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#prompt response

Shanarra pouted, then slapped her hand of cards down on the table in front of her with a sunny laugh.

“Alright, alright you got me!” she exclaimed, clearly amused by the game and Asha’s subsequent win. She reached forward, gathering up her own Hearthstone cards and began to shuffle.

“Best of three?”

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I’m always taking prompts, they are what keep me writing! :)

14) “You’re so cold…”

(This takes place during 3x05, in the grocery store, post Eddie and Buck’s fight. From there, it veers off canon. Also, there are a few mentions of blood in the beginning.)

Buck watched the team run out of the grocery store and into the parking lot, watched them start to handle whatever road rage incident was currently occurring. He stood there, an observer, a damn outsider, seeing Eddie with his back unprotected, an empty space where Buck knew he should have been.

But he’d blown that, hadn’t he? He’d tried so hard to get back to his team, to Eddie, and instead he was alone in a grocery store, holding a jar of that applesauce Chris liked the best (Buck had promised him they would learn how to make homemade applesauce, but that was never going to happen now, was it?), no one to share it with.

Another loud yell came from the parking lot, startling Buck out of his isolated mind, and the jar dropped, smashing on the floor. “Shit,” Buck muttered, bending down without thinking to clean up the mess.

A sharp slash of pain shot through his hand, and Buck winced, glancing down to see a large gash sliced across his palm, blood pouring out onto the piece of glass that had caused the unexpected issue. 

Rational Buck knew he was still on blood thinners, knew this was most likely a highly problematic injury, but the Buck who had been left alone in the aisle of the grocery store simply went through the motions, figured he could fix this up himself when he got home. Added gauze and large bandages to his basket, apologized for the mess as he paid for his groceries, and began walking out the door.

The door seemed really far away, much farther than normal, and the sounds from outside that had previously been so loud were now almost completely muted. Buck felt like he was trudging his way through swamp mud, every lift of the foot an effort, and why was he so damn cold all of a sudden? Was the cashier yelling something? Buck was suddenly too tired to turn around to find out. 

Too exhausted. Too exhausting. Right. Made sense. Too exhausting to be Buck, to be around Buck. Buck was glad he was too tired to hold onto any of these thoughts for too long, he imagined they might finish what Eddie had started, finish ripping Buck apart from the inside out if he could really get at the root of them.

Stumbling into the door seemed to make it open, so Buck found himself tripping an exit from the store, falling onto his knees. He let out an involuntary scream as he landed hard on his injured hand, then stared at the blood as it made rivers, following cracks in the sidewalk, creating pools in the crevices.

Oh, Buck thought. Oh, that’s bad. Oh, shit. He had never even considered this pathetic way of dying alone when he thought about it.

Then there were hands on his forearms, and he knew those hands, knew them better than his own, but when he tried to focus on Eddie’s face everything blurred together, so he closed his eyes.

“Buck! Don’t you dare close your eyes! Buck!” Eddie was screaming, and then-”Open your eyes, Evan!” 

Oh, Buck thought. That was new. That was nice. Evan sounds nice.

Buck tried so hard to blink his eyes open, he didn’t want to disappoint Eddie yet again, but everything kept getting just that little bit darker, that little bit heavier. He felt the combination of familar touches on his hands, Eddie’s skin, gauze wrapping tight, and then he was swaying backwards, the effort of staying even a little upright completely impossible.

“Hen!” Eddie screamed, his voice sounding hoarse, and then Buck felt the pressure switch, someone else tying the gauze off tight while Eddie encircled Buck from behind, arms around his chest, and Buck’s head landing limply on Eddie’s shoulder.

“You’re so cold…” Eddie choked out, voice shaking with a terror and sorrow Buck couldn’t understand, not in any sort of recent context, not in any world where that lawsuit existed. 

Buck knew the answer to this one, tried to get out “From blood loss,” show he still knew what he was doing, but he was just too tired. The last thing he sensed was being picked up and carried off in Eddie’s arms.


The beeping was what woke him up. By now, Buck thought, you would think that sound wouldn’t even phase me, the number of times I’ve been in this hospital. He kept his eyes tightly closed. If he didn’t open them, then he didn’t have to see that he was alone again. That Eddie had just done what any firefighter would have, got the patient to the hospital and left.

