”
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malabu · 2 months ago
enemies to lovers (part 3): comforting each other
“i know we’re not... friends or anything, but... i’m here for you, if you need someone to talk to.”
“i didn’t know where else to go.” / “i didn’t have anywhere else to go.”
“i feel like shit.” “you look like it, too.” *they bump shoulders*
“just... tell me what i can do to make you feel better.”
“come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”
“hey, look at me. i’m not going anywhere.”
“you seem to be the only trustworthy one around here, so can i talk to you?”
“ you know, if you’re trying to make me feel guilty, you’ve succeeded.”
“i don’t want to bother you. seriously, it’s all just... it’s a lot.”
“i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i can’t stop crying.”
“aren’t you tired?” “i’m fine. don’t worry about me.”
“there’s snot all over your shirt. it’s quite gross, actually.”
“you are, without a doubt, the most annoying person i’ve ever crossed paths with. and don’t even get me started on the sound of your voice.”
“you’re welcome to stay here, for as long as you need.”
“it’s okay to cry, you know.”
“stop apologizing. you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“we don’t need to talk, all right? let’s just... stay here, holding each other.”
“you were always there for me. let me be there for you.”
“oh, god, i’m sorry about your shirt.” *shirt is drenched in tears* “it’s okay. i was planning on throwing it out anyway.” 
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