“Didn’t leave, Buck.” Buck felt the comforting pressure of Eddie’s calloused fingertips circling around his wrist, Eddie’s breath on his skin as Eddie let out a soft, sad chuckle that sounded so much like a sob, Eddie’s voice shaking as he said, “I never should have left you for even a second.”

“Add thinking out loud to the list of stupid things I’ve done,” Buck whispered, keeping his eyes closed as he turned his head away from the sound of Eddie’s voice.

“Buck, what were you thinking?” Eddie asked, but there was no anger in his voice, only sadness teetering right on the edge of full despair. “You know you’re on blood thinners, you saw how much you were bleeding, and your plan was what exactly? Did you really think you could get yourself home and just wrap that up with some gauze and be fine? We were right outside!”

“I’m already too exhausting,” Buck mumbled, tears stinging his eyes as he pressed them tightly closed. “Didn’t need to add to that. I need to get used to being alone, taking care of myself. Was always going to end up alone anyway.”

“Buck, what-I don’t-Buck, please look at me,” Eddie pleaded. Buck felt Eddie’s hand graze his cheek, cup it gently. “Evan, please look at me.” Buck let himself lean into Eddie’s touch, couldn’t stop himself even if he could bring himself to try. Opening his eyes, there was Eddie, looking absolutely wrecked. His eyes were red and watering, hair disheveled, nails picked at to the point of splitting. 

Buck opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Eddie put a finger up and shook his head. “You are not allowed to ask if I am okay,” Eddie choked out, rubbing his hands over his face. “It doesn’t matter how I am, it matters how you are, Buck.” Reaching over, Eddie grabbed Buck’s uninjured hand, clutching it to his chest. “I need you to believe that, I need you to believe that it matters how you’re doing.”

“But I screwed everything up,” Buck insisted, and Eddie shook his head.

“Buck, you just wanted to get back to doing your job, none of us could have known what that lawyer would do,” Eddie assured him. “And we, the team, we want you back. I want you back.”

“You do?” Buck hadn’t known his voice could come out sounding so small. Apparently Eddie hadn’t either, and Buck watched as fresh tears sprang into Eddie’s eyes.

“There’s nothing I want more in the world,” Eddie promised, before taking a deep breath and lifting Buck’s hand to his lips. “I’m so sorry. I screwed everything up. You matter so much to me, Evan. You are worth everything to me and to Christopher.” He punctuated his words with soft kisses to Buck’s fingertips.

“That’s really nice,” Buck said, voice stronger, a smile catching the corners of his lips, and Eddie sighed in relief, shaking his head with a laugh as he kept a grip on Buck’s hand.

“What, the apology, or the kisses?” Eddie teased, resting his chin on their intertwined fingers.

“Well, both of those of course,” Buck teased back, and then his voice grew serious. “And the part where you called me Evan, and when you told me…” Buck tilted his head back, trying to blink back tears. “When you told me I matter. That I’m worth something.”

“Everything, Evan, you are worth everything,” Eddie said firmly, pushing the chair aside to climb onto the hospital bed, carefully perching himself as close as he could to Buck. He carefully picked up Buck’s bandaged hand, holding it delicately between his own like it was something precious. “You have to take care of yourself, and you have to let me take care of you, please. When I saw you outside the store, I was terrified. I can’t lose you. I get worried when you get a damn papercut, let alone when I see you seemingly bleeding out like that.”

“I’m so sorry, Eddie,” Buck said earnestly, looking up at Eddie. “I had every intention of fixing myself up at home, I really thought I could do it by myself.”

“I know,” Eddie sighed, “I promise I know that. But you don’t have to, okay? You don’t have to do that alone, you don’t have to do anything alone. I’m here. I’m not leaving. Christopher will be here as soon as Carla gets him from school. The whole team is out there in that waiting room, Maddie’s on her way from work. You’re not alone, Buck. You can let that worry go.”

And oh, Buck thought, that’s new. That’s nice. Not worrying about being alone.

And then Buck found himself sobbing, full body cries, and Eddie was pulling him into his chest, holding him tight, murmuring soft words into his hair, words like love and got you and it’s okay, it’s going to be okay, always, Evan always.

When Eddie’s lips moved from Buck’s hair to Buck’s mouth, it felt like a natural progression, that this was always where they were heading, all along. Together.

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from @flashfictionfridayofficial - Better Than This


CW for a generally abusive relationship

Dr. Agau sighs for the ninth time this session. Beth is determined not to make it to double digits.

“You must be better than this, One,” she says, writing down notes on her clipboard.

“I’m… trying,” Beth replies, desperately out of breath. “It’s hard.”

“We do not do this—”

“—because it’s easy, I know,” Beth finishes.

“Do not interrupt,” Dr. Agau snaps. A second later, her composure is back. “It is clear that you have learned something from me, even if that is only how to emulate my speech. Perhaps if you devoted less time to childish mockery and more to the development of your abilities, this would not be so difficult for you.”

She’s right, of course. Lowering her gaze, Beth concedes. “Yes, doctor.”

“Now. Try it again, One.”

Facing down the pool, Beth tries not to think about the sheer amount of water. Her assignment has been to lift the entire body of water out of the pool, but she isn’t—

Struck by a thought, she moves her gaze from the water to her mother.

“Can I… try something?”

“Be specific, One.”

The excitement over her new idea overrides her dislike of the title. “I want to get in and try to lift it while I’m in there.”

When Agau doesn’t respond, Beth hurries on. “I always feel better, more powerful, when I’m surrounded by water, and I think maybe that boost is what I need to—to successfully accomplish my goal.”

The doctor smiles, and Beth’s spirits lift at once. “I think that is a sound hypothesis.”

Smiling brightly back, Beth jumps into the pool without a second thought.

Instantly, she feels better. The tension headache grown from intense concentration vanishes, her heartbeat slows, and the weight of standing on land is relieved. Still smiling, she resurfaces.

“Next time you will enter the water with more dignity and less splashing,” Dr. Agau’s voice says as soon as she is above water again.

Turning around, she sees water dripping down the walls and splattered against her lab coat and clipboard.

Beth giggles, but quickly stifles it. “Sorry. Of course I will.”

“You should hope that your hypothesis is proven correct, Experiment One,” Agau says, stiff and severe.

Beth’s attention is neatly pulled back to the task at hand. “Right. Okay. Here we go.”

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Hello wonderful anon!

How was I not aware of this God Tier level ship lol I thought I knew most of the Next Gen ships but haven’t come across SaraSumi! I wanted to post this here in case anyone would like to write out the prompt.

I do love me the CPR trope you also took it in a different way than I had initially thought.  Here are some words and ideas that would fill this prompt. 

Keep reading

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Describe your muse on anon and my muse will say if they would date them or not.

i’m gonna hope you mean 18/19.

why are all the people coming at me to ask about whether i’d date them or not blue-eyed

i’d like to know a bit more about the dude’s personality but… uh… maybe. hard maybe. i don’t like the acting shit but i’m also really good at seeing through it.

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Send 💕 (or “hearts!” if the symbol doesn’t show up) and I’ll fill out the following for our muses:

Have we discussed shipping before?: yes (extensively) || no

My interest level overall: I’ve wanted this for so long || can’t wait || I think it’ll be fun || kinda feeling it || maybe with a lot of plotting || I need to think about it || not interested, sorry

How we should do this: jump right in (i am bad at slow burns) || slow burn || pre-established || build up to it in a thread || anything goes

Dynamics I want to try out with our ship: friends to lovers || rivals to lovers || enemies to lovers || mutual pining || battle couple (lowkey what is this) || childhood friends || high school sweethearts || star crossed lovers || long time lovers || old married couple || newlyweds || sickeningly sweet couple || secret lovers || fake dating/marriage || best friends hiding their feelings || arranged marriage || soulmates || other

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Send 💕 (or “hearts!” if the symbol doesn’t show up) and I’ll fill out the following for our muses:

Have we discussed shipping before?: yes || no (sorta?)

My interest level overall: I’ve wanted this for so long || can’t wait || I think it’ll be fun || kinda feeling it || maybe with a lot of plotting || I need to think about it || not interested, sorry

How we should do this: jump right in || slow burn || pre-established || build up to it in a thread || anything goes

Dynamics I want to try out with our ship: friends to lovers || rivals to lovers || enemies to lovers || mutual pining || battle couple || childhood friends || high school sweethearts || star crossed lovers || long time lovers || old married couple || newlyweds || sickeningly sweet couple || secret lovers || fake dating/marriage || best friends hiding their feelings || arranged marriage (I have no idea how this would work but rEGARDLESS.) || soulmates || other (just them being friends works too-)

((Any actual romantically involved one would probably have to be in, like, a different universe though?? Because this dumbass is v in love with Dwight and I can’t see anything else working out in any universe where they’re together :,) ))

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Frank reads his note and says nothing, he just brings it to his chest and closes his eyes.


Thank you, anon~ You have great taste <3


!! Really?! You think so? I… thank you!!



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Describe your muse on anon and my muse will say if they would date them or not.

… huh.

might almost be too old for me but i… wouldn’t necessarily be opposed.

oh i guess the killing people thing could be a red flag but i mean, what killer doesn’t kill people around here?

do not answer that.

… the reasoning behind the killing would matter, i guess.

but based on what little you gave me, we’d be super compatible sexually. so that’s a plus.

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Give my muse three fears you think they have, and they will order them from what scares them the least to what scares them the most.

oh, weak.

clowns < spiders < heights.

i have a healthy respect for heights because i’m aware of how they could kill me. i still climb trees and shit though. and have jumped out of second-story windows before.

spiders are scarier than clowns but i’d still own one. people keep tarantulas and shit, shit’s kinda cool.

clowns do not scare me. in the slightest. the one here? nah, i’d beat his ass.

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Send a food item or sex toy you think my muse would use and they can only accept it or reject it. If they reject it, they have to strip off an article of clothing!

…….. i… i wouldn’t not-… uh… this is actually a difficult decision- i can’t explain my reasoning, huh?

… reject.

Frank takes off his varsity jacket.

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Send “🎵“ and I’ll reply with a song that’s related to my muse and I’ll explain why

((Joey is the least developed out of all the Legion so first of all, I hate you (and I’m kidding about that I promise)

And second of all-


I imagine that Joey, the first time he thought he had a crush on someone, it was a chick and it was actually just because he couldn’t tell the difference between admiration and feelings, which is… literally what the song is about.

But maybe the “I wish that we could be real too” is him subconsciously knowing that he doesn’t like her, but God he kinda wishes he did because at that point, he’s probably in denial that he’s gay but he knows, deep down.

…I’m connecting with Joey over conditionally hating our sexualities, this is the worst, aha-

But by the time high school rolls around for Joey, he’s figured it out and he stops being afraid and everyone just kinda accepts him. Because why the fuck not. It’s my party and I’ll make it less angsty if I want to.))

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from @flashfictionfridayofficial


“What’s so great about your angel, anyway?” the female Legion taunts.

I uncross my arms, standing as tall as I can and ignoring the various chains restraining me. “Excuse me?”

“They haven’t graduated,” the male Legion lists, “so they’re not even a proper Guardian. Even if they were, it doesn’t appear as if they’re smart enough to keep their loved ones safe, let alone their assignment.”

I don’t want to think about what demons may have been dispatched to her, or what they might have done to our Nora. All I can do is pray that Olu is, in fact, doing their job.

“Not that your information hasn’t been valuable,” the woman says. “I’m quite looking forward to meeting this angel.”

I somehow manage to laugh. The male doesn’t react, but the non-binary raises and eyebrow and their leader—she unleashes a powerful glare.

“Oh, you shouldn’t be,” I say through the last of my chuckles. “My angel, as you call them, is the best of their kind. They are made of stardust and power, of light and love, of fire and faith. I believe in them wholeheartedly, and demons don’t believe in anything, so that should shake you to your bones. If it doesn’t, you’re a fool.”

My challenge hangs silently in the air between us for a moment.

“Cute,” the male finally comments, unimpressed.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” the female snaps fiercely.

“You’re right,” I agree. “The fact that I know that even an angel who hasn’t graduated is more powerful than three archdemons, and choose to back them accordingly, means nothing.”

My smile lasts until the third member of their party speaks up.

“Maybe we need more than one archdemon, then.”

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🍑 Where is your OC’s favourite place to relax or calm down? Recount a story of their time spent in this place! What makes it so special to them?

… the only place I really feel… safe enough is the resort. there’s a more… cute answer, i guess, but i’m not the type of guy to give cute answers for the fun of it.

shut up.

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